robotdevilis kaffine kde 4 yet?00:04
ScuniziWhy is there no icon or indicator in the system tray for Kopete?  I've looked in preferences and tagged it to show .. but nothing.  How do I fix this?00:13
SentynelScunizi: I've got one, are you sure it's not being autohidden? click the arrow at the end of the tray00:21
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tophAvihay: well I'm back with an update and much more thanks. I've got it working about 80% I decided to use espeak since I can pass cmd line args to it easily. but now that I uninstalled jovie with "sudo apt-get remove jovie" now on startup I get an error about unable to start jovie service.00:40
tophdid I uninstall it the wrong way?00:40
Avihay<Avihay> toph:  when I run out of disk space, it both shows me the pop out and reads out loud:" you are running out of disk space, currently 0 percent, xyz em.ai.bi would you like to open bla bla bla..."00:40
AvihayI've been unable to uninstall jovie aswell, not without getting lot's of error messages00:41
AvihayI think the issue is that you have to clear all the speech notifications00:42
ScuniziSentynel: Ah the little up/down arrow next to the desktop view icon?  Looks like that's where it is. Thanks!00:42
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tophAvihey thank you I'll double check that00:53
tophback in a bit00:53
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robotdevilIs the fglrx driver pooched for 12.0401:18
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safridzalafter i upgrade to 4.8.3 i cant get my flip alt+tab working anymore01:41
safridzalafter i upgrade to 4.8.3 i cant get my flip alt+tab working anymore. the setting still enabled, but it wont flip, any help??01:49
amason__safridzal: do you have any other effects enabled for alt+tab ?01:50
safridzalamason__: no01:50
safridzalalt+tab just for flip01:50
amason__then i don't know sorry. Works on my machine with 4.8.301:51
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robotdevilis what is weird, fglrx driver is broken on both kernels avaliable in grub, but if I resume from recovery it works with rendering enabled03:29
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windbuntuwho is the new kubuntu sponsor?05:51
amason__windbuntu: blue systems i think05:54
windbuntuyes thats it ty05:56
windbuntui hope they really get behing kubuntu05:56
amason__windbuntu: my understanding is they are just paying some developers to hack on kubuntu and possibly offering paid support for kubuntu05:59
amason__well not just05:59
amason__just makes it seem insignificant which it's not, it's a really big thing05:59
amason__but in terms of visibility to the wider kubuntu community it probably won't be outwardly noticeable06:00
coder2Hello. I'd appreciate if someone point me how to clear list of startup applications. Once I've started kontact by mistake and now I cannot get rid of it on each login.06:03
coder2I've just clear its executable attribute, but there should be better way.06:05
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flesplast night i installed kubuntu.  I've setup my screen to run on a 47" TV at 1920x1080.  Fonts look tiny and unreadable.  So in system settings -> application appearance, I've setup default fonts (a cumbersome chore) so I can read them at this high resolution.  Some apps (KSystemLog is the first I've found) doesn't use these fonts and as a result, it's an unusable program.  Is there anywhere else I can specify which fonts the08:08
flesp program should use, or am I going to have to  submit a patch to get that one fixed?!08:08
Tm_Tflesp: instead of changing all fonts, change dpi settings?08:09
flespAaah, that works.  thanks Tm_T.08:10
flespOkay, I got one more...08:10
flespwhen I'm surfing pr0n (lol), I might encounter an image that's too big for the browser window, so I would normally click on the middle mouse button and scroll around by moving the mouse.  This doesn't seem to work on kubuntu.  Is there a package I could install to enable this?08:12
Tm_Tflesp: you were unable to give any other example for such feature?08:13
Tm_T!ohmy | flesp08:14
ubottuflesp: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.08:14
Tm_Tbah, not that08:14
flespI wasn't aware I used fowl language08:14
