ActionParsniphttp://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/01/linux-screencasting-tool-kazam-goes-gstreamer-adds-pulseaudio-support/  for screen casting :)00:00
jagginesssinistrad, "I had to make sure I put the right option for my computer (an HP Pavillion HDX 16 laptop) into /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf:00:01
jagginessoptions snd-hda-intel model=hp-hdx00:01
jagginesssinistrad, http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=141&t=58616&start=60 (not ubuntu forum, but source where i got that from)00:01
sinistradjagginess, Hrm. I'll look into that. It seems helpful00:01
jagginesssinistrad, echo "options snd-hda-intel model=hp-hdx" >> /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf00:01
jagginess(use >> and not > )00:02
jagginesssinistrad, then simply reboot and see if sound works00:02
ActionParsnipjagginess: that won't work00:02
dlentzjagginess, you forgot sudo?00:02
ActionParsnipjagginess: the file is owned by root00:03
ActionParsnipjagginess:  echo "options snd-hda-intel model=hp-hdx" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf > /dev/null00:03
jagginesssinistrad, btw you can pastebin that file if you want.. so i can take a look at it00:03
IBMHPGOOGLECan someone help me when I t00:04
ActionParsnipIBMHPGOOGLE: ask and the channel will reply if it can00:04
sinistradjagginess, which file you want paste-binned?00:05
jagginess, /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf00:06
sinistradjagginess, OK00:06
ActionParsnipjagginess: sudo apt-get install pastebinit; pastebinit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf00:06
drecuteplease where can I download pam_nis module?00:06
ActionParsnipdrecute: http://packages.ubuntu.com may help00:07
OerHeksharovali check your connection please00:07
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IBMHPGOOGLEWhen I type sudo dpkg --configure -a it tell me this unable to access dpkg status area: read-only file system  how can I get both read and write access to the system can someone help me please00:13
ActionParsnip!fsck | IBMHPGOOGLE00:13
ubottuIBMHPGOOGLE: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot00:13
L3topcant touch a read only system can you?00:14
* L3top would boot to live disk and fsck from there00:14
ActionParsnipmaybe not but i believe the link has a how to on how to do stuff from liveCD00:14
drecuteActionParsnip: no luck00:15
IBMHPGOOGLEI deed already fsck -f -c00:15
drecutei found http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~peterb/uxsup/project/pam_nis/00:15
drecutebut it is incomplete cos I can't build it00:16
sinistradActionParsnip, If jagginess shows back up, tell him my paste is at http://pastebin.com/QBjzP62y00:16
sinistradActionParsnip, I'm rebooting to see if his suggestion works.00:17
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donvito2do i need to have good machine to use ubuntu effects like compiz?00:38
wilee-nileedonvito, what is the definition of a good machine00:38
donvito2I have Pentium 4 CPU 3.0 Ghz 1 GB of Ram00:38
BlackshirtDonvito2, not really..you just need vga capable running compiz00:39
donvito2and i have Geforce 6200 turbocache00:39
mjrussellHas anyone else had problems logging into Gnome since updates today/yesterday/day before?00:39
donvito2video card is geforce 6200 turbocache with 128 mb of ram00:40
donvito2will that be ok for compiz?00:40
BlackshirtGraphic with 3d rendering capability should run compiz without problem00:40
donvito2than mine doesnt have 3d rendering i think00:41
BlackshirtDonvito2, i think that was capable run compiz....00:41
pbx2How to get Java 7 on Ubuntu 12.04?00:41
sk8rbluscatsudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre   -- i think00:41
xanguapbx2: you can get openjdk from repositories, if you want oracle java go to it's website and download it00:42
pbx2I went to Ubuntu software center00:42
pbx2and there the reviews says it is Java 600:42
pbx2I downloaded the .tar.gz from Oracle...but don't know what to do next?00:43
RangerBobmight install synaptic and search using it00:43
RangerBobsoftware center doesn't always show everything00:43
pbx2Synaptic is different from Ubuntu Software center?00:43
sk8rbluscatpbx2: use apt-cache search java in terminal00:43
xanguapbx2: you have the install instructions in it's web00:43
RangerBobyeah, apt-cache search jdk should show it00:43
* sk8rbluscat installed ubuntu and i'm using the lubuntu shell :P00:44
pbx2and I want to do a clean install of Firefox...without all the Ubuntu "customizations" :)00:44
RangerBobyou can install firefox and then remove the ubuntu addons00:45
mjrussell@pbx just disable the Ubunu Firefox extension00:45
pbx2that's not good enough...I used to try a previous release of Ubuntu and even after disabling the extension....about:crashes never showed up....then I think I had make a complete uninstall of firefox...00:46
pbx2it was saying previously that you submit crash reports to Ubuntu00:47
Cerrdorwhere can I find my firewall settings, I didnt install one but my DNS server keeps timing out I need to open port 5300:47
RangerBobif you're having issues did you try to temp rename your .mozilla/firefox dir and see if you still had issues?00:47
i7cCerrdor: type sudo iptables -L    in terminal00:47
Cerrdori7c, http://pastebin.com/XuJ5G0yr00:48
donvito2what actually is UNITY 5.000:48
Cerrdorthats all I get00:48
pbx2RangerBob: I will just delete that folder :)00:48
i7cCerrdor: mhm you local firewall doesnt seem to block anything.00:49
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i7cCerrdor: can you verify that nothing else blocks your connection to DNS? like your router?00:49
pbx2The instructions on Oracle website just say to extract the tar.gz folder? That won't install JRE on Ubuntu right? http://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/webnotes/install/linux/linux-jre.html00:50
pbx2*just says00:50
pbx2I don't get this part "The JRE files are installed in a directory called jre1.7.0_<version> in the current directory."00:50
pbx2if I extract it in Home directory00:51
Cerrdori7c, I am in VM00:51
pbx2it wont work with Firefox / Google Chrome00:51
Cerrdordoes that have anything to do with it?00:51
pbx2thats all the instructions there are?00:51
i7cCerrdor: could be. how do you notice that your dns has time out?00:52
forrest__How does one enable HDMI audio output support?00:52
Cerrdori7c, when I dig @my.ip.he.re mydomain.com00:53
Cerrdortimes out00:53
wawoweforrest__: hit f6 in alsamixer and unmute with >00:53
pbx2Is there a way to check which Nvida driver version is installed in Ubuntu 12.04?00:54
forrest__Thank you.00:54
lrojashi all, i just installed php5 from the standard repositories in 12.04 ( sudo apt-get install php5 ), and i'm trying to find the file php.ini-development, any idea where cna i find it?00:54
Cerrdordig @ returns fine00:54
BlackshirtPbx2, are you installed from standar repos or vendor one?00:55
Cerrdorbut my IP times out00:55
pbx2Nvida X server settings says it is 295.4900:55
i7cCerrdor: your ip means "internet ip"?00:56
BlackshirtLrojas, you can use dpkg -L packagename to list file included with packages?00:56
i7cCerrdor: well doessnt matter00:56
i7cCerrdor: sounds pretty much like your can't get out of your virtual machine00:57
K1rkI am attempting to setup an L2TP VPN server on my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server using openswan and xl2tpd. I am having a problem connecting. I have done quite a bit of Googling, and there's an extensive Ubuntu Forums thread on this problem, but the suggestions in the thread don't fix it.00:57
K1rkAnyone have this working and be willing to trade notes with me?00:57
BlackshirtPbx2, i think you was used vendor version00:57
pbx2I want 295.53 one which is listed on Nvidia's website, but whenever I do "sudo sh ./NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-295.53.run" it says " You appear to be running an X server; please exit X before installing..."00:57
pbx2But I don't know how00:57
i7cCerrdor: can you configure something about that? do tcp connections work? or is it only udp?00:58
K1rkpbx2, I remember that, that was a pain in the ass.00:58
K1rkpbx2 first of all you'll need to install it while you are in the TTY, you can't be in a desktop session.00:58
aguitelpbx2, why not install from ubuntu repo this driver?00:58
olskolircI feel your dilima lrojas I can't google your answer00:59
lrojasBlackshirt: yes, i can... but using locate the only php.ini is the one at /etc/php5/apache2/00:59
pbx2aguitel, the ubuntu repo gives me 295.49 not 295.5300:59
K1rkpbx2, aguitel has a point.  On my desktop at work I am using the nVidia driver from the Restricted Drivers thing. It's working fine.00:59
BlackshirtPbx2, you should install it from pure console based...not on gui environment00:59
aguitelpbx2, not difference01:00
Cerrdori7c, how do I test that?01:00
pbx2Blackshirt, how would I go into pure console?01:00
K1rkpbx2: the hackish workaround I did, was to chmod -x the Xorg executible, go to a TTY, killall gnome-session, and run the nvidia installer. Then chmod +x the executible again and reboot.01:00
K1rkNot that I recommend doing that.01:00
K1rkBut it would work01:00
aguitelpbx2, make in terminal :sudo apt-get install nvidia-current && nvidia-xconfig and restart the pc01:01
olskolirc!ask | Needer_of_Help01:01
ubottuNeeder_of_Help: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:01
K1rkHi Needer_of_Help, please ask your question.01:01
i7cCerrdor: do you have a GUI on that system?01:02
blindferalguien en español01:02
aguitelblindfer, go to #ubuntu-es01:02
lrojashow come when i do dpkg -L php5 i only get some entries01:02
i7cCerrdor: see if you can go to google:
pbx2aguitel: there is always a difference with different version numbers even minor... you are saying to again use sudo apt-get ... but I wanted the official / latest version which is 295.53 .... so now I need to somehow boot into console only enviroment...but I don't know how?01:03
K1rkSo, nobody paying attention to the channel right now has any insights into openswan l2tp vpn?01:03
Needer_of_HelpI am a linux noob, and mysql-apache-php-drupal noob, trying to install drupal, I almost got to the end I think, the first problem is "Drupal requires you to enable the PHP extensions in the following list (see the system requirements page for more information): gd  pdo"01:03
K1rkNeeder_of_Help: apt-get install php5-gd?01:04
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K1rkNeeder_of_Help: never heard of php pdo.01:04
pbx2K1rk, TTY means?01:04
Needer_of_HelpKirk I had run that but I can try it again01:04
Cerrdori7c, yeah all internet connected aspects work fine01:04
Cerrdorthus IRC01:04
K1rkpbx2: TTY is the text terminal. Hit CTRL+ALT+F1 to go to TTY1. CTRL+ALT+F7 or 8 brings you back to GDM. I forget which one.01:05
K1rkNeeder_of_Help: You'll need to restart Apache for the new php extensions to be loaded.  "service apache2 restart"01:05
xanguapbx2: sudo service lightdm stop  , to exit X if that is what you want01:05
pbx2K1rk, nice :)01:05
K1rkpbx2: Glad you approve01:05
forrest__wawowe, I disabled Auto-Mute Mode in alsamixer but I still have no HDMI audio output. Was that what I was supposed to do?01:05
Needer_of_HelpReading package lists... Done01:06
Needer_of_HelpBuilding dependency tree01:06
Needer_of_HelpReading state information... Done01:06
Needer_of_Helpphp5-gd is already the newest version.01:06
FloodBot1Needer_of_Help: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:06
Needer_of_Help0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.01:06
i7cCerrdor: so dig google.com  would work too?  then i guess nothing wrong with your machine. you should see about that DNS server01:06
K1rkNeeder_of_Help: and you've restarted apache2?01:06
* Cerrdor facepalms01:06
i7cCerrdor: ?01:07
Needer_of_HelpKirk, will restart now to be sure01:07
wawoweforrest__: mplayer -ao alsa:device=hw=1.3 audio.mp301:07
Cerrdordig google.com works fine01:07
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Cerrdorwhat exactly am I missing?01:07
K1rkNeeder_of_Help: I've never heard of PDO but apparently my server has it enabled. It looks like it is MySQL related. Can I trust you have also run apt-get install php5-mysql?01:07
i7cCerrdor: i just think your domain / dns name is not configured correctly01:08
K1rk!ask cmanns01:08
K1rkOh damn the bot doesn't listen to me. -.-01:08
cmannsIt's okay01:08
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:08
Needer_of_HelpKirk restarting apache did fix 2 of my problems!! but it still says there is an issue with gb, same text as before01:09
K1rkNeeder_of_Help: gb? You mean gd?01:09
K1rkNeeder_of_Help: What's the issue with it again?01:09
Needer_of_HelpDrupal requires you to enable the PHP extensions in the following list (see the system requirements page for more information):01:09
Needer_of_Help    gd01:09
K1rkNeeder_of_Help: Hmm.  Do you know where your webroot is?  Default is /var/www.01:09
K1rkNeeder_of_Help: nano /var/www/phpinfo.php01:10
K1rkNeeder_of_Help: In that file type "<?php phpinfo(); ?>" and save the file. Then go to it in your web browser.01:10
K1rkNeeder_of_Help: That will immensely help you diagnosing your issues, and will also tell us if GD is truly enabled or not.01:10
olskolircNeeder_of_Help, take it to #php damn01:11
cmannsI've booted ubuntu to determine if my computer manu was lying about AHCI being enabled by default or not (No options in bios) recent i-Core system, Intel Series 6 / C200 Sata here is dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1008971/ ; by ata_piix I'm assuming it's not in AHCI mode?01:11
K1rkNeeder_of_Help: If it's a public webserver you can give me the link to the phpinfo file once you've made it, and I'd be happy to take a look at it and see if anything stands out.01:11
K1rkolskolirc: They'd probably say it's not a PHP issue.01:11
forrest__wawowe: Do I paste that some where? Sorry I'm still learning.01:11
olskolircI googled that ini file and couldn't find any information on it K1rk01:12
wawoweforrest__: as a test: apt-get install mplayer01:12
K1rkolskolirc: What INI file?01:12
wawoweforrest__: mplayer -ao alsa:device=hw=1.3 someaudiofile.mp301:12
olskolircNeeder_of_Help, cd into the Apache2 dir in /etc and find plugins avail folder and see if what you are looking for is in there01:13
cmannsNeeder_of_Help, you need the graphics extension of php.01:13
Needer_of_HelpKirk think I accidentally deleted phpinfo.php01:13
olskolircI just got done building my LAMP server01:13
wawoweforrest__: run those in terminal01:13
pinguy_hi all01:13
K1rkolskolirc and cmanns: In every case I have seen on a Ubuntu server, apt-get install php5-gd installs and enables the plugin in Apache automatically, I have never had to modify anything in /etc/apache2 to make that stuff work.01:13
forrest__Okay, thanks. Installing now.01:13
bd1308Before I file a bug against 12.04 Ubuntu + Xen dom0, is anybody else experiencing a kernel bug when dom0 starts booting ubuntu? The file is linux-3.2.0/mm/slub.c:342701:13
cmannsK1rk, that's all thats needed.01:14
Needer_of_Helpolskolirc etc/apache2/ has no pluginsavailable folder01:14
olskolircI did K1rk to get php plugins to load - the first server, I had to enable them by hand01:15
olskolircoh wait Needer_of_Help01:15
Needer_of_Helpcould it be modsavailable01:15
olskolircthat's odd Needer_of_Help01:16
olskolircI coulda swore it was Apache since I spent so much time playing with the plugins01:17
wawoweforrest__: ctrl+alt+t01:17
Needer_of_Helpif it helps, I can post the url of the page I tried to follow01:17
olskolircsee?  Now I have to install this b* over again01:18
olskolircNeeder_of_Help, its in /etc/apache201:18
K1rkNeeder_of_Help: I truly don't understand why you're having this problem.  GD has always "just worked" for me. lol01:18
olskolirclook for mods-available Needer_of_Help01:19
olskolircthink it won't?01:19
Needer_of_Helpolskolirc I do have modsavailable01:19
Needer_of_Helpolskolirc many files inside but not any that have gd in the name01:21
olskolircrefresh me exactly the file you are looking for and what does it do?01:22
Needer_of_Helpolskolirc I got it.... added "extension=gd.so" to php.ini and restart apache01:23
olskolircNice move Needer_of_Help01:23
olskolircI'm here all night :-)01:23
Needer_of_Helpthanks for help, will now try the next step of install01:24
K1rkNeeder_of_Help: Glad to be of assistance01:24
K1rkNobody wants to take a crack at this? https://goput.it/v65.txt01:25
olskolircI followd this one Needer_of_Help https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP01:25
xisorhi can anyone help me setup a liveUSB for 12.04? i dont have an optical drive and still want to be able to install kubuntu/ubuntu/ whatever buntu i want:P01:25
olskolirchold on K1rk01:26
xangua!usb | xisor01:26
ubottuxisor: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent01:26
Needer_of_Helpthanks Kirk, olskoirc01:26
forrest__wawowe: I installed mplayer but the second part failed I think. Was it supposed to play the audio file through HDMI?01:26
xisordo i need the 64 bit version of kubuntu? or is 32 bit fine?01:27
wawoweforrest__: yes01:28
olskolircxisor, depends on what bit your machine is01:28
olskolircK1rk, what are you using to tunnel?01:29
xisorits a 64bit capable machine, i was just wondering if its worth bothering with a 64bit distro, im new to linux im setting it up as a media center01:29
xisorso no need for winblows on it01:29
K1rkolskolirc: I was using the iPad VPN client. Testing on Windows 7 now01:29
wawoweforrest__: echo "autospawn = no" > ~/.pulse/client.conf && killall pulseaudio01:29
xisorok wait, this says i can use any iso image i want using this method? like for any of the versions of ubuntu?01:30
L3topxisor: 32 is fine. Most everything 64 is running is 32 anyway, and with the PAE kernel memory isnt an issue.01:30
cmannsxisor, yeah may as well run 3201:30
olskolircoh K1rk I don't do windows01:31
xisorwhats the difference between ubuntu and kubuntu other than kde vs gnome? and which one is better?01:31
L3topxisor: both are buntu under the sheets, I prefer kde... but this is not a good channel for polls01:32
xisorno im asking what the differences are L3top01:32
xisorso i know which one to try01:33
xangua(20:32:41) L3top: xisor: both are buntu01:33
forrest__wawowe: I ran that in terminal. I didn't see or hear anything. What was supposed to happen?01:33
cmannsxisor, it's the user interface01:33
cmannsYou're going to use this as a htpc?01:33
xisorcmanns: yes, i was considering lxde so that would be... lubuntu right?01:34
Gumbydoes anyone know if there is a way to reset a wifi card in network manager.  It appears that its config is corrupt or something as network manager is telling me the hardware switch is set to off.  When I boot with a livecd the wifi works without me touching the hardware switch01:34
wawoweforrest__: nothing. now run mplayer -ao alsa:device=hw=1.3 yourmusic.mp301:34
cmannsxisor, http://wiki.lxde.org/en/Ubuntu01:35
cmannsYeah looks like lubuntu would be a godo choice01:35
cmannsI'm on Xubuntu01:35
xisorxubuntu is xfce?01:35
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.01:35
primefalconLubuntu is a good choice I've used it for a few years (was using lxde before Lubuntu as well)01:35
olskolircmore details Gumby01:35
ActionParsnipxisor: different default apps and diferent default desktop01:35
xisorcan i unstall standard ubuntu and add lxde to it? or is that hard?01:35
ActionParsnipxisor: sure01:36
xisoronce i get it running can i come back for help with that? :D01:36
ActionParsnipxisor: you will just have the choice of desktop when you log in01:36
primefalconxisor: xubuntu ==xfce, lubuntu == lxde, kubuntu == kde01:36
olskolircsudo apt-get install lxde xisor when you get to your ubuntu terminal01:36
xisorActionParsnip: is there a way to set it to automatically log me in regardless of which interface im using?01:36
olskolircLog out and choose lxde from the login sessions menu xisor01:36
Gumbyolskolirc: what more details would you like?  It worked, now it doesnt.  The only change I made was to edit the settings of a wifi network which I have now completely deleted.  I think my question stands, is there a way to reset or delete/re-add a wifi card from network manager01:36
ActionParsnipxisor: the last session for each user is remembered01:37
primefalconprob be better to sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop since that will install all the recomended aps as well01:37
olskolircspecs Gumby01:37
Gumbyolskolirc: ubuntu 12.04 amd64, AR9287 Wireless Network Adapter01:38
L3topxisor: what you want is probably a media center specific distro, like mythbuntu, xbmc, or something more involved like linuxmce...01:38
Pirathi, anyone here to talk with? ;)01:39
primefalconquick open question, does anyone know of a script or such that will do a mv except with a progress meter?01:40
ScottyKgreetings! I've got a notebook dualbooting Win7 and Kubuntu 12.04. I want to try Ubuntu 12.04. Can I triple boot, or is there a way to use the Kubuntu to log into Ubuntu?01:40
LinuX2halfHow can I update Rhythmebox?01:40
primefalconScottyK: just install kde and unity and choose which desktop you ant at boot01:40
wilee-nileeScottyK, you can install ubuntu with the kubuntu, and depending on your partition set up have it as another install.01:40
xanguaScottyK: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop if you want to install ubuntu, you can also Try ubuntu on a live usb01:41
ActionParsnipScottyK: you can install kde on Ubuntu if you want and select it at logon01:41
LinuX2halfThere seems to be no repoistry for that.01:41
olskolircGumby, I'm reading that your card is unstable on Ubuntu.  This may pose as a good solution for you though http://askubuntu.com/questions/90077/ndiswrapper-driver-loaded-but-not-being-used01:41
olskolircwhat is your rhythmebox version LinuX2half01:41
Gumbyolskolirc: thats odd.  I've been using it for two years now with 0 issues whatsover01:41
LinuX2halfolskolirc: 2.9601:41
olskolircold solutions are good solutions Gumby01:41
alusionHow do I use htop ntop iftop iotop powertop or any of those tops, and are they that useful to know?01:42
Gumbyolskolirc: the issue is not with the card.  It is a software issue, I believe the config to be corrupt.  I can boot a livecd of 12.04 and the card turns on without any problems01:42
olskolircGumby, what happens if you pull the card out and put it back in01:42
olskolirchardware detection Gumby01:42
Gumbywhat about it?01:43
Gumbythe hardware is detected01:43
Gumbyit is a matter of what state the OS is putting it in by default01:43
forrest__wawowe: I keep trying different audio files but its not able to find them or that it cannot connect to socket.01:43
olskolircndiswrapper or wicd-gtk would get it going again Gumby01:43
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Gumbyolskolirc: if wicd-gtk would get it working then it isnt a hardware issue obviously.01:44
olskolircI'm good for ripping out config files, rebooting and the machine gives me new ones01:44
Gumbyso, yes... this may be a solution... but I'd rather fix the problem01:44
ububashwho can help me with getting beep to work?01:46
ububashany1 here?01:46
LordOfTimeububash:  patience01:47
olskolircwhat's wrong with beep?01:47
LordOfTimeububash:  "beep"?01:47
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ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/01:47
alusiondoes sudo apt-get update    just list the files or updates them as well01:47
wawoweforrest__: paste this in ~/.asoundrc : http://paste.ubuntu.com/1009012/01:47
ScottyKgreat, thanks! installing Ubuntu from within Kubuntu, will it adversy affect the Kubuntu install, or does it not matter?01:47
yeatsalusion: it updates your local package cache01:47
yeatsalusion: it doesn01:48
alusionwhat should I do to install updates01:48
yeatsalusion: sudo apt-get upgrade01:48
alusionoh okay well that is what i mentioned lol01:48
yeatsalusion: huh?01:49
alusionmy cowsay doesn't work01:49
alusionnvm got it01:49
ububashafter reviewing blacklist.conf, I see no reason beep shouldn't work01:50
dinububash: is the volume up? ;)01:51
OerHeksububash, open terminal: alsamixer ( maybe pc speaker is muted)01:51
ububashyeah, alsamixer good, espeak works01:51
alusionWhat are some things I should watch out for when it comes to compiz effects on top of cairo-dock / gnome shell01:52
ububashI suppose I could check aptitude for another beep generator...beep has never failed me before01:53
zivesteris there a case where `sudo rm file` would give a permission denied? (its an nfs mount, but a simple `rm file` works01:54
ActionParsnipzivester: mounted read only maybe01:55
=== xangua1 is now known as xangua
zivesternah, the user im sudo'ing from can remove the file just fine... but i need sudo to have write permissions to the file01:55
ace7Hi, I just finished installing ubuntu, but why I'm not seeing my partition d and e? I thought ubuntu will only install on c only...01:56
meowsosomeone tell me how to chose a kernel in a gui?01:56
dinzivester: if "no_root_squash" isn't enabled on the nfs mount then root won't be able to act on it.01:56
olskolircace7, df -H01:56
ace7put it at terminal?01:57
olskolircdf  -H01:57
=== nathan_ is now known as zorg24
ace7df -H01:57
olskolircwith a space yes in the terminal01:57
olskolirchey when is ChanServ going to give me op01:57
olskolircI never heard of it meowso01:58
graingertWho is responsible for www.ubuntu.com?01:59
olskolircwhy do you want to do that meowso01:59
olskolircCanonical graingert01:59
ubottuCanonical Ltd. is committed to the development, distribution and promotion of open source software products, and to providing tools and support to the open source community. It is the driving force behind the Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Edubuntu Operating Systems. Canonical's website is at http://www.canonical.com/01:59
graingertolskolirc: as in someone I can contract on IRC01:59
olskolircThis would be the place I suppose graingert02:00
zorg24graingert, this is the official Ubuntu irc channel02:00
graingertagreed but what nick should be pinged02:01
olskolircWe never know graingert02:01
zorg24graingert, is their something you need help with?  Or what?02:01
graingertkv: sorry I didn't see that you'll need to reconfigure your client02:01
olskolircit could be zorg24 never know lol02:01
ace7"/dev/sda1       248G  6.5G  230G   3% /02:02
ace7udev            915M  4.1k  915M   1% /dev02:02
graingertzorg24: "what"02:02
ace7tmpfs           369M  971k  368M   1% /run02:02
ace7none            5.3M     0  5.3M   0% /run/lock02:02
ace7none            922M   87k  922M   1% /run/shm02:02
FloodBot1ace7: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:02
ace7/dev/sdc1       4.1G  735M  3.3G  19% /media/PENDRIVE02:02
zorg24lol no I don't work canonical if that's what you're suggesting02:02
trismgraingert: maybe: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website (#ubuntu-website)02:02
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:02
alusionis there a cheatsheet for desktop commands and whatnot?02:03
olskolircwww.linuxcommand.org alusion02:03
zorg24graingert: I was saying why are you asking for someone from canonical?02:03
yuri__Hello. Quick question: My Ubuntu computer is a triple core AMD, but it is starting to slow down. It now takes about 30 seconds to open Dolphin now. Any ideas?02:03
graingertzorg24: yes02:03
=== nibalizer is now known as blindcompression
olskolircclean your cpu fan yuri__ ?02:04
graingertyuri__: clean install02:04
ace7dev/sda1       248G  6.5G  230G   3% /02:04
ace7udev            915M  4.1k  915M   1% /dev02:04
ace7tmpfs           369M  971k  368M   1% /run02:04
ace7none            5.3M     0  5.3M   0% /run/lock02:04
ace7none            922M   87k  922M   1% /run/shm02:04
FloodBot1ace7: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:04
ace7/dev/sdc1       4.1G  735M  3.3G  19% /media/PENDRIVE02:04
zorg24ok then if you tell us why we might be able to help02:04
olskolirc!pastebin | ace702:04
yuri__My only problem with clean install is that I lose a ton of movies. Can't replace 'em either any more. Also, I just did a clean install a month ago.02:04
ubottuace7: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:04
yeats!pastebin | ace702:04
zorg24also alusion I use http://store.xkcd.com/xkcd/#LinuxCheatShirt02:04
=== blindcompression is now known as nibalizer
olskolirctry bleachbit yuri__ its a powerful system cleaner02:05
yuri__Thank you, olskolirc. :)02:05
ace7I can't see D and E partition02:06
LordOfTimeace7:  "D" and "E"?02:06
ace7does this mean all files on D and E are all deleted??02:06
olskolircYou have a usb pendrive and usp nic card and the rest is all ubuntu ace7 lucky you02:07
yeatsace7: linux doesn't use those letter designations like windows does02:07
wilee-nileeace7, try sudo fdisk -lu and pastebin the text02:07
graingertzorg24: I can't say why02:07
BlackshirtAce7, what you mean with d and e partition...linux would not recognize them, it was not linux names,but windows name02:07
wilee-nilee!pastebin | ace702:07
ubottuace7: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:07
olskolircyou betcha ace702:07
olskolircUbuntu won't overwrite your other hard drive space unless you specify that it doesn't do that during the install02:08
yeatsolskolirc: actually there's not a way to see that from what ace7 has posted so far...02:08
zorg24graingert, you might try http://www.canonical.com/about-canonical/contact or http://www.ubuntu.com/contact-us02:09
olskolircace7, bring up partition manager and take a look around02:09
IBMHPGOOGLECan someone please help me when I type sudo dpkg --configure -a it tell me that the file system have read only access how can I do to get both read and write access to the file system I have already root access02:09
BlackshirtYou should remount it read and write02:09
olskolircchmod and chown on that filesystem IBMHPGOOGLE and give it back to you02:10
ace7how to bring up partition manager?02:10
BlackshirtFscking them may be help you02:10
olskolirclook in system settings ace702:11
primefalconace7: boot from a livedisk and scan to fix errors from there02:11
olskolircor utilities ace702:11
BlackshirtIt was look your system has a trouble with filesystem...and system could not mount partition normally02:11
olskolircwell primefalcon , it looks to me like he overwrote the whole drive and gave it ubuntu02:11
primefalconace7: never fsck a mounted partiton02:11
yeatsace7: did you pastebin what wilee-nilee asked you to?02:11
primefalconoverwrote..... that would rule out even testdisk02:12
olskolirche could have different hard drives but he can't see that unless he looks at the partition.  ace7 try fdisk -l02:12
yeatsolskolirc: that's what wilee-nilee asked him to post... :-/02:12
graingertzorg24: thanks I sent an email to them02:13
olskolirche posted02:13
wa5qjhHello the channel!! is there anybody here that can direct me toan expert on wubi installations?  I've been to at least one wubi website without much luck.02:13
zorg24graingert, no problem02:13
olskolirchttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1009020/ this is all he has on his hard drive, ubuntu and two usb plugin02:13
graingertzorg24: let's hope they are awake02:13
BlackshirtWa5gjh, i think maybe better install it on separated partition02:13
yeatsolskolirc: that's not 'fdisk -l' that's 'df -h'02:13
olskolircwa5qjh, dual booting?02:14
yeatsace7: it's 'fdisk -l' not 'fdisk -1'02:14
olskolircyeats sudo fdisk -l and you can read the partition tables02:14
wa5qjhIt would have been preferable at the time. in fact it was actually done but had problems with booting.02:14
yeatsolskolirc: I know02:15
olskolircdf -H is different02:15
yeatsolskolirc: yes, I know that02:15
yeatsolskolirc: you were telling him he had lost all his data based on his previous paste, which was 'df -h' output02:15
olskolirclet me show you how to make a dualboot yeats hold on I have notes02:15
K1rkolskolirc: Did you have a chance to look at my txt file from earlier? it didn't work on Windows 7 client either.02:16
sinistradI installed 12.04 64-bit on a fresh partition. Sound has been working since 9.04. Here is a paste of configs/logs: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=5b73308f5bd30eb10871163137b1da094e5fa6cd02:16
wa5qjhI actually had better luck with that wubi installation than I have with a normal partitioned installation since. oddly enough.02:16
yeatsolskolirc: I think you mean wa5qjh...02:16
ace7it ask my password, but when I type my pasword it didn't appear02:16
sinistradMy sound doesn't work on 12.04...sorry02:16
wa5qjhbut now I'm left with a 20GB  so-called "root.disk" with a lot of stuff in it I can no longer get to.02:16
ace7I can't key in the password in terminal..02:16
wilee-nileeace7, part of the system in the terminal the password does not show02:17
chuuicvhi, i can't get a fresh install of ubuntu on my computer02:17
yeatsace7: it doesn't show on the screen02:17
K1rkchuuicv: What seems to be the trouble?02:17
zorg24ace7, just type it in and hit enter it won't display the password or *****02:17
primefalconace7: your password doesn't show as stars  even... security02:17
chuuicvI have to use 10.04. I've used Unetbootin, and it throws error 2 errors when I try to boot from usb02:17
olskolirchttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1009032/ wa5qjh02:17
olskolircI'm getting you guys mixed up02:17
wilee-nileechuuicv, what is the error in a pastebin02:17
ace7it says "sorry, try again"02:18
K1rkolskolirc: I am the l2tp vpn guy.02:18
olskolircthat's the easiest dual boot you will ever make wa5qjh02:18
olskolircyeah K1rk I couldn't find your solution02:18
yeatsace7: you must be typing the password incorrectly02:18
chuuicvI don't know. I'd have to try and reformat again. Wilee, it throws "Error 2" errors throughout every step of the install process02:18
K1rkolskolirc: Damn. Me either so far.02:18
olskolircits out there02:19
wa5qjhThanks olskolirc and ace7 I'm trying to get that to come up in my browser now. Not easy when max speed is about 20kBps!!02:19
ace7haha why thx me...02:19
wilee-nileechuuicv, did you test the md5sum of the ISO, and did you reformat the usb that may need to be done.02:19
ace7I'm the one asking question also haha02:19
olskolircand that partition editor is beautiful too wa5qjh hold onto it and the note02:19
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows02:19
chuuicvwilee-nilee: Specifically, it asks what language, I choose english, "ERROR 2: Some crap. Do you want to cancel, continue, retry? If you continue it could screw things up. Retrying doesn't work duh. And if you cancel, well, I'll just close the entire installer.""02:20
IBMHPGOOGLEI need to type something more than chmod and  chown but i do not now how to02:20
chuuicvSo i continue and it throws the same error for every single thing it tries to install02:20
ace7olskolirc, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1009035/02:20
L3topxisor: pastebin your /etc/asound.conf and /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf02:20
BlackshirtWa5qjh, wubi relies on windows filesystem...if your windows getting corrupted, (it's verry common happen to windows os), maybe you will lost your linux installed through wubi02:20
wilee-nileechuuicv, did you test the md5sum of the ISO, and did you reformat the usb that may need to be done.02:20
olskolircace7, did you look at your hard drives through partition manager or fdisk -l ?02:20
chuuicvwilee-nilee: Would UNetbootin give me an invalid checksum?02:21
yeatsace7: those last two listed are windows partitions, so looks like you're probably okay02:21
thomasops: there is a channel flooder in #ubuntu-br if any of you could take care of it02:21
chuuicvWhere is the desktop folder on Ubuntu?02:21
thomas!ops: there is a channel flooder in #ubuntu-br if any of you could take care of it02:21
chuuicvCan't find it in file system02:21
LordOfTimechuuicv:  /home/[user]/Desktop02:21
wilee-nileechuuicv, I'm not sure about checking a thumb check the link the bot gives.02:21
LordOfTimewhere  [user] is your username02:21
ace7can't find partition manager in system setting and when I type fdisk -l in terminal nothing happen02:22
wilee-nileechuuicv, I have feeling you are not sure what a check sum is not sure realy.,02:22
yeatsace7: what are you trying to do now?02:22
olskolircyou have to type sudo first ace7 then fdisk -l let me see if I can find your manager02:22
olskolircI'm smart nuff to be on kubuntu :-P02:23
ace7I want to access my partition d and e02:23
chuuicvwilee-nilee: Lemme checksum it, although I'm 99% sure it's fine02:23
IBMHPGOOGLEI need to type something more than chmod and chown but I do not now how to02:23
LordOfTimeIBMHPGOOGLE:  what're you trying to do?02:23
o67pchey people02:23
o67pccan you help me02:23
yeatsace7: open nautilus (the file manager)... you should see the other partitions in the side panel02:23
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:23
vajrapani666I realize you can install a specific version of something using apt-get install firefox=3.5.2 ...  How can you get a list of all versions that could be installed? Everytime i try anything I get E: Version '3.6.3' for 'firefox' was not found (with 3.6.3 being whatever i had after the =) ?02:24
olskolircace7, try typing sudo partitionmanager02:24
wilee-nileechuuicv, something is up unetbootin is fairly reliable would you like another usb loader to try? Ubuntu has one itself if you are using a ubuntu OS to load the thumb.02:24
