* SpamapS tests out an updated juju for precise-proposed06:09
imbrandonSpamapS: have you tried that jitsu ? i'm getting all kinda errors with it, python modules missing etc06:25
imbrandonwonder if its just that machine is fubar06:25
SpamapSimbrandon: pastebin?06:28
* SpamapS uploads 5 SRU fixes for precise.. hopes rest of SRU team doesn't beat him with a hammer06:30
SpamapSimbrandon: ahh looks like there are some python library files that have to be installed06:31
imbrandonImportError: No module named aiki.invoker06:31
SpamapSimbrandon: confirmed06:31
SpamapSquestion now is where to install them06:31
* SpamapS decides libdir06:32
* imbrandon goes back to breaking other things :) got like 5 projects 99% done06:32
imbrandoni hate that06:32
SpamapSimbrandon: lazy is never doing anything you don't want to do.. suck it up ;)06:32
imbrandon:) thats the thing i want to do all^most all of them :)06:34
imbrandoni just hate haveing 5 at 99% wish i had 2 complete and 2 barely started06:34
imbrandonis how i work better , mostly06:35
imbrandonbut each one had blockers so thus ended up like this for a week06:35
imbrandongotta go spend most of the after noon witha  client later today too, fun fun, i _love_ onsites when there is no real reason for it :)06:36
SpamapSimbrandon: people are just complex computers. Hack them like you hack PHP :)06:38
imbrandonnever thought about it like that but very true06:41
imbrandonso why does jitsu have upgrade-charm and a few other identical sub commands ?06:42
imbrandonjust curious , dident look at the code to see if they are actually the same or not06:42
SpamapSimbrandon: they are meant as wrappers for testing06:49
SpamapSimbrandon: sort of a half finished thing06:50
* SpamapS wills autoreconf and ./configure to go faster06:52
=== al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away
SpamapSimbrandon: nearly have run-as-hook working now07:00
* SpamapS releases that as 0.1007:03
imbrandonnearly ? you sound like me now07:04
SpamapSno it works07:04
SpamapSfinally learning the full power of automake/autoconf07:04
SpamapSimbrandon: should build in < 10 min07:07
SpamapSI wish they'd update LP so I could use the latest bzr builder07:09
SpamapShas {latest-tag}07:09
SpamapSso you can actually have a non-trunk automated build07:09
imbrandonheh, like travis builder on github ? hahahahah07:10
SpamapSimbrandon: you're more than welcome to port all my shit to github for me. :)07:11
imbrandonyou know i got to raz ya now and then , only a few things i can do it with :)07:11
SpamapSthough frankly, I'm not all that excited about using a non-open-source service07:11
SpamapSwould rather we run our own gitolite or something07:11
imbrandonheh, i'd be doing good if all mine is, i still have half of it on bitbucket07:11
imbrandonthat sounds like a GREAT idea to me07:11
SpamapSwell actually07:12
SpamapSI'd rather that LP just grew git07:12
SpamapSso people would shut up and stop caring about VCS07:12
imbrandonyea but we can use ubuntuwire for what its orig reason for living was again07:12
imbrandonjust stuff like this untill lp grew it07:12
imbrandonqa.ubutnuwire.com came long before qa.u.c :) its how it was modeled :)07:13
imbrandonanyhow i checked and there is still 3 or 4 Dell 2650's for ubuntuwire in the canonical dc07:13
imbrandonthat we could slap it on and do some proof of concept workflow stuff and maybe hurry LP allong07:13
SpamapSgodamnit launchpad07:14
SpamapS0.10 != 0.107:14
imbrandonor hell add it ourselfs now its fully open07:14
imbrandoni should revamp *.ubuntuwire.com with the new branding, it should all still be auto deploying from the lp bzr branch on push iirc07:15
imbrandonthinking out loud07:15
SpamapSWhy wouldn't you just give LP git..07:15
SpamapSNIH? (I totally get that.. ;)07:15
imbrandonheh no07:16
imbrandoni would if i thought i coudl pull it off07:16
imbrandonnot sure a project that big i could do alone tbh07:16
imbrandonwould want to do a lil planning07:16
=== Leseb_ is now known as Leseb
imbrandonhrm actually there isnt a server component to git like there is bzr, its just bare repos and gitweb ... hrm it MIGHT not be that bad07:19
