aguiteluskerine, try to login in this user with different password00:00
aguitelhome directory is only visible for the propietarie user and for the administrator00:04
deevadhey, is mouse pointer 'busy' icon is broken in 12.04 ?00:48
deevadwhen I launch an apps , no startup feedback.   Thats weird. My install is default one... : /00:50
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erictwhat does the 'stick' window manager button do?02:41
erictthe little circle one that takes an arrow to the knee when you click it02:42
ruienI'm not sure if you're describing the one I'm thinking of, but I think you are talking about the button which causes a window to stay on top even when it loses focus. That's useful for notes written in a text editor that you want to keep on top02:44
erictI don't know, it's under settings manager > window manager > button layout - and it's got a + symbol in the settings panel02:47
erictand when you say it loses focus, what do you mean?02:47
erictoh woahhh, sorry I'm new to Xfce and just tried out the focus follows mouse setting in window manager02:48
ruienopen two windows and drag one onto the other. Then click the sticky button on the top window, and then click the window behind it so the window manager focus is now on the back window. Typically that window would pop to the front, but if the front window is stickied, it should stay in front (just not active)02:48
erictok then, either mine is messed up or that's a diff button... that would be a handy tool02:50
ruienoh, i'm sorry02:52
ruienyou meant the sticky button - i wasn't using that one02:52
ruienthat makes it appear on all workspaces02:52
erictohhh lol yea I just figured that out02:52
ruiensorry for misleading02:52
ruienThe always on top is actually in the Xfce pull-down menu in the top-left of the window02:53
erictnp mate, though what is the button you were talking about?02:53
erictahhh ok cool02:53
erictthanks for the help, another question about workspaces, I set ctrl + arrow as my switch workspace shortcut in regular ubuntu, any idea what the command would be to switch workspace?02:55
ruienby default, it's CTRL-Alt-arrow02:57
erict-facepalm- I must be blind, I looked for it in keyboard shortcuts and didn't see workspace nav02:58
ruienYou can configure it in the Settings Manager -> Window Manager -> Keyboard tab, under "Left Workspace" and "Right Workspace"02:58
ruienI change it to <Super>-arrow02:58
erictyea I had it as <Super>-arrow on my desktop but on my netbook it's a lot easier with ctrl-arrow02:59
ruienyeah ok02:59
erictoh ok, I'm looking under the wrong keyboard settings window, I'm looking at apps shortcuts02:59
erictlol I thought it was kind of weird that I was going to have to look up commands for all of the usual window nav shortcuts...03:00
ballIs there an easy way from the command line to tell what version of Xubuntu is installed?03:01
ruienyeah, there are two places where shortcuts are defined - under the Window Manager settings "Keyboard" tab, and also the "Settings Manager -> Keyboard" panel. Just set all the keyboard commands to be whatever you're already used to.03:02
ruienball: Xubuntu is constantly updated (like Ubuntu), so two people with ostensibly the same Xubuntu won't necessarily have exactly the same version. Can you give me an example of what you mean?03:02
ruienDo you mean the version of Xfce?03:02
ballNo, I just meant in terms of release03:03
ruienhmm, well there's /etc/lsb-release which tells you the compatibility03:03
bazhang!version | ball03:04
ubottuball: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »03:04
ballLucid apparently03:04
ballIs 12.04 an LTS?03:04
ballPerhaps it's time to upgrade her.03:04
ball...wonder if I can do that without hosing the system though03:05
ruienI used lucid for a couple of years as well. I didn't try to upgrade in place (I don't think that's possible from 10.04); I bought a new hard drive and did everything fresh.03:05
ballHmm... okay03:07
ballI could probably just back up her files to another machine and break out a 12.04 CD03:08
ball...means extra hours of work though03:08
ruienYes, that's why (like you) I only do it once every two years :)03:09
erictruien: how long have you used Linux/Ubuntu?03:12
ruiensince about 9.1003:12
erictdid you start off with Ubuntu?03:12
ruienno, originally Mandriva then Gentoo, then Ubuntu 9.10, then went to Xubuntu 10.04 and stuck with that until 12.0403:13
ruienI am also familiar with CentOS 5 and 6 though03:13
erictgotcha, and what do you use now with 12.04?03:13
ballThis is the first time I've had paws on this machine since I built it.  I'm not surprised the user didn't do a release update03:16
* ball tries to remember how to install something that knows about the CPU temperture03:18
ruienerict: I'm still on Xubuntu 12.04 (I prefer Xfce to the other window managers)03:19
balllm-sensors, that's the one!03:37
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xubuntu689hi a complete newbie here. using latest xubuntu and love it but get this error when I try to open software centre: Failed to execute command "/usr/bin/software-center %u".06:06
ruiencan you tell us how you installed xubuntu? When installing 12.04 from scratch, /usr/bin/software-center should exist. Does that binary exist on your system?06:11
xubuntu689it does exist but I always get that message and this:  Failed to execute child process "/usr/bin/software-center" (No such file or directory)06:13
ruienon 12.04?06:15
xubuntu689the same thing happens when I try to access Update Manager?06:16
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ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!06:57
