smoserhallyn, no, user data scripts do not get any information about their launch-index. that was a feature request made recently by hazmat, and i plan to have something for that soon.01:22
smoserfeel free to open a bug, though (i'd appreciate if you do, specifically mentinging desire for "launch-index" available somehow -- likely it will be environment)01:22
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blendedbychrisanyone know tools to follow a request from haproxy->nginx->php-fpm->glustterfs and figure out latency issues?04:50
blendedbychrisi'm having sparatic response time issues with my web cluster nodes04:51
blendedbychrisit'll jump from 300ms to 3000s04:51
mcloycan anyone see my text?  is there a way not to install kde (remove it) but run dolphin or xchat or a video (just these applications) and do all work at command line?09:25
twbikonia: is that the same guy as was doing it about two weeks ago?09:31
ikoniatwb: yes09:32
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masterhello, i have a problem with my NICs, both of them are gigabit however, for some reason I can't get them to work on gigabit. They're stuck ot 100 mbs. Tried to set the manually with ethtool however no result11:31
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haxxpophi, I'm try to use Phusion Passenger, but Apache2 doesn't know RailsBaseURI command. What should I do? I only did the installation before I asked you.11:52
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sofco3how can i change an NIC speed from  Ethernet 100Mb/s to gigabit. the nic supports its11:55
sofco3i dunno why it defaults to 10011:56
mardraumwhat is it plugged into?11:57
e_t_How have you determined the speed?11:57
sofco3mardraum: into tplink 1043 gigabit router with 2 meter cable12:03
sofco3e_t_:  i'm setting a homeserver and noticed that file transfer don't peak above 12 mb/s12:03
sofco3e_t_: used webmin is showing speed at 100mbs and also used ethtool12:04
e_t_Is it a cat5e or cat6 cable that will support gigabit speed?12:04
sofco3e_t_: its a cat5e12:08
e_t_Can you pastebin the output of 'lspci' ?12:10
sofco3I'm using the broadcom nic12:13
e_t_Do you get any better speed if you use the Realtek ?12:13
sofco3nope, still goes to 100 mbs12:15
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e_t_Same problem on two disparate cards means it's not hardware-related.12:17
sofco3e_t_: yep, i think that is some configuration info12:20
e_t_What's the output of 'cat /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules' ?12:21
sofco3just did a quick recabling so now the server and the desktop go not directly to the router but via gigabit swich, still 100 mbs12:26
e_t_It looks like this is not a unique problem [ https://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+gigabit+100mb+only ] but I didn't see a sure solution, sorry.12:30
sofco31maybe i found the problem12:48
RoyKe_t_: you can run gigabit over good old cat5 these days too12:48
twbRoyK: IIRC cat5e is not *rated* for gigE, which means that while it will usually work (especially for short runs), it is not guaranteed to by quality specifications.12:50
RoyKtwb: cat5e is, cat5 isn't ;)12:50
twbRoyK: I believe you are wrong12:51
sofco31gotta go, but from first look it's some stupid bug >:( after 2 days of brainstorming it appears that for some fucking reason you can't connect to gigabit on auto config.12:51
RoyKI beleive I'm right ;)12:51
sofco31after everything is booted you have to manually do a ifdown and ifup12:51
sofco31and they'll connect to gigabit12:52
RoyKtwb: some info there http://www.connectworld.net/syscon/support.htm12:52
twbhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cat5e indicates it is often used for gige but makes no mention of it being rated for same12:53
RoyKsofco31: some autonegotiate bits vary between makers, on 100Mbps it was rather bad, on gigabit it's been far better. the trick back in the 100Mbps days, was to use fixed speed and duplex rate12:53
RoyKtwb: from the link above "CAT-5e components were designed with high-speed gigabit Ethernet in mind."12:53
twbgigE standard requires autonegotiation, btw.12:54
twbRoyK: well, OK, thought that's not quite the same :-)12:54
RoyKoh, it does?12:54
twbRoyK: AFAIK yes12:55
twbRoyK: I can't back that up with facts atm tho12:55
