bluefox83harris_: to my knowledge such software is not currently available for ubuntu...00:00
harris_how do i download a app in the software center that lets me login to ubuntu 12.04 using my face and my webcam00:00
bluefox83Celso_: then it's not using the card00:00
nulldevharris face && webcam > dev/null >> harris00:00
Celso_Bluefox83 : but how tha hell is still on?00:00
jointthis is the best guide for ubuntu 12.04 and amd catalyst..... everything about drivers. http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Precise_Installation_Guide00:00
Benkinoobystef1a, anything interesting in dmesg?00:00
lopnut1971ActionParsnip, still didn't work00:00
ActionParsnipharris_: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/09/login-to-ubuntu-using-your-face/00:01
harris_nulldev,  you want me to download face && webcam00:01
ActionParsniplopnut1971: run:  lsusb   use the 8 character hex ID to find guides00:01
harris_ActionParsnip,  should i post outcomes00:01
Celso_joint: thanks! i will going to check if there is something that could fix.00:01
jointnp. it has everything...00:02
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Celso_Bluefox83 : and thanks for the help bluefox83!00:02
ActionParsnipharris_: outcomes of what?00:02
jointi like to manually install the drivers now that i know how to do it.00:02
harris_the codes00:02
bluefox83Celso_: it's likely running a generic card driver00:02
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Benkinoobystef1a, how familiar are you with terminals?00:04
Celso_Bluefox83 : probably. i am going to check the link. but, really, thank you!00:04
jointRemoving Catalyst/fglrx is towards the bottom00:04
bluefox83Celso_: you're welcome00:04
bluefox83brb ppl00:04
harris_ActionParsnip,  E: Unable to locate package pam-face-authentication00:04
harris_is what comes up00:04
stef1aBenkinooby: yes; dmesg displays a lot of stuff, not sure what to look for.00:05
Celso_joint : the bottom? i didnt understand....00:05
Benkinoobystef1a, hm, ok... are you used to console? do you know commands like cat or cd?00:05
BertoHi - So has anyone made a good solution to the awful 1 pixel Ubuntu 12.04 Window Resize Corner problem??00:05
ActionParsnipharris_: make sure the ppa supports your release00:05
nulldevif [ -d windows ] ; then rm -rf windows00:05
jointscroll down to the bottom of the page...00:06
harris_how do i do that ActionParsnip00:06
stef1aBenkinooby: yes00:06
Benkinoobystef1a, also is this a fresh install?00:06
stef1aBenkinooby: what do you mean by fresh?00:06
nulldevharris why are you asking about an e; partition?00:06
jointthat page shows u how to do everything00:06
Cerrdorhow do I get out of root so I can install something not as root?00:06
BenkinoobySteeltip, did you just set it up?00:06
harris_ActionParsnip,  i have ubuntu 12.0400:06
Benkinoobystef1a, , did you just set it up?00:06
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stef1aBenkinooby: no, it's been a fee weeks00:06
BenkinoobySteeltip, sry, wrong nick00:06
Benkinoobystef1a, and the problem was there all the time?00:07
alex-Can I get infected by keyloggers?00:07
stef1aBenkinooby: not sure... I think I could originally use the slider, but it wouldn't save the brightness after a reboot, so then I added the acpi_vendor and linux lines to the grub config file, and then it got as it is now00:07
ActionParsnipharris_: ok, check it supports Prcise then....00:07
Celso_joint : yep. lots of information there00:07
nulldevforgot fi00:07
nulldevyou can get infected by anything on Linux00:08
harris_how do i check it00:08
jointits direction on how to manually install amd driver supplied by ubuntu... or to download them of of amd's site and compile the package00:08
nulldevless than windows but if you know the Linux system aN00:08
nulldevand what root and a user is its secure as fook00:09
jointif you remove the amd driver, depending on which one u have, you may have to replace some files... you have to read it. its a bit much at first. but you get used to it. i like to always have the latest catalyst drivers00:09
jointthe ubuntu supplied amd driver doesnt always have the latest features00:09
Benkinoobystef1a, i have to go now, but here is what i would do: try to get back to original state, install the closed source driver (keyword: jockey) in case you haven't00:09
stef1aBenkinooby: yes, sir! thank yoiu!00:10
ActionParsnipharris_: http://ppa.launchpad.net/antonio.chiurazzi/ppa/ubuntu/dists/  only goes up to Oneiric00:10
harris_ActionParsnip,  so how do i get it00:10
harris_is there a code00:10
Benkinoobystef1a, then come here again... it is easier to fix settings that are not save than settings that are not working at all00:10
jointcatalyst 12.5 will be released any day now00:10
Benkinoobystef1a, to be honest, it is very strange that the brightness changes for new chrome tabs00:10
Celso_joint : thanks alot dude! already bookmarked that link :D going to restart to see if the changes worked! thanks!00:11
jointok good luck00:11
jointyea i keep that link up in the cloud myself :)00:11
Benkinoobystef1a, also, i don't think it intended, that the brightness is saved over a reboot00:11
nulldevbrightness lvls would never be stored in a var00:12
jointi hope he can read that from another comp. he might just be booting up to a command prompt00:12
Benkinoobystef1a, but if you want that, a small bash-skript could be used for that, which saves the config at shutdown and resets the config at reboot.00:12
Benkinoobystef1a, also i am sure that there is a "default" brightness set somewhere in the system00:13
K350any terminal utility that shows varous info about a file?00:15
nulldevinfo as in?00:16
zykotick9K350: "file foo"?00:16
Chuck_NorrisK350: file /path/to/file00:16
psusiK350, what sort of info?00:16
nulldevk350 stat is a good one i,e stat file/dir00:17
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K350zykotick9: file is good too, I want to know privelgeies - in numbers, file size and type and date00:17
KRomoany suggestions on a podcast app for linux?00:17
Chuck_NorrisK350: ls -l foo00:17
stef1aBenkinooby: I removed the lines from the config file. Now the slider is back.00:17
psusiK350, ls -l00:17
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Benkinoobystef1a, ok, that's good00:18
zykotick9K350: permissions aren't typically shown in octal format - that's for human interpretation00:18
stef1aBenkinooby: However, the screen is still adjusting its brightness whenever I shift windows. This bothers me.00:18
Benkinoobystef1a, so brightness is working the way it should - except for that saving part00:18
nulldevdu -h --max-depth=2 / | grep **M00:18
stef1aAnd I suspect that the brightness resets to maximum upon reboot.00:18
Benkinoobystef1a, hm, ok00:18
K350nulldev: stat, that's the tool I was looking for. Thanks a lot!:-)00:18
Benkinoobystef1a, can you give me the output of dmesg?00:19
nulldevcan be good for finding whats taking up space00:19
K350ok, found the tool I was looking for  - 'stat'00:19
nulldevstat FTW its brill k350 :)00:19
stef1aBenkinooby: uh... it's pretty large.00:19
K350nulldev: FTW..huh..what's that?00:20
Benkinooby!paste stef1a00:20
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:20
nulldevk350 fuck the world00:20
BenkinoobyK350, free the walrus00:21
stef1aBenkinooby: http://pastebin.com/wW5q8VM100:21
nulldevmultiline message<<EOF; 1;2EOF00:21
supplyshipso.. is this where i am supposed to be if i can't figure out what i'm doing?00:22
MalsasaHello, TAB button used for jump forward from one item to next item in GUI, e.g. Wordpress Login Page. Now how if i wanna jump backward? What button should I tap?00:22
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Benkinoobystef1a, can you run lspci in a terminal and paste me its output please?00:23
bastidrazorMalsasa: shit+tab00:23
bastidrazoroops.. shift+tab00:23
Malsasabastidrazor: ooooh, thank you!00:24
Malsasabastidrazor: how easy, i dont know....00:24
bastidrazorMalsasa: You're welcome00:24
stef1aBenkinooby: http://pastebin.com/ys4c9TWR00:24
Malsasabastidrazor: :D00:24
nulldevwonders how noobs would have handled 10 years ago00:24
jointi think that guy didnt print those instructions and deleted his amd driver.. and is just sitting at a prompt right now going omg00:24
homecablewhats a good program to watch ur bandwith00:24
jointi hope he didnt do that00:24
ActionParsnipnulldev: was ok, just a steeper learning curve :)00:25
ActionParsniphomecable: ntop00:25
jointwell.. welcome to the world of amd drivers00:25
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Benkinoobystef1a, ok see if you can run a programm called jockey or something like that... it will look for drivers for your video card00:25
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peterrooneyTen years ago, "How to Ask Questions the Smart Way" was required reading.00:25
nulldevactionparsnip maybe but these gui kids these days00:26
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Benkinoobynulldev, i would not consider that as a disadvantage... those who are serious will come to command line sooner or later :P00:27
hrmartinFirst time here. First time Ubuntu User. Just installed 12.04 on old  HP Pavillion TX1000 running AMD Turion 6400:27
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hrmartinWIFI NOT WORKING. Can someone hep???00:27
Benkinoobynulldev, also gui isn't always a bad thing00:27
Benkinoobystef1a, how's it going?00:28
stef1aBenkinooby: run; it says the ATI/AMD prop FGLRX driver is active00:28
nulldevbenkinooby cli rules end of. GUI is handy for anything I forgot to script00:28
stef1aBenkinooby: it says the "post-release updates" one is inactive, though00:29
stef1abut iirc i tried to activate that and it didn't work00:29
jointstay away from that post release updates one00:29
jointi have never met anybody that has got that to work00:29
stef1a"...and it didn't work" ;)00:29
jointi dont even know why its there00:29
jointmaybe for the future00:30
zuma99is this an OK channel to ask a question about changelogs for a package that was recently updated?00:30
jointif you want the latest its best to always download and install amd catalyst from the web site00:30
ActionParsnipnulldev: its how the inductry has progressed00:30
Benkinoobystef1a, hm... so i think your first step should be to go for a fitting driver. for that some1 else has to help you. there is also a good article about it in the formus00:31
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:31
nulldevactionparsnip true00:31
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto00:31
stef1aBenkinooby: okay, thank you; i'll take a look later00:31
jointhttp://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Precise_Installation_Guide  save and print that. everything u need to know about amd catalyst and 12.0400:31
Benkinooby!ati stef1a00:31
ActionParsnipnulldev: I've found that as users get used to the OS they tend towards CLI for things though :)00:31
jointamd catalyst support will be a little better in kernel 3.400:32
Benkinoobystef1a, i think you have an ATI graphic card00:32
nulldevthe commnity not Ubuntu but all non generic Linux and BSD fight against windows thats why they suffer from viruses00:32
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Benkinoobystef1a, good luck00:33
nulldevactionparsnip I grew up on cli and basic on a spectrum00:33
nulldevI modified a flight simulator app I copied out of a book and modified it aged 600:35
nulldevI get lost in gui00:35
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jointfedora 17 was released today00:37
ActionParsnipnulldev: same, zx spectrum rocks :)00:37
jointi think thats kernel 3.300:37
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nulldevfedora gets released every day lol00:37
nulldevspectrum FTW00:37
rogerioHi guys!00:37
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ActionParsniphi rogerio00:37
pionarhi rogerio00:38
rogeriocan u guys help me with video encoding to xVid?00:38
nulldevactionparsnip this is why I love the rasberry pi its teaching kids what we learnt not from school but sitting in front of a computer00:38
Chuck_Norrisaloha rogerio :D00:39
Chuck_Norrisrogerio: arista-transcoder00:39
rogeriohum, so can I use it with Pitivi, for example?00:39
Chuck_Norrisrogerio: mencoder "input.???" -of avi -ovc xvid -oac mp3lame -xvidencopts "fixed_quant=4:aspect=16/9" -lameopts vbr=2:br=128 -vf scale=720:576 -ofps 25 -o "outputs.avi"00:40
rogerioAhh ok, I saw just now that arista is not a codec ;)00:41
KRomoSexwhat is a great podcast program?00:42
Chuck_Norrisnot, arista is a really good program for transcoding media files: http://www.transcoder.org/   and also see   http://www.transcoder.org/presets/ =P00:43
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nulldevroot is now known as pwned :)00:44
merryman540Hi. My windows system is refusing to open any dvd storage discs that I created a while back. However, I can open the discs in Linux. The disks contain otfe encypted contains (made on the windows pc)-I was wonder if it might be possible to open those encrypted containers in a linux system??00:44
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nulldevmerryman50 boot from it if you want to rescue your windoes else stop asking how to reverse windows users in a Linux room00:45
merryman540nulldev: I don't understand what you mean-say again?00:47
eli9Hi all00:47
eli9im a male00:47
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nulldevmerryman500 windows is shit00:47
OgrimThis is a Lunix room and they don't want you trying to ask about Windows00:47
eli9what linux app do u recommend for cutting videos into parts? :)00:47
merryman540nulldev: ok mate. I didn't come on here for an argument.00:48
nulldevmerryman540 Im not either00:48
tomaszcześć jest ktoś z polski00:49
* Star2012 yawns00:49
wilee-nileemerryman540, encryption is done with a app you will need that app to open them I would suspect.00:49
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nulldevwindows is very shit though00:50
escott!language | nulldev00:50
ubottunulldev: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:50
nulldevwindows is poo00:50
wilee-nilee54321 banned00:50
ActionParsnipnulldev: depends on needs00:53
KRomoSexi just fell in love with a piece of linux software00:53
KRomoSexfor the first time00:53
ActionParsnipKRomoSex: guake maybe?00:53
sbattey_What software?00:53
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KRomoSexno, Clementine00:53
nulldevneeds do matter but what needs differ?00:53
KRomoSexremoved rhythmbox00:53
ActionParsnipKRomoSex: nice choice00:53
ActionParsnipnulldev: playing the latest games not runnable in Wine/cedega etc for one00:54
KRomoSexwhat is guake? replacement terminal?00:54
Dmoleanone know of a CLI docx2html?00:54
merryman540wilee-nilee: (lol good name!) yeh sure the apt is free otfe (on the fly encryption) - I know you can make encrypted linux containers using it - I know linux recognises most things windows but just wondered if anybody might know it I could do this in linux-unecrypt my windows containers.00:54
lorecasterI had to install linux last month, and re-install last week. A fresh-install allows all USB devices to work fine. After a while, my keyboard and mouse (both USB) work, my printer, etc... but no peripherals do. My USB sticks don't work, my JVC HD Camcorder won't connect. All are known-working, and the drives mechanically function. Ideas?00:54
lorecaster(won't recognize my iPhone4 either... nothing00:54
nulldevguake is the equivalent of the quake terminal for gnome00:54
ActionParsniplorecaster: tried setting your USB to legacy mode in BIOS?00:54
zuma99hi...is this an OK channel to ask a question about changelogs for a package that was recently updated?00:55
ActionParsnipKRomoSex: if you use terminal a lot I strongly advise you install it :)00:55
ActionParsnipzuma99: should be ok :)00:55
lorecasterI never touched the bios... in either of these re-installs. I can do as you request, though, if you think it would have chanced wihtout my intervention00:55
nulldevactionparsnip thats all windows is good for games00:55
stuengand outlook00:55
stuengyou cant beat outlook00:55
ActionParsnipnulldev: its all I can think of00:55
harris_how do you unlock ubuntu 12,04 with facial unlock00:56
ActionParsnipstueng: there are loads of native email clients00:56
Dmoleoutlook on mac is nice, windows sucks00:56
merryman540Can I mount windows created otfe containers in linux?00:56
stuengemail clients that pale in signgicance to the features available in an exchange/outlook configuration00:57
harris_how do you unlock ubuntu 12,04 with facial unlock00:57
nulldevthe only time Linux fails is with m$ protocols i.e exchange00:57
jointstueng just use gmail00:57
nulldevpostfix did the job for years00:57
zuma99thanks ActionParsnip i can't seem to get changelogs for the recent updates, such as for libsnmp-base which was updated this week00:57
bsmith093i need qt4.7 stuff for lucid for a little downloader ive been using for 5 months now that recently broke, how do i get it?00:57
Guest16788i've spent a few hours installing ubuntu 12.04 on a friends macbook pro (i've been asking her for years to try it out), and many more hours trying to troubleshoot a NO SOUND issue. not much info on the internet, and i've tried everything i know. anyone here good at troubleshooting sound problems? if i can't get this sorted, it's a deal breaker for her00:58
ActionParsnipstueng: thats the kicker, exchange. If you get a groupwise server you'll see all that is available in evolution00:58
zuma99when i try (using aptitude) i get Couldn't fetch URL http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/n/net-snmp/net-snmp_5.4.2.1~dfsg0ubuntu1-0ubuntu2.2/changelog00:58
zuma99because there actually isn't a changelog posted there00:58
zuma99i was just wondering where to report something like this00:58
ActionParsnipzuma99: try:  sudo apt-get update00:58
nulldevyou can connect to an exchange server via imap00:58
nulldevnothing m$ with imap00:59
Ben64is there any easy guide to upgrading 10.04 to 12.04 without unity and keeping gnome-panel00:59
zuma99ActionParsnip well, actually the update itself installed fine00:59
bluefox83ok so, i created a new user and it can log into gnome or unity just fine, my orignal user account on the other hand...can't. how do i fix that?00:59
bluefox83whenever it tries to login to the other one, it just returns to the login screen00:59
ActionParsnipBen64: sudo do-release-upgrade    should do it01:00
zuma99it's just the changelog that doesn't seem to be there (for other of the packages that were updated this week also)01:00
harris_how do you unlock ubuntu 12,04 with facial unlock01:00
merryman540Maybe I could mount the windows created otfe containers in linux using truecrypt?01:00
ActionParsnipzuma99: as there bugs reported?01:00
Ben64ActionParsnip: did you see the second half of the question?01:00
ActionParsnipBen64: you will probably get unity installed but you have gnome-panel installed which will also be installed01:01
harris_how do you unlock ubuntu 12,04 with facial unlock01:01
zuma99ActionParsnip yes, the changelog is normally useful because it shows what bugs are fixed.  i normally look at them when i do updates01:01
bluefox83harris_: you can't01:01
harris_yes you can i have seen youtube01:01
ActionParsnipzuma99: could use http://www.launchpad.net01:01
bluefox83harris_: then find the youtube instructions01:01
ActionParsnipbluefox83: you can with a ppa01:01
bluefox83because no one here knows how01:01
harris_it doesnt have any01:01
zuma99ActionParsnip thanks...i'll give that a try01:01
ActionParsnipharris_: you could reinstall with Oneiric and use that guide I posted01:01
Ben64ActionParsnip: i have yet to see a way to keep the same functionality with 12.0401:01
nulldevharris sounds like your using gentoo not ubuntu01:02
* bluefox83 has seen no end of trouble with 12.0401:02
ActionParsnipBen64: www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/03/gnome-classic-in-ubuntu-12-04-its-like-nothing-ever-changed/01:02
Ben64ooh, the title sounds good, thanks01:02
ActionParsnipbluefox83: i've had the same, I just deleted the hidden folders in $HOME and logged in ok01:02
ActionParsnipBen64: its just using gnome-panel as the shell instead of Unity, nothing clever01:03
bluefox83ActionParsnip: are you kidding me? there are lots of hidden folders in there!01:03
harris_ActionParsnip, is there a code that lets you run old apps01:03
Ben64ActionParsnip: don't need clever :)01:03
nulldevlol a deleting hidden folders in /home01:03
ActionParsnipBen64: like I said, you already have gnome-panel installed and it will be upgraded with the rest01:03
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ActionParsnipharris_: no, unfortunately not. You could contact the PPA maintainer to see if s/he will support Precise later01:04
SilversongWhen 12.10 comes out full release, should I stick with this LTS Precise or upgrade?01:04
ActionParsnipnulldev: $HOME not /home01:04
Ben64Silversong: depends what you want01:04
ActionParsnipnulldev: it made it work for me :)01:04
nulldev$HOME is /home01:04
SilversongBen64: What's new in Q.Q.?01:04
ActionParsnipbluefox83: you could always back them up and restore one by one01:04
ActionParsnipnulldev: $HOME == /home/$USER01:05
KRomoSexi have a question, when new versions of ubuntu come out can i just upgrade over existing install01:05
KRomoSexor must i use an iso every time01:05
Ben64Silversong: "As this will be the first of a series of three releases before the next LTS release, Shuttleworth indicated that it will include a refreshed look, with work to be done on typography and iconography."01:05
ActionParsnipKRomoSex: yes, you can upgrade to the next realease01:05
KRomoSexdo i even need an iso or will it update itself?01:05
ActionParsnipKRomoSex: if you stay on the LTS release, you can upgrade to the next LTS when it comes out01:05
nulldev$HOME is a variable == is a checksum it could have been = /home/$user is replaced by the var01:06
ActionParsnipnulldev: try:  echo $HOME01:06
KRomoSexwhat makes lts diff from anything else?01:06
ActionParsnipKRomoSex: longer support, trying to get more stable packages in the repos01:06
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)01:06
nulldevenviroment variable too sorry01:06
KRomoSexhow often are there lts versions?01:06
ActionParsnipKRomoSex: every 2 years01:07
KRomoSexi didnt think that long01:07
ActionParsnipKRomoSex: 12.04 (Precise) is LTS01:07
ActionParsnipKRomoSex: its also the newest stable release01:07
GG111when I hit the "super" key and try to search for any application, nothing shows up. how can I fix it ?01:07
KRomoSexis lts the only stable releases?01:07
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harris_how to run oneric programs on percise01:08
bluefox83i can't figure out why the heck my main user is locked out :(01:08
zizooHey guys. I don't know the word for this or I'd have looked it up, but how can I create a stream to aggregate input from multiple sources and feed them into another program's stdin?01:08
=== ArthurPonserelli is now known as invisiblk
=== invisiblk is now known as invisiblek
harris_how to run oneric programs on percise01:09
Ben64harris_: you don't01:09
harris_i need to though01:09
strictlandhello everyone, so i am almost done configuring samba, I ran testparm and got http://paste.ubuntu.com/1014017/, here is my smb.conf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1014020/. I'm concerned about 3 warning messages 1- WARNING: The "null passwords" option is deprecated 2-WARNING: The security=share option is deprecated and 3-WARNING: 'workgroup' and 'netbios name' must differ. -Any help is appreciated!01:09
ActionParsnipGG111: I've seen this, gomme a sec01:09
Ben64harris_: then compile it yourself?01:10
nulldevsamba same as m$ sucks01:10
harris_what does compile mean01:10
ActionParsnipharris_: you don't NEED face unlocking. you WANT it, there is a world of differnce01:10
Ben64!compile | harris_01:10
ubottuharris_: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall01:10
KRomoSexso, wuill 12.10 be the next lts?01:10
Dmolenm found docx4j01:10
IdleOne!guidelines > nulldev01:10
ubottunulldev, please see my private message01:10
MagicJI have a system where lpstat is showing that the printer, which is just a generic printer, is "accepting requests", it seems to be too, in that I cal "lp" files to it.  Yet the jobs just remain in the queue - I know that if I remove and re-install the printer (software) it will work again.  But then be lost when I re-boot - how do I find/fix what is wrong here?01:10
harris_i remeber being told a code that let me01:10
Ben64KRomoSex: 14.0401:11
ActionParsnipGG111: mv ~/.local/share/zeitgeist/activity.sqlite ~       log off, then log on01:11
ActionParsnipKRomoSex: the first number is the year, the second is the month ;)01:11
=== Travis is now known as Guest71809
ActionParsnipharris_: you can but its not supported or advised and will more than likely break your OS01:12
KRomoSexso.....i see 12.10 is in beta when is that scheduled for release as stable?01:12
Guest71809I was wondering what is the best Linux distro to start off on I meaning learning in a command line not a GUI interface:)01:12
Ben64KRomoSex: 12.10 = 2012.1001:12
zizooI just want a realtime output text stream that I can send input to manually or by other scripts and have it go into my program as its standard input.01:12
jointkromo.. october01:12
zizooOr even for someone to just tell me what search terms I should use to find that.01:12
harushimowhat is the vmplayer for ubuntu?01:12
Ben64zizoo: mkfifo?01:13
KRomoSexso last dumb question....do i want to upgrade from 12.04 lts to 12.10 when 12.10 is released?01:13
harushimoI'm using virtual box. I'm just curious about the vm player01:13
KRomoSexwhy wait for lts?01:13
Ben64KRomoSex: if you want to01:13
jointkromo.. most likely.. if you like to run the most updated stuff01:13
zizooAh! Thanks Ben64. This looks exactly right.01:13
KRomoSex Ubuntu 12.04.1 august 23rd is next major rel?01:14
ActionParsnipKRomoSex: its a personal choice, some people do. I like grabbing the latest Alpha releases01:14
Shant_Is this the right place for support quesiotns?01:14
Ben64Shant_: for ubuntu, yes01:14
KRomoSexi wanted to grab alpha releases but i hosed my systyem yesterda when i installed kernel 3.401:14
UltimediaOShey ppl... somebody knows a good IRC client package ?01:15
jointnot major... thats just an update for 12.0401:15
KRomoSexso now idk what to do01:15
jointubuntu releases a new os every 6 months. the lts is more for businesses or people who dont like to update all the time01:15
Shant_I changed some appearance settings in my superuser account, in 12.04, and now when I try to login, it jsut freezes. I am on the Guest account, can I access the user's options form the guest account?01:15
Guest71809what is the best OS for low performance I dont want Ubuntu01:16
wilee-nileeShant_, you tweaked compiz?01:16
KRomoSexisnt there lubuntu?01:16
jointtry mint with mate01:16
Shant_Well, I did to reduce icon sizes, but that's not what caused the problem01:16
Shant_The problem was when I truned off sticky edges01:17
wilee-nileejoink, mint is not a issue here and not supported01:17
ActionParsnipUltimediaOS: pidgin for me, I'm on irssi from work now :)01:17
Shant_And I set the unity launcher to only appear on one screen (dual screen)01:17
Guest71809KRomosex: I uesed that before and it sucket it was not even for lower perfornce. Am looking for something that does not use a lot of memmory01:17
wilee-nileejoint, mint is not a issue here and not supported01:17
ActionParsnipKRomoSex: thats because its a 3rd party kernel. 3.4 is for Quantal01:17
jointmint is ubuntu01:17
Ben64mint is not ubuntu01:18
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org01:18
ActionParsnipjoint: mint is mint, ubuntu is ubuntu01:18
tr3ntonI have installed a package via a deb, replacing the version installed from the repo's. Is there a recommended way to enforce the package manager not to update the software from the repo?01:18
