harushimowhen installing maas, do I need install the server version of ubuntu?00:18
harushimoI'm using a vm to do it00:18
bigjoolshttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/MAAS is better00:20
harushimoI checked this out00:21
harushimoit doesn't really answer the question00:21
harushimoI'll check it out again00:21
harushimothank you00:21
bigjoolsyes it does00:21
fosterdvI think he was talking about mine.00:21
harushimoI haven't seen the other link00:22
bigjoolsit's a redirect from maas.ubuntu.com00:22
fosterdvThe one you gave is pretty nice, thank you for that.00:22
bigjoolsmy pleasure00:22
harushimothank you for both of those links00:22
harushimoI checked out wiki.ubuntu.com one quite a few time00:23
harushimothe second one answers it00:23
harushimothe way it looks like to me, you need to have ubuntu server installed and then install maas00:23
harushimothe second link from canonical answers it00:24
harushimothank you00:24
bigjoolsyou don't *need* it for the server, I run it on my desktop installation.  But you need the server image for nodes.00:24
harushimoI'm doing a vm anyways00:24
harushimoI just install server and do it that way00:24
harushimoright which you need to import right00:25
harushimoits easier00:26
harushimolast time I install maas, apt-get broke00:26
harushimocorrection I broke apt-get somehow00:26
harushimothat is why I decided to do a vm00:28
harushimoif my vm breaks, I can delete it and do a reinstall00:29
JeffSiHello, I was working on getting a squid proxy server running which I eventually did get running, however, I just did a kernel update and something must have broke it. The problem is that I have no idea what may have broken it. Can someone point me in the right direction?00:56
JeffSiAny help would be appreciated if anyone gets a chance.01:11
escottJeffSi, its such an unlikely cause "changing the kernel affecting a userspace service" that its hard to figure how that might happen? Where did you get this kernel? What was its config?01:25
JeffSiescott: Thats what I was thinking but the only thing I did to the system was upgrade the kernel and reboot01:27
JeffSiI did an aptitude upgrade to get the kernel and what do you mean what was the config?01:28
escottJeffSi, if you got it through aptitude its a standard ubuntu config. i was wondering if you compiled your own01:33
harushimois everything done in the command line on ubuntu-server01:37
harushimoI mean it doesn't have a front end01:37
harushimoyes everything done in the command line?01:38
harushimono front-end?01:39
harushimoI'm guessing yes to both of those questions01:39
JeffSiSorry, yes01:39
escottharushimo, you could install one, but thats less "server-y"01:41
harushimoI'm just asking01:41
harushimoI figured01:41
harushimoI thought servers would have gui interfaces too01:42
harushimomy assumption was wrong01:42
harushimohow to install all the updates on server?01:42
escottharushimo, with windows and mac that may be true, but thats because their command lines are (historically) crippled and there are things you can only do through the gui01:43
fosterdvapt-get update && apt-get upgrade01:43
harushimoI didn't know01:43
harushimolets not go into macs01:43
harushimothose computers are they own breed01:43
harushimobecause they don't fall any unix/linux behavior01:44
harushimoit is so different01:44
harushimoI like ubuntu desktop01:44
harushimothis is my first time using desktop version01:44
fosterdvapt-get update will search for available updates.. and apt-get upgrade will push your updates.01:44
fosterdvYou can run them together by using the &&01:45
JeffSiI have no idea what to do to troubleshoot this01:45
harushimoI did the update part01:45
harushimoI forgot about the upgrade command01:45
harushimowould the command be sudo apt-get upgrade & apt-get update?01:46
harushimolike that01:46
fosterdvactually, no.01:53
harushimowhat's up01:53
harushimogo ahead01:53
harushimohow does the command work?01:53
fosterdvsudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade01:53
fosterdvThat's how it would go.01:53
harushimoI miss one01:53
harushimothanks everyone. I'm heading out.01:54
escottJeffSi, i would start by running the daemon from the cli and seeing what it outputs02:45
