micahgcyphermox: that freecad upload could've been another no change rebuild to fix the changelog entry04:19
micahgcyphermox: I meant build2 vs ubuntu1 :)04:20
ScottKmicahg: He knows.  It was an accident.04:21
micahgScottK: was looking for scrollback and didn't see any04:21
ScottKIt was a PM.04:21
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dholbachgood morning07:06
mitya57good morning! :)07:07
iulianMorning dholbach.07:32
dholbachhey iulian07:37
jokerdinohey MOTU folks, can someone take a jab at this question - http://askubuntu.com/questions/144052/how-to-file-a-bug-report-for-a-specific-ubuntu-release09:43
jokerdinoi reckon you guys are the perfect ones to answer this question ^^09:43
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muellihey folks. I have a subversion repository with a debian/ folder. It's libnfc from http://libnfc.googlecode.com/svn/trunk. And all I want it a source package that I can upload. Bonus points if I can alter the arguments to dh_auto_configure. git-buildpackage would work reasonably well, but svn-buildpackage doesn't work as expected :-\ I.e. I need to generate a .orig tarball myself... Is that really true?12:58
mitya57muelli: .orig tarball should be downloaded from upstream, you shouldn't change or regenerate it13:18
mitya57if svn-buildpackage doesn't work, you can unpack upstream and your source into one directory13:19
mitya57cd there and run debuild13:19
muellimitya57: I *have* already downloaded the SVN repository. So all the sources are there.13:24
mitya57muelli: if the upstream svn contains debian directory, the package should be native instead13:26
mitya57so, you need to change debian/source/format to "3.0 (native)" and13:26
muelliwell, that shows 3.0 (quilt)13:26
mitya57drop "-0" prefix from the first (from top) entry in debian/changelog13:26
mitya57muelli: change "quilt" to "native"13:27
mitya57this is the most simpliest solution,13:27
mitya57you won't have to deal with separate .orig and .debian tarballs13:28
mitya57*the most simple13:28
muellimitya57: alright. Sounds good. thank you very much.13:28
mitya57you are welcome13:29
muelliStill a bit annoying. I presume, I can convince dpkg-source to just assume the format to be native.13:29
muelliand quilt format would indicate there to be patches/ directory and a series file, is that correct?13:30
mitya57dpkg-source is for generating .dsc files13:30
mitya57quilt format is the most common format, it supports debian/patches but doesn't require that13:31
muellihow would I best change the "original" from SVN then. I could obviously modify in place. But should I rather export the the patch (i.e. svn diff), put it somewhere and revert the change?13:35
mitya57just modify in place13:36
mitya57are you going to just build that package for yourself, or upload it somewhere?13:36
muellimitya57: well, I want to scratch my own itch first, but I want to do it as sustainably as possible. So it'll at least end up on my ppa13:39
mitya57in any case you'll have to modify that manually (or manually build the tarball, if you leave the format unmodified)13:40
mitya57every time the upstream changes13:40
muellithanks for your help so far. Highly appreciated.13:41
muellianother dput related question. So far I have to do "dput -f ppa: ..." and I haven't had any success trying to configure a default. I want to make it "dput *.changes" only, i.e. without the -f. Is that possible?13:42
muelliah, my ~/.dput.cf has method sftp, while the dput -f does ftp *thinking*13:43
mitya57my .dput.cf has ftp13:44
mitya57it's anyway secure because it checks your pgp key on server side13:44
mitya57and I do just "dput my-ppa PKGNAME_VERSION_source.changes"13:45
muelliyeah, well. sometime I can only go out of the network with port 22, 80 and 443. But right now it works, so I'll give it a shot13:45
mitya57I have to go out, sorry13:46
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PaoloRotoloHi all!15:11
gnomefreakis gir1.2-gjsdbus-1.0 still needed in 12.10?15:18
AmberJI'm trying to create package(s) for OpenCog using instructions on ubuntu wiki..16:10
AmberJWhen I run 'debuild -uc -us', all goes fine until I get this: http://pastebin.com/VqwrPZim16:11
AmberJLine 19 is where some errors start to pop up...16:11
AmberJ.deb packages for opencog don't exist. I'm starting from scratch16:14
AmberJLine 19 says: "cp: cannot stat `../../opencog-0.1/opencog/embodiment/Control/MessagingSystem/router': No such file or directory" ... But this file exists in the specified location16:19
AmberJAlso, opencog uses cmake and I didn't made any changes to debian/rules (autogenerated by 'bzr dh-make').16:30
AmberJThough I read about some cmake edits that can be made to debian/rules, I didn't made any. And the build process seems to go fine without any edit to debain/rules16:31
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jtaylorbug 70003618:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 700036 in blcr (Ubuntu Natty) "package blcr-dkms 0.8.2-15ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: blcr kernel module failed to build - error: ‘struct signal_struct’ has no member named ‘count’" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70003618:02
jtaylorjust wanted the title, lp times out in the browser18:02
tumbleweedreloading often works when bits of lp timeout. If the relevant bits of table are in RAM, it may not timeout18:05
jtaylordoes not help :/ those blcr bugs almost always time out, probably because of the hundreds of dupes18:07