tr3ntonI did do : echo "nvidia-current hold" | dpkg --set-selections, as suggested at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto ; but this doesn't seem to apply in the gui update-manager ..... do i have to use synaptic package manager (gui) to prevent the update coming through in update-manager?01:18
reisioit is Ubuntu, but that doesn't mean it's supported here :p01:18
Guest71809Is there a distro out there that uses low memory?????01:18
jointi wasnt supporting it...01:18
reisioGuest71809: how low?01:18
ActionParsnipGuest71809: Lubuntu01:18
reisiojoint: nothing else to say, then :)01:18
jointok then.. so be quiet :)01:18
ActionParsnipGuest71809: tinycore, puppy, feather, slitaz01:18
reisiono! :p01:18
reisioGuest71809: except none of those01:19
ActionParsnipGuest71809: if you want super low, just install ubuntu minimal then install fluxbox :)01:19
Guest71809reisio: ActionParsnip: I used lubuntu it did not work for what am looking for:) Am looking for the internet and office work that is it:)01:19
jointben 64 in marketing yes... technically, no01:19
reisioGuest71809: how'd lubuntu not manage that?01:19
OptimizedCoderBasic UNIX/LINUX question. Saw once a program/app/binary is started with a set of args/flags (that you parse in that app/program), its allocated a pid. Afterwards - without killing the process, is it possible to append another flag/arg?01:19
jointmint is ubuntu with alternative desktops01:19
robotdevilIs the fglrx driver pooched for 12.04?01:20
Guest71809reisio: It was taken so much memory:(01:20
reisioOptimizedCoder: sometimes, sometimes not01:20
ActionParsnipjoint: and has its own repos and different settings01:20
reisioOptimizedCoder: things you can modify after starting are often called daemons01:20
OptimizedCoderreisio, What do you mean by that ?01:20
Shant_Anyone know how to change superuser settings from guest account in 12.04?01:20
reisioOptimizedCoder: just what I said :P01:20
jointaction.. it uses the ubuntu repos01:20
ActionParsnipjoint: on your theory you could say mint is debian, which it isnt01:20
reisioShant_: by knowing the root password01:20
Ben64Guest71809: could use damnsmalllinux01:20
Shant_yes but where do I go01:20
ActionParsnipjoint: doesn't matter, its still not supported here01:20
OptimizedCoderreisio, Lets say I start it in a daemonized/backgrounded fashion to begin with01:20
jointubuntu is debian...01:20
ActionParsnipShant_: you can reset passwords from the root recovery mode01:21
ActionParsnipjoint: its not, its ubuntu01:21
Guest71809I have 4GB of Ram and my computer over heats really easy and I need a Operating system that does not use alot of anything so it can keep cool. Ben64: Am going to see about that one Damnsmallinux:)01:21
jointok then...01:21
jointi must have read wrong01:21
Shant_I have passwords, I just screwed uo some display settings, and I need to change them from guest01:21
Ben64Guest71809: you could just fix the overheating problem. :)01:21
ActionParsnipjoint: if ubuntu is debian, you could get ubuntu support in #debian but they will simply tell you to ask here01:21
reisiojoint: you read right, it's just off topic :p01:22
jointaction not really.. it depends on the question they ask01:22
reisioActionParsnip: only if you tell them you're using Ubuntu :p01:22
ActionParsnipjoint: its a different distro so isn't suported there01:22
ActionParsnipjoint: its really quite simple01:22
jointok like i said before.. i wasnt supporting it01:22
jointyou seem to keep talking about it though01:22
Shant_Joint, you might be misunderstanding the meaning of support?01:23
MechanisMhello. who can help me with creating ppa?01:23
jointplease stop harrasing me01:23
reisiojoint: it's just they don't want you idly chatting about it here, either :p01:23
=== sbattey__ is now known as sbattey_
ActionParsnipMechanisM: I'd ask in #launchpad01:23
jointlike i said. i wasnt supporting it01:24
Guest71809Ben64: But how can I fix that I dont have alot of opition in my BIOS:)01:24
=== ad is now known as Guest6973
Shant_I will ask again, yes or no01:24
Shant_Oh sorry01:24
=== Guest6973 is now known as aklyong
robotdevilIs the fglrx driver broken for 12.04?01:25
reisiojoint: right, but they don't want you even making the comparison, as it's not the purpose of thise channel :p01:25
jointlol you still talking?01:25
reisiorobotdevil: try another kernel01:25
reisiojoint: are you? :p01:25
jointno i was in the bathroom...01:26
Shant_Just, yes or no, is it possible from the guest account, on 12.04, to change the settings of the superuser account, knowing the password, because when I login to SU account, the computer crashes.01:26
robotdevilreisio: you mean an older version01:26
reisioI don't talk in there, either01:26
wyldeGuest71809: clean the fans/ports, and/or replace failing fans etc?01:26
reisiorobotdevil: or newer01:26
reisioShant_: yes of course01:26
Shant_Where would I go?01:26
reisioShant_: that depends on what you want to change01:26
Shant_Appearance settings01:26
reisioShant_: what about them01:27
robotdevilreisio: can you dl form synaptic, would nt may system already have the newest one01:27
Guest71809wylde: I clean the fan or ready. I bought a new fan and I took it back because people said it was worth less to buy one. But it keeping doing the same thing I need that fan again:)01:27
UltimediaOSActionParsnip: i enjoy  pidgin myself :D - but i you hangle several accounts it gets confusing01:27
robotdevilreisio: avaliable in the repo that is01:27
Shant_Well, when I turned off sticky edges and, on dual screen, set the launcher to be on only one, the computer kept crashing, so I want to change it back01:27
wyldeGuest71809: I bet the folks in #hardware would have lots of suggestions for you.01:27
reisiorobotdevil: it might, it might not01:27
robotdevilreisio: ok01:28
K350midnight commander question. What key(s) opens the menu?01:28
ActionParsnipUltimediaOS: I only use it for IRC, its an old habit01:28
reisioShant_: 'su - user', 'cd', 'mv ~/.config/ ~/backup1.config/'01:28
jointshant what radeon do you have?01:28
reisioK350: menu?01:28
Shant_Are those to be typed one at a time in the terminal?01:29
reisioShant_: yup01:29
jointthe ubuntu supplied amd driver is not always the best solution for the later, and more powerful video cards01:29
K350reisio: yes - menu.01:29
reisioK350: didn't realize mc had a menu01:30
K350reisio: It has :-)01:30
Shant_reisio: when I type su - shant, (the user), then fill the password, it says setgid: Operation not permitted01:31
ZaehlasAnyone here familiar with the default installation of unetbootin?  I'm having issues on one of my computers where the "browse" doesn't show any files on the computer, and not sure if it's using wine or it's own config file to determine where it is looking for a file system...01:31
=== patrick is now known as Guest4414
Guest4414Hello I have a problem which no matter what I have tried hasn't been fixed, and I believe you pros will be able to help me out.01:32
Guest4414I have two monitors and Nvidia X Server Settings detects both but the Ubuntu default "Displays" does not.01:33
reisioGuest4414: so... what's the problem?01:33
=== John__K is now known as Guest73749
Guest4414I can not use my second display at all.01:33
escottShant_, have you tried logging in to tty1 and doing the mv that way? ctrl-alt-f101:34
reisioGuest4414: it displays, but doesn't work?01:34
=== Guest73749 is now known as Tasmania
Guest4414Let me upload a screenshot.01:35
=== Axlin^ is now known as Axlin
Jordan_UShant_: ctrl+alt+F7 or F8 to get back to a GUI.01:35
Shant_escott: I am not sure I understand "doing the mv"01:35
Jordan_Uescott: Whenever mentioning switching to another tty, meake sure that the user knows how to get *back* or you'll just see the ping timeout in the channel as they pull the plug to reboot :)01:36
Zaehlasif no one is here that is familiar with unetbootin, is there a room I can check with?  #unetbootin exists, but no one is there...01:36
escottShant_, reisio suggested you "su and then execute mv ~/.config ..." but you could also just ctrl-alt-f1, login as shant there and directly run the mv01:36
cogHow do I scan for viruses?01:36
jointuse microsoft security essentials01:37
escottShant_, ctrl-alt-f7 to get back to the gui01:37
botanhey guys, i am using grsync to backup some files - i get 8 files with errors: http://pastebin.com/Xkaketqr  -- i wonder if it is a filename issue or what is going wrong?01:37
Jordan_U!virus | cog01:37
ubottucog: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus01:37
FezzlerSwitched to Lubuntu last night.  Was on 11.10.  Update Manager wants me to upgrade to 12.X.  Should I?  Will I stall have LXDE?01:37
Guest4414http://bit.ly/JsQCtY <---- Screenshot of Nvidia + default ubuntu displays01:37
phixhmmm is there are way to tell newly opened applications to get focus and go on top of other windows?  I open up nautalis and it opens but doesn't pop up automatically01:39
Jordan_UGuest4414: That's expected when using proprietary drivers. Ubuntu's Display manager should have also given you a warning about that though.01:39
Guest4414So what should  I do?01:39
Jordan_UGuest4414: Use Nvidia's configuration tool.01:40
=== notapuff is now known as puffin
ActionParsnipphix: what session are you logging i to?01:40
Guest4414Jordan_U: May you be a little more specific?01:41
phixActionParsnip: gnome fall back01:41
phixActionParsnip: I absolutely hate unity, it is the worst decision Ubuntu has made so far01:41
phixwell besides using / forcing network manager01:41
ActionParsnipphix: using Compiz or not?01:41
phixActionParsnip: not01:42
phixActionParsnip: I have disbaled all pretty gfx effects and what not01:42
Jordan_UGuest4414: In your screenshot the tool on the right is Nvidia's configuration tool, the tool on the left is Ubuntu's. As long as you're using Nvidia's drivers you'll also need to use Nvidia's configuration tool.01:42
ActionParsnipphix: makes the OS more stable :). I hate compiz as much as you seem to hate Unity :D01:42
Guest4414I have tried to enable it through that it does nothing. ;(]01:43
SpudsterAnyone know of a simpler way of doing this in Ubuntu without creating a Ruby script? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=157808701:45
ActionParsnipGuest4414: if you hit detect displays a lot, does the other display jump up?01:45
Guest4414ActionParsnip: Nope.01:46
KRomoSexi just installed google chrome and when watching videos, the audio is crackly01:47
KRomoSexdoesnt do it on chromium 1901:47
GG111ActionParsnip: thank you , will try and report back01:48
ApocalyptikzI'm trying to get my user back to default. What files do I need to rename?01:49
escottApocalyptikz, /var/log/Xorg.0.log. to go back to what you had you would "rm -rf .config; mv .config.bak .config"01:50
phuongvoHi, I don't know how to use scalatest. Can you help me?01:51
ForSpareParts2Hey guys, I'm trying to chroot into a failed upgrade to finish it -- how can I tell what in /dev/ is my hard drive?01:53
vexaxvhey guys on ubuntu 12.04 how do i edit my partitions, im using gparted but sda is active because im using ubuntu so is there a way to boot into gparted withought booting into my hard drive to edit the partitions01:53
ActionParsnipvexaxv: use liveCD01:53
dwarderguys, cheap vps?01:54
vexaxvActionParsnip, thanks01:54
Apocalyptikzescott, I see "fglrx: No matching Device section for instance... found"01:54
KRomoSexanyone having trouble with adobe flash 11.3 beta?01:56
KRomoSexthe audio seems to crackle, 11.2 works fine01:56
jointi wouldnt use a flash beta01:57
FezzlerI was on 11.10 and Unity but switched to Lubuntu and LXDE.  Should I upgrade to 12.04, even though I've gone Lubuntu?01:57
tr3ntonForSpareParts2: df ?01:58
vexaxvany idea why i have a extended 5 gig partition on ubuntu 12.04? im installing on someone elses pc and it doesent give an option for extended partition01:58
ForSpareParts2Sorry, what does df mean?01:58
vexaxvcan i just delete it?01:58
tr3nton!df | ForSpareParts201:59
ubottuForSpareParts2: Graphical representations of where your disk-space is being used are: baobab (GNOME), filelight / kinfocenter (Kubuntu). On the terminal: df -h -T01:59
ForSpareParts2tr3nton, thanks.02:00
ActionParsnipFezzler: you can use LXDE in 12.0402:01
bluefox83ok, so i discovered that only my primary user is locked out of X, i created a new user and it accesses X just fine. so why can't my main user get past the login screen?02:01
shawny78how does one get their Radeon 5850 working properly on Ubuntu 10.11  ... also, how can one test that it is working?02:02
FezzlerActionParsnip>> Thanks.  Any benefit to upgrade if using LXDE?02:02
scisohi i am trying to use the Hud but it will only give me desktop options nothing todo with the active app02:02
FezzlerActionParsnip>> Everything working.  Hate to mess with it.02:02
ActionParsnipFezzler: later drivers, newer kernel etc02:03
ActionParsnipFezzler: if it ain't broke, don't fix it :)02:03
cryptotheslyvexaxv, the extended partition most likely contains swap space. Have a look at /etc/fstab to see if that is the case - although that can be confusing if you chose the option to ecrypt home dir during install02:03
AcidRain2012my box hates me.02:03
AcidRain2012still havent fixed why software center wont click "install now" button02:04
ActionParsnipAcidRain2012: if you close software centre and run:  gksudo software-center    does it work ok?02:04
scisobluefox83 have you tried logging into ubity 2d or any other desktop environment02:05
defryskI would like to congrat the developers of ubuntu with Unity , I hated it but for some reason it run flawless in 1204 . Maybe I should see a doctor for appreciating unity in 1204?02:06
ForSpareParts2Okay, so I'm pretty sure my disk is /dev/sda02:07
ActionParsnipdefrysk: tastes change dude :)02:07
ForSpareParts2but I can't mount it.02:07
ActionParsnipForSpareParts2: you don't mount /dev/sda02:07
ForSpareParts2OK. What do I do?02:07
ActionParsnipForSpareParts2: you mount the partitions on the drive02:07
defryskActionParsnip, I guess it can :-)02:07
ActionParsnipForSpareParts2: the first partition will most likely be /dev/sda102:07
scisohi i am trying to use the Hud but it will only give me desktop options nothing todo with the active app has any1 else had this02:08
ActionParsnipsciso: tried it in lots of apps?02:08
ForSpareParts2ActionParsnip, so when I try to mount that, it says that I "must specify the filesystem type"02:08
ActionParsnipsciso: like gimp02:08
ActionParsnipForSpareParts2: what file system does it use?02:08
ForSpareParts2Whatever the Ubuntu default is, I believe.02:09
scisoive tryed gimp gedit and firefox02:09
scisoActionParsnip,  ive tryed gimp gedit and firefox02:09
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
FezzlerActionParsnip>> Amen to that.  I'll run updates but not upgrade yet02:11
dwarderanyone uses vps?02:11
dwarderi need a cheap one to install vpn02:12
dwarderwill that 1$/month https://www.fastvps.co/ do the trick02:12
shawny78ok, maybe a different question, can anyone tell me why my HD5850 would be telling me that it is a 6800?02:12
ActionParsnipFezzler: could wait for it to die then clean install / upgrade to Precise :)02:12
OerHeksdwarder, does it run on ubuntu  ?02:13
dwarderOerHeks: yes02:13
FezzlerActionParsnip>> LOL.  I'm planning to run this AMD K6-266 to 202002:13
=== VGoff is now known as VGoff_afk
cryptotheslydwarder, what do you intend to run on it? I can't imagine a $1 vps having much allocated 'grunt'.02:14
dwardercryptothesly: vps02:15
dwardercryptothesly: vpn02:15
ActionParsnipFezzler: I would too :)02:15
dwardercryptothesly: openvpn02:16
dwardercryptothesly: server02:16
cryptotheslydwarder, not sure how far you are going to get with just 128MB ram on that $1 thing. I'm not sure that even meets ubuntu server min requirements02:17
=== VGoff_afk is now known as VGoff
CoJaBoIs it possible to install MeshLab on Jaunty? Old, I know, but I cannot update this machine :/02:18
ActionParsnipCoJaBo: jaunty isnt supported anymore02:19
CoJaBoActionParsnip: I know; I cannot take the machine down long enough to do an upgrade.02:19
patrick__Hello I am back and my problem is a little better now but could be better02:19
CoJaBoThe problem is tho, it gives syntax errors even trying to compile it; and the MeshLab documentation is down.02:20
patrick__My second screen is just white02:20
OerHeksCoJaBo, well, there is a trick, add "old-releases  > http://www.snowfrog.net/2009/05/02/apt-sourceslist-for-old-versions-of-ubuntu/02:20
ForSpareParts2ActionParsnip, I'm not sure what my filesystem is, but ext4 doesn't seem to work...02:21
ForSpareParts2er, nevermind02:21
ForSpareParts2It was SDA2.02:21
cryptotheslydwarder, just checked - 128MB is minimum requirement for ubuntu server. You might just get away running openvpn on that vps although I thin you'll be relying on burst RAM most of the time which may or may not be useable.02:21
* ForSpareParts2 facepalms.02:21
dwardercryptothesly: ok, i'll just try02:22
CoJaBoOerHeks: I've done that already; the error I get trying to install from apt is "Package meshlab is not available, but is referred to by another package.02:22
CoJaBoThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or02:22
=== ForSpareParts2 is now known as ForSpareParts
CoJaBois only available from another source02:22
CoJaBoE: Package meshlab has no installation candidate02:22
CoJaBothat was supposed to be one line..02:22
FloodBot1CoJaBo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:22
cryptotheslydwarder, worth a shot as long as there is no long term contract tie-in - check the T&Cs before committing.02:22
CoJaBoOerHeks: I'm not sure why it wouldn't at least compile tho :/02:23
dwardercryptothesly: well, i'll have to pay for a year so it is 12$ per year02:23
CerrdorOk I installed eggdrop from apt-get now where the heck is it?02:24
OerHeksCoJaBo, upgrade to 12.04 or better a fresh install02:24
CoJaBoOerHeks: The machine I can do that on is an Intel Atom; the good one, I cannot upgrade at this time.02:25
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
artaleeheloo.. help me02:26
=== Karmaon is now known as doesUbuntuHateAw
=== doesUbuntuHateAw is now known as AwayNickAwayNick
=== AwayNickAwayNick is now known as Karmaon
artaleei have a problem in procces remastering02:27
CerrdorOk I installed eggdrop from apt-get now where the heck is it?02:27
CaptWhocan someone recommend a ddns service?02:28
jribCaptWho: no-ip.com?02:28
cryptotheslydwarder, I'd be inclined to take the FAST256MB $2.99 for a month and use that to assess the reliability of the servers and get an accurate idea of actual ram usage, then commit to the year sub for $12 if it fits.02:28
jribCaptWho: dpkg -L eggdrop, but why do you need to know?02:28
jribcryptothesly: erm, ignore my last02:28
jribCaptWho: erm, ignore my last02:29
jribCerrdor: dpkg -L eggdrop, but why do you need to know02:29
jribcryptothesly: 3 c's in a row :P02:29
thauriswulfaHELP: how to set different wallpapers for different workspaces on xubuntu?02:29
cryptotheslyjrib, autocomplete wins xD02:29
CerrdorSo I can configure02:29
ZeloZelosthauriswulfa, you can do it with compiz..only way i know of02:30
jribCerrdor: should probably read the docs that got installed with it02:30
dwardercryptothesly: yeah, i'll take one month fast 25602:30
CoJaBoAhh, theres enough space I can dual-boot.. That might work...02:30
CaptWhojrib -  i want to host my mail server02:30
Cerrdorcant read the docs if you dont know where its located02:30
Cerrdornow can we02:30
jribCerrdor: I just gave you a command02:30
ZeloZelosthauriswulfa, actualy , thats the only way i know of that dosent make it to where you cant see your icons02:30
thauriswulfathauriswulfa: so not possible without compiz?02:31
AVPdoes blender 2.49b has the transparency function?02:31
xoke I saw online an opening for op here02:31
bazhangAVP, try #blender02:31
CoJaBoOerHeks: Does meshlab install from apt-get on 12.x? It did not on my 11.x machine..02:31
OerHeks!info meshlab02:32
ubottumeshlab (source: meshlab): System for processing and editing triangular meshes. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.3.0a+dfsg1-2 (precise), package size 6614 kB, installed size 17720 kB02:32
AVPbazhang, nobody answered02:32
bazhangAVP, be patient02:32
AVPbazhang, ok02:33
longbaohoanghi there02:36
longbaohoanganything funny here02:36
bazhang!ot | longbaohoang02:36
ubottulongbaohoang: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:36
jointyea.. take a look in the mirror!02:37
lixbazhang: which implies, Ubuntu is not funny?02:37
ActionParsniplix: this is support only..02:37
ubottuYou might think your joke is funny, but you may confuse new users who follow your advice or irritate people who attempt to answer your question.02:38
ZeloZelosbazhang goto #ubuntu-offtopic and bs away :)02:38
jointthey booted me out of ubuntu-offtopic for talking about the new world order02:39
* lix thinks joint is funny02:39
cryptotheslyquelle surprise02:39
dr_willisits ot to talk about ot.02:39
dr_willismain us servers been slow this holiday weekend?  or has it just been some isp issues ive been having?02:41
longbaohoangSorry, but I'm new here. Just wanna ask that can I install Ubuntu dual with Windows 7.02:41
bazhang!dualboot | longbaohoang02:41
dr_willislongbaohoang: yes. thats a common way to do it02:41
ubottulongbaohoang: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot02:41
dr_willislongbaohoang:  hopefully your pc maker has not used 4 primary partitions on the hard drive allready02:42
ActionParsnipdr_willis: tried apt-fast ?02:43
dr_willisActionParsnip:  seen that mentioned, not tried it.02:43
dr_willisseems onb the weekends my server speeds get slow to the updates.. or it may be my isp/connection gets slow due to all the people watching netflix,  or somthing. ;)02:44
ActionParsnipdr_willis: it's apt-get + axel  downloads from 3 places, makes things faster#02:44
ActionParsnipdr_willis: might help with the slowness02:44
longbaohoangI have a ThinkPad X220t, if I try to cut my C partitions and install Ubuntu, will I lost my laptop factory reset?02:44
reisiolongbaohoang: only if something goes wrong02:45
dr_willislongbaohoang:  most pcs have a 'restore' partition you shoud always make a restore-dvd set if you want to keep windows.02:45
reisiowell, you should always make a backup of anything you want to be sure to have a copy of02:46
reisioburning to DVDs is one way to do that02:46
reisioanother is to dd to a file on another disk02:46
dr_williseven if you dont put linux on it... allways make a set or 2 of those02:46
reisiowaste of time02:46
escottlongbaohoang, i've found that those "windows recovery dvd's" never work. the only thing that seems to work is a windows backup to an external device02:46
reisioan external drive will serve you better in the long run, cost less in the long run, and be simpler to use immediately02:46
ActionParsnipreisio: PITA more like02:46
dr_willisi tend to just buy a new hard drive for my laptops ;) keep the original somewhere safe. and replace it with one that always seems to be 2x tghe size for just a few $02:47
reisioActionParsnip: yeah02:47
reisioI... don't backup Windows anymore02:47
longbaohoangBut my laptop have no DVD driver. It's a X series, you know.02:47
reisioafter deleting so many 50GB backups, you learn to not waste your time doing it any longer02:47
reisioI might backup a reinstall partition, as those are usually no more than 10GB02:47
dr_willislongbaohoang:  external usb optical drives are cheap02:47
reisiobut only for other people not myself :p02:48
lixlongbaohoang: us a memorystick instead02:48
cryptotheslylongbaohoang, use the Windows utilities to resize a Windows partition. Anything after XP tends to get all twisted if you use something like gParted to manipulate them.02:48
reisionah gparted will work02:48
reisiobut there's no 100% guarantee it will02:48
dr_willisi tend to keep a laptop for like 2 years then pass it on to my brother or other faimly. so its easier for me to pop back in that old laptops original hd. and they got a new system ;)02:48
reisioit's more like 98%02:48
escottcryptothesly, i've never had a problem02:48
cryptotheslyescott, lucky you02:48
reisiocould be luck :p02:49
reisiocould be something else :D02:49
escottcryptothesly, im just wondering if there is something unusual about your windows systems. but i've moved NTFS partitions all around the disk and its always booted just fine02:50
reisioit's definitely a good idea to defrag first02:51
dr_willisdefragging... how quaint.. ;P02:52
reisioindeed :p02:52
dr_willisalways amuseing to  see the look on a windows users face when you tell them that youve never needed to  defrag  your linux box...,02:53
lixdefrag is ot, guys!02:53
ActionParsnipyeah dr_willis  you install to ext2...right :)02:53
dr_willisBEosFs! ;)02:53
reisiodr_willis: and other things02:54
dr_willisHavent heard much news on the 'new filesystems' front lately either.02:54
ActionParsnipkeep user docs, swap space, temp  and system on different partitions in windows and you wont have to defrag windows nearly as much02:54
dr_willisive had newly formated hard drives.. i copy a few files to.. then windows tools say its fragmenetd..  at less then 1% iin use... go  figure.02:55
cryptotheslyescott, nothing unusual - factory restore partition, followed by a Win7 partition. Resizing the Win7 partition using gParted has caused it to go dirty twice. Not had that problem using disk utils in Win7. Hardly empirical science I know :)02:55
dr_willisWhat is the name of the next generation Filesystem that was all the rage a few months back? Btrfs? i havent seen it mentioned on blog sites lately02:56
cryptotheslyIs that B-tree based?02:56
ActionParsnipdr_willis: i tried it on my lappy, seemed to run slower02:57
cryptotheslySeem to remember B-tree being the next big thing 5 years ago...  think that was in relation to databases though.02:57
AVPhey i use 10.04 can it run tar.gz apps?02:58
KRomoi think im gonna go back to win 7 lol02:58
KRomovery frustrated tonight02:58
KRomoanyone running google chrome on ubuntu?02:59
cryptotheslyAVP, tar.gz are compressed archives. Whether you can run what is contained in them depends on what it is really.03:00
ActionParsnipKRomo: i do03:00
KRomoi need help with it03:01
ActionParsnipKRomo: whats teh issue?03:01
cryptotheslyKRomo, sorry to hear that. Chromium seems to be running OK here if that's any help :/03:01
=== Gallomimia_ is now known as Gallomimia
dr_willisChrome/CHromium working  on my ubuntu box fine  here also.03:02
dr_willisAndchat on my phone however..... still crashing. :)03:02
KRomoi keep getting aprofile error03:02
AVPcryptothesly: so that's a no no03:02
ActionParsnipKRomo: tried renaming your profile folder for Chrome?03:02
KRomohow do i get to thew folder?03:03
KRomonow out of the blue, the error is gone03:03
dr_willisself correcting ;)03:03
lix#ubuntu is magic03:04
dr_willisso .. do we still send KRomo  a bill? ;)03:04
ActionParsnipKRomo: test for a few days03:04
ActionParsnipdr_willis: sure, for the same price as the OS ;)03:04
KRomoi feel like sucha tool lol03:04
* dr_willis closes the ticket03:04
* lix sends the bill03:04
tr3ntonI find some of the about://flags in chrome(ium) cause that profile error for me, occasionally03:05
KRomoevery time i opened chrom,e it said myt profile couldnt be read and then my history was empty03:05
ActionParsnipspeeddial2 in chrome is awesome03:05
ActionParsnipKRomo: is it ok now though?03:06
KRomoit seems so :)03:06
KRomoi didnt do anything tho03:06
dr_willisKRomo:  wonder if you ever accidently ran the browser as root.  that can goof up permissions on some files03:06
cryptotheslyAVP, it's not a no no for sure. tar.gz can quite happily be extracted on Ubuntu. Whether what is contained will run on Ubuntu will depend on whether it is already compiled and what it was compiled for. If it's not compiled then it ~should~ be possible to compile and run it. If you can be more specific about what tar.gz you have it might be helpful.03:06
