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rhorstkoetterhi edubuntu team. I'm currently rather confused by a default edubuntu 12.04 setup and I hope to get help here.12:27
rhorstkoetterI had ubuntu 12.04 running with ltsp installed, thin clients booting etc (installed myself from scratch)12:27
rhorstkoetternow, I decided to switch to edubuntu and nothing works anymore :p I checked ltsp server during install and was greeted with a strange misconfiguration. let me explain12:28
rhorstkoetteredubuntu configured as a dhcp server address in /etc/network/interfaces12:29
rhorstkoetterthin clients won't boot. then I discovered that dhcp server in /etc/ltsp/dhcp(d).conf was at instead12:30
rhorstkoettercannot work12:30
rhorstkoetterthen I adjusted /etc/network/interfaces to be to match the /etc/ltsp/dhcp(d).conf12:30
jonathan_that's odd, could you paste your dhcpd.conf file to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ ?12:31
rhorstkoetterbut still thin clients won't boot while they did with my own setup (built from scratch)12:31
rhorstkoetterjonathan_: sure enough, wait a second please12:31
rhorstkoetterneed to ssh (hope that works)12:32
jonathan_on the machine you could also type "pastebinit -i /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf"12:33
jonathan_and it would do it for you12:33
rhorstkoetterjonathan_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1014673/12:33
ogra_heh, highvoltage incognito :)12:33
rhorstkoetterI haven't changed anything, i.e. it's just the default12:33
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highvoltageogra_: I had a power failure at home and am connected via laptop :)12:34
highvoltageogra_: hey you're not quite "ogra" either ;)12:34
ogra_ah, i saw you had issues with a panda ?12:34
rhorstkoetterhighvoltage: this is /etc/network/interfaces http://paste.ubuntu.com/1014674/12:35
highvoltageah that wasn't a panda, at least12:35
ogra_true ... but i'm to lazy to configure my IRC proxy for auth12:35
rhorstkoetterhighvoltage: this has been the default http://paste.ubuntu.com/1014677/ - I should mention that edubuntu also switched network interface naming eth0/eth1 during install/installed system. thus the change from eth0 to eth112:36
highvoltagerhorstkoetter: hmm, ok, that's not nice12:37
rhorstkoetterhighvoltage: do you see any issues? what else you go wrong here? is there a need to rebuild the client chroot when editing /etc/network/interfaces while leaving /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf intact/default?12:38
highvoltagerhorstkoetter: I guess you should change "eth0" to "eth0" in your /etc/network/interface file and restart networking and the dhcp server12:38
ogra_did you restart the dhcpd after changing the config ?12:39
highvoltage(sorry I'm a big groggy just woke up and haven't had coffee so if there's typos, that's why :) )12:39
rhorstkoetterogra_: I rebooted twice12:39
rhorstkoetterhighvoltage: change eth0 to what? network configuration is OK already (matched to dhcpd.conf)12:39
rhorstkoetterhighvoltage: eth1 is internal ltsp/dhcp interface matching dhcpd.conf, eth0 is to the outside world12:41
* rhorstkoetter confused12:41
highvoltageah, your interfaces file that you pasted only had eth0 set to
highvoltage192.168.0.254 is usually the default used for LTSP setups12:42
highvoltage(for the server)12:42
rhorstkoetterhighvoltage: wait please. we misunderstand each other12:42
rhorstkoettersure I understand that12:42
rhorstkoetterthat cannot work12:42
rhorstkoetterif dhcp server is configured as in interfaces and in dhcpd.conf (and that has been the default after edubuntu came up for the first time) - how should that work?12:43
rhorstkoetterthe eth0/eth1 switch was just another misconfiguration of edubuntu12:44
ogra_the server IP isnt configured anywhere in dhcpd.conf usually12:44
ogra_only DNS and gateway12:44
ogra_(gateway should point to the server IP though)12:44
rhorstkoetterah, I see, you're right12:45
rhorstkoetterstill, the setup doesn't work and it worked with a self-configured ubuntu install just half an hour ago with the same thin client (10, all working)12:45