tumbleweedopened for me, first time18:08
tumbleweedoh, also for bugs, .../+text18:08
jtaylora +text works18:09
frceegoHow common (and difficult) is it to create multiple packages from a single version controlled repo of a project that uses cmake?18:29
frceegoThe project has many component programs many of which can serve as independent program/libraries.18:30
frceegoBut they are all tied under a single cmake project using top-level CMakeLists.txt file.18:30
jtayloryou build multiple source packages?18:31
bcurtiswxSpamapS, re Bug #1003465, do I still need all that information with a microrelease SRU ?18:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1003465 in empathy (Ubuntu) "SRU request for bug fix release" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100346518:31
jtaylora source package can have multiple binary packages18:32
frceegoThe code for the complete project is in a single upstream source package.18:32
SpamapSbcurtiswx: I don't see a micro release exception for empathy here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates/MicroReleaseExceptions18:33
SpamapSbcurtiswx: so yes. At least you need to discuss the risk of regression created by introducing all of the changes.18:33
frceegoThe code for the complete project is in a single upstream source package."cmake". I could not find much info about cmake+multipleBinaries on Ubuntu wiki... So, I'm reading debian's new maintainer's guide.18:34
frceegooops, typo. I meant: I'm interested in this kinda project using "cmake". The upstream source is tied under a single cmake project()18:35
jtayloryou're using cmake to build the package?18:35
bcurtiswxSpamapS, hmm I thought there was some exception with GNOME packages and microreleases18:36
frceegoyes jtaylor18:36
jtaylorI'm not familiar with that18:36
jtaylormultiple binary packages from one source is possible (and normal), but no idea if cmake supports it18:36
SpamapSbcurtiswx: none that I see.18:37
SpamapSbcurtiswx: I think in practice, a lot of them have been waved through18:37
geserjtaylor, frceego: the splitting into seperate binary packages is done after the "make install" during the package build by specifing in debian/$package.install which files go to which binary package18:39
bcurtiswxSpamapS, hmm. OK. Thanks18:39
jtayloryes but how to teach that to cmake?18:39
jtayloror cpack in this case18:40
geseryou don't need to tell cmake it, cmake install into $DESTDIR and debhelper (more precisely dh_install) moves then the files around18:41
jtaylorthat requires modifying debian/18:41
jtaylorI guess what is wanted is automated debian packaging from cmake18:41
frceegojtaylor: sorry, if I was not clear. I'm NOT using cpack. All I do is use cmake to build project.18:42
geserto build a proper package you need files in debian/ anyways18:42
jtaylorgeser:  I'm not sure about that cpack can output to debs and rpms18:43
jtaylorI don't thnk you need a debian dir for that18:43
geserI don't know about cpack, so can't comment on it18:44
jtaylorfrceego: in that case do what geser said18:44
frceegoyes. noted.18:44
geserif you want something which can be uploaded to the archive (or a PPA) you need to be able to build the binary package with the usual Debian/Ubuntu tools (dpkg-buildpackage)18:45
frceegoyes, someone told that to me a few days ago. So, I quit the idea of using cpack and now I'm learning about debian/ubuntu tools ..18:46
AmberJAny ideas why my 'debuild -uc -us' fails? all goes fine until I get this: http://pastebin.com/VqwrPZim18:47
jtaylorsomething is broken with the build, see line 1918:48
AmberJjtaylor, Line 19 says: "cp: cannot stat `../../opencog-0.1/opencog/embodiment/Control/MessagingSystem/router': No such file or directory" ... But this file exists in the specified location18:51
geserif computed the relative path correctly based on this log then it tries to find a file /home/amberj/opencog-0.1/opencog/embodiment/Control/MessagingSystem/router18:51
AmberJI was wrong. The file exists instead at /home/amberj/dustbin/opencog-0.1/opencog/embodiment/Control/MessagingSystem18:57
AmberJThis has to do either with project's cmake or me messing with cmake's cache for the project.18:57
AmberJLet me retry by doing a fresh checkout.. Once I'm done, I'll report here.18:58
AmberJThanks geser jtaylor19:04
AmberJIs there a (de facto) standard way to create upstream tarballs?19:17
tumbleweeddepends on the upstream19:18
AmberJThe project I'm working with does not provides upstream tar files atm. So, I typically checkout/branch the bazaar repo and use 'find' to recursively delete .bzr/19:18
AmberJAnd then, tar the directory19:19
tumbleweedthat works19:19
tumbleweedbzr has an export command btw19:19
gesercan bzr export as a tar.gz too?19:20
tumbleweedAmberJ: there are a bunch of recipes in the old packaging guide: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide19:20
tumbleweedgeser: yes19:20
AmberJtumbleweed, thanks, bzr's export was what I was looking for.19:21
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AmberJgeser, jtaylor Just done with deb package... project's cmake config was fine; it seems I messed with cmake's cache last time21:05
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dupondjeSomebody around with some GTK coding knowledge ?22:21
chrisccoulsondupondje, sometimes it's better just to ask your question ;)22:41
chrisccoulson(and you might get a better response in #ubuntu-desktop)22:41
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