tr3ntonthere's some new extension for remote access: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gbchcmhmhahfdphkhkmpfmihenigjmpp , could be cool :D03:06
AVPcryptothesly: blender03:08
ActionParsniptr3nton: not bad :)03:08
dr_willis!info blender03:08
ubottublender (source: blender): Very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.62-1 (precise), package size 20658 kB, installed size 52038 kB03:08
dr_willissome days i  wonder about  theuse of subjective terms like 'very fast and versatile' in  descriptions. ;)03:10
ActionParsnipdr_willis: if you read the reviews, someone seems to think its not so fast ;)03:10
dr_willisgetting where its harder and harder to filter out what you dont want from an apt-cache search listing03:11
dr_willisat least it dosenthave the coders name in the description like ive seen on some packages03:11
cryptotheslymy steam-powered mechanical differencing engine is fast and versatile in relation to earlier alternatives ;)03:11
reisioI have a quantum steam powered analytical engine03:12
reisiothe steam blows around the atomic bits03:12
dr_willisdo you have to defrag  it?03:12
reisioonly when I run Windows on it03:12
reisioso I can use sheep.exe03:12
cryptotheslyare you sure you actually have it reisio? Surely if you observe it you cannot be sure?03:12
* ActionParsnip defrags his abacus03:12
lixreisio: sheep in superposition?03:13
dr_willisjust finished reading a  artical on btrfs.   :)03:13
reisiocryptothesly: surossibly03:13
reisiodr_willis: was the article finished?03:13
reisiomost things to do with btrfs aren't :p03:13
dr_willisbasically mentions how brtfs seems to be getting pushed to fast into Oracle and a few other disrtos.03:13
escottdr_willis, btrfs is sadly still unusable on ubuntu because of dpkg and firefox's dependence on fsync03:14
ESphynxhey guys03:15
=== root is now known as Guest16876
ESphynxWtf does trying to install a 32bit version of the libjpeg library tells me that build-hessential is going to be removed ?????03:16
ActionParsnip!rootirc | Guest1687603:16
ubottuGuest16876: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.03:16
Guest16876erorr wifi03:17
ActionParsnipGuest16876: details please...03:17
dr_willisit pays to ask a question, using complete sentances...03:17
lixGuest16876: got root on your wifi router?03:17
Guest16876driver wifi03:18
ActionParsnipGuest16876: ok, you aren't charged by the letter here03:18
ActionParsnipGuest16876: use FULL sentances and describe the issue03:18
dr_williswe seem to play 20 questions  here way way way to much.03:18
bazhangGuest16876, is this backtrack?03:18
Guest16876ok plees wan mint03:19
nydelis there a way to change the position of an open window from terminal?03:19
bazhangGuest16876, mint's not supported here03:19
Guest16876bt 2303:19
OrukusakiOh my God03:19
bazhangGuest16876, backtrack is not supported here either03:19
dr_willisnydel:  ive seen some tools in the past for it. Not sure what ones work these days or new ones may be out. 'devilspie' i recall being one.03:19
dr_willis!info  devilspie03:20
ubottudevilspie (source: devilspie): find windows and perform actions on them. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.22-2 (precise), package size 30 kB, installed size 112 kB03:20
ActionParsnipbazhang: sounded like the mentality and intelligence of the average backtrack user :)03:20
dr_willisnydel:  there may be newer alternatives to that.03:20
ActionParsnipdr_willis: grab gdevilspie from google code if you are using devilspie, makes life easier03:20
bazhang#backtrack-linux Guest1687603:20
ActionParsnipGuest16876: ask in #backtrack-linux03:20
ActionParsnipbazhang: good catch03:20
dlumI'm having issues with my macbook pro installing 12.04. It seems to be freezing when trying to switch to X. Is there a text only installer?03:21
escottnydel, there is also a matching plugin to compiz in ccsm03:21
ActionParsnipdlum: use the alternate installer03:21
nydeldr_willis: i'm watching stuff on an hdmi out & occasionally vlc will open on the laptop, which is closed & over there, so i'm really just trying to set something up to stop that03:21
dr_willisnydel:  what do you want the windows to do exactly? Ive used the ccsm plugins to (for example) make the file-copy dialogs always be 'on top' and 'on every workspace'03:21
dlumI just tried ..... it's not just text03:21
escott!nomodeset | dlum03:22
ubottudlum: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter03:22
lixdlum: did you use the correct installer?03:22
nydeli don't see any pattern to when vlc opens on the laptop display.03:22
ActionParsnipdlum: what GPU do you use?03:22
dlumubottu: thanks, I'll check this link03:22
ubottudlum: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:22
nydeleverything else is set to prefer the smaller display since that's where i work.03:22
ActionParsnipdlum: if its an nvidia, add the boot option:  nouveau.blacklist=103:23
dlumActionParsnip: it has two cards, an intel and an nvidia03:23
nydelideally i'd be running two instances of xwindows with one on the laptop & the other on the hdmi out -- is that possible? anyone know if this is possible?03:23
ActionParsnipdlum: oh jeez, thats a whole LOT of headaches. Expect issues03:24
reisionydel: obviously not the ideal way, but you could use wmctrl to fix such things for one-offs03:24
dr_willisnydel:  i think the ccsm   plugins can do  that.03:25
dr3mrohello , is there a scipt for backing up ubuntu and restore it using tar.gz ??03:25
dlumescott: thanks that helped, but now I need how to figure out to install via text only mode :)03:25
escottnydel, you might have a problem trying to do that with one video card03:25
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning03:25
dr_willisnydel:  i never use the 2 x display feature. but its doable03:25
reisiodr3mro: from a running system?03:25
escott!alternate | dlum03:25
ubottudlum: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal03:25
dr3mroreisio, YUP!03:25
escottdlum, its a different download03:25
dlumActionParsnip: yeah ... I've been experiencing issues already03:25
dlumescott: tried and failed03:26
reisiodr3mro: you can do it with a simple tar command, but there are sections you'll need to exclude03:26
dlumescott: the grub line to boot the kernel is only-ubiquity quite splash03:26
dlumescott: it goes black after it tries to switch to X03:26
dr3mroreisio, I know about that but wouldn't it be gr8 if a script can do it automatically and restores it if needed!!03:26
cryptotheslydr3mro, DejaDup does a good job03:27
reisiodr3mro: it'd have to be a pretty smart script to know when needed03:27
reisiodr3mro: automatically is as simple as making a cron job03:27
reisiodr3mro: although for incremental backups and other fancy things you'd want to use something like rdiff-backup03:27
dr3mroreisio, I mean manually !!03:27
reisiowhen to automatically manually restore? :p03:27
cryptotheslydr3mro, man rsync03:27
dlumescott: yes, I'm aware and it's the one I'm running on now03:28
dr3mrorsync is not a good idea !! big data size compared to tar.gz03:28
reisioyou can gz the end result of rsync if you want03:28
reisiomeisth0th: hiyo03:28
dlumActionParsnip: Do you know how to do a text only install?03:28
ActionParsnipdlum: you'll need the alternate ISO03:29
meisth0thi have written a python application that helps organizing music folder, is there anybody that can make ppa package of it for me?03:29
dr3mromeisth0th, YUP!03:29
lixdr3mro: you might wanna try rsync-backup http://devpit.org/rsync-backup/03:29
lixdr3mro: or bup https://github.com/apenwarr/bup03:30
Squarismis there a hotkey for the screen shot program in ubuntu03:31
Squarismi ubuntu unituy03:31
dlumActionParsnip: I have it and i've booted with nomodeset03:31
lixSquarism: the PrintScreen key03:31
reisioSquarism: isn't it CTRL+ALT+... something?03:31
ActionParsnipSquarism: press printscreen key03:31
ActionParsnipSquarism: wasnt that the first thing you tried?03:32
nydeldr_willis: i'm gonna try ccsm, thanks for your help03:32
lixSquarism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6MgXoU15EU :)03:33
dwarderFATAL: Module tun not found.03:33
dwardermodprobe tun03:33
dwarderhow to fix?03:33
nydelSquarism: print for the workspace, shift-print for the window03:33
cryptotheslyActionParsnip, not always obvious on some keyboards. Mine is marked "prt sc" - not something that shouts screenshot to some.03:34
lixnydel: nice (didnt know)03:34
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
ESphynxhey guys, why doesn't installing 32 bit libraries automatically create the proper 32 bit .so symlinks on Precise?03:34
nydellix: there are more. system settings -> keyboard -> shortcuts -> screenshots (in unity)03:35
nydelSquarism: what i just said03:35
lixnydel: thanks03:35
ActionParsnipESphynx: if you install a 32bit app the package system wil install the 32bit deps03:35
ESphynxActionParsnip:I do'nt install 32 bit apps, I develop 32 bits apps03:36
ActionParsnipESphynx: might want to use a chroot then03:36
ESphynxActionParsnip: I want to develop my 32bit apps on my 64 bit systems.03:37
ESphynxWhy is it so hard to get this 32/64 bit co-existance right03:37
ubottuA chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot03:37
* robertzaccour tired as hell03:37
ActionParsnipESphynx: it is right...03:38
ESphynxwtf would I need a Chroot for that!!! come on!03:38
robertzaccourI moved today03:38
nydelESphynx: ActionParsnip's not wrong03:38
paulus68what is the advantage/disadvantage of creating different partitions for /boot /root /home on 1 hard drive?03:38
lixrobertzaccour: moved to ubuntu?03:38
ESphynxnydel: wrong about what?03:38
lixESphynx: about chroot03:39
ESphynxI appreciate the help you guys are giving me, pointing me in the right direction on what one is supposed to do03:39
ESphynxBut I'm totally infuriated with these Ubuntu decisions.03:39
ActionParsnippaulus68: easy backup for /home  as well as easy reinstalls. /root is pretty pointless as it's not used much at all03:39
nydelESphynx: using chroot or something like it to make different areas for coexistence of 32 & 6403:39
nydelESphynx: what ubuntu decisions?03:40
ESphynxnydel: the fact it doesn't 'just work' anymore.03:40
ESphynxas it used to before Oneiric03:40
nydelESphynx: oh come on, what fun would that be03:40
ESphynxmind you, there's not much that seems to be missing!03:41
=== chris__0076 is now known as chris_0076
ESphynxit just seems to refuse to create my libjpeg.so symlink in /usr/lib/i386-gnu-linux/03:41
paulus68ActionParsnip: Home I can understand however creating a partition of 100mb on /boot seems a bit of a overkill to me but I can totaly miss the ball here03:41
ESphynxi have to do it manually03:41
nydelESphynx: you're right though, if we want ubuntu to appear as a viable alternative to the big money os's, it should 'just work'03:41
ActionParsnippaulus68: i think its a bit pointless, I make /, /home and swap here, anything else is a bit needless imho. For servers a seperate /var can be good :)03:42
ESphynxnydel: good. I'm glad someone sees it that way.03:42
nydelESphynx: f yeah03:42
ESphynxthis whole multiarch deal, there was some good thought put into this I'm sure... and it does seem to improve on stuff...03:42
ESphynxSo why not get it right all the way.03:43
nydelanyone know how to design a global hotkey that launches firefox with url.com/q=$q where $q is hilighted text?03:44
ms-daisyHi, I'm trying to make a copy of a .conf file before I mess with it on my server.  I'm using this command: sudo cp /etc/apt/apt.conf /etc/apt/apt.conf.original sudo chmod a-w /etc/apt/apt.conf.original.03:44
paulus68ActionParsnip: thx03:45
ms-daisyI get the error: target '/etc/apt/apt.conf.original' is not a directory.  What am I doing wrong?03:45
nydelms-daisy: is /etc/apt/apt.conf a directory?03:45
meisth0thplease, can anybody make package of my application and make ppa for it?03:45
nydelms-daisy: do this: cd /etc/apt/apt.conf;sudo cp apt.conf apt.conf.original03:46
pacific-blueI have a large table with a key and a description following it. If the description is the same as the above line it will have a ". Is there a way in vi to replace the " with the description from above?03:46
nydelms-daisy: i meant this: cd /etc/apt;sudo cp apt.conf apt.conf.original03:47
reisiopacific-blue: /join #vim03:48
_xan_paulus68: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/256/is-it-good-to-make-a-separate-partition-for-boot03:48
pacific-bluereisio, thought i had. my bad03:48
reisiopacific-blue: just sayin' :D03:48
wayneosuo ery body03:49
ms-daisythanks nydel.  That still didn't work.  Problem is I've never tried to save a conf file on a server.  Can anyone point me to a tutorial, documentation, something that will walk a total noob through it?  Google is landing me on helpful stuff like "save the conf file before you edit it."03:49
nydelms-daisy: same error?03:50
nydelms-daisy: try this: cp /etc/apt/apt.conf ~/apt.conf.original03:51
nydelms-daisy: that should put a copy of the original in your home directory03:51
ms-daisyo god I'm an idiot. It's /etc/apt/apt.conf.d03:51
KRomohows is Fedora?03:51
nydelms-daisy: that's why we love computers -- when they mess up, it's our fault :)03:51
KRomoi see people making a big deal about ver 1703:52
reisioKRomo: it's probably the best distro for being an unpaid RHEL beta tester there is03:53
ms-daisyNop, I still don't have it.  Seriously.  Can anyone point me to a detailed document on saving .conf files?03:53
reisioms-daisy: saving them?03:53
ms-daisycopying them sorry03:54
U5Z3Whats with the FloodBot1,2, and 3's?03:54
reisioms-daisy: from where to where? Why?03:54
nydelms-daisy: there's no real topic on saving conf files -- you need to know about "linux file permissions" & the "cp" command.03:54
reisioU5Z3: 3 comes after 2 comes after 103:54
nydelms-daisy: 9 times of 10, a .conf is textual03:54
ms-daisyreiso I'm going to screw with a .conf file. I want to save the original before that.03:54
zombifieror cp -r if you want to copy directories03:55
reisioms-daisy: ah03:55
lixms-daisy: "cp foo bar" or "cat foo > bar"03:55
paulus68_xan_: thx03:55
reisioms-daisy: cp /path/to/conf /home/youruser/conf.backupFOO#03:55
KRomowhat app can i use to use my scanner?03:55
nydelzombifier: is that right, does cp take -r? i know rm does but i didn't think cp did.03:55
zombifierI believe vim has an option of saving the original when editing03:55
reisioKRomo: what make?03:55
lixKRomo: gimp!03:55
KRomohp officejet 6500a03:55
zombifiernydel: Yes, cp takes the --recursive option03:55
Blue1zombifier: indeed03:55
reisioKRomo: hplip/hplip-gui03:55
nydelzombifier: good to know thx03:55
ms-daisyzombifier vim FTW!03:56
bazhangKRomo, simplescan03:56
KRomoi installed hplip but i didnt see a scan option03:56
reisioKRomo: you probably want hplip-gui03:56
reisioKRomo: otherwise it's commands only, like 'hp-scan'03:56
reisio(which I actually prefer)03:56
ActionParsnipKRomo: xsane03:56
reisioKRomo: the buttons on the scanner may also work, but not necessarily03:56
KRomoits connected over network03:56
KRomois that ok?03:56
reisioKRomo: potentially :)03:57
Blue1yeah network prointer usally work03:57
ActionParsnipKRomo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo#LAN-based_scanners03:57
KRomoxsane installing now...03:57
bazhang!packaging > meisth0th03:57
ubottumeisth0th, please see my private message03:57
KRomooh wow xsane works flawless03:58
U5Z3whats xsane?03:58
KRomothanks action!03:58
nydelms-daisy: do this: "sudo vi /etc/apt/apt.conf.d" then type ":w /etc/apt/apt.conf.d" then type ":q"03:58
ActionParsnip!info xsane03:58
meisth0thbazhang, i know about packaging, but it would be a lot easier for me if there is already one experienced user that wants to help me03:58
ubottuxsane (source: xsane): featureful graphical frontend for SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.998-3ubuntu2 (precise), package size 264 kB, installed size 812 kB03:58
nydelms-daisy: do this: "sudo vi /etc/apt/apt.conf.d" then type ":w /etc/apt/apt.conf.d.original" then type ":q"03:58
zykotick9nydel: apt.conf.d is a directory usually03:59
bazhangmeisth0th, better to learn it, asking here for someone to compile your app for a ppa is not the way to go03:59
zombifiernano has the -b option. Dunno if vim has it03:59
nydelzykotick9: i asked that, i thought it wasn't this time03:59
ms-daisyThanks nydel.  I'm still disappointed that I can't copy a simple file :S03:59
nydelms-daisy: it might not be a file03:59
zombifiercp -r is needed in order to copy a folder04:00
tr3ntoni have pinned an application to the unity launcher (text editor). But if I right click some text files, Open With Scite; it creates a new icon in the launcher (same icon, so it appears there twice).04:00
nydelms-daisy: try "sudo cp -r /etc/apt/apt.d.conf /etc/apt/apt.d.conf.original04:00
tr3ntonIs that expected behavior04:00
KRomohow do i minimize all windows? like in windows windoskey+d?04:00
reisiodunno if recommending vi is a good idea for someone who didn't know how to cp a few seconds ago04:00
reisioKRomo: try CTRL+ALT+d04:00
_xan_apt.conf.d is a directory04:00
nydelms-daisy: the "-r" means recursive, you need this to copy a directory.04:00
ms-daisyreisio: good point.  This server is for breaking.04:00
reisioeverything is, in the end :p04:00
KRomoctrl+alt+d does nothing04:00
reisiobut you might find nano or gedit a better editor04:00
reisioKRomo: which version of Ubuntu?04:01
paulus68is there a utility under ubuntu simular like norton disk doktor?04:01
U5Z3ya i like gedit04:01
ms-daisygedit on a server with no gui reisio ?04:01
nydeli would recommend nano for command line04:01
KRomoi learned ctrl+alt+t is terminal today, i love that04:01
nydelwhat ms-daisy said04:01
rcrnstnHi guys, Im having problems with C++ "mem_fun" and "bind1st", can you help? http://codepad.org/g3AvnAlL (19 lines)04:01
reisioKRomo: should be Meta+D, just like Windows04:01
U5Z3Oops right04:01
ActionParsnipKRomo: you can also install guake and use F12 (by default) to show and hide the terminal :)04:02
zombifierYup, nano -B shoud save the original file as a backup04:02
_xan_KRomo: You will love guake even more then04:02
robotdevilcan I use windows pen drive creator if my ubuntu disc creator is broken04:02
reisiocan customize all the shortcuts :p04:02
robotdevilin wine04:02
lixpaulus86: what exactly would you like to do?04:02
KRomowindows+d does nothing04:02
ActionParsnipreisio: meta+D will run the app in Unity assigned to the letter D in the launcher :)04:02
zombifierrobotdevil: I see no difference04:02
zombifierIn 12.04 it's Ctrl + Super + D now04:02
robotdevilzombifier: I meant in wine04:02
reisioActionParsnip: not what what I'm reading says04:02
reisioActionParsnip: what's desktop toggle, then?04:03
KRomoOH WOW04:03
KRomoctrl super d works04:03
zombifierI have no idea why you should run system tools in wine. Try unetbootin04:03
reisiowhat an awful shortcut04:03
dwarderi'm on Ubuntu 11.04, how do i enable tun if, /sbin/modprobe tun gives WARNING: Deprecated config file /etc/modprobe.conf, all config files belong into /etc/modprobe.d/.04:03
dwarderFATAL: Module tun not found.04:03
lm_wow guy you are very serviceable :) i'm male04:03
nydelKRomo: global hotkey list is found in system-settings -> keyboard -> shortcuts04:03
nydelKRomo: you might like a lot of them04:03
paulus68lix: I have a harddrive that has some bad sectors on them which makes it still possible to read and format however impossible to reinstall ubuntu on this drive it keeps hanging therefore I want to see if it's possible to "replace" the bad sectors and try to use the hd again04:04
zombifierTry holding the Super key04:04
reisiolm_: I'm male, too, small world04:04
ActionParsnipKRomo: hold down windows key for a long time and you'll see all the asigned shortcuts04:04
KRomoright now i am running ubuntu 12.04 on a small 90gb sata3 6gbps ssd. i have a sata3 2tb drive i want to install as a storage drive. should i format it ntfs or ext4 like trhe ssd?04:04
KRomooh wow lol04:04
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot04:04
lm_reisio, i know04:04
lixpaulus86: !info fsck04:04
reisiodoes Ubuntu's 'shutdown' not have -F ?04:05
_xan_!fsck paulus8604:05
robotdevilzombifier: didnt know about it thanks04:05
ms-daisynydel: Okie dokie. I was trying to copy a directory. Epic fail. But now I've got the CORRECT conf files copied.  Thanks to all!04:05
KRomoreisio: what distro you on?04:05
nydelms-daisy: very welcome04:05
reisioKRomo: one whose shutdown has -F :D04:05
ActionParsnipreisio: windows shutdown has -f ;)04:06
zombifierYeah its kinda weird that mv does not have -r, while cp and rm has04:06
reisioActionParsnip: what about Mac OS? :p04:06
zombifiersudo shutdown now04:06
ActionParsnipreisio: ubuntu has -r -s -H -P -c and -k04:06
zombifierin Ubuntu04:06
paulus68_xan_: but will it also repair the filesystem if needed?04:06
ActionParsnipreisio: no idea, not used mac too extensively04:06
* lix wonders if option "-f" stands for "forever"04:06
reisioActionParsnip: so at all :D heh04:07
zombifierjust read shutdown's man page04:07
_xan_paulus68: yes04:07
ActionParsnipreisio: a little, to play music at a party04:07
_xan_paulus68: man fsck04:07
ActionParsnipreisio: felt weird, didn't like it04:07
paulus68_xan_: thx04:07
KRomowas unity designed for tablets? it seems like it would work well on tablets and desktops alike...the sidebar seems touch freindly04:07
lm_you know what guys, i received message 'disk drive /dev/mapper/cryptswap/ etc' but i reinstalled ubuntu without encrypting my home folder at the start and solved!04:08
lixpaulus86 http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man8/fsck.8.html04:08
nydela lot of new ubuntu users seem not to know basic li/unix commands -- i think we should alias rm='rm -i' in the next release04:08
zombifiernydel: Great idea04:08
jenhow in the HECK do i use JoinMe on Linux!?!?!?!04:09
=== jen is now known as Guest86938
reisioKRomo: it was inspired by a version originally intended for netbooks, IIRC04:09
dr_willisand joinme is?04:09
lm_you know what guys, i received message 'disk drive /dev/mapper/cryptswap/ etc' but i reinstalled ubuntu without encrypting my home folder at the start and solved!04:09
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reisioGuest86938: yes, what's joinme?04:09
lixnydel: no actually you should alias rm='wipe -fr'04:09
reisioActionParsnip: yeah :p04:09
Ieatpienstuffim wanting to share my screen with other people but stupid linux keeps foiling everything I do!04:09
reisioActionParsnip: I did use one for writing a paper in college once, though, group project04:09
reisioActionParsnip: word processors are all the same, though04:10
ActionParsnipreisio: considering what they was using it for he could've bough a windows pc and saved a few hundred, but they suckered him in04:10
Ieatpienstuffand if anyone can kindly help me fix my problem I would really appreciate it04:10
bazhangIeatpienstuff, you never asked a real question04:11
ActionParsnipIeatpienstuff: wassup?04:11
reisioActionParsnip: it's important for some people to get rid of their money :p04:11
dr_willisit helps to state the problem.04:11
Ieatpienstuffhow can I use JoinMe on linux?04:11
lixIeatpienstuff: try http://teamviewer.com04:11
reisioIeatpienstuff: what is it?04:11
Ieatpienstuffno no teamviewer04:11
dr_willisI dont think anyone in here has ever heard of JoinMe04:11
IeatpienstuffI just want to share how i draw by using it04:11
lixIeatpienstuff: what is "JoinMe" anyways?04:11
reisio^ :p04:11
Ieatpienstuffto share your screen with people04:12
dr_willisand the JoinMe web site mentions a Linux client?04:12
ActionParsnipIeatpienstuff: look into teamviewer or vnc if it is only over LAN04:12
lixIeatpienstuff: http://scriptographer.org04:13
Ieatpienstuffbut everyone uses macs and windows04:13
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lix!info JoinMe04:13
ubottuPackage JoinMe does not exist in precise04:13
ActionParsnipIeatpienstuff: vnc is a protocol used in mac and windows04:14
Ieatpienstuffall I want to do is share my screen with a EVERY POSSIBLE TYPE of computer known to man website04:14
lixIeatpienstuff: use scriptographer to draw with your friends and gobby to collectively write texts.04:14
lixIeatpienstuff: !info gobby04:15
reisiothat's what we call Flash04:15
ActionParsnipIeatpienstuff: vnc can be connected to from ANY OS that has a VNC client for it...04:15
=== tibbers_ is now known as kylemcgill
dr_willisIeatpienstuff:  vnc  has clients and teamviewer for most every os out  there.. while Join.me seems limited to android devices and windows pcs...04:15
_xan_Ieatpienstuff: you could always try to download the windows version and run it under wine04:15
reisioIeatpienstuff: http://alternativeto.net/software/logmein-express/?platform=linux04:15
dr_willisthe join.me web site isent even loading properly on my android device.. makes me worry aoyt  using their android client04:15
ray1clawand I'm IN!!04:16
Ieatpienstuffholy heck04:16
Ieatpienstuffi can do it!!!04:17
Ieatpienstuffthanks you guise! Nerd out!04:17
ray1clawwrong channel04:17
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dr_willisJust reminded me of that blues-stack android 'vm'  thing for windows. anyone noticed a similer open sourced project for linux? be nice to run some android  apps in a little window on my desktop04:19
_xan_dr_willis: could run the development environment... not sure what the performance would be like04:20
dr_willis_xan_:  or theres that x86 port  of Android 4.0 i could do in Vbox.. but thats not quite the same as how that BLuestacks works04:20
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dr_willisi figure eventually it will happen.  Be sort of a neat 'feature' for ubuntu to have an easy way to do it,.04:22
EtgarDizzhi all!04:22
CoJaBohi some!04:22
EtgarDizzI'd like to consult: I have ubuntu 11.04 installed, with some applications/modifications. from your experience, how much incompatibility should I expect if I try to upgrade to 12.04? meaning - should I even do it?04:22
=== tibbers_ is now known as kylemcgill
reisioEtgarDizz: you probably won't have any with apps not to do with the GUI/Unity/GNOME04:23
zykotick9EtgarDizz: you can't skip releases so you'd have to upgrade twice 11.04 -> 11.10 then 11.10 -> 12.0404:24
ramsmithEtgarDizz: i tend to create two / partitions one that is active and one that i use for the next release. I have a home partitions that i recycle04:24
reisiozykotick9: not even LTS?04:24
dr_willisif you don't  want or need the new features. stay with what ya have. ;)04:24
zykotick9reisio: LTS is an exception (that proves the rule ;)04:25
CoJaBoThis machine's still on Jaunty :/04:25
reisioramsmith: and you find that's necessary?04:25
reisiozykotick9: right04:25
ramsmithreisio: it has proven to be the best way for me.04:25
EtgarDizzzykotick9, that's what I meant... upgrading twice. reisio, good point. I don't think I have any mods to the gui, I do however have modified the x11 config file, and have added some libs to support java 32-bit for eg. does that sound like something that could break? meaning, the libs I installed are probably release-specific?04:26
ramsmithreisio: not necessary but i have done it that way at least 4 times after having nigling issues between upgrades04:26
_xan_dr_willis: have you tried to run bluestacks in wine just for kicks?04:26
ccooffeeI'm planning on installing Ubuntu. Please name a few things I should start with to make the computer more secure.04:26
zykotick9EtgarDizz: personally (and it's only a personal OPINION), i think upgrade are a bad idea YMMV04:26
reisioramsmith: issues like?04:27
EtgarDizzzykotick9, YMMV?...04:27
reisioEtgarDizz: can't speak to your mysterious Java™ configs, but the rest should be fine04:27
verwilstyour mileage may vary04:27
zykotick9EtgarDizz: sorry, Your Milage May Vary (meaning you might have a different experinece)04:27
reisioEtgarDizz: and even if it isn't, it shouldn't take you more than a few hours here to sort any issues out04:27