rhorstkoetterso, I assume something is wrong with edubuntu default config (for me at least). what else may I try (assumed you testify my confs are correct)?12:46
rhorstkoetterrebuild the client chroot?12:46
ogra_how would that help ?12:47
ogra_and how does your client not boot, whats the error ?12:47
rhorstkoetterogra_: it doesn't find the dhcp server12:48
ogra_and you are sure there is only one dhcp server running in your network ?12:49
ogra_PXE booting usually breaks if there are two that arent configured identically12:49
ogra_(pointong both to the same tftp server etc)12:49
rhorstkoetterogra_: I also don't think it helps. I'm just out of ideas as the cabling is the same, the clients are the same, the server is the same. ubuntu self-configured worked, edubuntu does not12:49
highvoltagemy guess is that since he has 192.168.0.x range IPs on eth0 and eth1, (at least from what I could put together), dhcpd might actually be listening on the wrong interface12:50
rhorstkoetterogra_: certainly yes12:50
rhorstkoetterhighvoltage: eth1 is, eth0 is
ogra_it should tell to which interface it listens in the logs12:50
ogra_can you ping the outside world from the server ?12:51
rhorstkoetterhighvoltage: the other way around sorry12:51
rhorstkoetterogra_: yes12:51
ogra_then it looks like the wiring is fine12:52
rhorstkoetterogra_: the wiring is just the same as before, as is the network configuration12:52
rhorstkoetterthe difference just is that at first I configured ltsp myself in ubuntu and now I let edubuntu configure it12:53
ogra_did you check the logs = dhcpd should actually tell you things when starting12:53
rhorstkoetterduring install12:53
rhorstkoetterogra_: syslog?12:53
ogra_or messages, not sure12:53
ogra_i still use lucid on my server machines ... that predates the log changes12:54
ogra_(so i have  a daemon.log which you wont)12:54
rhorstkoetterseems (according to the logs) that dhcp listens on the right interface12:56
rhorstkoetterI mean interfaces and dhcpd.conf is configured correctly12:56
ogra_and you see it running with "ps ax|grep dhcp" ?12:57
rhorstkoetterI don't know. I guess I'll reinstall ubuntu and do the configuration myself again. that worked absolutely perfect12:57
rhorstkoetter1375 ?        Ss     0:00 /usr/sbin/dhcpd -f -q -4 -cf /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf12:58
rhorstkoetteronly difference between installs that I notice is an interface lxcbr012:59
rhorstkoettermay this be an issue? not sure what it's for12:59
ogra_for LXC (linux containers)13:00
rhorstkoetterok, need to research this to be honest. never heard about yet13:01
* rhorstkoetter wants edubuntu to work ;)13:01
rhorstkoetterok, I thank you for your time ogra_ and highvoltage. I'm still not sure what's going on here as I can't find errors in my configs, neither in the logs13:05
rhorstkoetterat least you also can't find errors. that's good :)13:05
rhorstkoetterhi. it actually seems to be a client related issue13:30
rhorstkoettermy collegue switched network cards and I was unaware actually13:31
rhorstkoetterI'm VERY sorry13:31
rhorstkoetterswitching network cards to the worse actually13:31
rhorstkoetteratheros > sis BOOM13:32
rhorstkoetteryou may look (still) at the ethernet card switching during install/installed system13:32
rhorstkoettershould I file a bug report regarding that issue13:32
ogra_highvoltage, ^^^ ?13:33
rhorstkoetteri.e. eth0/eth1 switched13:33
highvoltage"09:29 < rhorstkoetter> my collegue switched network cards and I was unaware actually" <- that might have had something to do with it?13:37
ogra_only if he also switched the server ones13:38
highvoltageah I see13:38
highvoltagerhorstkoetter: if you file a bug, please include the installer logs from the server,13:38
highvoltage(you could find them in /var/log/installer/ iirc)13:39
rhorstkoetterok, I see13:39
highvoltagealong with any other information you can provide, like that you chose to install LTSP, on which interface, what kind of network cards they are...13:40
highvoltagerhorstkoetter: I've tested the edubuntu installation on quite a few different real-life and virtual machines and haven't come across a bug like that yet, but nothing is impossible :)13:40
