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canthus13paultag: The Game.18:01
paultagcanthus13: fffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuu18:01
thafreakso anyone try out ubuntu business desktop remix?18:55
thafreakalso, anyone else having trouble with flash not working on 12.04?18:55
thafreakit might just some how be my one really old laptop...it just stopped working out of the blue18:56
* canthus13 hasn't even tried out ubuntu since 10.1018:56
thafreakit was running 10.04, stopped working, installed 12.04 on it, still can't get flash to work18:56
thafreakcanthus13: then what the hell you doing here?18:56
canthus13thafreak: Hoping they'll regain their sanity at some point and ditch this unity crap.18:57
thafreaki doubt it man18:57
thafreaki'm trying to like it...but i still like gnome3 vanilla better :/18:58
thafreakoh well, desktops not that important to my life honestly :)18:58
* canthus13 likes gnome 3... there are some bits that suck, but overall it's not bad.18:59
thafreakbleh, business desktop is still the same desktop installer20:36
thafreakso no full disk crypto20:36
canthus13crypto makes it difficult to upgrade. :/21:36
canthus13or reinstall, anyway.21:36
dzhoI'm also suspicious of full-disk lending aid to a known-plaintext attack, but when I ask about that, I usually get silence or people who say "well, yes, that would be a problem if it was susceptible to such an attack, but it's not"23:16
dzhoI find the latter a bit hard to credit.23:17

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