gabriele93ubuntustudio 12.04 have installed XFCE07:53
gabriele93can i replace it?07:55
gabriele93but with the same options?07:55
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Guest94728Hey Guys. I've install last version of Ubuntu Studio and I can't find something like System->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts09:22
Guest94728I would like to open even terminal using shortcuts but standard Ctrl +Alt +T does not work09:23
Guest94728i've reconnected from Xchat..09:29
an-yso, if anyone know how to set up key shortcuts in ubuntu studio please answer, thanks.09:30
mighty_abobaThis jackd is killing me %)14:35
ailomighty_aboba: Why us that?14:39
mighty_abobaThe errors on stop14:39
mighty_abobaand on start14:40
mighty_abobait don't want to start14:41
ailomighty_aboba: There's a bug with qjackctl not being able to stop jackdbus (which is the default)14:43
ailomighty_aboba: In a terminal do: killall -9 jackdbus14:43
ailoThen use qjackctl to start jack again14:43
mighty_abobayes, i have script in settings14:44
ailomighty_aboba: We are hoping to backport the newer version of qjackctl as soon as possible, which hopefully will not suffer from this issue14:44
ailoIt is an annoying bug :P14:45
len-dtUsing jack_control from commandline seems to work better.14:45
mighty_abobawhen i press on exit in qjackctl it is killing jackdbus14:45
len-dtThat is one of the changes.14:45
mighty_abobabut it is not main problem now14:45
mighty_abobaI don't understand one thing14:46
mighty_abobaI kill jackdbus14:47
mighty_abobaand start qjackctl again but jackd is not starting14:47
holsteinfor troubleshooting, i use "gksudo qjackctl"14:47
ailoholstein: This is not a privilege issue.14:48
holsteini also just suggest not using JACK if you dont need it14:48
ailomighty_aboba: So, is jackdbus still running after you quit jack? Did you check?14:48
holsteinailo: sure.. i just do it first to make sure i have the device configured14:48
mighty_abobait is the output14:48
holsteinif it starts as root, then i *know* its supposed to start14:48
len-dtI have found jackd to be more temperamental of late.14:49
mighty_abobawhen i'm start it14:49
holsteincould have the settings set too extreme as well14:50
ailomighty_aboba: I think jackdbus is probably still running14:50
ailoTo make sure, check for the process in whatever app you prefer14:50
holsteinyeah, that too... if you didnt stop it, or issue the kill command ailo suggested mighty_aboba14:50
mighty_abobaailo: Yes I check14:50
mighty_abobaIt is not still running14:51
holsteinmighty_aboba: drop us some error messages14:51
ailomighty_aboba: Did you try restarting pulseaudio? Could be the pulseaudio jack module is causing problems14:51
ailoJust killall pulseaudio, so it restarts14:51
holsteinmighty_aboba: restart the computer if you cant sort out what it what14:51
ailomighty_aboba: Also, do you need pulsaudio to connect to jack? If not, disable dbus support in qjackctl, and you will not get this problem14:52
holsteinbigger question is, do you need JACK... if not, just dont use it and you wont have this problem ;)14:53
mighty_abobayes, i need14:53
mighty_abobavery much14:53
ailomighty_aboba: pulseaudio, or jack?14:54
mighty_abobaI kill pulseaudio14:54
mighty_abobaand tryied to start jackd14:54
mighty_abobasame results14:54
mighty_abobaerrors on start14:55
mighty_abobaI kill pulseaudio and jackdbus before14:55
mighty_abobaerror messages14:55
holsteini would look in "ps aux" for it14:56
holsteinlooks like hw:2 is selected?14:56
mighty_abobai select my second card14:56
holsteingood luck!.. i gotta run, but ailo  and len-dt are on the case!14:57
holsteini usually suggest disabling one card in the bios if possible14:58
ailoHe can start it, but not twice14:58
ailoAfter quitting, it won't start again14:58
len-dtin pavucontrol try configuring the card you are not using to off14:58
ailoUsually, it's jackdbus that needs to be killed. My second guess was PA making trouble. What else is there? dbus?14:58
mighty_abobaMy secondcard is USB14:59
len-dtminr too.14:59
len-dtI have to go to the PA mixer and turn off my first card.14:59
ailoholstein: Hey, you need to be relieved once in a while. Catch you later14:59
mighty_abobaMy pulseaudio is killed now15:00
len-dtPA respawns15:00
ailomighty_aboba: Do you need pulseaudio to connect to jack?15:00
len-dtas soon as you kill pulse it restarts.15:01
ailoYeah, killing pulseaudio should reset it15:01
mighty_abobaok, last news)15:03
mighty_abobaif i select not alsa in settings15:04
mighty_abobapress OK15:04
