KombuchaKipNeed help badly. Had a branch on lp. Unbound from it, commit to a different remote branch, unbound from it, rebound to the original one on lp, preparing to merge the branches by running a bzr update when I got an bzr: ERROR: An inconsistent delta was supplied involving 'Documentation/Users/AresEngine', 'documentationuserare-20101114225801-1g0nlj1eao16kgii-13' reason: Unable to find block for this record. Was the parent added?00:15
bob2bound branches :|00:15
fullermdEh, it's only documentation.  Doesn't seem important.00:16
KombuchaKipThat path, /Documentation/Users/AresEngine I had deleted between the unbinding of the lp branch and the rebinding of the new one.00:16
KombuchaKipbob2 and fullermd: Not sure what to do.00:17
bob2me either00:17
bob2bound branches scare me so i do not use them00:17
fullermdDo you have any important or difficult changes that aren't on one of the LP branches or the other?00:17
KombuchaKipfullermd: The original lp branch didn't have much in it and lots of stuff was moved around and refactored.00:18
fullermdBut that's stuff you committed into the other remote branch, right?00:18
KombuchaKipfullermd: Yes, the non-lp one.00:19
fullermdThen I vote for "fugit".  Whatever you have locally is squirrely, but it doesn't contain anything you need to preserve, so just set it aside (JIC) and start over from your two remotes.00:19
KombuchaKipfullermd: But I need to apply the changes from the non-lp branch, which I am comfortable deleting, into the actual lp one now.00:20
KombuchaKipfullermd: Once I've done that, I can delete the non-lp one.00:21
fullermdRight, but just start your local setup from scratch.  Make a fresh branch of each, and work from them.00:21
KombuchaKipfullermd: What do you mean?00:21
fullermdmkdir /tmp/x ; cd /tmp/x ; bzr branch lp:whatever LP ; bzr branch bzr+ssh://wherever/else OTHER ; cd LP ; bzr merge ../OTHER00:22
fullermd(or the [im]moral equivalent)00:22
* KombuchaKip thinks00:23
fullermdJust forget about your current local workspace; it'd be good to know what happened and how to fix it, but it's not essential.00:23
fullermdDon't delete it, just in case it turns out you need something there, but you probably don't.00:23
KombuchaKipfullermd: I'd like to use a centralized model, so should I replace the bzr branch with bzr checkout?00:23
bob2I'd really recommend not using bound branches00:24
fullermdI think that falls into "overthinking" in this case.00:24
KombuchaKipfullermd: Ok00:24
fullermdYou're not trying to get a semi-permanent workspace going at the moment, just solve this particular problem and get code where it needs to be.00:24
fullermdOnce that's done and you can know you haven't lost anything, you can sit back and figure moving forward.00:25
KombuchaKipbob2: For technical reasons or for philosophical cathedral vs bazaar reasons?00:25
KombuchaKipfullermd: Right00:25
bob2it's 201200:25
bob2no need to pretend you're using svn anymore00:25
KombuchaKipbob2: Ok, so philosophical then.00:25
bob2not using them makes everything simpler00:25
bob2no, technical00:25
bob2you're not using a centralised vc system00:25
bob2so using your dvcs as a centralised system leads to technical issues, like merges being more annoying00:26
KombuchaKipbob2: That's a matter of preference. Bzr can be used in a centralized model if one chooses to.00:26
bob2of course it's a matter of preference00:27
bob2but it makes things harder00:27
fullermdOTOH, I like checkouts, and use them constantly.  I do hate bound branches, though.00:27
bob2e.g. it lets you replicate the joy of svn making conflicts in uncommited changes00:27
fullermdBut at any rate, my offhand impression is that your issues probably stem from using a bound branch, but swapping around which other branches its bound to.  That sounds like a recipe for trouble; too many opportunities for confusion.00:28
