benonsoftwaregodbyk: Ping09:03
godbykbenonsoftware: pong09:55
benonsoftwaregodbyk: Hi, are you the person I should talk to about a tiny daily in the glossary?10:15
benonsoftware(I'm in charge of that & index)10:15
benonsoftwaregodbyk: I was wondeirng if I can have a couple more days for the glossary as I'm sick at the moment?10:27
godbykbenonsoftware: Sure!10:36
benonsoftwareThank you10:36
godbykThe index and glossary can be done during the editing phase as well.10:36
godbyk(It's hard to index things when people are constantly modifying the chapter text.)10:36
godbykDo you know how to write glossary entries and how to index things?10:36
benonsoftwareYes, I was going to wait to do that ;)10:36
benonsoftware(Just to let you know I'm not very good at tex)10:37
godbykOkay, cool.  If you have any questions about it or run into any snags, let me know.10:37
godbykThe glossary entries are fairly easy to handle (though they give bad error messages if you screw up the syntax.)10:37
godbykThe index entries are a bit tricker because there are multiple ways to write them depending on how you want it to appear in the index.10:37
benonsoftwareOkies, I'll have a look at past glossary's to see how to do it10:38
godbykBut we can discuss that when you're feeling better and are ready to start indexing.10:38
godbykNo problem.10:38
godbykThanks for helping us out!10:38
hannietomswartz07, are you here?15:10

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