RoyKfrom http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gigabit_Ethernet - IEEE 802.3ab, ratified in 1999, defines gigabit Ethernet transmission over unshielded twisted pair (UTP) category 5, 5e, or 6 cabling and became known as 1000BASE-T. With the ratification of 802.3ab, gigabit Ethernet became a desktop technology as organizations could use their existing copper cabling infrastructure.12:55
RoyKsofco31: seems twb is right - gigE *requires* autoneg12:56
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reisiis anyone else spending their weekend at work because of the new kernel image?13:42
reisithat is on 10.04 lts server; linux-image-2.6.32-41-server13:42
reisiwe've got every process and task hanging like http://pastebin.com/1bGnpAHp13:43
reisiloads are 30+, normally < 113:43
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reisiok.. now that kvm FINALLY booted (only one guest) everything started to get unstuck13:47
reisithis is 22 minutes after booting13:47
koolhead17hi all14:11
reisiwell, i guess my problem died away by killing collectd14:11
tarvidsystem hang this morning - http://paste.ubuntu.com/1009834/15:57
tarvidlast message - May 27 06:51:14 fairfax2 kernel: [1294212.040024] ata3: SRST failed (errno=-16)15:57
patdk-lapkind of hard for a system to keep working15:59
patdk-lapwhen it's harddrive is failing15:59
SoekrisI got som troblues met my self and get MAAS notworking16:07
SoekrisI got 2 nodes with status REady is that oke ?16:08
Soekrisso i can run juju bootstrap ?16:08
tarvidthere are no hard drive failure messages16:13
tarvidand this is RAID0 and no recovery action was taken16:13
patdk-lapno failure messages? what do you call all those messages?16:14
patdk-lapit comes down to a few issues, harddrive, controller, or cable16:14
qman__yeah, one of those three failed16:15
tarvidsupposed to be RAID0 , I don't see any attempt at recovery16:15
qman__there wouldn't be one16:16
qman__the drive quit while operating, raid 0 doesn't offer redundancy, nothing to recover16:16
tarvidtwo hard drives, two cables16:16
qman__those messages indicate hardware failing, it could just be a loose cable but it's probably the drive16:16
qman__raid 0 does not offer any redundancy, there's nothing to recover from, if either drive goes you're done16:17
qman__it's strictly for increased performance16:17
tarvidhmm, I am not sure how to check the raid array16:17
qman__there's nothing to check16:17
tarvidit is running at the moment16:18
qman__check the hard drives' smart info16:18
patdk-lapif it's raid0 there is only one answer, it's screwed16:18
patdk-lapunless you can get that drive working again16:18
tarvidmaybe it is raid 1 mirroring16:18
patdk-lapthis is hopeless16:18
patdk-lapwe can only hlep based on what you can tell us16:19
qman__those error messages have _nothing whatsoever_ to do with raid16:19
qman__they're hardware errors16:19
qman__one of your drives, cables, or controllers failed16:19
tarvidinstalling smartmontools16:19
patdk-lapwell, it's only as useful to read the data from the drive16:24
patdk-lapso the better the drive is at knowing what is wrong, the better smartctl will be16:24
qman__and if the drive is showing a bunch of hardware errors, the drive is going bad16:28
qman__if not, it might be going bad but might also be a cable or controller problem16:28
tarvidhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1009931/ both sda and sdb  do not look promising16:33
tarvidhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1009938/ mdadm -D /dev/md016:37
tarvidlooks like it did what it was supposed to do - sda removed and I am up with sdb16:37
tarvidthanks for the help, maybe I learned something16:40
Ketsueki_Kanyone have experience with ARToolKit?17:59
harushimoI'm trying to run the ubuntu cloud cd18:16
harushimoit isn't working18:16
harushimoI keep getting this error message: This kernel requires x86-64 CPU. but only detected an i686 cpu. Unable to boot18:17
harushimowhat is that error message mean?18:17
harushimoany ideas18:19
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tarvidwhat is a good alterntive to vsftpd?20:57
tarvidwhat are ny chances of forcing everyone to use sftp?20:58
RoyKtarvid: scp or rsync over ssh?21:02
RoyKrsync uses ssh by default these days, since, what, 2005 or so?21:02