_xan_ccooffee: laptop lock, security cam connected to cctv, 300lbs security guard?04:27
dr_willis_xan_:  thats almost twisted. ;)04:28
reisiono offense, but if you can't upgrade it, you need to find another distro04:28
ramsmithreiso: just funny little stuff. its been over two years since i've done it differently.04:28
reisioramsmith: mmm04:28
ccooffee_xan_: Almost funny... :/04:28
ramsmithreisio: from memory it was mostly gnome related.04:28
EtgarDizzzykotick9, reisio, that's good advice. can you recommend a back-up application, to create an image of what I have now, in case I don't like the new release and want to revert?04:29
reisio_xan_: yeah, if you'd not used avoirdupois it'd have been funny04:29
zykotick9EtgarDizz: clonezilla livecd, or dd for image backups are two options04:29
reisioEtgarDizz: rsync from a livecd is pretty simple04:29
_xan_reisio: haha04:30
reisiorsync -av /where/root/is/mounted/ /some/other/place/04:30
reisio_xan_: :D04:30
reisiodm, that would've made it funny04:30
reisioor dg in this case04:30
reisiodecigrammes are innately funny04:30
_xan_reisio: I prefer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stone_(unit)04:31
reisioyou would :p04:31
LilCan anyone show me how to connect wvdial using usb modem without modprobing first, please.. :)04:32
_xan_ccooffee: what are you trying to achieve from a security standpoint?  encryption? anonymity? firewalled environment?04:33
dr_williswhy not just make the module autoload?04:33
ccooffee_xan_: Basic security stuff. :>04:33
dr_willisactually the plugging in of the device should load the module04:33
reisioccooffee: should be pretty secure by default04:34
Cerrdorsh-4.1$ sudo chmod 777 eggdrop04:34
Cerrdorsh-4.1$ ./eggdrop -m eggdrop.conf04:34
Cerrdorsh: ./eggdrop: Permission denied04:34
Lildr_willis:  i can't do that.. T_T04:34
Cerrdorhow do I fix that?04:34
_xan_ccooffee: exactly what reisio said04:34
ccooffeereisio: SHOULD be? Oh oh!04:34
reisioccooffee: heh04:34
dr_willislil cant do what....04:34
reisioccooffee: for example an ssh server probably isn't even installed04:34
reisioccooffee: so people can't even try to brute force or guess your pass and break in remotely04:34
ccooffee_xan_: reisio: I read the firewall isn't turned on by default? :/04:35
dr_willisa normal desktop ubuntu install has no default services listening . i belive04:35
reisioccooffee: if you want some "security" (peace of mind), look into something like AIDE or tripwire, so you know if and when your system has been compromised, and exactly how to undo it04:35
dr_willisccooffee:  its on. but theres no default rules blocking anything.04:35
Lildr_willis how to loading..04:35
_xan_ccooffee: do you have a laptop that you are moving around? or just a desktop?04:35
ubottuTo compile modules and drivers that are not bundled with the standard kernel,  for more info /msg ubottu kernel  , install the relevant package, usually called "<modulename>-source", and run « sudo module-assistant » (you will have to do this again after kernel updates). To prevent specific modules from loading, see /msg ubottu blacklist04:35
CerrdorI chmod my script 777 over and over and I still get permission denied, why is it not sticking lol04:36
dr_willisCerrdor:  check output of ls -l, what fs is the file on?04:36
zykotick9Cerrdor: is the script on a FAT/NTFS partition by chance?04:36
ccooffee_xan_: It's a laptop used as a desktop. :p04:36
ccooffeereisio: That sounds complicated.04:37
reisioccooffee: it isn't _really_04:37
reisioccooffee: but you have plenty of time to figure out how to use it, because it's pretty unlikely you'll need it at all :p04:37
ccooffeedr_willis: Would it be easy to block all incoming connections?04:37
_xan_ccooffee: if you have a router by default you don't need to worry about a firewall... I would really only be concerned about a firewall if you are accessing public wifi or something similar.04:37
ForSparePartsHey guys? I had an upgrade fail and I'm running dpkg --configure -a from chroot -- it's dying on me, says "too many errors." Is there anything I can do about that?04:37
Lilthanks... :D04:38
dr_willisccooffee:  if no services are listening.. then theres no need to block them.04:38
EtgarDizzreision, sorry I didn't understand the rsync command you wrote04:38
=== xiambax_ is now known as xiambax
EtgarDizzwhy would it work, when I try to go back from /some/other/place into /there/root/is? the new release would be more recent and nothing would happen, no?04:38
dr_willisccooffee:  and my router handles most of it all. :)04:39
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ccooffeereisio: Just yesterday I used the Installation DVD that came with my laptop to be SURE nothing was tampered with. Guess what? utorrent came preinstalled on the fucking DVD(?!) and once I installed VLC the icon was upside down... :/04:39
reisioEtgarDizz: from a live OS, if you have your root (/) mounted to say /mnt/oldubuntu, and a drive with sufficient space mounted to /mnt/oldbackup, you'd run: rsync -av /mnt/oldubuntu/ /mnt/oldbackup/04:39
ForSparePartsIt seems like the errors are all "dependency problems - leaving unconfigured"04:39
reisioEtgarDizz: hrmm?04:40
reisioccooffee: talking about an Ubuntu DVD?04:40
ccooffeereisio: No, Mac OS X.04:40
reisioMac OS isn't much for security04:41
reisiothere's a massive dormant botnet involving Apple computers ATM04:41
reisionot that it can't be, it just isn't by default04:41
ccooffeeWell, what I told you about happened within 30 minutes after installing the damn thing.04:41
crazyharryhow can I download entire directory using wget command ?04:41
reisioccooffee: installing what, Mac OS?04:41
ccooffeereisio: Yes.04:42
reisioccooffee: mmm, that's a different OS though :p04:42
ccooffeereisio: And why the **** was utorrent already on the DVD?04:42
bazhangccooffee, thats offtopic here. try a mac channel04:42
_xan_ccooffee: http://www.puschitz.com/SecuringLinux.shtml04:42
ccooffeebazhang: Why? I'm not trying to get any help for OS X. We're just talking about it.04:42
bazhangccooffee, and no cursing here04:43
bazhangccooffee, it's NOT the chat channel04:43
EtgarDizzreisio, I thought you meant I can do this from my normal OS and not only from a live CD. also, how would I replace the new relase with the backup if needed? what command in rsync?04:43
ccooffeebazhang: Wow. Calm down?04:43
reisioccooffee: I'd imagine because it wasn't an official DVD image, or alternatively because they have some commercial partnership with them04:43
reisioEtgarDizz: you can, but it's more complicated as there are parts of the OS you wouldn't want to attempt to copy04:43
reisioEtgarDizz: like /proc/04:43
reisioEtgarDizz: you can just rm the new files and rsync -av back the old ones04:44
EtgarDizzreisio, what's the diff? if / is mounted to somewhere, wouldn't /proc/ be there with it (eg /mnt/old/proc/)?04:44
reisioEtgarDizz: proc itself would be, but not the dynamic files inside it04:44
reisioit'd just be an empty dir waiting to be filled by a running system04:45
CoJaBoIn general, you don't want to try to back up a running system's root lol..04:45
crazyharryhow can I download entire directory (all subfolder and files within it )using wget command ?04:45
EtgarDizzreisio, I think I need to try this for myself to get a better undestanding... one problem: the live CD option isn't available cos I'm planning on an upgrade not a fresh install04:45
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reisiocrazyharry: ask #linux04:46
reisioEtgarDizz: it's only not an option if you don't have a live OS image and/or don't have a CD/DVD/USB stick04:46
zykotick9crazyharry: -r for recursive04:47
reisioyou don't need it for the upgrade, it's just convenient for backing up a system (because the system won't be _running_)04:47
crazyharryzykotick9, I did -r , only copies index.html file04:47
EtgarDizzreision, I guess I'm missing something. can you explain the steps you'd take in this method?04:47
zykotick9crazyharry: perhaps it's a dynamic site?04:48
EtgarDizzreisio, also the steps needed to restore the backup04:48
crazyharryzykotick9, I used  wget -r -nH --cut-dirs=2 --no-parent --reject="index.html*" --user=xxx --password='yyy'  https://valicertext.roche.com/OID_XXYYX/*04:48
reisioEtgarDizz: obtain live OS image and burn/image to CD or DVD or USB stick, reboot system to this live OS, mount the local root filesystem as well as someplace to put a copy of it (you can copy it to /home/foo/ if you want, but exclusions would come into play), rsync -av /path/to/original/ /path/to/newcopy/04:49
=== 18WAA3I0Z is now known as mangdood
EtgarDizzreisio, understood. now how would you restore if needed? from live CD again, or something else?04:52
Zackingtoni get an error when booting04:54
Zackingtonwrite hd0 disk error04:54
CoJaBoZackington: ..is your drive dieing? o_O04:55
Zackingtonits new04:55
reflexrgwhat problems can I encounter if I encrypt my home folder does it have to be a separate parition and if upgrade by fresh install and I have an encrypted home folder how does that work and is that still possible???04:56
wifioregonHi, I've been introducing a lot of people in my chat to Ubuntu, but they complain that they want to be able to play good games.  I remember someone a while back talking about some new engine thats going to be way cool. Are there any good commercial games for ubuntu?04:58
reisioand a number of win32 games will run fine via Wine04:59
lilihi. i have som txt file in /var/log/ and some .gz file in it. i want to remve all files in /var/log/ Except .gz files?04:59
reisioplayonlinux can help with that, I s'pose04:59
reflexrgwifioregon there is a lot of free software/open source games cross platform games04:59
wifioregonreisio, but all the games I've tried so far are buggy and slow with wine...and I've tried a lot04:59
reflexrgalso there is emulators to play games too04:59
wifioregonthanks, but what about modern games with killer graphics?05:00
reflexrgI think dosbox is cross platform05:00
reflexrgthere is modern games wifioregon05:00
wifioregonI've already been installing all the main free and open source games05:00
wifioregonrelexrg, could you recommend a couple?05:00
reisiolili: something like: find /var/log/ -not -iname '*.gz' -delete05:00
reisiolili: might want to run it without -delete first and check for sanity :p05:01
reflexrghow about trying out the gaming editions of distros05:01
xclusive585wifioregon: yeasterday someone mentioned "nethack" for playing windows games on Linux? never heard of it but maybe it's worth a google?05:01
reisiowifioregon: a fair number require little tweaks, that's what playonlinux is about05:01
reflexrgfedora gamers spin wifioregon05:01
reisionethack is a game05:01
wifioregonbut no commercial games?05:01
reisiowifioregon: I already said there were05:01
zombifierIt depends05:01
reflexrgjust because it isn't commercial doesn't mean the game sucks05:02
wifioregonreisio:  sorry, just having trouble finding anything good with google05:02
lilireisio: no i want all files excepts gz05:02
reisiothere are also whole sites dedicated to gaming on Linux05:02
reisioall the games from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humble_Indie_Bundle IIRC are cross platform05:02
reflexrgthere is other ways to make money with a product than selling to end users05:03
reisiolili: that's what the command I gave you finds05:03
xclusive585ok, need a good "hello world" program that is a) available as source, b) has enough options where I can really learn about flags and different "ways" to compile. I'm a noob to compiling and plan on really learning, I've got a virtual machine all ready to go so I can make a mess and not worry about it :-). Input?05:03
reisiolili: might want to add -type f if you don't want empty dirs, too05:03
reisioxclusive585: I'm not aware of any such source, get yourself an intro book05:03
reisioxclusive585: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Structure_and_Interpretation_of_Computer_Programs perhaps05:04
lilireisio: ? i dont see. please example05:04
reisioor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_C_Programming_Language05:04
reisiolili: something like: find /var/log/ -type f -not -iname '*.gz' -delete05:04
xclusive585I just want a good program that I can play with to compile. Not a how-to05:04
wifioregonxclusive585:  please try the room ##programming05:04
reisiolili: might want to run it without -delete first and check for sanity :p05:04
reisioxclusive585: your package manager is full of programs05:05
wifioregonxclusive585:  They are really friendly with newbs in the programming channel05:05
MrKeunerhello, which media pc is good with ubuntu? Any personal suggestions are welcome.05:05
wifioregonMrKeuner:  pretty much all modern PC's run great with ubuntu05:05
wifioregonMrKeuner:  I've had really good experiences with Lenovo and linux05:05
reflexrgI forget if I encrypted my home folder is there a command to tell me if I did or not?05:05
xclusive585LOL, yea package manager won't give me experience compiling, anys I'll try that programming room05:05
reisioMrKeuner: talking about hardware or software?05:06
MrKeunerreisio, hardware05:06
reisioMrKeuner: what wifioregon said05:06
reisioreflexrg: 'mount' might make it obvious (or might not)05:06
MrKeunerwifioregon, I have a lenovo laptop x200 which has a fingerprint reader that is not supported by Linux05:07
reflexrgMrKeuner just get a pc that has open source friendly hardware ATI graphics are open source friendly05:07
lilireisio: ok. thank you05:07
reisioMrKeuner: just as well, they aren't useful05:07
reisioalthough more than likely it is supported :p05:07
wifioregonMrKeuner:  well yea things like that are probably using proprietory software..05:07
wifioregonIts so easy to get past finger print readers anyways05:08
wifioregonha with ubuntu05:08
wifioregonlive disk05:08
reflexrgMrKeuner http://www.h-node.org/05:09
MrKeunermy point is not the fingerprint reader. I was assuming there may be parts of lenovo that won't work with my operating system05:09
reisioif someone has physical access to your computer, you're going to have to do a lot better than a finger print reader05:09
reisioMrKeuner: Lenovo in particular is pretty good about it05:09
reisiothey also prefer Intel hardware, which is also particularly good about it05:09
MrKeunerreflexrg, that sounds good, I'll check it05:09
lixMrKreuner: check here http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/05:09
reisioand again, I bet your fingerprint reader actually _is_ supported05:10
MrKeunerlix, that website is far from complete and lacks recent models05:10
MrKeunerreisio, I am pretty sure it is not05:10
reisioMrKeuner: you could try http://kmuto.jp/debian/hcl/ or http://linux-laptop.net/ (in the case of laptops)05:10
reflexrgMrKeuner https://www.gnu.org/links/companies.html05:10
reisioMrKeuner: but it's pretty simple to get a hardware list from a site/retailer and just check compatibility on individual bits05:11
MrKeunerreisio, Bus 004 Device 002: ID 08ff:2810 AuthenTec, Inc. AES281005:11
reisiothe most important bits being network and graphics devices05:11
wifioregonMrKeuner:  I'm looking for a good link that was really helpful for me. One sec05:11
MrKeunerreisio, network as in wired as well?05:11
reisioMrKeuner: yes, but wireless is more likely to be problematic05:12
reflexrgMrKeuner just buy a pc from sites that sell computers preinstalled with linux and if you have specific needs ask them what computers they sell that offer the best 3d acceleration and also ask if it requires non free firmware05:12
reisioMrKeuner: the internet tells me that device _is_ supported05:12
reisiolaunchpad.net, even05:12
reisioor: buy from sites with a good return policy05:13
wifioregonMrKeuner:  Ugh nevermind cant find it. Anyone know of a good site that reviews all the different PC's on how well they perform with linux?05:13
reisiowifioregon: nope, sounds like a waste of time05:13
wifioregonThere was an excellent one i saw a few months gack05:13
reisiono OS supports more hardware than Linux05:13
ForSparePartsHey, does anyone know how to fix the dpkg "dependency problem -- leaving unconfigured" error?05:13
wifioregonreisio:  I agree, but its a commond question people ask, and they really like to see what others have to say about the model they plan on purchasing05:14
reisioyeah but people also frequently ask why don't you vote republican :p05:14
SnowieHi all. must be missing something here. read the man, cant find any way to use ffmpeg to pull the metadata from a video file. and i see now that it is now replaced by avconv, but still no option. any suggestions05:15
amh345apache -v05:15
amh345is there a way to upgrade apache 2.2 to 2.4 using apt-get?05:15
ForSparePartsAlternately, is there any way to do a reinstall and keep my data intact without copying it all to another drive?05:15
MrKeunerreisio, your point is never mind if linux supports a new pc you intend to buy, because chances are very high that Linux supports your new prospective hardware?05:16
reflexrgcheck this site out to find webcams and other external devices that work well with linux http://www.h-node.org/  and buy from these providers for computers that work well with linux and just ask them what pc works best if you have specific needs such as 3d acceleration...etc... https://www.gnu.org/links/companies.html wifioregon05:16
reisioSnowie: any particular part of the metadata?05:16
xclusive585##programming was as helpful as here :-P. I'm just going to pick at random.05:17
reisioMrKeuner: no, although that wouldn't be a terrible point, my point was that a site such as the one referred to would not be particularly useful05:17
Snowieall of it really. i have a sh@#$ load of video that needs sorting. just want to see what info might be there. i know it's likely to be scarce. more need title and ep info.05:17
Snowiereisio, probably not gunna happen i know05:18
reflexrgalso the most popular hardware that is a few years old tends to be the most well supported hardware MrKeuner05:18
reflexrgI think dell sells pcs with ubuntu on them05:18
reflexrgor did they stop doing that?05:18
shawncm217Ubuntu 12.04 has stopped printing on me. I've deleted and re-added the printer. Deleted all jobs from queue. Reviewed logs. Checked for updates. No success. Need suggestions.05:18
Snowiei think ubuntu has a list of recommended hardware. sec05:19
reisioSnowie: I'd ask #ffmpeg about it05:19
reisioSnowie: don't mention that you're using libav if you are :p05:19
Zackingtoni would love to know if the made ubuntu based pcs05:19
reisioZackington: they sell them, yes05:19
Snowiereisio, lol, bad blood hey. thanks mate05:20
reisiowell it's not really your fault your distro has chosen to switch to some grumpy kid's fork05:20
reflexrgMrKeuner the only thing that I have found that linux sometimes has problems with is graphics card ports s-video...etc. webcams, 3d acceleration05:20
SnowieHere you go. Buy one of these if you want, well, 90% garauntee of good performance and no issues https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecommendedHardware05:20
reflexrgnot sure about internal webcams05:21
SnowieZackington, there are alot of companies out there that build them05:21
reisioreflexrg: Windows has the same problems, it's just usually preinstalled by a professional05:21
reflexrgwhat problems reisio05:21
SnowieZackington, giyf http://linuxpreloaded.com/05:21
reisioapparently you can still get Ubuntu preinstalled on Dell computers if you call them and ask05:21
reisioreflexrg: those you just mentioned Linux sometimes has05:22
=== Eszett is now known as Guest49936
Snowiereisio, i would say, someone ruined windows to make sure there webcam worked, but yes, i agree.05:23
reisioSnowie: right, and doing the same thing with Linux accomplishes the same thing: the webcam works05:24
Snowiereisio, ;)05:24
reisiothat is to say: comparing Windows preinstalled by a professional with Linux installed by an amateur is not particularly useful05:24
reisioit's not Linux's fault if you don't know how to install drivers :D05:24
Snowiereisio, i know ill probably get flames, but win7 is pretty polished OEM, but manufacturers always seem to munt it somehow05:25
reisioalthough most linux distros go to great lengths to make it automated for you, very much unlike Windows05:25
dr_willisits the hw makers fault for not hhaving a  gpl driver avail? :)05:25
reisioSnowie: it's not as bad as Vista05:25
Snowiereisio, FACT!05:25
reisiothat's all I'm sayin' :p05:25
Snowiereisio, lol05:26
reisiodr_willis: licensing doesn't really factor into it05:26
reisiothere are a massive amount of non-GPL drivers for Linux05:26
paulus68is there a way to get the taskbar in 12.04 transparent so that it blends into your current wallpaper?05:26
dr_willisbut are they included by default.05:26
reisiopaulus68: undoubtedly05:26
reisiodr_willis: that's a distro issue05:26
reisioUbuntu inherits some of Debian's DFSG05:26
Snowiepaulus68, that's an interesting one. Used to be part of compiz i believe. hmmm05:27
reisiowhich are good for Linux in general, just potentially problematic for end users05:27
dr_willispaulus68:  you mean the left side panel?05:27
paulus68dr_willis: yes05:27
dr_willisit is semi-transparent now i thought05:27
dr_willisor at least the color changes. :)05:27
Snowiepaulus68, not really supported here, but try this http://www.addictivetips.com/ubuntu-linux-tips/myunity-comprehensive-unity-tweak-for-ubuntu-11-04-and-11-10/05:28
dr_willisi think i saw some transparancy settings in myunity or theunity plugin in ccsm05:28
paulus68dr_willis: I know there is a way to create transparent panel like in the old days however I didn't find a way to achieve this in 120405:28
dr_willisMyUnity is in the 12.04 repos.05:28
dr_willisi always found the transparancy to make things less readable05:29
undecimpaulus68: Pretty sure both Ubuntu tweak and CCSM let you set the transparency of the panel05:30
dr_willisthe top panel transparency can cause issues with seeing the menu items,.05:30
xclusive585I'll rephrase this question. What's a good source package to learn about GCC compiler with?05:30
undecimdr_willis: As long as you have a dark bg, it should be fine, right?05:31
=== ray1claw_afk is now known as ray1claw
dr_willisundecim:  actually it showed two layers of text - the gnome desktop menu and  the app menu text.. so i think a dark bgmay not help withj that05:31
dr_willisundecim:  i recall  seeing the issue with some themes. gnome-shjell does it differntly  so the transoarency dosent look as bad there05:32
Snowiewhat i love in unity in 12.04 is hitting alt to see EVERY menu item in a search box. skip to next track in spotify with a couple of keystrokes without touching the mouse or toggling windows. HELLZ YEAH05:32
dr_willisthe 'HUD" is handy05:32
undecimdr_willis: That doesn't happen to me05:33
undecimdr_willis: In fact... this transparency looks pretty nice.05:33
dr_willisbut its like unity is going 2 routes.. one way is 'focusing on keyboard ussage'  but then they say its going to be for tablets and phones.. with no keyboard05:33
dr_willisundecim:  i had totally unreadable text over text in the top panel with some themes  as i said.05:33
dr_willisnot all themse have the transparent top panel  i belive05:34
undecimdr_willis: I think it's perfectly possible and reasonable to have both keyboard and tablet oriented usage05:34
dr_willisor you can disable the desktop feature of nautlius as a extra work around05:34
wilee-nileeyou can make the top panel clear as well05:34
* dr_willis wonders how to use the hud on a tablet. ;)05:34
wilee-nileepanel on the desltop that is05:35
ramy_danyone here noticing that cups is not starting with ubuntu 11.10 and 12.04 ?05:35
dr_williswilee-nilee:  and that can look nasty with some themes05:35
Snowiedr_willis, yes. but i have to say, it's the same route that all distros are going. merging the desktop and the tablet/touch interface. i prefer ubuntu's take. Ever tried to easily switch to next track on an android phone. out of app, open music app, click next etc etc. why not big fat button that lets you type a few letters and see options for all your open apps05:36
wilee-nileedr_willis, I suppose so, it is just an option.05:36
wilee-nileetransparent is what I mean.05:36
randiokay, I fully give up! I have spent hours trying to fix my wifi! :/05:36
dr_willisi caught the wife tapping  her laptops lcd screen the other day... Trying to select somthing.. :) then she realized it was not her tablet.....05:36
Snowierandi, if you had given up, you wouldn't be here ;)05:37
Snowiedr_willis, there is a video on the web of an infant trying to use a magazine like an ipad... and looking disappointed with the results05:38
undecimIs there any way to get the Trash and Switcher icons of the launcher?05:38
dr_willisgot some usb-wifi dongles the other day off amazon. totally plug and play in ubuntu. Lglad i read the reviews. ;)05:38
wilee-nileedr_willis, Good ammo when she questions your intelligence.05:38
dr_willisundecim:  myunity, has settings for that05:38
randiSnowie, true true05:39
undecimdr_willis: I can only find the settings for the "Show Desktop" icon.05:39
Snowierandi, so, whats happening. can you tell us what wifi adapter you have. built in/usb make model etc etc05:39
dr_willisundecim:  not on a ppc at the moment. but i saw them in MyUnity, or in  Ubuntu-tweak and i havent been using U-T much lately.05:39
dr_willisi recall turning off the trask with some slider button in a tweak tool last week05:40
randiAetheros  5800 built in05:40
Snowieok. so can you detect the thing at all? does it show up in ifconfig? can you see wireless options in the network manager05:41
randiworked fine until i upgraded to 12.04.05:41
* dr_willis wonders if it would work from a 12.04 live cd05:41
Snowieif you open a terminal and run ifconfig do you see wlan0 there?05:41
randinot  anymore05:42
Snowiedr_willis, known issue?05:42
dr_willisSnowie:  with the 12.04 release the kernel and stuff has changed. so theres been a lot of very deep changes - hard to tell if  the upgrade messed up. or ifits a 12.04 issue05:42
randii did the madwifi ar5008 driver and that didn't work05:43
randishould i make a live cd and try?05:45
=== andre is now known as iamzim
xclusive585LOL, "##programming has some nice people". HAHAHAHAHAHAHA05:50
dr_willisrandi it would be a good test.05:51
Snowiesomeone here might point me in the right direction. I work in support for an isp, and our modems by default are configured to have gateway, everything below is the gateway is DHCP, and everything above is free to assign static. We dont support static, so theres nothing official in our docs. Is this a TCP/IP standard of some sort??? if so. where are the docs?05:51
Snowie*below OF the gateway address05:52
sbatteyAre there any immediate security concerns for a ubuntu server running snedmail to send mail through php?05:52
Blue1Snowie: afaik it's arbitary05:53
dr_willisSnowie:  so the lan is limited to 137 differnt ip addresses dynamicaly you are saying?05:53
SnowieBlue1, yep. i know that everyone in the know knows, but how does my poor end user know if there is no docs, and it's not even in the manual????? just weird05:54
Blue1Snowie: write the manual.05:54
dr_willisi do my home lan the opposite way. anything below 100 i reserve for my staticc servers and devices, the router hands out  dynamic to anything  starting at 101+05:54
Snowiedr_willis, yeah. but this if for home. generally wifi, so that's plenty05:54
dr_willisyour isp is decidening on it.. so they should mention it?05:55
Blue1Snowie: i think the big consideration is whatever you decide - be consistant05:55
Snowiedr_willis, yeah, but our company supplied modems are fairly locked. The big driver is playstation and xbox (and other port forwarding) at least home users with some knowledge should have a document somewhere05:56
=== ray1claw is now known as ray1claw_afk
dr_willisif the device is for a home lan user.. i dont see how the  static not supported applies.. the ip range you gave is whatggs given out to devices on thelan.. thats not the same as the isp giving the user a static ip05:57
