zuma99is this an OK channel to ask a question about changelogs for a package that was recently updated?00:41
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int_uacan I get access to a private bug somehow? I need to see if there is any workaround. 974725 to be precise13:25
jibelint_ua, it's public now13:49
int_uajibel: thanks a lot :)14:13
bdmurrayhggdh, jibel: could I get bug 989698 verified?14:26
hggdhbdmurray: looking at it now14:27
bdmurrayhggdh: thanks!14:27
jibelthanks hggdh :)14:28
hggdhbdmurray: verified OK14:38
bdmurrayhggdh: great, thanks14:38
astraljavaballoons: Sorry, again. This time I forgot. :(14:48
balloonsastraljava, no worries mate14:50
balloonsI'm going to be sending lots of stuff to the ubuntu-qa list today and tomorrow probably.. heh14:50
balloonsand I wanted to setup our meeting with all the flavors and other 'qa' teams in the ubuntu realm soonish14:50
astraljavaSounds good. I've been meaning to really start working for this cycle, but life's been getting in the way.15:06
PaoloRotoloHi all!15:11
balloonshello PaoloRotolo16:05
PaoloRotoloballoons, hi16:29
JonEdneyAnyone else get a "installer crashed" from today's daily ISO for 12.10?16:43
jibelJonEdney, 'installed crashed' is quite generic, can you give more details ? any error message ?17:04
JonEdneyjibel, sorry I didnt give more info, I'm running the installer again now18:25
JonEdneymultitasking like a mother all day18:25
JonEdney"The installer encountered an error copying files to the hard disk:18:25
JonEdney[Erron 5] Input/outpud error (No spelling error on Erron 5)18:26
roadmrJonEdney: that usually means trouble writing to the target disk :/18:34
JonEdneyVery weird.  I've tried it 4 times, with 2 different ISO downloads, all to a 10 GB VM.  I'll play around with it more, was just curious about it.18:34
roadmrJonEdney: oh, a VM? now *thats* strange...18:35
roadmrJonEdney: if you're using the iso directly then there's not much that could go wrong, assuming you verified the iso's checksum18:36
roadmrJonEdney: I'd also venture to say bad memory but if the system itself runs fine that's not so likely18:36
JonEdneyI'm unaware of how to check the ISOs checksum.18:36
JonEdneyI'm still in the beginner phase of Ubuntu/Linux18:37
roadmrJonEdney: basically obtain the MD5 checksum of your downloaded ISO images and compare with what's on the Ubuntu download page18:38
roadmrJonEdney: get the gory details here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM18:38
roadmrJonEdney: it's much better explained than I could ever do :) but feel free to ask if you have questions18:38
JonEdneyIts good to have links, for those "how do I tell this idiot...." :)18:39
roadmrJonEdney: in my case it's more like "I'm such an idiot, how do I explain this..."18:42
JonEdneyI work for a web host, I think I do that everyday.18:43
phillwroadmr: JonEdney during my stint as co-ordinator for Lubuntu-QA we set up a page that whilst it has lubuntu specific stuff, may be of help to anyone starting out on testing. It was written in response to new people to testing. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing19:33
JonEdneyThank you phillw , it's good to have the right resources to get involved.19:34
phillwI'll go and edit it to put on the 'Q' cycle, it still has the 'P' cycle :P19:34
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phillwballoons: ping20:27
balloonsphillw, pong20:28
phillwhave you time for a quick PM?20:28
hggdhballoons: done20:42
hggdhballoons: I will be there :-)20:42
balloonshggdh, I appreciate it ;-)20:43
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