lili‏‏‫‫میخوام همه فایل های تو یه مسیر رو پاک کنم به جز فایل هایی که آخرشون .gz ‫هست04:55
liliچه دستوری؟04:55
h0n3st‎find ! -iname "*.gz" -delete05:07
h0n3st‎lili, find ! -iname "*.gz" -delete05:08
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the-lightajibe inja inghadr khalvate :))15:07
saeedHi, I now install linux ubuntu 12.04 on my pc. I have a windows 7 installed on my hard disk. When installing ubuntu I keep my windows partions without any changes, I made a boot partition, a swap partion and a / partition . After about 60 minutes of linux installation, ubuntu  was successfully installed on my system and then system restarted. But now when i turn my pc on i can't see any linux boot menu and my system started with win20:22
centooossaeed, u should install easyBCD in ur win and add ur ubuntu grub i think.20:24
saeedBut I want linux  as boot manager?20:26
strnxuse ubuntu live cd to install grub on your system20:36
AHMADsallam  Urban Terror 64 BIT  az koja begiram ?21:16

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