K1rkace7 what are you trying to do? Mount other partitions on your drive?02:24
o67pci solving an chancellenge, seisetepc.xpg.com/solve.mp3, i don't good in english what is the answer?02:24
K1rkI drifted into this chat a bit ago ace7 but I'd be happy to lend a hand if you'll fill me in.02:24
olskolirche's trying to find where his other partitions or hard drives went after the ubuntu install K1rk02:25
chuuicvwilee-nilee: The usb-creator? I tried it too with different, yet still failing results.02:25
K1rko67pc: This is a Ubuntu support channel.02:25
olskolircace7, are we looking for partitions or hard drives?02:25
yeatsolskolirc: K1rk: and he has found them, but I'm not sure he understands that02:25
o67pcK1rk, sorry man, but i don't have help in other channels...02:25
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.02:25
chuuicvwilee-nilee: I already have Ubuntu 10.04 on here, I'm just trying to reformat with a fresh copy of it. What steps would you take exactly?02:25
yeatsolskolirc: he pasted fdisk output above, which showed two windows partitions02:26
wa5qjhBlackshirt,  no windows system is ok. I tried to use EasyBCD2???  to enable the regular Ubuntu partition( the one I'm on now) I actually created before I tried wubi and basdically hosed up wubi so it will no longer boot the wubi disk.02:26
chuuicvwilee-nilee: Btw, checksum was fine02:26
K1rkyeats, olskolirc, ace7, Uhm, have you looked on the Places menu?  There will be stuff in there usually like "250GB Volume" "500GB Volume".02:26
xisorwow live-usb sure boots fast from an SSD XD02:26
chuuicvwilee-nilee: brb, trying again02:27
yeatsK1rk: yeah - that's what I just suggested to ace702:27
IBMHPGOOGLEWhen I type sudo dpkg --configure -a it tell me that the file system have only read access how can I get both read and write access to the file system i already have root access02:27
K1rkyeats: k02:27
K1rkIBMHPGOOGLE: Uh oh.02:27
K1rkIBMHPGOOGLE: Can you do anything at all on the filesystem?  Try making a folder.02:27
olskolircI don't remember ubuntu gui K1rk I'm on kubuntu02:27
olskolircsome things are the same02:27
K1rkolskolirc: yeah I'm with ya, I'm switching over to xfce on my new stuff. Thank you Unity.02:28
BlackshirtIbmhpgoogle, boot with live cd, and fsck your disk,something trouble with your filesystem02:28
manadysdonvito3: /join #autohotket02:28
K1rkIBMHPGOOGLE: Sometimes when bad things happen to your filesystem, it will remount itself read-only to prevent further damage.02:29
xisoris the unity UI bad or something/02:29
* manadys is awesome at this IRC thing02:29
yeatsxisor: it's all a matter of opinion02:29
K1rkxisor: I'm not a fan.  I hesitate to use the word "Bad" when describing software. But it isn't for me.02:29
IBMHPGOOGLEI do not now how I am only a simple user not a text based02:29
K1rkxisor: It feels a bit too much like a tablet OS for my liking.02:29
dj_segfaultxisor: That depends on who your ask.  I refuse to use it myself.02:29
BlackshirtXisor, i think was not bad,just not familiar02:29
olskolircirc rocks hard manadys02:29
xisorhow hard is it to install kde and use it if i dont like it etiher? my 12.04 install is finishing up right now so im in firefox killing time02:29
reisioxisor: GNOME 3 was a fairly drastic change from version 2 is all02:29
reisioxisor: people were expecting more of the same02:30
reisioinstead they get to have their favorite DE as they knew it discontinued02:30
xisordoes kde play nicer with ati than unity? someone told me unity and ati = bad02:30
olskolircsudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop xisor02:30
olskolircon the command line xisor02:30
reisioxisor: should be the same02:30
IBMHPGOOGLEI am using my android phone it is really annoying02:30
dj_segfaultxisor:  Just install kubuntu instead02:30
yeats!purekde | xisor02:30
ubottuxisor: If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde »02:30
olskolircI suggest everyone install kubuntu, xfce or lxde and close this channel how bout that :-)02:30
ace7k1rk, yup I'm trying to mount my partition D and E, before this I use windows with 3 partition,C,D and E.. When I boot ubuntu on flash drive I still can mount D and E, after finish installing ubuntu, I can't see partition D and E anymore..btw in windows my hard disk is 250GB with three partition, C:40+GB, D:100GB and E:100GB02:31
xisoryeats: is there any advantage to doing that?02:31
wa5qjholskolirc  You must like that kde! So do I and am in the process of trying to download the 12.04  iso now.02:31
xisoryeats: does having the gnome stuff installed too hurt anything?02:31
yeatsxisor: only if you want a kde system02:31
yeatsxisor: nah02:31
K1rkxisor: nah just takes up space02:31
reisioIBMHPGOOGLE: stop using it? :p02:31
olskolircmore than likely wa5qjh you will be disappointed with 12.04 ive never seen a more sad release02:31
xisor250 gig hard drive here, highly doubt ill even use 10% of it02:31
xisorconsidering putting my 64 gig SSD in here instead and using the 250 externally02:32
K1rkIBMHPGOOGLE: On the filesystem having this problem type something like "mkdir test" - does that work or throw a Read Only error?02:32
yeatsolskolirc: not helpful02:32
olskolircI'm preping him for a headache YeahRight_02:32
K1rkolskolirc: I disagree. 11.04 was a much sadder release.02:32
olskolircyeats oops02:32
dj_segfaultolskolirc: What don't you like about 12.04?02:32
yeatsolskolirc: try to keep your opinions out of it02:33
K1rkdj_segfault: He's bashing on Unity, lol02:33
BlackshirtXisor, ssd has limit write..02:33
chuldafwilee-nilee: back. Now it says "Non bootable disk blah blah. Insert bootable floppy usb"02:33
IBMHPGOOGLEFsck does not fix it even with fsck -f -c   what can I do now02:33
K1rkIBMHPGOOGLE: Might just be a bad hard drive?02:33
olskolircdj_segfault, I installed it 3 times with 3 different medias and the desktop would never load all the way.  cpu hog02:33
olskolircI'm on natty i never had probs with natty02:33
xisoris it bad to use an SSD for linux?02:34
BlackshirtIbmhpgoogle, are you sure fsck from livecd?02:34
wilee-nileechuldaf, to be honest the blah blah is rather irritating I think someone else is going to a better helper here02:34
K1rkolskolirc: I do admit I am running Precise on my new server. It's a very nice release and I have no complatins about it except the Unity packaged with it in Desktop Edition.02:34
yeatsxisor: nope - I'm using one now02:34
erictolskolirc: did you try doing any alternate iso's? or the minimalist remix?02:34
deusrsomeone help!!! - http://pastebin.com/4SJu6Aih02:34
ace7k1rk, where I can find the places menu?02:34
xisor64 gigs gonna be big enough? its not gonna have any music or videos on it02:34
K1rkace7 oh shit are you on Unity? There isn't exactly a Places menu on unity.02:34
xangua!language | K1rk02:35
ubottuK1rk: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:35
IBMHPGOOGLEMkdir test does not work it is still only read access02:35
olskolircno errict my first install was an upgrade from 11.10 on the command line02:35
chuldafI'm trying to put a clean install of Ubuntu 10.04 on my computer, but it keeps failing. Can anyone guide me through how they would do it with a usb drive?02:35
ace7I 'm extremly new to ubuntu..02:35
olskolircshould have matched the first time02:35
K1rkIT people don't use nice language.02:35
chuldafI've done it before with a CD, but never with USB02:35
BlackshirtXisor, there are some guide about ssd disk, look at suite filesystem, tweaking for some filesystem02:35
erictah I read about some people having trouble doing upgrade, better to go from a usb02:36
vajrapani666I realize you can install a specific version of something using apt-get install firefox=3.5.2 ...  How can you get a list of all versions that could be installed? Everytime i try anything I get E: Version '3.6.3' for 'firefox' was not found (with 3.6.3 being whatever i had after the =) ?02:36
LordOfTimeK1rk:  we have a policy in this channel about foul language, please follow it.02:36
K1rkdeusr: Looking at your paste.02:36
xanguaace7: clic on the ubuntu icon or hit your Windows key to show the dash, all files, apps, etc. are there02:36
dj_segfaultIBMHPGOOGLE: Maybe even though you booted off LiveCD it mounted your hard drive anyway?02:36
reisioace7: mountable drives should show up on the left in the file manager I would think02:36
reisioace7: but for those Windows ones you may well want to add them explicitly to /etc/fstab02:36
xanguaace7: you can keep que Windows/Super button pressed to show you how to use it02:36
OccupyDemonoidHello, I just bought a 32GB flash drive. Is there a way to have Windows PE on it and install Ubuntu on it at the same time?02:37
reisioOccupyDemonoid: yup02:37
deusrK1rk, ??02:37
IBMHPGOOGLEWhat do you mean02:37
OccupyDemonoidreisio, May I ask how please? :)02:37
xangua!caps | chuldaf02:37
ubottuchuldaf: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.02:37
reisioOccupyDemonoid: I doubt there are any special steps02:37
xisordoes there exist ATI drivers prior to the latest version that i can install still?02:37
sinistradI installed 12.04 64-bit on a fresh partition, and my sound stopped working. Sound has been working since 9.04. Here is a paste of configs/logs: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=5b73308f5bd30eb10871163137b1da094e5fa6cd02:37
xisorthe newest driver phased support out for my card02:37
xisorso cant use it02:37
K1rk!language | chuldaf02:38
ubottuchuldaf: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:38
chuldafcan anyone guide me through putting a fresh 10.04 install on this gosh golly laptop with a usb stick?02:38
olskolircwhy are we talking about occupy reisio?  I miss Sabu :-(02:38
reisioOccupyDemonoid: if GRUB doesn't detect it as an OS, you'd just add a listing manually in grub.cfg02:38
BlackshirtIbmhpgoogle, remount it read write, but do it with your risk02:38
OccupyDemonoidreisio, but with the windows pe, there isn't really an installation process.02:38
yobsoggothHello - I have a video problem.  I have a radeon 4200 series video card, and am using the proprietary driver to increase video performance.  My system, however, doesnt take that into consideration and one of the updates I applied today has caused my system to not load except into a command shell.  I am currently looking over /var/log/apt/history.log and can probably find the previous version of whichever the offending update(s) in02:38
reisioolskolirc: huh?02:38
bazhangchuldaf, get unetbootin02:38
olskolircoccupy demonoid02:38
xisorchuldaf do you want to use the usb stick only to install to the laptop hard drive?02:38
OccupyDemonoidreisio, would that be hard to do?02:38
K1rkyobsoggoth: In a situation like that you likely have a driver conflict.02:38
bazhangolskolirc, lets stay on topic02:38
yobsoggothThis is not the first time this has happened, and I understand the complication of using a proprietary driver02:38
chuldafxisor: yes02:39
reisioOccupyDemonoid: nope02:39
K1rkyobsoggoth: Typically that solution involves blacklisting drivers you're not wanting to use. I don't have any ATI hardware in production...02:39
reisioOccupyDemonoid: http://www.google.com/search?q=%22windows%20pe%22%20%22grub%2202:39
chuldafbazhang: I tried unetbootin and it failed with "error 2" errors on every step of the install02:39
xisorchuldaf: someone just helped me with a usb install, i forgot the command to give the bot02:39
ace7reisio, the mountable drive that I want is no longer there..., before installing ubunto, I boot on pendrive and I still can see and mount my partition D and E on sidebar02:39
OccupyDemonoidreisio, alright thank you.02:39
OccupyDemonoidolskolirc, yes?02:39
olskolircohhhh OccupyDemonoid ok02:39
yobsoggothi see02:39
bazhangchuldaf, then you need to md5 the iso02:39
chuldafbazhang: I did02:40
olskolircnothing OccupyDemonoid I thought he was talking about some anon stuff I missed but I can't speak on it02:40
xisorhas step by step instructions02:40
chuldafIt's fin02:40
yobsoggothSo is it possible to get my system to load without having to reinstall 12.04 again?02:40
xisorthey gave them to me and it works fine02:40
K1rkyobsoggoth: Try lsmod | grep ati, let me know what the output of that is.02:40
xisorinstructions for windows, mac, and ubuntu users on how to set it up02:40
alFReD-NSHI just made a clean install. Anyone know why I'm having apache running?02:40
xisorwas super easy!02:40
reisioace7: pastebin the output of sudo fdisk -l, and sudo blkid02:40
reisioalFReD-NSH: 'cause you used the server edition?02:40
chuldafDoes anyone know of the instructions xisor is talkin about for usb installing a fresh copy of ubuntu?02:40
Brustofski-FanCan i un do the update of a ppa repo?02:40
yobsoggothpata_apiixp   13204  002:40
xisorchuldaf: i just linked you them02:40
xisorchuldaf: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick02:40
yobsoggother atiixp02:41
deusrsomeone help!!! - http://pastebin.com/4SJu6Aih02:41
deusrsomeone help!!! - http://pastebin.com/4SJu6Aih02:41
deusrsomeone help!!! - http://pastebin.com/4SJu6Aih02:41
chuldafxisor: ty :)02:41
FloodBot1deusr: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:41
xisorchuldaf: they have full instructions there, works from 10.04 or newer02:41
xisorchuldaf: so just follow those :D02:41
bazhangBrustofski-Fan, use ppa-purge02:41
alFReD-NSHreisio: No I'm having desktop. Even for server you have to do something like `tasksell lamp`02:41
bazhang!ppa-purge | Brustofski-Fan02:41
ubottuBrustofski-Fan: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html02:41
xisorchuldaf: i just did them for 12.04 and it worked perfectly, im about to reboot into it and ill be back for help with my video drivers! brb02:41
yobsoggothSometimes I do not feel smart enough to be using linux.02:41
K1rkyobsoggoth: Can you give me the output of lsmod | grep ati?02:41
K1rkyobsoggoth: Be happy to help ya out.02:42
BlackshirtAlfred-nsh, just install apache202:42
bazhangchuldaf, then you will need to try to 'burn ' it again02:42
chuldafxisor: ty02:42
ace7reisio, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1009049/02:42
chuldafbazhang: what do you mean burn it? I downloaded the iso, I think usb-creator will prep the usb stick right?02:42
jgalttrying to get ndis wrapper installed and my wifi card working on 12.04 seems ndiswrapper is not found when I try 'modprobe ndiswrapper'02:42
yobsoggothKirk: pata_atiixp  13204  002:42
alFReD-NSHBlackshirt: well I already am having it. Just asking why is it there in default02:42
K1rkyobsoggoth: That's the only line? Hmm, maybe it's not a driver conflict, it looks like you only have one driver loaded.02:43
bazhangchuldaf, which is why I put 'burn' in quotes. try the unetbootin again02:43
K1rkyobsoggoth: Typically in a driver conflict situation you'll have 2-4 lines of output.02:43
yobsoggothyeah, I think it is an update from earlier today.  I see there are some xserver-xord-core:amd64 and related updates that might have dorked my video02:43
K1rkyobsoggoth: Did you do any kernel updates?02:43
K1rkyobsoggoth: When I do kernel updates I have to recompile my nvidia driver.02:44
K1rkyobsoggoth: If you did kernel updates, booting into the old kernel will "fix" it.  Or reinstall the proprietary driver.02:44
Brustofski-Fanbazhang, and that will remove those packages and put back the ubuntu packages?02:44
wa5qjhAhhh, I'm more3 or less back but for how long I dont know.02:44
reisioace7: how many hard disks do you have?02:44
jgalthow can I get ndis wrapper running in the kernel?02:45
yobsoggothkirk> would linux-image-3.2.0-24-generic:amd64 be a kernel update?02:45
chuldafbazhang: usb-creator looks promising this time. lemme give it a shot. prolly brb02:45
K1rkyobsoggoth: Yeah probably.02:45
K1rkyobsoggoth: Do you still have whatever binary file you ran to install the ATI driver? Running that again should compile the kernel modules for the new kernel.02:45
wa5qjhI am actually in the jungles of the Philippines on an island called Samar  and a town called Tarangnan, Using  a USB broadband modem from Smart.com.ph02:45
ace7only 1, 250GB.. on windows I hve 3 partition, C,D and E.. right now I want to access D and E02:46
xisori am back02:46
ace7there are lots of files in there02:46
yobsoggothYes I still have it02:46
xisoroh hey it detected my amd drivers automatically and said "do you want to install restricted drivers?" thats really awesome02:46
K1rkyobsoggoth: Try running it like you're doing a fresh install.  9/10 odds that'll fix it.02:46
xisori thought it was gonna be hard like it used to be way back when :O02:46
K1rkxisor: Yeah Ubuntu's driver support has far surpassed even Microsoft's. :P02:46
yobsoggothkirk> ok trying it now, will see if it works02:47
xisorgot one very important question tho..... why doesnt my right speaker work on my laptop built in speaker?02:47
xisorleft works fine... right doesnt02:47
xisorany way to fix?02:47
K1rkxisor: This is a stupid question but: Have you checked the balance in the audio mixer? lol02:47
xisorK1rk: yes lol02:47
K1rkI can't say I've ever heard that one before.02:48
xisorK1rk: i was using audio mixer to test them, right makes no sound left is fine, balance is set properly02:48
wa5qjhHow many of you will be here 24 hours from now? Sunday is always bad here, and I have a shopping list of odd problems to discuss.??02:48
K1rkxisor: What's your sound card?02:48
xisorK1rk:  its a realtek HD, specific model not sure02:49
K1rkxisor: lspci | grep Audio02:49
xisorK1rk: i do that in a terminal right?02:49
K1rkxisor: Yeah02:49
olskolircI'm about to load a whole lotta xchat plugin scripts02:49
xisorhow do i get one up with this new ui?02:49
trismjgalt: install ndiswrapper-dkms, the ndiswrapper kernel module is not built by default in the kernel in 12.0402:49
xisornever seen anythin like this before lol02:49
K1rkxisor this is Unity? Go to the launcher and start typing "Terminal" (upper left corner is launcher)02:49
reisioalt+f2, same as ever02:50
reisioor ctrl+alt+t, same as ever02:50
xisordo i need to use pastebin to paste 2 lines?02:50
K1rkreisio: Oh cool, never knew ctrl+alt+t02:50
K1rkxisor: Nah I wouldn't worry about it.02:50
xisor00:14.2 Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA) (rev 40) 01:05.1 Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RS880 HDMI Audio [Radeon HD 4200 Series]02:50
olskolircput it all on one line xisor02:50
reisio>3 is tradition02:51
xisorHDMI is one, Analog is the other02:51
tshauckhi, I'm interested in playing around with cloudera's hadoop VM for KVM… any thoughts on what I might need to install it? link: https://ccp.cloudera.com/display/SUPPORT/Cloudera's+Hadoop+Demo+VM02:51
xisorazalia being the analog, built in + audio jacks02:51
yuri__olskolirc, thanks for the idea about bleachbit. Trying it right now. It appears to be similar to ccleaner for Win. Running free space wipe and then running the rest of the scanners. Hopefully it will start working better later tonight. :)02:52
K1rkxisor: Hmm, doing a little bit of Googling but I don't see much so far.02:52
xisorK1rk: oh... so no way to fix?02:53
yobsoggothkirk> reinstalled and rebooted - will now need to re-fix my dual monitors, but it came up all the way into my xwindows this time02:53
K1rkxisor: Well with the more detailed info about the hardware which you provided, myself and others in the channel are more able to help.02:53
K1rkSo far I don't see much...02:53
xisorK1rk: i need to restart for amd driver activation, i will be right back02:53
* yobsoggoth bows before K1rk02:53
K1rkyobsoggoth: lol, no problem dude.02:53
K1rkyobsoggoth: Been there a few too many times with my nVidia stuff.02:54
alusionhow do I start compiz?02:54
K1rkyobsoggoth: I got lazy and kept using Grub to boot into old kernels for like weeks at a time, because I couldn't find 2 minutes to rerun the binary. haha.02:54
foxmulder881K1rk, i'm also guily of that.02:55
K1rkfoxmulder881: rofl02:55
sinistradIf anyone is interested, this worked for me: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/93320902:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933209 in dbus (Ubuntu) "No sound after startup (audio device shown as Dummy Output)" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:55
yobsoggothk1rk> lol Yes, last time I just backed up and upgraded to 12.04 as my "fix"02:55
K1rkyobsoggoth: Ahh well now you know what to do.02:56
K1rkYou know, I'm really starting to like irssi.02:56
yobsoggothk1rk> yes, uninstall the update manager :)02:56
K1rkyobsoggoth: lmao nah. Just don't blindly do updates.02:57
AlbireoX`LaptopK1rk: Try Konversation :)02:57
K1rkAlbireoX`Laptop: I used to use Konversation a lot but it wasn't very responsive over NX.02:57
yobsoggothnods, thanks again dude02:57
K1rkyobsoggoth: np02:57
xisorK1rk: i am back02:57
xisorK1rk: which brings me to another question, how to tell if my amd driver is working?02:57
K1rkAlbireoX`Laptop: I actually really like it, it's just that it wasn't performing that well.02:57
AlbireoX`LaptopWorks well for me :/02:58
K1rkxisor: Best way to see drivers loaded is "lsmod".  If you do "lsmod | grep audio" you should have a pretty good idea what's loaded.02:58
foxmulder881i never liked irssi.02:58
xisorno i meant my video driver :P02:58
K1rkAlbireoX`Laptop: I'm sure it works fine on normal desktops, but I usually do IRC on my remote server with NX remote desktop.02:58
AlbireoX`LaptopI see02:58
K1rkI just hop on irssi when I'm lazy but recently I've started getting hooked.02:58
AlbireoX`Laptopoh, remote desktop, ok.02:59
* AlbireoX`Laptop didn't know what NX was02:59
K1rkAlbireoX`Laptop: Yeah NX is pretty much like real-time, but there are some apps it just doesn't like. Skype is always a little laggy too. I don't really know why.02:59
K1rkI think it may have to do with additional libraries the app uses or something.02:59
K1rkKonversation needs to install a lot of libraries when I install it on Gnome or XFCE02:59
xisor1900fps in glxgears = my video acceleration is working?03:00
K1rkAlbireoX`Laptop: Look at the PPA for freenx-team.  Freenx is a great remote desktop server for Linux.  NX uses very little bandwidth and performs nearly realtime.03:00
K1rkAlbireoX`Laptop: Which is sweet becuase I have a Linux server in a datacenter, so this is the gateway to my 100Mbit computer.03:00
xisorok so back to the issue at hand.... any way to fix my right speaker?03:01
K1rkOh, right, the speaker.03:01
K1rkThat's really strange dude. Usually that isn't software....03:01
xisorworks in windows, beyond that i have no idea03:01
K1rkxisor: For kicks try plugging in headphones. I'm curious if the right channel is out on those too.03:01
xisorim pretty much a noob at linux03:01
xisordont have any headphones K1rk03:02
K1rkOr speakers....03:02
xisordont have03:02
K1rkxisor: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1694113  <- Maybe you're not crazy03:03
harushimoquestion for the group03:04
ActionParsnipxisor: probably, install tuxracer and test :)03:04
K1rk!ask | harushimo03:04
ubottuharushimo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:04
harushimoI have a unallocated 1tb hard disk. I want to turn into virtual machine03:04
K1rkharushimo: "Turn into a virtual machine"? please elaborate...03:05
xisorK1rk: so its not just me03:05
K1rkxisor: Evidently not. You might try the stuff suggested in the last reply on that thread. Looks...promising.03:05
harushimowhat is the best way to allocate the 1tb hard disk? what is a good program to setup the partition?03:05
K1rkharushimo: Personally I like gparted. (apt-get install gparted)03:05
xisorActionParsnip: tuxracer isnt found when i try sudo apt-get install03:05
harushimoI have gparted03:05
ActionParsnipharushimo: gparted, but virtual machines by default will be stored in your home folder/03:05
K1rkharushimo: Gparted is pretty straightforward. You'll want to make an ext4 or ext3 partition.03:06
ActionParsnip!find tuxracer03:06
ubottuFound: extremetuxracer, extremetuxracer-data, extremetuxracer-dbg, extremetuxracer-extras, extremetuxracer-gimp-dev03:06
sgalvezgparted can do the work03:06
harushimoalright I will do that03:06
ActionParsnipxisor: extremetuxracer03:06
harushimowhat directory should I mount that too?03:06
reisioxisor: apt-cache search race03:06
xisorActionParsnip: ty03:06
ActionParsnipharushimo: virtualbox can read ISOs as they stand, no need tomount them03:06
reisioharushimo: /mnt/zomg1000jiggabits03:06
xisorK1rk:  is it safe to go messing with things like that? im pretty new03:06
K1rkxisor: Define "safe". If you screw something up just wipe and reinstall, lol.03:07
harushimooh really?03:07
xisorK1rk: what do i use to edit the file its telling me?03:07
harushimoI want to mess around with cloud software. That is why I'm setting up a virtual machine03:08
K1rkxisor: nano, vi, emacs - whatever floats your boat. I'm a nano guy.03:08
K1rksudo nano /path/to/file.conf03:08
ActionParsnipharushimo: yes03:08
marloshousewhen I sudo sh into a root session (or any other user session for that matter) my "up-arrow" (recall last command) stops working.  how do I fix that?03:08
K1rkxisor: In nano, CTRL+W will let you do a search in the file. So CTRL+W and then type "options snd-hda" and hit enter and it'll take you right to that line.03:08
K1rkxisor: Then CTRL+X to exit, Y to save the file. Enter.03:09
ActionParsnipharushimo: you could make a patition and store the files there but symlink them back to your home folder03:09
harushimothat is a good idea03:09
harushimolet me first partition the drive03:09
harushimogparted is loading up right now03:09
xisorK1rk:  that line doesnt even exist in my conf file03:10
K1rkxisor: Interesting. I thought your lspci said it was Intel HD Audio.03:10
K1rkxisor: I'm a bit new to this too. Usually my ALSA stuff has "just worked".03:11
K1rkxisor: So I'm a little fuzzy on the specifics, I'm looking at my alsa-base.conf now03:11
guest65536ActionParsnip thanks for your help a few hours ago, I got my refresh rate issue sorted out by editing the xorg.conf file. Running at 60hz now.03:11
K1rkxisor: I do not have that line in my conf either and I'm pretty sure I have Intel audio too.03:12
ActionParsnipguest65536: nice :)03:12
xisorActionParsnip: if i get 51 - 57fps in tuxracer does that mean my acceleration is working?03:13
xisorK1rk: so what do i do?03:13
K1rkxisor: I'm slightly discouraged to see so many threads about similar problems on the Ubuntu Forums with no responses.... still looking, haven't given up on you yet.03:13
ActionParsnipxisor: yes thats great :D03:14
xisorActionParsnip: woot! i thought it was gonna be hard, apparently it used to be really hard to get ati cards working lol03:14
ActionParsnipguest65536: sounds like you monitor isn't reporting correctly like ood screens do. I suggest you backup the xorg.conf file you have so you can simply copy it back on a new install in the future and be where you are now03:14
ActionParsnipxisor: some can, I always buy nvidia03:15
K1rkxisor: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=10775892&postcount=503:15
K1rkxisor: Try that. Maybe running the latest kernel modules will help.03:15
K1rkxisor: If you can't run "apt-add-repository" because it does not exist, run (apt-get install python-software-properties) to install apt-add-repository.03:16
xisorK1rk:  should i do these 151 updates ubuntu says it has for me first?03:16
xisorK1rk: or no?>03:16
guest65536ActionParsnip thanks. I made a backup before and after the change. Adding 'Option "DynamicTwinView" "false"' fixed it.03:16
K1rkxisor: Dunno if that will matter or not.03:16
K1rkxisor: I mean it won't hurt to do it or not to do it, just maybe one of them is the fix you need. :P03:17
K1rkxisor: Sorry to just poke in the dark like this but this is how weird problems like this have to be solved. I work in IT professionally and this is how we have to solve most of our problems, it's just the user doesn't typically see it. :P03:17
xisorK1rk: whats the command line for updating all the packages? the icon that was there befor emy reboot about having updates isnt there anymorer03:18
xisorK1rk: anymore*03:18
vajrapani666I realize you can install a specific version of something using apt-get install firefox=3.5.2 ...  How can you get a list of all versions that could be installed? Everytime i try anything I get E: Version '3.6.3' for 'firefox' was not found (with 3.6.3 being whatever i had after the =) ?03:18
K1rkxisor: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y03:18
K1rkThat'll install ALL updates.03:19
xisorK1rk: and none of that will break my pc?03:19
K1rkxisor: Nah03:19
harushimoi got gparted loaded03:19
reisioharushimo: don't brag03:19
K1rkharushimo: It took that long to open Gparted?03:19
K1rkYou may have...erm, other issues.03:19
reisioK1rk: load03:19
harushimoit was running for a while03:19
reisioshould've been tired and easy to catch, then03:20
harushimofor some odd gparted, its take awhile03:20
harushimoit was scanning the devices03:20
reisioif you have a lot of disks they might've had to spin up03:20
harushimoI have two hard drives03:20
K1rkThat explains it. Should've unplugged your 26 flash drives first harushimo .03:20
xisorK1rk: 3 mins to fetch the updates, after that ill try that link you gave me and see if it fixes it ok?03:20
harushimoit wasn't03:20
harushimoI've noticed that with gparted03:20
manadysK1rk: and that's what's awesome about Linux03:20
K1rkxisor: The command I sent you has 3 different download processes. It may be a bit longer than 3 mins. That may just be this phase.03:21
manadysno limit to the number of independent drives03:21
harushimoit can take up 10 mins sometime for gparted to load03:21
harushimoI still don't understand why03:21
K1rkmanadys: No one thing is awesome about Linux. Linux is just awesome all around.03:21
manadyswindows would die with about 24 partitions03:21
xisorK1rk: its on phase 2 already, the first one took like 8 seconds :P03:21
manadysK1rk: touche03:21
K1rkxisor: The 1st one just refreshes your package lists.03:21
K1rkxisor: 2nd downloads updates03:21
K1rkxisor: 3rd hits out any kernel upgrades needed.03:21
xisorK1rk: the only non awesome thing about linux is nobody makes games for linux :( have to have windows pretty much03:21
K1rkxisor: I sort of still do the same. Halo runs in WINE but not very well.03:22
harushimoIs it better to do two partitions or one for virtual machine03:22
K1rkxisor: Oddly enough Halo dedicated servers run great in WINE. I have a Linux datacenter hosted server that runs Halo CE dedicated servers smashingly.03:22
harushimoI was going to use the whole hard drive03:22
xisorK1rk: try running a game made this year in wine, it probably wont and definately wont run well03:22
harushimoas a virtual machine03:22
K1rkharushimo: Just do 1 partition, no benefit to 2. lol03:23
xisorK1rk:  thats ok tho, my windows machine is a gaming pc, and way too much hardware power for linux, have linux on this laptop :D03:23
harushimouse ext 4 right03:23
K1rkharushimo: When you do your VM you can partition the VM however you want still.03:23
K1rkyeah ext4 is good03:23
manadysxisor: isn't that an oxymoron?03:23
xisormanadys: what?03:23
manadystoo much hardware power for linux...03:23
harushimothere is label option in gparted03:23
K1rkxisor: I did the same for a long time. But my desktop is now 4 years old and I've made my gaming desktop Linux now. My laptop is dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu, and since it has 2GB nVidia graphics I can play recent games on that.03:23
harushimojust fill that with a random name?03:23
Harriscan i download and run xchat on a cd03:24
K1rkharushimo: Or do the more sensible, and leave it blank. :P03:24
manadystell that to the movie studios and space agencies using linux...03:24
xisormanadys: lol, unless im compiling something, i dont need a 6 core sandy bridge with 64 gigs of ram on linux :P and im not a programmer XD03:24
K1rkHarris: Do you mean a Live CD?03:24
harushimoi was going to do03:24
HarrisK1rk, no a normal cd03:24
K1rkHarris: I don't quite follow what you want to do. You're looking for like a portable apps version of xchat?03:24
HarrisK1rk,  my work does not let me install things03:25
K1rkHarris: Your work is using Ubuntu? I'm impressed.03:25
harushimoits done03:25
harushimothe partition is now created03:25
Harrisno windows xp K1rk03:25
K1rkHarris: Oh then what are you doing here in #ubuntu? lol03:25
Harrisisnt it available for windows03:26
K1rkHarris: www.silverex.org03:26
HarrisK1rk,  how do i put it on a disk to run03:26
xisorK1rk: does netflix work in linux? it requires silverlight to work in windows03:26
reisioxisor: not so far03:26
K1rkxisor: I don't think so. Although there is a Silverlight "replacement" called Moonlight that will work for web apps.03:26
xisorreisio: oh...03:26
reisiothey claim to be working on a Linux client03:26
reisiobut they've done that before, and reneged03:26
xisorhow am i supposed to watch my netflix then?03:26
manadysok, non-technical piece of advice...03:26
reisioxisor: hulu plus03:26
manadyswhen dealing with stinging insects...03:27
xisorreisio: hulu isnt netflix, nor does it have the same content :P03:27
HarrisActionParsnip,  do you have compiz03:27
manadysmake sure you *kill* them with the first swat...03:27
reisioxisor: the reverse is also true, and? =P03:27
reisiomanadys: why swat at all03:27
K1rkHarris: Depending on how your work is restricting you, you might not be able to run Xchat off a CD. (I am IT.)03:27
xisorand i want to be able to watch my netflix on my laptop stll03:27
harushimohulu works great on linux03:27
K1rkHarris: at my work we restrict the EXEs you can run on your computer.03:27
reisioxisor: you'll want to keep Windows for that03:27
harushimoI haven't try hulu plus03:27
manadysreisio: because the vacuum was inside...03:27
xisordont have windows on here anymore reisio03:27
HarrisK1rk,  do you have compiz03:27
K1rkHarris: However renaming xchat.exe to something like "winword.exe" would probably enable you to run it despite our restrictions. Bahahaha03:27
reisiomanadys: why vacuum03:28
reisioxisor: no netflix for you, then03:28
K1rkHarris: www.portableapps.com - it looks like they might be working on an xchat, I see a download link there for Xchat Portable 2.8.603:28
manadysto get rid of the bug...03:28
xisorreisio: when did they say a linux client would be out?03:28
K1rkHarris: www.portableapps.com is a site you might find useful in general for bypassing your IT's installation restrictions.03:28
reisioxisor: "soon" :p03:28
xisorreisio: so mac users cant watch netflix either? only windows?03:28
HarrisK1rk,  do you have compiz03:28
reisioxisor: Mac OS has silverlight, IIRC03:28
xisorreisio: oh03:29
K1rkHarris: http://portableapps.com/node/1597103:29
reisioxisor: got a mobile phone?03:29
K1rkHarris, I can't use Compiz on my desktop PC because it's incompatible with Xinerama. But I do have Compiz on my laptop.03:29
xisorreisio: yes, but i dont want to watch netflix on a 5 inch screen03:29
HarrisK1rk,  on compiz all of the boxes next to the setting is grey and uncheckable03:29
K1rkHarris: Whaaa? Next to what setting? I'm confused I thought you were on Windows, lol03:30
xisorreisio: ill just use my gaming pc i guess03:30
Harrisnot anymore03:30
xisorK1rk: ok updates are all done, firefox says it wants to be reloaded brb03:30
Harrison my personal laptop i have compiz03:30
harushimoi'm just curious does gparted work on other platforms?03:30
K1rkxisor: karakedi03:30
K1rkxisor: k **03:30
harushimoor is it mainly an linux program?03:30
Harrisin compiz the settings are grey and unclickable03:30
ActionParsnipharushimo: shuold do03:30
harushimoI have mac and windows machine03:30
harushimoits more for my windows machine03:31
EliahKaganGParted only runs on Linux, but you can use GParted on a live CD to operate on partitions for non-Linux OSes03:31
K1rkHarris: http://gparted.sourceforge.net/03:31
K1rkSorry I meant harushimo: http://gparted.sourceforge.net/03:31
xisorK1rk: ok back03:31
xisorK1rk: doing that link stuff now, its safe to do right?03:31
K1rkharushimo: You can grab a Live CD there and run Gparted on any computer to modify partitions.03:31
K1rkxisor: Link stuff...apt-add-repository and the like? Yeah03:31
EliahKaganthere's even an official GParted liveCD (not affiliated with the Ubuntu project) that has the latest version and is smaller than an Ubuntu desktop CD (because it doesn't give a fully functional desktop system or let you install an OS)03:31
harushimoI see that now03:32
xisorK1rk: what do i need to do to get repository again?03:32
HarrisK1rk,  in compiz how do you add the burn effect03:32
K1rkxisor: apt-get install python-software-properties03:32
xisoralready installed03:32
K1rkHarris: Is it not installed or what?03:32
reisioxisor: connect it to the big screen :p03:32
K1rkxisor: Then apt-add-repository should work as expected from the link.03:33
HarrisK1rk,  i need to know how to install and enable the burn effect03:33
K1rkHarris: I don't know which Compiz package that's in. but if you do (apt-get install compiz-*) I think that should install all effects.03:33
flankHow to stop compiz?03:33
K1rkflank: Flank it.03:33
K1rkflank: metacity --replace03:34
K1rkflank: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion#Troubleshooting03:35
xisorit cant find any packages by that name K1rk03:35
xisorafter i added the repository, on the next step03:35
flankand then how to start it?03:35
carrancajoin petrolina03:35
K1rkxisor: Pastebin the output of (apt-cache search linux-alsa-driver)03:35
xisorhow do i do that?03:35
K1rkxisor: while you're at it throw in the output of uname -r03:36