dr_willisor did i missread somthing05:57
dr_willis10.0.0.x is  part of the private ip# range isent it. i always use 192.168.1.x05:58
* dr_willis could be confused.05:59
Guest56914I had a question about /etc/cron.d files. As well as specifying how often the cron job runs and the command to run; is it possible to specify the user which the commands should be ran as?05:59
Guest5691410.x.x.x is part of the private IP range.05:59
Guest56914you can setup any subnet under that.05:59
Guest56914To answer your question more clearly. Yes, 10.0.0.x is part of the private IP range.06:00
dr_willisso the home user could setup his xbox with a static ip.  above the # stated   and be fine06:00
ActionParsnipGuest56914: if you su to the user, you can run the cron as that user06:00
Guest56914Ok, I was just wondering if it there was possible another 'column'. Thanks!06:01
ActionParsnipGuest56914: or:  crontab -u name06:01
dr_willisdosnet each user also have their own crontab?06:01
Guest56914I would prefer to not use crontab06:01
ActionParsnipGuest56914: read the man page for crontab?06:01
Blue1Guest56914: this may/may not help  http://pkill-9.com/scheduling-a-backup-script-with-crontab-for-ubuntudebian/06:03
strictlandi cant get windows to print to printer hooked up on ubuntu computer... help!06:21
mikeS11Hello strictland. try this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu06:23
strictlandthanks mikeSll, ill give it a shot06:23
amanthakurhi guys, can anyone tell me how can i make a development environment for the GUI applications in linux? I mean what are the major packages that i need to install.06:32
reisioamanthakur: qt-designer / glade06:33
reisioalthough nobody serious uses them06:33
zombifieramanthakur: Use Qt06:34
blackcatnekonegrHello, I need to create a mbr for a usb flash drive, but for some reason Gparted can't, doing a low level format on the drive works (Yes I know that destroys the mbr) but then using Gparted I cannot create a new mbr, should I try gparted live cd or something?06:34
dr_willisthe question seems a little... vague.. You mean what Development envs. exist for linux?06:34
=== neurotus is now known as pirix
dr_willisyou mean gparte cant partion the drive at all?06:35
blackcatnekonegrdr_willis, sometimes it does, but I keep getting error mensages due to the mbr not existing06:35
amanthakurreisio, zombifier i want to use C as the programming language, will that work with qt?06:36
dr_willishmm. sounmds like the flash  drive may be failing.06:36
dr_willisif you 'zero' the flash with dd, then use gparted on it. first thing it asks is what sort of partioning scheme to use, (dos or that other one). does that work?06:37
=== headyadmin_ is now known as headyadmin
reisioamanthakur: yes06:37
amanthakurreisio, thansk :)06:37
blackcatnekonegrdr_willis, I tried a full low level format and it worked fine, if the device was damaged I would have got error messages, can gparted copy a mbr in the live cd? I could try to copy the mbr from another usb flash drive of the same size, would that work?06:38
dr_willisblackcatnekonegr:  exactly what do you mean by 'low level format'06:38
blackcatnekonegrdr_willis, it "seems" to work, then later I get error mensages06:38
dr_willissounds to me like its failing, and eventually will totally fail.06:39
weiyangcurrently, ubuntu doesn't use /etc/inittab?06:39
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/06:39
dr_willistheres some other factoidon thst weiyang  bit i think.. correct. no inittab06:39
ubottuIn Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.06:40
blackcatnekonegrdr_willis, low level format cleans all the data in a hard disk, including mbr, is a last resort to make a drive use-able again, in theory after that, you should be able to create a mbr using gparted to make the drive useable again.06:40
dr_willisblackcatnekonegr:  how did you do this 'low level format'06:40
blackcatnekonegr dr_willis, I used a program in windows, however maybe the disk is indeed damaged, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disk_formatting, I will try the live cd of gparted it does have more options that the one included in ubuntu06:43
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weiyangi tried " man init", it mentioned "upstart init"06:46
weiyangthen except "upstart init", there is another version?06:46
amanthakurweiyang, what you are trying to do?06:46
weiyangamanthakur,  i am trying t understand after kernel boot up and fork the /sbin/init06:47
weiyangamanthakur,  what will be done to boot up the whole system06:47
weiyangamanthakur, how to configure it or others06:48
weiyangamanthakur, while, I face the confusion when find there are several version?06:48
weiyangamanthakur, different configuration?06:48
ogzyanybody who had experince with hand scanners and ubuntu usage?06:52
weiyangogzy, hand scanner?06:52
ogzyweiyang: like fingerprint but scan your palm trace06:53
amanthakurweiyang, https://www.google.com/search?client=ubuntu&channel=fs&q=what+happens+after+forking+%2Fsbin%2Finit&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8#hl=en&client=ubuntu&hs=Fdy&channel=fs&sclient=psy-ab&q=understanding+init&oq=understanding+init&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&gs_l=serp.3...4961.5541.2.5783.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=8bd56e085f5f7fd2&biw=1024&bih=60006:53
randiwell just went back and installed 10.10 again until i find a fix for the wifi06:54
szalrandi: uhm.. 10.10 is dead, no more updates for it06:57
randiyep but my wifi doesn't seem to work on anything later06:58
randitried every fix i could find06:58
weiyangamanthakur, i find similar document on net,06:59
ForSparePartsAnyone ever have intermittent black screen / fan 100% with an AMD card?06:59
weiyangbut it still explain some thing on inittab06:59
MacFanhi niggers07:00
MacFanPlease fucking kill yourself you inept imbecil cunts07:01
wilee-nilee!op | Maccer07:01
ubottuMaccer: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!07:01
wilee-nileeoops sorry Maccer07:02
ForSparePartswilee-nilee, is that just a list of all the mods?07:02
Tm_T ForSpareParts to alert all ops07:03
wilee-nileeForSpareParts, it calls the ubuntu-ops channel07:03
ForSparePartsAh. Okay.07:03
wilee-nileeThey are usually on though ForSpareParts07:04
randii wonder if the ndiswrapper will work with the ar5008 drivers07:04
cougar_I was wondering if anyone might could help me out here. I initially created a liveboot usb from my usb external hard drive. However, when attempting to install ubuntu on my laptop, somehow I derped and installed it on my external. So now my laptop is misssing a OS and I can't get the liveboot to boot instead of regular Ubuntu. Any ideas or directions for search for me?07:10
=== JC_SoCal_ is now known as MoMo_
EliahKaganIt sounds like the problem is that your laptop doesn't let you choose which of multiple USB devices to boot, and is booting the big hard drive rather than the flash drive (and you want it to boot the flash drive). The easiest solution is to unplug the big hard drive from the computer and let it boot off the flash drive. Then plug the big hard drive in. Then do Install Ubuntu.07:13
=== MoMo_ is now known as MoMo
cougar_Let me clarify07:13
cougar_both the liveboot files and the now full ubuntu install are on the same external hard drive07:14
=== ray1claw_afk is now known as ray1claw
EliahKaganOh I see, and when you boot from the external hard drive, it boots the live boot files instead of the full Ubuntu install.07:14
cougar_No, it boots the full ubuntu install07:14
cougar_But I want to boot the liveboot07:14
EliahKaganAnd you want it to boot the live boot files, to install on the internal drive?07:15
cougar_So that I can install ubuntu onto my os-less laptop07:15
EliahKaganIs the external hard drive the only disk you have besides the internal hard disk?07:15
cougar_Normally I'd have just gotten a CD-RW07:16
EliahKaganDoes your laptop have a CD/DVD drive?07:16
cougar_But it wasn't available at the time07:16
cougar_It does. But I don't have a CD-RW to make a boot cd07:16
EliahKaganyou don't actually need a CD-RW, a CD-R will work (i.e., the CD doesn't have to be REwriteable)07:16
cougar_Right. Excuse me. I meant a cd in general.07:16
cougar_No problem.07:19
DaZcougar_: so the only os you have is on the external and you can boot it? :f07:20
waxstonein System Settings->Details->Graphics I see Driver Unknown but my graphics driver (Nvidia) was installed through "Additional Drivers" Widget. Am i missing something?07:21
DaZusually when i setup os on a different drive, and it's too dumb to let me do it with chroot, i set it through a virtual machine :f07:21
tnf-phoenixhow do i get my scanner working?07:22
tnf-phoenixnot a lot of libs when i sudoed.07:22
DaZwaxstone: does it work? :f07:22
cougar_Yes DaZ07:23
EliahKagancougar_: Since the live system on the external is probably not configured to be booted through the boot loader that was installed on the external in the installation process, the only ways I know of to make the external drive boot into the live system would involve booting from some other disk to change things on the external drive. That's not going to work for you, because you don't have any other disk. I think there might be a w07:23
EliahKaganay to boot into the live system on the external drive by issuing commands manually on the grub> prompt, but I don't know what commands would do that for you. However, there is another solution that comes to mind, which does not involve attempting to boot from the live system at all.07:23
waxstoneDaz: Im experencing RANDOM freezing so technically no07:23
cougar_I'm listening Eliah07:23
EliahKagan(typing) :-)07:24
EliahKagancougar_: Ubuntu's graphical installer, Ubiquity, can be installed on a non-live system, such as the system you can currently boot to on the external drive. You could install the package ubiquity in this system, and use it to install Ubuntu to the hard drive. This may or may not be painless, because I am not sure you have a package source handy. But you can create one if you don't.07:24
EliahKagancougar_: Before you try anything like that, though, there is something else that you should check. Are you absolutely sure that the OS *is* actually installed on the external drive? Is it possible that the OS is installed on the internal drive like you wanted, but that the GRUB2 boot loader is installed on the external drive? This would cause the operating system on the internal drive to require the external drive to be attached,07:25
EliahKaganin order to boot.07:25
yabooanyone using ivy bridge with ubuntu07:25
EliahKaganThis is also a much easier mistake to make installing, than anything I can think of that would both wipe out the internal disk and also install to the same disk that you were booted from for the installation.07:26
cougar_.... To be completely honest. I'm not 100% positive. The reason I believe it is installed on my external is because when I look at the files and folders on my external, I see all the normal system folders for a full ubuntu which weren't previously there.07:27
cougar_also, if I attempt to power on my laptop without my external plugged in, it goes to a blinking dash that doesn't change and if I attempt to press buttons I get a system beep.07:27
EliahKagancougar_: Does the external drive's access light activate (flicker) when you access these files?07:28
cougar_The external just has a on/off light. I.e. if it is powered on it will maintain a constant light (no flicker)07:28
cougar_However, I just checked, and I can physically feel the disk whirring in the external when I attempt to access new files.07:29
EliahKaganDo you know the sizes (about) of the external and internal drives? (I'm just trying to think of a simple way to check which has the OS, since your situation is already pretty complicated.)07:29
EliahKaganif you feel that when accessing the files and not otherwise, then it's on the external drive07:29
cougar_Right. My external is a terrabyte, but it did not install the whole TB because I had other data on it. My laptop is ~500 GB (I'm not actually positive)07:30
cougar_I really appreciate the help and you listening thus far by the way.07:30
cougar_Can you remember the terminal command off the top of your head for listing disk partitions?07:31
EliahKaganDo you have important other data on your external? Are you sure that data remains accessible? (We should be sure of that first.)07:31
EliahKagancougar_: the two most popular options are "sudo fdisk -l" and "sudo parted -l"07:31
EliahKagancougar_: you can list mounted partitions and their mount options with "mount" and you can list most mounted partitions and the amount of used, free, and total space with "df -h"07:32
cougar_I'm going to copy what I see here and see if you can tell me what I'm seeing better than I can07:33
cougar_Filesystem             Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on07:34
cougar_/dev/sda1              591G   12G  549G   3% /07:34
cougar_udev                   2.7G  4.0K  2.7G   1% /dev07:34
cougar_tmpfs                  1.1G  916K  1.1G   1% /run07:34
cougar_none                   5.0M     0  5.0M   0% /run/lock07:34
cougar_none                   2.7G  180K  2.7G   1% /run/shm07:34
FloodBot1cougar_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:34
EliahKagancougar_: if you want to try the Ubiquity idea, the actual package you'd install is ubiquity-frontend-gtk ...but i'm searching for information on this and there isn't a lot of it, Ubiquity does not seem designed to work in this way, so it might be best for you to just obtain a a few burnable CD's (a few in case you get a bad burn or something)07:34
EliahKagancougar_: that looks like output from "df -h" but if there is no mounted partition on the internal drive, then you won't see it; you might want to run "sudo fdisk -l" or "sudo parted -l" instead07:35
cougar_Yeah it is.07:36
EliahKaganyou can paste at http://paste.ubuntu.com -- that gives you a link to your pasted text, which you can post here07:36
cougar_Yeah. Thanks for that. I didn't know that previous07:36
EliahKagancougar_: Did you have important data on the external drive that you wanted to retain?07:37
cougar_I mean... I would like to not lose it if at all possible.07:38
cougar_Do you have an idea that would require losing it that would work?07:38
vexaxvhey guys, does anyone use freeotfe?07:38
waxstonein System Settings->Details->Graphics I see Driver Unknown but my graphics driver (Nvidia) was installed through "Additional Drivers" Widget. Am i missing something?07:38
EliahKagancougar_: No, I just wanted to make sure you didn't *already* lose it.07:39
EliahKagancougar_: I wanted to make sure you have successfully accessed it from within your currently installed Ubuntu system.07:39
cougar_Oh no. I can browse to it and use it fine, yes.07:39
cougar_It is indeed still there.07:39
* EliahKagan sighs with relief. Good!07:39
cougar_Is there anyway to simply move the ubuntu install from my external to my internal HD? XD07:40
vexaxvokay does anyone know of a good flash drive encryption software for ubuntu 12.04 64 bit??07:40
Mnemonic^Hi, does anyone know how to make SSH (server) NOT start at boot time. I cant figure out why it is starting. There are no scripts for it in /etc/rc#.d catalogs.07:41
EliahKagancougar_: Yes, you can move it...if you can run off an operating system other than it. You could attempt to move it from itself, but this would likely not work, and you might have subtle errors in the target system as a result.07:41
cougar_Gotcha. So no. hmm...07:42
cougar_I wish I could just create an image and then push the image to the seperate hard drive.07:42
EliahKagancougar_: The best thing to do might be to buy a cheap (it could be relatively small, like 1 GB) USB flash drive07:42
cougar_Yeah. I guess so.07:42
cougar_Thanks anyway07:43
wilee-nileevexaxv, truecrypt07:43
vexaxvwilee-nilee yeah but that computer has to have truecrypt i wanted freeotf cause you could build it on the usb07:43
vexaxvi guess i could just copy the files over07:44
yellabs-r2i wnat to buy an Trust slimline tablet TB-5300 , does it work on 12.04 out of the box ?07:45
yellabs-r2any one got this running ?07:45
wilee-nileevexaxv, I have not heard of a app that will just install to the flash, you can buy a flash that has that though.07:45
EliahKagancougar_: I wonder if you can run debian-installer (the text-based installer that is on the Ubuntu alternate CD) from inside an installed system.07:45
EliahKagancougar_: That would be something to look into.07:45
vexaxvwell maybe ill see if i can copy truecrypts files onto the drive07:45
cougar_I agree. Would be great07:45
yellabs-r2is wizardpen installed , or should i install it to get Trust slimline tablet TB-5300 working, any one using this drawing tablet ?07:46
wilee-nileevexaxv, if the flash was big enough you could have a full install, a minimal anyway and a encrypted partition07:46
yellabs-r2ah , i see its ppa07:46
Abhijitwhats the keyboard shortcut to switch from 'Windows' Tab to 'Applications' tab in gnome3 shell?07:47
vexaxvi just bought the corsair voyager gt 64 gb the other day :)07:47
vexaxv100 bucks man lol07:47
vexaxvwas soo worth it though07:47
wilee-nileevexaxv, or just a encrypted minimal install07:47
yellabs-r2well, i guess i will just try it out, since no one has it here :)07:48
yellabs-r2thanks for your time sofar07:48
EliahKagancougar_: unfortunately i have to sign off now, but you may want to research this...or, you could see if other people enter the channel who know (you shouldn't reask a lot, but as hours pass and there are more users here)...or you could ask (search first) someplace like the Ubuntu Forums or AskUbuntu or Launchpad Answers07:48
cougar_Right. I'm in the process of googling. Thanks a lot for the help.07:48
EliahKagancougar_: or i'll be back in here at some point and would probably be willing to continue looking into it...but it sounds like you want your computer working without the external attached sooner rather than later ....so, good luck! (and remember that suggestion about the USB flash drive ;-) )07:49
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Abhijitwhats the keyboard shortcut to switch from 'Windows' Tab to 'Applications' tab in gnome3 dash?07:52
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stuk_genhi all :)07:53
waxstonein System Settings->Details->Graphics I see Driver Unknown but my graphics driver (Nvidia) was installed through "Additional Drivers" Widget. 12.04 in 64bit?07:54
stuk_geni can i get a total md5 sum for every files in a folder?07:54
Ben64md5sum *07:54
stuk_geni can use md5sum * but this command get me the md5sum for every files not a total sum07:54
=== Mo is now known as Guest10464
Ben64you can't really get a total sum from multiple files07:55
stuk_geni can't get something like file1 md5 + file 2 md5 ecc.. ?07:55
Ben64what do you mean +07:56
stuk_gentotalmd5sum = md5sum(file1) + md5sum(file2) + md5sum(file3)07:57
jaggulihi im trying to set up a headless x server to connect to over ssh and run x apps07:57
jaggulii tried this Xvfb :0 -pn -nolisten tcp -audit 4 -screen 0 800x600x1607:57
Ben64stuk_gen: would be very unreliable07:57
jagguliand tried connecting using ssh -X07:57
stuk_genBen64: simple a md5sum of a folder07:57
stuk_genBen64: its impossibile?07:58
Ben64why can't you just `md5sum *`07:58
lorddeltaSo...classic question I suppose. How to script the screen on?08:01
lorddeltaI figured out the turning it off part.08:01
stuk_genBen64: ok...maybe i don't understand something...thanks08:02
lorddeltaxset dpms force off (among other things, such as using i2c directly or vbetool)08:02
lorddeltaBut how do I get the screen to force ON?! I can't really test this from an ssh machine, but its not working with at...08:02
lorddeltathat is xset dpms force on does nothing, apparently.08:03
Abhijitwhats the keyboard shortcut to switch from 'Windows' Tab to 'Applications' tab in gnome3 dash?08:06
userany cloud thing there is really must have on linux, some SaaS where you just thouth. WOW! thats i so cool08:10
userLike Zoho.. i just want to host it my self08:12
waxstonein System Settings->Details->Graphics I see Driver Unknown but my graphics driver (Nvidia) was installed through "Additional Drivers" Widget. 12.04 in 64bit?08:14
waxstoneanyone have any ideas?08:15
dr_willisrun the nvidia-settings tool see what it says08:15
fastaWhere can I set DPI settings for gtk applications?08:15
wawowefasta: ~/.Xdefaults08:16
wawowefasta: Xft.dpi: 12008:17
fastawawowe: that should also get me _smaller_ letters, right?08:17
waxstonedr_willis, x server settings panel runs/opens without issue08:17
fastawawowe: i.e. when I use a higher value.08:17
wawowefasta: lower value would be smaller letters08:17
waxstonedr_willis, says NVIDIA Driver Version 295.4008:18
fastawawowe: why? If there are more dots per inch, the dots need to be smaller.08:18
dr_williswaxstone:  sometimes those tools get confused and say the drivers are not in use when they in fact are in use.  the 'nvidia-settings' tool is about the only  one ive seen thats always correct08:18
wawowefasta: no they don't08:18
waxstonedr_willis,  oh ok, its just that ive been experiencing random freezing so trying to solve08:18
fastawawowe: because?08:19
fastawawowe: anyway, the problem is that I know have letters of 3cm high in Emacs.08:19
fastawawowe: if I set DPI to 96 I get extremely jagged letters.08:19
wawowefasta: if there are more dots per inch they stay the same size and the letters get bigger08:19
fastawawowe: then it's not per inch anymore.08:20
wawowefasta: choose a different number08:20
MoFactaHi all.  Quick question.  Anyone using Opera web browser?  Is there a flash plugin available for it?08:20
fastawawowe: then it will be jagged again.08:20
fastaMoFacta: yes, there is.08:21
fastaMoFacta: the same one firefox uses.08:21
wawowefasta: my fonts aren't jagged08:23
fastawawowe: and mine are.08:24
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/08:28
pungi-mancan anyone tell me a good site to test my typing speed??08:29
fidel_!ot > pungi-man08:30
ubottupungi-man, please see my private message08:30
samfisherhi. i have a user logged in to ubuntu 12.04 but when I do "w" or "who" as root i get just, me, root08:31
wawowesamfisher: are they running a root shell?08:31
samfisheri am sshing in as root. they're just regular users08:33
pungi-mansamfisher, just because you have only one account that is root08:33
samfisherhow can I see al logged in users then?08:33
samfisherand their idle time08:33
wawowesamfisher: normally w08:33
wawowesamfisher: try ps aux | grep user08:34
hceylanHey hot a problem with the sound08:34
samfisherwawowe: it works with ps but not with w08:35
hceylanI got 12.0408:35
hceylanI got a bluetooth input stream08:35
hceylanI am trying to output that08:35
wildintis there a particular ubuntu channel thats better for boot issues/rescue mode not working08:35
hceylanbut it doesn't work08:35
hceylananyone can help?08:35
hceylanI also tried with the microphone08:35
hceylanbut it just doesn't get diverted to the output08:35
wildintI'm stuck, grub reinstall fails, no details... rescue shell chroot fails with error, and I can't unmount /dev/sda to try and fsck it - not sure what's left to try and get this image to boot08:37
wawowesamfisher: does w -u show anything different?08:37
wawowewildint: chroot and run grub-install /dev/sda08:38
wawowehceylan: you're trying to output sound to a microphone?08:39
hceylanI got input from bluetooth08:39
hceylanI am trying to output that to speakers08:39
wildintwawowe, chroot fails with some stupid error about /bin/sh08:40
wawowehceylan: i've never tried that before but you might be able to do it with cat08:40
wawowewildint: what's the error?08:41
hceylancat from input device to direct to output device?08:41
wawowehceylan: yeah, cat /dev/input >/dev/output08:41
hceylanwawowe, I got /dev/input but no /dev/output08:42
=== thomas is now known as DragonWarrior
wawowehceylan: those were just examples08:42
hceylanwawowe, I see :)08:42
wawowehceylan: the devices you're looking for will probably be in /dev/snd/08:43
hceylanwawowe, would you happen to locate the devices, cause I cannot find for example /dev/bluetooth or /dev/bt08:43
hceylanwawowe, may lsof pulseaudio shed some light?08:43
wawowehceylan: i can't tell you what they'll be named on your system but they'll most likely be in /dev/snd/ and begin with "pcm"08:44
=== DragonWarrior is now known as thomas
wawowehceylan: yes it could08:44
hceylanwawowe, thx08:45
wildintwawowe, chroot can't execute '/bin/sh': Exec format error08:45
wawowehceylan: lsof | grep snd08:45
lohello guye08:45
hceylan cat /dev/snd/controlC1 > /dev/snd/controlC008:45
=== lo is now known as Guest11245
hceylan/dev/snd/controlC1: File descriptor in bad state08:46
hceylansame vice-versa08:46
dr_williswildint: either currupt binary file.  or are yopu chrooting onto a 32bit os from a 64bit boot disk or visa-versa08:46
wawowewildint: try chroot /mnt /bin/bash08:46
hceylanwawowe, obviously that won't help08:46
wawowewildint: and this is assuming you have sda1 mounted there08:46
Guest11245Guys, I need to know how to pass by the password to install packets.08:46
hceylanwawowe, but thanks anyway08:46
dr_willisGuest11245:  clarify what you mean exactly.08:46
wildintwawowe, yup sda on mnt both disc and os are 64 bit08:46
wawowehceylan: run a program that uses your microphone08:47
wawowehceylan: and one that uses your speakers08:47
hceylanwawowe, that could be interesting08:47
wawowehceylan: then lsof | grep snd08:47
wildintwawowe, basically same error08:47
userhow do i start xampp on 12.04??08:47
hceylanwawowe, l'll try that08:47
Guest11245U have to install pack of "kadu" by terminal, but host want to type password.08:47
dr_willis!info kadu08:47
ubottukadu (source: kadu): Gadu-Gadu/XMPP client for X11. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.11.2-1 (precise), package size 3887 kB, installed size 9912 kB08:47
dr_willisGuest11245:  you use your users password if they hae sudo rights08:48
dr_willissudo apt-get install kadu08:48
ubottuWe do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.08:48
wawowewildint: type "mount" to see if anything is mounted inside /mnt to prevent your from unmounting08:49
wawowewildint: to make sure run: umount /mnt/{proc,sys,dev,boot,usr,var,home}08:49
wildintwawowe, nothing else is mounted under /mnt08:50
Solaris444Hi all, just wondering if Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS supports the Intel Z77 chipset.08:50
wawowewildint: lsof | grep mnt08:51
wawowewildint: kill whatever process shows up08:51
wildintSolaris444, is there something extremely unusual abou that chipset08:51
wildintwawowe, I'm in the 12.04 installer disc rescue mode , lsof isn't even on it08:52
Solaris444wildint: Only that it's brand new.08:52
Solaris444It has USB3 built in I think, but I'm not especially worried about that since this is going into a small file server.08:52
wawowewildint: do you have any terminals that are sitting in /mnt?08:52
Solaris444And if the network chipset isn't recognised I'll just throw an intel e1000 in there.08:52
dr_willisSolaris444:  try it and see is the best answer.08:53
dr_willis12.04 server may work better.08:53
wildintSolaris444, oh I didn't realize you were talking about a network chip08:53
Solaris444dr_willis: Not really any good once the parts have been bought.08:53
Solaris444wildint: No, Z77 is Intel's new mainboard chipset.08:53
wildintwawowe, there is only 1 terminal, it's a fresh boot08:53
Solaris444I just mean that I can work around any issues with USB or networking.08:54
Solaris444But I can't if the mainboard isn't supported.08:54
wildintSolaris444, as long as it's x86 or x86_64 it should work, whether all it's fancy features are accessible is another question08:54