flespbut I take your point08:14
Tm_T!language > flesp08:15
ubottuflesp, please see my private message08:15
Tm_Tthat's what I actually was looking for, main point being we try keep these channels family friendly08:15
spartan31Hallo People08:17
spartan31I'm in a LAN in which on a NAS are shared 3 folders under the group Workgroup. In windows i can see these folders. Why i can't do this in dolphin?08:19
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ForgeAusis it possible to turn off ACPI with P8Z68 Deluxe/Gen3 mobo?09:41
patrissI can not restart apache2 http://paste.ubuntu.com/1014484/09:55
patrisswhat can I do please?09:55
MaNepatriss: The Apache error log may have more information.09:57
spartan31_However thanks of the non existing support.... someone told me "linux users and community will always help you" and i see is true, and more if do by yourself bu googling. But if if i google ... what is the need of having a community ? What i see is that we (new users) are always left alone.09:58
patrissMaNe: log are empty http://paste.ubuntu.com/1014491/10:00
MaNestrange. Did you tried to google out?10:01
patrissMaNe: it's ok now, I had to kill 69 pidfornginx ;)10:04
patrissseveral times10:05
patrissapache2 is launched10:05
patrisskill -9 pid10:05
MaNeoky  good10:06
patrissto know the problem I have just done a : netstat -ltnp | grep ':80'10:08
patrissif it can help someone else :)10:08
MaNewell done patriss10:09
liluwer ist da ich bin beim probieren10:22
lelamal!de | lilu10:28
ubottulilu: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!10:28
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ALS-IT-NET-PCWelcome to you..13:10
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ct529hi everybody. I am changing an had disk where the OS is installed and would like to create more than the usual 4 partitions, to be able to isolate the /var and /opt directories as well13:41
ct529Is there a way of having more than 4 partitions on a disk without using LVM13:41
MaNect529: you can create the partitions as logical13:43
MaNewhat is not clear?13:45
ct529I am not sure what do you mean by creating them as logical / extended .... I would need physical, real partitions13:45
BluesKajHi all13:46
MaNect529: what is the reason why you need to create as physical?13:48
juemoHi !  I would like to disable graphical login on my kubuntu and got no success.  I tried deactivating kdm with update-rc.d and changing the /etc/default/grub file but it keeps starting a GUI.  Any idea ?14:00
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ct529MaNe: sorry, quick meeting14:02
ct529MaNe: I think it the extended partition gets damaged all the logical partitions within it will get damaged as well14:02
ct529MaNe: with physical partitions it is different ....14:02
obelusct529: The possibility of that happening is extremely low though, and I imagine only the few bytes describing the extended partition being damaged would cause you any problems, and that would be easily recoverable14:05
obelusAnd in answer to your question, you can use the GUID partitioning table to have more than 4 partitions, but afaik you have to format your drive to switch14:05
ct529obelus: it is a new drive14:08
ct529obelus: hence I can format it whichever way14:08
obelusThen you could probably format it with a GPT partitioning table, I'm not sure exactly how though, or if Kubuntu will boot from GPT, but it probably will14:08
ct529obelus: thanks very interesting ....14:11
ct529obelus: I was also reading on the btrfs file system, that can be used as the background structure instead of LVM .... is that correct?14:11
obelusNot entirely sure, but if LVM allows you to create more than 4 partitions, than they're likely logical partitions14:12
obelusHonestly, I'd just use extended/logical.14:12
obelusI've never really looked into LVM, I just know that it lets you do software based RAID and presents it as a single disk 'md0', or 'md1', etc. to the OS.14:14
obelusAt least, I think it's LVM that shows it as md0.14:14
obelusIf not, it'd be a similiar name14:14
laptop_02hellow !14:15
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BluesKajobelus,  logical partitions are like , /  /boot  /home etc on a single OS install, correct?14:17
