* gmb -> lunch11:08
gary_posterbac benji frankban gmb call in 212:08
gary_posterI'll start hangout12:09
gary_posterbac benji frankban gmb https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/900b5fed14faeb2a94546bafa8ba4a9da566e8f412:10
bacgary_poster: i've looked and cannot find the email from robert you mentioned.  to whom was it sent?12:40
gary_posterbac, it was sent to yellow.  I wonder if it didn't make it through the list?  I just forwarded it to you12:45
gmbbac, benji, frankban: Hangout for redirection stuff is here: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/8a02312c16f83738dc5c4993c6fc01d3723cf82412:48
benjigmb: I doubt we need four people on it quite yet, so I'll let frankban have the pleasure12:50
bacgary_poster: my ec2 instance is up and just started a build13:13
gary_postercool, thanks bac13:13
bacgary_poster: lots of failures related to non-existent /var/tmp/bazaar.launchpad.dev/mirrors.13:49
gary_posterbac :-(14:05
gary_posterbac that's the make clean thing, right?14:05
bacgary_poster: yeah14:07
gary_posterbac, I assume you are investigating; lemme know when you discover anything, and if you want another investigator14:08
bacit was my understanding that the codehosting tests created those directories on demand but that doesn't look to be true14:08
gary_posterbac, they are at least not owned by root now, right?14:08
gary_posterbecause the parent directory is maintained14:09
gary_postermake inplace might be sufficient14:09
gary_posterrather than make build14:09
bacgary_poster: don't know.  is it possible to gain access to the temporary lptest containers?14:09
bacnm, they are gone now14:10
gary_posterbac, you can look at them while they are running.  However, IME the problem is not in the temporary containers but in the root container.  In any case, the solution to both situations is the same: modify /etc/shadow in the base container before the ephemeral containers start, and then you can access all of them14:10
bacgary_poster, good news.  the lp-setup build recipe was not run so the testing happened with the old build script.  i've requested a build now.14:54
gary_posterbac, ah, excellent14:54
bacfrankban, any reason the lpsetup build recipe cannot be set to automatically build?14:54
bacgary_poster, will be able to retry in 15 minutes14:54
frankbanbac: you mean daily build?14:54
bacfrankban, yes14:55
bacit is 'build on request' now14:55
frankbanbac, I usually manually build lpsetup when I know the current revision works correctly. This lets us commit incremental changes whitout breaking the parallel testing story.14:59
gary_posterok, frankban, I spent too much time on this, but I had to think through some things.16:18
gary_posterNote that I'm suggesting that everything in "Thoughts" right now be shuffled out onto separate pages16:19
gary_posterlinked from the main one16:19
gary_posterWe should not delete Robert's input, for instance, but I think it is distracting if we have already tried to accommodate it16:19
gary_posterAnd similarly, a lot of your notes verge more into implementation, and the LEP is supposed to be about goals only16:20
gary_posterunfortunately we're leaning a bit towards design still with what I wrote16:20
gary_posterIt should arguably be cleaned up even more16:20
gary_posterbut I'm tired of it :-P16:20
gary_posterand I need to start working on something else16:20
frankban:-), thanks gary_poster16:21
gary_poster:-) welcome16:21
frankbangary_poster: I will update the real LEP and make a separate page for thoughts tomorrow morning if you agree16:22
gary_posterfrankban, +116:22
gary_posterfrankban, and please feel free to make changes on what I did16:22
frankbangary_poster or benji, since you already know the fix, could please take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~frankban/launchpad/bug-1003040/+merge/108005 ?16:31
* benji looks16:31
* gary_poster therefore stops looking :-)16:31
* gary_poster lied. but now is really stopping.16:32
gary_posterbac, how's buildbot looking?  any chance of a run?16:33
gary_posterthe biweekly summary will be much happier with a successful test run at the end of it. :-)16:33
benjifrankban: approved16:36
frankbanbenji: thank you16:38
bacgary_poster, not just yet16:41
gary_posterbac, are we still waiting on the lpsetup build?16:49
bacgary_poster, no it built and is being used but i'm still seeing that dir owned by root16:50
gary_posterbac :-( ok16:50
gary_posterthank you for working on it16:50
* gary_poster needs some lunch16:51
bacit may be the branch rewrite script in play16:51
gary_posterwill be back in a bit16:51
bacgary_poster, waiting for a run to finish so i can try again.  even though i installed the new lpsetup package i'd forgotten that it doesn't update the scripts in /usr/local/bin.  they get installed when lpsetup is run not installed.  thus,my previous test was still using the old code.17:20
gary_posteroh ok, good news for some definition of good news17:36
