jpiroshkyHey y'all, I'm in Texas!  It's almost like being in an answering machine ^_^.  Seriously though, I am researching flash support in Ubuntu for FreeGeek, do you guys use flash and if so, what are your favorite rigs?17:20
bkerensajpiroshky: I use flash.... favorite rigs? :)17:35
jpiroshkyI've got a buddy that really likes the web-kit in midori, it has flash support sans adobe to my knowledge (haha, 'you mean celine can sing mariah better than mariah?')17:51
jpiroshkytis true though, out of box support is super-cool for our game17:53
jpiroshkyalright, signing off, I've gotta do some testing-17:57
bkerensaMarkDude: wanna conference with me and jono? :P21:45
MarkDudeJono and I would be the proper way to say that Sir ;)21:45
MarkDudemaybe Jono and me21:46
bkerensaMarkDude: Jono and I even... Wanna hop on G+ with us in a bit :)21:46
bkerensasupposed to do a conference with him at 3pm ;)21:46
bkerensabut he wont be expecting u ;)21:46
MarkDudeEven more fun21:47
* MarkDude is pretty sure that RH will kick in at least $100 if he does another LUGradio show21:48
sbeattieheh, ambush hangout?21:49
bkerensasbeattie: ofc21:50
bkerensaMarkDude: can you jump on G+ now21:51
bkerensaand I'll invite you and then in a few mins Ill invite Jono in :P21:51
MarkDudeJust a minute21:51
MarkDudeI need to text someone21:51
bkerensaMarkDude: he will arrive soon perhaps21:56
MarkDudeI just had an error21:57
bkerensaMarkDude: we couldnt hear you22:06
bkerensayour cat was purring so we muted you but G+ wouldnt let us unmute22:06
MarkDudeYet another reason I refer to myself as a less charming version of Jono22:06
MarkDudeNo stress22:06
MarkDudeI know of at least one other person in Portland that will hang some fliers22:07
* MarkDude has a list of places for him to go22:07
bkerensaMarkDude: Jono better not ship a lot of AV equipment22:07
MarkDudeHe will ship amps also22:10
MarkDudeSpinal Tap size22:10
MarkDudethat go to 1122:10
cy1python can do zips now22:39
cy1zip something.zip *.py; python something.zip22:40
cy1runs the script __main__.py in the zip22:50
bkerensacy1: it can what? it can run scripts inside of zips?22:55
cy1bkerensa: yeah23:15

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