jedijfJonathanD: anyone in the Loco can have an event at anytime00:12
jedijfforums mailing list wiki00:12
JonathanDjedijf: can we pretend geeknic was an event :P00:23
JonathanDisn't there a requirement for some number of things to happen each year?00:24
JonathanDor at least a desire00:24
JonathanDjedijf: then myself, InHisName andrew (at least) had an event? :D00:24
MutantTurkeyy y y ya ya yawnn00:25
jedijfall InHisName or you had to do was post to the ml, forum, etc...00:47
jedijfbut enough was worked out in here to 'count'00:47
MutantTurkeyjedijf: is there a "event per year" level?00:56
MutantTurkeysolution: weekly meetings00:56
MutantTurkeywhenever two or more of us are gathered - declare thee a meeting of ubuntu-us-pa00:56
MutantTurkeyTrovoltis 13:3700:57
jedijfjust activity, no real quantities01:05
jedijfregionally we suck - outside of philly area01:06
rmg51we're not doing so well inside Philly :P01:13
jedijfthat too01:23
jedijfwell, we just had a geeknic01:24
rmg51but no release party :P01:28
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andrewDarnit, somebody should have burned an ISO or something between burgers yesterday.04:13
InHisNameUnity bugs me again,   HOW TO start a 2nd copy of something in Unity ?05:15
InHisNameThe grill could a done a geat job burning CDs.05:34
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!07:36
JonathanDslept too late09:41
IrishmanlukeI ordered a 16 gig usb drive for 7 dollars after rebate10:47
InHisNamemorning too12:04
SamuraiAlbamorning three12:07
InHisNameUnity bugs me again,   HOW TO start a 2nd copy of something in Unity ?13:08
rmg51uh, click on it?13:20
lamalexright click13:23
InHisNameright click on 'home folder' has no option to start.  Left click activates existing folder.   I want TWO folders open at same time.   Tried using ALT+,   SHIFTtt+, CTRL+   left/right click  => no diff than without.13:29
rmg51can't help you, I don't use Unity =-O13:47
lamalexInHisName, dude it says "open new window"14:27
InHisNameI'd be happy to see "open new window" somewhere, but I have not yet.14:28
JonathanDJust click harder.14:28
JonathanDuse 2 hands.14:28
lamalex2d or 3d? 12.10 or 12.0414:28
InHisNamefour fingers ?14:28
lamalexor shit man just use the nautilus menu- can't believe youve been trying to figure out how to open a 2nd window for an hour14:29
JonathanDI usually use my foot.14:29
JonathanDleft one works best.14:30
InHisNametyping nautil into dash home got me to "files" and that opened a 2nd folder.14:31
InHisNameSome of my Unity buttons do have a "open NEW window"  and some do not.   Is there a place to tweek that ?14:32
jedijfit's probably something that has tabbed windows too14:33
waltmanYou'd think by now I'd remember to factor in an extra half an hour every time I have to fire up MS Word for all the security updates to install.15:17
MobileTurkeyI hate updates on this mac - i have to reboot every time15:18
waltmanThat's one thing that's gotten much better on Lion.15:18
waltmanBut at least the OSX updates proactively download. With Office you never know they're there until you try to use a program.15:19
waltmanIt doesn't help that I'm already in a grumpy mood because I've got to do my grad student annual review today15:20
MobileTurkeyoh jeez15:20
waltmanThe form is due the day after my defense :)15:21
MobileTurkeybtw anyone looking for a nice and simple terminal emulator: http://code.google.com/p/svte15:23
waltmanNo screenshots? :)15:44
MobileTurkeygood catch15:50
MobileTurkeythere should be some there15:50
waltmanAlso I think you should explain the logo. Is it some subtle pun that I'm not getting?15:52
MobileTurkeyI think tat's just the default15:53
MobileTurkeylet me change it15:53
waltmanthe default for what?15:53
MobileTurkeygoogle projects15:53
MobileTurkeygoogle code'15:53
waltmansvte stands for "small vte"?15:54
MobileTurkeysimple virtual terminal emulator15:55
waltman"svte is a virtual terminal emulator" :)15:55
MobileTurkeysadin: you can do graphics stuff right? can you make a simple terminal logo?15:56
MobileTurkeyi'll pay you 5 bucks15:56
MobileTurkeywaltman: any other complaints? :p16:09
waltmanNo, only wondering why the world needs Yet Another Terminal Program :)16:09
MobileTurkeybecause the alternatives were sucky16:09
MobileTurkeyfor example sakura - with very similar amount of function - i tried to contribute... 2.5k lines of hell and crappy code - i gave up16:10
MobileTurkeywrote this in a day16:10
waltmanI've never felt the need to look at the source code for any of my terminal programs.16:10
MobileTurkeyit was missing a few features i wanted ;p16:11
waltmansuch as...?16:43
MobileTurkeyi believe it was a bug regarding the ability to set something16:44
MobileTurkeyi can check16:44
MobileTurkeywaltman: incompatible flags16:47
MobileTurkeyor something16:47
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MobileTurkeywaltman: I made a quicky logo in inkscape16:55
MobileTurkeyinkscape stinks16:55
MobileTurkeyhey Pici`16:56
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PiciMobileTurkey: heya16:57
MobileTurkeywhat's up?16:58
waltmanMobileTurkey: Why a dollar sign? That makes it look like you're typing "vte" at a bash prompt. :)17:00
MobileTurkeythat's the joke17:01
MobileTurkeymaybe sadin will make me a better one17:02
MobileTurkeycan you copyright svgs?17:02
MobileTurkeyi guess...17:02
MobileTurkeybut it's weird because svg's are like cookbooks,17:02
MobileTurkeycythes: :-)17:14
cythesMobileTurkey, :D sUP17:16
MobileTurkeyhow ya been dude?17:18
cythesNot bad, working on a few things here and there. Yourself?17:19
MobileTurkeygood working and stuff17:20
MobileTurkeygot accepted to Temple17:20
sadinMobileTurkey Inkscape is different then others its hard to master if you come from PS or GIMP18:49
MobileTurkeyI haven't used others18:50
MobileTurkeywell gimp but not for SVG18:50
MobileTurkeyit's just SLOW as anything18:50
MobileTurkeysadin: like my impressive logo?18:50
MobileTurkeysadin: http://code.google.com/p/svte/18:50
sadinCould be worse18:50
cythesMobileTurkey, Oh yeah I heard about that man :D Pure epic!18:54
cythesAlso your working on a new terminal I'm guessing?18:55
MobileTurkeyfrom a year or so ago18:56
MobileTurkeybut getting a gtk3 port done on it18:56
cythesOh I see :)18:56
MobileTurkeyits nice18:56
* cythes wishes at this point he knew more about coding xD18:56
* cythes gives it a shot.18:57
* sadin giggles18:58
sadinhahahah http://memegenerator.net/instance/21197779?browsingOrder=New&browsingTimeSpan=Today18:58
MobileTurkeysadin: lol18:59

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