xisor3.2.0-24.generic-pae is uname-r03:36
K1rkxisor: run the command in terminal, highlight it, right click, copy. Go to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ and pastebin it03:36
K1rkflank: compiz --replace03:37
K1rkflank: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion#Run_Compiz03:37
xisorthere are no results for linux-alsa-driver03:37
xisorit just ends, nothing is listed at all03:37
K1rkxisor: wtf really?03:38
K1rkxisor: Apparently that repository doesn't work as advertised, lmao03:38
harushimookay I setup my partition. how I created a symbol link to my directory with my new partition or mount it03:38
K1rkxisor: Actually, are you on Precise (12.04)? It looks like you are.03:38
xisoryes i am03:38
K1rkxisor: Maybe the ubunt-audio-dev repository doesn't have anything for Precise yet.03:38
xisorso then i cant fix it?03:39
K1rkxisor: Not that way.03:39
K1rkxisor: Don't give up so easily. :P03:39
K1rkxisor: Is this an Acer laptop by chance?03:40
xisorK1rk: yes it is how did you know?03:40
olskolircPut an ampersand on it & K1rk or compiz to get your terminal back03:40
K1rkxisor: Because all these results are Acer problems.03:40
xisorK1rk: any way to fix?03:40
HarrisK1rk,  how do i add burn to compiz03:40
K1rkHarris: ccsm - look in there03:41
Harriswhat is ccsm03:41
K1rkHarris: compiz settings manager, run that in terminal03:41
HarrisK1rk,  how do i add burn to the list03:41
K1rkxisor: It looks like, in a roundabout way, this IS an Acer hardware problem. I don't know how it works on Windows tbh, given what I'm reading here03:41
Harriswhat do i type in the terminal03:41
K1rkHarris: ccsm03:42
xisorK1rk: what are you reading?03:42
xisorK1rk: i get both speakers in windows just fine03:42
_jon180_how do i get unity 3d to work in 12.04 with my nvidia graphics card?03:42
xisorK1rk: it uses realteks drivers in windows, its realtek HD audio03:42
HarrisK1rk,  burn is not listed03:42
hk19Drivers are available03:43
vajrapani666I realize you can install a specific version of something using apt-get install firefox=3.5.2 ...  How can you get a list of all versions that could be installed? Everytime i try anything I get E: Version '3.6.3' for 'firefox' was not found (with 3.6.3 being whatever i had after the =) ?03:44
vajrapani666No matter what i search, this silly command "apt-show-versions" keeps coming up, but it only shows local versions03:44
xisorK1rk: do you know if hdmi audio works correctly? and also if i can switch to external screen only and shut off the internal screen?03:44
K1rkxisor: Dunno about hdmi audio. Your screen question is something you should be able to do in the Monitor settings.03:45
K1rkxisor: I have another thing you can try.03:45
xisorK1rk: how about settings so it doesnt go to sleep when i close the lid?03:45
xisorK1rk: what is it?03:45
K1rkxisor: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=169580703:45
vajrapani666I need to know the exact command to install an older version of firefox, and i would prefer not to build from source. I've looked up the .deb package on launchpad and downloaded that, but dpkg -i will not resolve dependencies.. There must be someway to do this using apt-get !03:45
_jon180_i see several bug reports for nvidia graphics cards and unity 3d but they are unclear which apply to me and what the solutions are, can someone help me figure these out?03:46
jagginessvajrapani666, you can download previous versions from the mozilla site..03:46
xisorK1rk: so i should set it up as if it only had the 1 speaker even though it has 2?03:46
xisorK1rk: wont that sound bad?03:46
yugnipcan you grab it from synaptic and force then pin the version vajrapani66603:46
K1rkxisor: That's what it sounds like your laptop is designed to do.03:46
xisorK1rk: so you think windows driver just does it automatically and thats why both seem to work?03:47
xisorK1rk: and its really just 1 speaker?03:47
K1rk_jon180_: I don't use Unity but I'd be happy to stab at this and help narrow down what applies to you.03:47
=== C0deMaver1ck is now known as C0deZ0mbie
K1rkxisor: From what I read... yes that's exactly what I think is going on.03:47
xisorK1rk: oh, so that should fix it then03:47
xisorK1rk:  1 more question , ty for all the help btw03:47
xisorK1rk: how do i mount a windows shared folder in linux? and have it attempt to do so at every bootup to the same place?03:48
K1rk_jon180_: Do you know what nvidia card you have?03:48
xisorK1rk: a network share03:48
_jon180_not exactly03:48
EliahKaganvajrapani666: there might not be a lot of (or any) dependencies you don't already have, i'd go ahead and try installing the .deb package with dpkg, if you have the .deb package ...just be aware that with an old Firefox version, you will be at high security risk because of very popularly known and exploited vulnerabilities that have been fixed in current versions03:48
K1rkxisor: Yeah you mean a Samba share03:48
K1rkxisor: You want to put it in your fstab03:48
_jon180_K1rk: what is the command to find this?03:48
xisorK1rk: ya03:49
xisorK1rk: how?03:49
EliahKaganvajrapani666: you can also install Firefox manually with the binary installer packages from the upstream site: http://askubuntu.com/questions/83227/how-can-i-install-a-specific-older-version-of-firefox-and-keep-it-from-automatic03:49
K1rkxisor: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/configure-a-system-to-automount-a-samba-share-with-etcfstab/03:49
vajrapani666jagginess: those are source distributions,  I'm trying to avoid building manually at all costs because if we ever need to bump up the firefox revisions, i will have to clean out the old version myself (doubt i will remember where i left the src makefile for make uninstall)03:49
K1rk_jon180_: Ahhh now I see exactly how I can help you. :P03:49
=== C0deZ0mbie is now known as C0deMaver1ck
K1rk_jon180_: lspci | grep nVidia03:49
K1rk(case sensitive)03:49
xanguavajrapani666: http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/  download the version you want, extract it and run it; and they are not sources just the binary03:50
EliahKaganvajrapani666: you don't have to build manually unless you're using an uncommon architecture -- for the most popular architecture, the Firefox upstream site has *binary installers*03:50
hk19(xisor) softwares are available 4 auto mounting03:50
K1rk_jon180_: If that has nor esults just do lspci | grep VGA03:50
vajrapani666So pinning down the package in synaptic sounds like what i need ... but i'm curious , why provide the apt-get install package=version at all ?03:50
EliahKaganvajrapani666: like xangua is saying03:50
harushimois there a way to make new launcher items?03:50
K1rkharushimo: Yeah, where do you want to make them?03:50
xisorK1rk: sounds confusing lol03:50
=== skraps is now known as awoot
K1rkxisor: Be happy to walk you through it, I've done it before for sshfs03:51
_jon180_K1rk: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation G72M [GeForce Go 7400] (rev a1)03:51
EliahKaganvajrapani666: are you asking why you can specific a version to retrieve and install if it might be automatically upgraded to a higher version anyway?03:51
harushimoright on the desktop and the move them to the launcher03:51
xisorK1rk: sure, let me use the restroom please brb03:51
EliahKaganvajrapani666: ...or something else?03:51
K1rk_jon180_: Okay so now you know what you're looking for. Bugs affecting the GeForce 740003:51
K1rkxisor: k03:51
harushimoI know 10.04 there was an option called create icon03:51
harushimoyou can use that to create an icon by doing the path03:51
_jon180_oh, i meant they provide a fix for nvidia cards, but it does not say how to get the fix03:51
vajrapani666I'm asking , what is the point of providing the ability to specify the specific version of a package to install (i.e. by t he syntax apt-get install packagename=version) if there is no way to install packages by this method?03:51
K1rk_jon180_: Oh, my bad.03:52
EliahKaganvajrapani666: you can install packages that way, it works fine if the version you specify is provided in one or more of the software sources (repositories) you have enabled03:52
vajrapani666By not being able to install packages by this method i mean, there is no way to list the possible versions to install, err.. the list of valid arguments for version for the version-specific apt-get command)03:52
_jon180_and there are many solutions but none worked, probably because i am not understanding correctly03:52
K1rk_jon180_: Have you seen http://askubuntu.com/questions/125608/unity-3d-no-longer-works-after-installing-12-0403:52
xisorK1rk: back, can use this method to mount hidden shares as well/03:53
K1rkxisor: Yeah I don't see why not03:53
xisorK1rk: i hid all my shared folders by using $ at the end of them in windows for the share name03:53
K1rkxisor: Alright, so you still have that link I gave you?  Just look at the first gray code box.  The //ntserver/docs/...... one03:53
xisorK1rk: yes03:53
K1rkxisor: In your terminal type (sudo nano /etc/fstab)03:53
_jon180_that is one, yes but that was an older solution that had a security concern, i was looking at the code fix that was released, not sure how to get it03:53
K1rkxisor: okay so you now see your fstab?03:54
_jon180_for example, this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/98248503:54
K1rkxisor: Be careful in there, if you mess up fstab you may have to recover with a Live CD because your hard drive won't remount on boot. :P03:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 982485 in NVIDIA Drivers Ubuntu "[regression] Nvidia 295.40: Unity 3D does not work at all with the new nvidia driver" [Undecided,New]03:54
xisorK1rk: sounds bad lol03:54
harushimooh yeah it is03:54
harushimoI've done it03:54
K1rkxisor: Okay that being said, let's get started modifying it. :D03:54
xisorK1rk: you arent making me feel very good about this03:55
xisorK1rk:  lol03:55
K1rkxisor: Go to the bottom line of the file.03:55
xisorK1rk: ok03:55
vajrapani666nonethelesss.. thank you for your guys help!03:55
K1rkxisor: I think fstab is parsed top to bottom so if you screw up on the bottom it won't prevent your other stuff from still working.03:55
K1rkxisor: You may want to add a comment like "# My Windows Shares"03:55
C0deMaver1ckwhat's the best way to install Ubuntu Server on an SD card from a Mac?03:55
xisorK1rk: ok03:55
K1rkxisor: Okay so now use the example from the link I gave you.  That should be how you want to mount your smb share.03:56
xisorK1rk: is there a way to see if my shares even work before i add lines to this?03:56
K1rkxisor: Sure, "Connect To Server" will let you connect to your samba share.03:56
K1rkxisor: type in unity launcher.03:56
xisorthey work03:57
xisorK1rk: ok so use the example?03:57
K1rkxisor: k cool.  Yeah the example explains how to write the fstab line.03:57
K1rkxisor: Write 1 fstab line for each Windows share you want to mount.03:57
K1rkxisor: You'll just be replacing docsadm with your username, D1Y4x9sw with your password, and //ntserver/docs with your share path.03:58
K1rkxisor: /mnt/samba will be changed to the mountpoint you want your samba mounted to03:58
xisorcan i mount multiple things to the same place?03:58
K1rkxisor: no03:58
xisorK1rk: can i do /mnt/windows/mounthere? for each one?03:58
K1rkxisor: sure03:59
xisorK1rk: a subfolder of /mnt/windows?03:59
xisorK1rk: ok03:59
K1rkxisor: I think that's "for a different distro". Ubuntu it's traditionally /media/windows/mnthere03:59
K1rkNot that it matters, you can mount it literally anywhere03:59
reisio/mnt/ is just for manual moint points, is all03:59
xisorK1rk: will all my apps see it as if it were a local file?03:59
K1rkxisor: That's the idea.03:59
reisio/media/ is a convention of gvfs or something, regardless of distro03:59
K1rkreisio: Ah. I don't really use any non Debian flavors these days. So I just kind of assumed.04:00
reisioK1rk: just FYI =)04:00
xisoris there a way to copy and paste a line?04:02
xisor99% of each line is the same04:02
xisoronly 2 characters are different lol04:02
K1rkxisor: Highlight, right click, copy.04:02
K1rkGo to next line04:02
K1rkRight click anywhere, paste04:02
K1rkOr, in nano, ctrl + k to cut, ctrl + u + u to paste twice.04:02
harushimoquestion for the fstab file04:02
K1rkharushimo: ShooterMG04:02
K1rkharushimo: shoot *04:02
harushimocouldn't you make fstab.bak?04:03
K1rkharushimo: yeah but you'd still have to manually restore it while on a live cd04:03
K1rkharushimo: fstab is what tells your computer how to mount /. If you can't mount / you're not going to be booting up.04:03
harushimoif you mv command on the bak file, it would restore the original settings04:03
harushimoyou are right04:03
=== administrator is now known as RFrith
harushimoI see what you are saying04:04
xisordone, how do i save?04:04
K1rkCTRL +X to exit nano.04:04
K1rkPress Y to confirm save, hit enter04:04
xisordo i reboot now/04:05
xisorand hope i didnt nuke my os?04:05
K1rkYeah. If you did, just boot into a live CD, mount your hard drive from the Places menu, and edit fstab. Put a # in front of your new lines.04:05
K1rkI think you'll be fine.04:05
RFrithhow can i install a win7 ?04:05
K1rkRFrith: Alongside Ubuntu?04:06
reisioRFrith: just make space for it and install normally04:06
xisorK1rk: brb, ill reboot and then you can tell me how to find my mounted stuff :D04:06
K1rkxisor: k04:06
RFrithwill i can't boot ubuntu when installed win7?04:06
harushimoI didn't get to answer my question04:07
harushimojust kidding04:07
harushimotwo questions: I want to be able to make desktop icons04:07
rootyourselfhi.  does anyone know what the tegra3 support is like in linux these days?  was interested in getting a transformer prime and installing ubuntu or debian on it04:07
harushimohow would I do that?04:07
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
RFrithreisio: Will i can't boot ubuntu after installing win7?04:07
RFrithK1rk: Yes04:08
ActionParsniprootyourself: could get a trimslice. Those are badass04:08
K1rkRFrith: If you install Windows after Ubuntu, Microsoft breaks the boot loader.04:08
xangua!grub2 | 'cause you deleted grub RFrith04:08
ubottu'cause you deleted grub RFrith: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)04:08
K1rkRFrith: It's better to install Ubuntu second, but if you can't, you can reinstall grub from a live CD.04:08
xisor_K1rk: i am back04:09
rootyourselfActionParsnip: never seen that.  look really great.  i am only looking at the transformer prime because of travel04:09
K1rkRFrith: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows04:09
K1rkxisor_: cool04:09
K1rkxisor_: Glad you didn't bust it up04:09
xisor_K1rk: so wheres my stuff?04:09
reisioyou can also use Windows' boot loader, but it's inferior of course :p04:09
K1rkGo to where you mounted it, xisor_04:09
xisor_K1rk:  how?04:09
xisor_K1rk:  there is nothing in /mnt/04:09
xisor_K1rk: so i think it didnt work04:09
K1rkAh maybe because /mnt/windows doesn't exist, xisor_04:10
K1rkmkdir /mnt/windows then reboot04:10
K1rkActually mkdir /mnt/windows/all-your-mountpoints04:10
K1rkI think the folders have to be there. Sorry I forgot that part04:10
xisor_K1rk: oh see you never said that XD04:10
K1rkxisor_: Yeah my bad sorry04:10
K1rkLong day and I'm multitasking04:10
ActionParsniprootyourself: makes sense04:10
ActionParsnip!arm | rootyourself04:10
ubotturootyourself: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.04:10
xisor_k brb04:11
rootyourselfActionParsnip: yup.  tegra 3 chipset has had bad support from nvidia in the past and i have not really followed it as a result.  was curious if anyone here knew if there are updates with tegra 3 directly.04:11
xisorK1rk: i am back, let me look now04:12
reisiotegra being used for tablets now04:13
xisorK1rk: my folders are empty, they didnt mount04:13
harushimosomeone suggested a symbol link to my home directory04:13
harushimowhen I'm trying to setup my  vm or mount04:13
harushimowhich is better for vm? mount of the hard drive or symbol link04:14
harushimoI mean symbolic link04:14
rootyourselfit makes no difference harushimo04:14
harushimoI'm creating a virtual machine04:15
harushimothat is why i asked the question04:15
K1rkxisor: You may have something not quite right in your syntax.04:15
harushimoI'm guessing it still makes no difference in that aspect04:15
rootyourselfyup, it makes no difference04:15
K1rkxisor: If you look at /var/log/syslog... perhaps "cat /var/log/syslog | grep samba"04:15
K1rkxisor: You might get some hints as to what's gone wrong04:15
harushimoI just created the partition04:16
harushimoI don't know if it has the systems files on it04:16
xisorno output from that command04:16
xisorbrb again, i changed my windows pc to all caps, and correctly capitalized theusername, see if that helps04:17
harushimoI don't see my new partition on fstab04:17
xisori think linux is case sensitive04:17
harushimoI created it using gparted04:17
xisor_K1rk: i am back04:18
rootyourselfharushimo: that is because you have to add it04:18
xisor_K1rk: does it wait to bring up networking and connect to my wireless network before it tries doing that?04:18
K1rk....interesting point04:19
harushimooh okay04:19
K1rkI don't know......04:19
Harriswhen i minimaze and exit a window i want fire to burn it04:19
xisor_K1rk: how to fix? :P04:19
harushimoI never mess with the fstab file04:19
harushimohow would I do that?04:19
harushimodo I need to setup a mount point in gparted itself?04:20
wilee-nileeHarris, you can do it if compiz effects04:20
rootyourselfwell your questions are good but your understanding of what you need to do is lacking04:20
rootyourselfgparted can really only create partitions on the disk04:20
Harrisi looked it is not there wilee-nilee04:20
rootyourselfif you created the partition (hopefully not on a drive that you had important data on)04:20
harushimois there a program in linux that does both?04:21
rootyourselfthen you need to tell fstab what to do with your partition04:21
rootyourselfif it is in fstab, it will be mounted manually04:21
Harriswilee-nilee,  please give me step by step instructions04:21
wilee-nileeHarris, I'm not in the unity desktop, so I can't give you exact directions.04:21
harushimooh okay04:21
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:21
rootyourselfif you add it to the fstab and don't reboot you can just do mount nameofmountpointfromfstab to mount it04:21
harushimogparted has a option called mount point?04:21
Harriswilee-nilee,  the power of google04:22
xisor_K1rk:  is there another way to do the same thing? such as a batch file run after bootup is completely done?04:22
EliahKaganharushimo: no, the mount point associated with a partition is in the OS's configuration, not the partition table itself04:26
harushimohow do I mount the partition I just created in gparted04:27
manadysharushimo: very carefully...04:27
manadysusually mount /dev/partition /mnt/mountpoint...04:27
manadysand if you want to have it automount, then you need to add it to fstab...04:27
rootyourselfmake a directory, do mount -t ext4 /dev/sdcwhatever04:27
rootyourselfmake sure you replace ext4 with the correct fs type on the partition04:28
manadysrootyourself: why do you need the -t? Doesn't mount detect that when possible?04:28
EliahKaganor you can leave off -t and the partition type -- mount can auto detect it except for really exotic partition types or when there is severe corruption04:28
rootyourselfit can? well nice.  didn't know that04:28
Harrisburn is not in effect list in compiz04:28
EliahKaganyeah, i leave off -t all the time, and i've never had a problem except when i typed the device name in wrong04:28
EliahKaganin contrast, with -t will sometimes "work" even if you type in the device name wrong (like leaving off the partition number and mounting the raw drive) ....and that's baaaad...04:29
manadyswouldn't it also allow you to mount an ext4 partition as ext2...04:30
rootyourselfi have never successfully mounted non enumerated partitions04:30
rootyourselfi'd like to try tho04:30
EliahKagansome partition types interpret a device name differently though, so if you want to use mount instead of smbmount or mount.cifs to mount a Samba share, you need to specify -t smbfs, because otherwise a device that looks like //hostname/sharename won't make sense to the mount command04:30
=== nicholas is now known as Guest32517
manadyswhich in theory would be fine, but that would defeat the purpose of using ext4 (assuming my understanding of ext4 is correct)04:30
xisor_anybody know of a way to check my cpu temp in linux?04:30
rootyourselfacpi -V04:31
Harrisburn is not in effect list in compiz04:31
EliahKaganmanadys: yes, but (as you're saying) i'm not sure that's actually dangerus, provided that the partition was properly unmounted first (so the journal is written)04:31
Guest32517anyone know how to setup google payments with ubuntu store?04:31
Daniel110hi all so i finally decided after using ubuntu on a virtualbox for a while to make the move and switch from windows. However i want to still keep windows. I never partitioned my hard drive so i am a little confused. My hard drive already has 4 partitions. I did a google search i read that can i remove the recovery boot after making a backup cd. After that i am a little confused i found many different guides online that say different t04:31
Guest32517Doesn't the ubuntu install cd have that option already? @Daniel11004:32
rootyourselfDaniel110: before you do anything MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP04:32
rootyourselfwith that many partitions, you are sure to hose something04:32
harushimovery carefully04:32
harushimoI want to do this properly04:32
EliahKaganDaniel110: yes, backups are key when repartitioning especially if you are a novice or rusty or just anyway ;-)04:32
EliahKaganDaniel110: ideally, it might be best to remove a partition that is not bootable, as that is easier to restore properly -- if you have a recovery partition that has a Windows directory in it, that's probably bootable, whereas a "utility" partition is less likely to be bootable04:33
rootyourselfDaniel110: in the past, if all 4 partitions were primary, you would not be able to add more partitions ... not sure if this is still a restriction04:33
Guest32517Only don't make backups if you don't want to keep Windows. :004:33
rootyourselfbut as a consideration, if your system is old enough, you can end up hosing your windows partition scheme04:33
rootyourselfmay not be an issue any more perhaps04:33
EliahKaganwell, you can reinstall windows (if you have installation media or can get it from your OEM) ...you can't reinstall documents that aren't backed up...04:34
xisor_rootyourself: he needs to create restore cds, because by default ubuntu installer will install grub to /dev/sda and he wont be able to boot into the recovery app anymore04:34
harushimoI want to automount the partitino04:34
harushimoI mean partition04:34
harushimohow do I do it through fstab04:34
Guest32517seriously, is there any way to use google payments?04:34
xisor_rootyourself: had that happen on this laptop earlier today as a matter of fact04:34
rootyourselfwhat xisor_ said is correct.  please make sure to do that.04:34
Daniel110Yes i am making the recovery cd later and i read that the recovery parition on windows is just used to create the recovery cds so i guess that once i made them i can delete the partition04:35
EliahKaganGuest32517: the install CD will automatically repartition for you, but not if you already have 4 primary partitions with an MSDOS partition table, because one has to be removed to make an extended partition, to then create logical partitions in; you can't have more than 4 primary partitions with an "MSDOS" partition table04:35
xisor_rootyourself: not like i care personally, ive got windows cds if i ever need to, but for most, yea make those recovery discs04:35
rootyourselfxisor_: i keep on forgetting that the big manufacturers have restore partitions.  i have not bought a windows machine in like 15 years.04:35
Harrishow do i make ubuntu launcher look like a macs launcher04:35
wa5qjh Anybody ever see a problem  like this that prevents installng any new apts.  updating, dpkg retreivals or any else having to do with adding new apts or updating:04:35
Daniel110My problem is that i really don't know where to go from there. After deleting the recovery i will have 3 partitions left04:35
wa5qjhE: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/ph.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_natty_main_i18n_Translation-en04:35
dbummyCan someone help me with fetchmail.... I had it working fine on my other server (12.04 server - 32bit) and I'm using the same configuration on 12.04 server 64-bit but it keeps giving me an error --- Segmentation fault (core dumped)04:35
Guest32517EliahKagan: I dislike Windows, so sorry for the misinformation04:35
Harrishow do i make ubuntu launcher look like a macs launcher04:36
xisor_rootyourself: you can install grub to /dev/sda2 and keep your recovery, and windows install intact04:36
xisor_rootyourself: youll need to walk them through doing that in the advanced partition settings though04:36
bazhang!repeat | Harris04:36
ubottuHarris: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:36
HarrisActionParsnip, how do i make ubuntu launcher look like a macs launcher04:36
xisor_rootyourself: i dont know how myself, im no expert04:36
Harrisbazhang,  how to you type staight line down04:36
bazhangHarris, stop repeating every five seconds04:36
Guest32517harris: shift backslash04:36
EliahKaganGuest32517: i don't consider what you said misinformation, it just doesn't apply to Daniel110's present situation (but it's also not specific to Windows -- four primary partitions without any of them Windows produces the same situation with the Ubuntu installer)04:37
Daniel110What about wubi is that a good alternative?04:37
reisioDaniel110: to what?04:37
HarrisGuest32517, that did not work see ?04:37
rootyourselfyour problem is not the installer Daniel11004:37
xisor_Daniel110: wubi is good to try things out with, better than virtualbox by a country mile04:37
Guest32517Daniel110: I've used Wubi. It works quite well.04:37
xisor_Daniel110: but for a permanent install you want dual boot04:38
rootyourselfit is the fact that you have a windows install that you want to keep and you have never done this before04:38
rootyourselfthe problem is between the keyboard and chair04:38
wa5qjhwubi worked good for me for many months.  till I hosed it up.04:38
Guest32517Harris: You have a nonstandard keyboard04:38
reisioDaniel110: ah04:38
rootyourselfcreate your backups then use wubi or any installer to give it a go04:38
Harriswhat is a nonstandered keyboard04:38
reisioDaniel110: four partitions already? Is one D:?04:38
Guest32517Harris: non qwerty.04:38
Harrishow do i make ubuntu launcher look like a macs launcher04:38
rootyourselfthe installers will run you through everything, you just have to make sure not to make a poor choice04:38
reisioHarris: dvoark? :)04:38
xisor_rootyourself:  honestly for a general home user who also wants to keep windows, wubi isnt a bad choice04:38
reisioHarris: does macs launcher have a name?04:39
xisor_rootyourself: you lose what? a little bit of disk performance, nothing major ona  modern machine04:39
Harrisreisio, i dont know04:39
reisioxisor_: until its bugs make them stop using Linux altogether04:39
Daniel1104 parittions: c:, Recovery(D:), HP_TOOLS, SYSTEM04:39
rootyourselfxisor_: never said it was.  i'm trying to make sure Daniel110 doesn't loose what she needs the most.04:39
rootyourselfHarris: what do you mean by the launcher?04:39
reisioHarris: how about 'slingshot'04:40
xisor_rootyourself: i agree, which is windows, and with the partition scheme used by default, he/she may just04:40
rootyourselfyou mean the applications menu?04:40
Harrisrootyourself,  the mac dock04:40
Lirthcwilkins: I think your cord is tangled04:40
reisioHarris: with the icons?04:40
xisor_Daniel110: give it a try with wubi, its pretty much full speed, if you find it to your liking, get to know it a bit, then the process will be much easier to change over to a proper dual boot04:40
rootyourselfah.  two things you can try: 1) find a theme similar to the mac dock 2) find a dock that works like it04:40
Harrisyes reisio04:40
xisor_Daniel110: if you DONT grow to like it, uninstall wubi as you would any windows app and your done04:40
xisor_Daniel110: no harm done04:41
reisioHarris: mmmm, Unity's side bar is basically like that, isn't it?04:41
rootyourselfi have seen awesome used as the mac doc (the one on the bottom) for this04:41
EliahKaganHarris: Docky (http://wiki.go-docky.com/index.php?title=Welcome_to_the_Docky_wiki) will run well on Ubuntu and is in many ways similar to the Mac OS X launcher (which is called "the Dock")04:41
rootyourselfits basically an app you can install and manage04:41
wa5qjhI can no longer add apps via apt-get, dpkg, Softweare center or synaptic because all of those report this error:04:41
EliahKaganreisio: the Unity launcher doesn't really behave the same way as Docky and the Mac OS X "Dock"04:41
wa5qjhE: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/ph.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_natty_main_i18n_Translation-en04:41
wa5qjhE: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.04:41
dbummyCan someone help me with fetchmail.... I had it working fine on my other server (12.04 server - 32bit) and I'm using the same configuration on 12.04 server 64-bit but it keeps giving me an error --- Segmentation fault (core dumped)04:41
rootyourselfthere are probably a few applications that imitate the mac dock04:41
Outlanderhi team, I have an issue where ubuntu 12.04 installer cannot see existing partitions on my drives during install, so I'm unable to dual boot windows04:42
EliahKaganwa5qjh: it's better to post multi-line error messages at http://paste.ubuntu.com and link to it here, as it's easier to see the whole error and it doesn't flood the channel04:42
reisiowell there are a lot of more specific clones04:42
rootyourselfjust google it.  but you won't really be able to get the gnome panel to mimic the mac dock to any great success04:42
LirthHow are the ubuntu distros named (like the animals)?04:42
Daniel110xisor_: I already used ubuntu for the past 6 montsh maybe and i really like it. The problem is that i still need windows for some .NET development i do and gaming. The problem is not whether i am gonna like it or not.04:42
Guest32517Lirth: They are named in order of the alphabet04:42
Daniel110What can i do with a dual boot that i can't to with Wubi?04:42
reisiodated list: http://darrenyates.com.au/2008/09/10-free-mac-os-x-like-docks-for-linux/14904:43
Harristhank you EliahKagan04:43
reisioDaniel110: easily access your Ubuntu files from Windows04:43
=== seeqwell is now known as olskolirc
EliahKaganHarris: no problem04:43
EliahKaganOutlander: do you get an error, or does it show you a blank disk, or what are you getting?04:43
Guest32517Daniel110: nothing, but ubuntus performance is downgraded a little bit04:43
Outlanderthe included Disk Utility on the live boot usb image can see all the partitions but the installer cannot, any workaround for this?04:43
reisioDaniel110: remove/modify Windows at a later date easily04:43
Outlanderit sees 2 blank drives04:43
xisor_Daniel110: its not an issue of what you cant do, you can do pretty much everything, the problem is wubi relies on the health of your ntfs partitions, and viruses and problems in windows may nuke your wubi04:43
reisioDaniel110: dual boot should be more reliable, as well04:43
harushimocan someone guide me to automount my partition in fstab04:43
xisor_Daniel110: it runs a little slower as well, but far faster than virtualbox04:43
rootyourselfanyone here run ubuntu on a tegra 3 chipset device?  i need to know how you find the performance and whetehr or not the beta/alpah drivers from nvidia are any good04:43
Outlanderwhereas the drives have a existing partitions. I've tried using both MBR and GUID partitions04:43
HarrisEliahKagan,  in compiz burn is not listed under effects04:44
Outlanderinstallng windows 7 first, then booting ubuntu off usb to attempt an install...04:44
reisioDaniel110: do you have an external/secondary drive where you can put the backups?04:44
EliahKaganHarris: i don't know a lot about CCSM (i probably wasn't the one who said to use it...it's a good utility, but i haven't actually used it)04:44
Daniel110reisio: No04:44
reisiorootyourself: glxgears ?04:44
xisor_reisio: another option for daniele may be usb stick install, a 16 gig usb stick is only a few bucks, and then no harm at all can come to his pc04:44
EliahKaganOutlander: what type of partitions are they? is this a mac? are they HFS+?04:44
rootyourselfreisio: if i had a tegra 3 machine here, would i be asking in the channel?04:45
Daniel110xisor_ : Wouldn't that really slow?04:45
HarrisEliahKagan,  i have a hp04:45
Harris ku-04:45
xisor_Daniel110: not neccesarily04:45
Harris0316 keyboard how do i type a staght line04:45
Daniel110xisor_: Would it be faster than wubi?04:45
wa5qjhEliahKagan would probably be a good ideah If I had the bandwidth to do it. getting things in my browser these days can take forever if at all. 20KBps is tops and sometimes all I can get is about 600 baud!!04:45
xisor_Daniel110: my usb drive is an SSD put in a cheap usb enclosure, you can buy external usb hard drives as well04:45
Outlanderthis is a new dell inspiron 15R special edition04:45
EliahKaganHarris: is this (that you have a HP) in relation to the compiz thing?04:46
xisor_Daniel110: it would be from a hard drive, from a usb flash drive, depends on the drive, but probably no04:46
Guest32517rootyourself: what tegra 3 device are you looking at? 'cuz it might be better looking at the device vs the processor04:46
reisioDaniel110: it's actually not a problem that you have four partitions, you can still resize the largest to make space for Ubuntu04:46
Outlanderwhich has 2 drives, a 1tb sata and a 32gig msata (SSD)04:46
HarrisEliahKagan,  no04:46
Outlanderthe partition is basically an ntfs partition on the 1tb sata of 100gig in size04:46
Daniel110reisio: I thought you couldn't have more than 4 partitions04:46
reisioDaniel110: that's 'primary' partitions you're thinking of04:46
OutlanderI've also tried all 3 disk modes in the bios, achi, ata and Intel speed mode04:46
EliahKaganHarris: i'm afraid you may have lost me then ...the mac question was to Outlander, if that was the mixup04:46
xisor_reisio: only problem daniel is going to face is needing help doing the partitioning and grub setup manually, default will nuke both her windows and her recovery partitions04:47
xisor_reisio: if someone can help him do that, its no problem at all to dualboot04:47
HarrisEliahKagan,  i would like to be able to type a straight line down04:47
rootyourselfGuest32517: asus transformer prime.  i've read tegra3 nvidia drivers sucked if they even existed.  i just noticed nvidia released some drivers for the tegra 3 but i'm not about to stuff money in asus pockes to find out i cannot run debian/ubuntu on it realistically.  i am hoping to run into some real world users here. :)04:47
Outlanderthe windows partitons are basic ones too04:47
reisioxisor_: I doubt it'll nuke the recovery partition04:47
EliahKaganreisio: right, but how are you going to create an extended partition to hold logical partitions when you already have 4 primary partitions, without removing a primary partition? the limitation is 4 primary or 3 primary + 1 extended04:47
irong33khow do you get sound preferences -> hardware to detect bluetooth so that i can sync my bluetooth headsets (bh-503)04:47
reisioxisor_: the MBR possibly, but that's of no concern04:47
Outlanderit's just the ubuntu installer in 12.04 (and on the alternate boot cd) do not appear to see any partitions04:47
rigvedOutlander: in the installer, on the partition menu, there is a drop down to select the hard disk. Have you tried that? It will allow you to choose between the SSD and the HDD.04:48
xisor_reisio: it installs grub to the recovery partition by default, so ubuntu wont load, and the recovery wont either04:48
OutlanderI've also tried the previous version of ubuntu but with the same result04:48
xisor_reisio: so someone needs to help them put grub somewhere where it WILL load, such as the windows partition04:48
reisioEliahKagan: oh, got me there04:48
Outlanderthe installer has 2 options, one is wipe everything and the other is something else04:48
rootyourselfEliahKagan: is the 4 primary partitions still an issue?04:48
reisioDaniel110: what's the smallest partition?04:48
xisor_reisio: that is literally the only issue04:48
Outlanderchoosing something else, I get a view with 2 drives both showing no partitions and empty space04:48
xisor_reisio: XD04:48
rigvedOutlander: choose "Something else"04:48
EliahKaganrootyourself: are you asking if that is still a technical limitation for data storage, or if that is still something we're working on for Daniel110 in this channel?04:49
reisioxisor_: no it should install to the space at the beginning reserved for the MBR04:49
xisor_reisio: should be a ~100mb partition labeled windows 7 loader04:49
Outlanderwhereas the Disk Utility will show the disks with all the partitions present04:49
rigvedOutlander: but you said that the Disk Utility of the Live CD is able to see them, right?04:49
irong33khelp needed to synce my bluetooth headsets! bh-50304:49
xisor_reisio: well, the defualt left my windows working and my recovery nuked earlier04:49
