JontheEchidnahmm, the SBOX_DPKG_INST_ARCH stuff seems the same in 4.8.200:08
JontheEchidnawe'll see how the qt build goes in my ppa00:39
JontheEchidnain terms of time, my build has gone for 45 minutes while the buildd only lasted half an hour01:18
JontheEchidnayay, it's definitely past the point of failure01:23
ScottKJontheEchidna: Did you change anything or did you patch that check out?02:57
JontheEchidnaScottK: with the gold check patched out02:57
JontheEchidnayup :)02:58
ScottKRejected the old one.02:58
JontheEchidnait's running dh_install now. I think I'll call it and upload to the archive03:01
JontheEchidnadh_strip, even03:01
JontheEchidnableh, I've committed my progress on kde-workspace 4.8.8004:33
JontheEchidnaI've not been able to get a good list of new missing files, so the .install files still need updating04:34
JontheEchidnaand there are still a few symbols files that I've not been able to get to tonight04:34
JontheEchidnahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1014193 <- if anyone's interested. there may be a X-Debian-ABI bump or two still necessary for some of those04:34
JontheEchidnaso yeah. I'm out for the night. :)04:35
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debfxJontheEchidna: don't forget to push your qt4-x11 changes to bzr (and bzr add the patch)07:03
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=== jdrab is now known as cortex-sk
bulldog98_JontheEchidna: isn’t that it kwin_active08:53
apacheloggeryofel_: back in them good old days we used usermake, which incidentially enough has build progress :P09:59
Blizzzis there a known bug in (K)ubuntu 12.04 that slows down Internet extremely? It feels like name resolution is fucked up, but neither disabling IPv6 nor disabling dnsmasq helps11:05
Ezimyofel_, pavucontrol with other theme seems to look correct11:25
Ezimmaybe oxygen and oxygen-old does not have all needed for pavucontrol11:32
jtechidnapavucontrol does not use standard icons and does not provide the non-standard icons it uses12:21
jtechidnabulldog98_: isn't what kwin_active?12:21
Ezimjtechidna, okey... I downloaded rosa icon theme12:23
Ezimand it looks really good even with pavucontrol12:23
jtechidnathe rule with the icon naming standards is that you use the standard names, and then you provide the icons yourself if they don't following the naming standards. pauvcontrol relies on nonstandard icons inside some gnome icon pack and does not provide them with its package12:24
jtechidnaso they're totally to blame for it12:24
Ezimjtechidna, thx for the info.12:38
EzimI hope in the fetuare kmix will get all functionality that pavucontrol have12:38
Ezimveromix is a guide start, but it feels beta.12:38
jtechidnabug 383963, if you'd like the details12:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 383963 in pavucontrol (Ubuntu) "icons used in pavucrontrol are not common/standard" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38396312:44
jtechidnahmm, that's not quite the one I was thinking of12:45
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annmahi is Scott Kitterman here please?12:50
annmaah no I see ScottK, he is away12:50
annmaScottK: when you come back please considere to fill http://community.kde.org/Getinvolved/Testing/Beta/InstallingBeta1#Kubuntu when you have details about the KDE 4.9 beta, whenever this will be. Thanks in advance12:51
jtechidnaannma: we won't be able to complete beta1 packaging since it's been cancelled. (tarballs removed from ftpmaster)13:42
BluesKajHi all13:46
annmajtechidna: we don't know if it's cancelled13:50
annmathose tarballs are cancelled13:50
annmabut maybe not the beta 113:50
jtechidnaah, ok13:51
jtechidnaI think that there was a miscommunication on kde-packager due to the dramatic title of the thread13:52
jtechidna"calling off beta 1"13:52
jtechidnawhere the body of the message does say that only the tarballs are cancelled, now that you mention it13:52