tarvidmost of my clients use filezilla21:03
tarvidrsync makes sense21:04
tarvidi use it for inter server transfers21:04
RoyKdoesn't filezilla support ftp over ssh?21:11
smwRoyK, it probably supports sftp21:16
smwRoyK, which is NOT FTP over ssh but is a file transfer protocol that works over ssh21:17
RoyKI've seen sftp used as both ftp over ssh and ftp over ssl, a bit confusing21:17
smwRoyK, no, sftp is a separate protocol21:18
smwftps is ftp over ssl21:18
smwRoyK, but yes... I see how this might cause confusion21:18
smwRoyK, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SSH_File_Transfer_Protocol21:19
tarvidgoing to take some play21:19
zastaphhow far are aptitude usually behind release schedule?21:20
tarvidfirst try suggests manual transfer over stfp will work from filezilla21:20
zastaphfor instance git is at but current is
smwRoyK, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File_Transfer_Protocol#Secure_FTP21:21
smwRoyK, that explains the difference in a nut shell21:22
RoyKI know... not very nerdy tonight, after 44km on the bike21:22
RoyKsmw: I'm quite aware of the differences, I just find it confusing that SFTP is used for both. I also find it somewhat worrying that people still use FTP, a protocol that should have been abandoned years ago21:24
streulmaRoyK: still asking the same question as a few days ago ?21:27
smwRoyK, here is my opinion on ftp: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/FtpMustDie21:29
RoyKstreulma: me? asking questions? about what?21:29
qman__RoyK, SFTP isn't used for both, FTP over SSL is FTPS21:30
qman__anybody who refers to FTPS as SFTP is just plain wrong21:30
RoyKqman__: I didn't say it was a standard, I just said it's used for both by certain parties21:31
smwqman__, people do say sftp for ftp+ssh21:31
smwqman__, this is also wrong... but too comon21:31
qman__and those people are wrong21:31
qman__of course, someone's always going to be wrong on the internet21:32
smwqman__, I am saying that it is too common to be ignored21:32
qman__I disagree21:32
RoyKqman__: if a million people make the same mistake, it's not merely a stupid error, but a trend, and should therefore be allowed focus21:33
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ringzer0How do I get colorful tty?22:42
ringzer0e.g. blue directories in bash?22:42
RoyKshould work by default22:44
ringzer0RoyK: not in the Rackspace ssh distro/whatever22:46
RoyKls -F --colour=auto22:47
ringzer0Interesting, i type bash and the colors load up.22:47
RoyKls -F --color=auto22:47
ringzer0what is chsh?22:47
RoyKman chsh ;)22:47
ringzer0The chsh command changes the user login shell. This determines the name of the user's initial login command. A normal user may only change the login shell for her own account; the superuser may change the login shell for any account.22:48
RoyKyes, I know22:48
RoyKso chsh -s /bin/bash22:49
RoyKit'll change your default shell to bash22:49
ringzer0weird, yeah I did that22:49
ringzer0it seemed to change.22:49
ringzer0but then i logged out and back in via ssh22:49
ringzer0and it came back to non color22:49
streulmawhy is dash the default and not bash ?22:49
RoyKwhat does "ps $$" say?22:49
RoyKstreulma: no idea - it's stupid22:50
ringzer0my etc/passwd is : root:x:0:0:root:/root:/bin/bash22:50
ringzer07328 pts/0    Ss     0:00 -bash22:51
streulmabin sh is linked to bin dash22:51
ringzer0but when I make it work, by typing bash, it gives me: 7431 pts/0    S      0:00 bash22:51
ringzer0bash without the - in front22:51
ringzer0is -bash different than bash?  cause it works without the - after i type in bash again after logging in.22:52
ringzer0and which bash shows /bin/bash22:52
ringzer0could this have something to do with sshd?22:53
streulmaringzer0:I have also -bash22:55
streulmayou have no colors ?22:55
streulmado something like sudo apt-get install htop22:55
streulmarun the htop command22:55
streulmaand see if you have colors22:56
ringzer0i see colors22:56
ringzer0if i type in bash22:56
ringzer0'b-a-s-h' in the term, then it reloads, and I have colors22:56
ringzer0its like ssh'd in bash vs the bash binary are 2 different things.22:56
streulmaI have a solution22:59
streulmawhat do you have in ~/.bashrc ?22:59
streulmaa lot of text ?23:00
streulmahello ringzer0 ?23:03

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