Guierrmojust update to 11.10 and compiled the latest myth.25 fixes and when running mythbackend getting "error while loading shared libraries: libx264.so.106: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"04:29
tgm4883Guierrmo, do you have libx264 installed?13:24
Guierrmotgm4883: yes, I ended up installing the 106 version from an old .deb I had laying around.13:32
tgm4883Guierrmo, couldn't you have just installed it from the repo?13:35
Guierrmotgm4883: libx264-116 is already the newest version.  however, mythbackend kept complaining about 106, not sure what the difference is13:35
Guierrmotgm4883: 106 is no longer available in 11.1013:36
tgm4883how does it need 106 if you compiled from source?13:36
AnkhwatcherHey hey hey13:44
qwebirc1795Hi,  would anyone be able to tell me when upstream tkt 10712 will end up in the mythbuntu deb's?15:28
Zinn[code.mythtv.org] #10712 (HD Homerun Prime in Digital Cable mode fails Live TV and recording) – MythTV15:28
tgm4883qwebirc1795, if it's not in there today, it will be tomorrow15:32
tgm4883If I'm reading that correctly that is15:32
qwebirc1795how do i know?15:32
tgm4883it looks like it's in master, not 0.25 fixes yet15:34
tgm4883I don't see a link to a commit in 0.25 anyway15:34
qwebirc1795darn, thats what someone was saying on the myth mailing list15:35
tgm4883qwebirc1795, your best bet is to ask in #mythtv-users if that has been added to 0.25 yet15:35
tgm4883once it hits 0.25, it will be caught in the next build, which happens daily15:35
qwebirc1795thats what i was wondering!15:35
tgm4883glad I could help :)15:36

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