jferhead_victim: Hi. I was wondering if it would be possible to get some 12.04 CDs sent out for dustrubution?00:54
jaddi27jfer, head_victim is often not around at this time of day, but should see the message later tonight00:56
jaddi27if you email him (off the list is fine), he will definitely get the message00:57
jferjaddi27: Ok. I think I will shhot him an email in that case. Thanks.00:57
jaddi27jfer, that's fine00:58
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ikthead_victim, yeah I tried to make chat go back onto user days from the argument it got into but it seems to have backfired :/13:43
iktThere's not a lot I can do13:43
iktI wake up at 10am, work till 8pm, study till 11-12, sleep by 213:44
iktrinse repeat13:44
iktshould do some stuff on the weekend13:44
iktgreat idea :D13:44

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