rmg51this rain messed me up11:44
rmg51I thought I was going for a walk11:44
waltmanI totally slept through all the rain :)11:44
rmg51I should have11:45
waltmanThat's what you get for being a morning person :)11:45
rmg51doing a little file backup instead11:46
waltmanI heard on the radio that it was nasty overnight11:46
rmg51slept through that11:46
rmg51I was getting ready to go out when it started to rain again11:47
rmg51now I don't know if it's over or will start again :P11:47
rmg51I guess it's time for breakfast instead11:48
waltmanYou could watch the Monaco Grand Prix on Speed at 8:00. That's what I'm planning to do. :)11:50
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InHisNamemorning Randy and waltman12:18
InHisNamewaltman:  I started reading your dissertation, up to ch2.12:19
waltmanInHisName: Nice! Any comments?12:20
InHisNameI was going to make a snide comment on a CS expert discussing traffic engineering and "lane changing" etc.   BUT.....12:21
InHisNameThen as I started reading past the tables of contents, I could see in ch1 how it all fits into your thesis.12:21
waltmanThe data for the driving chapter comes from an experiment my advisor did when was doing a postdoc at Nissan.12:22
waltmanAnd yes, my argument is that my tool can help the real traffic and driving engineers.12:24
InHisNameIn one diagram of web browsing, with swirly lines everywhere, one of the canonical paths was singular line.12:24
waltmanOne of the issues I had is that most similarity methods favor shorter protocols12:25
InHisNameAnd another path had a dozen lines to intermediate point and about dozen to next point,  and that was same point the canonical path joined.  Why did it choose the WAY less 'popular' path for the same number of points ?12:26
InHisNameI'm only in ch2 so far so maybe you explain that later.12:28
waltmanYou mean why did it pick that particular curvy line that goes down to the bottom?12:28
waltmanIn chapter 4 I talk about how I computed how similar each path was to each other path.12:28
InHisNameLets call the first 3 points  home, B, and C  --  B is connected to home & C with single line (one user followed that path.)    Home, Bprime, and C  -- Bprime is connected by dozen or so paths from home and C (12 or so users chose to follow that path)   Why (or what chap did you explain this) is the singular start a canonical path ?12:31
SamuraiAlbaWaltman - As a CS major, people will EXPECT you to help them on web pages.  DO NOT DO THIS -->  www.sweissman.com12:31
InHisNameb'fast, later.12:31
SamuraiAlbab'fast sounds nice12:32
waltmanWell, one answer to that is that I'm not counting how many people took each path.12:32
SamuraiAlbaand grats on the paper :)  I'll be reading it :)12:33
SamuraiAlbaalso, my friend went to drexel.  Graduated Summa Cum Laude with a bachelors in finance.12:34
SamuraiAlbaand is in MASSIVE debt LOL.  I see the irony.12:34
SamuraiAlbaWhat made you choose CS?12:34
waltmanI'd think most finance majors would have jobs to let them pay off their loans pretty quickly :)12:35
waltmanSamuraiAlba: Well, I was a math major as an undergrad, but I'd been working as a programmed for 19 years before I went back to grad school.12:36
SamuraiAlbaI'm ahving issues... with math :(12:36
waltmanI've got a fair amount of math in chapter 3 :)12:37
SamuraiAlbaIt's funny... I can do wireless 2.4ghz antenna design...12:37
waltmanIt's more straightforward than it might seem at first glance.12:38
SamuraiAlbabut if I see "lambda" one more time...12:38
waltmanSamuraiAlba: Oops, I've got a bunch of lambdas :)12:38
SamuraiAlbaI found out _ONE_ comment I made on redit has almost 1800 upvotes...12:38
SamuraiAlbaIt is odd....12:39
SamuraiAlbaIt's about Thor...12:39
SamuraiAlba1726 upvotes12:40
SamuraiAlbaI'm majoring in Net management, net management/cyber security, and minoring in CS for java programming12:41
SamuraiAlbaso technically a double major by adding two classes12:41
SamuraiAlbaNow... to convince my psych that having two jobs AND carrying 18 credits a semester is OK....12:42
waltmanthat's a great story12:45
SamuraiAlbaLove the comment, too, eh?12:45
SamuraiAlbaAre you going to be at Geeknic?12:49
waltmanprobably not. gotta work on my slides.12:53
SamuraiAlbaAt least stop out to say hi :)  Bring a laptop AFTER making an ONLINE and an OFFLINE backup :)12:57
SamuraiAlbaand use MULTIPLE online backup services12:57
SamuraiAlbaand make a DVDRW backup, an external hard drive backup, and a USB key backup12:57
SamuraiAlbaand put them in THREE seperate banks12:57
SamuraiAlbain safety deposit boxes12:58
SamuraiAlbabe PARANOID12:58
SamuraiAlbaVERY PARANOID12:58
SamuraiAlbaBad stuff can happen if all the backups are in one spot12:58
waltmanI've got the git repositories checked out on 3 boxes, and I also have an external backup.12:59