Solaris444dr_willis: I'm sure 12.04 would be better, yes. But that's not an option right now.08:54
Solaris444wildint: Fair point.08:54
wildintSolaris444, probably more important to check if the motherboard has and weird proprietary stuff on it that you won't be able to find drivers for08:55
hceylanwawowe, thx for help08:56
hceylanthat didn't help either08:56
hceylanI'll seek help in pulseaudio08:56
Solaris444Hmm, I doubt it wildint.08:56
Solaris444Phoronix has an article on Z77 from April. I might check that out.08:57
ubottuWe do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.08:57
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wawowewildint: how did sda1 get mounted in the first place?08:58
swine_hey, what would cause an initctl command to hang ?09:00
Solaris444what was the exact command you issued swine_?09:01
swine_initctl stop/start servicename09:01
Solaris444That wasn't the command you issued.09:02
swine_i wrote the control file for the service i'm starting09:02
zetherooJust did an update on my laptop running 11.10 and now my external speakers no longer work!! The laptop speakers work but when I plug the external speaker in there is no audio output at all ...09:02
swine_initctl stop zing-httpd09:02
Solaris444What command did you *actually* issue swine_?09:02
swine_if that makes you feel any better :)09:02
Solaris444ah ok.09:02
Solaris444and it's hanging when you try to stop it?09:02
swine_sometimes when i start it too09:02
swine_if interrupt it and then call stop again it won't hang09:03
swine_will say that it's already stopped09:03
Solaris444Then it sounds like your script is waiting on some information that it's never receiving.09:03
Solaris444I doubt it's initctl's fault.09:03
swine_it's a very simple script09:03
Solaris444zetheroo: Did you restart your laptop?09:03
Solaris444swine_: Even simple scripts can go wrong.09:03
Solaris444paste the script into pastebin.09:03
Solaris444I always say to my students that if you have 3 lines of code you probably have at least 3 bugs.09:04
swine_Solaris444, http://pastebin.com/FZmfWY8C09:04
zetherooSolaris444: yes, and I also tried deleting /.pulse and rebooting ...09:04
lorddeltaI'll repeat my question: How can I setup a script to turn ON my screen? I've tried at + xset dpms force on, hasn't worked. I'd appreciate knowing why, or if there's another path I can try to take. Like, an issue with at that would make a difference, or whether I should be looking into the i2c interface more.09:04
Solaris444lorddelta: What do you mean "turn it on"?09:05
Solaris444Do you mean wake it up from sleep?09:05
swine_Solaris444, you see anything interesting there ?09:05
lorddeltaSolaris444: xset dpms force off turns the screen power off. And blanks the screen (since this isn't e-ink). I want to be able to schedule the screen to turn back on.09:06
Solaris444swine_ most likely point of failure is the final line.09:06
Solaris444Try running it by itself and seeing what happens.09:06
swine_what do you mean by 'running it by itself' ?09:06
Solaris444lorddelta: You could always try simulating a keypress.09:07
Solaris444swine_: Issue the command to start you http daemon as it is written on the final line of your script and see what happens.09:07
lorddeltaSolaris444: If I was happy with making breakfast by pulling the string to pull the hammer to spin the wheel to...etc. etc., yes maybe I could try that ;)09:08
swine_Solaris444, it runs fine09:08
Solaris444Also it seems a bit strange that you would start on filesystem. It really should start on network.09:08
wildintwawowe, I mounted it myself09:08
Solaris444swine_: It's not a question of whether it "runs fine" but what kind of output it gives you.09:09
Solaris444lorddelta: Well since zset dpms force on isn't working...09:09
=== Robert_ is now known as Guest40459
swine_Solaris444, there's no output09:09
lorddeltaI want to know what the interfaces for correctly controlling the screen power itself might be. If I have to use i2c I suppose I could...but I've programmed screens/driver that used SPI/I2C, so I know that can be a hastle.09:10
swine_forks off, return code 009:10
sa7elakHello is there a tool to help me to get the right driver to my video card ?09:10
dr_willissa7elak:  what video card09:10
lorddeltaSolaris444: Yes. But the solution would be to fix xset dpms force on...or understand why at might not be able to call that successfully.09:10
sa7elaksis671 <dr_willis>09:10
dr_willissis? Egads...  those things are very poorly supported by the company09:11
dr_willisdoes it work at all?09:11
Solaris444swine_: Then I don't know. You might just have to add some debugging information to your script to see where it's getting stuck.09:11
sa7elakyeah I've been told so <dr_willis>09:11
swine_Solaris444, what script ? there's nothing there09:11
Solaris444And like I said, you've got "start on filesystem" for starters.09:12
Solaris444Go through line by line. Pretend you've never seen it before.09:12
swine_eh ?09:12
swine_what's "start on filesystem' ?09:12
Solaris444In the 3rd line of your script.09:12
dr_willis'run the service after the filesytems are all mounted'   (i belive is what thats saying to do)09:13
Solaris444Did you just copy and paste another script and then add your command to the end?09:13
sa7elak<dr_willis> i copied the driver files manually and to get higher resolution , I got the higher resolution but i still feel that the resolution is not correct also i get crash while playing vedios09:13
swine_Solaris444, more or less, yes09:13
swine_there's really nothing special here09:13
swine_or shouldn't be09:13
dr_willissa7elak:  hard to offer any suggestions. if its working at all.. you should consider youreslf lucky09:13
Solaris444swine_, stop assuming. Go and understand what every line of that script does and then you'll find out why it's hanging.09:14
dr_willissa7elak:  the forums or askubuntu.com may have some better info or guides09:14
Bug2000Any clues why writing to UFD be only 1/10 the speed of Windows on Linux?09:14
=== quiesense is now known as quiescens
sa7elak<dr_willis> thanks a lot.09:14
sa7elak<dr_willis> i will check it out09:15
swine_Solaris444, fantastic insight09:15
lorddeltaHum dum. Someone told akonadi to use mysql by default huh? Silly people. Some people installed mysql for other stuff ;)09:15
aLeSDsomeone knows where I could fins a -realtime kernel for 12.04 ?09:15
Solaris444swine_, you've copied and pasted somebody else's code, and you don't understand it. Why would you assume it would work properly?09:15
swine_Solaris444, because it looks like every other service out there09:16
Solaris444No, it doesn't.09:16
Solaris444Your script is hanging because the instructions you've given it *tell* it to hang.09:17
swine_and which instuctions are those ?09:17
swine_this is why i came in here09:17
swine_i was asking what's a likely cause of a hang09:17
Solaris444The 18 lines of code in pastebin.09:17
swine_i'm guessing that this is a common problem with upstart services09:17
Solaris444No, it isn't.09:17
Solaris444It's a common problem with people who mess around with code they don't understand.09:17
dr_willisif its using network features - it needs to be told to start after networking is avilable.09:18
Solaris444You haven't even tried to understand the problem yourself.09:18
Solaris444I told him that already dr_willis. He hasn't listened.09:18
dr_willisnot after the filesystems get mounted09:18
swine_dr_willis, i'm running initctl on the commandline09:18
Solaris444Because it's "just like every other service".09:18
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/09:18
Solaris444swine_, we cannot debug your script for you. You don't understand it and we don't have access to your computer.09:19
Solaris444Please, go and try to understand how the code you've written *works*.09:19
zhangeram I using base64 wrong or something? I have a file named "gen" filed with random numbers and i'm running "base64 gen" but it seems to just encode the actual text "gen" instead09:24
zhangeri tried cat gen | base64 but that didn't work, using ubuntu 11.0409:24
llutzzhanger: base64 <filename>    should work™09:25
Solaris444zhanger, you might want to brush up on your output redirction.09:25
zhangerSolaris444 what's wrong with it :(09:26
lorddeltaomg stuff works now that akonadi uses sqlite...why is the mysql default again? :P09:26
llutzzhanger: you're using the one from GNU-coreutils?09:26
zhangeryes llutz09:26
Solaris444you're sending the contents of the file gen to base64 as the input.09:26
llutzzhanger: does fine here09:26
zhangerSolaris444 because it seems to be reading from input09:26
zhangeralex@alex-ubu:~$ base64 gen09:26
EaglemanIs it possible to get some space between this? (date +%m-%d-%Y-%I:%M) %Y and %I09:26
llutzzhanger: "gen " exist in $PWD?09:26
llutzzhanger: try "base64 path/to/gen"09:27
zhangeralex@alex-ubu:~$ base64 /home/alex/gen09:27
zhangeras i said, it's hasing the literal text09:27
zhangerfor some reason09:27
llutzEagleman: yes, use +'formatstrings formatstrings'09:27
zhangerquite puzzling09:27
llutzzhanger: base64 --version09:28
TBarthEagleman, date "+%m-%d-%Y %I:%M"09:28
zhanger... that just generates a encoded version of "--version"09:28
zhangeri think something's wrong with my version09:28
zhangershould i reinstall coreutils?09:28
llutzzhanger: output of "which base64"?09:28
=== Guest54370 is now known as erappleman
zhanger /usr/bin/base6409:29
erapplemancan't build 32-bit wine on amd6409:29
zhanger@ llutz09:29
erapplemanis there really no way to do this?09:29
llutzzhanger: ls   -l $(which base64)09:29
TBarthUbuntu preferred the 32 bit version ;-)09:29
erapplemani have 24gb of ram09:29
erapplemanwhy would i use pae?09:29
EaglemanThanks TBarth09:30
zhangerllutz : -rwxrwxrwx 1 alex alex 6656 2012-05-07 22:24 /usr/bin/base6409:30
llutzzhanger: strange... size too small imho, owner/group wrong... reinstall coreutils09:30
zhangerllutz : does it matter i ran apt-src install coreutils earlier09:31
llutzzhanger: it might, yes09:31
tichkui i am facing problem in loading ubuntu on beagle board sd card how to do that....?09:31
dr_williserappleman:  normaly wine runs fine  for me - if im on 64 or 32bit  ubuntu.09:32
dr_williserappleman:  i normally only use 64bit ubuntu,and dont recall any wine issues09:32
zhangerummm llutz what would be the proper command for reinstallation, apt-get remove then apt-get install?09:32
llutzzhanger: sudo aptitude reinstall coreutils09:33
tichkuany1 know how to target a simulink model on ubnutu through matlab ....?09:34
tichkuusing beagle board09:34
anatrofHi all, could someone give an advise where to ask about bug report to ubuntu acpi ?09:34
EaglemanTBarth i currently use this $(date +%m%d%Y) in a script but i want to use date "+%m-%d-%Y %I:%M" in my new script, but its giving me errors09:34
himcesjftichku: Did you try #ubuntu-arm or #beagle ?09:34
tichkuno i will try that09:35
intorehi, i've a problem. after installed pam_mount on ubuntu 11.04, at reboot time it remains stopped at boot screen "ubuntu" and it doesn't go on. after removing pam_mount it runs. coul you help me please?09:35
himcesjftichku: And this is also a good resource - elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntu09:35
zhangerllutz -- thanks for your help, reinstalling fixed it09:37
TBarthEagleman, in a shell script use this: human_date="$(date '+%m-%d-%Y %I:%M')"09:37
zhangerno clue why this happened in the first place :(09:37
tichkuhimcesjf it is not working i want matlab supportable ubuntu image for my beagle board..?09:39
EaglemanTBarth it's still not working: http://pastebin.com/yRrhuDax09:39
tichkufrom where will i get...?09:39
=== vincent is now known as Vin100|work
mobherohi, how to setup VPN connection in ubuntu 12.04 desktop edition.09:41
llutzEagleman: how should that work? you need to tput all right of = into quotes09:42
Dr_Willisandchat has been crashing like crazy on me today. ;(09:43
llutzEagleman: this space "configbackup human_date"  is the problem09:43
TBarthEeagleman, OUTPUTFILE="/media/usbbackupdisk/configbackups/configbackup_$(date '+%m-%d-%Y_ %I:%M').tar.gz"09:43
Eaglemanyes i know, but i have no clue how to get it working09:43
TBarthThen dont use the spaces09:43
llutzEagleman: spaces in filenames are ugly, avoid them whenever you can09:44
zhangerwhat if you put single quotes around it09:44
zhangerbefore /media and after .tar.gz09:44
llutzzhanger: sure you can quote them, but then   ".... tar -cvpzf $OUTPUTFILE ..."  still will fail09:45
john_ramboI want to add a mount point for sda3 in /media/sda3 in /etc/fstab What do I write ?09:45
llutzzhanger: its easier just not to use any spaces09:45
Eaglemani think thats the best solution llutz09:46
zhanger@ Eagleman (not really a bash scripter though)09:46
Eaglemanwell its rocket science for me to zhanger09:47
epzil0njohn_rambo: you can use the UUID of that partition which you can find by using sudo blkid09:48
zhangerrrandom d/cs :\09:48
cypher-neozhanger, What are you trying to do?09:48
Dr_Willis!fstab | john_rambo09:49
ubottujohn_rambo: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions09:49
zhangerrcypher-neo: Eagleman 's the one who needs help with his script09:49
cypher-neoEagleman, What are you trying to do?09:49
Eaglemancypher-neo, i'm trying to create a script that saves the file using a date with minutes and put spaces in the file name09:50
Dr_Williswhy the obsession with spaces?09:51
EaglemanSince it looks better09:51
Dr_Willisno it dosent09:51
cypher-neoEagleman, Okay. I've done that before. Could I look at your script?09:51
trevor_whats a good program to run to have my desktop randomly select from several different wallpapers upon startup?09:51
=== diana is now known as Guest11050
Eaglemanthats an opininion Dr_Willis09:51
cypher-neoEagleman, Pastebin a copy of the script, and send me a link.09:51
Dr_Willistrevor_:  i recall some indicator applets or tools at askubuntu.com to do that.09:51
=== trevor_ is now known as Mahesh
Dr_WillisEagleman:  it definatly makes the code harder to read and managbe and uglier.09:52
llutzEagleman: you can use spaces but you have to put your OUTPUTFILENAME in quotes too if you do09:52
Eaglemancypher-neo http://pastebin.com/Wdm1qzxQ09:52
Eaglemanits all about OUTPUTFILE09:52
llutzEagleman: and as i said, its easier just not to use any spaces09:52
TBarthEagleman, that s no opinion, it s experience :)09:52
zhangerrwait can't you escape spaces by prepending a \09:53
zhangerrbecause like mkdir test\ directory09:53
Eaglemanconfigbackup_05-30-2012_11:47.tar.gz is what i got now09:53
llutzEagleman: if you don't quote OUTPUTFILE, it will end after " /media/usbbackupdisk/configbackups/configbackup" for tar09:54
Eaglemancypher-neo lets listen to the rest and do not use spaces, thanks for helping anyway.09:54
llutzEagleman: whats wrong with it09:54
llutzEagleman: one tipp: if you use date for backupfiles, let it start with year-month, easier to sort09:54
john_ramboDr_Willis, Thanks09:55
Eaglemanllutz its a weekly backup, and the disk is full within 160 days09:55
Eaglemanso i will do a clean up then09:55
llutzEagleman: you've heard about incremental backups? :)09:55
cypher-neoEagleman, Okay, umm...09:56
Eaglemanall i know about backups in linux is that its way to hard to understand for me09:56
=== hybrid_ is now known as o0o0o
zhangerryou should at least rotate the backups09:56
llutzEagleman: have a look at rsnapshot09:56
Eaglemani'm just happy i got this working now09:56
zhangerrlike delete ones older than x days old09:56
lovelyubuntuHi I want to know how to install applications offline in ubuntu?09:56
TBarthmy backupfiles look like this "virtual_mailboxes-120528-120528040001-data.1.dar" Easy to sort even with differencial backups09:56
LjL!offline | lovelyubuntu09:57
ubottulovelyubuntu: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD09:57
cypher-neoEagleman, I think the problem is in the creation of the file itself. It's going to take me a few minutes... don't go away.09:57
cypher-neoEagleman, I'm going to load this into a bash shell and play with it. :)09:57
lovelyubuntuok so i can download any application by that way?09:57
Eaglemanit works for me09:57
Eaglemanit does what it needs to do so09:57
LjLlovelyubuntu: you should be able to, yes09:58
zetherooafter update no audio from audio jack though laptop speakers still work ... running 11.10 64bit09:58
Dr_Willislovelyubuntu:  ones in the repos at least09:58
Eaglemanand why should i use this? OUTPUTFILE="/media/usbbackupdisk/configbackups/configbackup_$(date +%m-%d-%Y_%I:%M).tar.gz" what is the difference without quotes09:58
zetherootried rebooting, deleted .pulse directory, installed dkms ... no change09:58
lovelyubuntuIs there any other way, i heard compiling binary from source. how is that? I don't have Internet all the time.09:59
Dr_Willislovelyubuntu:  most poeple dont need to use source09:59
TBarthEagleman, think of a string and you to make clear where it starts and ends.10:00
TBarthyou want10:00
useri have set a password on root user on mysql server from localhost.. hov do i add this to the phpmyadmin settings?10:00
useri found out10:02
Dr_Willis5 seconds after you ask... ;) isent that always the case10:02
lovelyubuntuApt on cd : This project has no files?????10:03
zhangeruser: not 100% sure but check /etc/phpmyadmin/config-db.php10:03
userwrong place though ^ it is /phpmyadmin/config.inc.php10:04
peterrooneyEagleman: also, because it's a good habit.  if you're in the habit of doing things in bash you can 'get away with', it's going to bite you hard when you can't.10:04
zhangeruser check /etc/dbconfig-common/phpmyadmin.conf10:05
userI have found out guys :D and u both are wrong :)10:05
zhangerwhat is it then10:06
* peterrooney cringes upon noticing MM-dd-YYYY format, with a side of baseball bat.10:06
cypher-neoEagleman, What I ended up doing was breaking up the piped command into separate lines. There's no need to use pipes in a BASH script, so I broke them up and called the file using more variables.10:06
cypher-neoEagleman, I'm testing it now.10:06
=== semeion_ is now known as semeion
Dr_Williswhen in doubt toss in m ore variables and quotes and single quotes. and some backticks for  luck!10:09
cypher-neoDr_Willis, lol10:09
Dr_Willis;)  dont forget to use obscoure bash builtins also!10:09
EaglemanI think i'm gonna quit irc now xD10:09
cypher-neoEagleman, Why are you using tee? If you're looking to backup the backup in a different location, why not use cp?10:09
deavidhi, a quick question. I'm looking for a kernel image which supports old cpu's in ubuntu precise 12.04; I have a LTSP and i need to change the kernel-image on the chroot in order to boot my pentium-II thin clients.10:10
Eaglemantee is to get the output of -v into a log file10:10
deavidanyone knows if there is a repository for that?10:10
Dr_Williswith spaces and quotes you gota sort  of think in how each time the 'string' gets parsed  - a layer of quotes gets stripped off and the variables interperted. so with nested quotes it gets handed down and parsed again ;)10:10
Abhijitdeavid, this http://askubuntu.com/questions/103536/need-ubuntu-with-old-kernel-2-6-31 and this http://thanhsiang.org/faqing/node/129 may help you10:11
EaglemanI dont see a reason why my scripts needs to get adjusted, it does exactly what i want it to do10:11
Dr_Willisfor moar speeds!10:12
cypher-neoEagleman, I'm just trying to get the filename to work.10:12
Eaglemanwell maybe, the only problem is that the cronjob is having some problems10:12
Eagleman*        4       *       *       3      /backups/scripts/sdabackups/ssdbackup10:13
Eagleman*        4       *       *       3      /backups/scripts/sdbbackups/hdd1backup10:13
Eagleman*        4       *       *       3      /backups/scripts/mysqlbackups/mysqlbackup10:13
Dr_Willisfancy bash quoteing skills - is a handy skill.  regrexps are even handier to know10:13
Eaglemanit should backup everything around 4:00 midnight10:13
lovelyubuntuGuys please help i want to offline installation of my fav apps.10:13
Eaglemanbut when i looked this morning there was something whole different10:13
Eaglemanthe mysqlbackup was created at 8:17 or something :S10:14
cypher-neoOMG. Eagleman, I got it10:14
Eaglemanwhat do you got :P?10:14
niceguyplease I am trying to install mod_perl on my ubuntu machine10:15
TBarthEagleman, every day at four oclock: 0 4 * * *10:15
deavidAbhijit: those are assuming that newer kernels just doesn't work with old CPU, is that true? I believe that is some options in the kernel copilation that aren't suipported in the old hardware10:15
cypher-neoEagleman, Darn... Almost had it10:16
Abhijitdeavid, no idea10:16
cypher-neoEagleman, I don't think spaces are going to work, exactly.10:16
niceguyanyone that know anything on installing mod_perl???????????10:16
cypher-neoEagleman, Let me try one last thing, and then I'll pastebin what I have back to you.10:16
Eaglemancypher-neo i'm not using the spaces anymore10:17
cypher-neoEagleman, Well, in that case, I'll just pastebin what I have.10:18
sirknightim haveing big trouble with trying to get out of a boot loop10:18
Eaglemanthis is what i've got now10:18
angshow can I connect to an access point by the wlan0 interface using iwconfig command?10:19
cypher-neoEagleman, And what does the date look like in the filename?10:19
cypher-neoEagleman, Does it come out okay?10:19
TBarthniceguy, mod_perl? What do you want to do?10:19
niceguyTBarth I just want to install it for cgi10:20
Eaglemancypher-neo configbackup_05-30-2012_12:04.tar.gz10:21
cypher-neoEagleman, If you like it that way, then it works. I'm pretty close to cracking the spaced name though.10:21
cypher-neoEagleman, I just have to remember what I did before... I'm very close.10:22
Eaglemancypher-neo i like it this way10:23
cypher-neoEagleman, Okay, if you're happy I am too.10:23
cypher-neoEagleman, What was your problem that I was supposed to help you with then?10:23
TBarthniceguy, you can find the complete list clearly with: aptitude search perl | grep cgi10:23
niceguyTBarth please do you use mod_perl10:24
Eaglemancypher-neo i have told you some minutes aigo that i dont need the spaces anymore since the majority of #ubuntu told me its better not to use spaces10:25
cypher-neoEagleman, If you like it better with spaces... then all you need to do is learn how to put them in the file.10:26
TBarthniceguy, it s been a long time.10:26
cypher-neoEagleman, Spaces are special characters in BASH. They need to be escaped in order to work correctly.10:26
Luftihi ;)10:26
niceguyTBarth that command brought this out to stdout>> libcgi-pm-perl? does this mean its already installed10:27
cypher-neoEagleman, I've been playing around with the script you gave me. I think I've got it working. All I changed was how the date was formatted, and I placed the space in the file name, not in the date10:27
TBarthniceguy, if there is an preceeding "i"  in the list, yes10:28
niceguyTBarth, it was a preceeding v10:29
Luftilol, TBarth are my initials ;D10:30
sirknightim haveing big trouble with trying to get out of a boot loop. with no dvd drive10:30
cypher-neoEagleman, If you need any more help with your BASH scripts, check out #bash10:30
LuftiSuddenly two samba shares I did access via nautilus URL smb://share/something display an empty folder while other pcs can see the content. Also it's impossible to create a new folder ("Permission denied"). I use the same account on both pcs (one is U11.10, the other U12.04).10:31
LuftiAny idea? Is there a cache or stored config about this share on my local PC that I can/must delete?10:31
jolly_hi sakura10:32
TBarthniceguy, more infos with  aptitude show  libcgi-pm-perl. This seems to be a part of the perl core distribution10:34
fastaWhat does chmod +s do?10:36
fastaAnd where is that in the manual?10:36
TBarthfasta, s-bit for directores e.g.10:38
cypher-neofasta, set user or group ID on execution (s)10:38
cypher-neofasta, man chmod10:38
sirknightim haveing big trouble with trying to get out of a boot loop. with no dvd drive10:39
sirknighthow can i  get my pc too boot?10:39
augustlsirknight: reinstall perhaps?10:40
augustlif the reboot loop is due to a fresh install, of course10:40
yandex38Has anyone tried Fedora 17 yet?10:41
sirknightthen how do i get to the grub menu.. i have win 7 starter and ubuntu 10.10//10:41
sirknightgrub menu donest show up10:42
yandex38Ubuntu hides the grub menu by default10:42
lixsirknight: without DVD drive, you can also boot with a memorystick10:42
sirknightat one point yes,, but  it wont cauth on now after i reinstalled the mbr thinking it was that10:43
sirknightcant find the  usb drive at start up10:44
schreberis there a specific way I can search the repos via the terminal like apt-get search "blah" ?10:45
ironhalikschreber: apt-cache search *stuff*10:45
ironhalikand apt-cache show *stuff* for package details10:46
schreberironhalik, thanks10:46
daniel_I have a problem .. when I plug in my headphones the sound is redirected to the headphones but I can still hear it in the speakers ..how can I fix this ? on ubuntu 12.04 x64 acer 5930g10:46
daniel_this wasnt an issue for me on 10.1010:47
yandex38daniel_: Have you looked at the config files for pulseaudio?10:48
daniel_yandex38, I havent..10:48
daniel_yandex38, can u point me in the right direction ?10:48
daniel_yandex38, in the sound menu there is not a such option10:49
daniel_yandex38, should I install a new package or someting ?10:49
GreekFreakHi all10:54
riktking /ignore -channels #mwsf10:55
=== anonymous is now known as Guest16612
john_rambovlc's audio starts some secs late with the video10:56
GreekFreakI have installed Ubuntu 12.04 on a Pentium M with 500mb RAM (Old I know). Needless to say it's slow. I would like to know what I can do to make it run faster or if I should simply consider Lubuntu. I've logged in as 2D but tbh it doesn't seem all that different (in looks or speed)10:56
jribGreekFreak: use a different desktop environment (you don't need to install lubuntu, just install the desktop environment you want)10:56
Guest16612help to become a hacker please10:57
jrib!source | Guest1661210:57
ubottuGuest16612: You can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html10:57
jrib!bugs | Guest1661210:57
ubottuGuest16612: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.10:57
fayazhi, i'm in the middle of 'dd'ing a partition and it has been going on for several hours now. but now i need to view a file on it. can i safely mount this thing? at least read-only?10:57
GreekFreakjrib, what do you mean? as in not unity?10:57
riktkingGreekFreak: crunchbang minght be an option10:57
jribGreekFreak: yeah10:57
GreekFreakriktking, thanks. Is crunchbang the recommended one or is that your preference?10:58
daniel_yandex38, I checked pulse audio settings ..nothing worked10:58
GreekFreakjrib, I assume I'll still be able to run applications like chrome?10:58
riktkingGreekFreak: i haev used it before, it is a very light weight desktop environment. might be a decent option for you.10:59
jribGreekFreak: of course10:59
riktkingGreekFreak: lxde, xfce10:59
GreekFreakriktking, thanks.11:00
riktkingGreekFreak: good luck!11:00
Guest16612people I don't hear any CCW?11:00
GreekFreakriktking, oh so that's the difference between ubuntu, lubuntu and xubuntu? Thanks. it makes sense now11:00
GreekFreakjrib, thanks11:00
riktkingGreekFreak: learn the phrase KISS - it wil help with ALOT of linux experience ;-)11:01
Guest16612hello ultrixx11:02
Guest16612ultrixx, you're here for a long time?11:03
cypher-neoGreekFreak, One point to remember. Most Linux distro's come with Live mode, so you can preview them before installing and see if Chromium or other programs work okay.11:04
ultrixxGuest16612: not usre11:04
Guest16612well, to be honest?11:05
Guest16612ultrixx, you're where you?11:05
GreekFreakriktking, haha11:06
GreekFreakcypher-neo, thank you. I'll keep that in mind11:06
Guest16612Very funny11:06
GreekFreakI assume if I change the desktop environment that the ubuntu updates, etc will still work as normal?11:07
ania__GreekFreak: yes11:07
Guest16612for sure:)11:07