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manmeetbhangu_is there anyone who can help me in a small issue @ linux04:09
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:11
twbRoyK: or !anyone04:11
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.04:14
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:15
twbHe's gone, btw04:18
ScottKShould have one for that too.04:21
fosterdvLol, yeah04:21
twbScottK: in #emacs, where I can edit the bot, I have about 70% of my IRC messages built into the bot04:23
twbe.g. /msg fsbot salespitch04:23
twb/msg fsbot twb-fix04:23
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SpinningWheelsi was copying a large amount of data from one drive to another using cp. at some point it stopped  what is the best way to continue the copy process ensuring that there isnt an incomplete file from random stop? if this is not a trivial task, i will start over and loose a few hours copy time08:35
twbSpinningWheels: learn rsync08:35
SpinningWheelsfrom what i know about rsync it is slow for local copies and any way that i know of to use rsync to ensure proper copy is to checksum each file which would likely add even more overhead than starting over. correct me if im wrong.08:37
SpinningWheelscant use by date because the dates are the same (or the date of the copied file is newer, dont remember what cp does by default)08:37
twbSpinningWheels: rsync is not significantly slower than cp08:41
twbIf I'm doing a cp -a of anything more than, say, 50MB or 1000 files, I will do rsync to begin with, and not even start with cp08:41
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SpinningWheelsrsync -rb src dest accomlish my task?08:45
twbI usually do rsync -ai src/ dst/08:50
twbrsync cares about trailing slashes, the easiest rule of thumb is just to always put them there08:50
twbThe -a includes -r, the -i tells you what changes as it goes past.  You can omit -i if it's too noisy, you may also like --stats (which is printed at the end).08:51
twbrsync has a lot of options so you should get comfortable with the common ones08:51
SpinningWheelsthank you for your help. :)08:52
jolarenGah!! All of a sudden everything stopped working ;p .. i did some changes to my sshd_config file but backed it up first and removed the edits and pasted the old one that functioned.. still can't connect over ssh and my teamspeak server is no longer running either08:53
andolDoesn't hurt to reread rsync(1) now and then. Somehow there is always some useful option you had failed to notice the last time :)08:53
jolarenrly strange08:53
jolarenI did a "ip a" and I can now see that eth0 is giving me "no-carrier, broadcast, multicast, up"08:55
twbjolaren: the cable is inplugged08:55
jolarenwtf lol08:55
jolarentwo fucking hours of error searching08:55
jolarenthanks twb08:55
twb"no carrier" in ip link, means the cable from the server to the switch is unplugged08:56
twbNote that it can only "see" the nearest cable segment08:56
jolarenI didn't pick up on it, but now I'll never forget it08:56
jolarenStupid box, I have a LED behind the network cable.. so it looks like it's plugged in08:57
twbAlso it won't be reported if the link is not already up (i.e. "ip link set dev eth0 up"08:57
twbjolaren: check BOTH ends of the cable08:57
twbAlso could be pins aren't quite mating &c, try a different cable08:57
Tm_Tjolaren: language, please08:57
jolarenSomeone must have pulled it out twb .. ;p08:57
jolarenAnd I'm sorry for the language. I'll refrain myself.08:57
twbYou're lucky, I've been yak shaving for FOUR hours08:59
twbhaha, and it just crashed in a new way08:59
jolarenThis was so imcredibly stupid.. I wonder who pulled the chord and why.. the only solution I can think of would be the maintainance lady09:00
SpinningWheelswithout yaks there would be no life.09:00
SpinningWheelsdont feel bad, i just spent a few hours on a simple mac address change during a virtual box import. sad thing is, i knew it did that, just never clicked with me that it actually... does that...09:01
twbSpinningWheels: it does that without asking?09:01
SpinningWheelsyep. its part of the default behavior to prevent the other "oh **** why isnt this working now?" of having multilple vm's with identical mac addresses on the same network09:02
