george_eThat look right?00:00
jcastrothere's some html in there00:01
jcastrobut nothing we can't fix00:01
george_eAlso, is anything uploaded to paste.ubuntu.com permanent?00:01
jcastroI am not sure00:02
george_eWell either way, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1013936/ is the code to generate the files (in case someone wants to bookmark it).00:02
jcastromaybe including the script somewhere in the accomplishments branch00:02
jcastrobut jono can just add it if he needs it00:02
george_eAh, okay.00:02
george_eI'll let him decide.00:02
jcastro<3 this looks awesome dude00:02
marcoceppiluckily we don't get new badges but ever so often00:02
* jcastro waits for a merge before he starts working on one00:03
jrgiffordwe get (on average) about two a cycle now.00:03
jrgifford(or something along those lines)00:03
george_ejcastro: I see what you mean about the HTML now.00:05
* george_e is looking over the diff.00:06
jonothanks george_e!00:09
jonojcastro, george_e reviewing your branches now00:10
jcastrowe have to touch each one anyway00:10
jcastrojono: throw mine away00:10
jonojcastro, ok00:10
jcastroI'll resubmit based on what george has done00:10
marcoceppijcastro: I'll help out in a minute when everythings merged00:11
marcoceppiDivide and conquer00:11
george_eOkay everyone. I have to disappear for about an hour or so. Please email me <admin@quickmediasolutions.com> if you have any questions.00:11
jcastroyou rock dude!00:12
jcastroyou've saved us like, hours of menial labor00:12
jcastroso we can concentrate on a different set of menial labor. :)00:12
marcoceppiI'm about to chow down on some chinese food and watch BSG, ping me when everythings ready for tidying00:13
jcastroI just finished tacos00:13
jonothanks george_e00:13
jonojcastro, branch updated00:15
jonoyou can now rock on with the descriptions00:15
marcoceppijcastro: how do you want to split this up?00:16
jcastroI was going to do the bottom 300:16
jcastroyearling and up00:16
marcoceppiokay, I'll take the top down00:17
marcoceppifor the first few00:17
jcastroI wrote out the instructions00:17
jcastroafter that go back to your charms, these are easy enough I can find others00:17
jcastrohah, that gives me an idea00:18
marcoceppiDo we have different icons for bronze, silver, and gold?00:18
jonomarcoceppi, making them now00:20
jonoit looks sweet00:20
marcoceppiawesome! which is the updated branch? the one listed above is still pending the merge00:20
jonomarcoceppi, I haven't dropped the images in yet00:22
jonolet me take a screenshot00:22
marcoceppiI meant for the changes from george_e00:22
jcastrowaiting on the merge00:23
jcastrodon't do it before then00:23
jcastromarcoceppi: here's my personal goal for this project00:23
jonomarcoceppi, it was a big merge, probably take a while to merge in00:23
marcoceppijcastro: haha00:23
jcastroaww man, URL ruins it00:24
marcoceppijcastro: http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/400x/21167693.jpg00:25
jcastromy normal meme generator is showing broken images00:25
jcastroalso, ;_; that I have a "normal meme generator".00:25
jonoI merged it all into the main branch00:27
jcastrothat's ok right?00:29
jcastroyou'll just be a half step closer before you merge it back in?00:30
marcoceppijono: so should we work off the trunk now or wait for the au branch to be updated?00:36
jonomarcoceppi, I am reverting from trunk00:37
jcastromarcoceppi: I think he's more like "hang on fellas"00:37
jcastroI can flag a bunch of worthless stuff if you're looking for something to do? :)00:37
jonolets keep working on from my branch00:37
jonopushing george's work therenoq00:37
jonook it is merged00:39
jcastromarcoceppi: hey I know you know how to do this00:39
jcastrobut smoketest this on your first one:00:39
marcoceppijcastro: can do00:40
jonook guys00:40
jonoI pushed the trophy images00:40
jonothese are a first cut based on the the colors from the site00:41
jonothey are askubuntu-gold.png, askubuntu-silver.png, and askubuntu-bronze.png00:41
jonoso they can be added to the .accomplishment files in the icon field00:41
marcoceppinice! these rule00:42
jonomarcoceppi, :-)00:43
jonothis is going to be awesome :-)00:43
jonothanks for the help00:43
jcastrook, there's Yerling again00:45
jcastromarcoceppi: I just realized00:47
jonohmm how can I search and replace across a bunch of files?00:47
jcastrowe could use pitfalls to fix behavior00:47
jcastrofor tumbleweed for example00:47
