CARCASShi guys, I need help with keyboard layouts in lubuntu 12.04. Somehow I deleted russian keyboard layout and don't know how to add it back to my system09:19
CARCASSi can only switch layouts in lxkeymap09:21
CARCASSfixed that! Found the file /home/user/.config/lxkeymap.cfg and added "layout = us,ru"09:31
tatadid Lubuntu 11.10 recognize wireless usb, Ovislink WL 1700 usb13:05
leszektata: which chip ?13:06
tatachip of usb or...?13:07
leszekwlan chip13:10
fhtagni am looking into installing lubuntu, and wanted to know what kind of encryption I can use, what are my options..13:34
leszektata: ralink chipsets normally are very well supported13:44
leszektata: but just try out a live system to test it to be sure13:44
leszekfhtagn: ubiquity uses encfs to encrypt the home folder if you check one box during the installation process13:45
tataok, but, to test it I must to pay for it and what if it not work?13:46
leszekah tata you don't have the stick yet ? Than try to find out what chip is in there more precisely13:48
tataok, i try13:50
fhtagnleszek: ty, i'll look into that13:59
fhtagnand what would the encryption password be? my user account password?14:00
fhtagnah is this it ? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedHome#Encrypted_Home14:03
whatev-1010is this working14:03
fhtagnwhatev-1010: yhellow14:03
whatev-1010i need help formatting a drive14:04
whatev-1010i opened "Disk Utility" and i tried to format but it's giving me a "read only" error14:04
fhtagnis this your error http://askubuntu.com/questions/68809/how-to-format-usb-or-external-drive-in-11-10#comment121715_69129 ?14:05
pcroquefhtagn: Yes...that link describes it. Your home directory is unlocked when you login with your user password.14:06
pcroquefhtagn: Full disk encryption with LUKS also works well with Lubuntu, but it's a little harder to set up.14:06
whatev-1010hello? any help with my issue?14:07
odrinhello. I am interested in switching from ubuntu to lubuntu. I understand I can switch without completely reinstalling... but am unsure how to do this.15:30
leszek /back15:30
leszekodrin: you only need to install the lubuntu-desktop metapackage. It will download and take care of the rest15:31
odrinso I just search for lubuntu in the ubuntu software center?15:31
leszekbasically yes15:33
leszekbut I am not sure if this will show up in the plain software center (it is hiding some packages and only showing apps, as lubuntu isn't an app it might not showing it). So you need to either do it by command line i.e. sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop or with synaptic (after installing it via the software center)15:35
odrinhad to search for lubuntu-desktop, showed up then15:36
odrinok... so i downloaded the metapackage and installed it... rebooted.. how do I actually change to the lubuntu desktop?15:52
Sentynelodrin: there should be a dropdown menu of some sort on the login screen to choose which desktop to log in to15:53
odrinok... someone had posted the command line to manually get the lubuntu desktop and then install it... can I get those again?16:04
leszekodrin: sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop16:06
leszekI thought you already installed it ?16:06
odrini did... when I boot up it shows the lubuntu splash, but goes straight into ubuntu desktop with no option to switch to lubuntu16:07
leszekyou need to logout and then change the session (the configure button) to Lubuntu (LXDE) and relogin again16:09
odrink ill be back in a mi16:09
odrinthank you so much. It allready seems to be running so much faster16:15
qkslvrwolfDoes the openbox autostart work under lubuntu?18:56
qkslvrwolfor the lxde autostart?18:58
bioterrorwe prefer ~/.config/autostart/progam.desktop18:59
qkslvrwolfWell, two questions:  I don't have an existing .config/autostart directory. If I create one, will it pick it up?18:59
qkslvrwolfSecond: the application I want is a console java application that needs the xserver (selenium, launches browssers)19:00
qkslvrwolfwill I be able to redirect stdout stderr to files?19:00
qkslvrwolfand still read from them?19:00
bioterrorwhat ever you use to launch your application19:02
qkslvrwolfdoes it need to have a .desktop file, or can I just put an arbitrary file in ~/.config/autostart and have it work?19:03
bioterrorit has to be .desktop19:03
wxlthere's ways around that19:03
wxlhold on gotta remember the location19:04
bioterrorI'll break your fingers if you put system wide configurations19:05
wxlit's a local copy of the systemwide xdg startup19:05
wxlso let's say you have a script foobar, put foobar in the autostart file19:08
qkslvrwolfdoes it have to be executable?  And with the straight autostart files, I just treat it like a script, right so I can just do "/usr/bin/java my.jar" at the end of the autotart file,right?19:08