imbrandonmostly just gui stuff07:19
imbrandonmostly , not all07:19
SpamapSimbrandon: the "server bit" of bzr isn't really all that much. Its just cmds to execute on the server side07:19
imbrandonyea but i think thats one reason its so slow too isnt it07:20
SpamapSimbrandon: the harder thing is mapping LP's branch namespacing into git's colocated branches, but I'm sure that would be solvable in a furios night of hacking.07:20
imbrandonbecause omg like bzr or not , you got to admit bzr is SLOW07:20
SpamapSimbrandon: "so slow" is so laughable07:20
SpamapSmost things you do in bzr take 1 - 2 s where as git is 0.5s consistently07:20
bkerensaOMG! Bzr!07:21
imbrandonSpamapS: push a fresh branch07:21
SpamapSimbrandon: Its all relative I guess. :)07:21
SpamapSimbrandon: just as fast as git now because of stacking07:21
imbrandonand that happens alot in bug fixing and drive by fixes like ubuntun grows alot of07:21
imbrandonstacking ?07:21
SpamapSyes stacking07:22
imbrandonis it actually in ?07:22
imbrandonive not seen it work yet07:22
imbrandonstill slow here07:22
SpamapSlp:~clint-fewbar/ubuntu/precise/juju/mything will automatically stack on top of lp:ubuntu/precise/juju .. any shared commits will not have to be retransferred on push/pull07:22
SpamapSstacking has been around for years07:22
bkerensaSpamapS: if the branch is up to date?07:22
SpamapSthe other "slow" bit is the SSH negotiation07:23
imbrandonoh then no, its stil slow as piss then with stacking too07:23
imbrandonSpamapS: bs, i can push a clean git over ssh and it takes less than 10s, same branch of omg-wp takes almost 3m on bzr07:23
SpamapSimbrandon: thats where bzr's "smart" side comes in because you basically say "I'm at this point in the graph and I want to push to you" and it says "I"m at this point" and then you push whats between. Git just has a map, and you read it real quick, and push what you need. Definitely 1-2 seconds faster, but conceptually identical07:24
SpamapSimbrandon: is that git-bzr pushing or real bzr pushing? I'm dubious. Also.. are you stacking on omg-wp somehow?07:24
imbrandonreal pushing07:24
SpamapSthe initial push is definitely going to be slower07:25
SpamapSbecause bzr's branch format is far less efficient than git's07:25
imbrandoni'll time it real fast if you want, i'll make 2 clean subdirs of omg and git initi and bzr init them toand then run time07:25
bkerensaimbrandon: I just did a complete teardown on a brand new System76 :D07:25
SpamapSbut all subsequent stacked-on branches will be quite fast07:25
imbrandonsure, but i do that first push more often than stacks in ubuntu07:25
imbrandonas do most drive by contributors07:25
imbrandonone sec, i am gonna time it , cuz i'm sure in my head i'm not exagerating here07:27
imbrandonwill only take a sec anyhow, not like a big test07:27
SpamapSimbrandon: why do you do that first push?07:28
SpamapSimbrandon: and most drive by's would be checking out the existing branch and pushing a new one stacked on it07:29
SpamapSso I don't really think thats true07:29
imbrandoncuz i do that quite often, that stacking you speak of dont work like you think,i'll time that too07:29
imbrandons/work/as fast as07:29
bkerensahi stevanr07:35
stevanrneed some help..07:35
stevanrhi bkerensa07:35
stevanrafter bootstrap I get https://pastebin.linaro.org/558/07:36
SpamapSimbrandon: so that initial branch creation time was about 21s, vs. pushing a single small commit, which was 11s. :-P I am defeated. Please lets try to make bzr's death painless. ;)07:36
imbrandonheh mine is STILL pushing07:36
stevanrhere's my conf file https://pastebin.linaro.org/557/07:36
imbrandonso umm no07:36
SpamapSimbrandon: still not 3m ;)07:36
SpamapSimbrandon: but what are you pushing?!07:36
SpamapSimbrandon: mine spent 10s finding what to stack on, then the other 10s comparing graphs07:36
SpamapSimbrandon: so you're not stacked07:36
imbrandonbholtsclaw@ares:~/Projects/local/charms/precise/omg-bzr$ time bzr push lp:~imbrandon/+junk/omg-bzr07:37
imbrandonWarning: Permanently added 'bazaar.launchpad.net' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.07:37
