inetprogood morning05:46
mazalGood morning inetpro 05:47
mazalI don't suppose anybody can help us with Novell client , Zenworks for Desktops and ConsoleOne for Win 7 ?06:35
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charlvnmorning all07:06
charlvnmazal: that would be pretty far off topic for a linux channel :)07:06
charlvnand besides, novell client? zenworks?07:06
charlvnthat's all completely windows07:07
mazalCharlvn: I know , that was purely out of desperation of having to struggle with the junk and hoping someone maybe could have helped. If it was my choice it would have gone out the door very quickly07:11
charlvnmazal: np i know the feeling07:14
mazalI am not allowed to say why I am forced , but I think you can draw your own conclusions being this time of day and all :P07:15
Kerberoi know a lot of people dropped novel for windows domains/AD07:17
superflyeven though the Novell solution was technically superior (from what I've heard)07:18
Kerberoi can't say07:19
Kerberojust heard it was easier to use07:19
Kerberoand more stable07:19
mazalBefore Suse came yes07:19
mazalNovell 5 had great stability07:20
mazalBut from 9 upwards , a nightmare07:20
mazalBut anyway , wasn't my intention to start and off-topic thing. Just in need of those software and hoped someone have it07:21
* Kerbero can only point mazal to websites named after a cove where immoral thieves put their ships07:32
inetproMaaz: superfly++08:31
inetprosuperfly: for talking a lot of sense :-)08:53
* Squirm sighs09:16
SquirmI set up a transparent proxy with squid09:16
Squirmin the false hope it'd limit skype users09:16
Squirmbut I never thought to think that it only monitors http traffic :/09:16
charlvnskype is a master at getting around firewalls but i'm sure with some careful filtering you could block it using iptables ?09:20
Kerberoi doubt it09:22
Kerberoskype tunnels over http too09:22
Squirmthat's the thing. I don't want to block it. I want to cap the users09:23
charlvnoh yeah, so you have to do deep packet inspection (or whatever the buzzword for that is)09:23
Kerberoi havn't had it myself yet, but it heard it can relay via someone else on your network with internet access09:23
Squirmso, limit their use09:23
charlvnlimit their use?09:23
Squirmthey each have a defined IP09:23
Kerberoyour proxy method might work then yes09:24
Squirmcharlvn: cap them. so each user gets say 50mb a day to use how they please09:24
Kerberobut then you'll need to block all other access to the internet09:24
Kerberoskype via a proxy is not that nice though09:24
Squirmit works, but I'm yet to see that setting on an Android/iPad09:25
SquirmI'm going to paste09:25
charlvnpastebin please :)09:25
Squirmnot that many lines09:25
Squirmit's just previous chat09:25
charlvnok *holds breath*09:25
Squirm.:Squirm:. basically everything runs through a squid proxy with user authentication09:26
Squirm.:Squirm:. we have a little perl script called squish which then browses the access.log and caps the user when they reach their quota09:26
Squirm.:Squirm:. but unfortunately devics like iPads don't seem to be able to authenticate. so we've set up a transparent proxy09:26
Squirm.:Squirm:. squish is working09:26
Squirm.:Squirm:. but we want the users to be able to use apps like Skype, except we want to cap them09:26
Squirm.:Squirm:. cap them by IP address09:26
Squirm.:mdm:. Sounds like you need to do it at a lower level09:26
Squirm.:Squirm:. (because we don't authenticate with a transparent proxy, we have each user assigned an IP address)09:26
Squirm.:Squirm:. and squish then caps by IP rather than authentication09:26