twbPersonally I base my MACs on the hostnames, so if I make a new host to replace an old one, the MAC doesn't change09:06
SpinningWheelsheh, interesting09:08
Japjea/w 15609:09
yaboogot a ivy bridge machine, when I try to install ubuntu, it goes through the motions, but it will not boot after the install09:10
SpinningWheelshow many drives? did you install grub on the right one?09:10
SpinningWheelsis it multi-boot?09:11
yabooSpinningWheels, yes grub on the right one, and not multiboot09:11
SpinningWheelsok, the other basic stuff, sure your bios is booting off the right drive? (drive order, etc)09:12
yabooyes it is09:12
SpinningWheelswell that pretty much covers my fk ups. best thing i can think of is live boot and reinstall grub. was more painless than i anticipated.09:13
yabooSpinningWheels, ok, will try09:14
twbOh bollocks, I hope this isn't the x86 board that doesn't do PAE09:16
twbHm, how can I test that easily when I cannot boot off a HDD or USB, only PXE?09:17
SpinningWheelsheh, i never got around to doing PXE dispite my interest.09:17
twbIn precise, what does this become?  sed -i /etc/default/console-setup -e '/^FONTFACE=/cFONTFACE=TerminusBold' -e '/^FONTSIZE=/cFONTSIZE=12x6'09:18
twb(i.e. the brute-force alternative to dpkg-reconfigure console-setup)09:18
lynxmanmorning o/09:19
twbAh, I think console-setup is just not installed yet09:19
yabooSpinningWheels, able to boot my ivy bridge laptop with a live usb, I can mount my install ubuntu partition, how can I check its bootable09:22
SpinningWheelsi just reinstalled grub. afaik wont hurt anything if its already there.09:23
yabooSpinningWheels, how do I do this again please09:24
twbyaboo: did you check the Ubuntu Server Guide and the Installation Guide for documentation on that?09:34
jolarenI'm searching for a reliable place to store a domain and also somewhere where they have many domains to choose from(.com/.net/.cc) etc09:38
twbjolaren: what is your budget?09:40
jolarenI just want the domain.. a few 10s a year?09:41
twbDo you just want to drop a few files somewhere people can get at them, or do you want to run an ecommerce site.  etc.09:41
twbTo buy a domain you must talk to a domain registrar.  To host it you must run your own DNS server, or pay for DNS hosting.09:42
SpinningWheelsgodaddy has made me lazy09:42
yabooSpinningWheels, seems I needed to have a efi partition, this ivy bridge ultra book to work.10:28
yann3hello!  I've got mysql-client behaving weirdly in ubuntu 12.4 - it doesnt like the --defaults-file  or --defaults-extra-file options... http://pastealacon.com/30290   anyone inspired ? :(10:29
qbitzaAfternoon peeps10:34
qbitzaTries to do a virsh snapshot-create <domain> and it took a looooooooong time10:35
qbitzaSo 1: is there anyway of making faster, and 2:I stopped the process, and now the VM stays in paused state10:35
qbitzaIs it busy performing the snapshot or is it in a broken state?10:36
simonekeGood evening - having installation issues with some ruby application and cannot get it fixed. Someone here who can have a quick look? :)11:03
zulgood morning11:19
ogra_rbasak, FYI https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2012-May/035266.html11:21
lynxmanzul: morning!11:22
rbasakthanks ogra_11:22
ogra_rbasak, you want to look at /usr/share/flash-kernel/db/ (there should also be a README about the format) to add new HW11:27
tony_787Hey i guys.. i have a question12:51
tony_787Mounting using this command " mount -t ntfs /dev/sdb1 /mnt/Storage " is safe in ubuntu server 12.04 LTS ?12:53
FidelixHello, I want to format with ext4 an USB disk that I'll only be using for very large files. Any custom settings I should be using?12:54
RoyKFidelix: no13:08
RoyKFidelix: just mkfs -t ext4 /dev/blah13:08
FidelixK. Thanks.13:09
gmcinnesHi yall. I'm trying to increase the size of the ebs root volume provided by the latest 12.04 on amazon ec2.  I've tried: unmounting the vol, taking a snapshot, making a new larger vol from that snapshot, and attaching the new vol as the root device, but the instance won't boot.14:09
gmcinnesAny ideas?14:09
ironmhello. short info: for installations of MariaDB 5.3 or 5.5 on ubuntu-server 11.10 or 12.04 in off-line mode ... http://rsync.it-infrastrukturen.org/mariadb/ubuntu/mariadb-ubuntu-local-repo.pdf14:13