fullermd(above and beyond whatever weird technical corners you might get painted into)00:28
bob2def feels like a bzr bug though00:28
KombuchaKipfullermd & bob2: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/855155 Looks like Bob's right. It is a bug.00:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 855155 in Bazaar "InconsistentDelta error when using bzr update" [High,Confirmed]00:29
fullermdVery probably; shouldn't be possible to get it twisted, all else being equal.00:29
bob2'bzr up' :(00:29
jonohey folks00:30
jonoI accidentally committed a a revision to a branch in LP00:30
jonohow can I remove it?00:30
bob2like "accidentally commited a root password" or "the tests don't pass yet"?00:31
fullermdIt would really be useful to nail down just what alteration triggers it; I see a lot of broad discussion there, but nothing that seems like a reproducible testcase.00:32
jonobob2, more like the latter00:32
jonoI ran bzr uncommit and bzr push00:33
jonoshould that work?00:33
KombuchaKipfullermd: Ok, so I have run bzr merge successfully on the local lp branch. To "upload" those changes to the remote lp branch, do I just run bzr push? The reason I ask is I've been using bound branches all this time.00:33
fullermdYou'll probably have to `bzr push :parent` or the like, since it won't have a saved pushloc.00:34
KombuchaKipfullermd: The :parent is an alias for the location of the pull? That being lp?00:34
fullermd:foo is an alias for the various saved locations.  The parent loc is where you branch'd from, and is the default for pull.00:35
KombuchaKipfullermd: Right. So the command should be bzr push lp:mybranch ?00:35
fullermdThat would work too.00:37
KombuchaKipfullermd: ok00:37
fullermdBut :parent was quicker to type   ;p00:37
KombuchaKipfullermd: "Working tree has uncommitted changes. Uncommitted changes will not be pushed". So I need to commit first?00:38
fullermdOh, yes.  Sorry, I assumed you had.00:38
bob2you always use 'commit' to commit changes00:38
bob2to push changes somewhere beyond your local repository, 'bzr push'00:39
KombuchaKipbob2 & fullermd: Thanks.00:39
fullermdjono: No, push would just have nothing to do.  You'd have to --overwrite.  But you shouldn't, unless you can know for sure nobody's grabbed it.00:42
jonoI did00:43
fullermdThe rev has already been exposed to the world; unless you can be sure you eradicated every copy of it, it's just going to come back and bite you hard.00:43
quboduphow would I go about deleting all files in a repo that are not tracked?00:47
fullermdThere's a clean-tree command.  You could start there.00:48
jimis1I want to commit interactively chunks from a file that I select03:29
jimis1like shelve but in the opposite direction03:30
jimis1I can't find a way, is it supported?03:30
=== jimis1 is now known as jimis
Pengjimis: There was a bzr-interactive plugin, but I don't know if it's still maintained.03:48
jimisthanks Peng, I was hoping something had made it to mainline :-p03:51
jimisI remember I needed the same feature a year ago and was told it wouldn't be too hard, since most functionality is already in shelve03:52
PengThat plugin is more than a year old. >.>03:57
jimisyes I was talking about whether such functionalith had made it to /mainline/04:02
KombuchaKipfullermd: So before I merged, I was at revision one hundred and something. After the merge I am at only rev 29. I guess the revision numbers are not cumulative after a merge?05:38
bob2revnos are confusing at best05:41
bob2since yeah they do move around05:41
mgrandithey are relative to the branch05:41
mgrandiso you probably see they are something like 28.1 -> 28.10005:42
mgrandior something05:42
KombuchaKipmgrandi: Yup. Pretty much, which is kind of demoralizing considering how many revisions I commit over the last year...05:42
mgrandiyou can still do uhh05:43
mgrandibzr info -v05:43