rhorstkoetterme neither yet13:40
rhorstkoetternow trying to get etherboot into the ethernet card bootrom13:41
rhorstkoettercross fingers for me13:41
rhorstkoettercollegue ordered 30 of these and turns out sis900 pxe is pita13:42
rhorstkoetteri.e. not working13:42
rhorstkoetterthere is a german saying that fits almost perfectly13:43
rhorstkoetterregarding the sis network cards13:43
rhorstkoettereinem geschenkten gaul schaut man nicht ins maul13:43
ogra_so you got them for free ?13:43
rhorstkoetteryes. as a donation13:44
ogra_lucky you them :P13:44
rhorstkoetterI am13:45
rhorstkoetterI actually plan a rather big ltsp/edubuntu rollout at a school and I'm currently testing the setup/gathering hardware at various places etc13:46
highvoltageah that expression exists in english too: http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/dont-look-a-gift-horse-in-the-mouth.html13:46
rhorstkoetterhighvoltage: lol, I see. I wasn't that sure if it's an idiom to the german language or not13:47
* ogra_ didnt know there was an english equivalent13:48
rhorstkoetterogra_: you're german?13:48
ogra_surprising, german spells rarely translate directly :=13:48
rhorstkoetterme too :p13:48
* ogra_ assumed so :) 13:49
rhorstkoetteryeah, thinking about, I guess my nick is rather obvious13:49
ogra_could be dutch or belgian too though13:50
ogra_or danish ... just because there is an oe in it doesnt necessarily mean german ...13:50
ogra_but quoting german *and* having an oe in your name makes it pretty obvious :)13:51
rhorstkoettertrue. at least I finally understood where "ogra" comes from13:51
ogra_my first provider gave it to me for my first internet dialup account ever :)13:51
ogra_it just stuck since :)13:51
rhorstkoetterlol, mine has a rather similar history13:52
rhorstkoettermy pc-pool account in university13:52
rhorstkoetteralthough, if I remember correctly it has been rhorstkoe rather than rhorstkoetter13:53
rhorstkoetterif I had the same isp back then I'd most likely be known as "rhor_" today13:54
rhorstkoetterjust kidding13:55
rhorstkoetteralmost sounds like thor13:55
rhorstkoetteranother funny thing actually is that whenever I come across sis hardware (in whatever regard) I have problems13:56
rhorstkoetterinteresting insight13:56
rhorstkoetternot too funny though as I just noticed that 3 new/donated laptops that just arrived here today also have the very same sis900 pxe bootrom and guess what?13:57
rhorstkoetterthey don't boot (yet)13:57
* highvoltage tries to avoid things with 'sis' and 'via' written on them13:58
highvoltage(but yes, given horses, etc)13:58
ogra_remember the ebox 1000 think client ?13:58
highvoltageyeah :)13:58
rhorstkoetteryes, the given horses again ;)13:58
ogra_that was an *all SIS* device13:58
highvoltageyeah SIS Vortex or something like that iirc13:59
ogra_works fine as my firewall here though ... but i never managed to make something else out of it13:59
rhorstkoetterI had a medion desktop once and bought an usb camera for it13:59
rhorstkoetterI actually returned it twice to the store (silly me, that has been beginner days) until I found out the real cause of the problem14:00
rhorstkoetterguess what? > sis chipset. bought an intel pci usb card and it worked awesome14:00
highvoltageyeah, despite not agreeing with the anti-competitive nature of the intel company, I do like their hardware :)14:01
rhorstkoetternow the sis nightmare is about to return :) 30 pci network cards + 3 laptops with the very same bootrom = 33 potentially not working (yet) thin client14:01
rhorstkoetterhighvoltage: me too. nowadays I try to exclusively use thinkpads just for this very reason14:02
rhorstkoetterbut there is one positive thing to faulty hardware still14:03
rhorstkoetterthe learning curve14:03
rhorstkoetterwithout things not working out of the box one wouldn't learn that much about getting them to work14:03
rhorstkoetterso, thanks a lot gericom, sis, medion, acer etc etc14:04
rhorstkoetterbtw in regard of edubuntu, I found out a VERY simple solution to save ram on the server side by disabling X altogether. I mean an easy opportunity to set it up14:07