shadeslayerannma: installing project-neon-all is a bit of a overkill :P15:04
shadeslayerthere's a smaller backage called project-neon-base15:05
* shadeslayer adds to wiki15:05
highvoltagehi! Rocs doesn't have an icon under gnome, I guess it doesn't have one under KDE either? Should I file a ticket for that and would it be ok if I fixed it?15:08
highvoltage(well, I went ahead and filed it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rocs/+bug/1006461)15:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1006461 in rocs (Ubuntu) "Rocs does not have a menu icon" [Low,Confirmed]15:12
dantti_laptoprbelem: around?15:12
shadeslayerhighvoltage: Assigned to Jonathan Carter?15:15
shadeslayerare you going to fix it? :_15:16
highvoltageshadeslayer: if no one else is, if I can assign it to you or kubuntu-dev or something, please let me know15:17
shadeslayersec, I'll have a look right now :)15:17
highvoltageok, thanks15:17
highvoltagemaybe while I'm on the issue of menu icons, in edubuntu we also see "Nepomuk Backup", Nepomuk File Indexing Controller" and "Akonaditray" in the menus. They don't seem to be that useful on gnome fallback sessions.15:19
highvoltagewe ship override .desktop files in /usr/share/ubuntu/applications that contain "OnlyShowIn=KDE"15:19
highvoltagebut I'm wondering if that should just perhaps be the default in the actual nepomuck/akonadi packaging15:20
shadeslayerhm, interesting ..15:20
shadeslayerI do remember see'ing those icons in unity a couple of months ago15:20
shadeslayerhighvoltage: upstream only ships a svg in sources15:24
shadeslayerprobably why we don't install it15:24
shadeslayerthough it's only 288 KB's15:24
jtechidnaI don't know if the svg would work15:25
jtechidnaespecially if it uses the rocs icon for say the window icon via KIcon15:25
* shadeslayer looks15:27
bulldog98_jtechidna: sorry thought the binary would be named kwin_active, but I didn’t remember the name right :(15:32
jtechidnabulldog98_: the binary for what again?15:33
jtechidnaoh, for my error15:34
bulldog98_jtechidna: kwin-active package, where you failed over at around 12 hours ago15:34
jtechidnabulldog98_: the package build had completed and it was running my list-missing pbuilder script15:34
jtechidnait's an error with the pbuilder script I think15:34
jtechidnabut it means that I can't get a list of missing files introduced in 4.8.8015:35
jtechidnabut my list-missing pbuilder hook may be old, so somebody else might be able to get a list15:35
bulldog98_jtechidna: why don’t you use the bzr branch as a checkout?15:37
jtechidnaI did: https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kde-workspace15:39
shadeslayereverything seems broken :( : http://paste.kde.org/490022/15:42
jtechidnaanyways, I'm heading out to grab some lunch, bbiab15:42
bulldog98_apachelogger: do you want to have some shell coding fun? :)15:42
jtechidnabulldog98_: oh, did you mean the bzr for the pbuilder hooks?15:43
bulldog98_jtechidna: jep15:43
jtechidnaah, sorry. I misunderstood15:43
jtechidnayeah, I could do that, but I didn't have time for another 2 hour build last night :P15:44
bulldog98_shadeslayer: ok what have you done?15:44
jtechidnaand I won't be able to do anythign further until I get home later15:44
shadeslayerbulldog98_: sudo apt-get update :P15:44
bulldog98_jtechidna: ask yofel for an account, he might have one15:44
bulldog98_shadeslayer: from where?15:44
shadeslayerand then tried to install rocs build deps15:44
shadeslayerbulldog98_: huh? From my laptop?15:45
bulldog98_shadeslayer: I mean apt-cache policy15:45
shadeslayeryou're not making any sense :(15:46
bulldog98_shadeslayer: I mean what ppa have you that stuff from15:46
* shadeslayer looks15:46
shadeslayerfor some reason, I have one of jtechidna's PPA15:47
bulldog98_shadeslayer: also do you have the -scr stuff also in it?15:47
shadeslayerand ninjas15:47