obelusUhm... no. Logical partitions are like primary partitions except that they are in a container called an extended partition.14:18
BluesKajmust confess I've understood the logic of it14:18
obelusThey have their own filesystems and everything14:18
BluesKajnever understood14:18
BluesKajyes , noe i recall the / /home as primaries14:19
obelusThose are directories, not partitions14:19
obelusThey can be stored on partitions which are then mounted14:19
ICWeinerHow can I go to SD card in CLI?14:19
BluesKajnow ,...need to put my glasses on14:19
BluesKajobelus, yes I understand the dirs , but why would they be primary on my partition table?14:20
obelusThey'd be primary on your partition table if you chose to install them on a primary partition when you were installing your OS14:21
ICWeinerHow can I go to SD card in CLI?14:22
BluesKajobelus, where and how else would one install an OS , I thought rrimary partitions were obligatory for OSs14:22
obelusAlso, you can install it on one or many partitions, the only partition completely necessary is /14:23
obelusand it will quite happily sit on a logical partition14:23
BluesKajaha , now we're getting somewhere ...wonder  why i thought OSs needed to be on a primary...have to stop making incorrect assumptions14:25
obelusNo, you have to stop making assumptions ;p14:25
obelusthere's an old saying14:25
obelus"Never assume, it makes an ass of you and me"14:25
lordievaderICWeiner: Depends on where it is mounted, usually somewhere in /media14:25
BluesKajyup , I know it14:25
MaNeGUID have 2TB limitation15:02
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sky100how to install handbrake in kubuntu16:52
sky100i want to convert a DVD format into am mp4 for mobile16:52
sky100how to install handbrake in kubuntu16:57
sky100i want to convert a DVD format into an p4 for mobile16:57
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genii-aroundsky100: There is currently no handbrake release for 12.04 . You may want to consider re-coding with ffmpeg17:03
sky100genii-around,  ty for the info17:08
sky100but how to get that even17:08
genii-aroundsky100: From the package manager17:09
sky100genii-around,  ty .. im gonna see that17:09
igneriouscan anyone help me17:10
igneriousregarding network manager17:11
DarthFrog!ask | ignerious17:11
ubottuignerious: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:11
igneriousi have used pppoeconf to connect to internet using command line17:12
igneriousnow network manager is saying "unmanaged17:12
igneriousnow how can I connect using network manager17:13
sky100how to adda ppa to kubuntu12.0417:16
sky100add a*17:16
DarthFrogignerious:  I've never used PPOE so I can't give you specific help with that.  But to configure a connection with Network Manager, right click on  its icon in the systray and select Settings.  The icon resembles a network cable plugged into a RJ-45 jack.17:16
lordievadersky100: sudo add-apt-repository <ppa>17:18
sky100hey lordievader17:19
sky100in face i was trying to install handbrake in my kubuntu 12.0417:19
lordievadersky100: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stebbins/handbrake-releases17:21
agushello there17:21
lordievaderagus: Hey, how are you?17:23
agusi am good lordievader17:24
aguswhere are you from?17:24
ct529hi everybody. The sound keep crashing, how do you restart it?17:24
lordievaderagus: Questions like that are better suited for the #kubuntu-offtopic channel.17:25
lordievaderct529: kmix?17:25
lordievaderct529: Run it in a terminal like this: kmix&17:25
makhauserIs anybody here from Ukraine and has problems with rekonQ and i.ua autorisation? Password is correct, but rekonQ fails to autorise... Thx17:26
agussomebody know how to activate my external creative webcam on kubuntu 10.10?17:26
agusi cant find the correct driver on the net17:26
agushave any idea lord?17:27
lordievaderagus: Nope, I don't really use webcams...17:27
ct529lordievader: not really, phonon keeps saying that it wants to remove the devices .... so I have to control everyhting from pulseaudio17:27
agusyeahhhh,,but at least somebody how to do that in this room17:27
makhauseragus: driver should be installed automatically. My Logitech webcam hasn't asked anything17:28
agusi ask about '''creative webam'''you told me about your logitech,,,its kind of sky and earth,,,doesnt match at all17:29
