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epikvisionhello guys03:31
epikvisionI've been able to start a group called Ubuntu for students.03:31
epikvisionon fb03:31
epikvisionand I'm seeing really powerful resistance.03:31
epikvisionand opposition.03:31
epikvisionwe have almost 200 members in there, and it's starting to daunt me.03:31
DonkeyHoteiwhat kind of opposition?03:32
epikvisionok, here's the story03:32
epikvisionever since I returned from UDS (it was splendid.)03:33
scientesepikvision, yes it was ;)03:33
epikvisionI want to change my high school03:33
epikvisionfrom windows xp to linux (ubuntu)03:33
epikvisionfor a few weeks, this idea was relatively obscure03:34
scientesI've fought with the paid microsoft shills before, it ain't easy03:34
scientesbut go on03:34
epikvisionahh, a survivor, I see03:34
scientesepikvision, join us in #techrights03:34
epikvisionok, i'll continue03:34
epikvisionoh ok03:34
epikvisionscientes, I'm trying to get into tech rights but to no avial03:35
epikvisionis it in freenode?03:35
scienteswell anyways go on03:36
scienteswhat hapened to the story....damn03:38
epikvisionanyone supportive of pushing linux for a high school in Los Angeles?  please join!03:48
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scientesMarkDude, so what about those books?21:48
scientesI really need a good C book ;)21:48
MarkDudeGive me a bit. I will be at home today21:49
MarkDudeI am working under assumption the triumvirate is cool with getting books.21:50
MarkDudeDo we have a wiki page for it?>21:50
MarkDudeI figure we put NorCal on there21:50
MarkDudeGive So Cal a few days, and got from there21:50
* MarkDude has a call or two to make21:51
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