nuvolariwb inetpro 17:32
=== smile4linux is now known as smile-is-ziek
magespawnEvening all17:40
inetpronuvolari: dankie17:54
inetprodid I miss anything?17:54
nuvolariinetpro: hmm, only a couple of parts and joins18:08
queeryoh thanx inetpro for the topic add18:09
inetproqueery: you're welcome18:15
inetpronuvolari: thanks18:15
* inetpro feels better now18:15
inetproseems the core couldn't reconnect after downtime at the network layer18:16
Kiloslo superfly psydroid magespawn and others18:36
Kilosall well with you guys?18:36
superflyhi Kilos18:37
superflydit gaan beter, dankie18:37
Kiloswas jy siek superfly ?18:38
superflyjust a little18:38
Kiloshi Ludo  long time no see18:39
psydroidhi Kilos18:40
psydroidhoi superfly18:42
superflyhi psydroid18:42
Kiloscold, flu, repiratory probs superfly ?18:42
superflyKilos: food poisoning18:42
Kilosoh my what did you eat?18:42
Kilosthats terrible18:42
superflysomething I shouldn't have, evidently18:42
Kilossorry to hear that18:43
magespawnHey Kilos18:48
Kilossomeone musta spiked your grub with superdoom superfly 18:54
Kilossorry, not nice to joke when one is sick18:55
superflyKilos: hehehehe18:55
Kilosthe rest of the family is ok superfly they not affected too?18:56
superflyNo, it was just me who ate the poisoned food18:56
Kiloswhew. as long as you get better then thats ok18:57
Kilossuperfly, drink lots and lots of water and get some nettle capsules at the chemist it should get the poison out of the system quick or else it can take weeks to clear up properly18:59
superflyKilos: it's not real poison, it's just bad food :-(19:03
Kilosyeah but nettle will help i promise you19:04
LudoHi kilos, yea I normally own join the channel when I should study ;) 19:04
LudoAnyway how are you guys experiencing the new LTS?19:05
Kilos? im still on 10.1019:06
psydroidI'm on 12.0419:06
psydroidit works well after switching to gnome-panel19:07
Kilosha ha ha19:07
Kilosyou dont like unity19:07
* superfly doesn't understand the fuss, but then he's a KDE boi19:08
Kilosyou never liked gnome superfly , it actually works kiff19:09
LudoI like unity :) for some strange reason no 64-bit OS works on my pathetic excuse for a notebook dell, but i moved to 32-bit LTS and everything seems fine for now.19:10
Kilosthats nice19:10
Kilosnight guys, sleep tight19:17
magespawnAnybody have any experience with a Sun X2100 server?19:55
magespawnAny way I am off night all.20:23

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