Squirm.:Squirm:. but Skype, alas. bypasses Squid alltogether09:26
Squirm.:mdm:. Yeah you probably need IP-level filtering/limiting09:26
Squirm.:mdm:. I assume that's what ISPs do09:26
Squirmok, it was a few09:26
* Squirm hides09:26
Kerberomdm is correct09:27
Kerberoi would just do something with a mikrotik router as gateway09:28
Kerberosomething like a RB75009:28
Squirmwell, I have a linux box as the gateway09:28
Kerberocheap and powerfull09:28
charlvnyou should be able to do it with linux yeah09:28
Squirmand we have a Mikrotik with 2 ethernet ports09:28
Kerberoiptables should be able to do it too09:28
charlvni build a system like this some time ago using iptables09:28
charlvnyeah exactly09:29
SquirmI know it's easy to limit speed with IPtables09:29
Squirmbut cap?09:29
charlvniptables does some bandwidth accounting but i don't know how accurate it is09:29
charlvnafaik it's the -vv option or something like that09:29
Kerbero...flows... something09:29
KerberoSquirm, just cap by adding a reject firewall rule for that ip09:30
Kerberoor drop09:30
charlvnyeah it's the -v verbose option09:30
charlvncheck it periodically, if it goes past your limit, just move the person to deny09:31
charlvnthe ip i mean09:31
KerberoSquirm, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NetFlow is generally used for accounting i heard09:31
charlvnimportant thing to remember is that you might need to do uploads and downloads separately09:31
Kerberobut charlvn's method seems easier09:31
charlvnnever tried it but looks interesting http://sourceforge.net/projects/ipt-netflow/09:32
charlvniptables module09:32
charlvni built a custom linux-based hotspot / internet cafe thing a long time ago09:32
charlvnused something like iptables -vx09:34
Reenenhi all09:51
ReenenI'm on Vodacom with nightowl and just installed Ubuntu, and before the end of the month comes, I have 3gb worth of data that I can use on updates and package installations... How do I set a cron job to install wine and wine-tricks?09:52
charlvnReenen: if it's a once-off thing, it might be better to just run a script with a long sleep ?09:53
Reenenfor now09:54
Reenenbut I wouldn't mind setting my updates to also just happen between 00:00 and 05:0009:54
charlvnotherwise just use crontab and add a job that runs at midnight (for example) with apt-get install wine wine-tricks09:54
* Reenen is at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto09:54
charlvnfor updates you need apt-get upgrade -y09:54
ReenenI am newb09:55
charlvnand for installing you need apt-get install -y [list of packages]09:55
charlvnalso a handy reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cron09:56
charlvni would also add the -q switch to apt-get09:56
Reenenhow would I do it with a script09:56
charlvnfrom the man page: "Quiet; produces output suitable for logging, omitting progress indicators."09:56
charlvnand then pipe all the output to a file so that you can review it later09:56
charlvnyou mean crontab triggering your own script?09:56
ReenenI have never set a cronjob09:57
Reenenor created a script to execute at a said time09:57
charlvnnp, my best suggestion would be to start by practising writing basic shell scripts and running some test cron jobs09:58
charlvnwhat you also could take a look at: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/redirecting-stderr-to-stdout/09:59
charlvnso in the shell script itself, i would do this: apt-get upgrade -yq &> /tmp/aptlog10:00
charlvnand remember to run this as root10:00
charlvnso you will need to have this in the root user's crontab10:00