makhauserSorry, туплю. As for me, they must be in your system. Have you seen this?17:31
lordievadersunitasethi: Hey, how are you?17:31
sunitasethii good vader17:31
makhauserYou are welcome, agus17:32
sunitasethii am good lordievader17:32
lordievadersunitasethi: Good to hear.17:33
agusbut unfortunately my webcam hasnt on the list17:37
patrissI have install awstats17:53
patrissbut when I enter this kind of url myodomain.tld/cgi-bin/awstats.pl  the pl is downloader17:54
patrisswhy ?17:54
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sky100how to kill an unresponsive programme in kubuntu 12.0419:06
sky100pls help..19:07
lordievadersky100: Find the pid and run: kill <pid>19:07
sky100how to find the pid19:07
genii-aroundsky100: ctrl-alt-esc   then put skull and crossbones on the open window of the offending application19:07
genii-aroundIf it doesn't have a window then use the manual kill method19:08
lordievadersky100: I allways use "ps aux|grep <program-name>" It shows a bunch of things, the second column is the pid.19:08
sky100i used ctrl-ait-esc & killed it ..19:09
lordievadergenii-around: Hey that ctrl-alt-esc thing is pretty neat :)19:09
sky100ty genii-around19:09
genii-aroundlordievader: :-)19:09
genii-aroundsky100: You're welcome19:09
sky100but would like to know the method as told by lordievader19:09
tomatto_please, why only kino show my 1394 camera?19:10
genii-aroundtomatto_: Because it's a Digital Video input19:11
tomatto_genii-around: can i use it for skype or vlc?19:12
genii-aroundtomatto_: No. Just for non-linear editing of video in the format of Digital Video19:13
sky100i was trying to close handbrake using ps aux|grep19:13
genii-aroundtomatto_: Or you mean can you use the firewire camera for vlc or skype?19:13
sky100so i type in conslole ....19:13
tomatto_genii-around: use it as a webcam19:13
lordievadersky100: Grep needs an argument, what you mean is: ps aux|grep handbrake19:13
sky100i typed that in terminal19:14
tomatto_genii-around: if there is some way?19:14
genii-aroundtomatto_: VLC should be able to use any kind of video input, including firewire. Skype gets fussy.19:14
sky100sky@sky-desktop:~$ ps aux|grep handbrake19:14
sky100sky       6155  0.0  0.0   4624   816 pts/2    S+   00:41   0:00 grep --color=auto handbrake19:14
sky100thats what terminal showd19:14
sky100what is PID19:15
tomatto_genii-around: but i don't know path to device for vlc19:15
lordievadersky100: Then either it is not running, or it doesn't use the name handbrake. It only shows the grep process.19:15
genii-around"Process IDentification"19:16
sky100ps aux |grep firefox19:17
sky100sky       1957  3.3 10.3 491736 132624 ?       Sl   May30   5:07 /usr/lib/firefox/firefox19:19
sky100sky       5653  0.4  1.9 155396 25172 ?        Sl   00:21   0:07 /usr/lib/firefox/plugin-container /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/libflashplayer.so -greomni /usr/lib/firefox/omni.ja 1957 true plugin19:19
sky100sky       6217  0.0  0.0   4628   816 pts/2    S+   00:48   0:00 grep --color=auto firefox19:19
FloodBotK1sky100: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:19
sky100whaere is PID in firefox here19:19
lordievadersky100: Could you put it in pastebin or something?19:20
lordievadersky100: The pid of ff is 195719:20
genii-aroundsky100: In the output you just gave, 1957 is the PID for /usr/lib/firefox/firefox19:20
tomatto_genii-around: ? some software which use 1394 camera and make some virtual webcam?19:20
tomatto_for v4l219:20
sky100handbrake is up on my desktop19:22
sky100i want to stop it ...using ps aux|grep19:22
sky100just to see if it gets closed  with its PID being killed19:23
tomatto_what /dev/ has 1394 camera?19:23
sky100but PID is not being found19:23
sky100yep lordievader19:23
lordievadersky100: If you don't know what the process name is you can manually look for it using: ps -U <username> and searching the list for something that points to the program.19:23
sky100ok .. lordievader19:25
sky100yep ps -U<username> popped up the processes19:26
genii-aroundtomatto_: The VLC wiki is currently having problems, but after it's back up perhaps see http://wiki.videolan.org/Documentation:Streaming_HowTo/Stream_from_a_DV_Camcorder19:27
