gamerchick02_grr. how do i sign myself out completely?00:00
gamerchick02_oh. i just kicked my other user name out. yay!00:01
gamerchick02_thanks for the info, snap_l00:01
brouschair seems pointless if you're going to run ubuntu00:10
brouschcan get an ultrabook for cheaper00:10
gamerchick02_good point. i just want something that will either Just Work with ubuntu or Just Work regardless. and the Air will Just Work.00:10
brouschfor some definition of work00:11
gamerchick02_i'm not using it to "work".00:11
gamerchick02_i will have a desktop for that. ;)00:11
gamerchick02_desktop at home and a CAD laptop for "work" stuff. job stuff, i mean.00:17
gamerchick02_oh, and it's my first foray into building my own machine this weekend.00:21
gamerchick02_i'm armed with parts and a boyfriend who will help me. wish me luck! :)00:21
rick_h_omg omg omg omg " Lenovo says it will offer a 1600 x 900 screen option when the X230 goes on sale and, if that’s the case, we recommend you splurge for the additional pixels."00:22
gamerchick02_what's the price point on that?00:22
rick_h_just saw that in a hands on review of the new upcoming x23000:22
rick_h_it's going to be $$00:22
rick_h_think it'll start around 1100ish00:23
gamerchick02_entry level air is 939 at BB right now.00:23
snap-lGood machines aren't cheap00:23
gamerchick02_i know that.00:23
rick_h_yea, I mean I've not bought a desktop since this last x21000:24
snap-lgamerchick02_: That's probably because the air is due for refresh00:24
gamerchick02_i'm at a point now that i can get what i want and not what i can afford.00:24
rick_h_it's been my daily driver for over 2yrs doing 100% of my work and travel00:24
gamerchick02_i want to be able to upgrade the computer.00:24
rick_h_yea, ivy bridge for the macs is coming soon00:24
gamerchick02_laptop is un-upgradable. i'm also not doing a lot of traveling with the current laptop i have.00:24
gamerchick02_just home. i'm going to install Mint on this one and then offload it to my mom. i think00:25
gamerchick02_we'll see how she likes it.00:25
MilyardoPeople still hate Miguel de Izaca? What did he do wrong exactly?00:49
gamerchick02_i have no idea. who is that?00:49
Blazeixi don't think anyone credible hates him00:51
MilyardoA founder of GNOME and Mono00:51
gamerchick02_cool. i guess i'm a heathen because i like stuff like Banshee (mono) and i'm thinking of getting a macbook air.00:52
MilyardoI just always though his contributions would should probably make him one of the more accomplished open source developers in open source history, not the personfication of Mircrosoft I think some people may actually hold for him.01:00
MilyardoIf you're going to draw us vs them arguements into open/closed source debate, I have no idea why you would put make him out to be an enemy01:01
snap-lMilyardo: Some people don't know how to let go of a grudge01:27
brouschMilyardo: now he has that whole mono for mobile business, but no linux client01:28
brouschtoo practical, not enough freetard01:28
snap-lYeah, because everyone has welcomed mono on Linux01:33
derekvstupid power outage01:33
gamerchick02_power outage? :(01:33
derekvlast night01:33
derekvlow voltage01:33
derekvnot enough to run the fan01:34
derekvit made just barely some air current01:34
gamerchick02_ugh. and last night was hot too.01:34
derekvI keep talking about wanting to install bsd on this workstation01:34
derekvyea I kept waking up sweating01:34
derekvIt bothers me slightly that my laptop is now more powerful than my workstation... but I'm not home enough01:35
gamerchick02_derekv, i've never tried BSD. read about it.01:36
derekvTrying to decide if I want to upgrade ram on it, upgrade the whole thing or hold off01:36
gamerchick02_hope you cool off tonight. round these parts it's supposed to be about 55F tonight.01:36
derekvit feels nice out now01:36
gamerchick02_snap-l, that song you sent is interesting.01:36