rhorstkoetteryou just need (thanks to upstart > 1.3) to setup /etc/init/lightdm.override with "manual" in there14:08
rhorstkoettermost likely you know that but I'd say this would be something for docu at edubuntu14:09
highvoltagerhorstkoetter: indeed, we're in dire need of some "tips and tricks" documentation14:09
rhorstkoetterif you then want to get X back just "sudo mv lightdm.override lightdm.override_14:09
highvoltagehow much ram does that save, btw?14:09
rhorstkoetterI currently have around 50mb ram usage (htop) after a fresh boot14:10
rhorstkoetterand that's pretty slick14:10
rhorstkoetterI also disabled network-manager14:11
rhorstkoetterso by disabling that one and X I got down to around 50 megs14:11
rhorstkoetternext thing will be to experiment with zram14:12
rhorstkoetterI feel that as a good approach to deal with memory peaks14:13
rhorstkoetterassumed you have a fast processor14:13
ogra_just install the zram-conf package in your chroot14:13
rhorstkoetterin chroot?14:13
ogra_even works nocely on slow processors14:13
ogra_well, if you want zram on the client, do it in the chroot, yes14:13
highvoltagehmm, I haven't tried zram on an ltsp application server before14:13
alkisgrhorstkoetter: does your server have so little ram that saving 50mb is worth the trouble?14:13
rhorstkoetterI would have installed it at the server fs14:13
rhorstkoetteralkisg: this is just a test server with 1gb ram14:14
alkisgYou supposedly need about 256 mb ram per client...14:14
rhorstkoetteralkisg: and there is not much trouble involved but editing 3 text files14:14
alkisgYou could just pass "text" in grub14:15
rhorstkoetterI think 50 megs worth of memory is 50 megs worth of memory even with a quad core and 8gb ram, isn't it?14:15
alkisgI spent an afternoon to save 0.5 mb ram per thin client (the openvt memory)14:15
alkisg...but no, for the server, I wouldn't bother for 50mb14:15
rhorstkoetteralkisg: true, that would be another opportunity for X14:15
rhorstkoetterthe override thing also is just one file edit though14:16
alkisgI mean, for a real server with enough ram14:16
rhorstkoetterI'd be more interested in getting rid of plymouth without uninstalling it14:16
highvoltagerhorstkoetter: I tend to agree with you that 50MB of RAM is always worth saving14:16
rhorstkoetterseems to be controlled by upstart as well14:16
ogra_you cant14:16
highvoltageplymouth is essential in ubuntu, but you can disable the actual graphical splash it shows, at least14:17
rhorstkoetterogra_: plymouth?14:17
ogra_there are plenty bits that at least need libplymouth14:17
rhorstkoetterogra_: have you tried to disable the upstart job yet?14:17
rhorstkoetterjust curious14:17
rhorstkoetterand? what happens?14:17
ogra_you can disable it, but you cant remove it14:17
rhorstkoetterI wouldn't want to remove it, just disable it14:18
rhorstkoetterto save ram14:18
ogra_else your initrd mountall process would commit suicide, it needs libplymouth for communicastion14:18
rhorstkoetterbut plainly disabling it should be no matter or? I mean libplymouth still is on hdd that way14:18
ogra_it wont save any ram though14:19
rhorstkoetterok, I see14:19
ogra_plymouth kills itself right after boot (before switching to X)14:19
ogra_(or before enabling ttys, depends how you look at it)14:19
rhorstkoetterI guess I'm too ambitious to put as much <service>.overrides in /etc/init as possible14:19
rhorstkoetterlol, seems my new hobby14:20
alkisgYou can remove plymouth from the initramfs but as ogra says it doesn't matter after the initial boot, it's only worth it for 64mb ram clients which can't boot otherwise14:20
rhorstkoetteralkisg: I see, thx for sharing experiences14:20
alkisgrhorstkoetter: there's an RM_SYSTEM_SERVICES lts.conf variable14:20
ogra_yeah, if you need a minimal initrd you should divert the initrd scripts and hooks actually14:20
alkisgPlease do send your comments about additional services needed to be enabled/disabled there14:20
rhorstkoetteralkisg: lol, you know what? you seem to me like being lts.conf expert top notch14:21