ironmhanks in advance for any feedback14:14
reisianyone here with experience with mini-sas hba adapter cards and ubuntu server? any recommendations?14:56
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maxtmahemProbably an easy question, but I'm not sure where I went wrong. I was trying to add a dns search suffix to my server, so I made the appropriate changes to my network/interfaces file.15:30
maxtmahemWhile doing that, I noticed my nameservers weren't set there either, so I added them as well.15:30
maxtmahemAfter a networking restart however, I notice my resolv.conf has two sets of my nameservers in it.15:31
maxtmahemRemoving them manually and restarting networking results in the extra nameservers being regenerated. Where are these comming from?15:31
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pmatulismaxtmahem: the interfaces file, if you're using precise16:09
maxtmahempmatulis: yes, I'm using 12.04, but the interfaces file had no dns-nameservers options in it untill I edited it.16:10
pmatulismaxtmahem: using dhcp?16:10
maxtmahempmatulis: not for this server.16:11
pmatulismaxtmahem: so you have nameservers in the interfaces file now, you restart networking, anything wrong?16:12
maxtmahempmatulis: Well not wrong per-say, but the nameservers are now appearing twice in my resolv.conf16:12
pmatulismaxtmahem: perhaps pastebin your interfaces file16:14
pmatulismaxtmahem: using any other kind of networking setup that may be related (ex: vpn or multi-homed)?16:15
piorgmcinnes, you may be able to do it with cloud-init16:18
piormaybe not straightforward, but there is a resize-fs step I think16:18
maxtmahempmatulis: shouldn't be anything but plain static networking.16:25
pmatulismaxtmahem: well, you have put 2 in there16:31
maxtmahemright, but I'm seeing 4 addresses in my resolv.conf16:31
maxtmahemresolve.conf http://pastebin.com/uVGxJ09W16:33
pmatulismaxtmahem: strange16:44
blendedbychrisIs this some sort of halt? http://screencast.com/t/vtDYbHh78f816:45
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pmatulisblendedbychris: is your server software up to date?16:52
blendedbychrisyes? i was in the middle of upgrading when it did that but i think it just does that eventually with normal running16:52
blendedbychristhis is precise with a few upgrades not up to date16:52
blendedbychrispmatulis: what exactly am i looking at btw?16:53
zulsmoser: can you review/approve the openstack-qa spec16:54
pmatulisblendedbychris: it looks like a problem with hardware (seeing a lot of "irq")16:54
blendedbychrispmatulis: this is a hyper-v box :|16:54
pmatulisblendedbychris: probably has to do with the virtual stuff then16:56
blendedbychrispmatulis: any idea what i can look at to troubleshoot specifically?16:56
blendedbychrislike to determin what piece of "hardware" is failing16:56
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pmatulisblendedbychris: no.  i would contact microsoft first16:58
blendedbychrisyou crazy16:59
pmatulisblendedbychris: why?  isn't hyper-v a microsoft thing?17:00
blendedbychrisi'd need to gather some sort of useful information to troubleshoot17:01
blendedbychrispmatulis: is what i am looking at stored in syslog?17:05
pmatulisblendedbychris: probably.  may also be in kern.log17:06
pmatulisblendedbychris: but is there an actual problem?  does the server stop responding?17:06
blendedbychrispmatulis: yea it halts17:06
pmatulisblendedbychris: ok, that's bad.  runs for how long?17:07
blendedbychriswell i'm not sure that's why i'm trying to find this in the log17:07
blendedbychriswhat's the number on the left translate to?17:07
pmatulisblendedbychris: it's the way the kernel monitors the uptime17:09
blendedbychrisah okay so it had been up for 150 secs?17:09
blendedbychrisis there a logical reason one should use apparmor on a server?17:09
blendedbychrisweird thing is i can't find anything that correlates to that in syslog or kern.log17:11
jmedinafor security reason :)17:11
blendedbychristhat screenshot oi posted17:11
zulDaviey: the scripts were done waaaaaay back18:23
Davieyzul: i remember :)18:23
Davieyzul: What efficiencies does using sqlite help with?18:23
Davieyie, does it still poll all the data on each run?18:23
zulDaviey: caching the information on running18:24