imbrandonCreated new branch.07:37
imbrandonno but wait,  now i'm gonna stack one07:37
SpamapSimbrandon: yeah +junk is *ALWAYS* going to suck07:37
imbrandonok ok , they all do for me07:37
imbrandonall the same, i never get fast bzr pushes07:37
SpamapSstevanr: reading07:37
stevanrSpamapS, tnx :)07:38
SpamapSstevanr: can you use a differen't pastebin?07:38
SpamapSstevanr: my phone is downstairs.. don't feel like getting it for the 2-factor auth07:38
stevanrSpamapS, lol, sry07:38
imbrandoni never understood why pastebin has a sso anyhow07:38
imbrandonwth is up with that07:39
SpamapSimbrandon: fast is relative. Its not going to beat git. We know that. But 10s to push 1 rev up is ok. Not great, but ok.07:39
SpamapSimbrandon: no, he did linaro pastebin07:39
imbrandonSpamapS: yea but no joke i mean the diff between minutes and seconds, not 11s and 22s, i could live with that07:39
SpamapSstevanr: just use 'pastebinit' .. should end up on paste.ubuntu.com07:39
bkerensapastebinit for the win although I wish it supported more pastebins then just Ubuntu Paste07:39
bkerensaSpamapS: if he has it installed otherwise "sudo apt-get install pastebinit"07:39
SpamapSimbrandon: so, you're using something called +junk .. and you expect it to be .. not sucky?07:40
imbrandonSpamapS: lenaro and ubuntu both use sso07:40
imbrandonSpamapS: thats the first time ever i've pushed to junk07:40
SpamapSimbrandon: I have to agree that 3m is *WAAAAY* too long for new giant branch pushing.07:40
stevanrSpamapS, ok so here's the status message after bootstrap http://paste.ubuntu.com/1014345/07:40
SpamapSseeing 2kB/s at any time when I'm on my 30down/5up connection makes me think the other side of the pipe is on holiday07:40
stevanrSpamapS, and here's my environments.yaml file http://paste.ubuntu.com/1014347/07:41
imbrandonseriously some evening we'll get a byobu session going over here and i'll show ya , but thats some other day, but for real man i'm not exagerating at all on this one07:41
SpamapSstevanr: your machine agent is broken07:41
SpamapS    agent-state: not-started07:41
SpamapSstevanr: with local provider, that starts at 'bootstrap'07:42
stevanrSpamapS, i know :)07:42
stevanrSpamapS, my question is 'why'07:42
SpamapSstevanr: it keeps a log, I forget where.. checking now07:42
imbrandon /var/logs/juju-machine*07:42
SpamapSstevanr: ahh, it would be in /tmp/local-dev/youruser-local/machine-agent.log07:43
SpamapSimbrandon: not on local07:43
SpamapSlocal provider just cocks everything up :-P07:43
SpamapSits amazing when it works07:43
SpamapSbut *EVERYTHING* seems different07:43
imbrandonyea i would think making it the same would be a goal07:43
stevanrSpamapS, cool tnx, i'll get back soon07:43
SpamapSimbrandon: apt-get update/apt-get upgrade to get juju-jitsu 0.10 .. tested and works now07:44
imbrandonnice, kk07:44
SpamapS# jitsu run-as-hook mysql/3 config-get07:45
SpamapS{u'tuning-level': u'safest', u'query-cache-size': -1, u'query-cache-type': u'ON', u'binlog-format': u'MIXED', u'max-connections': -1, u'preferred-storage-engine': u'InnoDB', u'dataset-size': u'1G'}07:45
SpamapSthats hot07:45
SpamapSstevanr: that file should have clues. There's also an upstart job running it, so make sure it is not in the wrong state (like stop/waiting)07:46
imbrandonsweet if that works here thats EXACTLY what i wanted07:46
imbrandoni woudl kiss you but your married07:46
imbrandonno key in the env on the nodes07:47
imbrandonbut thats ok, i can add it to the install hook to set it07:48
SpamapSimbrandon: what key?07:48
imbrandonjitsu run-as-hook omg-wp/3 config-get07:49
imbrandonCould not find AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID07:49
SpamapSimbrandon: you don't run it on your local machine07:49
imbrandonthats was form the node07:49
imbrandonactually ON omg-wp/307:49
SpamapSimbrandon: hm, I don't get any such errors07:49
imbrandonUnpacking replacement juju-jitsu ...07:49
imbrandonSetting up juju-jitsu (0.10-0stable1~precise1) ...07:49
imbrandon(juju-jitsu) root@ip-10-226-55-144:~# jitsu run-as-hook omg-wp/3 config-get07:49