xisor_reisio: so it cant go in its default04:49
Outlandercorrect, the disk utility can see everything04:49
reisioxisor_: nuked?04:49
rootyourselfEliahKagan: datastorage.  for some reason i thought that went away as a technical limitation a  while back.04:49
Daniel110reisio: HP_TOOLS04:49
reisioDaniel110: how big?04:50
EliahKaganOutlander: if choosing something else doesn't show your partitions, then try selecting "Try Ubuntu without installing" instead of "Install Ubuntu", then when the desktop comes up run GParted and see what that shows you04:50
rigvedOutlander: create the partitions using the Disk Utility and use them in the installer.04:50
caffinetrying to use ffmpeg to convert an ogg to an mpeg, but i'm getting a blocky result. i've tried changing things like -b and found that 0.5 had a bug that was fixed in 0.6, but i have 0.7. any ideas? i've tried -v codec mpeg2video and mpeg4 as well as -b 5000k  the file size changes, but the quality does not.04:50
xisor_reisio: sorry, inaccesible, unable to load recovery, and ubuntu not loading either04:50
Daniel110103MB all 4 say primary parition04:50
xisor_reisio: the default location for grub was somewhere where it doesnt attempt to boot from04:50
xisor_reisio: which is the recovery partition04:50
reisioxisor_: probably just confused, not destroyed entirely, but who knows04:50
xisor_reisio: it needs to be elsewhere, and that has to be done in the advanced options where you do partitioning04:50
reisioDaniel110: okay, I doubt very much you need hp_tools for anything04:50
OutlanderI have created partitions using Disk Utility but the disks only show up as empty with the installer04:50
reisioDaniel110: dd it to a file backup and delete it04:50
EliahKaganrootyourself: it sort of did ;-) it is a limitation of an MS-DOS partition table (or MS-DOS disklabel as BSD folks call it) -- there are other types of partition tables (like GPT) that don't have this limitation, but you can't change your type of partition table without "erasing" the drive04:50
K1rkWho was chatting with me earlier regarding my VPN issue?04:50
Outlanderthis is a new model inspiron, so maybe it's out of the ordinary04:51
xisor_reisio: /dev/sda2 was where my windows bootloader was, and that is where grub should go04:51
xisor_reisio: devault is /dev/sda1, which is recovery04:51
Daniel110i did a google search and i read that people had some problems after deleting it04:51
xisor_reisio: in my case that is04:51
rootyourselfEliahKagan: thought so. thx for confirmation.04:51
reisioDaniel110: link?04:51
EliahKaganrootyourself: since some OSes and utilities don't (or used to not) have good support for partition table types besides MS-DOS, MS-DOS continues to be used by default by most applications and OEM's, so the silly limitation stays with us even though technology has advanced far beyond needing it04:52
reisioDaniel110: how big are c & d?04:52
rigvedOutlander: possible. create the partitions in Disk Utility. They should show up in the installer. Then, you can use the partitions as-is.04:52
OutlanderI'll give that another try, rigved...04:52
Daniel110c - 581GB  d - 14.35GB04:52
harushimoI see the partition I created on my nautilus but how do I automount and access that partition?04:52
rootyourselfEliahKagan: luckily cfdisk lets us choose :)04:52
Daniel110System 199MB04:52
CerrdorAnyone have experience with bind9 zone configurations?04:52
reisioDaniel110: mmm04:52
reisioDaniel110: and you've got an Ubuntu liveCD/USB already?04:53
Outlandereven deleting the partitions I had previously (not the win7 partition) causes an error04:53
OutlanderError erasing: helper exited with exit code 1: In part_del_partition: device_file=/dev/sdc, offset=10590617604:53
Daniel110reisio: I have the iso that i used for vbox04:53
Outlanderso I'm guessing the disk utility and ubuntu in general has issues seeing these partition tables?04:53
EliahKaganOutlander: what happens if you create a blank, unformatted new partition in Disk Management in Windows?04:53
OutlanderEliahKagan: have tried that also, creating raw blank partitions in windows04:54
EliahKagani don't know why it isn't seeing them...you could search on Launchpad for bugs about it...04:54
Outlanderbut doesn't seem to be visible in ubuntu installer either04:54
rigvedharushimo: you need to put an entry in /etc/fstab to auto-mount the partition. which type of partition is this? NTFS, EXT4?04:54
EliahKaganOutlander: what happened when you did that?04:54
wa5qjhFrom inside windoze you can try EasyBCD to manage your partitions. I have Win-7, Ubuntu-11.04 and PCBSD 9.0 running for me right now. not simultaneous of course ..04:54
OutlanderIt's like whatever windows does to the partition table confuses linux04:54
harushimoI did a label to the partition called virtual04:54
harushimohow do I put the entry in04:55
EliahKaganOutlander: i think trying EasyBCD as wa5qjh suggests may help04:55
EliahKaganalso are you making sure to shut down Windows cleanly?04:55
rigvedharushimo: gksudo gedit /etc/fstab04:55
Outlanderand I can't install linux then windows, as linux booter will be wiped...maybe I can do a ubuntu repair after that and get back to square with 2 OSes dual booting?04:55
harushimoI'm in the file04:55
Outlanderok cool, thanks heaps, I'll give that  go04:55
EliahKaganOutlander: yes, if you want you can do that, it's easy to reinstall the GRUB2 boot loader after the MBR gets overwritten by a new Windows installation04:55
harushimoI'm in the file04:55
harushimoI did that command04:56
reisioDaniel110: okay, well04:56
Outlanderok will install linux first, then windows, then easybcd from there to dual boot?04:56
EliahKaganOutlander: but if you try EasyBCD or viewing the partitions in GParted first, that can save time and effort, especially since you already have the Windows system installed04:56
reisioDaniel110: you can dd the partition to a file to make a backup04:56
harushimorigved: what's the next step04:56
reisioDaniel110: and save a copy of the partition layout for good measure04:56
wa5qjhEasyBCD has also helped my recover a windows partition after hosing it up with other OS's.04:56
harushimoI mean putting in the entry?04:56
rigvedharushimo: sudo blkid04:56
Outlanderwindows install is base install, havent installed anything after it was run up04:56
Daniel110reisio: I would i do that?04:56
reisioDaniel110: then you can either use http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&docname=c00810279 or just reformat that partition after resizing during Ubuntu install04:56
rigvedharushimo: type that in another terminal04:56
reisioDaniel110: just in case you want it later, it's small so it won't take long at all04:56
harushimoI did that04:57
Outlanderok so I have windows installed but not linux currenty. Advice is to run easybcd in windows now and carve up the partitions with it ready for linux install?04:57
wa5qjh And , I might mention PCBSD folks are having some troubles with nvidia drivers as well.04:57
harushimowhats blkid?04:57
Daniel110reiso: After i remove the recovery what should i do?04:57
rigvedharushimo: do you see the partition that you want to auto-mount?04:57
Outlandercan it "sanitise" the partition table to be viewable by linux while preserving windows?04:57
harushimoit hasn't showed up at all04:57
rigvedharushimo: in the output of blkid?04:57
harushimono I don't see it04:58
harushimoI did sudo blkid04:58
harushimois that right?04:58
rigvedharushimo: can you pastebin the output of "sudo blkid"?04:58
reisioDaniel110: delete the hp_tools partition and resize C: to make room to install Ubuntu, then install normally _to that empty space_04:58
reisioDaniel110: it'll ask you whether you want to keep windows or not, etc.04:58
harushimoI don't have anything to paste04:58
harushimolet me try one thing04:58
harushimosudo blkid >> output.txt file, could this work?04:59
rigvedharushimo: yes.04:59
reisioDaniel110: defrag the filesystems from Windows before resizing and it'll be more likely to go off without a hitch04:59
reisioDaniel110: if it's a new box it should be virtually entirely defragged already04:59
harushimoits working04:59
Daniel110reisio: defrag?04:59
harushimothis is taking a while04:59
rigvedharushimo: it will take a few seconds05:00
harushimoso far nothing05:00
reisioDaniel110: yeah :)05:00
reisioDaniel110: is it a new computer?05:01
Daniel110reisio: ah sorry what does it mean?05:01
Daniel110reisio: 1 year old05:01
reisioah, then you definitely want to make sure it's defragged05:01
reisioDaniel110: what version of Windows/05:01
the_hulkhi thr, i am planning to switch to 12.405:01
=== rob is now known as Guest57947
reisiookay that'll save you some time05:01
rigvedharushimo: odd. so, there are no partitions on this disk?05:01
=== icxcnika is now known as fn-troll
harushimorigved: its only one partition05:02
harushimoit has no mount point05:02
harushimoI have 4 partitions on my 160 but not the 1 tb05:02
reisioDaniel110: from Computer, right click on C:, Properties, Tools > Defragment now05:02
rigvedharushimo: can you see the partition in "disk utility"?05:02
the_hulki want to format and then install new one, i want to make sure my sw configuration remains the same after install05:02
Daniel110what does that do?05:02
the_hulkany suggestions?05:02
reisioDaniel110: do this immediately before you resize, when you're done using Windows for the time being05:02
harushimoI do see the partition in nautilus under Devices05:02
reisioDaniel110: over time (especially with file systems like NTFS [Windows' file system]), files get cluttered around on the disk, leaving unusable gaps05:03
reisioDaniel110: taking up more space than they need to05:03
rigvedharushimo: ok. can you access it when you click on it in nautilus?05:03
harushimono I can't05:03
reisioDaniel110: defragmenting reorganizes them so they're all side by side, so all the empty space is at the end05:04
harushimoI can't access the lost+found directory at all05:04
reisioDaniel110: which in turn makes resizing simpler/safer05:04
harushimoit says I don't have permissions05:04
reisioDaniel110: although the only way to be 100% safe is to have a complete backup05:04
harushimowhen I'm the admin of my own computer05:04
rigvedharushimo: that is normal. lost+found is only accessible by root.05:04
harushimothere is nothing on hard drive05:04
rigvedharushimo: it is reserved for the filesystem. you should not try to access it.05:04
harushimowhat if I try to create a folder05:05
harushimolet me see what happens05:05
EliahKaganharushimo: indeed, lost+found is where recovered files (from fsck) go on ext* partitions, only root can access it because any files, or even a recovered /etc/shadow (with password hashes), could end up there05:05
rigvedharushimo: you can outside of lost+found05:05
EliahKaganharushimo: i mean, you can access it with sudo, but you shouldn't unless you know you need to05:05
harushimoi'm getting a little tired. I'll try this in the morning05:06
Daniel110what if i want to use wubi, how easy would it be to transfer files/data/applications/settings?05:06
harushimoI want to get this working05:07
Daniel110when i make a real install05:07
harushimothanks everyone05:07
rootyourselfharushimo: it sounds like the system is mounting the partition for you as root because you were mucking about with it in gparted05:07
reisioDaniel110: it'd be easy to transfer from Ubuntu to Windows, IIRC05:08
reisioDaniel110: I'm not sure how you'd do the reverse, but it's certainly possible05:08
rootyourselfthere is a fix for that, i forget what it is.  but one thing you might be able to do is unmount it via nautilus, create a folder for it and do mount /dev/partitionnumber /foldername and it should mount as your user05:08
reisioI mean you can transfer files from Windows onto Ubuntu's file systems _from_ Ubuntu of course05:08
amicrawleri got a problem with ubuntu 11.0405:10
amicrawlerwill not play games05:10
amicrawlerthe drivers are installed05:11
amicrawlergears work05:11
amicrawlerbut when i try to play a game will not load05:11
amicrawlerCouldn't initialize SDL: No available video device05:12
amicrawlerthats what i get05:12
wa5qjh ********05:14
wa5qjh I get the following error in trying to add anapp by apt-get in U-11.04 by any means:05:14
wa5qjh E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/ph.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_natty_main_i18n_Translation-en05:14
wa5qjhE: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.05:14
wa5qjhIs there somebody can help me with this, please?05:14
FloodBot1wa5qjh: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:14
rootyourselfwa5qjh: change to a different repo and reinstall.  that package looks borked.05:15
wa5qjhI guess the answer is no.05:15
wa5qjhwhat is repo ?05:16
wa5qjhyou mean reinstall 11.04 ?05:16
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories05:16
rootyourselfno, just change the source from where ubuntu is downloading the software05:17
as2000_I am trying to use my microphone with Paltalk and they are not hearing anything. Ideas?05:17
wa5qjhnone of the package installers are able to install anything from any source. I've even tried to get it to install from a package already downloaded and sitting on my disk.05:19
amicrawlerdoes any body know whats going on here05:19
amicrawlerCouldn't initialize SDL: No available video device05:19
rootyourselfwa5qjh: uh ... nice.  haven't seenthat before.05:19
ActionParsniprootyourself: does it work in sound recorder05:20
rootyourselfwa5qjh: won't be able to help, outside of guessing that apt or dpkg are borked05:20
Bsimswa5qjh: tried dpkg?05:20
wa5qjhAt this point it looks like I will have to reinstall.05:20
wa5qjhdpkg, apt-get,  synaptic package manager, all report that error. Software center just hangs with out any response.05:22
rootyourselfwa5qjh: you can do a few things to help your reinstall go smoothly05:22
rootyourselfbackup /home of course and /etc05:22
rootyourselfthe other thing you can do is google how to export your installed packages as a list.  then you can use tha tlist to tell aptitude or whatnot what to install back in one go05:23
Bsimswa5qjh: what is the exact error05:23
wa5qjhhmmm havent backed up /etc yet.05:24
Bsimswa5qjh: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-get-list-installed-software-reinstallation-restore.html05:24
wa5qjhcopiede and pasted.05:24
wa5qjhTHanks, I'll look that one up soon as it loads.05:27
olskolirchow can I see how many people are on the whole server please?05:28
reisioolskolirc: #freenode05:28
Bsimswa5qjh: worst case "sudo dpkg --get-selections > ~/installed-software.log; sudo dpkg --get-selections > ~/installed-software.log; sudo deselect" and hit I for install05:29
olskolircwhere do I learn thise cool commands please?  I don't have these05:30
olskolircdang wrong window05:31
wa5qjhok, ThankS.  now for the problem that probably got me here. Are .deb packages ALL good fro  Ubuntu?05:35
wa5qjhfor instance the MySQL 5.5.x or the newest VirtualBox05:35
rootyourselfdefinately not05:36
rootyourselflots of different distributions use .deb, each .deb is specifically targeted to that distros default config05:36
rootyourselfyou cannot install debs between different versions of the same distro05:36
rootyourselfwhile you can get lucky on certain apps, the above is something to keep in mind05:36
wa5qjhThe version of VirtualBox is ose and I saw that it is preferable to install the latest.05:37
Cerrdorany networking gawds in here tonight?05:37
wa5qjhand that worked fine on my old Wubi install  but not in my normal partition U11.0405:37
rootyourselfquit sucking up and just ask Cerrdor05:38
CerrdorI can ping my host OS from my guest but not my guest from the host, what gives here? No firewall, LAMP / DNS both running fine05:39
rootyourselfCerrdor: let me quess, qemu?05:39
Cerrdorbut if I ping my guest OS or go to geust.OS.IP.addy:80 I get a time out05:39
Cerrdorno firewall anywhere on either system completely disabled for troubleshooting05:40
rootyourselfqemu guests have that default behaviour05:40
OccupyDemonoidHello, how can I install Ubuntu on a USB?05:40
CerrdorOccupyDemonoid, by running the USB installer05:41
rootyourselfCerrdor: sorry dude, won't be able to help on that issue.  kinda weird05:41
OccupyDemonoidCerrdor, may I have a link please?05:41
wa5qjhOccupyDemonoid. assuming you're already in Windows,  use the universalinstaller on the cd .iso works great fro that.05:42
olskolirchey who started this channel?05:43
MidComArghhi guys. i'm having considerable trouble attempting to install ubuntu on a hp mini 110 - prepared a 2GB USB using unetbootin-545, and invariably syslinux freezes05:43
OccupyDemonoidwa5qjh, alright thank you. Would it pick up that I already have Windows PE on the drive?05:43
CerrdorOccupyDemonoid, http://bit.ly/Juh4rG05:43
rootyourselfolskolirc: mark shuttleworth him self of course05:43
wa5qjhor download the universal installer from the same site you got the .iso image from.05:43
MidComArghhas anyone run across this? google doesn't indicate so but i'm hoping i might get some assistance from you guys05:43
olskolircwho appointed admins?05:44
rigvedOccupyDemonoid: from windows: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows and from ubuntu: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-ubuntu05:44
wa5qjhon  the usb drive ?05:44
wa5qjhit will replace just about anything that may be on the usb drive.05:44
OccupyDemonoidrigved, that only creates a boot disk. I want to actually install it on the usb.05:45
OccupyDemonoidwa5qjh, Yes, I want to have ubuntu installed while still having Windows PE on it.05:45
wa5qjhIt worked for me for several different sticks. I put U11.04 on one, Turnkey on another.05:46
OccupyDemonoidHow did you get Windows PE to work with it?05:47
wa5qjhyou want ubuntu And Windows installed on the same usb stick ?05:47
OccupyDemonoidwa5qjh, yes I do, I have a 32gb drive and just want to have one drive for everything.05:47
hk19It can b dome in an external hard disk05:47
rootyourselfstrangely, this can be done, but its a good chunk of work05:47
MidComArghwhy, god, why05:48
rigvedOccupyDemonoid: put in a Ubuntu CD and also the USB. then, during the installation procedure, tell the partition manager to install to the USB. install GRUB also to the USB. that will work.05:48
wa5qjhAh, so des.  well somebody else is gonna have to help you with that then. Sorry.05:48
rootyourselfthere is someone online that installed 32 os's on a single hd05:48
rootyourselfi've seen live cds with multiple windows versions05:48
rootyourselfno clue how to create them tho05:48
OccupyDemonoidrigved, alright. I will try that right now. Thank you.05:48
rootyourselfhowever, it will be similar to creating a dual boot setup, you will need to make the usb drive bootable and have something like grub pointing to all the different os's05:49
rigvedOccupyDemonoid: make sure you select "Something else" in the partition manager during the install. then create the partitions on the USB (one for / and one for swap at aleast). also, select to install the bootloader (GRUB) on the USB.05:49
rootyourselfthere you go, that looks right05:50
OccupyDemonoidrigved, would that format the drive?05:50
wjcwcan somebody run "gconftool-2 -g /apps/metacity/general/titlebar_font" -- unity 2d seems to mess with this and I'm curoius as to what the default is on 12.04 LTS05:50
rigvedOccupyDemonoid: you can control that from the partition manager. but yes, you will have to format some of the drive at least for the / and swap partitions.05:51
OccupyDemonoidrigved, alright. Sweet, thank you. :)05:51
ActionParsnipwjcw: Ubuntu Bold 11     is output05:52
wjcwActionParsnip: thanks!05:55
ActionParsnipwjcw: np :)05:59
Guest81694how can i change my nickname06:15
=== archer__ is now known as Guest63902
Guest81694hi, how to change your nickname in irc06:18
genii-aroundGuest81694:  /nick newname-here06:18
=== Guest81694 is now known as chroot
chrootyes, worked.06:19
chrootthank you man06:19
chrootoh, and will it remember my nickname next time i login06:19
genii-aroundchroot: Not unless you register it06:20
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ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode06:20
namoamitabuddha/sbin/iptables -t filter -A INPUT -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --dport 50000 -j ACCEPT06:23
ZanzacarI have a hardware question, Anyways have an idea where I should go for some help?06:23
namoamitabuddhaIs there any equivalent command to this in ufw?06:23
reisioZanzacar: #hardware ?06:23
Zanzacarreisio: good call. I guess its late and brain = fail06:23
reisiochroot_: /bin/bash06:26
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=== techgone\ is now known as techgone
Frank-N-Steennetwork manager restart just seeing if I am on. :)06:31
funberподскажите как прикрутит dlink dcs930l к skype06:31
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.06:32
* Frank-N-Steen igor hand me those electrodes06:32
funberjoin #ubuntu-ru06:33
axzGood day ppl... i'm having issue with Xubuntu.. it takes very long to lead after login 12.0406:33
Frank-N-Steenaxz, how long is it. :)06:33
Frank-N-Steenin time06:33
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw06:34
axzFrank-N-Steen, tbh dunno about 3+ min06:34
Frank-N-Steenaxz, whoa that is strange not sure really, you have any extras installed like compiz.06:35
bazhangchroota_, stop that06:36
axzFrank-N-Steen, no its clean install06:37
Frank-N-Steenaxz, not sure myself.06:37
gio3505Hey guys, do any of you know why Kubuntu doesn't show up in the desktop environments drop box in wubi? It only lists Ubuntu.06:38
chroota_oh, sorry.06:38
axzFrank-N-Steen, https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-meta/+question/19099106:38
chroota_i am using irssi, and a little confused about it.06:38
axzsame issue but nobody really got int it06:38
gio3505same as mine axz?06:39
axzgio3505, sorry?!06:41
axzi installed xubuntu but it takes freaky long to show up the desktop after login06:41
gio3505ah, thought you were replying to my problem lol06:42
skydromehi, is the ouput of gcc -dumpversion controlled by how ubuntu builds gcc?06:42
gio3505Hey guys, do any of you know why Kubuntu doesn't show up in the desktop environments drop box in wubi? It only lists Ubuntu.06:44
iceroot_gio3505: what is the output of "dpkg -l kubuntu-desktop"06:45
iceroot_skydrome: yes06:45
gio3505what now? i just dont have the option to select kubuntu in the drop down box for desktop environments in wubi. only gives me ubuntu as an option.06:46
skydromeiceroot_, would the bug report site be a good place to discuss if ubuntu could make it report 4.6.0 instead of 4.6 or another channel maybe?06:46
iceroot_skydrome: if you have a good reason why it should act like that, a bugreport is a good idea06:47
skydromeok ty06:48
gio3505any idea iceroot?06:48
iceroot_gio3505: is told you what info is needed06:49
iceroot_gio3505: please run that command06:49
iceroot_!paste | gio350506:49
ubottugio3505: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:49
gio3505how? im in windows7 btw, not ubuntu06:49
iceroot_gio3505: in ubuntu you have to run that command06:50
gio3505i have not installed ubuntu. im looking to install Kubuntu with Wubi.exe06:50
iceroot_gio3505: ah ok, you want to install kde directly, i never used wubi so i dont know of there is an option to install kde directly, you can install ubuntu without a desktop and after the installation is done you will run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"06:51
gio3505hmm, will that fresh - install a dual boot kubuntu or overite windows?06:53
ace7want to ask why when I try to boot from my pendrive(have win7) I get to GDU that give me option to boot from ubuntu?06:54
Epznsfwhi everyone I'm having some issues updating some packages on ubuntu, it's actually stuck with libssl1.0.0, whenever i try to run apt-get install --reinstall libssl1.0.0 i get a permission denied error on /var/lib/dpkg/info/libssl1.0.0:i386.postrm   and /var/lib/dpkg/tmp.ci/postrm  with dpkg error status 206:55
Epznsfw +  is there any way to fix it ? (sorry I hit enter lol)06:56
Frank-N-Steenace7, grub was probablt put in the usb instead of the HD, you run the  bootscript yet?06:56
flowerpotEpznsfw, permission denied makes me think you should try again with sudo.06:56
killerhi ...i recently ran vmware.bundle and when i try to run vmware player ...it says kernel modules not compiled06:56
Epznsfwflowerpot, at apt-get install? I did06:58
EpznsfwI actually never ran it without sudo06:58
flowerpotEpznsfw, then I'm afraid I don't know :(06:58
ace7what is bootscript? I'm new to linux, right now my os is ubuntu and I want to install win7 and then I want to install ubuntu as duall boot06:58
Epznsfwflowerpot, thanks for trying06:58
Frank-N-Steenace7, does the ubuntu on the computer boot without the usb?06:59
Frank-N-Steenace7, the bootscript is a script for debugging boot problems07:00
ace7yup, ubuntu is on hd07:00
ace7how to do bootscript?07:00
ubottuBoot info script is a usefull script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).07:00
Frank-N-Steenace7, there is also a boot-repair tool that will run it for you a modified version. Boot info summary with this app, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair07:02
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mike9863I'm unable to login past lightdm. When I submit my password it appears to login but then it brings back lightdm. I am using 12.04.07:07
nmvictorHaa, did I read somewhere that Linux Mint is, and hass been for that last 6 months, the most widely used Linux distro. What a news, and a great one but expected anyway. What was canonical expecting with that Unity shit! Next news, ubuntu will be dropped from the top 10 list then Canonical will open their eyes to the reality. In Opensource-spere, you must give back to the community. Its the only way to survive.Fuck you Unity developers07:17
nmvictorand Fuck you Unity users!!!!!07:19
unimatrixdoc_oveI've been impressed with Unity. Simple, but only on the surface. A lot of stuff just *works* out of the box.07:19
unimatrixdoc_oveprefer KDE, xfce, fluxbox.07:19
unimatrixdoc_ovefluxbox my fav07:19
unimatrixdoc_ovebut, Unity has potential07:19
jamesIs there a way to retrieve my forgotten keyring password?07:20
=== james is now known as Guest44590
Guest44590Is there a way to retrieve my forgotten keyring password?07:20
Tm_Tnmvictor: please, this is wrong channel for this so kindly try stay in the channel topic07:20
nmvictorunimatrixdoc_ove: liar, Unity in 12.04 freezes up computer system and is very slow. try googling Unity very slow and you will see how many million more results Google has for you07:21
Tm_T!guidelines | nmvictor also read these07:21
ubottunmvictor also read these: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines07:21
nmvictorTm_T: Ok07:21
Guest44590Is there a way to retrieve my forgotten keyring password?07:21
=== thrillERboy_ is now known as thrillERboy
unimatrixdoc_oveGuest44590 <-- I'm trying to find where it's location in the home dir. give me a sec07:23
rrajWhat ever im trying to install, im getting the follwing error.07:23
rrajYou might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these:07:23
rrajThe following packages have unmet dependencies:07:23
rraj fglrx-updates : Depends: linux-headers-generic but it is not going to be installed or07:23
Tm_TGuest44590: does this help? recall I followed the instructions here when I did http://askubuntu.com/questions/65281/how-to-recover-reset-forgotten-gnome-keyring-password07:23
FloodBot1rraj: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:23
rraj                          linux-headers07:23
rraj linux-headers-generic-pae : Depends: linux-headers-3.2.0-23-generic-pae but it is not going to be installed07:23
wilee-nilee!pastebin > rraj07:24
ubotturraj, please see my private message07:24
rrajHi, Here is my erros07:26
rrajAny idea to resolve this issue, Im not able to update or install anything now07:26
unimatrixdoc_ovenmvictor <-- yes, it was slow until i installed catalyst drivers from AMD07:27
unimatrixdoc_ove"myunity" allowed for some custom options that I was impressed with07:27
nmvictorunimatrixdoc_ove: I'm in Intel and it was slow.07:28
ibmplease can someone help me i am trying to dist upgrade my version of ubuntu but it does not work i tried with sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and sudo apt-get update but it says that i have some program package that can not be removed i tried even with sudo apt-get autoremove and sudo apt-get install -f i do not now what to do now07:29
unimatrixdoc_ovehmm... The was an install that I did a while back. Unity totally sucked. It was a P4 2GHz with a modest video card.07:29
unimatrixdoc_ovefor some reason this time around things are totally different. Extremely *snappy* and quick response07:29
wilee-nileeibm, what is the release you have now?07:30
unimatrixdoc_ovethough diff arch. Now on a Core 2 Quad 8GB RAM.07:30
Tm_Tibm: apt-get dist-upgrade does upgrade within the release, is that what you are looking for? if yes, the specific error message would help to help you07:30
nmvictorunimatrixdoc_ove: Thats a nice opinion you have, Distrowatch will tell the opinion of the masses.07:30
nmvictorunimatrixdoc_ove: sometime to come07:30
Tm_Tnmvictor: ...are you looking for help or just rant?07:31
unimatrixdoc_ovenmvictor <-- true.07:31
rrajHow can i remove this error07:31
rraj linux-headers-3.2.0-23-generic-pae : Depends: linux-headers-3.2.0-23 but it is not going to be installed07:31
ibmUbuntu 10.04 LTS07:31
Tm_Trraj: what happens if you try install linux-headers-3.2.0-23 ?07:31
unimatrixdoc_oveI would try different video drivers or even different card all together07:31
unimatrixdoc_ove^^ nmvictor07:31
wilee-nileeibm, Are you trying to upgrade within 10.04 or to 12.04?07:32
rraj@Tm_T: Video drivers? For any package installation im getting the same..07:32
unimatrixdoc_oveon the system in question, what card where u using?07:32
rrajis this not a issue with wrong linux image?07:32
nmvictorTm_T: Help, Unity was slow in my machine. Making my machine run like a pentium 2 pc loaded with win95, any suggestions or catalyst drivers I need to install in my previously-workable-with-11.10 machine?07:32
wilee-nileerraj, Do you have synaptic installed?07:33
rrajsynaptic is not installed i think @wilee-nilee07:33
Tm_Tnmvictor: in that case, stop bringing mint, distrowatch or other irrelevancies into discussion, and stick strictly in the issue you're having, please07:33
ibmit wants to upgrade to 10.1007:33
rraji was using apt-get command07:33
unimatrixdoc_ovenmvictor <-- just a hunch: have a look at your last /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:34
Tm_Trraj: apt-get dist-upgrade does not upgrade your system to newer release07:34
wilee-nileerraj, going there if you had it and could get in to look for broken packages would be about all I know.07:34
diverdudeHello, when i plug in my android (4.0) to my ubuntu computer it is not being detected as a mass storage device. How can i then transfer files to and from my android phone?07:34
nmvictorTm_T: what suggestions, I asked, do you have for my problem?07:34
rrajraj@raj-VPCEB46FG:~$ uname -a07:34
rrajLinux raj-VPCEB46FG 3.2.0-24-generic-pae #39-Ubuntu SMP Mon May 21 18:54:21 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux07:34
Tm_Tnmvictor: none currently07:34
nmvictorunimatrixdoc_ove: ok, am onto that.07:34
rrajThis is my linux info07:34
wilee-nileeibm, 10.10 is end of life you can't upgrade to it.07:34
nmvictorTm_T: Good!07:34
unimatrixdoc_ovenmvictor <-- could you throw it up on paste.ubuntu.com07:35
rraj@TM_T, im not trying to upgrade, Im already using 12.0407:35
ibmbut i want to upgrade to the last one if is possible07:35
wilee-nileeibm, wait for the july 12.04.1 relaese and you will get the upgrade in the update manager07:35
rraj@wilee-nilee, the below is the broken i think07:36
rrajThe following packages have unmet dependencies:07:36
rrajlinux-image: Depends: linux-image-generic (= but it is not installed07:36
rrajam i right or anything else to be checked?07:36
unimatrixdoc_ovenmvictor <-- am thinking that you might not be loading some options07:36
wilee-nileerraj, I would not know, you might make a thread at the ubuntu forums, more help there at times.07:36
ibmthere are already an 12.04 upgrade07:36
nmvictorunimatrixdoc_ove: never mind, I'm gonna try Kubuntu 12.04 first! I'll surely get back to you if am as disatisfied over their.07:36
Tm_Trraj: ok, what happens if you try install linux-headers-3.2.0-23?07:37
wilee-nileeibm, in the update manager?07:37
rrajthis is the broken repair error07:37
dixoncxNeed help, Problem with Bluetooth. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1169587507:38
ibmbut it does not upgrade to it or to one earlier version07:38
rigveddiverdude: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/12/how-to-connect-your-android-ice-cream-sandwich-phone-to-ubuntu-for-file-access/07:39
dan_Is the upgrade from 11.04 to 12.04 safe?07:39
rraj@TM_T: Same error is being repeated when im trying to install linux-headers for 3.2.0-2307:39
unimatrixdoc_ovenmvictor <-- yeah, I would be curious if you get better results with compiz-fusion stuff. I had a good experience with KDE in general too.07:39
Tm_Trraj: it cannot be exactly the same error07:39
rraj@wilee-nilee, Doing that also now07:39
unimatrixdoc_ovenmvictor <-- I was going to look for (EE) here is what my Xorg.0.log looks like paste.ubuntu.com/100926207:40
ibmwilee-nilee, where can i put the information to you to see it07:40
rraj@TM_T: This is the error : http://paste.ubuntu.com/1009265/07:40
ibmi do not now how to use the paste thing07:41
wilee-nileeibm, in a imagebin, or pastebin07:41
wilee-nileeibm, are you backed up?07:41
ibmwhat do you mean07:42
rigved!pastebin | ibm07:42
ubottuibm: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:42
wilee-nileeibm, if the upgrade failed are you covered, can you afford to loses the whole OS?07:42
Tm_Trraj: and then you try installing linux-image-generic and follow the chain until you come to an end (:07:42
Tm_Trraj: but sounds like the package lists needs updating (or repositories were in the middle of update)07:43
rraj@TM_T : Do youmean this ? sudo apt-get install linux-image-generic07:43
rraj@Tm_T : I had tried that. that too ends at same dependency error. Did apt-get update also07:45
dixoncxNeed help, Problem with Bluetooth. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1169587507:45
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Miranshey all07:50
Miranshelp pls M07:50
ibmwilee-nilee, here you have it is half in swedish and the other in english but i think you while now anyway the problem go to this http://paste.ubuntu.com/1009280/07:51
dixoncxAnybody...  Problem with Bluetooth. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1169587507:53
Fudgebarcode  isnt that grub legacy?07:53
unimatrixdoc_ove@mirans: what is it you need help with?07:54
Fudgewhoops discard, wasnt scrolled down07:54
fyodorovnaibm, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade is a in the release upgrade not to another release.07:56
fyodorovnalike a update && upgrade07:56
gabriele93hi to everione07:57
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gabriele93someone can tell me how i can replace XFCE of ubuntustudio?07:58
fyodorovnaibm, personally I would say don't upgrade to another release without having your stuff backup but here is the info. http://askubuntu.com/questions/125392/why-is-no-new-release-found-when-upgrading-10-04-to-12-04-lts07:58
Guest91471Is it easy to run Ubuntu 12.04 server from RAM without a hard disk??07:58
fyodorovnaibm, have you seen 12.04 it has a completely different desktop.08:00
Guest91471Sorry if I'm intruding, but is there a way to run Ubuntu 12.04 server from RAM ?08:00
Guest91471hi balmer08:02
matthewLGuest91471: if you run from live cd, that's ram, right?08:02
EaglemanWhy would you run ubuntu from ram, since every settings you make will be gone after a restart or power loss08:02
Guest91471That's exactly why I want to eagle08:03
mbalmerwith 12.04 I can do a user autologin.  But can I also set a delay, during which it would be possible to interrupt the autologin and login as a different user?  In gdm3, that is possible, fwiw.08:03
Guest91471matt: i hope so08:03
Guest91471but I can't figure out how with the server08:03
Eaglemanwhy not run it in virtual box to test things out08:03
Guest91471Since Ubuntu 12.04 Server only provides the option of installation, how to live CD ?08:05
Guest91471is there a boot option to make it run like a live CD ?08:08
ge0rJeyin my vimrc found this mapping ,nmap <leader>f0  .which key is f0 referring to08:08
rraj@Tm_t and @wilee-nilee, Added a query on UF. : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11972605#post1197260508:09
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rrajI dono how to resolve this dependency08:09
rrajim ready to remove the old kernel even08:10
NebularitI have a large music library. I want to generate a text file that lists every album and the tracks in those albums. How could I do this?08:11
ibmnow i get this http://paste.ubuntu.com/1009307/ does somebody now how to fix it please08:15
NebularitI have a large music library. I want to generate a text file that lists every album and the tracks in those albums. How could I do this?08:17
NebularitI have a large music library. I want to generate a text file that lists every album and the tracks in those albums. How could I do this?08:18
