bobweaverreading ^^00:54
bobweaverI bought a remote and it works great but I have ideas for remotes00:55
bobweaveron have the left & right click buttons like a  mouse thenhave a up down right left  f1 f2 f3 esc  spacebar backspace and rnter00:56
bobweaverthat would be all the keys that would be needed00:56
bobweaveras onboard works great00:57
bobweaverhave 3 different user out of the box00:57
bobweaverone super user or admin00:57
bobweaverthis person can install and we do just about anything00:57
bobweaver2) family use this is for when you are watching tv with you family you may do what ever you like but you may not install anything00:58
bobweaver2) kids user for cartoon channels and what not games and learning center also00:59
bobweaverthe mouse like  actions of the remote work great for me it is a simple all in one remote that 9.99 at rite aid01:00
bobweaver<~~ Knows knothing of NUX01:01
bobweaverbut learns fast01:01
bobweaver lol    "stay tuned" ||||||   this is the emergency broadcasting system saying that my Ubuntu tv is awesome and complies great.01:02
bobweaverWho is this Jay and wgy is he not on this channel ?01:03
bobweaverI think that we should have weekly meetings01:03
bobweaverweed out the people that just "want" to help out and the people that are "active". As I am at a huge crossroad01:04
bobweaverlike should I make a .qml file for each program that runs in Ubuntu would look cool but would get trown oput the window in a couple of days/? months I DONT know I am IN THE DARK01:05
bobweaverthat is why a meeting and or  something to that nature would be good for all of us01:05
bobweaverI am good at what I do I leave tags in my code and can pick up a new lang in about 48 hrs01:06
bobweaverbut that being said there is no reason to leave people out an in the cold. there needs to be communication . Maybe there is and I just dont see it or am not suppose to see it . IDK01:07
bobweaverBOTTOM LINE01:08
bobweavererr caps01:08
bobweaverI just want this too work. weither it is nux weither it is qt bottom line i is I am a fsf closet person. and I hate too see other companies get all the spot light01:09
bobweaverthe longer things drag the worse and harder it is going to be to have a "good launch"01:09
jhodappwhat do you mean by fsf closet person?01:10
bobweaverlike I like fsf software01:10
bobweaveror that I belive in the 4 freedooms01:10
jhodappbobweaver: that's good, free software is a wonderful thing01:11
bobweaveror that I belive that one should look at hardware that they are buying to make sure that it is all fOSS or fsf or opensource01:11
bobweaver< but is not nazi about it01:12
jhodappbobweaver: so nobody is meaning to leave you in the dark by any means. It's just that we, the Ubuntu TV team within Canonical are very small. It is also true that development of the product is very, very early. So I would ask for your patience with us, because you're developing on the cutting edge, in many ways, ahead of Saviq and I.01:13
bobweaverIn the dark was a bad use of words :)01:14
bobweaverbut maybe if I call canonical IDK what too do. but I do know that everyday that we wait google sells another tv01:15
bobweaveror boxee or itv01:15
jhodappbut what are we to do? we are developing as fast as we can01:15
jhodappThis is an enormous project.01:16
bobweavernothing you guys are doing great :)01:16
bobweaveryou could hire someone like me that whould work 24/701:16
jhodappyou shouldn't work 24/7, it's not good for you01:16
jhodappbut your enthusiasm is great!01:17
bobweaverIf I had direction I could help you guys01:17
jhodappyou will get direction, very soon01:17
bobweaverI guess 1st thing is 1st learn nux01:18
jhodappup until 2 weeks ago I didn't even have any direction for myself as a Canonical employee01:18
bobweaverI know vala and c and C++01:18
bobweaverI mean if you look at my youtube time line you can see that 10 days or so I had no idea how to code in QT/qml01:20
jhodappnor did I :)01:20
bobweaverlooking at pm ^^01:20
bobweaverfor any one that has not see you can see me using the remote in the video from 1:28 on01:49
bobweaverI also forgot to stop the launcher (unity) before I stared that video woops :)01:51
mhall119bobweaver: Jay isn't in here because he's not on the TV team, he's on the Unity team, but he's going to be a good person to talk to about NUX and Dash work02:10
bobweaverSweet mhall11902:11
bobweaverthanks that will come in handy02:11
bobweavermhall119,  what do you think about weekly meeting ?02:11
mhall119bobweaver: your qt/qml stuff, were you working on the coverflow stuff in the dash?02:12
bobweaversome of it yeah02:12
bobweavermost is all lens stuff02:12
bobweaverscopes ect02:12
mhall119bobweaver: I think regular meetings woould be great, but you need to give the TV team time to find their footing02:12
mhall119they kind of had the rug pulled out from under them with the whole Unity 2d/3d decision02:12
bobweavermhall119,  I will keep  that in mind02:12
bobweaveryeah I could imgain02:13
mhall119bobweaver: I'd like to see if you can help with the NUX/Dash work that needs to be added to Unity 3d, which is why jhodapp and I were talking about getting you together with Jay02:13
bobweaverWhat is NUX ?02:15
bobweavera libary ?02:15
mhall119yeah, I'm not real clear on what all it does, but I gather it's what draws the Launcher, Dash and HUD components02:15
jhodappyes, a library02:16
jhodappit's a wrapper library on top of OpenGL02:16
bobweavermakes sense02:16
jhodappyou can still pass through native OpenGL commands is what I'm told, while simultaneously using NUX02:17
jhodappthat's the extent of my knowledge so far :)02:17
bobweaverallright mark the time and date 10:40 pm -0400 I am going to start to move over to NUX02:40
cob-olp1jhodapp: did you install ubuntu tv on pandaboard?07:37
bobweaverHello everybody I have great news. So I give a couple of local shops Ubuntu cds and info on Ubuntu train there staff ect. well I was at one of these stores today I showed off Ubuntu TV prototype and they owner of the store wants me to set up a display for it. which I will be doing tomorrow. That way people can view it and start to save up there penny's :)20:13
bobweaverstore gets about 50 too 200 heads a day in it20:15

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