Noldorinhi guys00:24
Noldorinlifeless, jelmer00:25
lifelesshi there00:43
MechanisMhello. who can help me with creating ppa?01:24
MechanisMI'm so bored that ubuntu doesn't have latest chromium builds so I'm going to create new ppa with all latest builds and maintain it daily builds like01:25
MechanisMlifeless you sure it's latest? it has 18 chromium while now it's 21!01:27
MechanisMand it's called daily builds and latest build on january?01:27
lifelessmicahg: ^ sup with that ?01:28
MechanisMlifeless I mean repos called daily builds but latest built there is only date january. actually all builds outdated even compare to stable.01:29
MechanisMI'm already discussed it with ppl here http://askubuntu.com/questions/112432/chromium-19-for-ubuntu <-- since 19 chromium I'm missing builds on chromium-daily ppa01:34
MechanisMGuys I'm a lot of time coding and so much need latest chromium coz I like it and work via this browser. Please help me create repos and I'll maintain it. So other ppl can use it. I'm really care about latest chromium builds01:38
MechanisMCurrently I'm using bash script to download latest builds and put it in folders used by chromium-daily01:40
lifelessso there is a ppa that is meant to have daily builds alread01:40
lifelesschromium takes ages to build, its a waste to ahve two daily ppas.01:40
lifelessmicahg runs the ppa, so I've asked him.01:40
lifelessNow we wait for a response:)01:40
MechanisMok I hope this repos will back01:41
MechanisMlifeless sometimes not needed to build. just download from build server and package it as deb01:41
MechanisMall builds on build server01:42
lifelessMechanisM: Part of the way we make Ubuntu trustworthy is making the code that goes into it auditable and inspectable.01:44
lifelessMechanisM: downloading binaries from somewhere else and then uploading them would circumvent that entirely.01:44
MechanisMfor example latest build of chromium for x64 is http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/chromium-browser-snapshots/Linux_x64/139446/chrome-linux.zip just needed to be packaged. It's already built on ubuntu 12.0401:45
MechanisMlifeless okay I see your point01:47
lifelessI'll nag micahg when he comes online01:48
MechanisMlifeless okay I'm glad someone can see this problem01:49
MechanisMweb dev not so good without lates chromium builds01:49
MechanisMlifleless btw do you know someone I can talk with my project related to ubuntu? I'm creating website where ppl can design and generate their own gtk3 themes and donload it etc.01:52
MechanisMabout my project*01:52
lifelessMechanisM: what sort of role should this person have?01:56
MechanisMlifeless I'm just wanna know if it's really needed to community and if yes I need to find someone who can help etc.01:56
MechanisMto join the team01:57
lifelessso for the former bit, you could ask around, see how many folk want it01:58
lifelessfor finding help, you can blog about it, and if lots of folk want it, they''ll probably repost it etc. :)01:59
MechanisMlifeless I know about it. So until I show any result noone cares02:00
MechanisMI wanted to get help before releses and not telling to others before release02:01
jimis1In a bug report, can I use special syntax for pasting code segments?02:09
jimis1like the {{{blah blah}}} in other wikis02:09
bigjoolsno, there's no special syntax.  You can attach patches though.02:12
lifelessbigjools: someone should finish poolies markdown branch ;)02:12
lifelessbigjools: by which I mean prod testing and feature flag enablement02:13
bigjoolslifeless: you sound like a volunteer!02:13
jimis1alright, thanks bigjools02:13
jimis1bug filed, bzr slowness again :-p02:14
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micahglifeless: I've had a build failure for weeks on generating the translations for chromium 19, it's on my list (I've been off since Fri)04:16
jf_hi, please could you help me on bug #869022 : I can't branch my project.07:51
ubot5Launchpad bug 869022 in Bazaar "ValueError: Something wrong with: cp_off = 2314752, cp_size = 3 source_size = 494614, size = 89493" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86902207:51
czajkowskijelmer: are you alive?08:21
czajkowskimgz: vila jam ^^^^^^08:22
vilajf_: as explained in the bug, your local repository seem to be corrupted, you need to create a new one from lp. From there, you can try to rescue local bits if needed (but don't hold your breath)08:25
jamczajkowski: I'm around, but I don't know if jelmer is alive or not, I assume he is08:25
jamwhen I stopped by earlier, jf was no longer in chat08:25
jf_vila, is not the local repositroy but the repository in bazaar08:25
czajkowskiwas just help with bzr :)08:25