marcoceppijono: grep and sed?00:47
marcoceppijcastro: good call!00:47
jcastrook I'm going up to tumbleweed now00:47
jonodone it00:49
jcastrohow many spaces for steps: and pitfalls:?00:49
jcastrois it a tab?00:49
jcastrofor the multiple lines00:49
jonoexactly, pitfalls and tips are for telling people how to behave00:49
marcoceppijcastro: Should we create an accomplishment "Registered on Ask Ubuntu"00:50
marcoceppithat way each step doesn't have to say "Register on Ask Ubuntu"00:50
jonoI have something to show you00:51
marcoceppiand then we can lock all the accomplishments until someone registers on the site00:51
jonomarcoceppi, jcastro http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7103/7298678908_b2c6e6fe22_b.jpg00:51
jonoso one thing we added for 0.2 is sub-categories00:52
jonoso we can divide these up into logical groups00:52
marcoceppiSo would that be, like for instance, there are three badges associated with promotion of a question (one bronze, silver, and gold) would they be grouped?00:53
jonomarcoceppi, so we should think of a set of categories you can break all the badges into00:53
marcoceppiAh, I see. That makes sense00:54
jonomarcoceppi, subcats look like this: http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5076/7245570936_67f5cf3e71_b.jpg00:54
jonothey appear as a bar below the filters00:54
jonomarcoceppi, it would be cool if you and jcastro could sit down and decide what those categories will be00:55
marcoceppiyeah, wonder where he is00:55
jcastrosomeone did this already00:57
jcastrolet me look00:57
jcastrothere you go dude ^^^00:57
jcastrosee badge families!00:58
jcastroit's like the third answer00:58
jcastrowe can combine them too00:58
jcastroso like "Flagging, editing, and cleanup" etc.00:58
jonocool, well you guys take care of making some awesome descriptions00:59
jonoand categories, and I will make sure all the scripts are working01:00
jcastrook so how to do categories01:00
marcoceppijcastro jono should Category be AskUbuntu or Ask Ubuntu?01:00
jcastrowe need to put this in the metaquestion01:00
jcastrobefore people start editing and not adding them01:00
jonomarcoceppi, so the main category is Ask Ubuntu01:03
jonobut then the subcategory will be something such as Editing or Flagging01:03
jcastrowell, we already generated it as "AskUbuntu"01:03
jonojcastro, we can fix that01:03
jcastrosubcategory: foo01:03
jcastro^^ ?01:03
marcoceppijcastro: in that case we should be updating them01:04
jcastroI know01:04
jcastroI just realized that01:04
jonoI will fix that now, hang on01:04
jcastrowe checked it out01:04
jcastrowe'll just clobber01:04
jcastrowait for us to merge proposal first!01:04
jonojcastro, that's now how bazaar works :-)01:05
jonook all the categories are fixed01:06
jonothey now have a space in them01:06
marcoceppiI hate this message: http://i.imgur.com/QMZOd.png01:07
jcastroah crap01:07
jcastroI just pushed into the same branch as before01:07
jcastrooh wait, that's fine then01:08
jcastrowhen he merges it it'll just do all of them at once right?01:08
marcoceppijcastro: yeah01:08
marcoceppithe merge proposal will update01:08
marcoceppiI'm not going to do a merge proposal for each one since I plan on doing about five01:09
jcastrogood idea, I'm still getting the hang of it01:09
jcastroif you use sublime you can just open the entire dir in one editor01:09
jcastrobecause it's awesome01:09
marcoceppijcastro: we should probably lock down a subcategory naming scheme01:10
jcastro^^^^ there it is01:10
marcoceppijust use the whole name?01:10
jcastrokeep the case too01:11
marcoceppiare you keeping "badges" in there as well?01:11
marcoceppieasy enough01:12
jonohey guys, back later01:12
jonodont add the subcats to the .accomplishment files yet01:12
jonojust decide which badges will be in which category01:12
jcastromake up your mind!01:12
jonoall I asked was you to decide on categories01:12
jonodid you add them using the correct formatting?01:12
jonoif you did, then fine, add them01:12
jcastro^^ ?01:13
jonowhere did you read that?01:13
jonoit is category=Cat:subcat01:13
jcastrothat's what category is01:13
jonocategory=Ask Ubuntu:Editing01:13
jcastroah ok01:13
jcastrono problem01:13
jonoback later01:13
jcastrook, got it this time!01:16
marcoceppijcastro: oh dang, there's a tips section too01:31
jcastroany idea what's going on here?01:32
jcastro+<<<<<<< TREE ?01:32
marcoceppiYou've got conflicts01:32
jcastro"You are missing 3 revisions"01:33
