ochosimr_pouit: thanks, will do11:59
ochosimr_pouit: you should probably make it conflict with xfce4-volumed, having both installed at the same time is kinda... (:12:01
mr_pouitochosi: well, they'll both work (double the notifications, double the fun,  maybe? :p)17:09
mr_pouitthough only the first launched will be able to grab the volume keys17:09
ochosimr_pouit: hehe, right :)17:42
ochosimr_pouit: btw, any clue why i would get a 404 on the xubuntu-dev ppa?17:42
ochosia-ha, i also get the 404 in my browser:17:45
mr_pouitochosi: yeah, the ppa isn't named ppa, but xfce-4.1019:46
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
ochosimr_pouit: gah thanks, how stupid of me...21:44

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