vilajf_: note that all corruption reports we got in the past years have all been linked to either: hard disk dying or hard crashes leading to disk corruption08:26
jf_vila, I can't push nor pull from.to my project08:26
wgrantvila: The repository on LP is corrupt.08:26
vilaon lp ???08:26
viladarn, misread the bug, let me try08:27
vilajf_: reproduced locally, digging08:33
jf_so you will fix it ? :)08:33
vilajf_: hold on, I trying to understand what the issue is, it's a pre-requisite to even pretend it can be fixed :)08:33
jf_vila, ok thanks08:34
vilajf_: I can branch lp:unifield-server/sprint4 at least (but trunk and main fail)08:34
vilaweird, after branching sprint4 (in a local shared repo), both trunk and main succeed08:36
vilajam: can you imagine what can allow such a scenario ??08:36
jf_vila, yes I know, it's very strange, but you can't: "bzr diff -c 3359.2.65"08:36
wgrantvila: That sounds rather expected.08:36
wgrantvila: The relevant repo bits are uncorrupted in sprint4.08:37
wgrantvila: So if you branch that first, it won't try to retrieve the corrupt bits from trunk...08:37
vilawgrant: on how can trunk and main succeed when I retry then ?08:37
jamvila: if there is a specific block that is bad, you only get the error when accessing it. so if you have a duplicate copy of the data that gets used, or if the current tip doesn't access it, etc.08:38
wgrantvila: It'll see the relevant texts or whatever are already in your shared repo, so it won't try to download them from trunk.08:38
mgzwhat's the bug #? predated me joining the channel.08:38
wgrantmgz: Bug #86902208:38
ubot5Launchpad bug 869022 in Bazaar "ValueError: Something wrong with: cp_off = 2314752, cp_size = 3 source_size = 494614, size = 89493" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86902208:38
vilajam: hmm, so a repack will be a russian roulette ?08:38
jamvila: repack will always touch everything08:39
jamso either it will always fail, or it will succeed and clean things up08:39
vilajam: but select one out of the duplicates right ?08:39
wgrantI suspect you want to just empty out the branch on LP and repush it from a good local copy.08:39
jamif it is dupes, yes08:39
wgrantWhich can be obtained by grabbing sprint4 first.08:39
vilaright, russian roulette indeed08:40
jf_wgrant, I can't push to a new repo08:40
jf_revno  3359.2.65 is corrupted when I push or when I pull08:41
vilajf_: this revno comes from which branch ?08:41
jf_vila, it comes from lp:openobject-server/6.008:43
vilanah, I wanted the context where this revno is valid, it's neither in trunk nor sprint408:45
vila3359.2.65 is a 'launchpad automatic translation update' in trunk08:45
vilaeven weirder, sprint4 is stacked on trunk...08:48
wgrantWhat if the revision was first in sprint4, and merged into trunk later, at which point it was corrupted?08:49
vilaha right, several merges from sprint4 into trunk08:49
vilawgrant: yup08:49
jf_I think there isn't any merge from sprint4 to trunk08:50
jf_everything is developped on trunk and then push to sprint408:50
vilabzr check bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unifield-team/unifield-server/trunk fails08:54
vilabzr: ERROR: Corruption while decompressing repository file, zlib: Error -3 while decompressing data: incorrect data check08:55
wgrantvila: Interestingly, I can't branch sprint4 locally over bzr+ssh08:55
wgrantOr HTTP08:55
wgrantmain branches OK08:56
vilawgrant: try 'bzr init-repo xxx; cd xxx; bzr branch lp...' ?08:56
jf_to my mind, the only branch I can't branch from scratch is lp:unifield-server/main08:56
wgrantYeah, main branches from scratch fine, trunk/sprint4 don't08:57
wgrantmain has the relevant data uncorrupted.08:57
vilawgrant: standalone branches ?08:57
vilano, main, does not contain everything used in trunk/sprint408:58
wgrantvila: Standalone branches of trunk/sprint4 fail, main works. If I then branch main into a shared repo, I can branch trunk/sprint4 into it.08:58
vilaha, right08:58
vilabzr check bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unifield-team/unifield-server/main fails nevertheless08:59
wgrantvila: Hm, indeed.08:59
wgrantThe repo with all 3 has a zlib error.09:00
vilayeah, but no indication of which file09:00
wgrantBut all three trees build.09:00
vilanote that (as mentioned earlier) zlib error strongly hint corruption09:00
wgrantOh yes.09:00
vilabut I've never ever heard about corruption on lp repos :-/09:00
vilaby corruption I mean: hardware failure, crash, nothing inside bzr itself09:01
vilamain is not stacked09:01
wgrantIf it was not using normal smartserver ops it could reasonably happen.09:01
vilasprint4 is stacked on trunk09:01