derekvgamerchick02_, FreeBSD is tight.  Its just... clean and well organized01:37
gamerchick02_repos and all that like linux?01:38
derekvthe entire software management system works off of makefiles01:38
derekvits called ports01:38
gamerchick02_cool, derekv. i appreciate the information.01:39
derekvbasically there is a package installer, packages are normal tarballs .tar.gz with a standard layout inside, and you can fetch the packages precompiled as you would with say apt01:40
gamerchick02_oooh. very cool. thanks!01:41
derekvbut typically you install "ports" which is a directory structure with thousands of directories, make scripts and patches.  go to the directory and type "make install", it downloads the source, applys patches and builds, sticks into a tar.gz and passes this to the package installer =]01:41
derekvof course taking in any dependancies recursively01:41
gamerchick02_nice. sounds simple, actually.01:41
derekvand it works really well01:41
derekvthe gentoo portage system is based off of it.  portage adds a lot of powerful features but they overshoot the mark, its a lot less reliable than the bsd system is01:42
derekvdidn't look like it was spelled right01:43
gamerchick02_gentoo is a project. or anyway, it has the reputation of being a project.01:43
gamerchick02_any linux distro can be a project if it doesn't play well with your hardware.01:43
derekveverything is a project01:43
derekvoh you mean for the users01:44
gamerchick02_:-D true.01:44
gamerchick02_i mean for the person setting it up, yes.01:44
derekvyea gentoo would rather be a project I think... they want to be easy but not if it means sacrificing some control somewhere01:44
gamerchick02_gentoo: the distro for control freaks.01:45
derekvits meant to give you basically the power of if you custom rolled your own but being a lot easier than that (which it is)01:45
derekvbut its still a pain in my ass sometimes01:45
derekvI also find it to be a pain in the ass when you take away control of something, and I end up missing it01:46
derekvI guess if your using debian or ubuntu and you run up against that a lot, then you need to go somewhere01:46
derekvWhich I did at one point at least01:46
derekvNot sure how true that'd be for me now01:46
derekvI'd always want some feature you needed to compile in01:47
gamerchick02_i do like ubuntu, even though it pulls some control away from me. partly because it works. i  mean, i don't have to think too hard with it. hehe. i think that might be a bad thing.01:47
derekvOr I want x software without bringing in all of KDE01:47
gamerchick02_ah. yes.01:47
gamerchick02_the old "i want to run a KDE app without all of KDE coming along with it" problem.01:47
derekvthe bsd system does it a little bit sometimes... its more inbetween01:48
gamerchick02_that works01:48
derekvit gives you some "knobs" for things like kde ... hopefully the port will respect it, if not you have the option of going in and playing with the makefile a little bit01:48
gamerchick02_ah. a good compromise, sounds like.01:49
derekvits nice too if you don't want to wait to compile it yourself and the defaults are fine you can just pull the packages from ftp01:49
derekvala apt01:49
gamerchick02_sweet. i might try that sometime.01:50
gamerchick02_but, i do need to go to bed soon.01:50
gamerchick02_almost 10 pm. this whole work thing is getting in my way of internet chat.01:50
gamerchick02_:) see everyone tomorrow! :)01:50
snap-lIf anyone wants to try out the MUG on-line membership sign-up, please see here: http://www.mug.org/membership/03:38
snap-lI'm not sure it's working properly, but if you want to provude feedback, please let me know03:39
greg-gsnap-l: cool!03:55
shakes808Good evening all, testing out an android app. Can anyone see this?04:33
derekvshakes808, seen04:45
shakes808good morning all11:36
AndChat|410969This message is from my phone11:37
shakes808boots me off :(11:37