genii-aroundtomatto_: ( alternately try #videolan channel )19:29
sky100handbrake process id is not found in the list19:29
genii-aroundsky100: After you kill it, it no longer has one19:29
sky100ive that running on my desktop19:30
sky100just interface is open19:30
sky100i reopened it19:30
sky100so there got to be a PID19:30
genii-aroundProbably zombie19:31
genii-around( in which case there's no way to close it)19:31
sky100lol genii-around19:32
lordievadergenii-around: Not even with kill -9?19:32
genii-aroundlordievader: Exactly19:32
lordievadergenii-around: Not or is it still killable? XD19:33
jonteI have a problem with my old HP LaserJet 6L printer connected with an USB->LPT cable. I usually prints the first document, usually but after that the rest are stuck in the que. I'm using the recommended Foomatic driver. Where should I look?19:33
sky100kill 1957 .. sucessfully killed firefox19:33
lordievadersky100: You do know that pid is dynamic right?19:33
genii-aroundsky100: Since there is no handbrake version for 12.04, whichever version did you try to run?19:34
sky100someone team viewed & installed handbrake snapshot repository19:35
sky100so it got installed sucessfully ...19:35
juemoHi ! I would like to disable graphical login in Kubuntu.  Changing /etc/default/grub doesn't seems to work.  Any hint ?19:36
genii-aroundjuemo: Grub is the bootloader19:37
genii-aroundjuemo: KDM is the graphical login part. But if you remove that, the system will just boot up to a command prompt.19:38
juemogenii-around: I know, but there was some procedure I tried using it.  I also tried disabling kdm autorun with update-rc.d which did'nt work either19:38
juemogenii-around: maybe I should just uninstall kdm ?19:39
genii-aroundjuemo: Alternately use update-alternatives and don't specify one19:39
lordievaderI might be old-fashioned but runlevel 3 allways was a boot into the command line.19:39
lordievaderI do believe they threw that out though...19:40
juemolordievader: might be too old fashioned for me, i don't know much about those runlevel things...19:41
juemogenii-around: I'll take a look at this19:42
lordievaderOh I read here that runlevel 3 doesn't work in ubuntu XD19:42
ubottuIn Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.19:42
juemogenii-around: about that grub default file I was talking about, there are variables (GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT and GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX) which I read were supposed to help me disable graphical login.  Instead, they disable the splash image...19:43
genii-aroundjuemo: So.. you want the machine to boot to a command prompt and then you have to login at command line  to your user then run manually startkde?19:46
juemogenii-around: exactly19:47
juemogenii-around: or have startkde run by a vnc client or the like19:47
lordievaderIn otherwords what my ubuntu server does normally. Why don't you install ubuntu server?19:47
cancerlordievader: hi :)19:48
juemolordievader: My manager what's kubuntu desktop19:48
juemolordievader: My manager wants19:48
juemolordievader: sorry for the typo19:48
lordievaderjuemo: I see, yeah than that is not going to work...19:48
lordievaderHey cancer how are you?19:48
cancerlordievader, i'm fine, how's about you. :)19:49
juemolordievader: no? why not ? or... how can I make it work ? ;)19:49
lordievadercancer: I'm doing good too.19:49
cancerdo you still have command on mikrotik:)19:49
lordievaderjuemo: That is the problem, I don't know. All I know is that my server doesn't boot into a gui....19:50
juemolordievader: I fear if I boot an ubuntu server and then install kde it will automatically start on boot too19:51
lordievaderjuemo: For me the gdm (gnome display manager) did, but the kdm didn't...19:52
juemolordievader: this is somewhat unexpected19:53
juemoSo... I leave this job next week, so if they want the system to use less ram, they'll just have to handle it themselves.19:54
juemocase closed ;) thanks ! :D19:55
lordievaderjuemo: lol nice one :P19:55
juemolordievader: I like to solve problem in a simple manner :P19:55
genii-aroundjuemo: The fast and not correct way to have it drop to command prompt is just mv /etc/init/kdm.conf somewhere safe.19:56
juemogenii-arount: Is /etc/init/kdm.conf.hidden is safe enough on your opinion ?19:57