charlvnthere's an example of that on the ubuntu help page: sudo crontab -e10:01
mazalag , lol11:39
mazalIt's not the terminal you clown hehehehe11:40
mazalBye all11:40
Reenenlol@mazal earlier13:05
Kilosafternoon superfly nuvolari and all others13:06
KilosMaaz, coffee on13:06
* Maaz flips the salt-timer13:06
Kiloslo inetpro 13:07
inetprowb Kilos 13:09
inetproMaaz: coffee please13:09
Maazinetpro: Yessir13:09
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos and inetpro!13:10
KilosMaaz, ty13:12
MaazYou are welcome Kilos13:12
Kiloshehe inetpro  stretched data too well, got 5m gonna expire tomorrow13:13
superflyhi Kilos13:14
inetproKilos: that will only expire at midnight tomorrow13:18
Kilosgood ty13:18
Kilosso i can be online full time till then13:18
Reenenhow can I run sudo in a script, so it doesn't need a password?13:19
Reenen... or schedule my script with as root?13:20
Reeneni want to run sudo apt-get install -yq wine wine-tricks13:20
Reenenbut do it at 00:05 tonight13:20
Kiloswhy only then Reenen 13:21
Reenennight owl data13:21
Reenenand it's the last night of this month13:21
Kilosno tomorrow night13:21
Reenentomorrow night is technically the 1st13:21
Reenenso I am unsure how vodacom's calc's regarding night owl works13:22
Kilosoh ya after midnight yes13:22
Reenenis there even a root user on a default ubuntu install?13:22
Reenenhow do I log in as him?13:23
tumbleweedyou shouldn't13:23
Reenenwell, how do I schedule my install if I can't?13:24
tumbleweedsudo at 00:0513:24
tumbleweed(at is pretty cool)13:25
Reenenyeah, but then... I have to be awake13:25
Reenenthat is a command?!13:25
Reenencan I do "sudo at 00:00 apt-get install -yq wine winetricks"13:26
Reenentype my password and it's all done?13:26
Reenenno cronjobs etc. required?13:26
tumbleweedyou don't provide the command on the at command line13:26
tumbleweedyou do "sudo at 00:00"13:26
tumbleweedthen type "apt-get install -yq wine winetricks"13:26
tumbleweedand you're done13:26
Reenenthank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!13:27
charlvnoh yeah i forgot about that13:27
charlvnnice one tumbleweed 13:27
* Reenen copies and pastes that in an email to himself to get it right tonight13:28
charlvnthe at command13:28
Reenenwhen will it ask for PW?13:28
charlvnReenen: for future reference, if you want to run a cron job as root, just schedule the cron job as the root user13:29
charlvnafaik if you do sudo crontab -e then it will open up the root crontab13:29
charlvnReenen: yes but immediately when you run the command, not later when the commands you schedule using at will run13:29
Reenenie. just after ctrl-D13:30
charlvnno immediately after typing sudo at 00:00 or whatever13:30
Reenenor just after sudo at 00:0513:30
* Reenen is happy13:30
charlvnfirst it will run sudo then it will run the at command13:30
Reenenshould find some other packages to install onto my PC13:31
charlvnso immediately when you execute that it will ask for the password (if it needs it)13:31
ReenenI have 3g13:31
charlvnyou can download a fair bit for that13:31
charlvnhowever be careful in how the bandwidth is being metered13:31
charlvnwhat will happen when you go over your 3GB?13:32
charlvnyou need to take things like protocol overhead etc into account13:32
tumbleweedbtw, if you want to schedule package downloads, I recommend rather doing apt-get -dy.13:36
tumbleweedthen it'll download by itself, but won't install13:36
tumbleweedless chance of things going horribly wrong :)13:36
Reenenthnks will do13:44
Reenenapt-get -dy no install part?13:53
Reenenjust apt-get -dy wine wine-tricks13:53
Reenencharlvn: well I pay R2/mb if I go over that13:54