brouschGood morning everyone!11:46
brouschI went to bed at 9:30 last night. It's great to be alive!11:57
shakes808Johnny 5 IS ALIVE!11:58
snap-l"Celebrating Programming Windows12:03
snap-lWay to be a downer, O'reilly12:03
shakes808What is the MUG discount code? Want to see if it applies to that book for S's & G's12:07
shakes808said discount was applied, but no change in price lol12:09
brouschi think it shows at the very end12:10
shakes808in checkout and still not applied. When you say end, after payment is going through?12:11
brouschno, should be before payment12:13
brouschare you trying to apply 2 codes?12:13
shakes808just one12:13
brouschi think DSUG only applies on non-sale items12:13
shakes808it is already $1012:13
shakes808and was seeing if it would go lower :DE12:14
brouschso if it's already discounted because it's the deal of the day, DSUG won't get you more12:14
shakes808Do you think this is worth it? http://www.oreillyschool.com/certificates/python-programming.php12:20
shakes808and will our discount apply? I don't want to mock sign up in fear that it will sign me up lol12:24
snap-lshakes808: I think the discount only applies to books12:25
snap-lcan try it, though12:25
shakes808snap-l: alright, not going to do it quite yet lol. Do you think those would be worth it? They are accredited by the University of Illionois ...12:26
shakes808$500 a course seems pretty steep12:27
snap-lI have no idea12:27
shakes808for an online course12:27
snap-lThey're worth it if you respond to the classroom environment better than self-learning12:27
snap-land I can't answer that for you. :)12:27
snap-lIf you spent most of your college years sitting in the back of the class, not paying attention, then probably not. ;)12:28
shakes808HA HA, damn12:28
snap-ljcastro: Happy Anniversary13:06
jcastrothanks dude!13:06
jcastrohey so it's looking more and more like ann arbor13:07
snap-lI'm not opposed to this13:07
snap-las long as it isn't Borculo13:07
snap-lor BFE13:07
brouschHey, what's wrong with Borculo?13:12
brouschMy ancestors founded Borculo13:13
snap-lI rest my case13:21
brouschWatch yourself or I'll send the Dutch Mafia to rough you up. You'll hear them coming because of their shoes, but you won't outrun their whips woven of last year's tulip stems13:22
snap-lI thought it was a $100 to even think impure thoughts about a tulip13:22
brouschI think that's only in Holland proper13:23
brouschAnd what sort of impure tulip thoughts are you having?13:24
brouschSpeaking of impure thoughts, good morning, _stink_13:26
jrwrenshakes808: certificates are rarely worth it. and NEVER worth it when it is open source tech.13:30
jrwrenjcastro: YAY!  welcome to AA13:30
jrwrenjcastro: i only wish you were also looking for new work, so I could try and recruit you.13:30
jcastrojrwren: where do you guys live?13:30
jrwrenjcastro: we live in Milan, which is NOT AA. it sucks. But we are looking to move to AA soon.13:31
jrwrenjcastro: if you need an AA realtor let me know. I know a guy who is very good.13:32
jrwrenI think n0p_ used him and was happy.13:32
brouschI thought you loved Milan13:33
jcastrojrwren: we have a USAA approved realtor, but I'd love his info anyway, can you email it to me?13:33
jcastroit's my bank/mortgage for my va loan13:34
jrwrenbrousch: no. i love the brewery. I don't like living where I love.13:34
jcastroI call them and they assign me certain realtors13:34
jrwrenhaha, castro@oakland.edu just came up in my addrlist.  you prefer canonical or gmail?13:34
jcastroactually, funnily enough, they gave jill that address when she went to OU13:35
jrwreni'm surprised at that.13:35
shakes808jrwren: thank you for the insight. Just continue with the free stuff ;) Sounds good to me :D13:37
jcastrojrwren: yeah it's weird13:37
snap-lrick_h_: Sent JoDee a bookie invite.13:38
snap-lrick_h_: so now you're on the hook. :)13:39
rick_h_snap-l: thanks for the heads up13:41