imbrandonCould not find AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID07:49
imbrandon(juju-jitsu) root@ip-10-226-55-144:~#07:49
SpamapSimbrandon: very weird07:50
imbrandonenv , see if its set from something else07:50
SpamapSimbrandon: running on ec2 as well.. no such error07:50
SpamapSand no such env var07:50
imbrandonlet me log out and back in, i was already in a jitsu wrapper07:50
imbrandonwhen i updated07:50
SpamapSimbrandon: I wonder.. are the access-key/secret-key set in the environments.yaml there?07:50
imbrandonoh yea, i have a env.y on the node07:51
imbrandonwhy ?07:51
SpamapSthats probably confusing it07:51
SpamapSits a bit of a hack07:51
imbrandon(juju-jitsu) root@ip-10-226-55-144:~# ls -l .juju/environments.yaml07:51
imbrandon-rw------- 1 root root 211 May 30 06:12 .juju/environments.yaml07:51
imbrandon(juju-jitsu) root@ip-10-226-55-144:~#07:51
imbrandonyup , moved it out of the way and works perfect07:52
SpamapSimbrandon: sounds like a bug tho07:52
imbrandonis that how its telling if its local or remote ?07:52
SpamapSjimbaker: ^^ note that run-as-hook doesn't work right when a local ~/.juju/environments.yaml is present07:53
SpamapSimbrandon: no I suspect its doing something wicked w/ the juju internal libs07:53
stevanrOK I ran destroy-environment and bootstrap again and now it's in "running" state07:53
imbrandonseems like it could just look for /var/lib/cloud/instance/* exists instead of env.y07:53
SpamapSoh yeah, its importaing all kinds of weird stuff from juju's python libs07:54
SpamapSstevanr: awesome07:54
SpamapSstevanr: would love to stay and help but I need to hit the sack07:54
stevanrSpamapS, ok :)07:54
stevanrSpamapS, tnx07:54
hazmatSpamapS, your awakes..07:55
hazmatrun as hook is crack07:55
hazmatdon't use it07:55
SpamapSreading it now07:55
hazmatplease remove it07:55
SpamapShazmat: it seems to work tho ;)07:56
hazmatSpamapS, it was to easy to make a miskate07:56
SpamapShazmat: you have some way we can run hooks outside unit agent execution?07:56
hazmatif you mis-understand it07:56
hazmatand blow up your local machine07:56
hazmatwell. maybe overly dramatic.. but cause issue07:56
imbrandonSpamapS: hahah thats exactly whats its doing07:56
imbrandondef get_zk_client_connector(options):07:57
imbrandon36+    # Running on a Juju machine or on an admin system? Distinguish by07:57
imbrandon37+    # first checking for an ~/.juju/environments.yaml file; if not07:57
imbrandon38+    # check the machine for an upstart conf file07:57
SpamapShazmat: sounds like a reason to be wary, not to remove it07:57
imbrandon39+    env_config = EnvironmentsConfig()07:57
imbrandon40+    try:07:57
imbrandon41+        env_config.load()07:57
imbrandon42+    except juju.errors.FileNotFound:07:57
SpamapShazmat: I would like a real way to do what it enables tho07:57
hazmatSpamapS, sounds like a reason to enforce wariness...07:57
imbrandonif you have another way i'm all ears :)07:57
hazmati hate layout landmines for users07:58
hazmater. laying out07:58
SpamapShazmat: jitsu isn't about wariness.. its about crack actually. Fresh, strong crack.07:58
hazmatSpamapS, it really shouldn't be07:58
SpamapShazmat: so, your open-port is totally legit? :)07:58
hazmatSpamap, it is07:58
SpamapSuntil we change ZK07:58
SpamapSthen its crack too07:58
hazmatSpamapS, no, then its just broken07:58
hazmatSpamapS, it won't damage your system accidentally07:59
hazmatSpamapS, its not modifying zk directly, its using the api07:59
SpamapSyou really haven't explained what run-as-hook does dangerously07:59
imbrandonwell i could get this info from zk with phpzk, thats where its gonna end up anyhow is in php07:59
imbrandonif you like that idea better L(07:59
SpamapShazmat: I believe you, but I want something that does exactly this for a number of reasons.08:00
hazmatSpamapS, executing hooks locally, completely changes any notion of env for a hook.08:00
SpamapSI don't know what you mean by locally08:00
hazmatclient side08:00
SpamapSI run it on the unit I want the info from08:00
SpamapSit works at that level08:00
imbrandonthis isnt running client side we;re on the unit08:00