wxlor if you want to run something like "ssh -tCi /home/foo/some.key someone@somewhere.tk tmux -u2 attach" you can put that in there too19:09
wxlif memory serves me correctly it does NOT have to be excuteable19:09
wxlmight have to be excuteable19:10
wxlthe systemwide one is19:10
qkslvrwolfdoes it log what it tries to do someplace?19:14
qkslvrwolfi can't get it to do anything19:14
qkslvrwolfI even threw a "zenity --about &" in there.19:14
wxlnow THAT'S a good question.19:14
qkslvrwolfdon't have zenity.19:14
wxlwhy don't you get it to touch some file19:14
qkslvrwolfgood call.19:14
wxlthat will be pretty obvious19:14
qkslvrwolfok, so it touches the file19:15
qkslvrwolfbut the java app still isn't runnign19:15
wxlthat's curious19:16
qkslvrwolfnor even attempting to run19:16
wxlyou could always > somewhere19:16
qkslvrwolfthat's what I'm doing19:16
wxl/usr/bin/java my.jar > my.jar.log19:16
qkslvrwolfthe redirectlys aren't even creating a file19:16
qkslvrwolfnot even an empty file.19:16
wxlassumedly you've tried to run it from the command line already? i know that's a dumb question.19:17
qkslvrwolfno, not dumb, but yes I have and it works19:17
qkslvrwolfwith or without the redirects19:17
wxlif you do the redirects, you get output?19:18
wxlis there anything else in autostart?19:18
qkslvrwolfjust the touch that works19:18
wxland if you remove the touch, still the autostart does not work?19:19
qkslvrwolflet me try changing the order...java first, then touch.19:19
wxldid work?19:21
qkslvrwolfthe touch creates the file, but java still produces nothing19:21
qkslvrwolfit's like it's skipping that command.19:21
wxlmaybe it's an evironment issue19:21
qkslvrwolfyeah, read that19:22
qkslvrwolfI'm using full paths, though19:22
qkslvrwolfand the jar file is self-contained, so I don't need a classpath.19:22
wxlnot for my.jar!19:22
wxl/usrbin/java is full path19:22
wxlmy.jar is not19:22
wxlthat's it i bet19:22
bioterrorjava == jar jar binks :D19:22
bioterroryou can execute that program from the terminal without a problem?19:23
qkslvrwolfthe full line is /usr/bin/java -jar /opt/selenium/selenium-server-standalone-2.21.0.jar -role node -hub > /var/log/selenium/sgrid.out 2> /var/log/selenium/sgrid.err &19:24
qkslvrwolfand yes, I can.19:24
qkslvrwolfhmm...gonna try echoing the exit code instead of touchig a file...19:24
wxl/var/log may be your problem19:24
qkslvrwolf/var/log/selenium is chowned to my user.19:25
wxldon't know that autostart runs as your users19:25
qkslvrwolfhow would it not?19:25
qkslvrwolfif I was gonna run a graphical app, wouldn't it need my x session?19:25
qkslvrwolflemme try the outputs to /tmp instead19:26
wxlindeed openbox is running as my user19:26
wxlbut you might try other locations for sure19:26
wxlincluding your home and/or tmp19:26
bioterrorqkslvrwolf, wget  this to your desktop, for example: http://ricecows.org/lubuntu/selenium.desktop19:28
bioterrorand can you execute it?19:28
qkslvrwolfbioterror:  double-clicking it doesn't work.19:30
qkslvrwolfwxl: /tmp, same thing.19:30
bioterrorqkslvrwolf, really?19:31
bioterrorit does not launch it?19:31
qkslvrwolfcorrect, it doesn't do anything.19:31
bioterroryou dont see it in a ps aux19:31
qkslvrwolfno java19:31
bioterrorthen that line has something wrong with it19:31
wxlfreaking java19:31
qkslvrwolfbut I can run it from teh terminal.19:31
qkslvrwolfI mean, i'll grant it could be an environment somehow19:32
wxli don't see how unless it's a userissue19:32
wxlis /var, /var/log, /var/log/selenium and the two log files chowned to your user?19:32
qkslvrwolfno, but I shouldn't have to actually write to /var/ or /var/log.  They're read/execute for other, which means I can traverse to /var/log/selenium, which I can write to.19:33
qkslvrwolfand that doesnt' explain why it didn't work when I changed it to /tmp19:34
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qkslvrwolfdoublechecked teh command works as it's in the selenium.desktop file.19:34
qkslvrwolfare you sure terminal=false is correct?19:34
qkslvrwolfwhat if I set terminal=true?19:35
qkslvrwolfit'd actually be fine for it to launch in a term19:35
qkslvrwolfnope, still doesn't work.19:36
wxlthat is something mighty bizarre19:36
qkslvrwolfI wonder if I need to nohup it?19:54
qkslvrwolfno hup19:57
qkslvrwolfthat's the secret19:57
qkslvrwolfwell, kind of.19:58
qkslvrwolfI made a script in /usr/bin/19:59
qkslvrwolfdid a nohup <everything> & in the script19:59
qkslvrwolfthen just called the script in autostart19:59
qkslvrwolfnow I'm gonna see if nohup works directly in autostart.19:59
qkslvrwolfgotta use the script20:02
qkslvrwolfsomething else weird...maybe this is just nohup.  the parent process of the java becomes 120:06
wxlYes, in the case where you logoff and you have a nohup'ed command running, the parent PID becomes 1 (init) and the process continues to run20:08