jrwrenshakes808: How old are you? do you know why certifications exist?14:27
shakes808jrwren: 27, and thought to get specific training/learning without the extra stuff14:30
Blazeixthey mostly exist so people with no practical experience can put stuff on their resumes14:58
jrwrenshakes808: no. Certifications exist for resellers and partner certification. e.g. Cisco & MSFT. Cisco & MSFT partner companies are required to keep a certain number of certified people on staff to keep their certification.15:15
jrwrenso if you want to work for that kind of company, then certifications are great. If you want to do other things, then certifications are useless (and possibly detrimental).15:15
snap-lIt's a convenient way set up for hiring managers to know what the competencies of their staff are.15:15
snap-lMuch like saying you need 4 years of college15:16
jrwrenthat is an occasional side effect, but not the primary purpose.15:16
snap-lIt doesn't mean you currently know whatever you're certified in, it just means you paid money to get a piece of paper15:16
jrwrensssh, don't tell the hiring managers that ;)15:17
snap-lIf I were doing something with Cisco routers, I'd want someone Cisco-certified, because I haven't a clue about Cisco routers.15:17
jrwrens/Cisco/RHEL/g does the statement still hold?15:18
snap-land the assumption is that the certification would somehow certify the work you're doing on the router15:18
snap-ljrwren: Only because I trust RHEL15:18
snap-lI don't trust MSCE15:18
jrwreni don't trust any of them.15:18
snap-ljrwren: Well, given a pinch of time, I'd probably trust a Cisco / RHEL15:19
jrwrenthat said, back in '99 before RHEL, the redhat cert was VERY good. the hands on labs portion of the test was excellent15:19
snap-lbut agan, that's because I've never cracked the lid of a cisco router.15:19
jrwrenthey don't have lids :p15:19
snap-lYou beer believe I'd be watching the RHEL like a hawk15:19
snap-ljrwren: See? My point exactly. :)15:19
jrwrenyou've never logged into IOS and configured some rules?15:20
snap-ljrwren: Nope. Was always someone else's dept.15:20
jrwrenor catos ?15:20
snap-lClosest I've come to Cisco was flashing my Linksys router. :)15:20
jrwrenyeah, so I guess I know enough having done a little to know better than to trust the guy with the entry level cisco certs.15:20
snap-lI've looked at some IOS commands, and while it looks simple, I don't trust myself to not create circular routes, or what-not15:21
shakes808gotchya, so no certs for me :D15:22
snap-lshakes808: again, ir depends15:22
jrwrenyou likely wouldn't create a certcular route, because you'd use a routing protocol.15:22
snap-lif you're in an organization that treats certs like bars on a uniform, get the certs15:22
jrwrenand you'd not create a circular network because well, SPANNING TREE!! YAY!15:22
snap-lmost of the tech folks I know don't care for certs, they care for experience.15:23
jrwrenif you're in an organization that treats certs like bars on a uniform, find a new organization.15:23
snap-ljrwren: That too15:23
snap-lI've met some folks that were certified, that knew their stuff15:24
jrwrenas have i.15:24
snap-land I met some that I'm pretty sure graduated because chance smiled on them15:24
snap-lor they cheated.15:24
jrwreni'd consider getting certs if i worked for a company that was awesome and people were awesome and the certs would benefit the company.15:24
shakes808I know a guy in the Networking realm of things that have over 30 certs for HP / CISCO / .....15:24
shakes808and in his realm they do make a difference15:25
shakes808like you were saying15:25
jrwrenmight be great to get some if you are going to start your own company so you are on track to become a partner company.15:25
Blazeixthe network-related realm is probably different, but for software i consider it a negative if a resume goes by listing certifications15:26
jrwrenand being a partner company does have some awesome benefits.15:26