alkisgAll the persons you're talking to now are ltsp devs ;)14:21
ogra_given that he is one of the current core programmers of LTSP it would be scary if he didnt14:21
rhorstkoetterthat's correct and I appreciate your companion14:23
rhorstkoetterbtw, as I'm talking to ltsp devs. is someone of you using another linux distro for these kind of setups than ubuntu?14:24
rhorstkoetterjust curious14:24
ogra_well, thats an odd thing to ask in the edubuntu channel ... what answers would you expect ? :)14:25
* highvoltage occasionally does some testing for debian-edu, but doesn't use it in any day-to-day scenearios14:25
ogra_if you want other distros, try #ltsp ... there you will also find gentoo, fedora and debian14:26
rhorstkoetterogra_: right, we're in edubuntu. anyways, I'd expect an honest one14:26
ogra_and that ltsp fork that opensuse uses14:26
rhorstkoetterI myself would never use anything else but ubuntu (always did, despite my opensuse cloak :p)14:27
rhorstkoetteroccasionally use archlinux as I like the tinkering14:27
highvoltageI don't get any more money or credit of any kind no matter what you use, so I like to think that my answers isn't particularly biased :)14:27
highvoltages/isn't/aren't/g (aparently I can't do english today)14:27
rhorstkoetterogra_: I do not want to use something else myself. ubuntu works for me and always did14:28
ogra_i didnt assume you wanted :)14:28
ogra_but to get a more representative overview #ltsp is surely better14:28
rhorstkoetterno need for it actually. just chitchatting a bit out of curiousity14:29
highvoltageogra_: btw, are you feeling better?14:29
rhorstkoetterhighvoltage: most likely your english is better than or ogra_'s or mine. should be at least14:30
highvoltagestgraber: ubiquity seems to work fine for today's image, at least :)14:30
rhorstkoetteralkisg: btw, as a follow-up to our discussions yesterday, my graphics problems/artefacts gone away once I switched back to gtk based DEs. they only occured in both KDE and razorqt14:31
rhorstkoetterhaven't tried the lts.conf variable though as I anyway decided to provide a GTK based DE to the pupils and as these worked (LXDE, Xfce, Gnome, Unity) there wasn't any need for tweaking anymore14:33
alkisgrhorstkoetter: did you try X_SMART_COLOR_DEPTH?14:33
rhorstkoetternope. it's in my cheat sheet though14:33
rhorstkoetterin case I have another steak of madness to give KDE a try (happens once a year approximately and lasts an hour usually) :p14:35
ogra_highvoltage, yeah, since a wekk already14:35
highvoltageogra_: great14:35
rhorstkoetteras I'm dealing with ltsp devs here. reading (in parallel) about etherboot, it seems that it's now called gpxe and then ipxe14:37
rhorstkoetteris this correct14:37
highvoltagerhorstkoetter: yep14:41
highvoltagestgraber: so, I guess since stellarium is highly unlikely to run well on arm, we should probably just drop it for kstars?14:41
stgraberhighvoltage: I guess so, I dropped it yesterday anyway14:46
highvoltagestgraber: ah, cool14:46
rhorstkoetterhighvoltage: ok, thx. I guess I need to read the ipxe docu now as the sis900 isn't booting neither from internal bootrom nor from ipxe live cd (i.e. just let it boot without any config)14:47
rhorstkoetterhope I get this settled as atheros bootrom works just fine14:47
rhorstkoetterjust the sis900 seems to be a major pita14:47
highvoltagestgraber: I see the gnote task is marked as complete, does that mean that tomboy notes are migrated?14:48
stgraberno idea, but we didn't ship tomboy in 12.04 so I don't really care :)14:48
stgraberI just added gnote to the seed14:48
highvoltagestgraber: yeah, I was thinking something along the same lines14:48
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highvoltagegnote doesn't seem to add a menu in gnome fallback session14:55
highvoltage(as in, a panel menu or indicator or whatever you call it these days)14:56
* highvoltage checks under unity14:56
* ogra_ calls it "thing"14:57
ogra_thats never wrong :)14:58
highvoltagehmm, only way to seem to access it is by pressing alt+f12. perhaps Guest70781 will have some more insight on what we could do there14:59
