tsdgeoswhat creates and populates the menus shown by unity-panel-service ?10:54
Hennryhi all11:20
HennryI fail to bring up the icon when open gimp in unity, not in sidebar or top11:21
HennryI have installed uninstalled 2.8 and not to gimp11:22
VarikonniemiHello. Unity does not seem to play nice with spring RTS in 12.04 (i mentioned this bug during the beta phase). When trying to maximize the game window, it does not maximize properly (get rid of the window decoration and move buttons to the top bar). If i repeatedly press the maximize button, the game crashes with segmentation fault. Maximizing and removing window decorations works fine under gnome-shell (using the plugin).11:26
VarikonniemiI think it might have something to do with the screen resolution unity reports to spring, since when pressing the maximize button spring tries to change the resolution to 1920x1200 (not taking into account the pixels that will go missing due to the top bar) ?11:29
Varikonniemihttp://springrts.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?p=522768#p522768  here is a link to the thread tracking this problem on spring forums.11:32
Hennrythanks, the problem is to minimize vanishes, although the application is still active, can not reopen it with alt + tab, only managed to return acerlo opening a new image with right mouse button "open with gimp" from file browser11:38
seb128Hennry, hi, what unity version do you have installed (dpkg -l | grep unity)11:39
seb128Varikonniemi, hey, open a bug on launchpad if there is not already one11:40
seb128Hennry, not gimp, unity11:40
seb128Hennry, run the command I gave you11:40
Hennrythe result is long11:42
seb128Hennry, should be 5.12-0ubuntu<something>11:42
seb128what's the something11:42
Hennryunity 2d11:43
seb128Hennry, you use unity-2d?11:44
Varikonniemiseb128, on what page?11:44
Varikonniemihttps://bugs.launchpad.net/~unity-team here?11:45
seb128Varikonniemi, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+filebug11:45
seb128Hennry, ok, you have ubuntu1, the gimp issue is fixed un 0ubuntu1.1, you need to get that update11:46
seb128Hennry, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/5.12-0ubuntu1.111:46
seb128Hennry, it's in precise-proposed, it should move to precise-updates tomorrow11:46
Hennrythanks but not to do, should I install these files?11:49
Hennryseb128,  thanks but not to do, should I install these files?11:51
seb128Hennry, either install the update following https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/EnableProposed or wait 1 or 2 days for this version to move to precise-updates (stable update are staged for a week for testing to make sure they have no issue)11:52
HennryOk, sorry but I'm going with google translate, I understand, wait for the updated version published in normal, very friendly seb12811:57
seb128Hennry, yes, wait 2 days and install updates and restart your computer11:57
Hennryok seb128 :)11:58
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FuegoFroHi, I've just developed a fix for a bug but I'm not really sure how to go about properly committing it and asking to merge it.16:24
FuegoFroFor instance, I couldn't find a concrete style guide for the commit message. When I used bzr's --fixes option to commit the changelog looks different from all previous commits16:25
FuegoFroCan anyone point me to any resources I can look at?16:26
jussimrgh, appearance keeps crashing :/16:41
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Guest82582Can anyone say something?21:57
Guest82582hva skjer a?22:37
QuickJust wanted to report an error on Unity site.23:08
Quick"Unity is designed for designed for mouse"23:08
thumpermhall119: ping23:15
thumpermhall119: not sure if you have edit rights on the page above ^^^, but someone needs to fix it :)23:17
* thumper can't 23:17

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