allenapMorning all.08:12
rvbaMorning allenap.08:15
rvbaallenap: do you have time for a quick pre-imp call?09:04
allenaprvba: OTP, but after that sure.09:04
rvbaallenap: cool.09:05
allenaprbasak: Wow, long email :) I look forward to reading it.16:43
Soekrisjuju bootstrap did work. but juju status didn't work. I got server refused mesages http://paste.ubuntu.com/1013772/19:17
SoekrisI don't know where to look futher19:17
allenapSoekris: How long after bootstrap did you try this? Bootstrap can take a long time (it has to install Ubuntu for one thing).19:31
Soekrisallenap: is there a command to see of is finished ?19:35
allenapSoekris: juju status ;)19:35
allenapSoekris: It's been a while since I tried this, so I can remember exactly what to expect :-/19:36
Soekrisi have installed a new virtual server so everty time each step goes smoother :D19:36
allenapSoekris: Have you tried ssh'ing to ubuntu@s4-cl1-maas.jwvwcomputing.com?19:38
Soekrisyes that wil work19:39
Soekrisin the verbose it looked that er was missing a kind of service19:40
SoekrisI will try it from skrath with more pacient :D19:42

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