ReenenI still have about 10mb left for the month on the non night owl stuff13:54
Reenenhow much will ubuntu chow just by being on line for about 3h (lets say I go to bed at 21:00)13:54
Kiloswith nothing open Reenen ?13:55
Reenenjust terminal open13:55
Kilos10 or 20kB13:55
Reenenand system monitor13:55
Kilosi dunno if the monitor looks online then it could be a bit more13:56
Reenenkk cheers all13:58
tumbleweedMaaz: tell reenan yes, you do need install14:01
Maaztumbleweed: I don't know who reenan is. Say 'reenan on freenode' and I'll take your word that reenan exists14:01
tumbleweedMaaz: tell Reenen yes, you do need install14:01
Maaztumbleweed: Okay, I'll tell Reenen on freenode14:01
mazalEvening all15:27
mazalI have a really strange problem15:28
mazalI did updates (didn't see everything that got updated) , now my system-monitor indicator on the top panel suddenly started flashing15:28
mazalThe whole thing is flashing in a gone-there-gone-there-gone-there cycle15:29
Kilosyo maz16:03
Kilosoh my16:03
Kilosoh my he really is lost16:31
Kilosi been away from pc16:31
Kilosevening smile4linux 17:29
smile4linuxhallo Kilos :)17:29
Kiloshi psydroid 17:30
Kiloslo queery all well?17:30
psydroidhi Kilos17:31
psydroidhoi smile4linux17:31
smile4linuxhallo psydroid :)17:31
psydroidek ben nou aan die avoneten bezig :D17:32
smile4linuxaandete! :p17:32
smile4linuxpsydroid: jy het 'n fout gemaak :o17:32
* psydroid apologises for butchering afrikaans, but that's the only way to learn to speak it17:33
smile4linuxpsydroid: ja :)17:33
psydroidsmile4linux, my leef es een groote fout :(17:33
Kilosek is besig met aand ete  of ek eet gou aand ete17:33
smile4linuxKilos: sal jy aand ete maak? :p17:34
Kilosmoenie verstik nie17:34
Kilosek het klaar geeet dankie17:34
Kilosmaar ek sal koffie bestel17:34
KilosMaaz, coffee on17:35
* Maaz puts the kettle on17:35
KilosMaaz, coffee for all17:35
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already17:35
smile4linuxKilos: plesier xD17:35
smile4linuxek het 'n artikel geskryf :) in afrikaans ^^17:35
smile4linuxek het 1 fout gemaak :p17:35
Kiloswie het dit gelees smile4linux 17:36
smile4linuxaf.wikipedia.org , Kilos 17:37
Kiloshmm jy raak slim nê17:37
smile4linuxKilos: http://af.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middelburg,_Belgi%C3%AB17:37
Kiloskan jy dit vir my epos smile4linux as dit nie prentjies in het nie17:38
queeryHi oom Kilos17:38
queeryall are well17:38
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!17:39
queerydamn missed the kettle17:39
smile4linuxKilos: @ jou epos? :)17:39
smile4linux"Middelburg is 'n nedersetting in die munisipaliteit Maldegem van die Nederlandssprekende Belgiese provinsie Oos-Vlaandere. Middelburg lê in die noordweste van die provinsie, in Meetjesland, teen Nederland. Die dorp het die hoogste poskode van België." :)17:41
Kilossmile4linux, epos=email18:02
smile4linuxKilos: ek weet :p18:02
smile4linuxmaar ek het jou epos nie :o18:03
smile4linuxmaar jy kan daardie tekst lees ;)18:03
Kilosja dit lyk goed. maar ons moenie baie lyne hier pos nie, die werkende mense sdis spam18:05
Kilosteks in afr ek dink18:05
inetprogoeie aand18:05
Kilosnaand inetpro gaan dit goed boetie18:06
inetproKilos: ek sukkel so bietjie maar ek's oraait18:06
Kilossukkel met wat inetpro 18:07
inetpromy bromponie se battery het vandag gevrek18:07
inetprogelukkig het hy 'n skop dingetjie18:07
inetproKilos: daardie ding van jou vir die broeimasjien, ek kan dit mos net eenvoudig gebruik om die battery te herlaai?18:08
Kilosdis vrek koud hierdie tyd van die jaar op n bike18:09
inetproKilos: sal dit werk?18:09