vilawgrant: what do you mean ?09:02
wgrantvila: "reasonably" meaning a client-side RAM issue or similar.09:03
vilawgrant: hmm, you mean, RAM issue locally when creating the pack file which is then uploaded ?09:06
wgrantvila: Right, something like that seems most likely to me.09:06
vilanever heard about such a scenario, not sure we have additional checks for that nor when the md5 is processed though09:07
wgrantGiven that none of LP, bzr or SSH are known for corrupting things.09:07
vilaoh right, yeah, when you've ruled out the unlikely...09:07
vilastill, it's weird we have the corruption in both main and trunk/sprint4 (or even in the 3 of them) but still manage to branch them all09:08
wgrantmain and trunk seem to be corrupted in different ways.09:09
wgrantvila: Huh, now this is interesting.09:10
wgrantvila: Can branch main, and can branch trunk into that.09:10
wgrantBut can't branch trunk *out* of that.09:10
wgrantSo it can build the trunk tree in the repo, but you can't branch it from that repo to elsewhere... wtf09:11
vilaI just did09:11
vilabzr branch trunk out-of-trunk09:11
vilaBranched 3401 revisions.09:11
wgrantvila: That looks like you're branching within the repo.09:22
vilawgrant: yes. That's not what you meant by 'out of that' ?09:23
wgrantvila: I meant branching from inside the repo to out of it.09:23
vilayeah, reproduced, ouch09:24
wgrantThere's only 33 extra mainline revs in trunk09:25
wgrantI have a clean standalone trunk branch.09:37
wgrantvila, jf_: ^^09:37
jf_wgrant,  great !09:38
wgrantLet me just run a few checks and then we can work on fixing the one on LP.09:38
jf_wgrant, thanks09:38
wgrantvila: How's your link to LP?09:39
wgrantvila: I don't really want to push up 67MB over 512kbps if I can help it.09:39
vilawell done, I have a list of corrupted entries here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1014470/09:40
mgzwgrant: do the ops over ssh to a machine in london?09:40
wgrantmgz: Hopefully nowhere in London has my SSH key, but maybe.09:40
wgrantAnyway, the key is to use lp:openobject-server as the base.09:41
wgrantSeed the repo with that, then you can branch lp:unifield-server fine.09:41
wgrantSo we should probably delete lp:unifield-server's .bzr, then push up a clean copy from the seeded repo.09:41
* vila blinks09:45
vilawgrant: I don't enough about lp internals to do that kind of stuff (which I agree is the right thing to do though, just checking I find no corruption in lp:openobject-server)09:46
wgrantchecked repository <bzrlib.transport.local.LocalTransport url=file:///home/wgrant/really/trunk/> format RepositoryFormat2a()                                                                                                                                                                                       6611 revisions 2418 file-ids09:46
wgrantI got a bit uncreative with branch names by the 20th try09:47
wgrantreally/trunk is a copy of lp:unifield-server09:47
wgrantvila: The broken revision is a massive merge of lp:openobject-server, so I tried seeding with that, and it all seems happy.09:48
vilaok, reproduced locally, in a shared repo, branch lp:openobject-server then lp:unifield-server(main,trunk,sprint4) run repodetails there, no corruption09:49
mgzI've got a machine in the data center with that on it.09:51
mgztell me where to poke things and I will.09:51
wgrantmgz: Push it up to like lp:~mgz/+junk/unifield-server or so09:52
vilamgz: beat me to it :)09:52
mgzis done.09:54
wgrantWe can then get either jf_ or an admin to branch mgz's copy locally, rename lp:unifield-server's .bzr to something else, then "bzr push --use-existing-dir lp:unifield-server".09:54
mgzmain is a strict subset, right?09:55
wgrant5 extra revs in main09:55
vilabut the repo should contains everything09:55
mgzsprint4 and trunk are the same thing09:55
wgrantAh, indeed, sprint4 is identical.09:55
vilameh, subset != superset, but anyway, they diverge09:56
mgzif main has 5 revs not present, what I just pushed will not be enough09:56
wgrantmgz: What did you push?09:56
vilamgz: push trunk then push --overwrite main09:57
wgrantI doubt any revs unique to main are corrupted09:57
vilaso the repo will get them all09:57
wgrantBut it's possible, I guess.09:57
mgzyeah, I'll cheat and get those revs in as well09:57
wgrantjf_: Still around?09:57
jf_wgrant, yes,  should I do something ?09:57
wgrantjf_: lp:~gz/+junk/unifield-server is a fixed copy of lp:unifield-server09:59
wgrantjf_: Now we just need to replace lp:unifield-server with it.09:59
jf_wgrant, ok09:59
vilaargh ! I meet melmoth at 12:00 ! Should run09:59
jf_wgrant, who is "we" in "we just need" ?10:01