mgrandiinside the branch to see the TOTAL number of revisions in the repo05:43
mgrandilike bzr has like 6000 something revisions, but the 'total' number of revisions (with all the sub revisions) is ... a lot more05:44
KombuchaKipmgrandi: Right.05:44
KombuchaKipmgrandi: What is the equivalent to 'bzr revno' for getting the full actual revision number?05:52
mgrandido you mean the revision id?05:53
mgrandilike mark@example.comblahblhablha-time ?05:53
KombuchaKipmgrandi: I guess so.05:53
KombuchaKipmgrandi: No, like 6.12305:54
KombuchaKipe.g. the revno that includes those made before a merge.05:54
mgrandias in you want the revno before a revision was merged?05:54
mgrandilike rev 100 before it got to like 2.100?05:54
mgrandii don't think there is a way to get that information as its all relative to the branch05:55
KombuchaKipmgrandi: Ok, fair enough. I want to bind my local branch to a remote lp one that I pulled from, but getting a "Permission denied (public key)". I'm guessing some auth stuff needs to be setup.05:55
mgrandiim not an expert on the bzr internals but i think its computed based on the tree of revisions05:55
mgrandiand since you merged branch a into branch b, then the same revision object is in a different place in the tree05:56
KombuchaKipmgrandi: Any way to get the revision number like 2.100?05:56
KombuchaKipmgrandi: ok05:56
mgrandiyou probably need to set your ssh key in launchpad05:56
mgrandiif you are getting that05:56
mgrandiand yeah there is a way to get the revision number05:56
mgrandibzr log will show the entire history, or you can do bzr log -r <number>05:57
KombuchaKipmgrandi: I think I already did that, created a key pair, and put the public id on my launchpad page.05:58
mgrandidid you do bzr lp-login or whatever?05:58
KombuchaKipmgrandi: I did, but not for this branch. I thought it was system wide, but I realize now that wouldn't make sense.05:59
mgrandiit should be system wide05:59
mgrandiit writes it to your bzr.conf05:59
KombuchaKipmgrandi: Yes, indeed it is and it is correct.06:00
KombuchaKipmgrandi: I have my ssh key listed correctly too (https://launchpad.net/~kip)06:00
mgrandiwhat os are you on?06:00
KombuchaKipmgrandi: Xubuntu 12.0406:00
mgrandiyou have to have your OS set up to use your key06:00
mgrandilike putting your private key in ~/.ssh/id.rsa or whatever06:00
KombuchaKipmgrandi: Hmm, it was working before when I had a bound branch. Yeah, that should be good already.06:01
KombuchaKipmgrandi: How does it know which public key to use when binding?06:02
mgrandiif there is only one then it just uses that06:02
mgrandiyou can set up ssh apparently to use different keys for different hosts06:02
KombuchaKipmgrandi: Right. How can I test my auth without bzr, but just vanilla ssh?06:03
mgranditry doing ssh <username>@bazaar.launchpad.net06:04
mgrandiit should connect and say no shells on this server then disconnect06:04
KombuchaKipmgrandi: Right06:04
mgrandialso, bzr testament will show you the revision id of a revision06:04
KombuchaKipmgrandi: Trying to figure out which file in .ssh contains the private key06:08
KombuchaKipmgrandi: Think it's id_rsa.106:08
mgrandiyou can open it in a text editor or cat it and see which one says PRIVATE KEY06:09
mgrandiits usually id_rsa06:09
mgrandiid_rsa.pub is usually the public one06:09
KombuchaKipmgrandi: I'm following this https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/CreatingAnSSHKeyPair#Using_a_custom_SSH_key_for_Launchpad06:10
KombuchaKipmgrandi: So should be id_rsa.1 ?06:10
KombuchaKipmgrandi: Not sure if IdentityFile should be the public or private key.06:10
KombuchaKipmgrandi: Wait, says private. So that should be right.06:11
KombuchaKip mgrandi: debug1: Trying private key: /home/me/.ssh/id_rsa.1 debug1: No more authentication methods to try. Permission denied (publickey).06:11
mgrandiyou are doing username@bazaar.blah right06:12