jcastrook so resolve my stuff and then resubmit?01:34
mhall119jcastro broke bzr01:34
marcoceppimhall119: I expected no less01:37
marcoceppijcastro: you should be able to bzr merge01:37
jcastroI did01:37
marcoceppithen when it flips out01:37
jcastrocommitted and pushed01:38
jcastrook so basically, pull inbetween each time I work01:38
* jcastro is making a mess in the changelog01:38
marcoceppijcastro: I'm having the same issue, it's because jono fixed all the Ask Ubuntu category things01:40
mhall119jcastro: use feature branches and only pull to your local trunk01:40
mhall119keeps things cleaner that way01:40
mhall119or use the new colocated branches01:40
jcastrolink to docs on that?01:41
jcastroyour diff looks way worse than mine01:43
marcoceppijcastro: http://i.imgur.com/aGmg3.png01:47
jcastromine is now resolved01:48
jcastrook we both appear sane now01:49
jcastrolet's hope he doesn't read the logs01:49
jcastro"On second thought guys, stop touching my stuff"01:50
marcoceppiI keep filling up his inbox because I keep botching the merge proposal01:53
* george_e is back now.01:59
marcoceppistarting to get pretty efficient at this02:05
marcoceppijcastro: I still think we should create a "Joined Ask Ubuntu" accomplishment and make all these a requirement of that02:06
jrgiffordmarcoceppi: totally do it.02:08
marcoceppiWell it's going to be pretty tedious to go through and add depends: ubuntu-community/askubuntu-registered02:10
marcoceppiI'll wait until we have all the accomplishments02:10
marcoceppijrgifford: you should totally get in on this fun and do a few accomplishments :)02:10
jrgiffordmarcoceppi: nah, i'm going to go finish cleaning up all those bad tags.02:11
jrgiffordand then about the time i'm finished02:11
jrgiffordthere will be MOAR02:11
jrgiffordand the vicious cycle shall continue02:11
nhandlermarcoceppi: I've thought about making a 'Jono Bacon Accomplishment'. You earn this accomplishment when your name is Jono Bacon ;)02:12
marcoceppiI think I'm just about done for the evening02:35
jcastrome too02:59
cjohnstonbkerensa: ping03:35
jonohey jcastro, marcoceppi03:44
jcastroour MPs are noisy03:44
jcastrobut they should work. :)03:45
jonocool :-)03:46
jonoreviewing now03:46
jonojcastro, this looks good, but the summary sections are a bit thin03:49
jcastroalot of these are really simple03:50
jonoI know we have a lot to get through, but we are going to want to make sure they are nice and expansive with information, explaining the concepts etc03:50
jonojcastro, as an example03:50
jonoin the Autobiographer one03:50
jonothe summary is "Completed all user profile fields"03:50
jonoit would be useful to explain what a profile is, why the user needs to care, how to access it, and which fields are available03:51
jonothis is a good start though03:51
jcastrooh ok03:52
jcastrocan we put URLs in the summary?03:52
jonouse HTML links03:52
jcastrothat will work then03:52
jcastroI'll tell Marco tomorrow03:52
jonothink of each bit of info as a wikipedia page about it03:52
jonoI will commit this work though03:52
jonothis is off to a great start :-)03:52
jcastrocan you add your guidance to the answer?03:52
jcastrothat's the instructions people will be following03:52
jcastro<--- bed now nite03:53
jonowill do03:53
dholbachgood morning07:06
bkerensaIts official I need to get rid of my new dell laptop and get a System76 :)07:12
bkerensadholbach: http://i.imgur.com/8L7hf.jpg08:34
dholbachbkerensa, what is it?08:35
bkerensadholbach: a certain system76 laptop :P review should be on OMG sometime this week >.< when I wake up :P08:36
dholbachah cool08:36
bkerensadid a full teardown :D08:36
czajkowskimorning folks08:38
czajkowskicjohnston: hows things?08:40
cjohnstongoin well08:40
czajkowskicjohnston: half way through, still coping?08:40
czajkowskigood mad busy but loving it :)08:40
cjohnstonya.. other than the one issue we talked about, no issues that are related to me :-)08:41
cjohnstonand Hope is happy08:41
cjohnstonso life is good08:41
czajkowskiah how is my tea lady :)08:45
cjohnstonhaving tea right now actually08:46
cjohnstonthere is a high tea thing i guess08:47
dholbachczajkowski, hey - how are you doing?09:28
dholbachczajkowski, is there a bug open about work items in blueprints and LP autocorrecting the input?09:29
czajkowskidholbach: hmm09:30
czajkowskidholbach: lemmie go and see09:30
czajkowskiI know there is someone working on bp stuff09:30
czajkowskijamestunnicliffe is the person09:30
