Fanenun expert VBox peut me  répondre sur la ML06:33
ounisahla Fanen06:44
ounisI'm not really an expert06:45
Fanenbounjour ounis06:45
ounisbut what is your issue?06:45
Fanenil s'agit de la config du nework06:45
Faneny a plusieur choix06:45
FanenNat  bridged ....06:46
ounisnat is making the guest & the host share the same link with the outside network06:47
ounisbridged is like having two separate network cards on the same network06:47
ounisif i'm not mistaking06:48
ounisI usually use a bridged network, it's very usefull to treat the guest as an independent machine, it allows also an easy access to it from another machines from the same network06:51
Fanencool ounis  it works06:52
Fanenj'ai pas remarquer d'autre option que je doit spécifier sous NAT .... Bref je suis vraiment déborder je fait des faute inexplicable :/06:54
ounisit happens!06:54
FanenMerci bien06:55
ounisy'r wlkm :D06:55
chokriping *11:23
chokriWenou echa3b?11:23
chokriping elacheche_anis11:23
chokriping elacheche_anis14:30
=== Kpostroph is now known as Chikore
ChikorePing all17:20
ChikoreGeekette86 !!17:22
ChikoreNeed help about the loco pack, please contact me17:23
Tux-TnChikore, if she doesn't answer it means she is afk17:24
chokriTux-Tn, I used a mobile application19:56
Tux-Tnchokri, cool story19:56
chokriI need to talk to geekette8619:57
chokrijust a question!19:57
chokriwhere is Ubuntu-tn team19:57
Tux-Tnwhat is "Ubuntu-tn team" ?19:58
Tux-Tnubuntu-tn is a community not a team19:59
chokriI know, I mean the freedom fighters20:04
chokrinot members20:04
Tux-Tnthe freedom fighters are fighting for freedom ?20:06
Goldenscorpgeekette86 say the Team is a team20:41
Goldenscorpwhen we undrestand what a team20:41

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