snap-lProprietary stuff really loves their certs15:26
snap-l(and yes, I'd consider RHEL to be somewhat proprietary)15:28
shakes808My last job was a Microsoft partner and if I were to go for my Microsoft certs, they would reimburse me for them :D15:29
shakes808Would have been meh15:29
jrwrenRHEL is definitely proprietary.15:30
jrwrenRHEL really only exists to run Oracle and related software.15:30
jrwrenbecause its whan oracle support.s.15:30
snap-lwonder how long that'll last. :)15:31
brouschClick the Kick Ass in the upper right15:32
snap-lbrousch: Yeah, that's awesome15:32
snap-lBlazeix: I get bulk ammo too15:33
shakes808That is cool, I have loaded that in with some stuff back in college and it never got wiped.15:35
shakes808There is a javascript code you can put in your browser with the URL to put that on any site you want15:35
shakes808I used MSN to show it off ;D15:35
brouschI should do a web2py talk at PyOhio. The ultimate troll15:38
brouschTitle it: "The best Python Web Framework" and then not mention any names in the synopsis15:39
snap-lfree RPG day is on June 16th16:38
snap-lGood time to go to the local game store16:38
shakes808??? Free RPG Day ??? enlighten enlighten16:40
shakes808I will look more into it when I am at CHC tonight :D16:46
brouschRPGs? Do you worship Satan?!17:03
snap-lonly if he brings chips and pop17:09
shakes808Mountain Dew and Cheetos17:09
brouschDiet Squirt and Cheese popcorn17:10
shakes808OH GOD! Diet what and what?!!! NO NO NO NO17:11
brouschhttp://www.thierryclech.com/ ?17:11
snap-lbrousch: PLease to be giving me a hint what that link is for?17:12
brouschsnap-l: the first hit on Google for "clech"17:13
Blazeixman, i did not know that tentacles could do that.17:13
snap-lbrousch: Blech, rather17:13
snap-lBlazeix: clech, not clench17:14
jrwreni have a +3 ogre knife!17:17
shakes808But you are in the bar getting drunk17:17
jrwrengood, if there are any girls there, I want to do them.17:17
jrwreni know you said blue, but you have grey eyes.17:18
shakes808has anyone seen the version from the game The Summoner17:18
snap-lAt what point did we do off the rails?17:18
shakes808snap-l: since you brought up Free RPG Day!!!! of course17:18
devinheitmuellerwait, somebody is giving out rocket propelled grenades?17:20
brouschFor free!17:22
shakes808I'M THERE!!!!!17:22
jrwrenyes, the summoner video is hilarious17:23
* brousch wonders how many anti-terrorism triggers we just activated17:23
shakes808ha ha17:23
devinheitmuellerbrousch: six17:23
shakes808knives, grenades17:24
shakes808just need to say Obama or Bin Laden and we are set ;)17:24
devinheitmuellerIs it like candyman where he appears if you say it three times in front of a mirror?17:26
shakes808Does anyone know of a program that can compare images / power point docs?19:15
nixternalwith ppt, isn't there a way to compare within the app itself?19:18
shakes808not sure19:18
shakes808will check19:18
nixternalthought there was a way to "merge & compare"19:18
shakes808interesting. Will look19:19
nixternalyou can use imagemagick to compare images in linux, as well as a ton of other apps out there19:19
shakes808been looking and saw abonsoft19:20
shakes808image compare19:20
nixternalwhich there is a plugin for in gimp as a matter of fact19:20
shakes808I found the "compare" in PPT, will have to test it out19:20
nixternali think you can compare with tineye as well. google for that one19:21
brouschwhat do you mean by compare?19:24
shakes808the compare in PPT is just a merge tool it seems19:30
brouschhehe, i almost posted that20:10
brouschi have found two good answers on yahoo answers, ever20:10
waldo323_were they links to stack overflow?20:26
brouschheh, no20:27
brouschgeez, these django projects get big20:28
* waldo323_ hands brousch bzip220:29
snap-lMan, this should not be this hard20:30
brouschFTR, the thanks was for waldo323_ for the bzip2, not for snap-l's hardness20:31