mgrandiyour launchpad username06:12
KombuchaKipmgrandi: Yes.06:13
KombuchaKipmgrandi: Launchpad username should just be kip06:13
KombuchaKipmgrandi: And trying to login with just $ ssh -v kip@bazaar.launchpad.net06:14
mgrandiyour permissions might be weird on the key06:15
mgrandibut i dunno, usually that works =(06:15
mgranditry googling, dunno why its not working06:15
KombuchaKipmgrandi: Me neither.06:16
mgrandii think #launchpad exists, can try there06:16
vilaKombuchaKip: if 'ssh -vv' tells you the key is not valid, you don't have the right public key uploaded to lp06:17
KombuchaKipvila: debug2: key: /home/me/.ssh/id_rsa.1 ((nil)), debug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey, debug1: Next authentication method: publickey, debug1: Trying private key: /home/me/.ssh/id_rsa.1, debug2: we did not send a packet, disable method06:17
KombuchaKipvila: nil?06:17
KombuchaKipvila: $ ls -hs ~/.ssh/id_rsa.1, 16K /home/kip/.ssh/id_rsa.106:18
vilaKombuchaKip: 'nil'rgins no bell, the '.1' is a bit suspect but probably harmless06:19
KombuchaKipvila: Nevermind. I'm an idiot. IdentityFile contained /home/me/... instead of /home/kip/...06:19
vilahere you are :)06:19
vilaKombuchaKip: being an idiot is good and indicates you're walking on the One True Path :-D06:19
vilaI try hard to be an idiot at least twice a day :)06:20
KombuchaKipvila: ;) It also reminds us that copying and pasting can be dangerous.06:20
vilayeah, that lesson needs to be re-learned every day06:20
KombuchaKipvila: I keep getting asked for my passphrase to unlock '/home/kip/.ssh/id_rsa.1'. There must be some way to cache that at login.06:21
vilayup, use an ssh agent06:21
vila'ssh-add -l' will tell you which keys are known by your agent06:21
vila'man ssh-add' for details06:22
vilaThere was a bug long ago where you needed the ',pub' key along the private one to make the GUI work on ubuntu (dunno if that has been fixed since then)06:22
vilathe public key06:22
mgrandii know in gnome, you can make seahorse import your ssh key06:23
mgrandiand then it will automatically ask you when connecting via ssh for the pass06:23
KombuchaKipvila: Hmm, I'm not using gnome which I think used seahorse-daemon. I wonder what the standard way under xfce is?06:23
vilayup, that's what I use (and where the bug was)06:23
mgrandigood luck importing stuff into seahorse haha, its such a bad program06:23
mgrandii think it SHOULD look in .ssh/ for your key and use that06:24
mgrandii dunno on xubuntu06:24
vilaKombuchaKip: if all else fails, 'ssh-add key'06:24
KombuchaKipvila: Yeah, the thing is I don't understand how ssh-add knows which daemon to communicate with?06:25
KombuchaKipssh-add -l06:25
KombuchaKipThe agent has no identities.06:25
spivKombuchaKip: via environment variables06:25
spivSSH_AUTH_SOCK or similar06:26
KombuchaKipspiv: I guess I probably need to setup seahorse-daemon manually under xfce.06:26
vila'ssh-agent -s' displays the relevant env vars here06:26
KombuchaKipvila: I see it is set, but I don't know which process is providing its socket file.06:27
vilaspiv: heya !06:27
KombuchaKipvila: Got it06:27
spiv(The idea is to run the agent early enough in your login process that you can set those environment vars for all processes in your sessions)06:27
spivvila: bonjour06:27
vilaKombuchaKip: as spiv says. Part of my 'startup applications' in gnome06:28
KombuchaKipvila: So I have to some how get ssh-add to add my key some how.06:28
KombuchaKipvila: Well, it looks like ssh-agent is already running, but I don't know what it does that seahorse does or not does.06:28
vilaif the agent has already started, yes. If it hasn't, you'll have to `ssh-agent -s` here and there06:28
mgrandissh-agent is what gets used06:29
mgrandieven with seahorse06:29
KombuchaKipmgrandi: Alright. So I need to tell ssh-add to use my key from now on.06:30
mgrandijust do ssh-add06:30
