bazhang<xoke>  I saw online an opening for op here02:31
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ubottuwilee-nilee called the ops in #ubuntu (Maccer)07:01
popeyJordan_U: we have had arm images of ubuntu for some time now. http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/11.04/release/08:41
popeyand of course http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04/release/08:41
popeygiven devices have all kinds of sizes of flash storage, it's not unreasonable to blat that image on and then want to resize partitions08:41
* LjL hacks jrib10:57
* jrib turns LjL into a banana11:07
LjLno change there11:11
mcloyso any second thoughts?14:05
mcloytelling that as an op or council member?14:14
MyrttiI did have a second thought today about should I make two steak and ale pies or one steak and ale and one cheese and onion, but I don't think that's what you meant14:14
AlanBellvariety is good Myrtti, I would go for one of each14:15
mcloyAlanBell, ^?14:15
knomebut steak and ale pie is so yummy.14:15
AlanBellmcloy: you were asked to return in a couple of weeks, turning up today will not help you to convince the operators that you can follow straightforward directions14:17
AlanBellcheese and onion pie sounds nice too14:17
knomei'm not a huge fan of cheese generally14:18
mcloyAlanBell,  with due respect . that wasnt the answer to my question. i understand what you said though14:18
AlanBellI was speaking as me14:19
AlanBelllike I generally do14:19
mcloyAlanBell,  you dont have any weightage as you. only because you are a council member and an op in ubuntu.  again with due respect.14:19
mcloythats why i was asking. to understand the effect.14:20
mcloyas i dont know you personally14:20
mcloydont know in what context or capacity did you said that.14:21
AlanBellI have plenty of weight as myself (possibly a fraction more than I need)14:22
bazhangmcloy, nothing to discuss. please exit the channel14:22
mcloybazhang,  we WeRe talking about something.14:22
AlanBellit really doesn't matter in what capacity I was giving you good advice, the advice is just as good either way14:22
mcloyAlanBell,  ofcouse sir. but i dont know you personally. to me you are just a nice op. or council member.    if you say anything to me personally. as you give weight to. thats no weight for me14:23
mcloyAlanBell,  didnt meant to hurt your feelings.14:23
AlanBellno offence, now do please leave the channel and we look forward to your return in a couple of weeks14:24
mcloyill leave if theres nothing else?14:24
mcloyoh ok14:24
mcloyi was here to see Tm_T  or people involved.14:25
ubottuchu called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()15:51
* astraljava wants v'd.16:06
astraljavawants to get*16:07
Myrttiastraljava: which channel were you opped again?16:11
Myrttior are you just applying?16:11
MyrttiI can't remember16:11
jussiMyrtti: He is #ubuntustudio-devel op, and applied for #ubuntustudio16:12
jussiIm talkign to AlanBell about it now16:12
AlanBellhi astraljava16:12
astraljavaHi Alan, Miia. :)16:13
AlanBellso, on this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/Scope we have a bit about #ubuntu-devel, #kubuntu-devel and #ubuntu-motu16:14
AlanBellit would appear that #xubuntu-devel #mythbuntu-devel and #ubuntustudio-devel are not in this list, that looks to me to be an oversight, anyone else got an opinion on it, or other -devel channels that should be in the list?16:15
jussiIm in complete agreeance it should be on the second list there16:17
astraljavaMyrtti: As a response to your question, I'm an op on #ubuntustudio-devel, and have applied for #ubuntustudio, as well as #xubuntu.16:19
astraljavaDon't ask how I got the first one, I don't recall. It was 3y 50w ago. :)16:21
AlanBellI am off home, will fix the wiki page when I get there unless someone doesn't think it is an oversight16:22
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AlanBellas the policy was that -devel channel operators are welcome in -ops I have updated the wiki page as an administrative correction rather than a policy change17:00
AlanBellastraljava: try parting and rejoining17:00
astraljavaCheers! :)17:01
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PriceyWhat's with all the java questions? Every time I Look in... there's one...20:09
Myrttibecause surprisingly people need it?20:17
jussiMyrtti: on that subject, I found tht I can deal with just using samppankki mobile site, which is nice20:26
PriceyMyrtti: But noone seems to be able to install it, nevermind the problems. Its wierd.20:52
MyrttiPricey: it took me about 12 hrs of trying21:59
Myrttidifferent methods and none worked21:59
LartzaAlbertE, go to #defocus23:07
AlbertEok gona go to #defocus bai :D23:07
Jordan_UThat was intersting.23:07
genii-aroundAlmost like an advertisement23:08
LartzaAlbertE, go to #lartzas_playground23:10
AlbertEok gona go to #lartzas_playground bai :D23:10
Unit193Why does he bring a bot here?23:11
Picianyone pm him about it?23:33
elkyhas someone pinged him to tell him to stop doing it?23:33
Jordan_USince I haven't and nobody else has chimed in saying they have, I'm guessing no. Who wants to do the honors?23:34
Jordan_UOK then, if nobody else decides to in the next minute or so I'll PM them.23:36
Jordan_UPM sent.23:39

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