SpamapScan't we just enforce that?08:00
SpamapSlike, you can only connect to the socket of the unit you're pretending to be?08:01
imbrandonwhy enforce things like that ...08:01
imbrandonwasted energy08:01
hazmatimbrandon, because say you start a backup or delete files in such script08:01
hazmatintending it for remote use08:01
hazmatyou point it to someone on irc08:01
hazmatand they execute it locally by accident08:01
imbrandonwith great power comes great responsibility , we;re not talking about desktop users here, we;re talking what should be competent devops08:02
hazmatthen we should stop recommending jitsu to anyone not in charmers08:02
SpamapSwhat landmine has me handing out scripts that people blindly run?08:02
hazmatSpamapS, they carefully examine it, and think it runs remotely08:03
hazmaton the unit08:03
SpamapSthats why we changed it to run-as-hook08:03
SpamapSIts pretty obvious to me that this is just giving you a hook context locally08:03
hazmatchanging the camo on a landmine, doesn't change the nature of the landmine08:03
hazmatwhat's the underlying common use case?08:04
SpamapSI can't imagine anyone ever going "Oh this will some how magically be transported to the unit and run there"08:04
hazmatinspect/get the relation data08:04
imbrandonhazmat: all i'm saying is we cant protect them from everything esp when we;re making a sword, there is bound to be some shard parts08:04
hazmatSpamapS, i think its documented that juju is 'cloud magic' ;-)08:04
SpamapShazmat: but anyway, we can fix that really easily08:04
imbrandonthat could hurt ppl, just like the dd tool installed on every desktop could wipe a hdd08:05
SpamapShazmat: lets just require that the socket for the unit be accessible08:05
hazmatSpamapS, +1 on the latter08:05
imbrandonbah that will just make those that dont want to jump that hook do it a real crackfull way like editing zk or mongo08:06
imbrandondocument it , say here be dragons and let them cut a finger off once or twice08:06
hazmatimbrandon, didn't you just use it for the time 10m ago?08:07
imbrandoni can promis that dd is installed on ever ubuntu system and can do just as much dammage08:07
hazmatimbrandon, and are you executing it from the client?08:07
imbrandonhazmat: no i'm not ut my plan was not to be on the node 100% of the time either08:08
SpamapSbug 1006277 opened08:08
_mup_Bug #1006277: run-as-hook needs to require the target unit agent to be local <juju-jitsu:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1006277 >08:08
SpamapSimbrandon: we can make a --force ;)08:08
imbrandonthat works08:09
SpamapSthe thing has crap online help anyway08:09
SpamapSusage: run-as-hook [-h] [-e ENVIRONMENT] [--loglevel CRITICAL|ERROR|WARNING|INFO|DEBUG] [--verbose] SERVICE_UNIT COMMAND [ARG [ARG ...]]08:09
SpamapSexpose a service unit(s) port08:09
SpamapSok, sreep now kurinto san tired08:09
hazmatimbrandon, its because the 'machine' identity is never really established.. sure dd can screw up a disk, but A) you know what machine its running on, ie. zero ambiguity, B) you need sudo ;-)08:09
imbrandongnight too hazmat if your headed off08:10
hazmatwith run-as-unit.. A) is never really clear08:10
hazmatimbrandon, just woke up.. have a good one08:10
hazmatSpamapS, g'night08:10
bkerensaSpamapS: fixed the maintainer meta data thanks for the heads up08:10
bkerensagnight SpamapS08:10
imbrandonahh i'm not going , was just thinking all was on the same timeline a;)08:10
imbrandonhazmat: yea i see what your saying but i also see this as a "professionals tool" like a skill saw or similar08:11
imbrandondangerious yes, you better know how to use it08:11
hazmatimbrandon, right.. but in that case its very different then the other jitsu commands08:11
imbrandonhazmat: as in juju as a whole not just jitsu08:11
imbrandonyea, i dont see the harm is making it very hard, as long as i can have --let-me-do-the-crack_sudo-make-me-a-smammich true08:13
imbrandoni still dont see where it could wipe things local though08:14
* imbrandon looks some more08:14
