greg_galright, I'm at a total loss on how to show an older version of a file in bzr00:26
rick_h_bzr revert -r somerev ?00:26
greg_gbut I don't want to undo other changes that have happened on other files bewtween that time00:27
rick_h_well then you just jump back to the current00:28
greg_gsuppose so00:28
rick_h_revert isn't permanent (if I recall)00:28
rick_h_greg_g: ^00:29
greg_gI just found bzr cat --revision XX $file00:30
greg_gah, yep, same00:30
greg_gmy issue was I was looking at this man page: http://linux.die.net/man/1/bzr and nothing useful was listed in that first section, but there are a ton more commands lower down00:31
rick_h_yea, the whole 'bzr is so much more usable/human readable" drives me nuts00:31
rick_h_greg_g: https://plus.google.com/u/0/116120911388966791792/posts/6yTczmgEFaM00:32
rick_h_http://new.mapmyride.com/routes/view/96341611 is pretty cool view of the ride00:37
greg_grick_h_: nice!00:41
snap-lrick_h_: wow!00:47
rick_h_yea, 38 riders00:51
rick_h_biggest group I've ever done, was pretty cool00:51
rick_h_down on the water down in detroi00:52
rick_h_but now i need a better saddle...mine is only good for 15mi00:52
rick_h_ugh, sore today13:16
rick_h_but the weather report is down 5deg for Zoo day yay!13:16
User1I'm trying to host a dns that will be doing nothing but one domain name redirect -  www.example.com to www.example.info19:56
User1Is there an easy way to do this?19:56

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