uskerinehi, is there any drawback in Xubuntu 64 bits? (like chrome, or flash or youtube not working) thanks07:02
baizonuskerine: enable html5 or install flash07:02
baizonelse you can install chromium-browser07:03
baizonthe choice is yours :)07:03
Sysiin other words, no drawbacks07:03
SysiI'm not sure about skype though07:03
baizonSysi: skype is in universe if im not wrong07:04
uskerinesorry i am not sure i got it, are you saying that html5 and flash won't work?07:04
baizonuskerine: i mean you CAN use html5 or flash, both work07:05
uskerineok good07:05
uskerineso if i have a 64 bits machine, there is no reason for going with 32 bits installation, right?07:05
baizonim using x6407:05
baizonand there is a x64 flash version07:05
uskerinei thought there was no x64 flash07:05
uskerineis it new one?07:06
Sysibeen around for ages, even for linux07:06
baizonuskerine: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AMD64/FirefoxAndPlugins07:06
SysiI think x86_64 flash has been around for at least three years07:07
uskerineok thanks07:08
uskerinemaybe it was in freebsd where it was not available07:08
uskerine(or maybe i am getting too old and i speak of 4 years ago like if it were yesterday)07:09
Fudgei want to put xubuntu-desktop on a slow machine p4 dual core 3gig ide hard drive 1gig ddr, i have precise gnome running on it but it s very slow. my question is how i can i get lightdm to export some accessibility settings for xubuntu-desktop like i have in my xinitrcexport GTK_MODULES=gail:atk-bridge SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gtk07:50
Fudgeafter installing xubuntu-desktop shouldnt lightdm show a session name?08:27
laiteFudge: try pressing F1 in login screen08:51
laiteoh sorry, no, that was for slim08:51
Fudgewhat is slim laite09:27
Sysidifferent login manager09:27
Fudgewhen ever I try t ouse xubuntu on plain ubuntu system I seem to have pulse problems09:40
Fudgeill switch to pulse system and remove pulse xdg/autostart desktops items09:44
adasiek_abixhello to everyone ;-) after years of using Gnome2, and 2 months of using Unity, Xubuntu is very great piece of software ;-)10:02
chelzadasiek_abix: welcome. never leave ;)10:03
adasiek_abixI think, if Unity will not  change in future its behavior, I'll stay with XFCE ;-)10:05
adasiek_abixI thought that Unity will be good for bussiness as desktop solution, but it is not10:06
chelzyeah xfce won't do that to you10:06
chelzit stays sane so people can get work done10:06
chelzgnite though10:06
adasiek_abixthe way in which Unity take control over the applications is so ugly10:07
adasiek_abixI could not install QT Designer in Unity, in XFCE without any problems10:07
Fudgeok guys i use gnome-orca which is a screen reader for the blind, now using xubuntu-desktop 4.10 i seem to be able to use the system enough to watch media. is anyone well versed on accessibility to help me get firefox/thunderbird working?10:34
Fudgecurrently my .xinitrc exports: export GTK_MODULES=gail:atk-bridge SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gtk10:35
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AetchoHey, I have a problem with xubuntu. Whenever i boot it from my usb, and open a window in it ( firefox for example ), it freezes and i can't do anything else than alt+f2 and sudo reboot. Anyone have a solution?12:08
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japplowill xfce 4.10 come to xubuntu 12.04?14:22
baizonjapplo: no14:23
baizonbut there is a ppa with 4.1014:23
japplook, I know14:24
japploit seems, that I can only use xfce, because 3d is not supported (Geforce 4)14:24
baizonjapplo: you mean you want to use ubuntu but cant?14:30
japplobaizon:I tried ubuntu but without 3d I can only use unity 2d and this is very slow14:33
baizonunity 2D will be droped with 12.1014:40
baizonso maybe it will work then :)14:40
stu2000hey all, anyone know how i can reset the xfce4-terminal back to default colouring?15:15
stu2000i guess ill hit the forums15:16
laiteI would've known o/16:00
baizonme too :D16:12
baizonbut people dont like to wait16:12
ben_saysxubuntu 12.04   looking for audio guidance... what is default... pulse or alsa?16:34
Sysialsa trough pulse16:35
ben_saysok.   i installed audacity and attempted to record what was coming out of my speakers... like wave out or stereo out.16:36
ben_saysand first just hit record. nothing... so i went options and changing my input, and then my sound went wacky.16:36
ben_sayslike a fast chop adn almost a buzz.   i've rebooted and gone to audio settings and things are ok at the moment...  but does any one have an idea as to what happened...16:38
ben_saysthanks sysi, ill check out other options.17:02
ICWeinerHow do I change the console color?21:23
ICWeinerAs in ctrl+alt+f1-f6. Not terminal emulator.21:24
ICWeinerHow do I change the console color? I'm in CLI.21:41
genii-aroundICWeiner: setterm -foreground blue -background black      for instance.21:41
genii-aroundICWeiner: the setterm manpage has the colour names somewhere that you can set21:42
Micah_i am having trouble getting xubuntu to find my windows computers through the network can anyone help?23:34
aguitelwith thunar ?23:39
Micah_yeah thunar23:44
Micah_or nautilus23:44
Micah_i can type smb://<ip> and get into the folder23:44
Micah_but if i click on windows shares i get nothing no workgroups or anything. just completly blank23:45
Micah_i just switched from sabayon where it was working fine so i know it's not my windows machine setup wrong.23:47

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