imbrandonhazmat: and really i think the GOOD(tm) awnser to this is for me and juan to finish the REST API. or learn go quicker so we can do it there w/e08:15
imbrandoncuz thats all i really want, is the info that may only be available durring a hook execution but the API would store and expose08:16
imbrandonya know ?08:16
imbrandonbkerensa: the system nice ? desktop or laptop ? semi afk now while i play with my newfound crack08:18
hazmatimbrandon, i'd really like feedback on the rest spec, its something that needs to be in juju, and i'm happy to shape jrapi into that, but the spec itself needs to get proposed first or it becomes a port issue08:19
imbrandonoh, i did not know the spec was actually down someehwre08:19
imbrandoni;ll start looking at it today then, and yea i'm more than happy to help aslo shape it into that and test it as well08:20
imbrandonis it a spec/blueprint on LP ?08:20
imbrandonor in the docs ? or elsewhere ?08:20
negronjlhazmat:  the spec is not that diff. from jrapi ... the changes wouldn't be that deep08:21
imbrandonand yea i totaly agree about the porting thing08:21
imbrandonnegronjl: heya08:21
negronjlimbrandon, hazmat: the README in jrapi is quite close to the spec08:22
imbrandonsweet, thats a good thing right hehe08:23
hazmatnegronjl, still needs fairly large changes.. testing, rewiring the existing client commands to use the rest api, deploying the rest api as part of bootstrap, upload support, auth, etc... fwiw.. i'm planning on starting on the REST work mid june.08:23
imbrandonprobably mostly implmentation details08:23
imbrandonheh well hopefully i dont bug you toooo much as i likly wont be able to wait that long to begin08:24
imbrandonbut yea whatever IS done between now and then should be in line with the goals ( looks like it already is started that way ) so its not tottaly way off08:25
imbrandonwhen the time comes08:26
imbrandonwho knows, when i get to the office tomarrow they may tell me i got 6 months of nose to the keyboard stuff to do and i wont get any of this done08:27
* imbrandon knocks on wood08:27
negronjlim out for the night ...08:29
imbrandonnight man08:29
imbrandontake it easy08:29
bkerensaimbrandon: laptop08:31
bkerensaimbrandon: http://i.imgur.com/8L7hf.jpg08:31
=== NCommand1r is now known as NCommander
_mup_juju/trunk r539 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com09:12
_mup_[merge] show-errors-when-acquiring-node, use human error consumable error09:12
_mup_messages when no maas nodes are available. [a=julian-edwards][r=fwereade,hazmat][f=980855]09:12
fwereadehazmat, ty; sorry, I didn't see the changes go in :(09:12
hazmatfwereade, no worries09:13
hazmatfwereade, i haven't merged the port one09:14
hazmatfwereade, i think it needs to handle https port 443 better.. ie introspect protocol to get default port09:14
hazmatinstead of just blindly using 80 if not specified09:14
fwereadehazmat, hmm, good point09:15
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doitdist_Hi! I am not sure if Rackspace is already supported by Juju? If not will it be in future?13:46
marcoceppidoitdist_: Rackspace will be supported soon. Currently juju supports OpenStack but only with the EC2 and S3 middleware API turned on13:48
doitdist_ok thanks. what time scale is "soon" :-)13:49
doitdist_within a year? or 6 months? or no idea13:49
marcoceppiI can't say for sure since I'm not a juju dev, but there's a preliminary branch with basic support. I imagine by 12.10 release - but that's just a guess13:50
doitdist_ok thanks!13:50
marcoceppiIt's a pretty hot topic, given there are so many public OpenStack installs starting up, including Rackspaces13:50
doitdist_yes right...13:52
mgzhow far are rackspace from being a normal openstack service these days?13:54
marcoceppimgz: public beta13:54
mgzace. because their legacy bits don't work with core things like cloud-init.13:55
marcoceppimgz: I know, I hear their goal is to go live by the end of the year with OpenStack13:55
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imbrandonpos/win 2114:57
negronjl'morning all15:53
negronjl'morning all15:58
* negronjl is reviewing the queue today15:58
