jakovHi all!  I joined here hoping for some advice. We have a problem with the "picolisp" package in 12.04. It crashes whenever you try to load a dynamic library from it. This is fixed in picolisp upstream.09:14
jakovHow to make picolisp work in 12.04?  Bug is here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/picolisp/+bug/95673109:15
ubot2Launchpad bug 956731 in picolisp "PicoLisp upgrade" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:15
* jakov notes that we have a very useful bot...09:15
jakovI also asked here http://askubuntu.com/questions/144052/how-to-file-a-bug-report-for-a-specific-ubuntu-release09:23
anatrofHi all09:47
anatrofis somebody know how to create bug report about acpi  in ubuntu ?09:48
anatrofi've created launchpad account and ready to create bug report with workaround but tool "ubuntu-bug" doesn't have any options about kernel or acpi system, any advises?09:56
jibelanatrof, you'll find info about reporting acpi bugs at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingACPI#Filing_a_Bug_Report10:19
jibelthe package is linux10:20
anatrofi know the problem and found related bug10:20
anatrofand already got all info that you said10:21
anatrofbut don't know where to send10:21
jibelanatrof, attach your patch to the bug report or attach an LP branch with your patch, then you'll need to find a sponsor. Best bet for acpi is to ask on #ubuntu-kernel10:33
jibelthere are guidelines on the sponsorship process at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess10:33
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TheLordOfTimeanyone who has an in-depth understanding of the bugcontrol application process online?17:22
roadmrTheLordOfTime: The application process is described here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugControl17:25
TheLordOfTimeroadmr: i know, but i have a very specific question not answered there :P17:25
roadmrTheLordOfTime: oh!17:25
TheLordOfTimehence the "in-depth understanding" part17:26
roadmrTheLordOfTime: I suggest you just ask (unless it's something sensitive) and if someone know they'll answer17:26
roadmrTheLordOfTime: I'd try to, but I'm on my way out (should be back in about an hour though)17:26
TheLordOfTimeroadmr: i'm already on bugcontrol for nginx, as i work upstream triaging bugs from Ubuntu to upstream and vice versa (where applicable).  While that in theory gives me access to bugcontrol for everything (due to jcastro explaining the LP permissions limitations), should I still apply if i want to be able to have bugcontrol outside of `nginx`?  And if so, is there a different application format/procedure?17:28
micahgTheLordOfTime: I see no application for you even for nginx, not sure how you were added17:29
TheLordOfTimemicahg: talked to jcastro directly17:29
TheLordOfTimemicahg: talk to him if you want.17:29
TheLordOfTimeor remove me from the access (either is fine, i've been planning applying anyways for global)17:29
TheLordOfTimeIf you are an upstream developer or bug triager for an upstream project contact Jorge Castro   <-- (from the bugcontrol page)17:30
* micahg is not an admin17:30
TheLordOfTimemicahg: i'll poke jorge then (or rather you should and I should too)17:31
micahgAIUI, jcastro was supposed to help with the application/process for getting access, not just add people, but I could be wrong17:31
* micahg wonders where hggdh is17:31
TheLordOfTimejcastro: the micahg is questioning the bugcontrol for nginx which you gave me (lack of application)17:33
micahgTheLordOfTime: not exactly what I said :)17:34
TheLordOfTimealso gave it to mtecknology, so we're not sure where to go with this :P17:34
jcastroI don't think I flipped it for mktechnology yet17:34
jcastroI ran out of time17:34
TheLordOfTimeindeed, he's been poking me, but it may be prudent to address this prior to that17:34
TheLordOfTime(and if need be, revoke my access)17:34
jcastromicahg: yeah so basically when people work with upstream projects and show good work we can just add them17:35
jcastrobut if you don't like that we can remove it17:35
micahgjcastro: I thought there was still some notice sent by someone to let the group know to watch for them touching things they shouldn't be17:35
jcastrowhich group?17:35
micahgjcastro: but I could be totally wrong about that17:35
micahgjcastro: bugcontrol17:36
jcastronot really17:36
TheLordOfTimemicahg: shortly after jcastro poked me up to bugcontrol, i've had a few other bugs addressed here that were outside the nginx purview :P17:36
* TheLordOfTime sticks to policies pretty closely17:36
jcastrowe tell the person the typical "great power, great responsibility" spiel17:36
jcastroand tell them not to touch things they're not working on17:36
jcastrosince LP doesn't really ACL like that (still?)17:36
TheLordOfTime(it SHOULD have better ACL)17:36
micahgTheLordOfTime: it's open source, have at it :)17:36
TheLordOfTimemicahg: kinda got my hands full with the ASP.NET from work :/17:37
TheLordOfTime(yes, i said ASP.NET, and I said work.)17:37
TheLordOfTimespeaking of which..17:38
* TheLordOfTime goes to the meeting he's 7 minutes late for17:38
* micahg pretends that's a reference to mono and moves on17:38
jcastrook so no problem then?17:40
TheLordOfTimeapparently, they rescheduled the meeting and didn't tell me >.>17:41
TheLordOfTimenope, just wanted you to explain for micah and I the circumstances and policies :P17:41
TheLordOfTimejcastro: ^17:41
micahgjcastro: I'd personally like there to be a paper trail of some sort (but if that's not how it's been, you don't have to remove the access)17:41
* micahg will petition for that in a future meeting17:41
TheLordOfTimemicahg: for all intents and purposes, i agree a paper trail would be fine (although there's public logs of me and jcastro discussing this on the Ask ubuntu chat rooms)17:42
* TheLordOfTime returns to being omnipresent but silent17:42
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