dholbachwhenever I change things it automatically deletes or duplicates other work items09:30
czajkowskidholbach: gimmie 2 mins to go and look09:32
dholbachhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/1004416 I guess09:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 1004416 in launchpad "Work Items not allowing users to edit them properly" [High,Triaged]09:33
czajkowskidholbach: ah that one09:38
dholbachit makes work items hard to work with09:41
dholbachdpm, Alter!09:42
czajkowskidholbach: nods09:42
dholbachdpm, wie gehts?09:42
dpmdholbach, hey, gut!, und dir?09:42
dholbachauch gut :)09:42
dholbachdpm, hast Du shell Zugriff auf auf developer.u.c?09:43
dpmdholbach, ja, aber nur für die 'api' und 'packaging' Ordner. Ich nehme an, 'packaging' ist was du brauchst? ;-)09:44
dholbachdpm, kannst Du schauen ob libjs-jquery installiert ist?09:44
czajkowskinot James sorry danilo09:45
dpmdholbach, nicht installiert:09:46
dpm$ aptitude show libjs-jquery09:46
dpmPackage: libjs-jquery09:46
dpmNew: yes09:46
dpmState: not installed09:46
dpmVersion: 1.3.3-2ubuntu109:46
dholbachdpm, super, danke09:47
dpmdholbach, du kannst vielleicht in #is fragen, wenn es nur um einen einzelnen Paket geht, sie können bestimmt es gleich installieren09:47
dholbachmrevell, hey - how are you doing? any chance we can reprioritise https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/1004416? in my case it deletes/changes data when I try to change work item states09:48
ubot2Launchpad bug 1004416 in launchpad "Work Items not allowing users to edit them properly" [High,Triaged]09:48
dholbachdpm, ich glaub ich werd es manuell einstricken - ich brauch wahrscheinlich auch eine neuere version09:48
dholbachdpm, aber danke nochmal09:48
mrevelldholbach, lemme look09:49
mrevelldholbach, Leave it with me09:49
dholbachmrevell, thanks a bunch!09:49
dholbachmrevell, I'll work around it for now, just wanted to make sure it is on somebody's radar :)09:50
mrevelldholbach, Yeah, sorry about that. I'll speak to James and Danilo.09:50
dholbachmrevell, I'm sure it wasn't you sitting on the database server just to irk me :)09:51
czajkowskidholbach: we do like to torment you , you know ;p09:52
dholbachyeah, it'd be a random "accident" in the database09:53
dholbachdpm, könntest du das update-packaging-guide script nochmal updaten und ausführen?10:31
dholbachdpm, bitte bitte bitte10:31
dpmwith sugar on top? :)10:31
dholbach(mit den Umgebungsvariablen)10:31
dholbachund Sahne obendrauf :)10:32
dpmsuper, dann ja :)10:32
dpmgib mir 2 Minuten10:32
* dholbach queues http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Wi8Fv0AJA410:38
* czajkowski has http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsXX1ws739Y blaring10:45
czajkowskihttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hi0erY0WG6A&ob=av2e  nextin the queue ;) brilliant tune for training with10:47
dholbachdpm, still there? :)11:02
dpmdholbach, done. It turned out to be some very long 2 minutes, sorry11:04
dpmit must have been the music :)11:04
dholbachdpm, did you run it with the correct environment variables?11:05
dholbachmaybe I need to wait until the cache is updated?11:05
dpmargh, I didn't pull the latest revision from bzr11:06
* dpm retries11:06
dpmdholbach, try now11:06
dholbachwe're happy now :-D11:06
dpmcool :)11:06
dholbachcheck out http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/getting-set-up.html for example11:06
dholbachthe floating ToC on the right hand side11:06
dpmah, look at that floating TOC11:07
dpmnice :)11:07
dholbachl3on rocks :)11:07
dholbachthanks dpm11:08
marcoceppi jono jcastro I updated the 7 accomplishments I did yesterday to be more detailed11:38
=== ara is now known as Guest64238
jcastromarcoceppi: we can use html!12:50
jcastromarcoceppi: that works out, we can link the FAQ, etc, even meta articles and all that.12:50
marcoceppijcastro: I know! I updated my accomplishments to use FAQ12:50
marcoceppithis rules12:50
marcoceppiI'm tempted to do more, but I'll hold off and work on the WP charm instead12:51
jcastrowe're less than 20 charms away from 100!12:51
dpmhey cjohnston, around? Do you know what needs to be done for a blueprint to appear on status.u.c? I've got mine approved, but not all of them appear on s.u.c.13:27
balloonsdpm, it takes awhile for the sync to occur, it's not realtime14:00
dpmballoons, yeah yeah, I know. The issue is that the series goal was not set, I need to get jono to approve them.14:01