Guest91471so.. does anyone know if booting Ubuntu 12.04 Server from CD is possible (like a liveCD) ?  I would simply like to know if the option is there or not.08:19
mbalmerok, lightdm is broken, ignores the autologin-user-timeout setting.08:19
mi3pungi-man, welcome back08:24
pungi-manhey mi3!08:24
mi3YO pungi-man !!!08:25
pungi-manhow are u mi3??08:25
mi3pungi-man, how do I look ??08:25
NebularitIs there a way to list ONLY files in a directory AND ALL aubdirectories?08:25
pungi-manas usual!!08:26
mi3Nebularit, ls -ln08:26
pungi-manmay be we should not flood here lets go to another channel08:26
Guest91471I'm sure there is, if the tools won't help you Nebu, a simple script or program certainly can.08:26
mi3pungi-man, ok, I'll pvt you :D08:26
Guest91471But I have another question..  How do I know if Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit will run on my machine??08:27
fyodorovnaGuest91471, Try a live cd/usb08:28
huttanGuest91471: 64bit supports bigger memory, thats all. If you got over 4gb, use 64bit08:29
Eaglemanthats what he wants but there isnt a live cd for 12.04 server08:29
fyodorovnaEagleman, was not following the posts.08:30
huttanNebularit: How is it compiled? files and folders?08:30
mbalmerwow, that lightdm bug is known (and unfixed) since at least 2006...08:31
mbalmeroh, crap no...08:32
mbalmeronly since 2011 ;)08:32
EaglemanHow do i get this command executed on every reboot mount --bind website  /var/www/folder08:33
Eaglemanis it possible to put it in fstab?08:33
Eaglemanand how08:34
xisorhi im having a problem with samba shares08:36
xisori cant seem to mount them via fstab08:36
ibmplease someone help me with the upgrading error i do not now how to fix it http://paste.ubuntu.com/1009307/08:37
fyodorovnaibm, it is trying to upgrade to maverick, make a thread at the ubuntu forums it will probably be helpfel, this channel is much busier daytime US08:40
xisorguess everybody is asleep08:40
xisorcan someone help me with setting up mounting for smb shares in my /etc/fstab?08:42
huttanxisor: paste what u have now08:46
* Abhijit back to Ubuuuuntu!08:46
huttanjust the line that is trying to mount ths smbshare08:46
EaglemanIs clonezilla any good for making a 1:1 copy of my disks?08:48
juniourhey my unity is gone plz help me08:49
Eaglemansince i;ve got an ext4 partition and partimage doesnt support ext408:49
Abhijitjuniour, 'gone'? was it there before? working well? what you done that after it unity gone?08:50
juniourupper pannel and left dock ig gone plz help me08:50
juniourabhijit it was there08:50
huttanjuniour: did you reboot and it was gone, or did it just disappear?08:50
juniourhuttan ya08:50
huttanthat didnt answer much hehe08:51
juniourir reboot and it was gone08:51
juniourhuttan i got thanks for cooperation08:52
huttanif u try to run unity from terminal08:52
juniouri got unity08:53
huttanu get massive error output?08:53
DaraelI upgraded to Precise, and now my keyboard layout settings seem to have no effect; everything's stuck in the system keyboard setting, which doesn't have, eg, compose key, caps-lock-as-backspace, layout-switching options...08:53
huttanDarael: whats ur keyboard layout?08:54
Daraelhuttan: Well, my system default is set to Programmer Dvorak, so that's what it's stuck in now - which means I can't access the QWERTY layout I have as secondary, and makes letting people use my computer... difficult.08:55
huttanwhat if u export LANG to en_US.UTF-8 ??08:57
Daraelhuttan: Shouldn't make any difference.  The problem is in X, not the terminal, for a start.09:00
huttanDarael: then u gotta look at xorg.conf in /etc/X11 if i remember right09:01
huttanthen sudo gdm restart when ur done editing the font09:01
huttansudo service gdm restart for ubuntu maybe09:01
Daraelhuttan: I do not have a /etc/X11/xorg.conf - this was one of the first places I looked.  And anyway, Ubuntu uses lightdm these days, and Upstart too, so it'd be sudo restart lightdm.09:02
huttanu getting the point...there has to be a conf file09:02
Daraelhuttan: No, there doesn't.  More modern versions of X autoconfigure, and /etc/X11/xorg.conf is only for overrides if they prove necessary.  And none of this explains why the GNOME keyboard-layout configuration tool has absolutely no effect.09:04
huttanyou check the logs ?09:05
mi3pungi-man, welcome back09:06
harshadproblem in installing ubuntu on system with nvidia graphics card...what to do..???09:06
Darael!elaborate | harshad09:06
ubottuharshad: Please elaborate, your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)09:06
xisorhuttan: sorry i was afk since repsonse was slow, still there?09:07
rrajhowto mkdir and chmod in a ssingle command?09:07
Abhijitrraj, mkdir && chmod09:07
huttanxisor: yeah09:07
rrajNope @Abhijit.. i want something like sudo mkdir 777 /projects/09:07
Abhijitits obvious isnt it09:08
Abhijitrraj, on short you write whatever command you want there and just put && in between two commands.09:08
Abhijitthats how you run two commands in single line09:08
Daraelrraj: sudo mkdir -m a=rwx /projects09:09
xisorhuttan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1009372/09:09
xisorreplaced username and password obviously:P cant be too careful09:09
rrajThanks Abhijit and Dareal.09:09
harshadi want to install ubuntu 12.04 on my desktp but installion won't proceed,,,,i have nvidia graphics card 2gb...is it creating problem for my installation...????09:10
Daraelrraj: "man mkdir" isn't much help, but it does point to "info coreutils 'mkdir invocation'", which is where I got that, for future reference.09:10
huttanrraj: remember && has a check that commands are successful09:10
IronSightI went to install the upgrade and it's giving me some heat over gnome-session... http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-05272012-040701am.php09:10
IronSighttrying to get on the new LTS09:10
Abhijitharshad, at which point it is stuck? do you meet the hardware requirement?09:10
saryharshad: try a kernel boot option from the live-cd to pass to the desktop and install.09:10
xisorhuttan: is my syntax wrong or somethin?09:10
xisorhuttan: does it wait to connect to my wireless network before attempting to mount those?09:11
Daraelharshad: "installation won't proceed".  At what point, is there an error message, and do you have any particular reason to suspect the graphics card?09:11
Abhijithelp. getting error (gnome-tweak-tool:7472): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: Settings schema 'org.gnome.shell.extensions.user-theme' is not installed while trynig to run gnome tweak tool!09:11
saryAbhijit: install the extension then ..09:11
IronSightsince I am running xubuntu, if I rip out all the gnome-shell stuff, will that fix that error?09:12
Abhijitsary, https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/19/user-themes/ says i already had it installed.09:12
harshadat very start installion won't proceed..don't give any error message but screenn remains as it is....???09:12
Daraelxisor: As I recall, there's a mount option which notes that something's a network filesystem and makes it wait until there's a network available before it tries to mount it.  Hang on while I look it up.09:13
xisorDarael: ok, can you give me a paste with edited syntax after you do?09:13
xisorDarael: so i can edit the 14 entries i have in my fstab?09:13
Abhijitharshad, press any key?09:13
Daraelxisor: add _netdev to the mount options (the same field as you have username=username,password=password in)09:14
harshadAbhijit :won't work...09:14
xisorDarael: where do i add it exactly?09:14
xisorDarael: before or after username and password?09:14
saryAbhijit: Alrigh , on the same page look in the comment by peacewithall .. execute those commands logout/back in and then restart the tool .09:15
xisorDarael: do i just add ,_netdev after the password?09:15
Daraelxisor: Shouldn't matter, but I'd put it first.  _netdev,username=username,password=password09:15
IronSightno one had this issue spring up on the upgrade? http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-05272012-040701am.php09:15
harshadsary:how to enter kernal boot option..>!!!09:15
xisorDarael: ok, and is it case sensitive when connecting to windows shares?09:15
xisorDarael: if so how do i figure out the correct capitalisation/09:15
saryharshad: you're booting to the live-cd , right ..09:16
Abhijitsary, that gives me No such file or directory error cause as suggested on one ubuntu forum post i delted local/share/gnome-shell/extnesions09:16
Daraelxisor: I don't know off the top of my head, sorry.  As I recall, the machine name should be all lowercase... but I'd have to look up the exact syntax and where it's case-sensitive if at all.09:16
xisorDarael: oh ok09:16
saryAbhijit: do you happen to have installed the extension from a ppa !09:17
xisoris the rest of my syntax correct?09:17
Abhijitsary, nope09:17
Daraelxisor: Seems to be, yes.09:18
xisorDarael: this is my first day using linux XD09:18
xisorDarael: sorry if i asked a dumb question09:18
saryAbhijit: ok , so now after you removed the extension dir .. what happen when you install and trun the user-etension ON .09:18
IronSightIs the ubuntu upgrader broken?09:19
saryharshad: Are you able to reach the installer menu from the live-cd ..09:19
morsnowskiIronSight, why?09:19
IronSightmorsnowski, http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-05272012-040701am.php09:19
Abhijitsary, to turn the user extensin on i need to go insdie the tweak tool but tweak tool wont launch at all09:19
saryIronSight: it could be in your system .09:20
IronSightI just tried to do a dist upgrade, and it throws me that09:20
mcloyhow to restart samba, my windows machine shares are not showing up09:20
Abhijitsary, i will solve this later. thank you for your time. i need to go for lunch. bye09:21
Daraelxisor: Nono, not at all.  Good on you for trying - this is rather more ambitious than most people try on their first day, and it seems very close to working.  I am impressed.  Although I note that having your Windows box's root filesystem exposed on the network, with the username and password in a world-readable plain-text file on another machine, is probably not the best idea security-wise.09:21
morsnowskifrom what version are you trying to upgrade?09:21
saryAbhijit: well , tuern the extension to ON from the extension.org , then run those commands posted by the user i mentioned , logout/back in then run the tweak-tool again .09:21
IronSightumm... I think the last LTS, but lemme check09:21
xisorDarael: anyone can access my fstab?09:21
saryharshad: at what point are you stack in the live-cd .. what screen do you see .09:22
IronSightmorsnowski, 11.1009:22
Daraelxisor: Anyone with access to that machine, yes.  Try using a credentials file instead.09:22
xisorDarael: its read only access btw, so they can only view my files nothing more, even if they got in09:22
mcloyhow to restart samba, my windows machine shares are not showing up09:22
xisorDarael: im the only one with access to either machine, this is a local network in my house :P09:22
morsnowskithat's no lts, did you check the thngs that your error message showed?09:23
saryharshad: i must aske if you did md5 test the iso before burnning to media .09:23
Daraelxisor: I work too much with larger networks.  Of course it is.  Well, I can try to prod people into forming good habits early, or something... :P09:23
xisorDarael: figured it was easier to network access my files on this new linux install than migrate all of my hard drives and files to do it the other way around?09:23
morsnowskiIronSight, that's no lts, did you check the thngs that your error message showed?09:23
harshadsary:after welcome screen of ubuntu black screen comes and remains as it is even cursor doesn't works..09:24
IronSightmorsnowski, you think if I remove all gnome 3 components then it might work?09:24
Eaglemanhow to remove every single package of bacula?09:24
morsnowskiwell at leats take it off the blacklist09:24
IronSightit was complaining about gnome-session being marked for removal09:24
xisorDarael: not like my file server has any stability issues or anything, it doesnt even have internet access its local network only XD09:24
amageehey does anyone have any hints for getting dual displays working on ubuntu 12.04 with an amd/ati graphics card?09:24
mcloy is there a way not to install kde (remove it) but run dolphin or xchat or a video (just these applications) and do all work at command line?09:24
xisorDarael: but changing it over to linux seems complicated for a noob:P09:24
Daraelxisor: If you need to have two machines, one on each OS, yes, it is.  Almost certainly.  Configuring SAMBA the /other/ way around is not hard, but is definitely hard/er/.09:24
IronSightmorsnowski, can you remind me where the blacklist is located, it's been a while since I played with that09:25
amageeif i try to do it with the gnome "displays" control panel app I get "required virtual size does not fit available size: requested=(3840, 1080), minimum=(320, 200), maximum=(1920, 1920)"09:25
mbalmeris robert_ancell online here often?09:25
morsnowski:) same here i have to look that up09:25
xisorDarael: im trying to learn linux so i can do a buncha cool stuff id have to pay tons of money to do in windows XD09:25
saryharshad: this is in the live-cd , right !09:25
amageeif i try to do it with amdcccle it just crashes as soon as tell the monitors not to be mirrored09:25
Daraelxisor: Good motivation.  I approve.  Do /eventually/ think about migrating that server, since the server is where *nix (including Linux) really shines.  It's good on the desktop, but it's great on the server.09:26
harshadsary:live usb09:26
xisorDarael: correct me if im wrong but i need to go sudo mkdir all my mount points too right?09:26
mcloyis my text visible to anyone?09:26
IronSightmorsnowski, I just checked like /etc/apt... don't see one there09:26
xisorsudo mkdir /mnt/windows/C is correct syntax yes? Darael ?09:27
Daraelxisor: Correct.  You can do that all in one if they're under /mnt with "sudo mkdir /mnt/{mountpoint1,mountpoint2,mountpoint3}" syntax, by the way.09:27
xisorDarael: neat, thanks thats helpful info09:27
Daraelxisor: And there's the ever-useful -p flag to mkdir, which makes it create any necessary parent directories in a single command.09:27
xisorDarael: im trying to learn, hope im doing ok so far09:27
morsnowskiIronSight, you could always just remove it manually and then run the upgrade09:27
Daraelxisor: Seems so to me.09:27
IronSightsounds like a plan morsnowski09:28
* IronSight pulls up synaptic09:28
xisorDarael: i  need to paste my new things in and mkdir my mnt points, will you be here after i reboot?09:28
saryharshad: Alright , when you see the BIOS screen , which is the firt black screen you'll see when booting , after that screen keep pressing SHIFT till you see the GURB bootloader screen .09:28
Daraelxisor: I should be.  Just mention my name when you get back, I'll get a popup.  See you on the other side.09:28
DaraelI upgraded to Precise, and now my keyboard layout settings seem to have no effect; everything's stuck in the system keyboard setting, which doesn't have, eg, compose key, caps-lock-as-backspace, layout-switching options...09:30
xisorDarael: ok rebooting09:30
morsnowskiIronSight, what desktop are you on, Gnome or Unity?09:30
Eaglemanunmount /dev/sdb09:30
EaglemanNo command 'unmount' found, did you mean:09:30
Eaglemanwhy isnt it working?09:30
DaraelEagleman: It's umount - only one n.09:30
morsnowskiIronSight, so you wouldn't mind if gnome went away for a while ?09:31
Eaglemanaw thanks09:31
IronSightmorsnowski, exactly09:31
morsnowskiok then kick it :)09:31
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DaraelEagleman: Additionally, unpartitioned media is rare - you probably want "umount /dev/sdbn", where n is some number or other.  But maybe not.09:31
javier__good morning09:31
syphiliticWhite with a streak of yellow reek09:32
syphiliticA shitty pink09:32
syphiliticA most unladylike stink09:32
xisor_Darael: im back09:32
syphiliticFrom a fragrant, lubricated leak.09:32
xisor_Darael: and those mountpoints are empty....09:32
harshadsary:what i do next...???09:32
syphiliticTHE STINK09:32
saryharshad: while you at the GRUB Menu press ' e ' then anoher menu will open .. look for the ,line tht starts with  ' linux /boot .. at that line add nomodeset after quiet splash , when that is done press CTRL+X .09:32
syphiliticTHE STINK09:32
FloodBot1syphilitic: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:32
IronSightmorsnowski, yay, now it wants to start the upgrade, thanks man!09:33
Daraelxisor_: Hm.  Run "mount" with no options, and pastebin the result for me?  Also try "sudo mount -a" and try again.09:33
xisor_Darael: ok09:33
xisor_Darael: is there a command i can use to auto generate a pastebin for me?09:33
xisor_Darael: i heard some distros have that09:33
javier__i have upgrade from lucid to precise, with gnome-classic, and some shortcuts are different, someone can tell me what is the shortcut to show the desktop without using the mouse09:33
IronSightgetting the packages at 3,122 kB/s ^_^09:34
saryharshad: please conform if you see queit splash in hat line .09:34
fiazyFinished a new painting today09:34
morsnowskijavier__,  ctrl-alt-left(right)09:34
fiazyits 305 cm x 215 cm, oil over linen09:34
Myrttisyphilitic: did you have a Ubuntu related question?09:34
xisor_http://paste.ubuntu.com/1009400/ Darael09:34
ubottufiazy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:35
xisor_http://paste.ubuntu.com/1009401/ Darael09:35
xisor_smbfs appears to be incorrect type syntax09:35
Daraelxisor_: The command is pastebinit, but IIRC you have to install the pastebinit package first.  Then the syntax is "command | pastebinit".  Just a sec, I'll have a look.09:35
javier__thanks morsonwski but ctrl-alt-left and right change to other virtual desktop but i want to minimize all the windows09:35
xisor_Darael: that would be my problem, now just need the correct syntax for an smb share and it should work.... i think09:35
syphiliticTHE STINK09:35
xisor_Darael: unless i am stupid09:35
syphiliticTHE STINK09:36
FloodBot1syphilitic: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:36
Daraelxisor_: So it does.  Hang on, I'll go and look it up.09:36
morsnowskijavier__, oh got you09:36
sarysyphilitic: ARE you okay !09:36
syphiliticsary I'VE NEVER BEEN BETTER09:36
syphiliticPanties stink!09:36
syphiliticThey really really stink!09:36
sarysyphilitic: glad to know so , do you have support question ?09:37
xisor_he got kicked lol09:37
Daraelxisor_: Have you got the smbfs package installed?09:37
xisor_Darael:  i do not know, the samba shares work when i browse them in the file manager though09:37
morsnowskijavier__, how about ctrl-alt d09:38
harshadsary:on pressing e another menu won't come....09:38
Daraelxisor_: Run "sudo apt-get install smbfs" for me and try again?  The file manager uses gvfs to access samba shares, and that's not easily available to the system at FS mount time.09:38
xisor_smbfs is installed09:38
xisor_should i reboot?09:38
Daraelxisor_: Should be no need.09:38
xisor_Darael: if i want the shares to mount a reboot is needed? or will it mount them on its own now?09:39
javier__msnowski, nothing happens with ctrl + alt + d09:39
Daraelxisor_: Did you just install it?  If so, try a "mount -a" again.09:39
javier__morsnowski, nothing happens with ctrl + alt + d09:39
xisor_device or resource busy09:39
Daraelxisor_: "mount -a" will mount everything that should mount at boot time, there's no need to reboot.09:39
xisor_error 1609:39
Daraelxisor_: Well, we're making progress.09:39
javier__i don't know how can i add this shortcut in precise gnome-classic09:39
saryharshad: hmm , i think i've gave you the wrong instructions  . you will only see the menu if you have ubuntu already installed . MY bad .09:40
planeticHi! I trying to install the ATI proprietary driver to ubuntu 12.10 32bit and people on the web said that it is impossible to do with 3.2.x linux kernel. How to downgrade to 3.0.0 kernel without downgrading whole system&09:40
morsnowskijavier__, you can always look it up in ccsm :)09:41
saryharshad: which tool did you used to make a bootable usb , and have you md5 test the iso before making the bootable stick !09:41
morsnowskiit is under general options and you can set it any which way you like09:41
javier__in what submenu of ccsm?09:41
Daraelxisor_: Looks like it's trying to use the mountpoints for something else.  A reboot may work, therefore, although it's highly unusual to need a reboot for things other than kernel upgrades to take in the linux world, so there's probably another way.09:41
javier__because i feel i bit idiot with this simple think, easy to do y previews versions of ubuntu09:42
xisor_Darael: i will reboot and see if they mount09:42
sary!md5sum > harshad09:42
ubottuharshad, please see my private message09:42
xisor_Darael: be right back09:42
IronSightplanetic, I would say... install an older version of ubuntu....09:42
IronSightif that was the only way to make that driver work09:42
planeticIronSight: and there is no way to do downgrade only the kernel?09:43
saryplanetic: dont you have an older kernel version entry showing in GRUB bootloader menu .09:43
IronSightwell, I guess you could download the sources to an old kernel and compile them yourself from kernel.org, but that's a HUGE PAIN09:44
Daraelplanetic: Short of compiling your own, no, there isn't.  And compiling your own may cause a problem.  Hang on, 12.10?  You're running the development version, Quantal?  That's going to cause trouble.09:44
xisorDarael: and we have mounted drives09:44
xisorDarael: why would it have been busy before?09:44
xisorDarael: looks like i was just missing smbfs!09:44
morsnowskiplanetic, you could try something like "sudo dpkg -i linux-image-2.6.38-10-generic_2.6.38-10.46_i386.deb" not 100% it works on 12.04 though09:44
planeticDarael: Ok, thank you.09:45
Daraelxisor: Glad to hear it's working.  The old mount thread was probably trying to access the mountpoint, rendering them busy.  We could have found out, but a reboot seemed faster than diagnosing and sorting it while live.09:45
xisorim on 12.04 and i have AMD drivers on 3.2.0-2409:45
xisorso whoever told you that was apparently wrong09:45
xisor60fps in tuxracer and 1900fps in glxgears confirms it09:46
morsnowskiplanetic, that worked on 11.10 but i never tried it on anything newer than that09:46
xisorno way this cpu can manage that without acceleration09:46
Daraelplanetic: Are the proprietary drivers available in the "additional drivers" tool?  If so, use those rather than the ones from the website.  Guaranteed to work.09:46
xisorso my ati driver is working fine on 3.2 kernel09:46
IronSightxisor, you have a sandybridge?09:46
amageedoes anyone know how to uninstall the proprietary ati drivers from an ubuntu 12.04 system?09:47
xisorIronSight: i do but linux isnt on it, its on an amd athlon II dual core 2ghz09:47
IronSightyeah ^_^09:47
xisorIronSight: no way it has that kind of power ;)09:47
planeticmornowski: I will let you know if it worked09:48
* IronSight runs a sandybridge i7 on his laptop09:48
xisorplanetic:  you dont need a kernel downgrade to use ati video drivers09:48
xisorplanetic: im doing it right now on 12.04 with the 3.2 kernel09:48
Daraelamagee: "sudo apt-get purge fglrx*", perhaps?09:48
xisorIronSight: sandy bridge 6 core on my gaming pc, not going to bother installing linux on it, i dont do anything in linux that requires that kind of power09:49
Daraelamagee: That's if installed from the "additional drivers" tool, no idea if they're from the website.09:49
amageeDarael: yeah that seems pretty close.. just found this http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Oneiric_Installation_Guide#Removing_Catalyst.2Ffglrx09:49
IronSightxisor, compiling?09:49
hk19Pls help me09:49
xisorDarael: do the adittional driver tool drivers come with the catalyst control center?09:50
xisorIronSight: this is my first day using linux IronSight  so nope :P09:50
alFReD-NSHI wanna build vim from source09:50
hk19Toshiba lap not showing boot screen09:50
alFReD-NSHit says it needs ncurses09:50
pie_How can I remove Zeitgeist? I'm using the classic GUI, no need for Unity.09:50
planeticxisor: i can't install them. I get the "DKMS part of installation failed".09:50
Daraelxisor: I don't know, but I know the catalyst control center is in the repos, so I assume so.  I've always had nvidia cards and/or intel chipsets, not much experience with ati on Linux.09:50
alFReD-NSHwhich package is for ncurses?09:50
IronSightxisor, oh, well, if you ever get into compiling apps, that 6 core would be very useful ^_^ use make -j1309:51
xisorplanetic: are you installing the plain ones or the extra support ones? the plain ones just worked for me09:51
Darael!patience | hk1909:51
ubottuhk19: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/09:51
hk19Pls help me09:51
xisorIronSight: what does that flag do? specify number of threads?09:51
Darael!elaborate | hk1909:51
ubottuhk19: Please elaborate, your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)09:52
IronSightxisor, indeed09:52
xisorIronSight: why 13 threads on a 12 thread cpu?09:52
xisorIronSight: typo? :P09:52
hk19Toshiba laptop not showing the boot screen09:52
IronSightxisor, no, that's the formula for that flag, threads + 109:52
planeticxisor: I tried to install both from the jocker, but my attepts failed. Then I downloaded drivers from ATI website. The effect is just the same.09:52
JennyBlueBirdHi, I got some issues with applications that need to use ptrace, google suggests changing a kernel parameter to allow it to be used on non-child processes. I just wanted to know if this is ok to do or if it will break other things.09:53
DarkSimIs it possible to ask why I Ubuntu doesn't find my wacom tablet in here?09:53
xisorIronSight: bigger question is, what the heck could i compile that wouldnt be don nearly instantly on that cpu? :P09:53
hk19Directly goes to the os09:53
IronSightxisor, many game engines, and the kernel of course :)09:53
planeticxisor: jockey I meant09:53
Daraelhk19: Request elaboration: "not showing the boot screen".  Which boot screen?  BIOS splash?  The Ubuntu logo with the four (five?) dots?  The GRUB menu?  Which?09:54
hk19Grub menu09:54
xisorhk19:  is it booting windows without showing grub?09:54
xisorhk19: or booting ubuntu?09:54
DaraelDarkSim: It's possible.  Why not do it and see what answer you get?  (I'm sorry, I don't know why, but I couldn't resist)09:54
hk19To windows09:54
Daraelhk19: Try holding shift immediately after POST.09:55
xisorDarael: his recovery partition messed with the bootloader, he needs help switching grub over to /dev/sda2 most likely09:55
xisordefault location grub installs to is the recovery partition09:55
xisorDarael: which isnt loaded by the laptop, the windows partition is09:55
DarkSimSince I thought latest Ubuntu would just find my Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch, since it has its own settings in the system settings, but to no avail, it does not detect my Tablet09:55
xisorDarael:  i dont know enough to help him fix it though09:55
amageeok still stuck re. multiple monitors: i tried uninstalling the proprietary ati driver so i'm back to the open source one.  i can't unmirror the displays using the gnome control panel's "displays" app (required virtual size does not fit available size: requested=(3840, 1080), minimum=(320, 200), maximum=(1920, 1920))09:56
hk19Let me try09:56
Daraelxisor: Ah.  Hmm, don't think he wants to move grub to /dev/sda2; chainloading it from NTLDR is much nastier than the other way around.  But I can't get involved, I have to go.09:56
amageeand trying to actuall install the proprietary driver doesn't even work either09:56
xisorDarael: well, i cant really help, someone will be able to help him though09:57
xisorDarael: thanks for helping me with my smb shares09:57
dz0nyamagee: use the amd/nvidia control panel to switch off mirroring09:57
amageedz0ny: i can't use the amd control panel since i can't install the amd proprietary driver09:58
DarkSimSo I guess it's rather doomed, eh?09:58
dz0nyamagee: ok, are you trying to install via jockey manager or via command line?09:59
dz0nyamagee: try sudo apt-get purge fglrx*09:59
amageei'm not sure what "jockey manager" is.. is that the app that's called "additional drivers"?09:59
ikoniaamagee: that's it09:59
amageeyeah i used that09:59
dz0nyand then sudo apt-get install fglrx09:59
amageepurging first09:59
amageei just dream of a day when upgrading ubuntu won't break my display :P10:00
dz0nyyeah  it doesn’t work properly via additional drivers10:00
dz0nyamagee: me too :)10:01
morsnowskiguys stop complaining, what else would you do on sunny sunday afternoon10:02
amageedo i need to reboot between installing fglrx and running amdcccle?10:02
amageei'm guessing yes10:02
dz0nyamagee: yes10:02
Milos_SDi have some pc here with intel i945 chipset and 2160 cpu... ubuntu 8.10 starts fine, but anything newer gets kernel panic with some mce error (processor context corruption).... what can that be?10:02
amageebrb :)10:02
DarkSimI installed tons of things for the Wacom Tablet10:03
DarkSimbut it still isn't working10:03
gabriele93can i replace xfce with gnome?10:03
dz0nyMilos_SD: which cpu ?10:04
dz0nyMilos_SD: have you tried 32bit version10:04
Milos_SDintel pentium dc e216010:04
Milos_SDyes 32 bit10:04
Milos_SDi didn't try 64bit (1gb of ram)10:05
morsnowskigabriele93, yes10:05
amageedz0ny: ok, i rebooted but now amdcccle crashes whenever i try to unmirror the monitors and hit apply10:06
gabriele93morsnowski, how?10:06
morsnowskisudo apt-get install gnome10:06
morsnowskiMilos_SD, that chip can do 64 bit10:06
Milos_SDi have tried with "nomce" kernel optio, but it just restarts then, without kernel panic10:06
amageegoing to try this: http://forums.opensuse.org/english/get-technical-help-here/hardware/472570-dual-head-amd-ati-monitor-setup-old-home-directory.html10:07
dz0nyamagee: sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf10:07
dz0nyamagee: dont wory it will be reinitialized on reboot10:07
morsnowskiMilos_SD, have you tried any other os (egg windows)10:07
amageeoh ok, i'll try that instead of that link?10:07
dz0nyamagee: also can you run amdccle from terminal an post crash log10:07
gabriele93morsnowski, 540mb :( i try10:08
amageedz0ny: where should i post it? (and where do i get it from?)10:08
Milos_SDmorsnowski, no, i'm doing it right now... but i guss xp installation is not going to start10:08
morsnowskigabriele93, works for me every time10:08
Milos_SDbecause of linux partitions10:08
morsnowskiMilos_SD, is it possible that there is a hw fault?10:09
gabriele93morsnowski, ok :) you too use xubuntu?10:09
Revvvhi guys10:09
morsnowskino ubuntu10:09
Milos_SDmaybe, but how ubuntu 8.10 is working...10:09
dz0nyamagee: run via terminal as sudo then post to paste.ubuntu.com10:09
Revvvany clue how to disable compositing on ubntun 12.04?10:09
morsnowskiMilos_SD, god question ...10:09
amageejust the output fgrom the terminal?10:09
amageedz0ny: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1009446/10:10
Milos_SDinstalled and working, just without any support... there are no repoitoris for it anymore10:10
javier__morsnowski ctrl - meta - d are the key :)10:10
morsnowskiwhats meta10:11
amagee(rebooting now after removing xorg.conf)10:11
javier__windows key10:11
Revvvregarding my quesiton: im running 12.04 with gnome fallback btw10:11
dz0nyamagee: that's at start up or at point when you click apply10:11
javier__mornowski thanks for your support :()10:12
ubottuSearch factoids for term: !search <term>10:15
amageedz0ny: deleted xorg.conf, but amdcccle still crashes10:15
pbx2how to search by file size, like above 500 MB etc?10:15
pbx2in Ubuntu 12.04 unity10:15
adonisHello all10:15
pbx2how to search by file size, like above 500 MB etc?10:16
sarypbx2: search what , the bot factoids !10:16
pbx2files above 500 mb?10:17
pbx2in a particular folder10:17
pbx2!search files10:17
ubottuFound: dirs, defrag, tar, mldonkey, burners, screen-#ubuntu-server*, desktopsearch, rar, file, home and 44 more, see http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi?search=files10:17
morsnowskipbx2, find . -type f -size +50000010:17
dz0nyamagee: can you confirm that amd module is loaded via glxinfo10:18
pbx2morsnowski, any GUI interface?10:18
morsnowskipbx2, no idea10:18
pbx2where do I put location of specific folder in the arguments?10:18
morsnowskiinstead of the dot10:19
pbx2is it the . ?10:19
Eaglemanhow di i see wich file system my harddrive uses? ( dev/sdb10:19
morsnowskipbx2, find /home/pbx2/Desktop -type f -size +50000010:19
amageedz0ny: how do i do that?10:19
pbx2thnx morsnowski10:19
dz0nyamagee: run glx info and look for server glx vendor string: ATI10:20
=== Dorito is now known as Guest23624
amageedz0ny: "server glx vendor string: ATI" is thre10:20
morsnowskiEagleman, try sudo fdisk -l10:21
pbx2morsnowski, I found the location...now how do I go to it in folder view...usually I used to just double click the folder I am on and copy the new directory where I want to go to...10:22
Eaglemanwill do, i'm formatting to ext3 now lets see what it says10:22
dz0nyamagee: ok, can you unplug second monitor, try running amdccle without second monitor connected10:23
morsnowskipbx2, not sure what you are up to, just copying one file ?10:23
amageedz0ny: do i have to unplug it or is turning it off ok10:23
morsnowskiEagleman, why ext3?10:23
pbx2nah trying to free up space10:23
morsnowskiso is it one or multiple ?10:24
Eaglemanbecuase ext4 isnt supported bu partimage10:24
rrajHi , Is it possible, while on skype, to make others on call to hear the song that im playing while im using headphone in ubuntu10:24
dz0nyamagee: try just unplugin with no restart10:24
Aspirewhat version of Ubuntu do you use?10:24
amageedz0ny: i mean can i just turn the monitor off instead of unplugging it10:24
Eaglemanme Aspire10:25
morsnowskihmm you can do that by hand over nautilus or you script it10:25
IronSightrraj umm stereo mix input to the mic?10:25
AspireYes can just turn off the monitor10:25
IronSightbut that would cause like, echoing if they talked10:25
pbx2Aspire, Ubuntu 12.02 LTS on 2d unity right now10:25
rrajYes IronSight10:25
dz0nyamagee: no you must unplig it because pc still senses monitor in suspend mode10:25
rrajit doesnt matter IronSight, I just want to play a song over the call10:26
AspireWhat version of Ubuntu do you use?10:26
IronSightrraj. play around with your recording mixer10:26
EaglemanDisk /dev/sdb doesn't contain a valid partition table10:26
rrajYeah, Alsa Mixer you mean?10:26
amageedz0ny: did that, didn't help10:27
IronSightrraj, if that's what you use, I use something that came with xubuntu10:27
Eaglemanmkfs -t ext3 /dev/sdb10:27
EaglemanProceed anyway? (y,n) YES10:27
amageei can open amdcccle, but when i try to unmirror the monitors and hit Apply, it still crashes10:27
rrajIronSight: I should check.. its been a long while i started tweaking ubuntu10:27
rrajsearched online, but couldnt find anything helpful10:28
IronSightI know in windows it's pretty easy to do10:28
IronSightin linux I would just host a shoutcast/icecast server lol10:28
morsnowskirraj, if you click on your speaker icon you should have sound settings and in there are applications currently playing10:29
JancooverIs there any program for Ubuntu that supports RAR archives?10:30
IronSightman, it's going to take another 3 hours to finish this upgrade, should have bought an SSD10:30
LjL!info unrar | Jancoover10:30
ubottuJancoover: unrar (source: unrar-nonfree): Unarchiver for .rar files (non-free version). In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1:4.0.3-1 (precise), package size 104 kB, installed size 260 kB10:30
blackshirtJancoover, unrar10:30
Jancooverthank you guys10:30
pbx2Jancoover, I thought 7zip also supported that?10:30
dz0nyamagee: sorry I don't have more ideas why it doesn't work you can try manually setting xorg.conf, for example this is mine http://paste.ubuntu.com/1009466/10:30
AspireWhy does some RAR cannot be opened?10:31
morsnowskiJancoover, just type rar into the software center10:31
dz0nyalso dual screen10:31
dz0nythe only thin that you should adyust  are resolution and display ports crt ,dfi10:31
IronSightJancoover, if you get the basic rar and 7z apps, the archive manager can use them10:31
amageeok, will try10:31
pbx2I want to resize the Ubuntu partition and make it smaller. I assigned it too much space. How do I do that?10:32
OutlanderHi, solved my dual boot issues using EasyBCD10:32
blackshirtPbx2, you can use gparted through  live cd10:32
IronSightpbx2, make a gparted cd10:32
hk19Jancoover, ubuntu will automatically download   necessary files10:32
OutlanderSo all was fine, was installing stuff and had a lock up. Now when I boot into linux, I just see a bright blue screen. It has logged into X but doesn't appear to be loading the desktop manager10:32
Outlanderwhat might I dpkg --reinstall to resolve this?10:33
pbx2and then just drag to make it smaller? It wonk nuke my files right?10:33
pie_How can I remove Zeitgeist? I'm using the classic GUI, no need for Unity.10:33
IronSightOutlander, can you ctrl+alt+f1 to get to a terminal?10:33
ksian1how often does Ubuntu sync the time over the Internet?10:33
amageedz0ny: any hints as to what the display ports would be if i am using two DVI ports?10:33
Outlanderyeah that's what I'm in now10:34
blackshirtPbx2, yeah...gparted works great for me,but maybe you want backup your data10:34