qkslvrwolfhuh...so somehow that was getting logged out.20:09
qkslvrwolfthat is WEIRD.20:09
qkslvrwolfspecially 'cause I started launching a firefox instance as well20:09
qkslvrwolfand that didn't get logged otu20:09
wxlin autostart???20:09
wxlwith nohup20:09
qkslvrwolfnope, no nohup20:09
qkslvrwolfbut it appeared and ran with my user20:10
qkslvrwolfbut it executed teh next thing without a backgrounding20:10
qkslvrwolfI'm just confused20:10
qkslvrwolfbut I got it working20:10
qkslvrwolfso {shrug}20:10
qkslvrwolfanother day20:10
qkslvrwolfthanks for all the help!20:10
fhtagntesting lubuntu on a live usb20:26
fhtagnwifi appears to be working. Anything obvious I should check=20:26
fhtagnobviously my keyboard needs to be changed...20:26
Unit193Basically that all drivers work.20:26
DrunkAdditional Drivers.20:27
fhtagnyay fn keys work.20:27
fhtagnyoutube, currently html5, doesn-t...20:27
DrunkWhat's ya laptop ya usin'?20:27
Drunklubuntu restriced extras.20:28
fhtagnasus x55s or so20:28
fhtagnwill look into thar20:28
DrunkGo into Synaptic package manager.20:28
DrunkSearch for "Restriced Extras".20:28
DrunkInstall the Lubuntu one.20:28
DrunkThat will give you flash, etc..20:28
DrunkIncase you have any problems with the install of the extras (I did with one of MS fonts), you need to press tab to get access the "OK" in the terminal graphic, if it comes up during the install.20:30
fhtagnlol weird, looks like a curses GUI inside a regular GUI20:31
fhtagnbut got it.20:31
fhtagnhmm `Failure to download extra data filesName-ar.UTF-8:<lots of characters in several languages`20:33
fhtagnyoutube works.20:35
fhtagnhttp://www.captainforever.com/captainforever.php doesn-t..20:35
fhtagni would reboot, but i am still `in` the live usb20:36
fhtagnand i did restart chromium.20:36
Drunk_LibreOffice from the "Lubuntu Software Centre" might be a better alternative to AbiWord and Nmumeric.20:36
AngelForgetgood very good lubuntu 12.10 vers. test21:12
silverlionhey every1. anyone an idea for a presenter software that is not libre/open office? those packages keep producing system failures with me21:41
Drunk_Silver, have you tried AbiWord, Gnumeric?21:44
Drunk_KOffice is another.21:44
Drunk_Google Docs.21:44
silverlionDrunk_: question 1: affirmative using AbiWord and Gnumeric already21:45
silverlionQuestion 2: Koffice is not the favorite, Question 3 honestly i prefer an offline version21:46
silverlionDrunk_: but thx anyway21:47
pcroquesilverlion: Are you using libreoffice 3.5? I am seeing a big jump in stability from 3.4 to 3.5.22:16
silverlionpcroque: i just installed the package from the synaptic22:21
silverlionand that was 3.522:21
silverlionthen tried to dl 3.4 from the webpage but only could get a RC22:22
pcroqueWell, unfortunately, I don't know of any other presentation programs for linux.22:27
pcroqueMaybe libreoffice will get there for you in time. They seem to be heading in the right direction now.22:28
silverlionpcroque: honestly i switched libre from my laptop to star office as well22:29
Drunk_There are two other Linux office suites that might be of use: Calligra Suite, or Siag Office.22:32
silverlionDrunk_: tested calligra already but the environment is not my favorite22:33
silverlionhavent got any Idea about Siag Office22:33
silverlionDrunk_: thx ... but as far as i understood there is no presenter program like impress / Powerpoint in it22:35
Drunk_It might be an idea to run Microsoft's Office Suite, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint under Wine, if you can't find a Linux compatible program you like.22:36
silverlionDrunk_: thought about that as well but then i would have to pay license ;)22:38
silverlioni am still looking22:39
Drunk_How about IBM Lotus Symphony office suite? I don't know how much different it is to OpenOffice, now that it's started its merger with OpenOffice, but it's worth a shot.22:45
UBuxuBUare you saying its free?22:46
silverlionUBuxuBU: its free ... yeah but you need a registration to get it ... and that is what makes me refusing...22:46
UBuxuBUhmmm, i wonder why thye require registration?22:47
silverlionUBuxuBU: its IBM?22:48
silverlionbut anyway. seems like libreoffice has just brought up a new stable release22:49
Drunk_There's GNOME office, I guess.22:49
silverlionDrunk_: gnome office has no presenter22:50
Drunk_But, it looks like it's just bringing together a list of tools we've mentioned already.22:50
silverlionanyways its nearly 1AM. i gotta sleep now :D22:50
UBuxuBUis everything ok with libraoffice?22:51
silverlionUBuxuBU: well the version i installed from synaptic (3.5.3) kept getting me system-crashes22:52
silverlioni will try to test .4 tomorrow after shift22:52
UBuxuBUok ty22:52
UBuxuBUi hate to admit it, but i still like OO the best.22:53

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