artnaydpm: hi. 22:34     artnay : kelemengabor: do you happen to know what's the outcome of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/LanguagePackUpdatesQA 22:35     artnay : Signoff deadline: 17th of May 2012 1400 UTC Language pack version: 1:12.04+20120508 22:35     artnay : tested from -proposed, worked well, reported everything ok but the langpacks are still Version: 1:12.04+2012041709:25
dpmartnay, let me talk to pitti to upload them09:33
artnaydpm: great09:35
dpmartnay, <pitti> dpm: general and gnome packages are in; -kde pacakge copies are requested, but LP seems to take some time to think about them..09:56
dpmkelemengabor, ^09:56
kelemengaborgreat :)09:56
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