SpamapSnegronjl: saweeet15:59
negronjlI just checked the calendar and I'm not in it to review but, there is nobody to do it either.... If I'm stepping on anyone's toes by reviewing, let me know ...16:00
SpamapSbkerensa: 01:10 < bkerensa> SpamapS: fixed the maintainer meta data thanks for the heads up16:05
SpamapSbkerensa: subway still has no maintainer16:05
SpamapSnegronjl: go for it man. the pilot thing is just a commitment.. you can review wheneve ryou want to :)16:06
negronjlSpamapS: thx ... Just making sure I don't step on anyone's toes :)16:06
bkerensaSpamapS: why?16:20
bkerensaSpamapS: I added the info to the metadata.yaml16:20
bkerensawhether it has been merged yet is another question16:21
SpamapSbkerensa: and where did you push that to?16:21
SpamapSbkerensa: I don't see anything in the review queue :)16:21
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bkerensaSpamapS: I will have to check16:45
SpamapSbkerensa: my bad, its there17:40
SpamapSbkerensa: just so new it doesn't have 'days' next to it, so I missed it. ;)17:40
SpamapSbkerensa: merged17:42
bkerensaSpamapS: ahh ;)17:49
surgemcgeeFinaly! Now we can deploy many Django projects with one charm. Remove the relation to remove the project. Update the project repo, blah, blah, blah.17:51
surgemcgeeIt should be ready for prime time in ~week17:52
imbrandonsurgemcgee: nice i was just cleaning up the ubuntu community django webthemes this morning, i might snag it and put instructions on how to use it a README for that branch17:58
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jcastroimbrandon: what's the tldr on RPMs?17:58
imbrandoni hadent got to them in a few days but only about an hour or so to finish thit18:00
imbrandoni can do that this evening18:00
imbrandonit is "built" physicly, just has a few script errors on install and such18:01
imbrandonjcastro: swag delivery man just showed up, that was fast, ty ty18:17
SpamapSsurgemcgee: awesum :)18:17
jcastroimbrandon: and for suse?18:17
imbrandonsame source, seperate build using the openbuild service i'm told will work18:18
imbrandonlike the equiv of us rebuilding a deb src18:18
imbrandonso it links on our stuff but no real changes18:19
imbrandonsame with cent as well ( as long as the deps are there, now i'm not sure on that one )18:19
imbrandonzomg, ALL of adobes on and offline as well as iOS products in one packge , from them not a scammy reseller, for CHEAP , and i do mean ALL , even a subscription to typekit ( i alreay have but still )18:26
imbrandon$30 a month18:26
imbrandonfor everything18:26
imbrandonman if they would just release linux clients, or beef the web versions up just a tiny bit more18:27
imbrandoni would denounce my apple fanboism18:27
_mup_Bug #1006553 was filed: Juju uses 100% CPU after host reboot <juju:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1006553 >18:33
mars^ I have the runaway process going right now, in case it is of interest to anyone who wants to debug it.18:35
jcastroimbrandon: ok so you'll investigate the build service after this first cut of the RPM?18:36
imbrandonyup, i had plans on it since 99% of the work will be done for it18:37
negronjlSpamapS: ping19:00
SpamapSnegronjl: pong, sup?19:02
negronjlSpamapS: promulgate is complaining to me .... ERROR:Branch has not been pushed.19:02
negronjlSpamapS: not my charm so I don't think I can push ...19:02
SpamapSnegronjl: promulgate can only operate on remote branches19:02
negronjlso ... charm promulgate lp:.... ?19:03
SpamapSnegronjl: bzr push --remember lp:~charmers/charms/precise/foo/trunk && charm promulgate19:03
negronjlSpamapS: ah19:03
negronjlSpamapS: you had mentioned that before and I forgot .... maybe promulgate should do that too19:03
SpamapSnegronjl: you can do 'charm promulgate -b lp:~charmers...' too19:03
negronjlSpamapS: better19:04
SpamapSnegronjl: but at some point, you're going to have to make the "official" branch19:04
SpamapSnegronjl: one thing we probably *should* have it do is bzr reconfigure --unstackd19:04
SpamapSnegronjl: we don't want our official branches stacked on anything else19:04
* negronjl nods19:04