dpmoh actually, as a track lead you have approval superpowers, right?14:01
dpmso if I'm really nice to you...14:01
dpmballoons, jono has approved them already, they just need to have the series goal set (which I've just done) and approved (which I can't). If I give you the links, would you mind approving the series goal (it's only 3 of them)?14:04
balloonsdpm, if you wish..14:05
balloonsI am confident in my ability to click a button :-)14:06
balloonsdpm, done14:07
* dpm hugs balloons14:07
bobweaverhello there I am about to give a store some live cds to give out to the customers I have put togeather a "pack"  for ubuntu advantage but have nothing for the community support and was wondering if any one knew where to get a up-to-date pdf's of "where too get help " community14:34
bobweaverI have this already http://ubuntustreetteam.tk/UA.pdf14:38
bobweaverfor Ubuntu advantage but nothing for community14:38
balloonsbobweaver, hmm.. you could just whip a pdf up if you wished listing things like askubuntu, the forums, IRC, mailing lists, etc14:42
balloonsI believe there is a wiki page linked from ubuntu.com that details the same14:43
bobweaveryeah just wondering if there are anything already (bit lazy ) :)14:43
bobweaverlike I just found this http://princessleia.com/presentations/FindingHelpInUbuntuScale9x.pdf and it is nice but needs "dots" & "branding "14:45
cjohnstondpm: so your good to go?14:48
dpmcjohnston, yes I am, thanks! Actually, a quick question, how often does status.ubuntu.com update?14:49
cjohnstonright now three hours14:49
dpmcool, thanks cjohnston14:51
balloonsbobweaver, not to my knowledge, nothing ready to roll14:53
balloonsbut it's still earlish for me, so heh..14:53
technovikingmorning all14:53
=== jbicha is now known as Guest70781
technovikingjono: is the new AoC on O'Reilly yet?14:58
jonotechnoviking, yup14:59
technovikingfound it :)14:59
jonomhall119, balloons, jcastro, dpm, dholbach all set?15:00
dholbachyep, in a sec :)15:00
dpmready to roll15:00
balloonsmore than ready15:00
balloonsI'm set15:00
jonook firing this baby up15:01
jonomhall119, balloons, jcastro, dpm, dholbach invite sent15:02
=== Guest70781 is now known as jbicha_
jonomarcoceppi, pushed your branch :-)16:01
jonomarcoceppi, so one of the things I was talking to jcastro about is the detail of the descriptions16:01
jonoI think we are going to need to provide more documentation in each one16:02
jonoyou can think of each accomplishment as a small wikipedia page about how to get started16:02
jonofor example, if it is about someone's profile, it would explain what a profile is, why the user should care, etc16:02
marcoceppijono: I thought I did that, is there not enough detail?16:03
jonomarcoceppi, can you give me an example of one?16:03
jonofor me to look up16:03
marcoceppijono: the first seven, benefactor, autobiographer, etc16:06
jonomarcoceppi, so a good example is Analytical - it would be cool if the summary was fleshed out a little more explaining what a FAQ is, the kind of questions you can find in it, and why a user would care16:08
jonoyou see what I mean?16:08
jonomarcoceppi, your work here is awesome btw16:08
marcoceppicool, makes sense16:08
jonoI just want to ensure these accomplishments are as complete as possible :-)16:08
marcoceppiI guess it's hard because I *know* all this so it's like "duh, FAQ"16:08
jonomarcoceppi, lol, indeed16:09
jonoyeah, my recommendation to accomplishments creators is to assume the user doesn't know anything about that award16:09
jonoe.g. they don't know what a FAQ is16:09
technovikingjono and jcastro: the forums theme is done, and as close to the branding guidelines as vBulletin will allow16:09
jonoso we have to do a certain amount of explaining16:09
jonothanks marcoceppi!16:09
jonotechnoviking, nice work!16:09
marcoceppithank you jono!16:09
jonomarcoceppi, I *really* appreciate your work here, I think it is going to really help a lot of people get interested in Ask Ubuntu16:10
marcoceppiAnything to help community awareness!16:10
* jono hi-fives marcoceppi16:10
jonomarcoceppi, quick q16:14
jonohow did you say I should check if a userid exists again?16:14
marcoceppijono: shoot16:14
marcoceppiYou can query the user directly: http://api.stackexchange.com/2.0/users/41?site=askubuntu (41 being the user_id) if items is empty (http://api.stackexchange.com/2.0/users/999999?site=askubuntu) , the user doesn't exist. Also you might want to get an API key as it's limited to 300 queries an hour otherwise16:16