snap-liso: document management CMS that handles group permissions, and doesn't look like shit20:31
snap-lmust be customizble20:32
snap-lHave tried Joomla's extensios, concrete5, and drupal20:32
waldo323_are you dealing with one or trying to pick one?20:32
snap-ltrying to find one20:32
snap-lclosest we've come is drupal with CMIS backends (alfresco), but blergh20:33
waldo323_i'd offer up plone as an option but there are marks against it too20:33
snap-ly'know, at this point plone is as good as any suggestion20:35
Blazeixi was looking for a decent document management software a while ago, but couldn't find one.20:35
Blazeixalfresco was leading the pack20:36
brouschsnap-l: I saw one called EDMS20:36
snap-lYeah, that's what's leading now: drupal for front end shit, and alfresco for heavy lifting20:36
brouschI've been meaning to look at it, so feel free to do so for me ;)20:37
snap-lOh, it's Django20:38
snap-lso it MUST be good20:38
brouschCome on now. You've been looking at Joomla for Cchrist's sake20:38
brouschDjango is like a wet dream compared to what you mentioned :P20:39
jrwrenjust buy sharepoint and get over it :p20:41
snap-lVersion 0.13 development cycle started.20:43
snap-lI feel better already20:43
snap-ljrwren: If it was competitive for what we were looking for, sure20:43
jrwrenisn't the one thing that it does reasonably well, document management?20:44
Blazeixi haven't been very impressed by sharepoint 2010's document management20:46
jrwrenBlazeix: great to know.20:46
Blazeixusability-wise, it's lacking, and doesn't have stuff like inline-previews20:47
shakes808Talk at you all later. Have a good night. See whoever will be at CHC tonight.20:47
snap-lWEll, and if I was looking just for doc management, KnowledgeTree or Alfresco would be our top picks20:48
Blazeixi've heard it has a decent thick-client app you can install on windows, but i'm a bit leery of doing that20:48
snap-lbut I think we need some CMSey features to fit on top of it20:48
Blazeixit's sounding like plone is your main choice. that has the whole 'platform' thing going on20:49
snap-lYeah, sadly.20:49
snap-lWe were pretty close with Joomla, but the extensions either used the Joomla security model (ugh), or only supported one group20:49
jrwrenBlazeix: a sharepoint thick client?  I've never heard of this for use. I've heard of it for development.20:51
greg-gyuck, those last few Canonical blog posts to planet ubuntu were pathetic21:50
Blazeixjrwren: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint-workspace/21:59
Blazeixa coworker was using the app, I think it was this.21:59
Blazeixhe'd get dropbox style change notifications whenever a document was modified22:00
rick_h_Blazeix: https://play.google.com/store/devices/details/Desktop_Dock_with_Pogo_Pin?id=galaxy_nexus_hspa_pogo_desk_dock&feature=accessories !!!22:14
Blazeixah, sweet. about time22:15
rick_h_supposedly 4.0.4 will turn on the dock mode bits22:16
Blazeixwait, hspa+ only22:16
Blazeixisn't that not verizon?22:16
rick_h_yea, but I've seen reports of it working with verizon22:17
rick_h_but Google Play store only sells the hspa+ version of the phone22:17
snap-lgreg-g: Which ones? I've pretty much turned off the planet22:17
rick_h_Blazeix: so yea hmmm, guess it's hard to say if it's software issues or not22:21
gamerchick02all quiet in the chat, i see.22:53
gamerchick02ColonelPanic001: howdy, long time no see!22:53
snap-lgamerchick02: WE're at CHC now23:25
gamerchick02ah. i'm in my pjs after cleaning. i need to get my butt back out there.23:26
gamerchick02having fun?23:26
brouschcleaning? you should be at CHC23:27
gamerchick02the cleaning is done.23:27
gamerchick02i should be there.23:27
gamerchick02oh well...23:27
brouschmake it so!23:28
brouschso wear them23:28
gamerchick02next week, depending on weather and work commitment. :)23:30

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