GreekFreakania__, thank you.11:07
ania__but it will update both : gnome kde itd.......11:07
ania__so it could download more updates take more space11:08
ania__not relevant if you have disck space11:08
Guest16612you pay about what say?11:08
GreekFreakania__, can I disable Unity (Gnome) and only have the one I want (e.g. crunchbang or lxde)?11:08
lycosahi i'm running 12.04 LTS on a notebook and i noticed an abnormal speed of fans, is it possible to regulate the speed :) thank you11:09
cypher-neoGreekFreak, You can... but it can be complicated getting all the dependancies to balance.11:09
jribGreekFreak: if you install multiple environments, you can choose between them at the login screen11:09
ania__GreekFreak: you can uninstall unity.....and leave just lxda.....or what ever you want....to unistall check google11:09
Guest16612You deaf?11:09
lycosathe noise is annoying...11:09
Guest16612thought I talk with myself11:10
GreekFreakthanks guys. I'll start with having both for now (for peace of mind).11:10
cypher-neoGreekFreak, Uninstalling Unity is complicated, but it regarded half the files on the computer as a dependencies. If you're that desperate to get rid of Unity, it's usually far easier to find an Ubuntu disk image that uses the desktop you prefer and (after backing up your files) reformat using that image.11:11
Guest16612all go to sleep: D11:11
ania__GreekFreak: yes leave it....it wont make it slower....11:11
cypher-neoGuest16612, What can I help you with?11:11
lycosai tried other distro but same problem :/11:12
GreekFreakcypher-neo, makes sense.11:12
GreekFreakania__, sounds like a plan. lol11:12
Guest16612No thank you!11:12
ania__GreekFreak: you better check CAIRO DOCK that really good desktop enviro...11:14
ania__like apple11:14
mpulisguys, i am having problems with my ubuntu. my network card disappeared. lspci doesnt mention it. eth0 is invalid. laptop is lenovo 3000 n200 - seems to be a broadcom chip11:14
curiousxye, and AWN (Avant Windows Navigator) :D11:14
cypher-neoI love AWN!11:15
curiousxme too11:15
curiousxAWN Lucido11:15
GreekFreakania__, will do11:15
cypher-neocuriousx, Yes! Yes!11:16
cypher-neocuriousx, Lucido is sweet, especially when you use the expander to push the icons around.11:17
jribanyone know of a program to banish the cursor automatically after the cursor has not moved for some configurable amount of time?  (I do not want unclutter as that hides the cursor.  I want to simply have the cursor move to the corner of the active window)11:17
GreekFreakania__, CAIR DOCK looks pretty cool for my desktop (i7-950 with 6gb RAM). But it looks too resource hungry for the laptop (yes, I'm guessing here)11:18
zhanshime-1mpulis: i have the same problem sometimes,reboot may solve it11:18
curiousxcypher-neo: ye, it is :) here mah Lucido: http://i.imgur.com/TSlHv.jpg11:18
EaglemanAfter an init 6 my ubuntu system isnt starting properly anymore......11:18
Eaglemanstarting configure virtual network devices FAILED11:18
Eaglemanand before that i had an pch poisen interrupt11:19
cypher-neocuriousx, Very nice! Let me show you mine.11:19
cypher-neocuriousx, http://fav.me/d51nfmm I took this screenshot yesterday.11:20
curiousxcypher-neo: http://i.imgur.com/Y7b1W.png  http://paste.ubuntu.com/818362/11:22
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
mpuliszhanshime-1, did that but no luck. the led's green and orange are switched on11:22
mpuliszhanshime-1,  im gonna try loading a live cd - see if it fixes11:23
cypher-neoChuck_Norris, I like that last one!11:23
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest79012
a7471Hello everyone11:25
a7471can somebody help me?11:25
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:25
Chuck_Norris!someone | a747111:25
ubottua7471: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.11:25
a7471whats the best program on ubuntu equivalent to paint on windows?11:25
cypher-neoChuck_Norris, What menu is that you're using in http://i.imgur.com/PnEup.png11:26
=== rexus is now known as pegos
cypher-neoChuck_Norris, Is that Cinnamon?11:26
=== Guest79012 is now known as ye
a7471I have a very basic ubuntu11:26
a7471its at my school11:26
a7471it sucks tbh11:26
FloodBot1a7471: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:26
TBartha7471, gimp ?11:27
a7471yer but it aint the same,gimp is more for animation11:27
susundberga7471, TBarth : gimp is quite much more than pain, maybe tuxpaint? "tuxpaint - A paint program for young children11:27
riktkinga7471: there is gnu paint i think11:27
riktkinga7471: tux paint thats the onw11:27
a7471i aint a young kid mate11:27
susundberg"gpaint - GNU Paint - a small, easy to use paint program for GNOME11:27
Chuck_Norriscypher-neo: that was LMGE (Linux Mint Gnome Extension) and a shell theme11:28
yeHi guys!  :)11:28
MonkeyDusta7471  offtopic: http://partimus.org/11:28
susundbergtuxpaint seems quite fun, suitable for ppl in all ages: http://tuxpaint.org/screenshots/ :)11:29
cypher-neoChuck_Norris, Do you know if that extension still works on GNOME3.4? A lot of common extensions got borked in the update.11:29
a7471imnot sure if i can download because at school11:29
Chuck_Norrisand the extencion bottom panel, but LMGE is not compatible with gnome 3.411:29
TBarthtuxpaint lol11:29
a7471is anyone from portugal in here?11:29
cypher-neotuxpaint lol11:29
Chuck_Norrisnop i tryed but there is another extension that can do that i'll show ya in a moment11:30
cypher-neoGIMP is suitable for people of all ages too. Your actual results may vary though. lol11:30
yeHello,  I am installing Ubuntu 12.04 in /dev/sda10,  and I have 10.04 in /dev/sda811:30
lewis1711does anyone know what package will give me the header mpi.h? I thought for sure libopenmpi-dev would be it..11:30
yeNow it occurs: Failed to umount partitions11:30
Chuck_Norriscypher-neo: http://i.imgur.com/pNJMz.jpg11:31
yemigration-assistant needs to mount a partition, but cannot umount /dev/sda811:31
=== chris_ is now known as Guest14084
Chuck_Norrisi'll tell ya the extension name, give me a second11:31
yeI didn't mount /dev/sda811:32
Guest14084is there a way to check for drivers without jockey-gtk or jockey-text? Mine crashes while starting up.11:32
cypher-neoChuck_Norris, Nice screenshot. I've had issues with Ubuntu GNOME3 recently. Lots of extensions are not working, even those in the gnome-extensions-common package.11:32
susundbergye: can you mount them by hand ? i dont quite get where the error appeared, during the instal?11:33
cypher-neoChuck_Norris, I couldn't get half of the common extensions to run on 3.4!11:33
EaglemanHow could my interfaces file be deformed after an init 6? it contained alot of weird characters when i edited it11:33
yecypher-neo: when importing documents and settings...11:33
yecypher-neo: and if i umount /dev/sda8, it will crash11:34
Chuck_Norriscypher-neo: you have to go at: https://extensions.gnome.org/11:35
Chuck_Norriscypher-neo: this is the extension for setting up the panel: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/208/panel-settings/11:36
TBarthChuck_Norris, how do you get the news on your desktop?11:36
Guest14084chuck_norris does not need to install ubuntu, ubuntu installs itself in his presence11:37
Chuck_Norrisyou can TBarth i alredy did a tutorial in http://ubuntuforums.org  section "Tips and Tuorial" but i can't see it, if you want i can give the post in forum format so you can see and mah post :)11:37
Chuck_NorrisTBarth: let me paste it11:37
Chuck_Norristhis is the post in forum format =P: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1014592/11:38
cypher-neoChuck_Norris, Oh! So don't install the extensions from the repositories? Just do it one by one from extensions.gnome.org?11:39
terminhellello ello11:39
EaglemanHow could my interfaces file be deformed after an init 6? it contained alot of weird characters when i edited it11:39
Chuck_Norriscypher-neo: i have some PPA for that, i have webupd8 PPA and i pick up some from the ofcial webpage11:40
=== andy_ is now known as Guest98151
cypher-neoChuck_Norris, I guess I just didn't look hard enough. ;p11:42
=== Guest98151 is now known as RNAndyB
Chuck_Norrisye, i can tell xD11:42
RNAndyBIm trying to build gcc 4.7.0 on ubuntu 12.04, configures fine but I keep getting the following error on make http://pastebin.com/mkfHdjyB, Could anyone offer some advice please?11:42
ogra_RNAndyB, why dont you just use the binary from quantal ?11:44
nyuszika7hIs it possible to make Nautilus recognize my Oracle Java 7 install?11:44
ogra_(including the toolchain)11:44
Take^I'm building an custom upstart job, which needs to have input from the user11:44
RNAndyBogra_, I am trying to build it as a cross compiler for another target11:45
TBarthnyuszika7h, already installed the java alternatives?11:45
nyuszika7hTBarth: Yes11:45
Take^I've tried the option 'console owner', but that doesn't really fit, since atleast when I run 'sudo start foo' I get the dialog output from the script, but I can't type anything to the script11:45
ogra_RNAndyB, what target ? we also have cross compiler packages, but only build them for arm targets atm11:45
nyuszika7hIt asks me to install OpenJDK if I want to open a jar file from Nautilus (though it works fine from the terminal)11:45
TBarthnyuszika7h, and java -version shows your oracle version?11:45
RNAndyBogra_, i386-elf but the target must be i386-jos-elf for an OS course I am following.11:46
=== BotaniCar is now known as PunTrbuh
ogra_RNAndyB, ah, well, then good luck, bootstrapping a compiler and toolchain isnt really a beginner task11:47
TBarthnyuszika7h, I can open jar file with nautilus, and I only have oracle java installed.11:48
nyuszika7hTBarth: It doesn't offer that as an option in "Open With"11:48
oratedHello! How can I start back a process which was accidentally killed?11:48
nyuszika7horated: Which process?11:48
oratednyuszika7h: plasma-desktop11:49
RNAndyBogra_, I wouldnt consider myself a beginner. I have completed this task before but I have done a fresh reinstall of ubuntu and now this time around it wont build11:49
nyuszika7horated: Unless you remember which user it ran as and the command-line switches, I don't know11:50
cypher-neoChuck_Norris, Is this the PPA you used? http://goo.gl/X4Dyp11:50
TorbenBetaHow can I display characters like: "€" or "ĝ" in the CLI (Bash)?11:50
ogra_RNAndyB, well, i'm not a compiler guy, i only use them ... what you are seeing might be related to multiarch though, not sure11:50
nyuszika7hTorbenBeta: With echo?11:50
=== ye is now known as jacks
RNAndyBogra_, ok, thank you for your time11:51
Chuck_Norriscypher-neo: ye, and i'll show ya one more thing11:51
cypher-neoChuck_Norris, That would be the one PPA I missed. I'll have to go back and try again. :)11:52
jacksHi guys!  I have a stupid question. Why I cannot find /boot/grub/menu.lst by default in Ubuntu?11:52
Chuck_Norrisis about the Depin distro, that have some cool extensions11:52
AnomIf I'm sending mail via a contact form and theres no log of it in my mail.log, where's the next place to check? (I can't see anything in php.log either)11:52
mcb_1TorbenBeta: Use ALT GR+E for €. In my terminal it worked.11:52
TorbenBetanyuszika7h, I mean in general. For example: I want to edit a document using "editor"11:52
ogra_RNAndyB, sadly all our compiler specialists are at linaro-connect in hongkong atm, but you could try to catch hrw or doko in #linaro, they are experts and might be able to help11:53
TorbenBetamcb_1, I mean on another workstation without X. Like tty6, if you understand me.11:53
TorbenBetanyuszika7h, and instead of € it shows a grey box.11:54
Chuck_Norriscypher-neo: https://github.com/manateelazycat/DGSE11:54
Chuck_Norrissry link dead serching again11:55
mcb_1TorbenBeta: As i said it works here, with or withou X11.11:55
cypher-neoChuck_Norris, That page 404'd on me.11:55
cypher-neoChuck_Norris, Very funny 404 picture though!11:55
Chuck_Norrisi have the extension in mah ubuntone folder but... in order to be transparent i wanna to send ya to the github webpage11:55
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
RNAndyBogra_, Great, thank you very much!11:56
=== mi3 is now known as cellfun
TorbenBetamcb_1, strangely enough it works if I start a terminal, but if I change my workstation (tty1-6) it won't display.11:56
cypher-neoChuck_Norris, It's okay. I know who to find later once I get the initial extensions working.11:56
cypher-neoChuck_Norris, Let me work on just getting GNOME3.4 to accept and use extensions. lol11:57
Chuck_NorrisxD ok11:57
cypher-neoChuck_Norris, I will definitely come hunt you down on IRC later and ask you questions if I have any issues. :)11:57
=== Sergevg is now known as svg
Chuck_Norriscypher-neo: np11:59
oratedWhat does $PATH means? What does its output /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games means?11:59
TBarthChuck_Norris, which web technologie is used to display the grafic in your 404 page?11:59
Chuck_Norrisbut idk but, i can't find the Deepin's extension on github but here is mah link in ubuntuone: http://ubuntuone.com/5hccMzBg44XfC3i8PPQdcL12:01
silv3r_m00nafter I upgraded to 12.04 , everytime ubuntu starts , a nautilus window opens up , why ?12:01
silv3r_m00nI don't need that window12:01
Chuck_NorrisTBarth: noone only mah firefox web browser12:01
mcb_1TorbenBeta: Strange indeed, I can switch terminals and I have no problem here. Maybe you should check your keyboard setings......12:02
=== Sergevg is now known as svg
m4rtijndoes anyone know where i can find a logfile from an USB connected at a terminal server client??12:04
wawoweorated: it's that path of executables in your shell12:04
Deathslyceranyone there?12:07
DeltaHeavyIs shutting down/restarting your computer using "init" bad for any reason?12:07
Deathslyceri need help with my graphic card12:07
wawoweDeltaHeavy: no12:07
DeathslycerWhen i boot up and i use adm saphhire HD675012:07
DeathslycerIt says start in low graphic mode12:07
DeltaHeavywawowe: THanks12:07
wawoweDeathslycer: what's the issue?12:07
DeathslycerWhen i start with linux12:08
Deathslycerokey when i have my VGA in my graphic card entrance and i boot it says start in low graphic mode12:08
DeathslycerBut when i switch it to onboard its normal12:08
DeathslycerI cant use my 2 gigs of grapphic card12:08
DeltaHeavyDeathslycer: ATI cards aren't supported nearly as well for Linux compared to NVidea card. I avoid ATI like nuts for any computer that might be running Linux.12:09
DeathslycerThe problem is i cant install windows anymore,And if i use wine?12:09
DeltaHeavyDeathslycer: Are there any Linux drivers for this card on the ATI website.12:09
Deathslycerbootmgr is missing12:09
Dr_WillisDeathslycer:  you did install the ati drivers for your card?12:09
DeltaHeavyDeathslycer: Why can't you install Windows anymore?12:09
DeathslycerYes i isntalledi the druiverst stil gives me the same error12:10
DeltaHeavyDeathslycer: You can use GRUB to boot Windows instead of bootmgr12:10
Dr_WillisMost windows pcs come with a tool to make a restore cd set. or grub often finds and makes an entry for the windows 'rescue/recovery' partition.12:10
Dr_WillisGrub shows that partion on all my windows machines12:10
wawoweDeathslycer: install the ati drivers: sudo apt-get install fglrx12:10
Deathslycerill try12:10
Deathslycerif it works12:11
Pierrebi just installed ubuntu and it looked fine, after booting it show the loading screen with the 4 dots but then it show a grey screen and nothing is happening12:11
DeathslycerStill thanks for the support12:11
Dr_WillisPierreb:  what video card?12:11
Pierrebnvidia 42012:11
Pierrebshould i have skipped the install 3rd party software?12:11
wawowePierreb: hit esc while it's booting12:12
DeathslycerLets try it out :d12:12
Pierrebwawowe: that show details?12:12
wawowePierreb: yeah, can help you figure out what's going wrong12:12
Chuck_NorrisPierreb: good idea, that way you will use "nouveau" intead of the priopretary driver, but with nouveau you can not play 3D games like Urban Terror =(12:13
cellfunI am trying to sed this rss from my terminal, but it shows 10 lines , I only need 5 of them, any suggestions ? the top 5 . wget -q -O - http://www.makeuseof.com/service/linux/feed | sed -n '1,/<title>/d; s/.*<title>\(.*\)<\/title>.*/\1/p12:13
DeltaHeavyPierreb: I suggest you remove that driver and install the proprietary one that can be found on NVidea's website.12:13
cellfunI am trying to sed this rss from my terminal, but it shows 10 lines , I only need 5 of them, any suggestions ? the top 5 . wget -q -O - http://www.makeuseof.com/service/linux/feed | sed -n '1,/<title>/d; s/.*<title>\(.*\)<\/title>.*/\1/p'12:13
Dr_WillisPierreb:  try the nomodeset option, and install the nvidia drivers if you get to teh desktop.12:14
Dr_WillisYou want to try the drivers fromt eh repos first. not the ones from the nvidia web site.12:14
DeathslycerIt worked12:14
Picicellfun: head -n512:14
PierrebProblem is i dont get to desktop :-/12:14
DeltaHeavycellfun: Please don't spam you're question. If I"m understanding your question just pipe STDOUT through 'head -5'12:14
Pierrebwill recovery mode help?12:14
Dr_Willis!nomodeset | Pierreb12:14
ubottuPierreb: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter12:14
cellfunDeltaHeavy, I am sorry :(12:15
Chuck_Norrisif Pierreb mark the 3 part sofware, he alredy have nvidia propietraty driver using it12:15
DeltaHeavyPierreb: cellfun: Don't worry about it, just don't do it again. Repost maybe every 15 minutes or so, IRC isn't as much of a "chatty" protocol as many would believe.12:15
DeltaHeavyWow sorry I messed up that name addressing buisness @_@12:15
cellfunDeltaHeavy, it wont happen again12:16
* cellfun thinks he should use pastebin from now on :D12:16
DeltaHeavycellfun: Now you're getting it~12:16
Chuck_NorrisPierreb: you can see the logins screen?12:17
Chuck_Norriscan you*...?12:17
DeltaHeavyPierreb: Try pressing "Ctrl + Alt + F1" to get to the CLI. Press "Ctrl + Alt + F7" to return to the GUI.12:18
DeathslycerDoes anyone has knoledge about lampp12:18
DeltaHeavyPierreb: From there you can log in and operating your computer from the command prompt.12:18
DeltaHeavyDeathslycer: I do12:18
DeathslycerGood :d12:18
DeathslycerOkey it says mysql missing12:18
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)12:18
Chuck_Norrisye, that what i going to write him Ctrl + Alt + Fx12:18
DeathslycerI know i use it :D12:18
DeathslycerBut it gives this error12:18
DeathslycerMYSQL is missing12:18
Deathslycerto be precise12:19
DeltaHeavyDeathslycer: What happens when you execute "sudo which mysql"?12:19
DeathslycerStarting XAMPP for Linux 1.7.7...12:19
DeathslycerXAMPP: Starting Apache with SSL (and PHP5)...12:19
DeathslycerXAMPP: Starting MySQL...12:19
DeathslycerXAMPP: Couldn't start MySQL!12:19
DeathslycerXAMPP: Starting ProFTPD...12:19
DeathslycerXAMPP for Linux started.12:19
Deathslycerjeroen@jeroen-Vostro-420-Series:~$ ^C12:19
FloodBot1Deathslycer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:19
PierrebChuck_Norris: i can see the loading screen, i tried hitting escape then some text flashed on the screen then it "loaded" the gfx driver and went "black"12:19
DeltaHeavyDeathslycer: Oh you're using XAMPP, I hate that thing lol, I have issues like that too and end up just messing around to get things to work. Have you considered installing each package individually and not using XAMPP?12:20
Chuck_Norrisok, when you are in the login screen type: "Ctrl + Alt + F3"   log in and type: lsmod | grep nouveau12:20
DeathslycerI only need the mysql package12:20
Chuck_Norrisand tell as if you see something12:20
DeltaHeavyDeathslycer: sudo apt-get install apache2 mysql-server mysql-client12:20
DeltaHeavyDeathslycer: Those names might be wrong, it was a best effort but you get the idea right?12:20
PierrebChuck_Norris: i never get to the login screen12:20
Chuck_Norrisoh! sry12:21
DeltaHeavyDeathslycer: From there your server root will be '/var/www/'12:21
Chuck_Norrisso, try like you wrote with the rescue option12:21
DeathslycerIs hosted xampp on windows but im new to xampp on linux for the rest im quite good in figuring out.12:21
DeltaHeavyDeathslycer: This is a "REAL" LAMPP server, where XAMPP is more of a simulation. Great if not better for developing in certain respects, but nobody uses XAMPP for production.12:22
DeathslycerNew error i think this one this good  XAMPP: Another MySQL daemon is already running.12:22
ikoniaDeathslycer: why are you using xampp on linux12:23
DeathslycerI use it and it works on my mini laptop12:23
DeltaHeavyDeathslycer: TO make things easier on you just fully remove XAMPP to avoid such things.12:23
ikoniaDeathslycer: lamp is more apporpriate for linux as you don't need the self contained environment of xammp12:23
Dr_Willislamp can work just as well12:23
DeathslycerWell im using it becouse my windows broke and i cant recover i installed linux using a net boot command list12:23
=== ray1claw is now known as ray1claw_afk
DeathslycerI will use lampp12:23
Dr_Willissince xampp is not supported by this channel... good idea12:23
Chuck_NorrisPierreb: could be the bugy version of the nvidia 295.40 (already confirmed by Nvidia)12:24
PierrebChuck_Norris: so im at the recovery mode, what should i do then?12:24
DeltaHeavyDeathslycer: You'll learn a lot more this way as it's not some simulated enviroment. I had to use XAMPP for a course once and hated every moment of it lol. Was nice I could just bring around my whole production enviroment on a USB though. I'd say that's it's only advantage.12:24
Chuck_Norrisif it is, may or ma not be solved by using a PPA and install 295.5312:25
Chuck_NorrisPierreb: aptitude search nvidia-current12:25
Chuck_Norristell us if is installed12:25
Pierrebso choose root option?12:25
DeathslycerDamn i know why i dint extract it i moved it stopid me -.- XD12:26
DeltaHeavyChuck_Norris: Does that deal with the propriety driver or the open source GNU one?12:26
Pierrebaptitude not installed, ill check with apt-get?12:27
Chuck_NorrisPierreb: sudo apt-get install aptitude12:27
DeltaHeavyChuck_Norris: Did you see my message above? If it's the open source GNU driver I highly advise against getting it.12:28
Chuck_Norrisye i saw12:28
Chuck_Norrisbut you don't have problems, so i dont chat with you :D12:29
Chuck_NorrisIRC is not a caht room :D12:29
Vinnie_winFresh Ubuntu, I'm trying to build an applicationl. I added g++ compiler, and now I get a missing include "Xlib.h", how do I get that?12:29
Chuck_Norrisi meant a solcial chat room xD12:30
DeltaHeavyChuck_Norris: I'm trying to help Deathslycer though. I don't know why you'd suggest the open driver over the proprietary one.12:30
DeltaHeavyIMO we should just link him the propriery driver to grab with 'wget' and have him install it.12:30
PierrebChuck_Norris: that failed, w: not using locking for read only lock file blablabal12:31
newlou-oscan wordpress be loaded in Zorin?12:31
Pierrebeither way, would a reinstall without the 3rd party drivers work?12:31
Vinnie_winHow do I get xfree86-devel ?12:31
Chuck_NorrisPierreb: what command gives you that outputs?12:31
Pierrebsudo apt-get install aptitude12:31
DeltaHeavyPierreb: IMO, don't bother getting the free driver. Push Ubuntu into CLI mode and download the proprietary driver. If you tell me what card it is I can get you the link and you can download it directly from the command prompt12:32
PierrebDeltaHeavy: nvidia 420 gts12:32
DeltaHeavyPierreb: It's always better getting drivers made by the people who made the hardware than some reversed engineered garbage.12:32
Chuck_Norrisye, that will solve, becouse that way you will use nouveau, but, you can not play 3D games like Urban Terror with nouveau12:32
Pierrebyeah i need the nvidia driver cause xbmc wont work with the open source one12:32
Chuck_Norrissolve it12:32
DeltaHeavyPierreb: On your Ubuntu box, Press Ctrl + Alt + F112:33
Pierrebtried it on fedora and the screen flickered like crazy12:33
DeltaHeavyPierreb: Oh yeah Fedora HATES graphical drivers, just kills everything lol12:33
PierrebDeltaHeavy: yeah why i went for ubuntu :)12:33
Pierrebcouldnt figure out how to get the drivers to work12:33
Chuck_Norrisso, once you have the desktop, you can add the x-swat PPA and install 295.53 nvidia driver version12:33
DeltaHeavyPierreb: You running 32-bit?12:33
Pierrebbut either way i cant get to the desktop12:34
Chuck_Norrisor the Upubuntu PPA (i know, Do not recomend unoficial PPA)12:34
Pierrebso should i reinstall and then later install the nvidia drivers?12:34
DeltaHeavyPierreb: Press Ctrl + Alt + F112:34
DeltaHeavyPierreb: From anywhere, should just kill the GUI12:34
Vinnie_winWhat package do I install to get freetype.h12:34
Pierrebi did and im at a cli in recovery mode12:34
DeltaHeavyPierreb: Now run 'wget http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/295.53/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-295.53.run'12:35
Chuck_NorrisPierreb: paste:  lsmod | grep nvidia12:35
Pierrebyay for short stuff12:35
=== lubmil is now known as lub`
DeltaHeavyPierreb: Let me just find out how to turn off XORG these days. I think it's changed12:36
PierrebChuck_Norris: it says 12319264     012:36
Chuck_NorrisPierreb: do not say "nvidia" anywhere?12:37
DeltaHeavyPierreb: From the CLI menu execute 'sudo service stop lightdm'12:37
intoregood afternoon. i have a problem, i installed and configures pam_mount on ubuntu 11.04. it runs logging by shell but at boot time it stops on the start screen "ubuntu" and it doesn't nothing. please, could you help me please?12:37
DeltaHeavyPierreb: Then just run that script you downloaded with 'wget' by running './<script name>'. Remember you can use 'Tab' for auto-complete.12:37
PierrebChuck_Norris: nope12:37
Chuck_NorrisPierreb: paste:  lsmod | grep nouveau12:38
dwarderis it possible to see in realtime what's happening in other users cli?12:38
=== ray1claw_afk is now known as ray1claw
sirknighti have a flash drive that is mostly hidden.. i can still get to it with yumi but i want it to boot my linux off there so i can repair my pc12:38
DeltaHeavyPierreb: From there you'll be guided through a setup and it should remove any other drivers while it's at it. When you'ore done just execute 'sudo service lightdm start'12:38
Chuck_Norrismaybe becouse you are in the CLI thats the reason why you do not have the module load -.-12:38
sirknighthow do i get the flash drive to show up?12:38
Dr_Willisdwarder:  witht he right setup - yes.. easy way . get with the user and set up screen or byobu so you can 'share'  the cli12:39
PierrebDeltaHeavy: kk trying to type the url, Chuck_Norris: no output from that one12:39
DeltaHeavyChuck_Norris: The GUI is still running until he runs 'sudo service lightdm stop'.12:39
Dr_Willissirknight:  'mostly' hidden meaning what exactly?12:39
DeltaHeavyChuck_Norris: The GUI runs on tty7 while CLIs run on tty1-612:39
ironhalikyou can just sudo kill lightdm, it will kill xorg and stuff12:40
tomas__im new here :-)12:41
Sidewindertomas__, Welcome! :-)12:41
Vinnie_winhow do I get the alsa lib/headers to compile?12:42
sirknightDr_Willis,  theres only a a muilti-boot win app i can use,, the computer cant see the flash drive12:42
Chuck_Norrisok, well download an run the nvidia driver but first: sudo apt-get remove nvidia-current12:42
sirknightDr_Willis,  with linux how to i see is the drive is there?12:43
Dr_Willissirknight:  depending on how you put the disrto on the flash drive. there may not be any free space to use.12:43
DeltaHeavysirknight: If it's mounted you can just use the 'mount' command. Otherwise you can find it in the '/dev/' directory.12:43
Pierrebso network is down12:43
Dr_Willissirknight:  check with the sudo blkid command to see if the device is seen12:43
Chuck_Norristhen it will pup up a ncurses interface and you can move around with <tab>12:43
Dr_Willisimageing an iso file straight to a flash drive can cause.. strangeness12:44
DeltaHeavyPierreb: Did you try downloading it after you turned off your GUI (XORG)?12:44
PierrebDeltaHeavy: i never turned it off, i booted into secure-mode and choose root12:44