mgrandior err06:30
mgrandissh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa.106:30
mgrandiand then it will work06:30
mgrandiyou might have to put that in your .profile or whatever06:31
KombuchaKipmgrandi: Yeah, I tried $ ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa.1. That seems to work.06:31
mgrandithere you go06:31
vilaKombuchaKip: setting up an ssh agent is worth the trouble06:32
KombuchaKipvila: I think so too. Thanks mgrandi as well.06:32
vilaKombuchaKip: next step is to define the right keys for the right places06:32
KombuchaKipvila: Right06:32
vilabut that can wait until tomorrow ;)06:33
KombuchaKipvila: lol, for sure. ;)06:33
vilaKombuchaKip: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1014282/ is how you set a specific key for some hosts06:35
KombuchaKipvila: Thanks.06:36
KombuchaKipI wish lp blueprints could host files.06:38
vilacorrupted file in ~/.launchpadlib/cache leads to "interesting" udd import failures...07:02
mgrandii just found the command bzr graph-ancestry, except it doesn't seem to graph all the revisions for some reason =(07:03
mgzmorning all!08:01
mgzreconfigure --use-shared is pretty dangerous10:23
jelmermgz: in what way?10:24
mgz...and naturally my small attempt to reproduce failed10:25
mgzah, I know what it was10:25
mgzsimple mistake, painful result: <http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1014520/>10:28
jelmermgz: huh, that's an odd error - why doesn't it find the parent repository anymore?10:34
mgzpresumably we don't look when the ancestor is a branch not just a repo, but reconfigure is happy with any repo it find10:38
codeninjaSDDoes Bazaar have the ability to attach searchable tags, other than revision number, to code artifacts?14:04
mgzas in `bzr help tag` kind of tags?14:10
Lo-lan-doHi all :-)14:13
Lo-lan-doQuestion about bzr-git: is there a way to keep "bzr dpush" from pushing if the branches have diverged (ie, if a rebase is needed beforehand)?14:14
Lo-lan-doUnrelated question: where can I read some user-oriented doc about colocated branches and how to use them?14:25
CodeNinjaSDJsorry, got disconnected. Did you see that mgz?14:29
CodeNinjaSDJtags as a way to search for artifacts/commits14:30
mgzLo-lan-do: two questions you want to bug jelmer on :)14:30
mgzCodeNinjaSDJ: I'm still not sure exactly what you mean, perhaps you can give an example?14:31
Lo-lan-domgz: Yeah, I guessed, but he told me he's not working on bzr-git anymore, so I hoped to get some support from #bzr at large :-)14:37
CodeNinjaSDJwe want to be able to search for artifacts in other ways besides using revision numbers14:39
CodeNinjaSDJlike a way of catagorizing14:39
mgzLo-lan-do: indeed, but he'ss still the best repository of the current status of things. on colocated branch docs, we don't really have anything user-facing currently.14:41
mgzCodeNinjaSDJ: what do you mean by artefacts though? revisions? files?14:41
Lo-lan-doCould be bugs14:42
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mgzso, you mean arbitrary revision properties.14:42
Lo-lan-do(We call tracker items "artefacts" in FusionForge)14:42
mgzbugs you can set up your own end point for14:43
mgzother stuff is also possible, but not directly supported.14:43
CodeNinjaSDJDoes Bazaar have the ability to trim down history to say, the last three months worth of changesets.14:46
mgzbut a particular file in a particular revision? there doesn't seem much point just tagging files, that's what filenames are for.14:46
mgzyou can edit history, but it's generally discouraged. not committing binaries tends to be the answer people actually need.14:47
CodeNinjaSDJWell, we also want to use this as a reference tool. Say a developer is starting a project, he can go here to search to see if similar code has already been done14:47
mgzthat beyond the scope of any version control tool.14:49