genii-aroundjuemo: You could prepend a dot and keep it in the same directory, or even rename it to kdm.conf.backup     or whatever20:00
genii-aroundThe upstart script won't find it then20:01
juemogenii-arount: should <>$ startx<> work right then ?20:02
genii-aroundjuemo: startx will still work. But it will use whatever is the default in /etc/alternatives/x-window-manager20:03
genii-aroundjuemo: To find out what that is, ls -l /etc/alternatives/x-window-manager20:03
genii-around( it may be startkde or it may not )20:03
juemogenii-arount: it is kwin here.  I didn't know about this alternative system from debian.  This is interesting20:05
juemogenii-arount: alternative for x-session-manager is startkde20:05
genii-aroundjuemo: So in that case, whenever a user logs in to command prompt and issues: startx     it will go into KDE ( Kubuntu )20:06
genii-aroundjuemo: Unless they over-ride it with a local .xsession20:06
juemogenii-arount: fine.  This is really solving my problem.  Thank you20:09
juemoI learned more than I intended to, thank you all :D20:10
genii-aroundjuemo: You're welcome. If you do upgrades, make sure to replace/unhide the /etc/init/kdm.conf20:10
juemogenii-arount: you mean, before the upgrade ?20:11
genii-aroundjuemo: Yes, so that if updates to kdm happen, etc it doesn't error out.20:11
juemogenii-arount: ok, noted. thanks !20:12
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neuresomething funny has happened to my apps20:18
neureapplications in e menu is empty20:18
neureany idea what has happened and how to fix this?20:18
genii-aroundneure: Did you just do an upgrade?20:19
neurei installed some updates20:19
neurei hadnt booted this vm for a while20:20
genii-aroundneure: Might be good to restart it and see if the problem persists20:20
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neurewill do20:21
neurealso my e menu panel was in the middle of the screen20:21
neureand there it is again..20:22
neurereboot did _not_ bring apps back20:23
neureFailed to download http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/s/sudo/sudo_1.8.3p1-1ubuntu3.1_i386.deb20:24
neure404  Not Found [IP: 80]20:24
genii-aroundneure: Was the host system rebooted since *it's* last updates?20:24
neurehost system?20:25
neurehost is windows20:25
neurei did update virtual box though20:25
neurewithout rebooting though20:25
neureok ill reboot windows too..20:25
neurerebooted windows20:27
neurewhat you call the e menu panel?20:27
neureit keeps resetting its place to middle of my screen20:28
neurethat is quite annoying20:28
neureand applications is still empty20:28
genii-aroundneure: Are you using Kubuntu? I'm not aware of this "e menu"20:29
neureits called application launcher menu20:30
neurebut it has e icon on it20:30
neuremay be because of some icon set i've chosen20:30
neureIm using elementary dark icons20:31
neurein Icons - System Settings20:32
neurelooks like GB update server didnt have much / didnt work20:32
khmeroghi can someone help me install Virtual machine20:33
neurewhen i changed to main update server, i got a lot more updates20:33
neureupdateing now20:33
neurekhmerog, what host? what guest?20:33
genii-aroundneure: Are you able to add Application Launcher widget?20:33
neureits updating at the moment20:33
khmeroghost? guest? lol20:34
khmerogwim a noob20:34
neurekhmerog, host is the system which runs the VM20:34
neureguest is the system which runs inside the VM20:34
khmerogcan u tell me what that means? i am on kubuntu and i want to try out other LINUX OS distros20:34
neuregene77, yes i can, and it shows basically the very same thing20:34
genii-aroundneure: OK20:35
neurekhmerog, ok so kubuntu is your host and other distros would be your guests20:35
neureim running kubuntu guest in vm running on windows 7 host20:35
lordievader /quit20:35
khmerogsomeone told me to sudo apt-get install virtualbox in terminal buti am on the Muon Package Manager20:35
khmerogbut there is 4 diffferent ones..they end in DBG, DKMS, FUSE, QT..which one do i install for kubuntu?20:36
genii-aroundkhmerog: For Kubuntu, the Qt one20:38
neurestill updating...20:39
genii-around"virtualbox" itself is the base stuff, "virtualbox-qt" will be the Qt-based interface to that ( which is what Kubuntu uses )20:39