highvoltagethe gnote applet works in gnome-fallback. not sure how to add it in unity though15:03
highvoltageit crashes though :-/15:03
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highvoltageooh, gimp 2.8 has landed in quantal15:14
highvoltagestgraber: is xdiagnose something we should have in the menus? (it's under accessories currently)15:32
rhorstkoetterhi again15:33
rhorstkoetterhave you ever dealed with the sis900 nic before. I think I remember highvoltage said something earlier15:34
rhorstkoetterproblem is that this card is driving me crazy and I hope you have some ideas still. plugging in the very same cable to my netbook (atheros pxe) works perfect15:35
stgraberhighvoltage: I see it in Ubuntu too, so if it shouldn't be there, it should be changed in the package itself, not in Edubuntu15:35
rhorstkoettersis900 doesn't even receive an ip address via dhcp15:35
rhorstkoettertried with builtin bootrom and now with ipxe boot disc with the very same result15:36
rhorstkoetterno dhcp15:36
rhorstkoetterhave you ever encountered some issue like that .. at best with sis900 nic? google isn't that helpful either15:36
rhorstkoetterthe cabling and dhcp setup is perfectly correct. I plug the cable out of sis900 nic and into the netbook and it boots right away15:38
rhorstkoetterplugging it back to sis nightmare and neither builtin bootrom nor ipxe is able to get dhcp15:38
rhorstkoetterI even tried to configure static ip via ipxe and I cannot even ping from dhcp server/edubuntu15:39
rhorstkoetterwhile ipxe properly recognizes sis900 it doesn't seem to work at all and I'm curious if some of you came across that very issue already sometimes in the past15:40
stgraberhighvoltage: saw you -artwork upload, are you overriding both /ubuntu and /gnome-classic now or just /gnome-classic (the later would be wrong I think)15:51
highvoltagestgraber: both16:11
highvoltage(since I guess we don't want to see them un unity either)16:11
highvoltagestgraber: I told the guys in #kubuntu-dev about it too...16:12
highvoltage(I'll probably file a bug for it because they were like "oh yeah, that", but didn't particularly seem to care about fixing it atm)16:12
stgraberhighvoltage: or just change it and propose the branch for merging, that way a patch pilot will merge it and the kde folks will just have to deal with it ;)16:14
highvoltagestgraber: hmm, every time we make an artwork change we have to download the whole wallpapers binary package too16:41
highvoltagestgraber: is there a way to have its version seperate? what was the rationale again for moving it to the edubuntu-artwork meta-package?16:41
highvoltagesource package, even16:42
highvoltagestgraber: I see there's a comment file for the northern lights wallpaper. where is it displayed in the UI? It seems kind of an awesome way to teach people things via wallpapers16:52
stgraberhighvoltage: no idea :)16:55
stgraberhighvoltage: I can't remember the reason to merge -wallpapers in -artwork, could have been related to the gconf/dconf schema and the rest of the integration being in that source16:56
highvoltagemgariepy: I took a stab at a menueditor icon17:47
highvoltagemgariepy: any ideas or objections? http://people.ubuntu.com/~jonathan/files/quantal/edubuntu/icons/menueditor.svg17:47
highvoltage(still making some small tweaks for alignment, etc)17:48
mgariepyhighvoltage, cool :)17:51
mgariepyit looks very nice :)17:51
rhorstkoetterI guess I need some help still with for me very curious network issues17:52
rhorstkoetterdo you people have some spare time to help again please?17:52
highvoltage(or a png: http://people.ubuntu.com/~jonathan/files/quantal/edubuntu/icons/menueditor2.png)17:52
rhorstkoetterI try to explain ...17:52
rhorstkoetterthe ltsp server has two interfaces (sis900 and rtl8139) sis900 to the outside, rtl8139 to the inside17:53
rhorstkoetterthe only client that's able to boot is an n450 netbook with atheros ethernet (not sure about the exact chipset)17:54
rhorstkoettertwo other client (sis900 and a thinkpad r32) won't boot17:54
rhorstkoetterI tried for hours reading about lots of pxe issues booting from sis90017:55