bacgary_poster, tests running.  the directories are correct17:43
gary_postergreat, bac17:43
bacgary_poster, still running.  10,500 test done w/4 fail & 3 errs18:16
gary_posterbac, could you give me url?18:16
gary_posterbac, interesting.  the failures are instances of the tests that have the same name, did you notice?18:21
gary_posterthe first set of three passed on lpbuildbot; checking the second.18:21
gary_posteryeah, the second set of two passed also18:21
gary_posterand for the third set...18:22
gary_posterlp.testing.layers.RabbitMQLayer:setUp failed with a timeout again too.18:23
gary_posterSo, mostly new errors.18:23
gary_posterI'm trying them locally18:27
baci hadn't noticed that gary_poster18:31
bacgary_poster, i did not apply the stub patch before running the tests.  could it be the cause of the db-related ProgrammingError failures?18:46
gary_posterno bac, that's a different error18:46
gary_poster(a stemming thing)18:47
gary_posterbac, or anyone else who might know, my db is not initializing properly in my local lxc18:50
gary_posterI'm getting this error:18:50
gary_poster$ sudo utilities/launchpad-database-setup gary18:50
gary_posterCreating Launchpad database for gary18:50
gary_postergrep: /etc/postgresql/9.1/main/start.conf: No such file or directory18:50
gary_posterthen it goes further south from there18:51
gary_posterhave you seen that, and know the cause?18:51
gary_posterI've done various things18:51
gary_posterdpkg-reconfigure posgresql-9.118:51
gary_posterdpkg --search /etc/postgresql/9.1/main/start.conf18:52
gary_poster(that says that no package installed it :-( )18:52
bacgary_poster, i'm not sure who creates that file18:52
bacbut it only has one non-commented line:18:52
gary_posterum ok18:53
bacit looks like launchpad-database-setup creates it18:54
gary_posterbac, that's what I was running :-P18:54
gary_posterbut I tried making the file...18:55
bacoh, right, it checks for it18:55
gary_posterseemed to work18:55
baci'm curious if other things are missing, though18:55
gary_posterthen make schema seems to work but complains, menacingly:18:55
gary_poster* Loading base database schema18:55
gary_posterpsql:launchpad-2209-00-0.sql:17: ERROR:  language "plpgsql" already exists18:55
gary_posterpsql:launchpad-2209-00-0.sql:2646: ERROR:  could not access file "$libdir/plpython": No such file or directory18:55
gary_posterseeing if test runs now18:56
gary_posterit did18:56
gary_posterand passed18:57
gary_posterso I have no freaking idea what the problem is :-/18:57
gary_posterugh, this will be our first not-so-good biweekly report :-/18:57
gary_posteroh well, getting to it...18:57
gary_posterthank you bac, your help got me past the hurdle18:58
gary_posterbac, do you mind if I start another run on that machine to see if the errors are reliable or not?19:01
baci may fire up another just so i can see lpsetup working without intervention19:02
benjigary_poster: are we not having the project status meeting today?19:17
gary_posterbenji, we don't have a time set up, now19:17
gary_posterbac, I'll leave this one for your work then19:18
gary_posterit's not worth it19:18
gary_posterto hinder you19:18
gary_posteras long as you can run one more test run today, bac?19:19
bacgary_poster, but they can be done independently if you want to use this instance19:19
gary_posterbac, oh ok19:23
gary_posterwill do thx19:23
bacgary_poster, i was wrong, juju only lets you spin up one env.  let me know when you're done with the instance so i can tear it down19:56
gary_posterbac oh ok19:57
baci see it is 1/2 don19:57
gary_posterbac, could you get a copy of the failures, and maybe a copy of the pertinent worker logs, from the previous run?  looks like it will be the same19:58
gary_posterthat permission denied is from the db is so weird19:58
gary_posteronce the tests fail the same way and you have those files, that will be done19:58
gary_posterbac, do you remember off-hand how long the timeout was that you set up for RabbitMQ https://code.launchpad.net/~benji/launchpad/bug-1002820/+merge/106851 bug 100282020:42
_mup_Bug #1002820: lp.testing.layers.RabbitMQLayer:setUp times out rarely/intermittently in parallel tests <paralleltest> <qa-untestable> <Launchpad itself:Fix Released by benji> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1002820 >20:42
gary_poster(It was either not long enough or we have to find another solution, given what we saw today)20:43
baclet me look20:44
gary_posterthank you20:45
bacgary_poster, 90 seconds20:45
gary_posterbac, wow.  ok thanks.  I'll update the bug and move the card back.20:46
gary_posterI wouldn't mind trying 300 myself20:46
gary_posterbut perhaps cooler heads should prevail20:46
bacthere are two timeouts.  the first one is 90 seconds (up from 15)20:49
bacthe second one is the max of whats left from the 90 or 60 (up from 5)20:49
bacyeah, a little overly complicated20:49

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