wgrantjf_: you or a Launchpad sysadmin. So ideally you :)10:01
jf_wgrant, ok so I need to: bzr branch  lp:~gz/+junk/unifield-server in a standalone repo ?10:02
wgrantjf_: Right, eg. in /tmp somewhere.10:02
wgrantIt must not be in a shared repo which has been anywhere near the broken branch.10:02
jf_ok should I make a backup of branches in lp:unifield-server ?10:03
wgrantjf_: You'll also need lp:hitchhiker. I'll tell you how to use hitchhiker to remove the broken branch content from Launchpad.10:03
wgrantjf_: Might be a good idea, but it might be difficult because of the corruption.10:03
wgrantOnce you're ready, in your local branch of hitchhiker, run './hitchhiker lp:unifield-server'. Once that's connected you should say 'rename .bzr backup.bzr'.10:05
wgrantThen you can switch over to your copy of the fixed branch, then 'bzr push --use-existing-dir lp:unifield-server'10:06
wgrantAnd that should fix it.10:06
jf_wgrant, I'm pushing, it should take time ....10:10
wgrantjf_: Yeah, you'll have to push the full 67MB or so, since it's the trunk branch that you're recovering :(10:11
jf_wgrant, done10:15
* wgrant tries.10:16
wgrantBranched 3401 revision(s).10:16
wgrantBranched 3401 revision(s).10:16
wgrantjf_: That's fixed it!10:17
jf_wgrant, ok many thanks, should I remove all my corrupted shared repo ?10:17
wgrantjf_: Yeah, you and anyone else working on the project will probably need to recreate any shared repos from scratch.10:18
wgrantIt won't re-corrupt the branch on LP, but it will still be corrupt locally.10:18
jf_wgrant, ok perfect !10:19
jf_wgrant, many many thanks10:19
wgrantjf_: np, glad we could sort it out.10:19
czajkowskijam: jelmer vila mgz can someone look into this please.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/100632311:18
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1006323 in Launchpad itself "ppa statistics broken since approx. 2012-05-21" [Undecided,New]11:18
* mgz has a look11:19
vilawgrant: thanks (I should have thought about hitchhiker)11:25
mdeslaurI'm sure getting a lot of "Processing Failed" errors when trying to download stuff from launchpad bugs and PPAs...is this a current known issue?13:50
james_wmdeslaur, bug 1000805 probably14:21
ubot5Launchpad bug 1000805 in Launchpad itself "server errors accessing attachments of private bug reports" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100080514:21
mdeslaurjames_w: looks like it, thanks14:22
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colon_Dstill having a permission denied error when uploading my ppa.  anyone around to check what's wrong?15:31
czajkowskicolon_D: what issues are you seeing ?15:33
colon_Dczajkowski: I get this: Rejected:  Unhandled exception processing upload: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/tmp/tmpbAwawq/trafficserver-3.1.3/debian/copyright'15:33
czajkowskicolon_D: what lp id and what ppa ?15:34
colon_Dczajkowski: i'm uploading here: https://launchpad.net/~wolfnet/+archive/trafficserver15:35
czajkowskicolon_D: ok let me see if I cna get someone to help15:36
colon_Dczajkowski: thanks :-)15:37
czajkowskijelmer: if you can would you mind helping colon_D please15:41
dobeycolon_D: is the permissions of that file mode 600 or something?15:42
colon_Ddobey: 644 root:root for everything when I package it up15:44
colon_Dkind of weird it stops on copyright as there are other files like control compat changelog above it with same permissions15:44
dobeyis the debian.tar.gz for that package accessible somewhere?15:50
colon_Ddebuild seemed to make one trafficserver_3.1.3-0ubuntu1~precise.debian.tar.gz15:53
jelmerhi colon_D15:56
colon_Dhi jelmer :]15:56
dobeycolon_D: accessible on the internet by persons other than yourself, in order to look at it directly15:57
dobeymaybe jelmer will help you15:57
jelmercolon_D: did you see dobey's last question?16:07
colon_Djelmer: yes I'm not sure what that means16:08
jelmercolon_D: can you put the .debian.tar.gz file up somewhere?16:09
colon_Djelmer: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/85144/trafficserver_3.1.3-0ubuntu1%7Eprecise.debian.tar.gz16:10
jelmercolon_D: the debian/ directory does not have any x bits set16:11
jelmerso it's imposible for anybody to list its contents16:12
colon_Djelmer: ah! you are right16:12
colon_Dthanks a lot!  I will fix and resubmit16:13
jelmercolon_D: great :)16:13
colon_DAwesome!  It was accepted.  Thanks everyone for the help.  User error in the end x_x16:23
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broderhow does registering a private project work? are proprietary projects private by default?23:57

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