mgzyou can grep across history with say, bzr-grep, but detecting similar code to something you want to write is AI-completish14:50
sdjninjaSorry, keep getting disconnected for some reason14:50
mgzsdjninja: so, it's still not clear if this is something you're envisioning devs adding for particular revisions, or a search that magically produces answers14:58
jamvila: it looks like someone actually checks gpg signatures :)14:59
vilajam: and ?15:00
jamvila: you accidentally uploaded the 2.5b1 signature with the 2.5.1 tarball15:00
vilaha, I never did *this* mistake before, my creativity has no limits...15:00
vilahmm, so, what I should do, delete and re-upload ?15:01
mgzit's a bdot.15:01
vilamgz: lol, took a while to get it ;)15:02
vilajam: who told you ?15:03
vilaI've deleted the bogus one and I'm re-uploading with the right sig15:04
jamvila: it was on bazaar@15:04
vilaAFAIK, only people referring to it via it's librarian lp id will be impacted, fullermd will probably want to kill me ;)15:04
jamI just downloaded and confirmed it15:04
bsdhello all.  I'm trying to do 'diff -r branch:colobranchname' but bzr isn't resolving colobranchname.  I vaguely recall that abentley or someone wrote a little directory-like plugin to simplify accessing native colocated branches?15:55
jelmerbsd: hi15:56
bsdhi jelmer15:56
abentleybsd: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~abentley/+junk/nc/15:56
bsdah, great — thanks jelmer15:56
jelmerbsd: no, thanks abentley :)15:56
bsdthx abentley too ;-)15:56
abentleybsd: np15:57
fullermdvila: I'm killing who for what now?16:19
fullermdvila: The source tarball is fine though, neh?  It's just the signature that's reuploaded?16:22
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mgzfullermd: it was fine, just gets reuploaded as part of the lp process16:34
=== samkottler|afk is now known as samkottler
vilafullermd: 100% correct, but I seem to recall that you an alternate url to get it from the launchpad librarian, so the *content* is the same, but the librarian url has changed16:40
vilas/that you an/that you use/ (/me becomes anti-mgz and remove words instead of using them twice 8-)16:41
vilayou use as !16:41
vilano, in retrospect, no as16:41
* fullermd blinks.16:48
fullermdIt changes the tarball URL, even though it's not changed?16:49
* fullermd sighs.16:51
fullermdGrumph.  OK.  Let me oil up my good killing bat and check flight times...16:51
=== samkottl_ is now known as samkottler
vilafullermd: ha ! At least I told you soon enough ;) Sorry about that, but I went with the fastest path (lp does not provide a way to dissociate a tarball from its sig while uploading (which isn't such a bad thing)). Just fix your redirection handler once and for all :-P17:07
fullermdThe general opinion is that it _is_ fixed   ;p17:07
vilaha, cool, now we just have to fix the users then ;) . o O (Am I really fixable about mixing up sigs ?)17:09
fullermdOh, I'm sure you're fixable.  I've got some scissors here somewhere...   >:-}17:10
vilaTo my defense, please note that this sig is valuable one, it still serves us well for 2.5b1 and.. it wanted to do a bit more... couldn't refuse17:14
fullermdThere are only so many bits in the universe.  You were just saving some.17:15
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sarcasticCatWhat does the command [bzr launchpad login] do when used w/o the argument?22:05
sarcasticCatDoes it return the login name?22:05
wgzsarcasticCat: yes, if you use a dash rather than a space22:18
sarcasticCatyah, a dash is what I meant22:19
sarcasticCatwhat happens if no one ever logged in on that machine?22:19
sarcasticCatany error will be thrown?22:19
wgzprints "No Launchpad user ID configured." on stdout apparently22:21
wgzreally that should be on stderr or something22:21
sarcasticCatI see. Thnks22:23

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