marcoceppijono: http://stackapps.com/apps/oauth/register16:16
jonomarcoceppi, cool16:17
jonoand how do I exceed the API limit? there is a free key?16:17
marcoceppijono: the key is free16:18
marcoceppijust tack &key=<API_KEY> to your queries16:18
jonothanks marcoceppi16:20
marcoceppijono: each call has a few header items, mainly quota_remaining, quota_max, and has_more. the first two are pretty self explanatory, the third lets you know if there are more results, so you could tack on an &page=2 (and keep incrementing until has_more is false)16:20
marcoceppiThe last caveat that happens in API 2.0 that wasn't there in 1.X is a "backoff" key. If backoff exists in the list, it'll let you know how many seconds to sleep before you can make another request. I've only come across it once, if you don't obey the backoff it'll drop requests for X minutes. It's the API's way of saying "chill for a few"16:21
marcoceppiBut that was when I was building the email -> user service database, so I was querying the API a few times a second, around the four hundredth time backoff started appearing in the query16:22
marcoceppiI don't think the Accomplishments system will be doing any load like that though, at least not right now16:23
jcastropopey: marcoceppi: 3tb drives are here16:23
jcastrotonight, we dine ... on BUTTER.16:23
popeyyou missed the "MWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAAAA" on the end of that btw16:24
jcastroI don't want to gloat16:24
jcastroplenty can go wrong here16:24
popeyin the last week i have (online) dropped two devices from my array, and re-added them back in, and rebalanced..16:24
popeyall whilst rsnapshot is backing up stuff onto it16:24
popeybtrfs is pretty amazing16:24
marcoceppibtrfs is pretty rock hard awesome16:25
popeyif you get problems, ask my mate darksatanic in #btrfs, he knows his onions16:25
jcastroand his satan apparently16:25
popeyhe also looks like linus torvalds16:25
jonomarcoceppi, hey16:32
jonoI am registering16:33
jonodo I need to "Enable Client Side OAuth Flow"16:33
jonoI am not sure what thatmeans16:33
jonoI just want to access the API16:33
marcoceppiThat means "Does your app require OAuth access" which is a no for this16:33
jonoseems I need an OAuth Domain16:33
jonowhich I am not sure what this is16:33
marcoceppionce you register you'll get a few keys, one will just be "key"16:34
marcoceppiIIRC those domain fields are optional16:34
jonoit wont let me register without setting an OAuth Domain16:34
marcoceppiI would just put ubuntu.com for now16:35
marcoceppiit's not needed since you're not using OAuth, but you *can* enable it again in the future if you need to16:35
marcoceppiwhich is probably why they're asking for it now16:35
jonomarcoceppi, ok, I have a key16:35
jonoso how do I add this?16:35
marcoceppieach URL that calls api.stackexchange.com/2.0/ will need &key=<KEY> added to the end of the URL16:36
jonook cool16:36
marcoceppithat should give you 10k an hour16:37
jonook, I think we are all set16:37
jonoI will add a few scripts now16:37
jonothe script works well16:37
jonomarcoceppi, what did you say is the best place to find all the badge IDs?16:38
jonomarcoceppi, this is the script: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1015040/16:40
marcoceppijono: sticking with the 2.0 API this is the best endpoint: http://api.stackexchange.com/2.0/badges?pagesize=100&order=asc&sort=type&site=askubuntu&filter=!-rgl)2qV&key= that will give you a list of badges just make sure to check that badge_type is "named" and not "tag_based". All the badges will be under the "items" list16:47
jonomarcoceppi, have the badge IDs changed from the 1.x API?16:48
marcoceppijono: they should not have, let me do a quick check16:48
jonoI am adding them now from the 1.1 docs16:48
marcoceppijono: no change. You can use 1.1 - it's just been depreciated so it will be going away sooner or later. No idea qhen16:49
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jonothanks marcoceppi16:50
bkerensamarcoceppi: can you slap OMG's backend with a trout16:51
marcoceppijono: also, you can remove the import simplejson from the top, I went with the json module instead16:52
bkerensaa hobgoblin scored an excellent hit on you16:53
hobgoblinhe would16:54
jonothanks marcoceppi16:54
jonomarcoceppi, I am being pretty blunt with this right now, but I want to roll much of this common code into a lib, but we need to add support to that to the system16:54