SpamapSnot sure if it already stacks them or not19:05
negronjlVarnish charm promulgated19:11
SpamapSnegronjl: *woot*19:20
SpamapSYou know what would be like, super badass if a cloud provider/OS could pull it off? Elastic RAM19:21
SpamapSjust let me add/remove RAM as needed from my cloud instance19:21
jcastrohey alright! varnish!19:21
imbrandonSpamapS: isnt that elastic cache , kinda19:21
toothas needed?19:21
tooththat would be... interesting.19:21
SpamapSimbrandon: no not via the network19:21
SpamapSlike, RAM19:21
imbrandonahh , like swap only on something fast19:22
SpamapSRight now I think Amazon sells its excess RAM in the form of t1.micros19:22
toothI can understand if they did it in a way that requires a reboot19:22
SpamapSIt would be cool if I could just say "woo... cache is getting full.. add 600MB of RAM19:22
toothbut live would be interesting. the OS you have would have to know what to do with a sudden increase.19:22
imbrandonsome providers you can, e.g. linode19:22
SpamapStooth: right but how cool would it be if it could just be added on the fly19:22
toothbadass, as you put it. :-)19:23
SpamapSI'm sure container providers can do that19:23
imbrandonno on the fly but via api and reboot19:23
imbrandonyea they xenhost19:23
SpamapSimbrandon: sure, boot from ebs lets you do that on ec219:23
SpamapSbut just thinking out loud19:23
imbrandonyea i know, me too lol19:23
SpamapSBack when I ran racks of my own servers..19:23
SpamapSI always wanted to just crank up the RAM when traffic spiked19:24
SpamapSdidn't need much more CPU.. just needed more cache because there were more unique things going on19:24
imbrandonit would be cool just not sure how it would work plugable and still be fast, would need a fast interface that was hotplug like thunderbolt19:24
imbrandonprobably more, thunderbolt is just repinned PCIe19:24
imbrandonsame chipset19:25
SpamapSthat would defeat the purpose19:25
SpamapSI want the unused RAM on the box19:25
SpamapSYou can tell me no.. if there's no more to give19:25
SpamapSJust, opportunistically, adding RAM to a running box would be better than adding a whole other box19:26
SpamapSI guess really you can just get it by adding VMs though19:26
imbrandonthen you wana xenhost with "plugable" ram, the same thinf that lets the kernel use the plugable hardware ram woudl do it virt too19:26
SpamapS"scale out FTW"19:26
imbrandonjust think ram chips that work like sas drives, then hand them to someone else and pay them to put in the box when ya need em :)19:27
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SpamapSDunno if I said this last night, but the first 12.04 juju SRU is in the queue waiting to be accepted for testing22:23
hazmatSpamapS, sweet!22:37
hazmatSpamapS, this might be an interesting alternative to gource.. http://ubietylab.net/ubigraph/content/Demos/index.html22:37
hazmatnot opensource though22:37
SpamapShazmat: I'd definitely love to have something flexible like that22:44
SpamapShazmat: wow.. xmlrpc built in :)22:51
* SpamapS just made some things pop up on the ubigraph screen23:10
jimbakeri think the python interface is pretty nice too23:18
SpamapSwell its basically just xmlrpc23:18
SpamapSso.. yeah :)23:18
SpamapSseems like its a dead upstream tho23:18
SpamapSno new releases in 4 years23:19
SpamapSbut.. fun yak shaving ;)23:19
jimbakerthat's the only issue, 2008 and no open source23:19
jimbakerseems like it was a good academic project23:20
SpamapSwe should see if we can do a juju-quake the same way those guys did nagios quake a while back23:24
SpamapSI can't remember the details exactly23:25
SpamapSbut I think it was like, a big open arena and servers would spawn demons as notifications23:26
jimbakerSpamapS, sounds like a cool way of mapping an abstraction into a spatial layout. juju resolved is the final step in shoot down any relation problems. juju add-unit to quench any fires. juju remove-unit to bring capacity to the right load level (would that a health draining effect?)23:29
jimbakersounds like true bike shedding to me23:29

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