shadeslayerwhich explains why it's broke15:47
kubotubulldog98_ meant: "shadeslayer: also do you have the -src stuff also in it?"15:47
shadeslayerbulldog98_: yeah I have sources enabled for the main repos, not for the PPA's15:48
bulldog98_hm build-dep searches in the src stuff as far as I know. debfx or someone else with higher knowledge15:50
shadeslayersec, disabled ninjas, updating and checking15:51
shadeslayerhmm, still problematic, probably need to upgrade the system or sth, will look into it once this image is done rsync'ing15:54
Ezimguys/girls will ubuntu/canonical update libreoffice to version 3.4.5 or should we user use ppa for that?16:05
* Darkwing kicks WebDAV and Dolphin16:11
shadeslayerEzim: I see 3.5.3 in -updates16:11
shadeslayer!info libreoffice16:12
ubottulibreoffice (source: libreoffice): office productivity suite. In component main, is optional. Version 1:3.5.3-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 22 kB, installed size 155 kB16:12
shadeslayerofcourse, I'm talking about precise here16:12
Ezimshadeslayer, yeah we have for be exact16:13
shadeslayerright, so .. isn't that greater than 3.4.5 ?16:13
Darkwing3.5.* is a higher version than 3.4.516:13
Darkwingso, you want them to downgrade?16:13
shadeslayerI'm not sure I see the problem here16:13
Ezimthat is not same as 3.5.416:13
DarkwingNo, it's an earlier version.16:13
shadeslayer<Ezim> guys/girls will ubuntu/canonical update libreoffice to version 3.4.5 or should we user use ppa for that?16:13
EzimI mean 3.5.4 sorry about 3.4.5 :)16:13
shadeslayerah, in that case ... looks like a bug fix release, I'd guess they'll update it16:14
DarkwingI'm sure they will at some point. I think the libreoffice maintainers will get to it at some point. 16:14
shadeslayer( from the versioning, I have not looked at the changelog )16:14
Ezimshadeslayer, 3.4.5 is not a rc.... so it should... do not want to add one more ppa :P...16:15
DarkwingWhen did 3.5.4 drop?16:15
EzimDarkwing, today16:16
DarkwingYeah, give them some time for it.16:16
DarkwingI don't use libreoffice so...16:16
EzimDarkwing, I will... only wanted to know if they will update it sooner or later16:16
EzimDarkwing, calligra?16:16
DarkwingEzim: aye16:17
EzimDarkwing, hardcore :) kde..... 16:17
DarkwingEzim: Why not? :D16:17
DarkwingI'm kinda a KDE centric person.16:17
EzimDarkwing, I see that... thats not wrong...16:17
DarkwingAlthough, I do use Chromium16:18
Ezimbut I prefer libreoffice... 16:18
EzimDarkwing, have you tried qupzilla?16:18
DarkwingBut, that is so I can share info between my laptop, both tablets and mobile.16:18
EzimDarkwing, I see. android user?16:18
DarkwingTill they can share tabs, passwords, bookmarks etc... nope.16:18
DarkwingYes, I am.16:18
Ezimok that explains a lot16:19
DarkwingI will say that QuasselDroid is a great addition. :D16:19
DarkwingBut, right now I'm fighting with WebDAV using owncloud and dolphin.16:21
DarkwingBut, Zeya works wonders!16:21
* Darkwing is kinda in love with Zeya16:21
shadeslayerDarkwing: oh btw, about the TF10116:22
shadeslayerDarkwing: they reverse engineered stuff, and now you can nvflash pretty much anything16:23
shadeslayereven on B70+ devices16:23
shadeslayerI'm about to flash ubuntu on my unbricked TF in about 2-3 mins :D16:23
Darkwingshadeslayer: you have a step-by-step?16:30
shadeslayerDarkwing: http://androidroot.mobi/16:30
shadeslayerlemme find the XDA thread16:31
shadeslayerDarkwing: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=128077416:33
Darkwingshadeslayer: ayesome stuff.16:35
DarkwingI got one of those ZaTabs I talked about it my blog.16:35
jtechidnayay, the beta1 tarballs are going back up, with new ones to be expected tomorrow w/ the patches that we needed for the original beta1 tarballs16:36
DarkwingAnyone played with owncloud and dolphin?16:37
shadeslayerI forget your blog address16:38
shadeslayerah yes, wonderly.com16:39