jonoso I will fix that later16:54
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dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow17:10
jonomarcoceppi, jcastro ok, all the scripts are now in17:17
jonothe thing we are now missing are the tests17:18
balloonsjono, you know you don't need tests :-)17:22
jonoballoons, lol17:23
jonowe do for this :-)17:23
jonoballoons, we need to hop on the phone today to sync up17:23
balloonsI'm transitioning now, so if you have time you have a fully fueled version of me right now17:24
jonoballoons, transitioning?17:24
czajkowskiwhat would happen if we locked balloons and jcastro in a room full up on energry drinks17:25
czajkowskiBOING BOING explosion!17:25
balloonsmy mastery of the english language is sometimes so high it's impossible to understand (NOT!)17:25
jonoballoons, don't have time now, will do in a few hours17:26
balloonsjono, suffice to say I have time now if you wish17:26
balloonslol.. kk17:26
jonomarcoceppi, jcastro, ok I am adding all the tests now17:34
jonowhat would be really handy is if you guys could figure out the dependencies17:34
jonowhich accom depend on what17:34
marcoceppijono: I've been doing that in the ones I'm working on17:37
jonomarcoceppi, ahhh gotcha, well I am nearly half way through all of these so dont worry about the tests17:37
jonomarcoceppi, I didnt see any committed tests so I am ploughing through them17:37
marcoceppioh, I'm working on the dependencies, not any tests :)17:38
jonooh sorry17:38
jonomy bad17:38
jonoyeah, thats cool :-)17:38
jonomarcoceppi, another quick question17:52
jonowith the key, is the traffic throttled if there are X number of requests a minute?17:52
marcoceppi30 req/s17:52
jonooh 30 sec17:52
jonothat should be fine :-)17:52
marcoceppithat's what the backoff thing was about17:52
jonobackoff thing?17:53
marcoceppiYeah, just like with quota_remaining and quota_max, there is a backoff key that pops up when the API sense either your key or IP hitting the API too many times per second. It's value is the number of seconds the API requests your application to sleep before it hits the API again17:53
marcoceppibut I don't think you'll have any issue with that anytime soon17:54
jonothis is another reason why the dependencies are important, so we don't hammer the API17:54
jonowell I have added all the tests now17:54
jonoso we are basically in a situation where we just need all the .accomplishment files fixing up and then we can land this17:55
marcoceppiCan you have multiple dependencies?17:55
jonomarcoceppi, yes17:55
jonocomma separated17:55
marcoceppione per line I assume17:55
marcoceppior comma separated17:55
jonocomma separated17:55
jonomarcoceppi, I assume you are setting the correct icons as you go too?17:56
marcoceppibut of course :)17:57
jonoyou rock marcoceppi17:57
marcoceppican't wait to see them all lined up in the application17:58
marcoceppiSo this is what I did for depends:17:59
jonoindeed :-)17:59
marcoceppiArchaeologist is a silver badge, you can't get it until you unlock the bronze badge excavator. In the archaeologist accomplishment file I have the following17:59
jonothats right18:00
marcoceppiawesome, easy enough18:00
jonomarcoceppi, just committed a contribution from someone to selflearner18:01
jonolooks good18:01
marcoceppijono: sweet, just pulled it down18:02
jonomarcoceppi, I just read some of your recent accoms - look awesome!18:14
czajkowskijono: can you please go and edit https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-accomplishments-web/+edit  for this guy please. https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/19832018:24
jonoczajkowski, I am subscribed, I saw it18:27
jonoczajkowski, fixed, thanks18:29
czajkowskijono: thanks18:32
jonobkerensa, hey19:03
jonoaround for a chat at 3pm?19:03
bkerensajono: 3pm sounds good19:03
jonothanks bkerensa19:04
balloonspleia2, et la.. how's the membership board changes coming? everything fall into place?19:24
pleia2balloons: we still need to update the docs and get the new board settled in, but all looks good :)19:25
pleia2hopefully they'll have dates decided for their first meetings in June within a week or so19:26
balloonspleia2, good to hear! Fresh faces is a good thing to have..19:26
balloonsI want to make sure I don't miss there first meeting in June :-)19:27
jcastropopey: heh19:52
jcastroyacy review is back19:52
* jcastro whistles about the service 19:53