IronSightOutlander, did it ask for a username and password to get to that non-window managed desktop?10:34
OutlanderI can even log out of x to the login page again and even guest login goes blue and doesn't load anything. I can hit ctrl-alt-del to log out, back to login screen10:34
Outlanderyeah username and password page is working10:34
pbx2blackshirt, ok thanks I will try10:35
IronSightOutlander, on that login page, can you setup the session?10:35
IronSightmost XDM clones let you select the session (window manager/desktop enviroment)10:35
Outlanderwill try...10:35
blackshirtPbx2, backup was important step you should do...lost your data was your risk10:35
Outlanderok I can switch between regular and 2d gnome, the icon for it is missing though10:36
IronSightif you don't have one on the list, then install one, relog, and it should show on the list of sessions10:36
Outlander2d logs in with the same blue screen but with the gnome bar along the top, so can log out using it10:36
ManDayHello, this is not really an ubuntu question but you guys always know everything, so please be kind: Where is the mailcap files canonically documented?10:36
IronSightlike try to install xfce10:36
IronSightOutlander, might be a video driver issue?10:36
dz0nyamagee: DFPx x is the internal number, I forget which tool displays connected ports and their internal names (i'am googling it now :))10:37
Outlanderuninstall proprietry ati driver?10:37
pbx2is there a way to move the top bar (with start menu etc.) to the bottom, like in windows? (using Unitiy interface 12.02)10:37
morsnowskiOutlander, first I'd do is go to a terminal session and run sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade and sudo apt-get install -f10:37
Outlanderapt-get shows packages all appear to be in order10:37
Jancooverwhat on earth is my problem?when I extract files from RAR archives they do not appear in the target folder10:38
saryOutlander: I'd look in ~/.sessions-errors , and might reconfigure X .10:38
Outlandercheers, will try now10:39
dz0ny@amagee: you can try generating aticonfig --initial=dual-head10:39
sm_hello everybody10:40
dz0nyand then copying values from thhere10:40
Outlanderit's trying to load a png and says unrecognised image file format10:40
sm_is there anyone familar with network10:40
Eaglemanso i finally made a partition and formatted it as ext 310:40
amageedz0ny: still no luck.  going to give up for now i think10:40
Eagleman   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System10:40
blackshirtJancoover, read the manual first, are you sure issuing the right command?10:40
amageethanks for your help10:40
IronSightOutlander sudo apt-get install libpng?10:40
Eaglemanbut it isnt showing ext3 in fdisk -l10:40
dz0nywhat dows aticonfig --list-adapters say10:41
Outlandertrying png install nw10:41
Eagleman./dev/sdb1            2048  1953525167   976761560   83  Linux10:41
blackshirtEagleman, what you mean?10:41
Eaglemanwell i want to see wich file system it uses10:41
amageedz0ny: * 0. 01:00.0 ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series10:41
eutheriadoes anyone here use sssd to cache user details fro ldap? and have weird issues with pam and local users?10:41
amageeand * - Default adapter10:41
saryOutlander: it's also possible tha the proprietry graphic driver is causing this .. try the open-source one and see how it goes.10:42
Eaglemanall it shows is linux10:42
Eaglemannot ext3 or ext4 or something10:42
pbx2I want to try Win8 via dual boot (without virtualbox etc). do I need to be worried about it overwriting the boot menu (grub boot loader?) which has Ubuntu in the start?10:42
IronSightpbx2, yes10:42
Outlanderany main package I can install or reinstall to drag the rest through that might be missing?10:42
dz0nyamagee: do you have HD 570010:42
IronSightpbx2, create a grub live cd to fix it when it does10:42
amageedz0ny: yes10:43
pbx2IronSight, and then I can have win 7, win 8, and ubuntu. right?10:43
dz0nyamagee: me too10:43
IronSightsure, if you setup your partitions like that10:43
dz0nyyou can use that config directly10:43
IronSightjust be prepared to fix your MBR10:44
eitchhi guys, what happened to dnotify? Has it been superseded by inotifywatch?10:44
amageehmm let me log out one more time10:44
pbx2IronSight, how would I go about fixing my MBR? the grub live cd won't do it for me?10:44
IronSightpbx2, it will, just educate yourself on how to do it10:45
Eaglemanblackshirt, i want to have a command that shows me wich file systems harddisks uses like ext3 ext 410:45
blackshirtEicth, yes, i think..dnotify was obsoleted by inotify framework10:45
saryEagleman: mount , should show10:45
blackshirtEagleman, issue mount command10:45
pbx2IronSight, oh and right now the partitions are like this: Win  7, Ubuntu. I am going to make empty space at the end (Gparted gui), so then it would be Win 7, Ubuntu, Win 8.10:46
saryOutlander: you mean a package associated wih X !10:46
morsnowskiEagleman, try blkid10:46
Outlanderor how would I reinstall X ?10:46
IronSightpbx2, it would be cool if you could install in a VM to that partition without giving it access to your MBR10:47
IronSightthen booting it with grub ^_^10:47
pbx2IronSight: if I do it that way, Win 8 will get access to all my hardware devices after install? Or will it be like Virtualbox?10:48
pbx2IronSight, direct access I mean?10:48
IronSightpbx2, I don't even know if that can be done, just saying it would be "cool"10:48
amageedz0ny: still no luck.  i've used your xorg.conf, changed the numbers around a bit for different resolution, but the monitors are still mirrored10:48
pbx2oh :)10:48
amageei mean cloned10:49
Outlanderor can I just install "gnome" and have it drag a lot of stuff down?10:49
JancooverUnrar doesn't want to extract files(((((10:49
Jancooverjan@jan-K52JU:~$ unrar Downloads/Romanova_tests.rar10:49
Jancooverunrar 0.0.1  Copyright (C) 2004  Ben Asselstine, Jeroen Dekkers10:49
JancooverExtracting from /home/jan/Downloads/Romanova_tests.rar10:49
JancooverExtracting  �. �. �������� -- ������᪠� �ࠬ��⨪� � ������.doc      Failed10:49
Jancoover1 Failed10:49
FloodBot1Jancoover: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:49
saryOutlander: either from recovey mode as in a root shell , or as a single user mode in virtual console .. if you're root don't sudo sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg .. if you're going to reconfigure X in a virtual console stop the disply manager first .10:49
ubottuJancoover: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:50
anoshi my system load average is up about 1.310:50
Outlandersary: will give it a go, cheers10:50
anosbut it has a cpu usage around 3%10:50
anoshow it can be  possible10:50
Eaglemanwhat is /dev/mapper/eagleman-root10:50
saryOutlander: sudo service lightdm stop , should do it .10:50
IronSightJancoover, looks like you have a corrupted rar file10:51
blackshirtEagleman, are you using lvm for your partition?10:51
morsnowskiEagleman, that is some drive you mounted10:51
Eaglemani want to use partimage but since it doesnt support ext410:51
blackshirtEagleman, that was typically lvm based disk10:51
Eagleman./dev/mapper/eagleman-root: UUID="43bc9872-8524-4cc8-9912-821b2083d389" TYPE="ext4"10:51
morsnowskiEagleman, any reason not to use a gparted cd ?10:51
IronSightJancoover, try a different rar file, see if it extracts10:52
IronSightsomething from a different source10:52
morsnowskiEagleman, i have the same for it's a truecrypt drive10:52
Eaglemanwhy should i use gparted?10:52
morsnowskiEagleman, because it does ext4 ?10:52
Eaglemani didnt encrypted anything so its just a useless partition?10:52
morsnowskii go and have a coffee10:52
Eaglemanso gparted can make a 1:1 disk image of my ubuntu server?10:53
pbx2morsnowski: are you using full disk encryption with TrueCrypt + dual boot OS?10:53
pbx2is that possible?10:53
morsnowskipbx2, i have a 2tb usb disk thats fully encrypted10:53
IronSighthe's getting coffee10:53
morsnowski:) but now i'll have one10:53
dashavooI just set some package selections and noticed that it will have some unwanted side effects. How to I reset the selection list so that everything will be left as it is?10:54
Eaglemanhow hard is it to make a 1:1 copy of my ubuntu server, like northon ghost or acronis?10:54
ahriHey everyone, I'm trying to run "vlc -I http" on a proxmox OpenVZ ubuntu. The rest is on a pastebin (http://pastie.org/3976076) to not flood the channel10:55
IronSightEagleman, as easy as learning DD10:55
Eaglemanwell it works way different then in windows10:56
pbx2I want to make full system encryption...so first it goes to Truecrypt Bootloader where I enter my password...after that I want it to show the different OS menus for boot....I just never had the courage to try it....because I don't know if it is possible?10:56
Eaglemanin windows you get the disc in, press backup, and restore it on another hard drive or even another pc10:56
IronSightpbx2 try it on a lab pc that's not being used10:56
IronSightif it doesn't work, then at least you didn't screw up a production macehin10:57
ahriHey everyone, I'm trying to run "vlc -I http" on a proxmox OpenVZ ubuntu. The rest is on a pastebin (http://pastie.org/3976076) to not flood the channel10:57
dz0nyamagee: what does Ubuntu screens app say10:57
amageedz0ny: say where?10:58
DoctorD90In 12.04 where is old style list of applications? (internet, office, develop)10:58
dz0nyahri: use vlc-nox10:58
dz0nyahri: or cvlc10:59
pbx2IronSight, I hope dual booting will work using truecrypt...because I am in shortage of hard-drives right now...and I can't move data for back up to a system that is not 100% encrypted10:59
dz0nyamagee: under system settings10:59
ahridz0ny : vlc-nox & cvlc is just "sli" editions of vlc?10:59
IronSightyou could ask the truecrypt guys10:59
ahridz0ny : and are they cabeble of http interface?11:00
IronSightshoot off an email to them11:00
dz0nyahri: yes11:00
pbx2IronSight: they won't even let me sign up in the forums...you need an ISP email to sign up there11:00
DoctorD90Guys? Someone can help me ? Pls? :(11:00
ahridz0ny : okay thanks alot! I will go google that :)11:00
Outlanderok, so I can get into X, I can run things with alt-f2, I can create a new folder on the desktop11:00
IronSightpbx2, make a mail server ^_^11:00
Outlanderbut cannot see any window edges/bars11:00
amageeoh omg things are happening!11:00
Outlanderlike the window manager hasnt loaded properly11:00
manisabriHi. I upgraded to 11.10 64 from 11.04 and yahoo disappeared from empathy protocols, any ideas?11:01
K-J158i'm using gnome shell on my ubuntu 12.04 box, and when i'm launching a opengl application, gnome shell is using 100% of the cpu, like the opengl application. my computer has 8 CPu cores and 8 Gb of ram11:01
amageeoh it's working!  i didn't try opening Displays after using your xorg.conf but now i've done that and it's working :D11:01
IronSightno really, it's pretty easy to make a mail server, then it's just pbx2@yourip.com11:01
K-J158can i configure my system for using more than 1 core ?11:01
morsnowskioutlander you can add that with ccsm11:01
=== khem__ is now known as khem_
IronSightwell, pbx2@yourip something like that11:02
pbx2IronSight, is there a gui interface for setting that up? :)11:02
K-J158the application is slow, but only 2 cores are used ... then if gnome shell or/and the application can use more than 1 core, i think that the problem can be solved. the opengl application is based on java11:02
IronSightit helps if you have DNS11:02
dz0nyamagee: :) glad to help11:02
amageethanks for your comprehensive help!11:02
IronSightpbx2, umm, maybe in windows11:03
morsnowskiIronSight, any selfrespecting mailsoerver is going to tell you that this isn't on. a mx record should point to a a record not an ip11:03
pbx2for DNS ==
DoctorD90>,> ....someone may tell me where is old style applications list??? Pls?11:04
rrjoin #planner11:04
morsnowskiDoctorD90, what are you trying to achieve11:04
dlentzDoctorD90, do you mean synaptic package manager?11:04
IronSightpbx2, their site should have a "contact us" email addy you can use to ask a question11:04
manisabrino yahoo protocol in empathy ! any ideas?11:05
DoctorD90In 11.xx in "menu" was there list of applications : office, internet , system, games11:05
IronSightmanigma77_, try pidgin?11:05
DoctorD90In 12 now, with new interface isnt there :(11:05
morsnowskiDoctorD90, the gnome panel?11:05
pbx2Thanks IronSight and morsnowski for all help today11:05
DoctorD90(im new in linux world sorry xP)11:06
ahridz0ny : maybe i haven't been look that much into it, but when i run "cvlc -I http" i get the exact same error11:06
morsnowskiDoctorD90, you need to install gnome desktop and then chose it before logging in11:06
DoctorD90On netbook i install xubuntu, but i dont remember if on it i find menu, so11:06
ubottuAmariello98: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:06
IronSightpersonally I don't use messaging apps in linux though, that's what my asus eee pad is for :)11:06
DoctorD90I love old style menu >,>11:07
DoctorD90Here i cant find application TT11:07
IronSightDoctorD90, you could use xfce :)11:07
morsnowskipress ctrl-alt t11:07
IronSightI use it, it's just like old school gnome11:08
DoctorD90Im on phone now xP so, tell me cmds, later i will run! Many thx!11:08
manisabriIronSight pidgin was for me? Am I showing as manigma77_ ?? I thought I was manisabri... trying to install it now, so nobody has yahoo protocol in his protocol list of empathy any more? its normal?11:08
morsnowskinow you should have a nice black window, there you type sudo sudo apt-get install gnome-shell11:08
DoctorD90Ah in yerminal11:08
DoctorD90Xcfe.....what is the difference?11:08
IronSightmanisabri, sorry, I press tabs for names, and I miss-tabbed I guess11:08
IronSight(auto-complete = tab)11:09
morsnowskiDoctorD90, it's just another dekstiop11:09
ahridz0ny : maybe i haven't been look that much into it, but when i run "cvlc -I http" i get the exact same error11:09
IronSightXfce is another desktop, it's fast and small, not the fastest though, but still easy to use11:10
DoctorD90And what us the difference between gnomw and xcfe?11:10
morsnowskiDoctorD90, you can try both11:10
IronSightxfce runs like old gnome, except it has a little dock that will pop up on the bottom11:10
manisabriIronSight : No problem : ) pidgin is moaning this : Depends: pidgin-data (<1:2.10.0-z) but 1:2.10.2-1~getdeb1 is to be installed11:10
DoctorD90How i can try both? :D11:10
EaglemanThis should make a backup of my entire ssd ( sda ) and copy it to hdd1 ( sdb ) right?11:11
Eaglemandd if=/dev/sda of=/media/hdd1/Backups/sda.bin bs=102411:11
morsnowskinow you should have a nice black window, there you type sudo sudo apt-get install gnome-shell11:11
morsnowskithen you have gnome11:11
IronSightDoctorD90, install xfce, if you like it, use it as your session in your XDM clone (the first login screen you see)11:11
IronSightif you don't like it, remove it11:11
morsnowskido that first then we talk about xfce11:11
DoctorD90Wait xD sudo ...gnome, i get gnome desktop11:12
Outlanderso the problem looks like compiz11:12
OutlanderI uninstalled it11:12
DoctorD90To instal xcfe?11:12
Outlanderwhat might I put in place of it for now?11:12
=== Outlander is now known as Guest91918
morsnowskioutlander you can set these things very easily in compiz11:12
Guest91918compiz is broken11:12
morsnowskitakes all of 15 seconds11:12
Guest91918crashing saying "report error?"11:12
IronSightDoctorD90, I would just sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop11:13
EaglemanThis should make a backup of my entire ssd ( sda ) and copy it to hdd1 ( sdb ) right?11:13
Eaglemandd if=/dev/sda of=/media/hdd1/Backups/sda.bin bs=102411:13
DoctorD90To install xcfe :    sudo apt-get install xcfe-shell   ?11:13
dz0nyahri: it should work, try updating vlc via ppa11:13
q_audacity with xubuntu 12.04:  suddenly audacity freezes with error in cmd line: ALSA lib pcm.c:7339:(snd_pcm_recover) underrun occurred (5 times) - what is this and how to prevent that?11:13
IronSightsince that gives you all the needed tools and such11:13
DoctorD90So i can try both11:14
DoctorD90To uninstall??11:14
IronSightthen remove xubuntu-desktop :)11:14
DoctorD90Sudo uninstall PACKAGEname?11:14
IronSightumm, I use synaptic to uninstall packages :/11:14
DoctorD90Ah ok11:15
IronSightI'm lazy :)11:15
DoctorD90Software center.....the app store? Yesx11:15
IronSightI think you can use the software center too, I just don't use it11:15
dz0nyahri: also which version of Ubuntu server  you use, because use use very old version of vlc currently it is VLC  2.0.1 Twoflower11:15
op_Guys anyone knows how to fix issue with conky-colors and --cputemp now shoing (crashing whole conky) ? sensors are showing this http://pastebin.com/Ym81gJma11:16
DoctorD90[13:16] (IronSight) I think you can use the software center too, I just don't use it   <<  and if center is not synaptic......what is synaptic o_011:17
ahridz0ny : root@VLC:~# uname -a Linux VLC 2.6.32-11-pve #1 SMP Wed Apr 11 07:17:05 CEST 2012 i686 GNU/Linux11:17
IronSightsynaptic is the older school way of doing things11:17
IronSightno, it's gui11:17
DoctorD90Like in windows?11:17
IronSightsudo apt-get install synaptic11:18
IronSightthen sudo synaptic11:18
IronSightin x11:18
IronSightyeah, it's a window11:18
ahridz0ny : Proxmox template used: ubuntu-10.04-standard_10.04-4_i386.tar.gz11:18
Outlande1hi team, installing xubuntu-desktop seems to have fulfilled any missing required packages that ubuntu-desktop needed, didnt have but thought it had11:19
op_Anyone ? ^11:19
Outlande1I've now installed ubuntu-desktop again and all seems well11:19
Outlande1rebooting to see if it sticks11:19
ahridz0ny : VLC version 1.0.6 Goldeneye11:19
dz0nyahri: Update vlc and it will work see this ppa https://launchpad.net/~videolan/+archive/master-daily11:20
DoctorD90So i have to run before install, then run synaptic?11:20
ahridz0ny thatnks i'll try11:20
IronSightyou don't have to run synaptic to uninstall11:21
IronSightI just don't remember how to uninstall without it lol11:21
IronSightbecause litterally, I only use synaptic to uninstall anything11:21
sarysudo apt-get remove --purge PACKAGE .11:21
sarysee man apt-get11:22
MonkeyDust'remove' can ben left out from that line11:22
TPBEuropeopenshot says libx264 and libmp3lame are missing when I try to export to YouTubeHD. How do I fix this?11:22
saryMonkeyDust: true .11:23
IronSightnow if I needed to use the terminal to remove something like if X crashed, I would man apt :)11:23
IronSightthank god for the man pages11:24
pranjal710I am using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. I tried a lot, but couldnt enable audio on my laptop. It still says dummy output. Some help would really be highlt appreciated..11:24
DoctorD90..guys, when i can read some stuff about this cmd?11:24
BlackshirtDoctord90, what you mean?11:24
DoctorD90To know sudo, apt-get, ....main cmdd...11:25
IronSightsudo = use superuser commands for a single command... apt-get is used to perform package operations (install, fix, remove software)11:26
dz0nypranjal710: which laptop? does sound work on other os?11:26
BlackshirtDoctord90, you should spend your time to read manual first11:26
DoctorD90I know main cmds of dos (dir, copy, call...) in linux i dont know one xP11:26
IronSightin order to use apt-get you need to use sudo before it because it needs superuser permissions11:26
pranjal710dz0ny: yes, I have windows installed, and everything works fine. Laptop: Dell inspiron11:27
DoctorD90Black, yea.....but i dont find something of good T.T11:27
BlackshirtPranjal710, what about others linux distro?11:27
dz0nypranjal710: model and version?11:27
IronSightthey use permissions like this because linux systems are houses many times to many users, and you don't want those users doing things they aren't supposed to do, like removing software11:27
DoctorD90Fot example, why before: [13:11] (morsnowski) now you should have a nice black window, there you type sudo sudo apt-get install gnome-shell11:28
DoctorD90Sudo sudo??? 2timesx11:28
pranjal710Blackshirt: Everything worked on 11.1011:28
IronSightDoctorD90, that was a typo11:28
DoctorD90Sudo normally i use onle 111:28
morsnowskiDoctorD90, you can skip one sudo11:28
DoctorD90Typo = error?11:28
pranjal710dz0ny: Dell Inspiron N511011:28
DoctorD90Ah, ok xP11:29
IronSightyou only need to use sudo once11:29
morsnowskii sometimes type faster than i shuold11:29
Uncledomedoes anyone else experience an "internal error" because of xserver-xorg-2:1.11.4-0ubuntu10.2 package? >.<11:29
BlackshirtPranjal710, i think we need some config, but sorry i don't know11:29
DoctorD90XD morsnowski xD you burn keyboard xD11:29
saryTPBEurope: Do you have these codecs installed !11:30
BlackshirtUncledome, exactly what the messages?maybe better complete messages11:30
ahridz0ny : I get "Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/videolan/master-daily/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz" when trying to do: "apt-get update" after adding ppa11:30
TPBEuropesary, Yes.11:30
DoctorD90I run ubuntu 12 on virtual machine on a mac (my dad pc) ....and on a old netbook11:30
DoctorD90On netbook i run xubuntu1211:30
saryTPBEurope: have a look at https://answers.launchpad.net/openshot/+faq/104011:31
TPBEuropesardonyx, will do.11:31
DoctorD90But i install only xubuntu, i dont using it11:31
TPBEuropesary, Will do.11:31
DoctorD90Xubuntu use xcfe, to low hardware pc, rigth?11:31
IronSightMy netbook runs android :/11:31
BlackshirtDoctord90, yes11:31
badicaliawhat's the best way to bind a command to a gamepad event?11:31
IronSightcourse it's a tablet with a keyboard attachment ^_^11:32
DoctorD90My phone (this) runs android xD11:32
dz0nyahri: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/vlc11:32
dz0nysudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install vlc11:32
UncledomeMessage says: Ubuntu 12.04 has experienced an internal error. Executable Path /usr/bin/Xorg, Package: xserver-xorg-core 2:1.11-4-0Ubuntu10.2   Problem Type: Crash, Title: xorg crashed with SIGSEGV in DeliverRawEvent(). ApportVersion: 2.0.1-0ubuntu7, Architecture: amd64, hope thats enough info for ya xD11:32
DoctorD90I tried, but it doesnt recognize wifi hardware11:32
DoctorD90So i use xubuntu11:32
IronSightand it smokes any netbook on the market :) tegra 3 quad core11:32
DoctorD90I need to test eggdrop11:32
DoctorD90I run a server irc11:33
DoctorD902-3 eggdrop11:33
DoctorD90And xchat xD11:33
DoctorD90That's all xD11:33
BlackshirtUncledome, try to reinstall11:34
masterhello, can someone give me an idea why i can't run my NICs at 1 gigabit. They're stuck on 100mbs. I tried to set it manually with ethtool, however no result11:34
DoctorD90On android i cant run irc server11:34
=== master is now known as hpux
tvmaniachi,  is it possible to connect to a pptp srv via OpenVPN?11:34
Uncledomereinstall only the xorg serv or the whole ubuntu again (9th time xD)11:34
DoctorD90I instal it with sudo apt-get install ircd-irc211:34
dz0nymaster: does your network support 1g11:35
DoctorD90Lunch! Later thx!11:36
BlackshirtUncledome, just xorg core, and maybe better purge first..you should update your apt database before11:36
saryUncledome: in launchpad search for this bug with the same title , if a similare bug exist see if there is a fix , if not then report it .11:36
Uncledomealright i thought something like that needs to be done. I'll try,11:36
=== DoctorD90 is now known as doctord90
ahridz0ny : Still get "Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/videolan/master-daily/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz" vlc --version still says: VLC media player 1.0.6 Goldeneye11:38
dz0nyyeah you can remove old repositroy :)11:38
ahrioh ohm and how do i going about that ? :s11:39
iceroot_hpux: please dont change nick when asking a questions11:39
BlackshirtAhri, looks your ppa was missing11:39
iceroot_hpux: 100mbit switch in your network, wrong cable, wrong driver (in that order)11:40
dz0nyahri: sudo  add-apt-repository ppa:videolan/master-daily -r11:40
dz0nynote the -r11:40
dz0nywhich means remove11:40
MonkeyDustdz0ny  open Synaptic, Setting, Repositories11:40
dz0nyon remote server there is no xorg or synaptic or even desktop11:41
MonkeyDustdz0ny  missed that part in your question11:41
IronSightwell, time to close out all programs, I'll hop on irc with the android while this removes all old apps for the dist upgrade, bbiab11:41
hpuxiceroot_: sorry, because i'm from irssi and by default the nick was the user name11:42
Eaglemanwhy is this command still backing up /Backups?11:42
Eaglemantar -cvpzf /media/hdd1/Backups/backup.tar.gz --exclude = /media/hdd1/Backups/  /media/hdd111:42
hpuxiceroot_: network equipment is fine, cable is correct, drivers seem to be fine11:43
* Walex reckons that backing up the contents of a partition to the same partition is a bad idea11:43
Eaglemanexlude isnt working11:44
Jaapcan someone help me with this error?:  (/var/log/syslog) May 27 13:20:01 linuxbak coova-chilli[3782]: net.c: 1197: 1 (Operation not permitted) Cannot create raw socket. Must be root.11:44
BlackshirtJaap, use sudo or root user11:44
morsnowskiJaap, what port number did you try11:44
Eagleman tar -cvpzf /media/usbbackupdisk/backup.tar.gz --exclude = /media/hdd1/Backups/  /media/hdd111:44
Eaglemanit is still backing up backups ...11:45
Jaapi executed the startup: sudo service chilli start11:45
OerHeksEagleman, looks like you backup the backup you are making.11:45
Eaglemanwith my new command?11:45
Eaglemanits writing the backup to an external usb disk11:46
Jaaphttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1009546/ => /var/log/syslog11:46
Eaglemanam i not using --exclude right?11:47
Jaapand also chilli could not write in /usr/local/var/run11:47
pranjal710dz0ny: Did you find anything??11:47
OerHeksEagleman, i read " tar -cvpzf /media/hdd1/Backups/backup.tar.gz --exclude = /media/hdd1/Backups/  /media/hdd1"  and now you typ "tar -cvpzf /media/usbbackupdisk/backup.tar.gz --exclude = /media/hdd1/Backups/  /media/hdd1"...11:48
morsnowskiJaap, does /usr/local/var/run exist ?11:48
morsnowskiand what are the permissions on it11:48
OerHeksEagleman, what job are you running now?11:48
Jaapmorsnowski, yes11:48
=== |_ocke2 is now known as |_ocke
EaglemanWalex told me it wasnt smart to place a backup on the same disk11:49
Eaglemanso now i'm using this command:11:49
Jaapmorsnowski, now i changed it to 777 and the write error was gone.11:49
Eaglemantar -cvpzf /media/usbbackupdisk/backup.tar.gz --exclude=/media/hdd1/Backups/  /media/hdd111:49
morsnowski777 is dangerous11:49
hpuxsudo reboot11:49
WalexEagleman: yes, because of two reasons: same disk means that if the disk fails, you lose both original and backup; and also backing up to the same disk i very slow as the disk arm must travel twice.11:50
Jaapmorsnowski, but i think it is related to the other error i got11:50
xerxeshello im having trouble with Lubuntu 11.10 and spotify11:50
dz0nypranjal710: sorry no, last time I checked sandy bridge was supported under Linux, have you tried forums also try ubuntu-bug audio11:50
OerHeksEagleman, that last command looks oke11:50
dz0nyfrom command line11:50
xerxeswhen i try to run spotify from the command line i get "iligeal instruction"11:50
Eaglemanbut thats not the main problem right now11:50
WalexEagleman: if you have two external disks one strategy could be to backup each to the other.11:50
morsnowskijaap for low ports you need to be root for high ports it should work as user11:50
xerxesthe native spotify Linux version11:50
xerxesinstalled from the repo11:50
dz0nypranjal710: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems11:50
Eaglemanall i want is to backup my ssd and hdd to an external media11:51
morsnowskixerxas, can you post the lnik to that spotify package?11:51
Eaglemanand to exclude some files on my hdd11:51
morsnowskixerxes, can you post the lnik to that spotify package?11:51
Eaglemanbut the --exclude command isnt working11:51
Jaapmorsnowski, i don't know which port it uses11:51
pranjal710dz0ny: I tried, i read about updating alsa, and did so, reinstalled a fresh copy. but nothing happened11:51
xerxesmorsnowski: moment11:51
morsnowskijaap i don't know that app do you have a link?11:51
MonkeyDustEagleman  i guess it's --exclude=blah , not exclude = blah , so without the spaces11:52
xerxesmorsnowski: http://www.spotify.com/se/download/previews/11:52
morsnowskixerxes, thanks11:52
xerxesmorsnowski: ctrl +f sources.list11:52
EaglemanMonkeyDust, like  --exclude=/media/hdd1/Backups/11:52
OerHeksMonkeyDust +111:52
xerxesanyone having trouble with native spotify for Linux ?11:53
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit11:53
xerxesi get iligeal instruction when i run from terminal11:53
dz0nypranjal710: what does lsmod say11:53
Jaapmorsnowski link @ private11:53
xerxesi tried to run gdb on it11:53
xerxesto see the fault and it get's sig killed11:53
Eagleman--exclude=/media/hdd1/Backups/ still isnt working11:53
=== ponpon is now known as Guest62506
=== Pici is now known as Guest55695
Eaglemani can see in the output that it is still backing up /media/hdd1/Backups/sda.bin11:54
pranjal710dz0ny: lsmod output > http://pastebin.com/6zyYLDyz11:55
brontosaurusrexofftopic: any specifically good rated "power line adapter" suggestions?11:55
=== deejay31|Offline is now known as deejay31
brontosaurusrexethernet without cabling that is11:55
Jaapmorsnowski, i compiled the app myself, >> 1.2.911:55
=== deejay31 is now known as deejay31|Offline
morsnowskiJaap, sorry never played with it but if that is supposed to be a wifi hotspot you probably need to have your wirelss card free for it11:56
dz0nypranjal710: looks like module is missing report problem via ubuntu-debug sound if you can, sorry11:57
pranjal710dz0ny: okay, thanks11:57
Jaapmorsnowski, i have a NIC wired to an AP11:57
EaglemanLooks like  tar -cvpzf /media/usbbackupdisk/backup.tar.gz --exclude=/media/hdd1/Backups  /media/hdd1 does the job right11:58
Eaglemanthe problem was the extra / in the end11:58
kkmHi, I recently installed ubuntu 12.04 on my pentium dual core laptop, with Intel HD graphics (Sandy Bridge) but it is giving error of not able to identify the GPU,  suggest me some driver repo for this11:58
Jaapmorsnowski, but can't connect to the nic. because of this: May 27 13:20:02 linuxbak coova-chilli[3857]: chilli.c: 7192: Failed to create dhcp listener on eth111:58
MonkeyDust!yay| Eagleman11:59
ubottuEagleman: Glad you made it! :-)11:59
ahridz0ny: -r is not reginized11:59
cornholiocan somebody help me please? I am trying to setup a media Player using openELEC which is based on Ubuntu.  I am trying to make a Xorg.conf.new file so i can make edits but i get an error with Xorg -configure.  It appears I have to stop X from running first.  How do I do that?  I can only connect with SSH connection.12:00
morsnowskiJaap, like said I don't know that app so I can't really help you12:01
EaglemanAnd how do i exclude multiple files and folders using the --exclude= argument?12:01
Eaglemansplit it using a ,?12:01
Walexcornholio: you have to stop the display manager service, which display manager runs is listed in /etc/X11/default-display-manager12:01
morsnowski!cookie | xerxes12:02
ubottuxerxes: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!12:02
Uncledome412btw thanks for anyone for the tip with reinstalling the whole xorg. purged Xorg and reinstalled it after reboot via command line. works like a charm x)12:02
WalexEagleman: multiple --exclude or a list of names in a file and '--exclude-from'12:03
DerZaubererDoes anybody know how to fix the crashing from x server when connection the wacom bamboo fun cte-450 graphictablet?12:03
EaglemanOk thanks :)12:03
=== doctord90 is now known as DoctorD90
WalexEagleman: or you could use 'find' to select what you want backed up with '--file-from=-'12:04
xerxesanyone has any idea of why spotify fails ?12:04
cornholioin my X11 dir I only have xorg-fglrx.conf and xorg-nvidia.conf12:04
JottBeHi, I have a problem with pm-hibernate, my system goes down and the state of the session seems perfectly to be suspended on disk, but is not really powered off12:04
cornholiothats with ls -all12:04
Walexcornholio: you cna figure out which display manager you run in most cases with 'ps ax | grep dm'12:05
dz0nyahri : rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/videolan-stable-daily*12:05
EaglemanIts just that some folder could become extremly great in size, and the information in those folders isnt really important12:05
Eaglemanlike movies12:05
DoctorD90morsnowski, i come bakc *.*, now i run that cmd *.*12:05
JottBethis means, the fan is still running and the system can neither be switched off nor on by using the power button. I rally have to disconnect it from the power line to be able to restart it, but then it resumes the session without problems.12:06
=== Jaap is now known as jaap_afk
WalexEagleman: then it may be useful for you to put on the disk a file with list of places you don't want to backup and then use '--exclude-from=...'12:06
Tm_T!away > jaap_afk12:06
ubottujaap_afk, please see my private message12:06
cornholioThat returned:  udevadm monitor -e /n grep dm12:07
WalexJottBe: there are lots and lots of bugs in support for hibernation in most bioses and devices. Many less bugs in support for suspend to RAM.12:07
ahridz0ny : Okay i just setup i hole new OpenVZ: So back to basic, i just run:12:07
ahrisudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/vlc sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install vlc12:07
Eaglemanso exlcude-from reads the file and then excludes the information inside the file ( like specific folders )?12:07
=== dabbish is now known as danklasson
DerZaubererThat's what I found in the logfiles about the xorg crash: http://pastebin.com/7dY4GnJw12:09
dannelexpecting hibernation to work seems greedy... shutdown only ever works 90% of the time for me :<12:09
JottBeWalex: but this way already running perfectly before I upgraded about 4 Weeks ago12:09
JottBeWalex: what would you suggest then?12:09
WalexJottBe: bugs happen in Linux code too.12:09
WalexWalex: either debug the issue ("scratch your hitch") or try suspend-to-ram.12:10
JottBeWalex: yes indeed. I think in this case it is more likely it is a kernel bug.12:10
Walexdannel: amazingly many BIOSes and devices can't handle shutdown either.12:10
WalexJottBe: it could be the removal of workaround for a BIOS/device from the kernel.12:11
WalexJottBe: it could be the removal of workaround for a BIOS/device bug from the kernel.12:11
JottBeWalex: in that case I would have to go back to an older kernel, right?12:11
cornholioWalex, does 'udevadm control --exit' sound right to close my DM?12:12
cornholioi see there is a stop-exec-queue as well12:12
samster34hey :) so after I finally got ubuntu to run live, install and boot with the noapic kernel option, I'm wondering...what does this mean? my hardware isn't old or exotic12:13
Walexcornholio: no... it would be something like 'service gdm stop'12:13
JottBeWalex: btw suspend to memory also does not work, it causes the same problems and because I have to disconnect from power (my system is not a notebook with a battery) the suspended session is lost12:14
cornholiowhenever I try to use service in the SSH session,  I get "-sh: service: command not found"  it seems I can not do anything with the service command12:14
cornholioI'm logged on as root12:15
jribcornholio: does it work outside of ssh?  How and why are you root?12:15
JottBecornholio: are you sure it is in the PATH?12:15
morsnowskisamster34, have a look here it gives you all the boot options and their meaning https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions12:15
morsnowskisplits are great if i just knew how to repress join and split messages12:16
=== Corey is now known as Guest95441
oCeanmorsnowski: for xchat, right click on channel-tab > settings12:17
morsnowskioCean, thanks a mil12:18
JottBecornholio: the problem could be, that ssh uses a different profile for which the path is set up different12:18
EaglemanWalex, if i put this information inside a file (Location: /media/hdd1/Backups/Backupfile ) /media/hdd1/Downloads/Dropbox/* and then use --exclude-from=/media/hdd1/Backups/Backupfile it will not backup dropbox right?12:18
TPBEuropeI have a screenrecorder outputed the file as .movie. How do I convert that to mp4 and preferably resize it?12:18
cornholioAh, I see so I am looking at the root X11 folder but when openELEC boots it may be using a different user with a different X11 folder12:18
DoctorD90morsnowski, sudo gnome: ldconfig deferred processing now taking place12:18
DoctorD90it's go all weel??12:19
morsnowskiDoctorD90, you'll know after that is done and you've rebo12:19
JottBeTPBEurope: have you tried kino? maybe that can read the format12:19
DoctorD90ok, see ya in a few secs ^^12:20
samster34so, anyone have an idea why "noapic" magically makes every distro work on my computers?12:20
TPBEuropeJottBe; Kino? Let me try that.12:20
=== DoctorD90 is now known as doctord90
subanomicI have a problem with spawn-fcgi. Is someone here familiar with it? When issuing /usr/bin/spawn-fcgi -P /var/run/initfcgi/example.com.pid -a -p 9000 -p 9000 -u www-data -g www-data -c /srv/http/example.com/chroot -C 3 -- /usr/bin/php-cgi -c /srv/http/example.com, it tells me "spawn-fcgi: child exited with: 2"12:21
OerHekssamster34, noapic - Disable the "Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller (APIC)" so your hardware isn't recognized correctly.12:21