shadeslayerDarkwing: do you have hardware acceleration working on it?16:40
Darkwingshadeslayer: what you refering to?16:40
shadeslayerDarkwing: ZaTab + Ubuntu16:40
shadeslayerquite interesting that ZaReason is making a Tablet16:41
DarkwingI like the idea.16:41
DarkwingAnd, I have not flashed ubuntu on there yet.16:41
Darkwingshadeslayer: rbelem has one as well that he is working with Active on.16:41
DarkwingI just got my server up and running so, I'm going to be playing with it more in the next couple days.16:42
jtechidnayay: http://sourceforge.net/projects/soprano/files/Soprano/2.7.56/16:49
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shadeslayerrbelem: ping19:11
rbelemdantti_laptop, pong19:13
rbelemshadeslayer, pong19:13
dantti_laptoprbelem: does sama has some kind of lib and a nice api doc for use?19:13
dantti_laptoplast time I looked for I couldn't find19:14
rbelemdantti_laptop, as client?19:14
dantti_laptoprbelem: yes19:14
dantti_laptoprbelem: it's about that printer thing I told you19:14
rbelemdantti_laptop, i remember :-)19:15
rbelemdantti_laptop, lsat time that i messing with samba, i had to look the sources to figure out how it works19:16
rbelemdantti_laptop, libsmbclient is the lib19:16
shadeslayerrbelem: is plasma active fixed in precise? Like, if I install the kubuntu-active package, it'll give me the entire system right?19:17
shadeslayerlast time I did it, it was borked19:18
dantti_laptoprbelem: thanks I'll have a look at19:18
rbelemdantti_laptop, http://code.google.com/p/libsmbmm/19:18
rbelemdantti_laptop, http://gitweb.samba.org/?p=samba.git;a=blob;f=source3/include/libsmbclient.h;h=ccf80da72d06d120591eb3353880bee6233c3ea1;hb=HEAD19:22
rbelemdantti_laptop,  man 7 libsmbclient :-D19:22
rbelemshadeslayer, it works fine19:22
dantti_laptoprbelem: right thanks, should be a bit easier if I look at the py code again.. at least I'd know what to use :P19:23
rbelemshadeslayer, but it is not working exacly like upstream meant19:24
rbelemshadeslayer, some patches are missing19:24
rbelemshadeslayer, i just know about those patches one week before release19:24
rbelemshadeslayer, Tm_Tr found some issues that needs to be fixed19:25
shadeslayerrbelem: can you link me to them?19:25
rbelemshadeslayer, yup19:25
shadeslayeralright, I asked because I'm about to upgrade the tablet to precise19:25
shadeslayerthen will install Plasma Active19:25
rbelemshadeslayer, nice :-)19:26
shadeslayeryeah, managed to fix the tablet :D19:26
rbelemshadeslayer, ftp://ftp.kde.org/pub/kde/stable/active/2.0/src/19:27
bulldog98_atm the browser is not working in active19:28
bulldog98_rbelem: have you a clue how to fix that?19:28
rbelemshadeslayer, and i think there are brnaches in each module repository currently19:28
rbelembulldog98_, it is probably a missing patch19:28
bulldog98_rbelem: that’s what I also thought19:29
bulldog98_do you have a clue when the next release will be done?19:29
rbelembulldog98_, nope19:36
rbelembulldog98_, but we will release kubuntu active 12.04.119:36
rbelemwith those fixes19:37
apacheloggerbulldog98_: go ask upstream you lazy bum :P19:37
Ezim12.04.1 will be released couple month from now19:38
Ezimif I am not mistaking19:38
shadeslayerrbelem: http://db.tt/Kw7Rpx36 ;)19:38
apacheloggerEzim: august19:39
Ezimshadeslayer, running ubuntu... :)19:39
shadeslayerEzim: on a tablet19:39
Ezimapachelogger, thx. then I had right...19:39
Ezimshadeslayer, nice... :)19:39
* apachelogger emits wonderings about why one needs computer vision19:39
apacheloggershadeslayer: didn't Quintasan_ have maliit packages?19:40
apacheloggershadeslayer: active upstream claims to see their error in making their own buggy thing while they could have used someone else's buggy thing :P19:40
shadeslayerapachelogger: how would I know? I know he was supposed to be working on them :P19:41
apacheloggeryou are not very tablet engaged my friend19:41
shadeslayerI'm getting there, my tablet was bricked for about 2 months ... all fixed now19:42
