hobgoblinIAmNotThatGuy: you know that you can find tutorials which would be useful as wiki's and add them to the page16:54
hobgoblinif you want a copy of the generic PM to send people then just ask16:54
hobgoblinIAmNotThatGuy: did you get those?17:10
IAmNotThatGuyhobgoblin, No17:23
hobgoblinIAmNotThatGuy: yay for logs - http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/05/30/%23ubuntu-wiki.html17:24
IAmNotThatGuyWill look at the tutorials hobgoblin. Today I read about Wake-on-LAN tutorial in forums17:26
IAmNotThatGuycheck it if it is worthy enough17:26
IAmNotThatGuyI have read lots of posts from bodhi. Many tutorials are much useful17:27
hobgoblinmany are wiki'd already :)17:28
hobgoblinIAmNotThatGuy: there is an index of current wiki's if you didn't know17:28
IAmNotThatGuyhe us the library of tutorials ;D17:28
* IAmNotThatGuy saves the page17:29
IAmNotThatGuyhobgoblin, do you know what 内核/编译 means? :P coz I dont know ;D17:31
hobgoblinno idea at all17:31
IAmNotThatGuyKernel / compile17:31
IAmNotThatGuyYAY. Google translate rockz ;D17:31
hobgoblinlubuntu mailing list name perhaps?17:32
IAmNotThatGuylol no :P17:32

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