subanomic-c means it should run in a chroot12:22
subanomicif I leave that away, it works12:22
JottBeTPBEurope: its great, the only thing which is a bit unconfortable about the tool is that it converts to a internal format before you can work with it and that takes time and a lot of disk space, but if thats not a problem for you, you should definetly try it12:22
TPBEuropeJottBe, I'm gonna have to check it out and see if I can get it working.12:23
Walexcornholio: anyhow '/etc/passwd' is very unlikely to have anything useful12:23
Eagleman:S why isnt this working... tar -cvpzf /media/usbbackupdisk/backuphdd1.tar.gz --exclude-from=/media/hdd1/Backup/BackupExclude /media/hdd1?12:23
Walexcornholio: try instead to do 'ps axf' and post the output to a pastebin12:23
WalexEagleman: probably depends on the content of that file, and what "isnt this working" means.12:24
EaglemanThese are the contents: http://pastebin.com/U5ERaK5e12:25
Eaglemantar: /media/hdd1/Backup/BackupExclude: No such file or directory12:25
Eaglemantar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now12:25
cornholioWalex. Thanks for helping me, appreciate it...  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1009612/12:25
Eaglemanaw i see, i'm so stupid..12:25
EaglemanThe folder was called Backups not Backup...12:26
WalexEagleman: if it tells you that file does not exist then it does not exist. Try 'ls -ld /media/hdd1/Backup/BackupExclude'12:26
TPBEuropeJottBe, It looks a bit complicated.12:26
JottBeWalex: once more about the pm-hibernate-problem. What exactly does it mean, if the bios patch has been removed. Do you think it was completely removed from the source, or is it more likely that it was not configured to be compiled by the ubuntu kernel package maintainers?12:27
=== lkj is now known as csilk
JottBeTPBEurope: it is not just a converter, you can cut your moves, it even is able to identify scenes. Does it recognize your format?12:27
WalexJottBe: it could be that specific workarounds were removed in a code cleanup, or a new workaround was introduced that broke a previous one. Unlikely to be an Ubuntu specific issue.12:28
CuteKitty how can I look at my bootup menu while logged into my  linux? (Hope I don't have to snap a photo with my camera).12:28
WalexJottBe: I have given up on hibernation...12:28
TPBEuropeJottBe, It didn't, but I told it to import it either way.12:28
Walexcornholio: I had asked for 'ps axf' (with an "f"), but the one you did might still be useful.12:28
csilkAnybody want to help me identify what package to assign this bug too?12:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1005150 in Ubuntu "Borders, tabs and general UI separators are too big" [Undecided,New]12:29
csilkI know it's vague but I think the issues generally needs raising / discussing12:29
TPBEuropeJottBe, Doesn't look good. The video ended up being sped up to 7,88 sec.12:29
JottBeTPBEurope: try to call it from the command line with the move as argument.12:29
JottBeTPBEurope: what tool are you using12:29
samster34OerHeks: anything I should worry about? both computers that I need to do this for have an intel CPU, one has an intel chipset the other an nvidia one12:29
JottBeWalex: I think you haven't really started. But thanks anyway.12:30
WalexJottBe: I meant that I don't use hibernation because it is too buggy on too many systems12:30
JottBeTPBEurope: I meant, what tool were you using to create the movie?12:30
cornholioI definately did use 'ps axf' tried again with the same output12:31
TPBEuropeJottBe, For recording? Um.. Kazam.12:31
Walexcornholio: I did some web search and OpenElec is not even remotely an ubuntu derivative12:31
TPBEuropeJottBe, Sorry for the late reply, I couldn't remember the name, so I had to look for it.12:31
OerHekssamster34, it is not about the CPU, it is the chipset.  not sure if you should worry, you just have no APIC control. fan should run full speed.12:31
EaglemanI'm also having an issue with hdparm -S since its not working when i set it, and that resulted in my hardisk still spinning after 2 months12:31
Eaglemanit just wont go to standby modes automatic12:32
Walexcornholio: it is possible that OpenElec uses the BusyBox form of 'ps' which does not have all the options of the normal one.12:32
JottBeTPBEurope: it is a mac program, isnt it?12:33
Walexcornholio: however there is a chance that you can stop the X server with 'sudo killall Xorg'. If it gets restarted then it is restarted in 'inittab' and I don't know anything about how OpenElec's runlevels are setup.12:33
cornholioSorry to have wasted your time Walex...  I just read their page again and it says that XBMC-live is based on Ubuntu, openELEC is indeed not. I feel such a plank12:33
wyldecsilk: file it against Unity, however odds are it will get invalidated as a "suggestion" or "opinion", and suggested you make a post to brainstorm or another forum.12:33
=== doctord90 is now known as DoctorD90
Walexcornholio: you might also try 'sudo telinit 2' if it has non-Debian style runlevels. But after that I cannot guess.12:34
cornholioWalex, you are a Genius!  I've been trying to do that for about 3 days now :)12:35
samster34OerHeks: I have no CPU fan connected to the motherboards CPU fan connector12:35
morsnowskilook the DoctorD90 is back12:35
DoctorD90morsnowski, yes, it near old style xP but now is strange go to that xD im confused xD12:35
=== root is now known as Guest71220
DoctorD90i try all type xD12:35
DoctorD90now im download xubuntu-desk12:35
cornholiokillall Xorg was the one that worked12:35
morsnowskiDoctorD90, can you try typing without these xd and xp things, it makes it hard to read12:36
DoctorD90in an interface (maybe classic) i find in NAME (account name, top rigth) a line that allow me set status of hotmail, or gmail,but i havent find it in oter12:37
Walexcornholio: 'sudo killall Xorg' would have hve worked under Ubuntu because under Ubuntu the 'Xorg' is immediately restarted by the display manager...12:37
DoctorD90what is it???12:37
csilkwylde, I would have thought it's more  of a GTK issue? Anyway, you're probably right that some gate keeper will come along and invalidate it.  I need to put it somewhere it won't just get ignored or flagged as crap because it doesn't have enough information.12:38
TPBEuropeJottBe, Nah.12:39
olividirhello... for some reason my ubuntu wont update12:40
Drajwertrying to install gnome-panel on 12.04 amd64 desktop box gives this.. http://pastebin.com/dJwQXKGK - wtf why it wants to install i386 even if im on x64?12:41
ikoniaDrajwer: please keep wtf comment out of the channel12:41
morsnowskiolividir, any error message12:41
olividirmy computer accidentally got disconnected while updating and now it wont finish those upgrades12:41
ikoniaDrajwer: certain applications sitll need 32bit compatability libs, don't worry about it12:41
olividirmorsnowski: just a sec12:42
q_audacity with xubuntu 12.04:  suddenly audacity freezes with error in cmd line: ALSA lib pcm.c:7339:(snd_pcm_recover) underrun occurred (5 times) - what is this and how to prevent that?12:42
Drajweroh yeah new ubuntu 'long term' gives me alot of the wt.. stuff12:42
olividirmorsnowski: Requires installation of untrusted packages12:42
olividirThe action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources.12:42
ikoniaDrajwer: can you show me the output of the command "uname -a" please.12:42
DrajwerLinux my-desktop-box 3.2.0-23-generic #36-Ubuntu SMP Tue Apr 10 20:39:51 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux12:42
olividirmorsnowski: That's the error message :)12:43
ikoniaDrajwer: are you using any 3rd party repos or PPA's12:43
ikoniatwo of those packages look like their versions are from outside the main repos12:43
morsnowskii'd try a apt-get update, apt-get upgrade and apt-get install -f12:43
ikonia!info gnome-panel12:43
Drajwernope I just wiped out 10.04 lts and installed 12.04 lts12:43
ubottugnome-panel (source: gnome-panel): launcher and docking facility for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.4.1-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 473 kB, installed size 1390 kB12:43
Drajwerthe only new repo is the one from google-chrome team12:44
Drajwerand i suppose they dont ship gnome-panel ?12:44
ikoniaDrajwer: so this is a clean 12.04 install with just the chrome repo in addition12:44
ikoniaDrajwer: gnome-panel is in universe, so that's from the official repo12:44
ikoniaDrajwer: give me a minute please, I'm just looking at something for you12:45
ikoniaDrajwer: can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list for me, and also list any files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d please.12:46
Drajwerhttp://pastebin.com/5Kmbu8P9 ikonia12:48
olividirmorsnowski: those update, upgrade and install -f are not working12:48
Drajweroh wait12:49
morsnowskiwhat is the ouput12:49
Drajweri was getting one 404 for some time after install on one repo12:49
Drajwernow i did update and no 404 happens and apt-get install gnome-panel does not pop up this i386 stuff I dont need12:49
ikoniaDrajwer: while I'm checking something could you please just do a "sudo apt-get update" make sure it all updates ok12:49
olividirmorsnowski: all 0 exept for the last one, 10 not upgrated12:50
ikoniaDrajwer: the 386 stuff you may well need, hang in while I'm checking something up12:50
Drajwera single i386 package will make a *huge* dependency tree isnt it ?12:51
ikoniaDrajwer: it can do sure,12:51
Eaglemanem why is my file zipped with bz2 bigger than an standard tar.ball?12:51
olividirfor some reason, when I do sudo apt-get updates, it is unable to locate package12:51
Eaglemanbackuphdd1.tar.gz 2,232,173,002 bytes12:52
Eaglemanbackuphdd1.tar.gz.bz2 2,241,944,341 bytes12:52
ikoniaEagleman: the first is gzip compressed12:52
ikoniaEagleman: the second is bzip2 compressed,12:53
ikoniaslightly different compression12:53
olividirI have 11 updates in my update manager, and it just wont update :D12:53
LinuxMonkeyEagleman: probably cause your trying to compress a compressed file12:53
Eaglemanaw i see, i;m sorry12:53
siva4080I'm getting severe problem with Ubuntu Power Manager. My Ubuntu (12.04 LTS) is going to suspend even though sufficient battery is there. This is happening only when the laptop is charging!!12:53
Eaglemanso if i replace the -z to -j it will be lower in size?12:53
siva4080Could someone tell me what is the problem?12:54
ikoniaDrajwer: I'm curious, can you please pastebin a "sudo dpkg -l | grep 386"12:54
=== DoctorD90 is now known as doctord90
DerZaubererso anybody knows what to do against the xorg crash with wacom bamboo cte-450? see logs: http://pastebin.com/7dY4GnJw12:54
olividirso, is there no other way to get those updates? terminal does not install updates12:56
MyrThat was weird... my ubuntu install suddenly kicked me and logged me out when I was typing, what does this mean?12:58
MyrAnd I can't see any other users online except myself with the command "users" who could have forced me to log out12:59
olividirmanaged to get it going :)13:00
OerHeksolividir, what error do you get when updating tru terminal?13:00
olividirOerHeks, I had error about not finding the source... I think, but I got it going13:01
CuteKittyhow can i find out how big the movie file is that handbrake creates?13:02
CuteKitty... before handbrake rips?13:02
olividirOerHeks, just had to check again at the update manager, now everything is fine13:02
morsnowskiolividir, how?13:02
olividirmorsnowski: just by making the update manager check again with the updates... then it worked fine13:04
olividirmorsnowski: don't know why13:04
OerHeksCuteKitty, Not. You can set the size before transcoding, select the "Video" tab and enter a number in the "Target Size" box. This will instruct Handbrake to automatically adjust the quality to match the target file size13:05
CuteKittyOerHeks: perfect. this "target size" is just what i need. thank you!13:06
CuteKittyOerHeks: but i don't see "target size" box in video tab13:06
=== doctord90 is now known as DoctorD90
dorongI have an Ubuntu Precise (12.04) server guest on a mac host (using VirtualBox).13:08
dorongI've increased the size of the vdi, from 8G to 16G via the "VBoxManage modifyhd" command13:08
dorongnow I'm trying to adjust the partition as well13:08
dorongI've used gparted via a lived, and increased the main partition, but there's seems to be an lvm partition which is the actual partition all the files are on13:08
dorongcan someone help me increase the partition size ?13:08
DoctorD90Ciao flavio13:11
dz0nydorong: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO/extendlv.html13:11
Paddy_NIhello I just updated my ubuntu 12.04 (x64) installation and restarted only to find my resolution in now 1024x768 and there is no graphic acceleration13:12
minashi. when I press the "super" button, I can see the icons of the applications that are installed. Where are those icons saved? I need to manually erase some because the program is uninstalled but they weren't removed.13:13
Paddy_NImy gfx chipset is VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07) 00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)13:13
dorongdz0ny: I did "sudo lvextend -L16G /dev/mapper/fason--ubuntu-root" but got the error "Extending logical volume root to 16.00 GiB. Insufficient free space: 2309 extents needed, but only 8 available"13:13
samster34is there any chance I can run both a GTX 570 and a GT 220 at the same time on ubuntu?13:13
cbmthe theme of ubuntu is so ugly13:14
dz0nydorong: do you have fixed or auto expanding disk in virtualbox13:14
MonkeyDust!eyecandy| cbm13:14
ubottucbm: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy13:14
cbmthey try to just two themes for 5 years?13:14
leai just installed lubuntu on my asus netbook, doing great, but i wanted to change some things, first i want to disable lxsession so i can login in the TTY and run X with "startx" with my .xinitrc... and second im looking for a way to connect with my 3G usb modem from the cli... :)13:15
cbmuninstall lubuntu13:15
ubottuflavio61: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:15
cbmand install ubuntu13:15
dorongdz0ny: don't remember. how can I tell now ?13:15
OerHeksCuteKitty, i see, it has been changed, i trow away that old manual.13:15
dorongdz0ny: Dynamically allocated storage13:16
dz0nyUNder vbox settings Storeage your disk details13:16
dorongdz0ny: Dynamically allocated storage13:19
Eaglemanwill this work? gzip -dc /media/usbbackupdisk/sda.bin.gz | dd of=/dev/sda1 bs=102413:21
dz0nydorong: I suspected this, because command should be something like lvextend -L +16G /dev/vg01/lvol1013:24
dr3mrohello , i use ubuntu 12.04 LTS ... is the packages 1) apm  2)laptop-mode-tools needed and is there any packages that helps o make me save power !??13:24
dorongdz0ny: so what can I do ?13:25
brimlaris anyone familiar with bug 986524?  basically freezes with 12.04 and radeon...interested in a workaround13:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 986524 in linux (Ubuntu) "radeon 0000:02:00.0: GPU lockup CP stall for more than 10000msec" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98652413:25
hk19My lap doesn't show the boot screen,I think it's a hardware problem,any idea13:25
dz0nydorong: chechk for proper lvm group and logical disk and it should work13:25
hk19But it goes to the default os13:26
dorongdz0ny: how do I do that ?13:26
dz0nydorong:  commad df (logical partitions)13:26
dz0nydorong: and lvdisplay13:27
dorongdf has the following:13:27
dorongthe main partition most of the files are on is "/dev/mapper/fason--ubuntu-root        7295744   5123388   1806380  74% /"13:27
bastidrazorlea: in /etc/default/grub  add "text" to this line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" then save and do a sudo update-grub and it will boot to a command prompt every time.13:27
dorongand the boot is: /dev/sda1                              233191     48022    172728  22% /boot13:27
dz0nydorong: what about lvdisplay13:28
dorongone sec. I'm paste binning it.13:28
hk19It doesn't show the manufacturer name at the time of booting13:28
sary! bug #1001066 > brimlar13:29
dorongdz0ny: http://pastebin.com/EhSJ0hqU13:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1001066 in xorg (Ubuntu) "X froze with a crash" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100106613:29
hk19My lap doesn't show the manufacturer name at the time of booting13:29
siva4080I'm getting severe problem with Ubuntu Power Manager. My Ubuntu (12.04 LTS) is going to suspend even though sufficient battery is there. This is happening only when the laptop is charging!!  How can I fix it?13:30
dz0nydorong: try  lvextend -L +1G /dev/fason-ubuntu/root /dev/sda113:30
MonkeyDusthk19  i guess that's before ubuntu loads, so not for this channel13:30
brimlarsary: thanks.  that bug might be less applicable; I actually get that "GPU lockup CP stall" message in my kern.log just like the guy who submitted 986524.13:31
saryhk19: you mean at the BIOS screen !13:31
dorongdz0ny: got the following: "Physical Volume "/dev/sda1" not found in Volume Group "fason-ubuntu""13:31
hk19sary, yea13:31
q__the 12.04lts must be install with internet?13:31
* nacnud seems to have annoyed Floodbot1 :/13:31
EuroNerdq__ you mean, is an internet connection necessary to install 12.04?  No.13:32
LjLnacnud: why do you say that?13:32
nacnudIt did a test on me. Asking me to id the last digit of a string. Anyway, unless it's totally important; i'll take it as ignored.13:33
q__but  when i install the 12.04lts without internet,it quit to install13:33
hk19(sary) but it directly goes to the default os13:33
q__i install in wubi13:33
Eaglemandd if=/dev/sda of=/media/hdd1/Backups/sdabackups/sda.bin bs=1024 | gzip > /media/usbbackupdisk/sda.bin.gz13:33
Eaglemanwhat is wrong with the gzip part?13:33
Eaglemanfrom 64 gb to 20 bytes cant be right13:33
dz0nydorong: what does ls /dev/fason-ubuntu/root -all say any symbolic links13:34
Eaglemansome ultra compressions there13:34
sarybrimlar: Sure , by showing you the bug .. i was trying to say in another word .. try to use the open-source drvier for your GPU and see how it goes .13:34
klyncjust upgraded to precise and mp3c is no longer in the dist. anyone know if it's available at another repo? failing that, recommendations for ripping to mp3?13:34
=== ip is now known as Guest52809
saryhk19: perhaps a BIOS upgrade is required ! sos as MonkeyDust said .. am not sure how is this could be releated to Ubuntu .13:35
MonkeyDust!find mp3c | klync13:35
ubottuklync: Found: libgmp3c2, mp3cd, mp3check13:35
EuroNerdHi. I'm starting to learn Ubuntu Server. (Well, I'm generally clueless about Linux.)  How do I best manage a VPS as a beginner?  Should I use Webmin (or some equivalent), or should I set up a VNC connection and try to get the full GUI?13:36
Guest52809how can i see video thumbnails in the video folder13:36
Guest52809ubuntu 12.413:36
Guest52809the icon with preview13:36
MonkeyDustGuest52809  in nautilus: View - Icons13:36
Guest52809where is nautilus setting13:37
fastaWhy doesn't /etc/resolv.conf exist anymore?13:37
klyncMonkeyDust: so, they just changed the name and auto-removed it, but it's still there? i *love* this distro13:37
MonkeyDustGuest52809  nautilus is the file manager, look on top13:37
fasta(I know already that it has been replaced.)13:37
brimlarsary: driver = radeon13:38
fastaI am asking for why it doesn't exist anymore as a user-editable file.13:38
Eaglemandd if=/dev/sda of=/media/hdd1/Backups/sdabackups/sda.bin bs=1024 | gzip > /media/usbbackupdisk/sda.bin.gz13:39
Guest52809monkeydust i type it in the bar but nothing to set the view13:39
Eaglemanwhat is wrong with the gzip part?13:39
klyncMonkeyDust: nm, mp3cd is not the same pkg, despite a similar sounding desc13:40
Guest52809dont know where is folder management on unity13:40
ikoniaEagleman: you don't redirect like that ">"13:40
ikoniaEagleman: dd - then as a seperate command, gzip the image13:40
usheradeshello any1 know about wiimotedev?13:40
MonkeyDustGuest52809  open your video folder, on top there's File - Edit - View etc , choose View13:41
fastaHow can I tell dash that I want portable sh code?13:41
fastaI.e., it should refuse to run anything which is not sh.13:41
Eaglemanikonia i want it within 1 command13:41
Paddy_NIHi would any of you know why after an update my graphics drivers are messed up.. resolution has gone down to either 1024x768 or 800x600 and hardware acceleration has vanished I am now in a unity 2d session13:42
Eaglemanso after dd is done i also want the file to be compressed by gzip13:42
ikoniaEagleman: dd doest output like that13:42
Eaglemansince its old?13:42
ikoniaPaddy_NI: how didyou update them?13:42
ikoniaEagleman: what ?13:42
klyncPaddy_NI: possibly you have drivers that need to be compiled against the new kernel? such as nvidia's proprietary ones...13:42
Eaglemandd is an old command line program used for low level copying of files. It is a legacy program from UNIX, as such it does not behave or configure like traditional programs in the GNU suite. Caution is advised, using this command with the wrong operators can cause serious data loss.13:42
brimlarEuroNerd: your server will perform better if you stick with the command line...might as well start learning it (just my opinion)13:43
Eaglemanthey told me there to use the > command13:43
ikoniaEagleman: it behaves totally like a traditional program13:43
usheradeshello any1 know about wiimotedev?13:43
klyncPaddy_NI: `grep EE /var/log/Xorg.0.log`13:43
Paddy_NIikonia, intel gfx13:43
MagicJhow an I stop 12.04 from popping up the pannel when I move to the left of the screen?13:43
ikoniaEagleman: to pipe something you have to get output to pipe "through" the next command13:43
sarybrimlar: be with you in a moment. just looking for a proper way to truobleshoot/debug your issue .13:43
ikoniaPaddy_NI: how did you update it - not what card13:43
EuroNerdbrimlar, I suspect GUI thru VNC would be a huge burden, but Webmin shouldn't be a drag on the system?13:43
MonkeyDustMagicJ  use MyUnity, it's in the repos13:43
Paddy_NIikonia, oh just used "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"13:44
ikoniaPaddy_NI: which package was the problem package ?13:44
Eaglemansi i should use the | ?13:44
brimlarEuroNerd: Webmin isn't much of a burden, so it is a possible route.  Webmin does seem to get compromised now and again so that's what keeps me away from it, but it's commonly used13:44
Sidewinder!webmin | EuroNerd13:44
ubottuEuroNerd: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.13:44
ikoniaEagleman: no13:44
Paddy_NIikonia, linux kernel I believe13:44
Guest52809monkeydust yepp i m on the icon selection but none of the videos are showing me preview thumb just the film negetive13:44
Paddy_NIikonia, that is why I did not use apt-get upgrade13:45
ikoniaEagleman: dd does not work like that, it does not output it's command to be piped through13:45
Guest52809how do i see whats in the video file a frame13:45
MonkeyDustGuest52809  may depend on the filetype, i guess13:45
EuroNerdSidewinder, ok, thx13:45
ikoniaPaddy_NI: sorry, you said you updated your graphics driver, so why do you think the kernel is a problem ?13:45
ikoniaPaddy_NI: what is the graphics driver package that got updated13:45
MagicJMonkeyDust:  do you mean I need to install MyUnity?13:45
brimlarSidewinder: thanks, did not know about webmin support in Ubuntu these days13:45
Paddy_NIikonia, oh not sure :-(13:45
MonkeyDustMagicJ  yes13:45
Guest528093gp , avi , mp413:45
Guest52809none are showing it13:46
SidewinderMy pleasure. :)13:46
Eaglemanso how can i integrate dd into a cron job13:46
Eaglemanset the gzip command an half hour later?13:46
MagicJMonkeyDust:  ty - I will check it out right now13:46
EuroNerdbrimlar, so what would be your recommended least-resistance way of learning Ubuntu Server administration?  I don't want to read a whole book and do 100 tutorials. I need to just get it running and concentrate on my silly web app that I'll host there. :)13:46
ikoniaEagleman: exactly what I said, write a script that compresses the file AFTER it's finished being written13:46
ikoniaPaddy_NI: ok, just tryingto clarify, do you KNOW if there was an update to your graphics card drivers ?13:46
Paddy_NIikonia, oh well no not for sure13:46
Paddy_NII am just assuming so13:47
Eaglemanbut AFTER is based on time that can be different13:47
brimlarEuroNerd: perhaps describe what you want to install and I'm sure people here can give some ideas13:47
ikoniaPaddy_NI: ok, best to just expain the problem rather than tell preople your graphics drivers got updated if you have no idea if they did or did not get updated13:47
ikoniaEagleman: sorry what ?13:47
morsnowskiEagleman, if you want to go zip right away you can do "dd if=/dev/sda1 | gzip -9 > /backup/backup.gz"13:47
ikoniadd does not output like that13:47
Eaglemanwouldnt that cause for problems?13:47
ikoniathere is no output to pipe to fzip13:47
Paddy_NIikonia, Oh well the problem occurred after I updated13:48
ikonials | grep - will pipe the output of "ls" into grep13:48
ikoniadd if=/dev/sda1 doesn't output13:48
Eaglemanit outputs a file13:48
ikoniaEagleman: yes, but it doesn't output the contents of that file13:48
ikoniaEagleman: so you have nothing to pipe | through13:48
ikoniaPaddy_NI: first point of call, check out the xorg logs13:49
Eaglemanso i'm fine if i make the cron job with dd and an half hour later the gzip command13:49
Dr_Willissudo bash -c "dd if=/dev/sda2 | gzip > /media/disk/sda2-backup-10august09.gz"13:49
ikoniaEagleman: you don't need times13:49
Dr_Willisperhaps... ;)13:49
EuroNerdbrimlar, I guess I should just ask myself step by step what I want to accomplish and google each step for a tutorial. ;)13:49
cameron__im trying to follow this tutorial: http://forum.doozan.com/read.php?2,2435,2439#msg-243913:49
dr3mrodmesg five me this errer "[Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged"  " apm: BIOS not found."13:49
cameron__but im up to step 3 and i cant find my device using the dmesg command13:49
ikoniaEagleman: just do dd if=/dev/ blah blah, then the next command in the script gzip , so that when dd finishes gzip kicks in13:49
Dr_Willisjust googling and saw that at --> http://serverfault.com/questions/52260/compressing-dd-backup-on-the-fly13:49
brimlarEuroNerd: yeah, that's one way to do things.  If it's just a LAMP server or something similar, there are very quick commands to get the whole thing installed rather painlessly13:49
Eaglemanaight, thanks alot ikonia :)13:49
coder2how can we install new themes in ubuntu 11.10???n suggest some good themes too pleqse13:50
brimlarsary:  it's ok if there isn't a great workaround.  I've been having to force a Ctrl-Alt-F2 and issuing: pkill -u <user> -- but this kills everything13:50
MonkeyDust!eyecandy| coder213:50
ubottucoder2: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy13:50
Dr_Williscoder2:  thers several in the repos, and many sites have  ppas for themes such as the webupd8 site. it has ppsa and some good guides and reviews of various themes13:50
Dr_Williscoder2:  it really depends on exactly 'what' you are wantng to change the look of. the term 'themne' is a bit broad13:51
Eaglemanhow do i execute a command after another command in cron job?13:51
Dr_WillisEagleman:  easiest way. make a script that the cronjob runs13:51
cameron__when i put the device in there is no information to say that it hasbeen plugged in13:51
EuroNerdbrimlar, except, I don't even know in some cases what things are called, and hence don't know what to google.13:51
Eaglemanthis is what i've got so far now13:51
Eagleman#0       4       *       *       3dd if=/dev/sda of=/media/hdd1/Backups/sdabackups/sda.bin bs=102413:51
cameron__but the device says it is connected13:51
coder2Dr_Willis, thank you13:52
ikoniaEagleman: no13:52
ikoniaEagleman: write a SCRIPT13:52
ikoniathen call the script from cron13:52
Eaglemanthats some rocket science for me :P13:52
Dr_Willis!abs | Eagleman13:52
ubottuEagleman: Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide, obtainable with ${package-manager} install abs-guide, is a quick and comprehensive guide to bash (command line) scripting in *nix systems. It is also viewable via web at http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/13:52
EuroNerdbrimlar, for instance, I came up with a very silly machine name, so now in prompt I see myname@very-silly-name and I'd like to change the latter. What is that technically called? And won't it break a ton of things if I change it after the whole LAMP is installed?13:53
Dr_Willisalso its more common to backup specific partions then the whole hard drive. sda1 vs sda13:53
Dr_Willis!hostname | EuroNerd13:53
ubottuEuroNerd: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.13:53
=== tommy_ is now known as Guest79470
Eaglemanhmm thats alot of text Dr_Willis, i just need some examples so i can edit them13:54
Dr_WillisEagleman:  theres literally 1000;s of bash scripts on the internetz13:54
dounanyone online?13:54
Dr_Willisif not millions.. ;)13:54
dounmy logitech keyboard, the caps lock leds not work under tty..13:55
EuroNerdDr_Willis, thanks, but isn't the old hostname referenced in a dozen config settings of all the programs already installed (like MySQL, PHP, etc) ?13:55
dounany help?13:55
Dr_Willishttp://tldp.org/HOWTO/Bash-Prog-Intro-HOWTO-12.html#ss12.2   12.2 Sample: A very simple backup script (little bit better)13:55
Dr_WillisEuroNerd:  that factoid has been the basic way toc hange the hostname for ages.13:55
EaglemanThose 5 lines and thats it?13:56
Dr_WillisEuroNerd:  i woul imagine the apps get the hostname the same way all the other apps on the system would do.. by reading the system hostname.13:56
ikoniaEuroNerd: those appes reference localhost13:56
brimlarEuroNerd:  I'm not certain, otherwise I'd advise.  my hunch is the apps all call "localhost"13:56
EuroNerdDr_Willis, OK, thanks :)13:56
Dr_WillisEagleman:  you wanted an example. theres tons of examples. I donmt know the details of what you are doing.13:56
ikoniaEuroNerd: unless you have manually changed their config to reference a different hostname13:56
Paddy_NIikonia, I have no idea, the log files are too cryptic for me :-(13:57
ktwohig9good morning13:57
Eaglemanall i want it to do is execute dd if=/dev/sda of=/media/hdd1/Backups/sdabackups/sda.bin bs=1024 and then gzip to an usbdisk, and then rm sda.bin13:57
Paddy_NIikonia, There are 3 xorg log files13:57
ikoniaPaddy_NI: nothing stands out, no warnings ? (WW) is a warning13:57
ikoniaEagleman: you don't need to rm the bin file, as the gzip will rename it as it compresses it13:57
cameron__hello?? can anyone help13:57
dounis there a way to choose my  keyboard type ,other than dpkg-reconfigure console-setup..13:58
Eaglemanok nice13:58
ikoniaEagleman: I've told you 3 times what to do 1.) run the dd command 2.) execute the gzip command on the output file - it's that simple13:58
sarybrimlar:  see if you can obtain a full backtrace https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/Freeze , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingKernelBoot , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Debugging .13:58
brimlarsary: okay13:58
Dr_Willisweird that hes dding from sda. but his other hd is mounted to hdd113:58
EuroNerdSo now that you see the depth of my ignorance, how would you advise me to learn Linux (and Ubuntu Server in particular) ?   :)   Mind you, I'm an easily frustrated dummy coming from Windows (and using Ubuntu Desktop for past 6 months).13:58
sarybrimlar: good luck .13:58
brimlarsary: thanks :)13:59
ikoniaEuroNerd: just use it for time - you can't buy time13:59
Dr_WillisEuroNerd:  pick some topic, start reading up on it, then expand. come back to reread the other stuff as you learn more.13:59
Dr_WillisEuroNerd:  top thing to learn for messing with a server would be bash and ssh.13:59
MonkeyDustEuroNerd  the best way to learn, is by just using it, i guess, like we all did13:59
brimlarEuroNerd: and assume you won't do it perfectly the first time, you will break stuff13:59
Paddy_NIikonia, found a few, although they make little sense13:59
EaglemanDr_Willis ur saying that i'm also backing up /hdd1 since its located in /media/hdd1?13:59
EuroNerdcopy that13:59
ikoniaPaddy_NI: want to pastebin some of them that look a problem13:59
Paddy_NIikonia, talking about failing to load a font14:00
ikoniaPaddy_NI: that shouldn't cause any real issues14:00
Dr_WillisEagleman:  i dont know  exactly what you are backing up. but its rather rare for drives to be called 'hd'* these days.14:00
ikoniaPaddy_NI: the fonts would just cause the fonts to drop back to default, nothing major14:00
Dr_WillisEagleman:  you are imageing a whole hard drive. why are you doing that exactly?14:00
Eaglemanits still called /sdb1 but its mounted as /hdd114:00
Dr_Willismay be a good idea to stop using the missleading mountpoint then. ;)14:01
brimlarEuroNerd: one example of how people install a LAMP server in 12.04: http://macinville.com/280/one-liner-installation-of-lamp-server-in-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin/14:01
c0deMasterwhich configuration file to define MX records?14:01
ikoniac0deMaster: the dns zones files14:01
c0deMasterikonia, where are they?14:02
EaglemanI;m so confused now :P14:02
fastaHow do I add a postinstall script of my own when package foobar is installed/upgraded?14:02
Eaglemanwould you mind helping me in a private chat?14:02
ikoniac0deMaster: on the start of authority dns servers - not your machine14:02
yeatsEuroNerd: brimlar: you can also install tasksel, do 'sudo tasksel', select LAMP server and voila14:02
EuroNerdbrimlar, thanks, but I already have LAMP installed... I just run the standard Ubuntu Server installation, clicking Next at each step... ;)14:02
Paddy_NIikonia, this is "Xorg.0.log" http://paste.ubuntu.com/1009724/14:02
yeats!pm | Eagleman14:03
ubottuEagleman: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.14:03
c0deMasterikonia, you mean I can't define MX records on my server, I should do that on the domain registerar side?14:03
ikoniaPaddy_NI: I'll have a read14:03
Eaglemanhmm ok thanks14:03
Eaglemanhadnt tought about that14:03
will3032840Hello, I need help!14:03
ikoniac0deMaster: the person who runs your domain#s dns server does it14:03
EuroNerdbrimlar, perhaps I should add, for now I installed Ubuntu Server in a VirtualBox, so that I can learn the basics at my own pace, before I throw away money on a VPS. ;)14:03
Paddy_NIikonia, should I paste "Xorg.0.log.old" and "Xorg.1.log" ?14:04
ikoniaPaddy_NI: let me have a read first14:04
Paddy_NIikonia, And cheers a million for your time mate :-)14:04
chip__hi how i can creat a launcher in the new ubuntu? ty14:04
ace7guys <I need help... I'm trying to make to make new NTFS partition on hard disk using Gparted because I want to install win7, but I can't unmounted it because the partition that I want to resize is currently in use (ubuntu system).. any solution?14:04
cameron__hello?? im trying to use a small digital photoframe as a video output but the device isnt appearing, can anyone help?:?14:04
will3032840I am trying to use pandora internet radio in Rythmbox. Can anyone help me?14:04
ikoniaace7: let the windows installer create your ntfs partition14:04
nsahooAnyone with virtualbox experience?14:05
nsahooI increased the number of virtual cpus on a 32bit xp guest from 1 to 4. But, I don't see the additional CPUs when I restart the virtual machine.14:05
Paddy_NIcameron__, the digital photo frame is it connected to your computer via usb?14:05
EaglemanSo let me explain what i'm trying to do. I want a 1:1 copy of my 64gb ssd ( /dev/sda ), and a specific backup ( with cronjobs and tars ) on my hdd1 ( /dev/sdb ), so when my ssd fails i can set the MBR and the ext 3 partition back on another ssd.14:05
ikoniaPaddy_NI: interesting line in there that it can't load the framebuffer14:05
Paddy_NIikonia, yeah14:05
Paddy_NIfalls back to vesa14:05
will3032840Hello????? I am trying to use pandora internet radio in Rythmbox. Can anyone help me?14:05
brimlarEuroNerd: here's a Canonical PDF server guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/serverguide/serverguide.pdf14:06
saryEuroNerd: as fellow ubuntuser said , learn the core system and how things work is the best why for practice , ge familiar with commands line , use the proper tools , check the LPIC exam , use a VPS like linode if you can't can't run the server on another machine .14:06
cameron__yes Paddy_NI but when ido lsusb there isnt a difference between when i have it plugged in and when i dont14:06
yeats!details | will303284014:06
ubottuwill3032840: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:06
ikoniaPaddy_NI: interesting though that vesa detects your screens available reslutions fine14:06
Paddy_NIcameron__, there is probably no linux driver in the first place for that photoframe14:06
Paddy_NIikonia, yeah and they are not selectable... I can choose 800x600 or 1024x768 :-(14:07
MagicJMonkeyDust: I installed myunity - but it fails to run and the documentation  seems to imply it is for 11. series not 12.0414:07
cameron__Paddy_NI, im following this tutorial: http://forum.doozan.com/read.php?2,2435,2439#msg-243914:07
ace7ikonia:in win installer it says it can't because the partition is file system, I only have one partition and ubuntu is using it14:07
ikoniaace7: ok, so you need to boot from a livecd and shrink your ubuntu partition to make space for the XP one14:07