mighty_abobaand again enter to settings and select alsa and hw:215:04
mighty_abobait is working15:04
ailoThat sounds like a bug15:04
mighty_abobavery strange behavior15:05
len-dtIts pulse trying to do too much and jack being too dumb :-)15:05
len-dtsame stuff we were just talking about ailo15:05
ailoNot qjackctl?15:06
ailoHe gets it working by adjusting qjackctl settings, but not starting jack15:06
ailomighty_aboba: If you have the time, please report it here https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=86211&atid=57882615:06
ailoThat's the bug tracker for qjackctl15:07
ailoI would assume it's a qjackctl bug15:07
mighty_abobaJust second15:07
ailoWow, only one bug reported this year15:08
mighty_abobaI think it is not a bug15:08
mighty_abobai'm trying to repeat all actions15:09
mighty_abobaNow i don't understand why it didn't start15:10
ailomighty_aboba: If it does happen again, do consider reporting it as a bug.15:13
mighty_abobaI think it is not a bug, because it problem is effect of "on stop" bug15:15
mighty_abobaI think so15:15
mighty_abobaDoes anyone know why  "on stop" bug has appeared in this release?15:19
ailomighty_aboba: You mean, "Execute script on Shutdown"?15:19
ailoI would add "killall jackdbus -9" as a "..after Shutdown", to make sure qjackctl is no longer doing anything with jackdbus15:20
ailoI meant "killall -9 jackdbus" of course15:22
mighty_abobaailo: You mean, "Execute script on Shutdown"?15:24
mighty_abobayes, but 'after Shutdown'15:24
len-dtif there is trouble qjackctl never gets to after15:25
ailolen-dt: Are you saying the "after" doesn't happen, if jackdbus is not stopped as it should?15:27
len-dtThat is what seems to be the case.15:27
ailoHow so?15:28
len-dtqjackctl goes nonresponsive15:28
ailojackdbus was not running15:28
mighty_abobaIt is happen15:28
ailoqjackctl was working, but just not starting jack again15:28
mighty_abobaWhen i press stop15:28
len-dtqjackctl only knows what dbus tells it.15:28
mighty_abobai have error messages15:29
mighty_abobait is "on stop" bug15:29
len-dtPart of the problem is with the dbus to jack stuff not sure if that is dbus or jack.15:29
mighty_abobabut i have script "after shutdown" which kill jackdbus on exit15:30
len-dtI tested this quite a bit with jack_control from command line and saw some of the same issues.15:30
mighty_abobaand on new start all ok15:30
ailolen-dt: I see it now.15:31
ailolen-dt: I just tried using the "after shutdown" script to stop jackdbus15:32
len-dtI am not sure if the bug has been filed against jackd, but it should. because the problem happens when using all jackd package tools.15:33
ailoActually, now I can't make the bug happen15:34
ailoI need to check more15:34
ailoIt seems that the "after shutdown" actually does work for me15:35
len-dtYa I found if I did start stop many times the problem happened less than farther apart15:36
ailoI finally got it to hang with the script15:36
len-dtAnyway, I have to go...15:37
ailojackdbus was killed15:37
ailoIt was just qjackctl that hung for me15:37
ailoWell, I would need to test more.. See you len-dt15:38
licensedhello. i would like to buy a USB soundcard.. anyone can tell me one good?23:06
len-dtlicensed, How many channels?23:46
licensedlen-dt, don't matter.. do you know if usb soundcard haves bigger delay than pci soundcards?23:46
licensedi need midi input only23:46
len-dtMidi I don't know.23:47
len-dtI have heard that usb midi can be a problem.23:47
len-dtMy USB IF is audio only.23:48
len-dtThe only report I have heard licensed, is that the timing was "all over the place" Not late only but varying amounts.23:52
licensedlen-dt, what you recommend for use midi?23:54
licensedi need midi soundcard23:54
len-dtlicensed, I use an old ensoniq card game port23:54
len-dtlicensed, I have not been able to play with a USB midi IF, so I haven't had a chance to play with settings. I have heard that CPU timer settings are important23:55
len-dtIn particular the hi rez timers.23:56
licensedyes it's very important23:56
len-dtlicensed, By default UbuntuStudio does not come with the hi res timers readable in user space.23:56
licensedi'm starting with home studio.. i would like to record some songs, with my piano23:57
len-dtDo you have a USB midi port?23:57
len-dtThis site has the info on letting userspace read timers: http://wiki.linuxmusicians.com/doku.php?id=system_configuration23:58
licensedno i don't have.. I use onboard soundcard from my gigabyte motherboard23:59

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