shadeslayerupgrading it to 12.04 right now19:42
apacheloggerI always ask myself this question when I want to sleep in but can't bc of my neighbors :P19:45
apacheloggerso those slides I am browsing through right now have the most ludicrous mixture of german and english I have seen in quite a while19:46
* apachelogger might have to write a complaint to someone19:47
shadeslayerthe gernglish high council?19:47
apacheloggerthe bbc19:48
rbelemdantti_laptop, https://sites.google.com/site/adnankamili/19:51
dantti_laptoprbelem: docs?19:52
rbelemdantti_laptop, yup19:53
dantti_laptopk, thanks19:53
dantti_laptopapachelogger: ScottK, btw the I'm confident 4.10 will have print-manager, Tim Waugh has just tell me that the get best PPDs for a given printer now has a DBus interface available for this...19:54
dantti_laptopso, only missing part of the puzzle is samba now..19:55
apacheloggerdbus \o/19:55
apacheloggerdantti_laptop: which reminds me, should we make a new snapshot build?19:55
dantti_laptopapachelogger: not yet, I didn't touch the code, I'll probably do that next week19:56
bulldog98_apachelogger: do you really want mail from every active Kubuntu Member?20:00
apacheloggerread the initial mail20:01
apacheloggerin case one does not have a mail addy visible on launchpad, I cannot see it and therefore they'd need to send me one so that I can include them in the vote20:01
* apachelogger wonders how things that have been like that for ages suddenly became too complex to grasp -.-20:02
bulldog98_apachelogger: maybe because dns get’s buggy :P20:06
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
apacheloggernothing going on tonight, and I desperately need to procrastinate -.-20:54
apacheloggeranyone wanna hear the story of the great MIR flood of '08?20:55
claydohapachelogger: I'm game20:56
apacheloggersome other 0820:56
claydohI am procrastinating myself20:56
apacheloggerwell, it was the dark age20:56
apacheloggerin those days a mighty wizard of the blue arts by the name of Riddell was roaming these lands20:57
apacheloggerhe made things explode and stuff20:57
apacheloggerall business as usual20:57
apacheloggeruntil one day...20:57
apacheloggerthe great overlords of the blue lands wanted to release a terrible creature20:58
apacheloggerincredibly mighty this creature was20:58
apacheloggeroh, and very dark20:58
apacheloggerthat's why we call it the dark age20:58
apacheloggerthe overlords apparently called it KDE4.0, or so I have been told20:58
apacheloggerthe minions around here in the kubuntu parts called it many names though20:59
apacheloggermostly something to do with satan if memory serves20:59
apacheloggeranyhow, the overlords called upon the mighty wizard as to unleash this dreadful beast they needed plenty of blue magic21:00
* claydoh has heard of such a time21:00
apacheloggerin particular one spell that was called painupmebum (was later renamed to MIR for obvious reasons)21:00
* yofel vaguley remembers having read about it - it was before his time21:00
apacheloggerPUMB also sounds nice though21:00
apacheloggerso the wizard used his knowledge to serve the great overlords of the blue land and casted multiple PUMB spells21:01
apacheloggernatural result was that the monster was released and brought destruction to all the land, also the kingdom of kernel.org21:02
apacheloggerthe king of these parts witty as he was did the smart thing and ran21:03
ScottKapachelogger: I think the great wizard's insane assistant was one by the name of nixternal.  After KDE4.0, he was never the same.21:03
apacheloggermuch like forest gump I might say21:03
apacheloggerhe then stumbled upon a not so beautiful knight called gnome, who became the king's guard and watches over him ever since21:04
apacheloggerthey say that since that time no creature of KDE 4.0's kind ever came near him again21:04