neureeven after installing updates20:45
neureand rebooting again20:45
neuremenu still shows up in the middle20:45
neureand applications shows nothing20:45
genii-aroundneure: I'm suspecting virtualbox, but i don't have much experience with it.20:46
genii-aroundHave you tried #vbox ?20:47
khmerogthanks genii-around but out of curiosity what is CBG, CKMS, FUSE and QT?20:54
genii-aroundkhmerog: DBG = extra debugging info, DKMS = Dynamic Kernel Module System ( often used for proprietary drivers so they upgrade when you upgrade the kernel) , FUSE = user-space filesystem, QT/Qt = type of application framework20:59
BarkingFishevening guys :)  Just seeking a little bit of help - some time ago, I categorized all my music by artist, and alphabetically - as a result it's all spread out over about 23,000 folders.21:27
BarkingFishIs there any way whatsoever, I can get all of that music in one go, and move it from the folders, into one single folder location, rather than going through all 23,000 individually and doing it by hand?21:27
BluesKajBarkingFish, what did you use to categorize , amarok ?21:28
BarkingFishno, did it manually21:28
BarkingFishI had a lot of time on my hands, this was a couple of years ago when I was being treated for Cancer - I couldn't do much else21:29
BluesKajso these folders are in different dirs ?21:31
BluesKajBarkingFish, ^21:33
=== ramon is now known as openhuese_recloc
neurehow do i remove ubuntus own version of virtualbox additions?21:50
neuremy kubuntu is messed up and i cant see any apps21:50
Galvatronneure: Maybe a fresh install would be the fastest solution21:51
neurei dont want to lose my settings21:51
neurei customised kde look and feel21:51
neurei agree that _might_ be the fastest21:51
GalvatronDon't you have a separate /home?21:52
neurethis is just a single vm21:52
neuresingle virtual drive21:52
GalvatronAnyways, you can always backup and restore /home21:52
neurewhere does kubuntu store look and feel setting?21:53
GalvatronTo tell the truth, it's a good question actually...21:54
GalvatronMost should be in /home, but I'm not sure how much really21:54
neureapparently in ~/.kde21:55
neureremoved guest additions21:58
neureapplication launcher still shows no apps21:59
GalvatronPersonally for a very long time I restore  the system from a Clonezilla backup, instead of doing a true format (I've almost forgotten what does it men to format)21:59
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ubuntu__HI ALL22:12
neurecan i reinstall the application launcher somehow?22:13
neurewhich package is it in?22:13
neurecan i reinstall kde-workspace* ?22:13
LordOfTimeneure:  if you figure out the individual package you can probably reinstall it22:14
LordOfTimei would advise against using wildcards though22:14
neurewhat is apt reinstall command?22:15
LordOfTimeneure:  if you know the package name: sudo apt-get install --reinstall [package]22:15
LordOfTimeat the terminal22:15
deleteвсем привет22:15
LordOfTime!ru | delete22:16
ubottudelete: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.22:16
LordOfTimei think...22:16
ubuntu__delete ПРИВЕТ22:16
neureive got this issue: http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-909408-start-0.html22:26
neureunfortunately the solution does not work for kubuntu22:26
neureor i dont know how to do it..22:26
GalvatronYou might want to update to 4.8.3, if you haven't already done so22:35
deleteнарод подскажите пожалуйсто как узнать какое приложение работает с пакетами в данный момент?23:39
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.23:39
LinkmasterIs it possible to change font color in telepathy-kde?23:52
grafthow do i control the environment KDE runs in? specifically how can i get it to use RVM?23:52
genii-around!info ruby-rvm23:53
ubotturuby-rvm (source: ruby-rvm): easily install, manage and work with multiple ruby environments. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.6.9-0ubuntu2 (precise), package size 692 kB, installed size 2204 kB23:53
graftyes, i know how to use rvm23:59
grafthowever, i don't know where kde gets its environment from23:59
graftrvm is setup in your bashrc or so on23:59
grafti want to make the kde environment use rvm23:59

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