Kilosja jy kan18:09
charlvnkonbanwa misan18:09
charlvngenki des ka?18:09
Kilosdit was gemaak as n laaier anyway18:09
Kiloskyk net die voltage18:09
inetpromoet ek iets stel18:10
Kilosdit moet 14v wees om doed te laai18:10
charlvnok apparently nobody here speaks japanese... at least one language that is not spoken in #ubuntu-za18:10
Kilosek kan nie onthou nie wat het ek als aangevang met als waarmee ek gespeel het18:10
smile4linuxKilos: dankie! ek sal jou epos toevoeg aan my kontakte :p18:11
Kiloskoko nie hon ga arimasu ka18:11
Kilosok smile4linux 18:11
smile4linuxdone :)18:11
Kiloscharlvn, ^^18:11
Kilossmile4linux, net nie kiekies stuur nie asb. net teks18:12
charlvnnice Kilos 18:13
smile4linuxKilos: wat doen jy?18:15
Kilosamper niks smile4linux ek is brein dood na n ongeluk18:16
Kilosen baie oud amper18:16
smile4linuxKilos: jy het 'n ongeluk gehad?18:17
Kiloslol ja n windpomp het my kop oop gebars18:18
Kerberodit klink soos 'n nederlandse/afrikaanse gesegde18:20
Kilosha ha ha18:20
Kilosyou well Kerbero ?18:21
smile4linuxbye! :)18:35
smile4linuxKilos: bye for you, without smiley18:36
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 18:59
* nuvolari is so tired18:59
Kiloshi nuvolari 18:59
nuvolarineed coffee18:59
nuvolariMaaz: kettle on18:59
Maaznuvolari: Huh?18:59
Kilosgoto bed lad18:59
nuvolariMaaz: coffee please18:59
Maaznuvolari: There isn't a pot on18:59
nuvolariMaaz: help coffee18:59
Maaznuvolari: Times coffee brewing and reserves cups for people. You can use it like this:18:59
Maaz  coffee (on|please)18:59
KilosMaaz, coffee please18:59
MaazKilos: There isn't a pot on18:59
nuvolariMaaz: coffee on18:59
* Maaz puts the kettle on18:59
nuvolariMaaz: coffee please19:00
Maaznuvolari: Now now, we don't want anyone getting caffeine overdoses19:00
KilosMaaz, coffee please19:00
nuvolariMaaz: I beg to differ19:00
Maaznuvolari: *blink*19:00
nuvolarihow are you oom Kilos?19:00
MaazKilos: Done19:00
Kiloswell ty nuvolari and you?19:00
nuvolariMaaz: coffee please19:00
Maaznuvolari: Now now, we don't want anyone getting caffeine overdoses19:00
nuvolarior do i only need to ask once?19:00
nuvolariI'm good thank you oom :)19:00
nuvolariI'm in an unstable state19:01
Kilosyeah coffee on and he already makes for you19:01
nuvolarimy eyes not feeling to bright19:01
Kilosfrom what?19:01
nuvolarinie klop-disselboom nie oom19:01
nuvolariI dunno19:01
nuvolarimy nek is al vir die afgelope 2 dae stywerig :(19:01
Kilosjy doen iets verkeerd19:03
MaazCoffee's ready for nuvolari and Kilos!19:03
Kiloste veel een hand op die muis terwyl jy skeef sit19:03
KilosMaaz, ty19:04
MaazYou are welcome Kilos19:04
nuvolarithanks Maaz 19:04
nuvolariKilos: ja ek dink so oom19:04
nuvolarimy postuur is nie reg nie19:04
nuvolariek wil daardie "standing desk" ding probeer19:04
Kilossit n plank op jou kniee en werk die muis daarop19:04
nuvolariso you basically stand at a desk and work19:05
nuvolariI dunno if anyone around here tried it before19:05
nuvolariKilos: from what I've read it's pretty healthy19:05
Kilosthats why we invented chairs so we dont have to stand19:05
nuvolaricompared to sitting all day19:05
Kiloshi Devo 19:07
Kiloswho you?19:07
nuvolarioh hi Devo 19:07
* nuvolari didn't see Devo sneaking in19:08
nuvolariand keeping really quiet19:08
Kiloswhois Devo  nuvolari 19:08
Kilosi been missing too much19:08
nuvolariKilos: I dunno who it is?19:12
Kilosi go ged inna warm bed now. sleep tight all19:13
nuvolarinight oom Kilos !19:15
nuvolarilekker slaap :)19:15
Kilosjy ook dankie19:15
=== dean is now known as dean_machine

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