apacheloggerit was then that the overlords of the blue lands knew that they made a terrible mistake21:05
apacheloggerso they unleashed another creature by the name of KDE 4.321:05
* claydoh remembers giving offerings to appease the god for Those That Hate Change21:05
* claydoh remembers cursing said god21:06
apacheloggernot long until the two of them got into an epic battle21:06
apacheloggerall the world watched as the mighty 4.3 chopped of 4.0's head and dumped it in a lake, not far from here21:06
apacheloggerthey say by night the ghost of 4.0 comes ashore and eats fish and chips21:07
* micahg is still afraid of that ghost21:07
apacheloggerthat day, when 4.0 lay headless and defated a new time began, the age of air21:08
claydohIt does!  I see it often, the townsfolk think it is the great 4.3 by mistake21:08
apacheloggernowadays it is but a fairytale to freigten children21:08
apacheloggerand that was the great MIR flood of '0821:08
claydohthanks apachelogger21:09
apacheloggerScottK: collateral dmg I presume21:09
claydohwonderful tale21:09
apacheloggerthough I might note that he was very much insane before the flood :P21:09
ScottKapachelogger: Yes.  Too much exposure to too much insanity packaging KDE 4.0.21:09
* micahg fled to the land of mice during that time21:09
apacheloggermicahg: you have to tell us about that one day21:10
* apachelogger continues revising for exam tomorrow21:11
claydohmakes the Nepomuk Nightmare of '10 look like a fairy tale21:11
claydohor was that the Akonadi Alliance Attack?21:11
apachelogger1 2 nepomuk is coming for you 3 4 better lock your door 5 6 grab your crucifix 7 8 gonna stay up late 9 10 never sleep again21:13
apacheloggerI advise not talking about it in public though21:14
apacheloggerwe do not want it to come back, do we21:14
claydohtoday the loudest cries are for the Blue Flag-bearer of the Fox of Fire, who has gone missing and made the picking of files somewhat unsightly21:15
yofeldepends. Akonadi was an attack through the front door, and we're still collecting the pieces. Nepomuk is a ghost that looms below your carpet. And when you  look for it it hides.21:17
BluesKajyofel, good place for it :)21:17
apacheloggerclaydoh: the silence of the foxes you mean?21:19
claydohthe fox is still there to be had,  he just sports different livery and picks its files with an  non-blue tool21:21
apacheloggerah, the curse of the faceless fox21:22
claydohthe folks of the land of kfn doth protest such non-blue attire in their lands21:22
apacheloggersounds like racism to me TBH21:23
claydohand wish for the fox to wear the blue, even though it is not a native blue creature21:23
claydohapachelogger: agreed21:23
apachelogger12.04 sucks!21:24
apacheloggerwant to visit offline with Kubuntu Dev.21:25
apacheloggerthat reads like a hook up 21:25
claydohgood old woodsmoke21:25
* apachelogger scratches head21:30
apacheloggerIf anyone has actually met someone at a dating site and become married to that person, as opposed to living in a "liberated relationship", please so post.21:31
apacheloggerclaydoh: http://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?59023-want-to-visit-offline-with-Kubuntu-Dev 21:35
apacheloggerhe wants to make a new kickoff?21:35
claydohI am not quite in that situation myself, but have met someone online I could see myself  marrying, assuming meeting in rl is a positive experience21:35
claydohapachelogger: I have no idea, I cannot understand half what he is  saying21:36
apacheloggerme neither21:36
apacheloggerclaydoh: what distrubs me is the fact that it assumes one is able to get married :P21:37
claydohapachelogger: for this discussion, can we assume that?21:38
apacheloggerthat ought to be investiagted21:38
claydohapachelogger: tho I did not meet said person on a dating site21:39
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JontheEchidnayay, Qt built on all archs \o/22:27

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