jonoballoons, lets chat in the next hour, just wrapping some bits up here19:53
balloonsk -- standing ready19:54
bkerensajcastro: you about?20:42
jcastrobusy but what's up20:42
bkerensaI will hit you up some other time then ;)20:43
jcastronot that busy20:43
jonoballoons, alright20:50
jonolets do it20:50
balloonsready, set, future!20:51
jonoballoons, invite sent20:51
jcastrojono: man dude21:19
jcastrolook at the last 2 MPs21:19
jcastrothe level of detail has gone up21:19
jonojcastro, indeed :-)21:19
jcastromarcoceppi: we're going to have to step it up. :)21:19
marcoceppijcastro: I know, it's awesome21:38
s-foxHello community.21:44
bkerensas-fox: ello21:47
s-foxHello bkerensa , how are you?21:48
bkerensagood s-fox ::)21:48
jonojcastro, marcoceppi today I managed to run all the accomplishment tests pretty much without fail21:50
jonojust a few I need to fix21:50
marcoceppiexcellent! Just need to get these accomplishment files written up21:50
* marcoceppi goes to spur the community21:50
s-foxsounds good jono21:50
jonomarcoceppi, thanks!21:51
jonothe new critic one is awesome21:51
marcoceppithanks! I've got a few more in the pipeline that I'll wrap up in a second21:52
bkerensajono: ready to go when you are let me know and I'll invite you!21:53
jonomarcoceppi, awesome21:53
jonobkerensa, send over the invite, will be there in a sec21:53
greg-gso uh, has anyone else complained about the yucky Canonical Blog event posts showing up on planet ubuntu. They are quite the ugly. Not full content in RSS feed, just event announcements. The feed content that does get into the RSS is ugly. etc.21:53
AlanBellgreg-g: there isn't one on the planet at the moment I think21:56
greg-gI got this through my feed: http://www.canonical.com/about-canonical/news-and-events/events/2012/08/09/live-webinar/iaas-we-can-ubuntu-cloud-infrastructu21:57
greg-gor, huh, should I say mea culpa? I might be subscribed to the canonical blog21:58
bkerensajono: you have a friend on G+ too ;P21:59
pleia2there is a specific ubuntuplanet feed that Canonical gives to planet (CC encouraged it, since they are an important part of the Ubuntu Community), but it didn't include that21:59
greg-gthough, it is still the ugly drupal event rss feed (I dealt with this at my old job, there isn't much of a way to make Drupal output nice RSS of the events module): http://grossmeier.net/files/tmp/canonical_blog_feed.png21:59
pleia2http://blog.canonical.com/tag/planetubuntu/feed/ is the one that goes to planet21:59
pleia2I don't know what you're subscribed to :)22:00
pleia2ah, that's the canonical news thing, blog feed is different22:08
pleia2(and more interesting :))22:08
jonobkerensa, sent the flyer22:17
bkerensajono: excellent I will get it out :)22:18
jonothanks bkerensa, I really appreciate it!22:18
bkerensajono: does the attendee list auto update?22:18
jonobkerensa, not yet22:18
jonoI will do another update tonight22:18
bkerensakk that flyer is going out to yahoos campus now ;)22:20
jcastrobkerensa: ah, ye olde torrent apt thing22:27
bkerensajcastro: it must happen22:27
jcastroAWS mirrors + squid-deb-proxy ftw.22:30
* jcastro notes the AWS mirrors are kind of broken right now22:30
jonobkerensa, nice!22:39
bkerensajcastro: do you have address for the AWS mirrors?22:39
bkerensaI wanna see if its any faster than OSL's mirrors here in Oregon22:39
jcastroThey're 403ing for a lot of people22:40
jcastrobkerensa: lmk if they work for you22:43
bkerensajcastro: are you just using Squid to proxy packages locally?22:43
jcastrosquid-deb-proxy, yeah22:43
bkerensajcastro: yeah the Oregon one works for me and its screaming fast22:43
jcastrogrrr, what!22:43
bkerensajcastro: how do we ensure the AWS mirrors are in sync though? No way of seeing if they are behind hours or days?22:44
jcastrothey sync every 30 minutes22:44
jcastroif it wasn't for the google.com apt repo being so horrible my updates would be alot more fun22:47
bkerensajcastro: ikr22:55
bkerensajcastro: cant you bug Thomas Bushnell tell them to fix their repo :P22:55
jcastroit's not his team22:56
jcastroI already asked, heh22:56
* bkerensa will ask his friend who works at Google and see if he can find out who22:57
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jonohey cjohnston23:19
cjohnstonhey jono23:20
marcoceppiProtip: Comment out Google Repo23:22
bkerensamarcoceppi: but then how u get updates?23:24

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