yeatscameron__: open a terminal and do 'dmesg | tail' just after you plug in the photoframe... there should be some sort of error output14:07
Paddy_NIcameron__, My samsung digital photoframe can also be used as a monitor but in windows only14:07
EaglemanSo let me explain what i'm trying to do. I want a 1:1 copy of my 64gb ssd ( /dev/sda ), and a specific backup ( with cronjobs and tars ) on my hdd1 ( /dev/sdb ), so when my ssd fails i can set the MBR and the ext 3 partition back on another ssd. Dr_Willis14:08
ikoniaPaddy_NI: while I'm reading this, have you considered forcing the options/intel driver in the xorg.conf file ?14:08
ikoniaEagleman: I've told you what to do ?14:08
ikoniaEagleman: what is not clear14:08
will3032840Ok so I tried to install the rythembox Pandora internet radio plugin from google code, then I install it, and in plugins it doesn't come up. I am running ubuntu version 12.04, I get no pandora plugin in plugins, but I don't see it. I ran the setup.sh script for it from google code but that didn't work either.14:08
cameron__Paddy_NI, its a 1.5" one so should work14:08
ikoniaEagleman: 1.) issue the dd command 2.) gzip the output file14:08
Paddy_NIikonia, hmm.. I thought xorg.conf was dead?14:08
Paddy_NIikonia, have not used it in years14:08
ikoniaPaddy_NI: no no, it's not used by default as xorg does auto detect, however you can put xorg.conf in place and xorg will obey it14:08
Paddy_NIikonia, also when I try to modprobe intel there is no intel_drv14:08
Dr_WillisEagleman:  another point.. do you know how to restore such an image? if you need to?14:09
ikoniaPaddy_NI: don't worry about that14:09
ikoniaPaddy_NI: that's an nvidia thing14:09
Eaglemanyes i know what to do ikonia but isnt dd also backing up my mount point?14:09
Paddy_NIikonia, oh okay14:09
cameron__theres lots of messages Yeats14:09
cameron__ill pastebin it14:09
Paddy_NIikonia, cool will fire up xorg.conf again then :-)14:09
Dr_WillisEagleman:  dd images the drve at a drive level. you do not want to be running dd on a hard drive partion thats mounted and in use..14:09
ikoniaEagleman: you're not telling it to backup your mount point14:09
ikoniaEagleman: you are telling it to backup your partition14:09
ikoniaPaddy_NI: I'm reading/researching your log now14:09
cameron__yeats and Paddy_NI: http://pastebin.com/H49MwmpX14:10
Dr_WillisEagleman:  so the 64gb sdd is your / (Main) drive/partition and you are backing it up?14:10
Paddy_NIikonia, your a gent.. oh and "gksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?14:10
EaglemanDr_Willis i first want to have the backip part right14:10
ikoniaPaddy_NI: spot on14:10
EuroNerdOK, so I installed Ubuntu Server in a VM, I want to see the default Apache page, so I check the inet addr with ifconfig, and instead of a 192.168.x.x range, I see (And of course it doesn't work when I type it into a browser on the host.)14:10
Eaglemani'm only gonna use the dd image for an complete restore, executed from a live cd with dd14:10
Dr_WillisEagleman:  id be doing backups from a live cd setup. not a cron job via DD if its the drve that you are booting from.14:10
yeatscameron__: sorry - those messages aren't relevant to your issue14:11
cameron__oh ok14:11
yeats!pm will303284014:11
yeats!pm | will303284014:11
ubottuwill3032840: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.14:11
cameron__so what do i do yeats?14:11
Paddy_NIikonia, its a blank file14:11
ikoniaPaddy_NI: yes you have to create it14:11
Paddy_NIokay what is the basic skeleton?14:11
Paddy_NII have lost that memory :-)14:11
Paddy_NII could google actually save you a head ache :-)14:12
ikoniaPaddy_NI: just grab a template of the net, or do an "xorg --configure" (think that's the right option)14:12
ikoniaPaddy_NI: you are testing me asking me to generate a blank one from memory14:12
will3032840Ok so I tried to install the rythembox Pandora internet radio plugin from google code, then I install it, and in plugins it doesn't come up. I am running ubuntu version 12.04, I get no pandora plugin in plugins, but I don't see it. I ran the setup.sh script for it from google code but that didn't work either. Someone please respond to these details of my problem.14:12
Paddy_NIikonia, hehe14:12
yeatscameron__: try 'dmesg | grep -i usb' and see if that shows relevant messages14:13
dounguys, i want to reconfigure my keyboard, i have try dpkg-reconfigure console-setup,but not work, any ideas?14:13
HorrorRabbit_hi all14:13
dontknowi want to change equalizer system wide in 12.04, how can i do that?14:13
yeatswill3032840: you might try asking in the #rhythmbox channel on irc.gnome.org14:13
EaglemanDr_Willis "so the 64gb sdd is your / (Main) drive/partition and you are backing it up?" yes it is, my hdd only contains data14:13
brimlarEuroNerd: see if the VM is set up with NAT instead of Bridged networking14:13
HorrorRabbit_Is there any way to output my wifi connection to ethernet? I want to use my laptop as wireless reciever to a pc without wireless card.14:14
Paddy_NIikonia, oh do I need to close X in order for Xorg -configure to work?14:14
EuroNerdbrimlar, yes, NAT14:14
yeatsHorrorRabbit_: yes - you can do that in Network Manager14:14
ikoniaPaddy_NI: on paper yes, but I think you can run it and it will just error as x is still running, but it should still generate the file14:14
Paddy_NIikonia, cool14:14
HorrorRabbit_okay, I'll take a look at it, didnt expect that to be built in14:14
ace7I tried unmounted the partition using gparted to shrink it but I get this "The partition could not be unmounted from the following mount points: /"14:14
ikoniaace7: you need to boot from a livecd14:15
cameron__yeats: not sure if these are revelevant http://pastebin.com/AuBsNWjW14:15
ikoniaace7: you can't resize a partition that's in use14:15
yeatsHorrorRabbit_: yeah - it's very simple once you know where it is14:15
brimlarEuroNerd: use Bridged if you want an address that is akin to the other machines on your network, it will pass the VM's interface through and give it a "real" IP14:15
ace7can I boot from usb pendrive?14:15
sarybrimlar: have you spoted any abnormal errors in ~/.xsession-errors ..14:15
EuroNerdbrimlar, OK, thanks14:15
ikoniaace7: sure, as long as it's not containing the root file system for your machine14:15
Paddy_NIikonia, seems I need to kill X14:16
zykotick9ikonia: actually i don't think -configure will work if X is running. i think you can use -- :1 to start a second xsession, but stopping dm is probably easier.  Paddy_NI14:16
yeatscameron__: do you have any other cameras or camera-like devices attached via USB?14:16
cameron__the webcam yeah14:16
ikoniaPaddy_NI: damn14:16
EaglemanDr_Willis "id be doing backups from a live cd setup. not a cron job via DD if its the drve that you are booting from." why would you do that?14:16
yeatscameron__: okay - that's probably what those lines are14:16
Paddy_NIzykes-, "sudo killall Xorg" will kill it but it automatically loads again14:17
Paddy_NIzykotick9, ^14:17
Paddy_NIzykotick9, should I be in recovery mode?14:17
zykotick9Paddy_NI: "sudo service lightdm stop" if you use lightdm14:17
HorrorRabbit_yeats: can I connect a windows pc to it as well?14:17
dounHorrorRabbit_: u can try aircrack14:17
yeatsHorrorRabbit_: yep14:17
cameron__anything else i can do14:17
brimlarsary:  nothing except zeitgeist warnings, which don't seem relevant14:17
salvatore_hi all! how to install Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack? i use Ubuntu 12.04 and have a windows 7 installation running on VM14:17
HorrorRabbit_yeats: great, thanks14:17
yeatsHorrorRabbit_: sure - happy to help14:18
Paddy_NIzykotick9 and ikonia I guess I'll brb as I have to leave this session14:18
Kyngdomhas anyone successfully installed ubuntu on a z68 platform?14:18
yeatscameron__: you could try 'tail -f /var/log/dmesg' then plug in the frame - the point is, there should be some sort of log output if the system recognizes that you plug something in via USB14:19
DrManhattanhow long should mysql take to start?14:19
ace7ikonia: is there option on win7 installer to shrink the partition?  last time I tried I can't found the option to shrink14:20
cameron__yeats, i put it in and nothing happened14:20
c0deMasteris it possible to use the old scroll bar instead of the current one in 12.04 ?14:21
dr3mroplz help me with these errors http://pastebin.com/9TfdtUTp14:21
sarybrimlar: using gdm , or lightdm .14:21
Paddy_NIgrr zykotick9 ikonia xorg.conf is still blank14:21
dounhow to reg this channel,with /win?14:21
yeatscameron__: okay - then the computer isn't recognizing the connection14:21
sarydoun which channel !14:22
cameron__is there anything i can do about it yeats?14:22
brimlarsary: just the default for 12.04, which is lightDM I think14:22
dounchannel !14:22
Paddy_NIgrr zykotick9 ikonia or perhaps "cp /root/xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf" will work :-)14:22
zykotick9Paddy_NI: did you copy the file?14:22
douni want to reg #ubuntu..14:22
ace7guys.. how to shrink the partition thats ubunto system is on?14:23
Paddy_NIzykotick9, had not realised it generates it in /root/14:23
sarydoun: you can't .. its already registered .14:23
ikoniaace7: no14:23
blackshirtace7: what you mean ?14:24
zykotick9Paddy_NI: FYI (for next time), you can probably use "X -configure :1" while xorg is running to generate the file.  ikonia14:24
ikoniaahhh maybe that's what I had in my head14:24
yeatscameron__: sounds like it's a hardware issue... check the cable, try on another computer/OS, try something you know works in the same USB port, etc.14:24
Paddy_NIzykotick9, actually there was no xorg.conf in root14:25
Paddy_NIread that on a forum14:25
Paddy_NIzykotick9, so use :1 then14:25
zykotick9Paddy_NI: you probably need to use sudo for this.14:25
zykotick9Paddy_NI: and it's not going to be named xorg.conf but something else...14:27
ace7blackshirt: I 'm trying to install win7.. to do that I need ntfs partition or unallocated partition... currently I have only one partition that's ubuntu system is on.. I can't shrink the partition tha's in use and as far as I know there is no shrink option in win7 installer14:27
Paddy_NIzykotick9, xorg.conf.new?14:27
zykotick9Paddy_NI: maybe, sorry i forget what it's called, but xorg.conf.SOMETHING14:27
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blackshirtace7, you should use livecd to shrink using gparted.. you can't shrink on running system,  i think ext4 not yet support for online resizing14:29
sarydr3mro: I'd run a memtest and see if the RAM is healthy .. also perhaps a BIOS update is rquired ! just a food for thoughts .14:29
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Paddy_NIzykotick9, here is the file it generated http://paste.ubuntu.com/1009759/14:30
Paddy_NIzykotick9, I saved it to "/etc/X11/xorg.conf"14:30
zykotick9Paddy_NI: looks good?  why do you want an xorg.conf with intel?14:31
Paddy_NIzykotick9, My screen resolution and hardware acceleration vanished after I updates my system14:31
EaglemanI hope i do not look like a complete fool here: http://pastebin.com/MEFnaMZL14:32
Eaglemanwill it work?14:32
zykotick9Paddy_NI: well, i hope xorg.conf will help (but doubt it)14:32
Paddy_NII am in unity-2d now with a res of 1024x768 zykotick914:32
ace7blackshirt: I install gparted on ubuntu.. and yup I can't because the partition is in use.. I don't have livecd, I only have win7 installer in my usb pendrive.. I boot from that pendrive..14:32
Paddy_NIikonia, Do I have permission to cry?14:32
Paddy_NIzykotick9, Any thoughts?14:33
ace7blackshirt: care to tell me more about shrink using gparted14:33
yeatsace7: you'll need to do that with a live CD (the ubuntu install CD has gparted on it)14:33
blackshirtace7, you can download live cd14:33
zykotick9Paddy_NI: nope, sorry14:34
douna usb stic is ok for a live cd14:34
Paddy_NIzykotick9, It was working wonderfully until I decided to perform an update14:34
blackshirtace7: have you ever using partition magic before ?14:34
Paddy_NIzykotick9, I know it is probably me being a little annoying but this is crazy from an LTS!!14:35
zykotick9Paddy_NI: was there a kernel update?  do you see more then 1 kernel in grub?  (hold SHIFT after bios to see grub menu, if you don't usually see it)  if you do see more then one kernel, does the old one work?14:35
ikoniaPaddy_NI: what's going on14:35
ace7I install ubuntu using usb pendrive, and that pendrive is now have win7 in it.. forgot to make backup for ubuntu installer... +.+14:36
Paddy_NIikonia, I created the xorg.conf and pasted the contents into "/etc/X11/xorg.conf"14:36
EuroNerdbrimlar, so I enabled the Birdged adapter (and also Host-only, to be sure ;)), but it doesn't seem to be enabled on the server. ifconfig -a gives two more results than ifconfig, so the two seem to be inactive. (No inet addr provided for these two with ifconfig -a.)14:36
Paddy_NIzykotick9, yep there is another kernel14:36
zykotick9Paddy_NI: you shouldn't consider ubuntu, to be enterprise grade software... LTS or not.14:36
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Paddy_NII guess...14:37
ikoniaPaddy_NI: ok, what's the current status14:37
Eaglemanikonia do you think this will work? http://pastebin.com/N8BeJRwQ14:37
Paddy_NIikonia, Should I edit that xorg.conf file now? here is the file that was generated http://paste.ubuntu.com/1009759/14:38
ikoniaEagleman: why are you writing to sdabackups, why not just write to usbbackupdisk14:38
Eaglemansince its giving me a better overvieuw14:38
ikoniaEagleman: what ?14:39
ikoniaPaddy_NI: ok, that looks pretty good, it's forcing the intel driver, which is good./14:39
ikoniaPaddy_NI: looks a lot more complete than I expected it to be14:39
ikoniaPaddy_NI: ahhhh14:39
ikoniaPaddy_NI: I see it14:39
ikoniaPaddy_NI: you have two video cards defined14:40
ikoniaPaddy_NI: one of them is set to vesa14:40
Eaglemanikonia so like this? http://pastebin.com/Bx7Enq4T14:40
Paddy_NIikonia, cool... so the intel driver it is using is just called "intel" and not "intel_drv" like the log file complained about being unable to load14:40
ikoniaPaddy_NI: 1.) why is there two video cards defined 2.) what is the second video card14:40
Paddy_NIikonia, hmm this is a laptop14:40
ikoniaPaddy_NI: "intel" is the right one, so that's good,14:40
ikoniaPaddy_NI: not a dreaded optimus video card is it ?14:40
Paddy_NIikonia, It has a hdmi and vga port14:40
Paddy_NIikonia, I dont think so14:40
ikoniaEagleman: then you don't need the vesa14:41
ikoniaPaddy_NI: that shouldn't be a second card, that's just a second output14:41
ikoniaEagleman: sorry the "mv" command14:41
ikoniaEagleman: you're writing to the right place, so there is nothing to "move" at the end14:41
zykotick9Paddy_NI: does this list 2 cards?  "lspci -v | grep -i vga"14:41
Paddy_NIikonia, no idea where the second display is coming from... perhaps it is remembering my television or something?14:41
ikoniaPaddy_NI: again, that's an output - not a card14:42
Paddy_NIzykotick9, one moment14:42
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ikoniaPaddy_NI: it things there are two cards, check out zykotick9's command14:42
Paddy_NIikonia and zykotick9, 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])14:42
Eaglemangzip /media/hdd1/Backups/sdabackups/$OF isnt moving the file to my external usb disk?14:43
ikoniaEagleman: no14:43
ikoniaEagleman: look at hat you are doing14:43
ikoniaEagleman: just make the output file the final place you want it to be14:43
ikoniaEagleman: eg: OF=//media/usbbackupdisk/sda-$(date +%Y%m%d).bin14:43
ikoniaEagleman: (with one /)14:43
Eaglemani'm such a noob...14:44
Paddy_NIzykotick9 and ikonia, lspci > http://paste.ubuntu.com/1009778/14:45
ikoniaI see one card there14:45
Paddy_NIalso with 12.04 I noticed that my hdmi no longer works14:45
ikoniaPaddy_NI: strip the second card out of the xorg.conf14:45
ikoniaPaddy_NI: (the one with the vesa driver)14:45
HelloWorld321I'm about to go for Pangolin.  Wish me luck.  :P14:45
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Paddy_NIDone ikonia14:46
ikoniaPaddy_NI: give it a go14:46
cameron__Yeats seems to be the usb cable :S14:46
ikoniaPaddy_NI: very interesting that it thinks you have 2 cards,14:46
cameron__i attatched it14:46
Paddy_NIokay reboot time :-) ikonia yes that is very strange.. not a problem that I have had before14:46
cameron__now when i do dmesg i get some info up14:46
Paddy_NIbe right back14:47
zykotick9Paddy_NI: if you made changes to xorg.conf you don't have to reboot, just restart lightdm14:47
Eaglemanikonia what about this? http://pastebin.com/GBqfzuSW14:47
ikoniaEagleman: you've not set an outfile14:48
ikoniaEagleman: is there a reason you are not doing what I'm advising you to do ?14:48
ikoniaEagleman: 1.) dd command 2.) gzip the finished file14:48
ikoniaEagleman: not quite sure why you are doing every variation except that14:48
ikoniaEagleman: no idea why you are doing a pointless "mv" as the last command that will ruin your file name and it's extensions14:49
ikoniaEagleman: just write the file to the backup drive, no need to mv it14:49
cameron__Paddy_NI it now seems to work14:49
* Dr_Willis hopes Eagleman is not rying to make a image of his root filesystem, while its in use..14:49
Eaglemani am14:49
Dr_Willisnot a good idea. for many reasons.14:50
cameron__but i dont know how to find its sd number :S14:50
Paddy_NIikonia, no apparent change, resolution now however only has 1024x76814:50
ikoniaDr_Willis: he shouldn't be as you've warned him of that earlier14:50
ikoniaPaddy_NI: interesting14:50
Eaglemanthink i'm gonna stop with dd, i dont understand a single thing about it14:50
Paddy_NIikonia, should I try the older kernel14:50
ikoniaPaddy_NI: consider forcing the resolution in the xorg.conf, or try setting it with xrandr14:50
ikoniaPaddy_NI: if you still have it, try it for interests sake14:50
Paddy_NIokay how do I do it with xrandr?14:50
Eaglemanmaybe i should just stick with tar -cvpzf14:50
Dr_WillisEagleman:  dd if=whatever of=/the/mounted/drive.out      then  cd /the/mounted/    then gzip the file...   (if i understand the issue)14:50
ikoniaPaddy_NI: test the kernel first, lets see what that does14:51
Paddy_NIokay brb14:51
Dr_WillisEagleman:  or rsync, or just backup the imporntant stuff, not the whole drive image.14:51
Eaglemanwell i want 1 "whole drive image"14:51
Dr_WillisEagleman:  for my real imporntant stuff i back it up to an offline cloud storage thing.14:51
Eaglemanbut it isnt gonna work with dd or partimage14:51
Dr_WillisEagleman:  why do you wnat a whole drive image? what do you think you are gaining?14:51
cameron__Paddy_NI and yeats, the device is Bus 002 Device 004: ID 1908:010214:52
Dr_WillisEagleman:  make a script to image the drive. run it from a live cd. would be the best way. Or use clonezilla live cd.14:52
Eaglemanso i can set it back when something goes terribly wrong14:52
cameron__but how do i know what /dev/sdX it is?14:52
Eaglemani've tried clonezilla14:52
zykotick9Eagleman: drive imaging is popular in windows circles - but it's a big waste of space in my opinion14:52
Dr_Willisi backup my home. and thats about all i ever need.14:52
Dr_Willisand i just back it by copying it to a extranal usb drive i plug in every so often.14:53
Eaglemanwell space isnt the issue right now14:53
morsnowskithis just made a nice 121 copy from sda5 to sd614:53
morsnowskidd if=/dev/sda5 bs=1024| gzip -9 > /home/morsnowski/backup/backup.gz14:53
morsnowskigzip -dcf /home/morsnowski/backup/backup.gz | dd of=/dev/sda614:53
Paddy_NIikonia, hmm older kernel does not fix the problem... is it possible that it might have worked if I had not touched the xorg.conf file?14:53
Eaglemani dont want to end up reinstalling everything aigan14:54
Paddy_NIjust theorising14:54
falstaphI installed to wifi card drivers and now they are in conflict how do I uninstall the one that is causing the problem?14:54
Dr_WillisEagleman:  its rather trivial to reinstall your packages from a list. and the actual os reinstall takes me about 20 min.14:54
ikoniaPaddy_NI: mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/disables.xorg.conf14:54
Eaglemani just made some documentation to myself, took me about 15 hours to install and document it14:54
ikoniaPaddy_NI: then try it, let it do the auto detection14:54
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » (this currently may cause problems with multiarch) - See also !automate14:54
Paddy_NIikonia, reboot or restart X?14:55
ikoniaPaddy_NI: for me - just reboot it, clear boot/logs/session14:55
Paddy_NIikonia, do you want me to clear boot/logs/session or am I being silly?14:56
ikoniaPaddy_NI: nah no need at this point14:56
cameron__Paddy_NI, please help14:56
Eaglemanso will clone also set back the config files?14:56
falstaphMy broadcom 43legacy driver is messing up I think the 43xx is the one I need\14:58
Paddy_NIikonia, no joy although 800x600 is back as an option14:58
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falstaphHow do I delete the driver?14:58
Paddy_NIfalstaph, you could blacklist it14:59
EaglemanDr_Willis so will clone also set back the config files?14:59
harushimoI want to partition my hard drive which I did last night using gparted14:59
harushimoI want to add it to fstab so it can automount14:59
harushimohow would I do that14:59
ikoniaPaddy_NI: ok, move the xorg.conf back so we know it forces the intel driver again, then lets try to set it with xrandr, see if we get some meaningful output14:59
blackshirtharushimo: yes, you can do itu14:59
harushimowhat is that14:59
falstaphI see I did that once before it involve editing a file ... which one is it?15:00
Paddy_NIikonia, okay I moved the file back15:00
ikoniaPaddy_NI: restart, and lets try xrandr15:00
harushimoI've already backup my original fstab configuration15:00
Paddy_NIikonia, okay15:00
oCean!fstab | harushimo15:00
ubottuharushimo: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions15:00
anton__hello! I'm using ubuntu 12.04 and am trying to hear my microphone in my headphones as I speak. Currently i know that there is input from the mic since i'm able to record my voice. But i want to be able to hear it as I speak in my headphones. Is that possible?15:01
harushimoI get up the setup15:02
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:02
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anton__hello! I'm using ubuntu 12.04 and am trying to hear my microphone in my headphones as I speak. Currently i know that there is input from the mic since i'm able to record my voice. But i want to be able to hear it as I speak in my headphones. Is that possible?15:05
Milos_SDguys, this bug is not fixed. The "fix" just broke a lot of things that worked before: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/77206315:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 772063 in unity-2d "App icon on the Unity Launcher lost track of running instance" [Low,Confirmed]15:05
Paddy_NIikonia, okay so 1024x768 is now the only option again15:05
Paddy_NIikonia, btw I am still using the older kernel15:06
Harrishow do i make wallch startup when i sign in15:06
hellcat2server/ irc.cinemageddon.net15:06
Paddy_NIikonia, I know this is a cowardly way out but should I reinstall 12.04 again?15:08
* Paddy_NI slaps himself across the face15:08
Paddy_NIsorry :-(15:08
Harrishow do i make wallch startup when i sign in15:10
harushimojust a quick question, does ubuntu use a snap feature like win 7? like where you can put one program to side and another one to the other side15:10
spitziHi. My shitty old webcam has shows a picture with all wrong colors in Ubuntu. Can I adjust the colors through some standard control panel?15:10
harushimothis is really cool15:10
ikoniaPaddy_NI: sorry was just away15:10
xangua!language | spitzi15:11
ubottuspitzi: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.15:11
Paddy_NIikonia, no worries15:11
xanguaharushimo: yes it does15:11
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ikoniaPaddy_NI: where are you up to15:11
harushimowoa...this distro never ceases amazing me15:11
harushimothat is awesome15:11
Eaglemanthis should work much better and its way better to understand for me, http://pastebin.com/wuAfUB1a15:12
Harrisharushimo, try compiz15:12
ikoniaEagleman: what do you hope to achieve with that ?15:13
Eaglemanbackup files on my hdd1 disk15:13
Eaglemanand exclude some15:13
Harrishow do i make wallch startup when i sign in15:13
ikoniaEagleman: how do you plan to use it ?15:13
Eaglemanusing a cron job wich is scheduled for once a week15:13
ikoniaEagleman: no, I mean how do you plan to use it for a restore ?15:14
Paddy_NIikonia, Actually I really appreciate every iota of help you and zykotick9 have given me but I feel this is something that ultimately will need a reinstall to fix! I would then re-apply the updates and see if the problem returns... what do you think?15:14
HarrisDr_Willis, how do i make wallch startup when i sign in15:14
ikoniaPaddy_NI: it's a brave move and I admire it, however if you're going to do it, make sure you note down which updates get applied so we can work it through if it breaks again15:14
Paddy_NIikonia, you are spinning many plates and I applaud you sir :-)15:14
Eaglemanwell if some 1 on teamspeak accidently deleted a file i can get it back from the backup15:14
Eaglemansomething like that15:14
ikoniaEagleman: no, you can't just grab a file from the archive15:15
Paddy_NIikonia, will do, thanks again :-)15:15
Eaglemani know15:15
ikoniaEagleman: you'll need to decompress and expand the whole archive15:15
Paddy_NIlater zykotick9 ikonia :-)15:15
Harrishow do i make wallch startup when i sign in15:15
Eaglemanjust restore it into a different folder and find the file: Tar –xvpzf /media/usbbackupdisk/backuphdd1.tar.gz –C /recovery15:15
ikoniaPaddy_NI: no problem, if you want to upgrade, say and we'll walk through it15:15
Eaglemansomething like that15:15
Paddy_NIikonia, excellent15:15
Paddy_NIcould not possibly ask for any more than that :-)15:16
Eaglemanso that should work right?15:16
ikoniaEagleman: why are you backing up /media/hdd1 ?15:16
ikoniaEagleman: no, I don't think it will work15:16
Eaglemanwhy not....15:16
harushimothe reason for automounting the drive because I want to create a virtual machine using virtual box. In order to do that, I need the drive mount15:16
ikoniaEagleman: I really can't understand why you keep doing everything except what I've told you to do15:16
harushimoI mean mounted15:16
Eaglemanif it works it works15:17
Eaglemani dont see the problem15:17
ikoniaEagleman: it wont15:17
Eaglemanand why is that?15:17
morsnowskiEagleman, have you considered mkisofs? That would make it a snap to restore single files15:17
ikoniaEagleman: what file system are you trying to backup15:17
ikoniaEagleman: no, I mean / or /var etc15:18
Harrishow do i make wallch startup when i sign in15:18
Eaglemana mount point in /media/hdd1 wich refers to /dev/sdb115:18
BluesKaj!patience | Harris15:18
ubottuHarris: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:18
ikoniaEagleman: what's on /dev/sdb115:18
Eaglemana harddisk15:19
ikoniaEagleman: don't be smart, I understand that15:19
ikoniaEagleman: I mean what data, it can't be your system15:19
Eaglemanbut what do you mean then15:19
Eaglemanow ok15:19
ikoniaEagleman: it must be external data, correct ?15:19
Eaglemanlike music and video's also some teamspeak files15:19
morsnowskiHarris, how about putting it into startup applications15:19
ikoniaEagleman: ok, great, so it's not your system, that should be fine15:19
Harrismorsnowski, how do i do that15:19
morsnowskiit's under systen tools/preferences15:20
Eaglemanso it should work right?15:20
ikoniaEagleman: I think it's a bad solution, but it will backup that data, sure15:20
xanguaHarris: open the dash and type Startup15:20
Eaglemanso what is a better solution?15:21
ikoniaEagleman: you can remove FILENAME from the script, you don't need that15:21
Harrismorsnowski,  what do i put in the command line in startup applications15:21
falstafI am getting an error report when I use synaptic it has something to do with a script exiting with an error code.15:21
ikoniaEagleman: you're not using FILENAME, so you can remove it15:21
Eaglemani know15:21
Harrisi opened startup and clicked add typed wallch in name what do i type in command15:22
morsnowskiharris the name of the app, which i don't know since I'm not using it15:23
Eaglemanso now i should place the script in /etc/init.d and give it rights?15:24
Harrismorsnowski, what is the command15:24
ikoniaEagleman: you don't want it in there15:24
morsnowskiharris the name of the app, which i don't know since I'm not using it15:24
Harrismorsnowski,  that goes in the name line15:24
Eaglemanand if i place the script inside this folder? /media/hdd1/Backups/15:25
ikoniaEagleman: just put it in your home directory15:25
quiescensif you need help rolling your own backup system, i don't know if you should be rolling your own backup system o.o15:26
kbroulikwhy doesnt apache2 want to start if /var/log/apache2 does not exist? instead of just creating it silently -.-15:26
ikoniakbroulik: because it needs write permissions to /var/log, and it doesn't have it15:27
ikoniakbroulik: so just create it as it depends on having a writable log space15:27
kbroulikhmm, okay, so I will just add a mkdir -p /var/log/apache2 to the init.d script's "start" section15:28
ikoniakbroulik: no15:28
ikoniayou don't need to do it to the init script15:28
quiescenskbroulik: no particular reason but i would expect most things to complain when told to use directories that don't exist15:28
ikoniakbroulik: 1.) when you install the apache package - it will create the log direcotry for you15:28
ikoniakbroulik: 2.) once the log directory exists, you don't need to re-create it15:28
kbroulik/var/log is in tmpfs, explaining why it is gone after restart :)15:29
Eagleman0        4       *       *       3      /home/eagleman/hdd1backup15:29
ikoniakbroulik: then disable logging in apache15:29
kbroulikikonia: how? I can't find anything useful.15:31
ikoniakbroulik: the log level and location is in the apache config15:31
kbroulikbut there is no LogLevel none option, just warn, critical, etc15:32
quiescensso many strange requests today15:32
HarrisHow to Automatically Startup Programs in Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin)15:32
ikoniakbroulik: that is loglevel, not location15:32
kbroulikso where should I make it point to when *not* wanting any logging?15:32
JusDiecan someone help me15:33
rigvedHarris: type "Startup Applications" in the dash. Use it to add your program (by specifying it's path).15:33
Eaglemanfinally, it worked :)15:34
JusDiemy htc rezound is stuck in at the htc white screen after trying to install a ICS rom. i can still cess bootloader and recover. what should i do?15:34
JusDiemy htc rezound is stuck in at the htc white screen after trying to install a ICS rom. i can still cess bootloader and recover. what should i do?15:36
csilkJusDie, you should re-flash the old ROM15:36
oCeanJusDie: how is that an Ubuntu issue?15:36
csilkcompletely reset the phone back to its original state15:36
csilkoCean, who cares? No reason why we can't help him out like the friendly people we are15:36
JusDiehow do i reflash the old rom15:36
JusDiethank you15:36
oCeancsilk: eh, wrong, it is offtopic15:36
xangua!ot | csilk JusDie15:36
ubottucsilk JusDie: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:36
csilkJusDie, good question. I think you're going to have to google for that15:37
xanguacsilk: please stick to the channel topic15:37
oCeancsilk: this channel *only* deals with ubuntu technical support15:37
Kyngdomhas anyone successfully installed ubuntu on a z68 platform15:37
csilkxangua, oCean .. I just directed him to google. Thanks for the reminder though15:37
c0deMasterI'm looking for a hidden process and threads detector15:38
JancooverHow can I convert FLV files into MP4 on Ubuntu? Recommend me a software if any15:38
csilkc0deMaster, what do you mean by hidden?15:39
code89can someone help me with atheros pci card and ath5k driver?15:40
csilkJanC, use ffmpeg15:40
csilksudo apt-get install ffmepg15:40
c0deMastercs278, malware can run in hidden process that cannot  be visible via ps15:40
code89i got  Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x / AR542x15:40
csilkc0deMaster, there isn't really one tool that can guarantee to do that as the malware can hide the process in weird and wonderful ways15:41
csilkthat should have been sudo apt-get install ffmpeg15:42
Jancoovercsilk: you guy rock :)15:42
JancooverThanks :)15:43
csilkno worries15:43
JancooverWhich of you enjoys Supertuxkart?15:43
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roastedQuestion - I can play AVI files in Firefox, but not Chrome. Is there something I need to enable to get AVIs to work?15:46
EaglemanHow di i set this to automatic on fstab? mount --bind /home/eagleman/website  /var/www/html15:46
=== zenix`away is now known as zenix`
Jaaphow do you remove a source build application ?15:47
xanguaJaap: just follow the uninstall instructions or delete the directory where you installed it15:48
xanguaroasted: as in a video embeded in a site¿15:48
Jaapxangua, ty15:48
roastedxangua, pretty much. I have .AVI files hosted off of my server for my video surveillance feed. I can click on them and play them fine in FF but not Chrome. I just get a black screen.15:48
DarkTomasI have a problem with my eyetoy cam i want to use it as a microphon but if i speak it sounds like a chipmunk i have ubuntu 12.0415:49
roastedxangua, I can easily use FF, but I find it hard to believe Chrome wouldn't support this.15:49
EaglemanHow di i set this to automatic on fstab? mount --bind /home/eagleman/website  /var/www/html15:49
xanguaroasted: then i asume firefox uses the totem plugin¿ tried adding the extracodecs to chromium¿ chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra15:50
JancooverIs there any need to upgrade Ubuntu?15:50
xanguaJancoover: security upgrades, bug fixes and if you refer a major release version all what i said and new programs15:50
JancooverAnd are there any improvements in GUI?15:51
CookieMJancoover if you're happy with one you have, there's no need for upgrade15:51
roastedxangua, would chromium plugins apply to chrome? I'm using the official google chrome .deb from google's site, not chromium from the repos.15:52
xanguaroasted: if you are using chrome it already uses it i believe, no idea then sorry15:52
roastedxangua, well dang, hm okay. Thanks for trying!15:52
roastedxangua, I gotta run anyway, I'll post on forums and see what sticks. Have a good one.15:52
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synack_hey all15:55
synack_when i do a "ping example" i get this message . . . .15:56
synack_superuser@ubuntu:~$ ping ruby15:56
synack_PING ruby ( 56(84) bytes of data.15:56
synack_im wondering why all "example" strings resolve to this IP15:56
synack_and this IP is a rackspace IP according to whois data15:56
synack_what could this mean and could it be a security threat?15:57
morsnowskiso what do you get if you ping ruby?15:57
synack_if anybody has any idea what this is or if you could paste the output of you doing a "ping ANYHTING"15:57
morsnowskithat should come back as unknown host as long as you don't have alocal ruby entry in your dns server15:58
synack_i would appreciate it. morsnowski - the "ruby" can be anything15:58
morsnowskiso what is your question ?15:58
synack_all hosts return as this IP, all save like yahoo.com15:58
avelldirollsynack_: you seem to use a funny DNS (in the bad sens of the word funny)15:58
morsnowskion your local machine15:58
synack_let me explain more, i want to know what it means and what you get if you "ping anything"15:58
synack_avelldiroll: im confused , i get my dns from dhcp15:59
synack_superuser@ubuntu:~$ ping anythinggoeshere15:59
synack_PING anythinggoeshere ( 56(84) bytes of data.15:59
synack_it never pings, it just resolves to this IP15:59
morsnowskiwhat do you get for "ping  google.com"15:59
avelldirollsynack_: yes, probably, and your dhcp is providing a lying DNS16:00
synack_google.com will work16:00
synack_superuser@ubuntu:~$ ping google.com16:00
synack_PING google.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.16:00
synack_64 bytes from iad23s06-in-f2.1e100.net ( icmp_req=1 ttl=53 time=20.6 ms16:00
synack_64 bytes from iad23s06-in-f2.1e100.net ( icmp_req=2 ttl=53 time=20.7 ms16:00
FloodBot1synack_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:00
avelldirollsynack_: probably to add some sort of ads when you mistype a fqdn16:00
morsnowskioh ok you are comlaining that you don't get replies then ?16:00
synack_avelldiroll: does this mean i have spyware or a virus?16:01
synack_on ubuntu?16:01
synack_morsnowski: I am not complaining, I am investigating, or trying too16:01
synack_i want to understand it16:01
morsnowskigood luck16:01
synack_it is not causing an issue for me, but it seems abnormal16:01
synack_thanks, with the smart people in here I doubt I need any luck though16:02
avelldirollsynack_: no, that means your dns provider is not honnest, you should use another dns16:02
synack_avelldiroll: could you elaborate?16:02
avelldirollwhat did you understand ?16:02
synack_maybe i will start using opendns16:02
synack_well , what the word honest means in this sense16:02
synack_is this DNS poisoning?16:02
synack_an attack?16:03
avelldirolloepndns is also a lying dns16:03
synack_like i said, this DNS server was obtained via DHCP16:03
synack_lol - so what is a non-lying dns16:03
avelldirollit is not an attack, just a bad practice from some dishonnest providers16:03