zulit does18:24
Davieyzul: so.. is it still worth it?18:25
zulDaviey: its not hurting anyone :)18:25
zulDaviey: if someone wants to rewrite it then im all for it18:25
zulDaviey: but if there is several scripts that use the same information then you dont have to query launchpad for each script, you just pull down the information once18:27
zulso in that way its still worth it18:27
streulmahello, does someone know how can I relay somename@domain-a.com to somename@domain-b.com ?18:44
streulmawith postfix18:45
streulmasomename is different18:45
streulmaall mail that's come in on domain-a.com must be translated to domain-b.com18:45
adam_groaksoax: ping19:03
roaksoaxadam_g: pong19:03
adam_groaksoax: so cobbler ships as part of MAAS currently, right?19:04
roaksoaxadam_g: not exactly, maas-provision (a new package)19:04
roaksoaxadam_g: it is a simplified version of cobbler19:04
adam_groaksoax: okay, so is there any way i can install cobbler-web alongside that? seems i can't because of conflicts with its dependency on cobbler19:05
roaksoaxadam_g: yeah, there's no way, unless you remove the depends on cobbler for cobbler-web (i.e. dowload the source, modify debian/control, rebuild, install)19:05
adam_gbahh, okay19:06
adam_galso, what is the correct profile for nodes ot be assigned to be used with MAAS+juju. is it $distro-$arch-juju, or maas-$distro-$arch ?19:06
adam_groaksoax: ^19:06
roaksoaxadam_g: maas-$distro-$arch19:07
hallynjamespage: around?19:24
hallynactually maybe i should jump straight to : zul: around?19:24
zulhallyn: hah no19:24
hallynzul: samba came up at the uds bug triage session, but not enough.  looking at bug 995817 .  the guy wants to share things over samba with nautilus.19:25
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 995817 in samba "share samba doesn't work easily" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99581719:25
hallynIMO, this should be targeted at nautilus, yes?19:25
hallynI dont' want to retarget and then be called names and have it bounced back, but this is not a bug in samba19:25
zulhallyn:  yeah i think so, just wear your absestos shirt19:26
hallyn(and poor jamespage didn't know waht to do with it, apparently has never opened nautilus inhsi life :)19:26
jamespagehallyn, for the life of me I could not figure out how to do what the reporter was doing :-)19:41
hallynjamespage: right click on a folder in nautlius and choose 'sharing options'19:41
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jamespagehallyn, yeah - I don't get that option!19:41
jamespagehence my confusion - maybe I'm hitting my own bug19:42
adam_gjamespage: oh, you're still up. what was the plan for supporting quantal deployments in CI with MAAS? i see there are multiple juju envs defined, was that to be a work around?19:43
hallynjamespage: on a standard desktop install?19:43
jamespagehallyn: yep19:43
jamespageadam_g, other than make it work somehow I'd not got that far19:44
jamespageI suspect we will need to run maas from PPA to support quantal19:44
jamespagesame with juju19:44
adam_gjamespage: ah, okay. was looking into it now, didn't realize how unsupported it really was19:44
jamespageI could not get it todo anything other that 12.04 when I tried a few weeks ago19:44
esuaveanyone know how i can rename a volume group if it has logical volumes that are in use?20:18
esuavespecifically the root logical volumes..20:19
hallynstgraber: I guess actually the premounting of cgroups in a container would be better done through one of your hooks than through /var/lib/lxc/container/fstab - bc we want to mount each cgroup the current kernel knows about (not those existing at container create)21:04
hallynso...  what's the status of the hooks?  :)  were you going to wait on a patch until the api is done?  (in which case i need to get coding!)21:05
stgraberhallyn: well, I'm quite busy on other work items at the moment but the hooks really should just be a few one-liners for the calls and a function to actually call them, so I'm not really waiting on the API before working on them21:11
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hallynstgraber: ok21:32
hallynmaybe we can get someone else on lxc-devel to hack them up :)21:32
hallynor highvoltage :)21:32