waltmanAnd by this point there are lots of copies of the final pdf12:59
SamuraiAlbaI have one  :>13:02
InHisNameSamuraiAlba: I see 1293 points,  7995 up votes and 6702 down votes   -  so where does 1726 come from ?    Hrmmm all the comments aren't about you, the blind guy, or your girlfriend but the  the kid having his habitat beat up on by THOR.13:04
InHisNameSamuraiAlba:  that is sure to be overload demands of waltman that he could not possibly have any spare time to even drop by.13:07
* waltman notes that it's about a 45 minute drive each way to the site of the geeknic...13:08
InHisNamewaltman: just ignore him, and come anyway, besides a laptop with document editor is all you need to continue.  At least for an hour or two, till you need another picture   not on the drive.13:08
InHisNameCarpool with SamuraiAlba13:09
InHisNameOpps, you'd never get any work done in passenger seat.13:09
InHisNameMaybe only 40 min from Drexel, its a holiday.   Only 67 red lights on Broad street to the park.13:12
SamuraiAlbathe upvotes for MY individual comment13:12
InHisNameoh, you wern't the originator.   Now I see you, 1223 points for THOR comment.  or is there another at 1726?13:15
SamuraiAlba550 downvotes13:15
InHisNameoff to church, bbl8tr13:16
SamuraiAlbatake care :)13:16
InHisNameBack home17:01
InHisNameI found my tailgate grill, plenty gas in bottle. Shall I bring it or is someone else bringing a grill ?21:02
SamuraiAlbaBring it, cremem fraiche, eggs, vine tomatoes, and flat cap mushrooms21:19
SamuraiAlbaIf I can find a ride, I'll make the eggs21:19
SamuraiAlbaoooh... and butter!21:19
SamuraiAlbaBest I can do is a bus to Philly atm21:21
InHisNameAnyone bringing dogs, burgers, or etc. for main eats.  Buns anyone ?21:23
InHisNameWho's in philly to pick up SamuraiAlba for picnic ?21:23
SamuraiAlbaWill we has wifi?21:24
InHisNameProbably not.   At least 300 ft from nearest home.   Only maybe if unsecure.21:28
InHisNameIf you want I can check later to see if any wi-fi shows on my HP touchpad21:28
SamuraiAlbacool LOL21:34
SamuraiAlbafunny thing is I have my license21:55
SamuraiAlbajust no car21:55
SamuraiAlbaor insurance21:55
SamuraiAlbaBut... I have Dell servers21:55
SamuraiAlbaMultiple laptops21:55
SamuraiAlba32" and 19" HDTV in my room21:55
* SamuraiAlba facepalms21:55
SamuraiAlba4 laptops, one SANS SCREEN.  The LCD controller is dead and it is my HTPC on the 32"21:56
SamuraiAlbathe 19" is on the dell server21:56
InHisNamehey SamuraiAlba, if you stumble on a server with 24Gigs or more, I could get very interested.21:58
InHisNameMy server (IBM x336) will do up to 16Gigs, but the mem I got was 16gigs of dual rank mem.  I only see 8gigs.22:00
InHisNameI can't afford to dump mem and buy the right kind.22:01
* SamuraiAlba digs22:01
SamuraiAlbamax 64 GB22:02
InHisNameStill more $$ than dump and buy22:02
SamuraiAlbatake into account the hardware u get :)22:02
SamuraiAlbabut I understand22:02
InHisNameSamuraiAlba: I checked from home walking all the way to the park.  Most of the way I saw 2-4 Locked Wi-Fi22:56
InHisNameIn the park near pavilions was 0-2 all locked again22:56
InHisNameI saw mine for at least 200 to 300 ft from home. Quite a distance to dropping out entirely.22:57
InHisNameBack near home I stumbled on GreenSleeves-guest  no lock.   Not avail even close to park though.22:58
InHisNameHello, JonathanD23:17
JonathanDInHisName: came back home from camping. We'll be there.23:17
JonathanDnow I'm going to pass out. HOpefully I wake up in time.23:17
InHisNamewhat food are you coming with?23:17
JonathanDProbably some hot dogs.23:17
JonathanDI have (generic) sodas of some variety in the car already.23:18
JonathanDI believe we'll have the 4 of us plus one extra.23:18
SadinWooooo doing more work for shimmer23:18
JonathanDInHisName: ping me if you need anything in particular.23:21
SamuraiAlbaAnyone care to pick me up from the bus terminal tomorrow?23:28
JonathanDSamuraiAlba: my car is alreayd full.23:32
JonathanDIf someone drops me off a van, I'll pick up whomever wishes :p23:32
InHisNameHey Sadin, heard of the Geeknic tomorrow ?23:34
JonathanDSadin: You are hereby required to come to geeknic.23:34
SadinInHisName JonathonD im not going to be home tomorrow :( i wanted to come to it last year but i have a memorial day parade and then a family party to goto23:37
InHisNameHave lotta fun23:38
JonathanDSadin: you can plan the next one.23:38
SamuraiAlbaSadin.  You need to come out :)23:48
SamuraiAlbaIt will be fun23:48
SamuraiAlbatoo bad you cant :(23:48
SamuraiAlbaStill looking for a server?23:51
SadinSamuraiAlba no money looking for a job23:52
SamuraiAlbawhat field and what qualifications do you have?23:52
SadinIm 17, in highschool I do graphic design and programming as a hobby.23:53

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