rhorstkoetterthen I tried the thinkpad just to see that it won't boot either17:55
rhorstkoetterthen ...17:55
highvoltagehave you tried booting from a gpxe iso?17:55
rhorstkoetteretherboot, gpxe, ipxe17:56
rhorstkoetterall won't boot17:56
highvoltagewhat do they say?17:56
rhorstkoetterthen I got suspicious against the server (rtl8139)17:56
rhorstkoetterdhcp timeout17:56
highvoltagemgariepy: should I change it in the package too? I think it looks good in the menus (tested it in a VM)17:56
rhorstkoetterhighvoltage: now it comes ;)17:56
rhorstkoetterthinkpad said no cable connected when booting17:57
rhorstkoetterand trust me the cable was on there17:57
rhorstkoetterin fact the very same successfully booting the netbook 10 times in a row17:57
rhorstkoetterI got to the conclusion that it's neither the sis900 client nor the thinkpad failing but the rtl8139 on the server side17:58
rhorstkoetterI thus switched the interfaces: sis900 to the inside this time, rtl8139 to the outside17:58
rhorstkoetterplease don't be confused … server also has ONE sis90017:59
rhorstkoetterand guess what? netbook boots, sis900 client does not, neither does the thinkpad - on the very same cable with the very same error17:59
rhorstkoetterI almost got to the conclusion to be too silly to plug in ethernet but I triple checked and the cable definately works on netbook18:00
rhorstkoettermy gosh … this doesn't seem to come to an end18:01
rhorstkoetterso, long story short (sorry but it gets more complex by the hour)18:01
rhorstkoettermy current conclusion is that the netbook somehow "tells" the server (sis900 + rtl8139) that it is actually connected18:02
rhorstkoetterI know this sounds crazy but I have no other explanation why the netbook boots in all configurations while the thinkpad and the sis900 client refuse to boot18:02
rhorstkoetterwhat do you think? any recommendations?18:03
rhorstkoetterI mean my very own network knowledge came (almost) to an end18:03
rhorstkoetterthanks in advance18:03
highvoltageanyone around for an edubuntu meeting?18:59
* highvoltage heads over to #ubuntu-meeting19:00
highvoltagegood enough :)19:01
* highvoltage just gave a quick summary anyway19:18
highvoltageoash. we still have geogebra on the slideshow20:30
d1zzYLuLzso, as a school project we tried to start a charity (www.connectingourfuture.org)  we're going to put edubuntu on some old systems to donate to local daycares21:11
d1zzYLuLzi'd like to use xfce or lxde, somethign lightweight...do you think it'd be easier to use xubuntu + edubuntu repos or edubuntu and install xfce?21:11
alkisgd1zzYLuLz: how old systems? How much RAM?21:14
alkisgIf they're very old, you might want to consider LTSP, i.e. use them as thin clients instead21:15
d1zzYLuLzthey're pretty old..im goin to max out there ram21:16
d1zzYLuLzLTSP though, it's not much21:16
d1zzYLuLzit's like 2 computers here, 3-4 there...21:16
alkisgAh, ok. So you think about 512 ram?21:16
d1zzYLuLzotherwise, the whole project was a pretty bad flop21:16
d1zzYLuLzyeah maybe a little more than that..def no more than 2GB in the best one21:17
alkisgWith 1-2 Gb you could just install edubuntu, no need for lxde/xfce21:17
d1zzYLuLzbut im guessing between 512-1gb21:17
alkisgFor that ^ yeah something lighter would probably be better21:17
d1zzYLuLzand use the gnome fallback?21:17
alkisgYeah, it's easier for older PCs21:17
alkisgFor 512 I'd use LXDE, for 1 Gb, gnome-fallback21:18
alkisgSo if you're going to have 512 mb clients, maybe go with lxde for all of them...21:18
d1zzYLuLzokay...so do you think lubuntu w/ edubuntu repos, or edubuntu and install lxde21:18
alkisgFor 512, the first21:19
alkisgE.g. some might only want gtk apps to avoid the kde libs21:19
alkisgThat would save them lots of ram21:19
alkisg(btw there are no "edubuntu repos", it's just main/universe etc)21:20
d1zzYLuLzoh, okay..i thought their were special edubuntu repos..21:20
d1zzYLuLzso i'll have to find a list of good games21:20
v4169sgrHello, I have a question about Dell FX170 thin clients and LTSP21:31
v4169sgrIs this the right place to ask?21:31
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