JonEdneyWhats the difference between the minimal system and OEM install?21:52
donvito2how can i make /var/www/ to be readable?22:05
JonEdneyAny networking gurus around?22:44
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:03
harushimoi like command line but is it possible to have gui interface behind ubuntu-server23:17
harushimoI'm just curious23:17
grendal-primegrrr i need a radius server23:23
harushimothank you23:24
harushimoI love command line but not this much23:24
jmedinaharushimo: you can try zentyal23:24
harushimotell me some about this program23:25
genii-aroundharushimo: It's a web based control interface to ubuntu-server23:25
harushimohow will it load on the server?23:26
genii-aroundharushimo: As a web page23:26
harushimowhen I install...don't you still need access to a browser23:26
harushimoI'm talking about on the server side here23:26
harushimoright now, my server has nothing23:26
jmedinaharushimo: you can download the full iso, or you can add zentyal repos and install single packages23:27
jmedinajust try it23:27
grendal-primelike a webmin thang?23:27
jmedinamuch better23:27
grendal-primeya i do something similar to that..23:28
grendal-primelooks like its a ya small business server23:28
grendal-primelooks cool though23:29
harushimookay I will23:29
grendal-primedoes it do radius23:29
harushimothanks everyone23:29
genii-aroundharushimo: The usual thing is that the server sits someplace on the network and serves webpages, files, whatever it is you have it doing. Then you have other machines which have graphical desktop and browser, one of those is what you use to access the server.23:30
harushimoI'm just learning about the server side23:30
genii-around( through ssh, or by something like zentyal ( or previously webmin ) )23:30
harushimoto me, I find a gui useful even in servers23:30
harushimothat is just me because it a little more efficent23:31
harushimoyou can click and go23:31
genii-aroundFor a server, it is not efficient23:31
harushimoit is good to know the command  line23:31
harushimomemory hog23:31
genii-aroundBecause X uses a ot of space and resources23:31
harushimoI didn't know that23:31
harushimoyou have a lot of memory in these servers23:32
harushimosorry if I'm asking a lot of questions23:32
harushimoI'm learning here23:32
donvito2but i think webmin is not compatible to ubuntu?23:35
donvito2<ubottu> webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.23:35
genii-arounddonvito2: Thats why I said "or previously webmin"23:36
donvito2ebox is more compatabile with ubuntu/deb23:37
genii-aroundebox and zentyal are different names for the same product23:37
donvito2but i remember23:38
com7hi everyone23:38
donvito2i had problems with ebox23:38
com7are you guys familiar with ubuntu 12.04?23:40
com7as many things have changed since 9.,23:41
genii-aroundcom7: Do you have a more specific question?23:42
com7do you start services at buutuo still in /etc/rc.2d or so or is there something new, like service xxx23:42
com7no worries23:44
hazmatcom7, there's a new init system called upstart, it has compatibility with sysv init scripts though23:45
hazmatsee /etc/init/ for some examples of upstart scripts for services23:45
hazmatthere significantly simpler imo23:45
hazmatyou can use service xyz start|stop etc23:45
genii-aroundcom7: Everything is being moved to upstart, which uses start/stop/restart servicename and the files are in /etc/init    . The old systemV stuff in /etc/init.d/ still gets run with /etc/init/rc-sysinit.conf23:46
genii-aroundhazmat: I think it's service xyz start/stop    for the sysinitv stuff and start/stop xyz for native upstart23:47
com7thank you23:47
com7i ll check that23:47
genii-aroundcom7: If you will be writing your own startup scripts, probably want to look into initctl, it basically has the function what the old update-rc.d did23:52
com7thank you so much!23:52
com7its then new way to start i think23:53
com7my old php-programs had deprecated functions...23:54
com7fixed now23:54
erichammondsmoser: jbrowne indicates he submitted a merge proposal for the AWS ELB package.  What's the next step for this? https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/servercloud-q-awstools23:59

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