PierrebDeltaHeavy: trying to figure out how to start the network in ubuntu (used to oel/redhat)12:44
__gillesi installed ubuntu 12.04, i then installed the 'tritium' window manager12:44
__gilleshowever i don't see a way to select it on gdm12:45
DeltaHeavyPierreb: For some god awful reason "NetworkManager" is a GUI only tool and is what is often required to maintain an internet connection when it's already configured. Try starting the NetworkManager service, or boot into a normal mode and just get into the CLI (I know the GUI hangs) with Ctrl + Alt + F112:45
intoreno ideas?12:45
__gilleshow do you change the window manager for a specific user12:45
Dr_Willis__gilles:  make a proper session .desktop file for it to launch whatever commands you need to run12:45
Dr_Willis__gilles:  look at the ubuntu.desktop file as an example12:46
sirknightDr_Willis, DeltaHeavy ,  http://pastebin.com/ei8agkpP12:46
__gillesok thanks !12:46
jrib__gilles: or just have the user choose the window manager he wants at the login screen12:46
Pierrebguys ill try to reinstall the machine and skip 3rd party software12:46
__gillesjrib: that's what i wanted12:46
Pierrebones i get in ill try to install the damn nvidia drivers12:46
__gillesbut it does not appear in the list after being installed from packages12:46
jrib__gilles: what window manager?12:47
sirknightDr_Willis, DeltaHeavy ,  im looking for the 32 gb flash drive , not the 1.5 tb  drive12:47
__gillesi'll try the .desktop way and see how it goes12:47
__gillesjrib: tritum12:47
gvoI am trying to generate a bootable linux system on a USB hard drive. So I plugged in the Ubuntu 12.04 alternative CD ( the normal one panics on boot), pointed the partitioner/installer to the /dev/sdb drive and it seemed to run OK.  When it asked if I wanted to put grub on the MBR of my hard drive, I replied no so it asked where I wanted it.  I replied /dev/sdb.  I saw the hd light flicker...12:47
gvo...so assumed it worked.  It didn't on boot I get Error file not found and a grub rescue  prompt12:47
jrib__gilles: I see no tritum package12:47
DeltaHeavysirknight: execute the following to get to your flashdrive 'sudo -i && mkdir /media/flashdrive/ && mount /dev/sdf1 /media/flashdrive/ && cd /media/flashdrive/ && logout'12:47
Chuck_NorrisPierreb: maybe the service "NetworkManager" is not runing on the rescue mode: sudo service network-manager start   may do the job12:48
DeltaHeavyPierreb: You don't have to do a full reinstall, I'm pretty certain yuo just need to do what I said.12:49
Eaglemanwich 1 is safer? Squirrelmail or OpenWebMail ot something else?12:49
=== matias is now known as Guest76633
t432Any experts on eclipse/tomcat setup here12:50
jrib__gilles: i'm guessing you mean "tritium".  The package itself has a .desktop file.  Did you check if it got placed somewhere?12:50
sirknightDeltaHeavy,  i am not very good at command line but i know a few  things...    i just got a >12:50
__gillesjrib: dunno, but i wrote a .desktop file and it works12:50
t432having trouble running tomcat throught eclipse- "Cannot create a server using the selected type"12:50
__gillesthanks !12:50
jrib__gilles: you should file a bug if the package isn't properly installing one12:51
DeltaHeavysirknight: You probably typed a quote. I just had those there to signify that everything between it was the command12:51
DeltaHeavysirknight: and actually execute the following12:51
sirknightDeltaHeavy,  ok12:52
ultrixxEagleman: opensmtpd  http://www.opensmtpd.org12:52
=== Sergevg_ is now known as svg
nyuszika7hIs there something for forcibly (SIGKILL) killing applications with a crosshair-like cursor?12:52
DeltaHeavysudo mkdir /media/flashdrive/ && sudo /dev/sdf1 /media/flashdrive/ && sudo nautilus /media/flashdrive/12:52
gvoHow do I create a bootable USB harddrive (not flash)?12:52
nyuszika7hI accidentally triggered a similiar thing with some key sequence once, I think, but no idea what did I press.12:52
ultrixxgvo: you don't "create" it. make sure that your bios settings allow boot from usb harddrive12:53
gvoIt does12:53
zykotick9DeltaHeavy: "sudo /dev/sdf1 /media/flashdrive/" your missing something here12:53
sirknightDeltaHeavy, sudo: /dev/sdf1: command not found12:53
gvoultrixx And it boots but gets file not found12:53
ultrixxgvo: ok, then you have no bootloader installed on your usb hd12:54
DeltaHeavysudo mkdir /media/flashdrive/ && sudo mount /dev/sdf1  /media/flashdrive/ && sudo nautilus /media/flashdrive/12:54
DeltaHeavySorry I derped12:54
gvoultrixx: I plugged in the Ubuntu 12.04 alternative CD ( the normal one panics on boot), pointed the partitioner/installer to the /dev/sdb drive and it seemed to run OK. When it asked if I wanted to put grub on the MBR of my hard drive, I replied no so it asked where I wanted it. I replied /dev/sdb. I saw the hd light flicker so assumed it worked. It didn't; on boot I get Error: file not...12:54
gvo...found and a grub rescue prompt.12:54
sirknightderped means?12:54
DeltaHeavysirknight: Messed up, I didn't put 'mount' in there.12:54
Chuck_NorrisPierreb: i forget, if you just uninstall the nvidia driver with: sudo apt-get remove nvidia-current   then you will automatically boot with nouveau =P12:55
ultrixxgvo: have you got any idea why the normal cd panics on your system?12:55
gvoultrixx:  I think it has to do with a b43 driver.12:55
Dr_Willisgvo:  you didend say 'sdb1' by mistake did you12:56
gvoultrixx: I've seen bugs/comments about later kernels having problems.12:56
sirknighttranscend 32 gb flash drive    i think thats the close im going to get12:56
gvoDr_Willis: no I booted normally just to be sure and my grub menu is as it should be12:56
KrizOnehi guys, im running ubntu server and im just after a bit of help installing "imagemagick" for php, when i did the apt-get to install it, it installed fine but its not showing up in php, is there something i need to do to finish the install?12:57
gvoDr_Willis: ultrixx  can I mount the drive, chroot to it and run grub-update?12:58
=== niklasfn is now known as niklasva
echo083how to know the maximum amount of ram that my laptop will support ?12:59
gvoecho083: check manuf, specs.13:00
echo083gvo, where ?13:00
DeltaHeavyecho083: It depends on your motherboard. The easiest way is to just look up '"Dell XPS 3982" Supported RAM'13:00
sirknightDeltaHeavy, sudo mkdir /media/flashdrive/ && sudo /dev/sdf1 /media/flashdrive/ && sudo mount nautilus /media/flashdrive/13:00
sirknightmkdir: cannot create directory `/media/flashdrive/': File exists13:00
gvoecho083: search for you make and model on line13:00
echo083DeltaHeavy, ok let's try that !13:00
faber88ciao a tt13:01
DeltaHeavysirknight: Execute the command removing everything from mkdir through the first set of '&&'13:01
sirknightmkdir:  i put the mount be fore the file manger13:01
Dr_Willisgvo:  you could boot the live cd and use that boot-repair tool if you wanted.13:01
gvoCan't boot the live cd13:01
gvoThat's the one that the kernel panics.13:01
ubottufaber88: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:01
gvoThe alternative cd isn't live.13:01
Dr_Willisgvo:  theres other cds that have the tool see the url for a minimal debian based one -> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair13:02
Dr_WillisIf the kernel panics.. thats very weird. :)13:02
gvoOK I have 10.04 here somewhere.  That should have it.13:02
=== MartinS is now known as Guest37261
skaIm using an Asus mobo M3A78-CM. I can issue a pm-suspend and it suspends. but I can't wake via keyboard. Is there some keyboard trick, or other ideas? I can wake via the system power button.13:02
skaI checked the bios and didn't see any options that might change this.13:02
ironhalikska: is it a USB keyboard?13:03
echo083gvo, ok i found it even i expected a geek linux command :) whatever do you know if it is better to have have two identical ram memories stick or we don't care ?13:03
sirknightDeltaHeavy,  sudo mount nautilus /media/flashdrive mount: special device nautilus does not exist13:03
sirknightDeltaHeavy, you mean hat?13:04
skaironhalik: no, PS213:04
gvoecho083: not important unless the computer is old13:04
DeltaHeavysudo mount /dev/sdf1 /media/flashdrive/ && nautilus /media/flashdrive/13:05
Dr_Willissirknight:  you might want to read the mount factoid help page. to better unstand whats going on.13:05
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount13:05
ironhalikska: in that case, look around in bios settings13:05
echo083gvo, ok ! we don't care about brand too ? i can have a 2Gb samsung and a 4G crucial for example or it is better the same brand for the two sticks ?13:05
newlou-osis this the irc for Zorin questions? if not what is?13:06
PierrebDeltaHeavy & Chuck_Norris: was able to activate the drivers inside ubuntu and now it works (after reinstall)13:06
Dr_Willisnewlou-os:  the zorin homepage may tell you if they have an irc channel13:06
Pierrebthx for the help :)13:06
Dr_Willisnewlou-os:  because its not here. :)13:06
Dr_Willisnewlou-os:  or try #zorin13:06
gvoecho083: better yes I don't know if you can mix sizes that well.  Also it's best if they are the same speed.13:06
Chuck_NorrisPierreb: Yeah!!13:06
gvoecho083: It probably won't hurt to try it.13:07
Chuck_NorrisPierreb: see what is the version driver13:07
DeltaHeavyPierreb: No problem, glad it worked out for you.13:07
echo083gvo, if i had them i'll try !! but i need to buy them first :) i'll take a two sticks kit. anyway thanks for your help13:07
drecuteplease guys, how do I authenticate to ubuntu with an nis user?13:11
damo22how do i search the channel list for a keyword?13:11
drecutecurrently the nis client binds successfully to the nis server13:11
drecuteypcat passwd returns successful as well13:12
Daraeldamo22: /msg alis list *keyword*13:12
Daraeldamo22: Include the *s; it's regex-based as far as I can tell.13:12
damo22Darael thanks so much!13:13
sirknightDeltaHeavy,  Dr_Willis  http://pastebin.com/Tz9Wm1eu  this is what hppened13:13
erik32533on duel core intel should i use 64 bit13:13
sirknightDeltaHeavy, Using default user mapping13:13
sirknightfuse: mount failed: Device or resource busy13:13
sirknight and when i did it again13:13
DeltaHeavysirknight: Did it not open up the flashdrive in the GUI?13:14
Daraelerik32533: Assuming it's a 64-bit processor, which it is if it's remotely recent, yes.  There are few reasons to choose 32-bit over 64-bit these days.13:14
erik32533i get live cd13:14
erik32533to desktop13:14
erik32533it says preparing to install13:14
erik32533but never goes anyware13:15
Toph2is a dual core processor always 64 bit?13:15
erik32533is it way im burning cd13:15
sirknightliets try to remount again and see if it will do it..  i had uit busy with the other command.. sorry13:15
sirknightDr_Willis,  thanks for the links13:16
echo083gvo, are you still here ?13:16
t432Anybody running an eclipse/tomcat setup on ubuntu?13:17
sirknightDeltaHeavy,  when i manually find it , its there..13:18
manolitoshello guyz i want some help pls13:18
iceroot!ask | manolitos13:19
ubottumanolitos: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:19
=== charlie is now known as Guest91398
manolitosi put ubuntu desktop @ my netbook and i got prob with wireless internet.13:20
manolitosThis package contains Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA wireless driverfor use with Broadcom's BCM4311-, BCM4312-, BCM4313-, BCM4321-,BCM4322-, BCM43224-, and BCM43225-, BCM43227- and BCM43228-basedhardware.13:20
asdf_what's the grub2 equivilant of 'savedefault --default=n --once" ?  grub2 seems awful and overkill :(13:20
sirknightok thanks i got it13:21
asdf_i'm trying to install xen on a remote headless server so i need to be able to boot the xen config just once to make sure it works13:21
gvoecho083: Yes13:21
echo083gvo, the command dmidecode --type memory returns "Physical Memory Array Maximum Capacity: 4 GB Number Of Devices: 2" is it 4 GB by slot or for both ?13:22
Chuck_Norrismanolitos: lspci | grep 80213:22
damo22asdf_, probably with the newfangled features they made it harder to do things13:22
gvoecho083: 4 total13:22
manolitoswhat is that? i m new to ubuntu13:22
gvoecho083: so you need 2 sticks of 2 gb13:22
gvomanolitos: That's what you type at a terminal13:23
asdf_damo22: yeah, I'm not happy with grub2 at all.  i understand it can do more, but 99% of what it _needs_ to do is to boot your os13:23
Chuck_Norrismanolitos: open a terminal and copy & paste the command13:23
erik32533geez ubuntu wont get past preparing to install13:23
echo083gvo, cool :) 8Gb would have be cool it is too bad :(13:23
tatadid Ubuntu 11.10 recognaize wireless usb: ovislink wl 1700usb?13:23
gvoecho buy  a new laptop ;)13:23
echo083gvo, by chance are you a lottery winner or someone rich ?13:24
* ironhalik just got thinkpad13:24
* ironhalik a thinkpad :>13:24
gvoecho083: Well if I were the former I'd be the latter, but no.13:24
AnomI'm getting the following error /bin/sh: Syntax error: "(" unexpected for the cronjob 15 * * * * /etc/mysql -u root -p cpub456852 -e update wp_postmeta set meta_value = replace(meta_value, '" />', '') where meta_key='image';"\""   /// What should it be?13:25
Mitchell_MAnyone good with Nagios for Ubuntu? If so can someone tell me how to add clients once i have Nagios up and running?13:25
echo083gvo, and/or would be my question logically correct ?13:25
int_uacan I get access to a private bug somehow? I need to see if there is any workaround. 974725 to be precise13:25
asdf_sigh, could really use help w/ grub2... in a pinch here :|13:26
echo083noone millionaire around here to buy me a new laptop ?13:26
manolitos@gvo i write that and?13:26
Chuck_Norrismanolitos: sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer13:27
=== Guest91398 is now known as Charlie410
sirknightDeltaHeavy,  i think theres a hidden filag on the flash drive ,, how to find out?13:28
mbuckocan I install a second distro to go alongside ubuntu and having the same /home folder and same user? btw my /home is a separate partition13:28
Charlie410what are 'ops' ?13:28
ldgshello could someone guide me on how to install java13:29
fidel_Charlie410: in short - some kind of irc-operator13:29
Dr_Willis!java | ldgs13:29
ubottuldgs: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.13:29
fhtagnCharlie410: channel operators. Something like moderators.13:29
t432problem solved13:29
Dr_Willismbucko:  you could share teh home partiion. but trying to use the same named user. can cause issues.. depending on the 2 disrtos13:30
ldgsDr_Willis i already read that but i need to be guided13:30
ldgsIm idiot13:30
sirknightecho http://shop.lenovo.com/us/laptops/thinkpad  this is a good brand .. i heard many thinks that it works well with linux most of the time13:30
Dr_Willisldgs:  totally will depend on the 2 disrtos.13:30
kvarleyIs there a way to clone an SD Card with dd but in a way that the output of the device is half the size of the actual card? For example my SD card is 512 MB but the content on there only actually fills 128MB, is there a way to clone the partitions but with a smaller cylinder size?13:30
ldgsDr_Willis should i install 6 or 7 of the jre13:31
gvokvarley: you'd probably be better off cloning it then shrinking it.13:31
Dr_Willisldgs:  im mixxing up people im talking to. :) install whatever one you need. the open sourced java works for me.13:31
Chuck_Norrisldgs: 713:31
Chuck_Norrisless vulnerable =P13:31
bobweaversirknight,  I like everythig on this list http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/desktop/    and everything from system 76 and pugget elc13:32
kvarleygvo: How can I shrink it? I want to shrink the partition size. So when you write the image to another device it would create a partition smaller in size13:32
=== dgjones is now known as DJones
Daraelkvarley: Is there any reason a simple copy of the files on it wouldn't serve your purposes?13:32
Dr_Williskvarley:  you could use resiZe  The partion on the sd card as small as you can with gpartd. then image that filesystem. not the whole device.13:33
kvarleyDarael: Yes - I'm making an image which is going to be written to a card to be booted on an ARM device13:33
Daraelkvarley: I see.  You're probably best off doing as Dr_Willis suggests, then.13:33
kvarleyDr_Willis: Would that carry over boot flags for that partition?13:33
Dr_Williskvarley:  bootable image. that does make it tougher. still you could make 2 partions on it. shrink one, then leave the back half unallocated. that way when you run out of space. its not hurting anything.13:34
=== |PuLi|_ is now known as |PuLi|
Dr_Williskvarley:  for boot mbr you need the whole disk i imagine. or could just image over the mbr.  You Might be able to image the whole device to a file then use gparted on the file/filesystems in the file. ive not done that befor.13:34
manolitoschuck norris check those photos pls13:34
kvarleyDr_Willis: Ok - thanks13:35
fhtagni am looking into installing (l)ubuntu, and wanted to know what kind of encryption I can use, what are my options..13:35
manolitosand that http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/37/screenshotfrom201205301.png/13:36
manolitosgvo r u here?13:36
=== hari_ is now known as harikt
manolitosany1 here to help? i upload 2 photos and i cannot install the drivers for wireless internet13:38
jtachello i want to make a image from my USB drive, how can I do that?13:38
gvomanolitos: yes13:38
manolitosdid u see the photos?13:38
Dr_Willisjtac:  dd can make an exact image file of a usb device.13:39
Dr_Willisjtac:  dd can also mess up your system if you do a bad typo ;)13:39
gvomanolitos: Did you try to activate it?13:39
manolitoswhen i press activate it told me the message @ the other image13:40
DaraelEver since the upgrade to Precise, my keyboard layout is stuck in the system default... which doesn't have any of the extra options I have set, and means I can't let other people who only type QWERTY use my computer.13:40
manolitos"sorry the installation of this driver failed, look @ the logfile for details13:41
gvomanolitos: OK Did you look in the log?13:41
manolitosno i dont know where to see for13:41
gvoThe message told you where the log file was,.13:42
Deathslycerhow do i remove apache13:42
gvomanolitos: /var/log/jockey.log13:43
DeathslycerAnyone knows how to remove apache 2?13:43
gvoDeathslycer: system/add/remove software might be a starting point.13:44
Deathslycerit isnt there?13:44
manolitosyes i go there and i dont know even how to open that13:44
manolitosi open it13:44
gvomanolitos: double click on it.13:44
manolitosye i did and there is a big message13:44
DeathslycerItś command line installed but i dont know how to remove it again?13:44
gvoWhat command did you use to install it?13:45
manolitosi didnt use any command. when i open my netbook it show me that window i saw u @ photo13:45
manolitosand i press activate13:45
manolitosand then the problem13:45
gvomanolitos: sorry that question was for deatheslycer13:46
DeathslycerI cant find the command back?!13:46
gvomanolitos: so what's the error message in the file.13:46
sirknightbobweaver,  go for it,, i just go for the beast of a computer13:46
gvoDeathslycer: OK at a terminal do this "dpkg -l | grep apache"13:46
manolitos2012-05-30 16:09:35,958 WARNING: modinfo for module vmxnet failed: ERROR: modinfo: could not find module vmxnet13:47
BuboHello, I have a problem with my dropbox. I get this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1014792/13:47
BuboIts on my VPS13:47
gvoDeathslycer: If you see apache2 listed, then try apt-get remove apache213:47
gvoDeathslycer: Stick a "sudo" infront13:48
timiniIf I add a script to /etc/init.d how can I get it to be picked up by the system?13:48
JyZyXELWith PAM, how do I accomplish authentication that will REQUIRE pam_unix.so IF pam_access.so is succesfull and if not, it would REQUIRE pam_otpw.so13:48
manolitosgvo did u see the error message?13:49
rkhshm1i'm trying to sshpass from 11.10 to 11.04 but when i issue the sshpass cmd it just waits and waits for eternity...13:49
gvomanolitos: Yes look here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx13:49
rkhshm1i verified by simple ssh that all my credentials , remote hostname are all correct13:49
rkhshm1what is the probelm?13:49
aQuteskype is mnot wokjing properly on ubuntu is there a fix for it ?13:50
aQuteskype is not working properly on ubuntu is there a fix for it ?13:50
rkhshm1any ideas guys?13:51
rkhshm1do i need to bind the appliances before i can use the sshpass cmd?13:51
rkhshm1please help its urgent13:51
budddhaNeed help configuring samba to share printers with a windows unit13:52
Darael!elaborate | aQute13:52
ubottuaQute: Please elaborate, your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)13:52
Deathslycerhow can i stop apache2?13:53
Deathslycerthis is the problem13:53
Daraelrkhshm1: Do you have a very good reason for not using SSH keys instead?13:53
prokaHey guys13:53
hsnmckI want to start a job in upstart to set the keys to my laptop buttons, I want to do that every time I start my system, I tried to use "start on startup" but I didn't work, so I tried "start on runlevel" it worked. But I'm afraid that if I choose runlevel that my job is executed more than once, I don't really know upstart, so anyone can explain to me why it didn't work when I chosen "on startup" and what shoud I use "start on ?" to be able to start the job once13:54
prokaWhen I make a clone of the system with clonezilla, can I restore it to basically any PC?13:54
DeathslycerThe Problem is.... I still cant use Lampp13:54
Deathslycerwhen i use sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start it says this13:55
=== mulk is now known as benkard
* Deathslycer is big13:55
OerHeksDeathslycer, Sudo service apache2 stop13:55
reisioproka: yes, though there may be additional steps13:55
reisioproka: such as reconfiguring drivers for changed hardware, changing network settings, etc.13:56
jribDeathslycer: use the repositories, not whatever this thing you've installed to /opt is13:56
jrib!lamp | Deathslycer13:56
ubottuDeathslycer: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)13:56
reisioproka: copying files alone (with rsync or tar) is usually simpler and less of a waste of time than making an "image"13:56
=== wolf is now known as Guest82706
prokareisio: But if I make clones and resize the partitions on my computer, I will be able to restore it normally?13:56
Deathslycerthanks for the support :D13:56
compdocproka, yeah, it usually works fine on other systems13:57
prokareisio: Given that there is enough space on each of the new partitions ofc13:57
reisioproka: normally as in with the application, I couldn't say, in general yes13:57
budddhaHAve 2 printers on my Ubuntu machine and want to access them from my windows xp machine - dont know if I have the configuration correct.... help???13:58
tboathey so I have a weird problem, notify-osd is stalled open and is creating a drop shadow box on my desktop14:01
reisiotboat: kill it14:01
EaglemanWhat should i fill in here for horde webmail? Filesystem location for the base Horde application :14:01
tboatit does it everytime i kill then restart14:01
Eaglemanusing pear14:01
tavochello. I do have an up to date Ubuntu 12.04 with OpenSSL 1.0.1 14 Mar 2012. There is a problem if you want to connect with sslv2. I do want to check if a server is capable of connecting with SSLv2 Protocol. Therefore I type:  openssl s_client -connect  -ssl2.14:02
tavocBut openssl tells me there is no option as ssl214:02
tavocin an older openssl version it was running. F.e. in debian it is working14:02
tavocSeems like a bug in openssl or ubuntu?14:02
DaraelEagleman: Install it using the dimp1 package instead of Pear, perhaps?14:02
reisioread the instructions/comments perhaps :P14:03
DaraelEagleman: Or the imp4 package, if you want the non-dynamic one.14:03
tavocit says: unknown option -ssl2   But in the help section there is this option14:03
tavocwith ubuntu 11.10 everything was working as expected14:04
tavoccould anyone try this command ?14:04
whatev-1010i need help formatting a drive14:09
whatev-1010..getting a "read-only" error14:09
whatev-1010..can't format14:09
whatev-1010using "lubuntu 12.04"- no answer in #lubuntu14:09
reisiowhatev-1010: what command are you using to "format"?14:09
reisiowhatev-1010: probably shouldn't have said that :p14:09
whatev-1010a gui app called "Disk Utility"14:10
reisiowhy do you want to format this drive?14:10
whatev-1010why do birds chirp?14:10
whatev-1010why do people ask irrlevent questions?14:10
whatev-1010i want to control my drive.14:11
reisiowhatev-1010: good luck :p14:11
whatev-1010reisio, not from you, apparently14:11
tavoccould anyone please tell me if openssl s_client -connect -ssl2 work for him/her in ubuntu 12.04. So that i know if its a general problem or just me14:11
whatev-1010why are linux geeks assholes?14:12
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=== Guest26124 is now known as Dorito
reisioLjL: and for your next trick, making them leave without doing anything at all! :D14:13
chroothi, is there any news program that let me read news in ubuntu?14:13
reisiochroot: lots14:13
gvochroot thunderbird does a good job14:13
reisiochroot: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_feed_aggregators#Operating_system_support14:14
LjLchroot: typically you'd use an RSS reader fetching RSS feeds for the papers you like14:14
chrootoh, in the command line would be better!14:14
reisiochroot: fancy pants14:14
LjLchroot: "apt-cache search console rss" will give some alternatives14:15
reisiomutt probably has some support for such nonsense, too14:15
chrootoh, reisio, i know pants, but it is based on gui, can it worked on command line?14:16
=== micki_ is now known as micki
* reisio shrugs14:16
cannonballMorning all, does anybody know why oprofile was removed from the 12.04 repo?14:17
reisiomaybe it was replaced by pprofile14:17
cannonballHmmm, digging.14:17
=== ray1claw_afk is now known as ray1claw
reisiocannonball: no actually the maintainer probably just bailed/on it14:18
reisioI don't see any license changes, so that's the simplest explanation14:18
cannonballsomeone even asked in the oprofile mailing list, answer was basically "I dunno".  Your answer seems most reasonable (and only) answer I have come across.  Thanks for the feedback.14:19
reisioif you look up who was maintaining it, that'd probably yield whatever information there is to be had14:20
reisiocannonball: ah, and it could've been killed on Debian I s'pose14:21
reisiowhich would have killed it on Ubuntu possibly14:21
reisiobut that doesn't seem to be the case :p14:22
budddhaHAve 2 printers on my Ubuntu machine and want to access them from my windows xp machine - dont know if I have the SAMBA configuration correct.... help???14:22
=== ray1claw is now known as ray1claw_afk
chrometigerHope someone can help me,  i've installed ubuntu on a ext hd   while pluged to my main pc  "which has a nvidia card"    but I really use this on my laptop which has a Intel Mobile 4 series graphics card.   I dont have any 3d acceleration and can't use  Unity or gnome shell because of it   can anyone help ?14:23
reisiochrometiger: you'd want to reconfigure X for intel14:24
chrometigerreisio:  k,  have no clue  how14:24
reisioif you were using nvidia's driver (not nouveau), you'd want to mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf and make sure the xf86 intel driver is installed14:24
Cajun_Lan_ManHello everyone.  Could someone help me figure out why 12.04 refuses to authenticate to my AD network shares? I've never had this problem with Ubuntu before.14:25
reisiochrometiger: probably xserver-xorg-video-intel14:25
Pierrebany idea what could be wrong when "SD" quality videos have sound but "HD"/mkv have no sound?14:26
=== Wac is now known as warecast
reisioPierreb: missing aac support?14:26
chroothi, how can i read mail in command line?14:26
Pierrebreisio: how do i add that?14:26
reisiochroot: mutt :D14:27
reisioPierreb: what player?14:27
Pierrebreisio: xbmc14:27
reisioPierreb: mmm14:27
edlindehow can I find out the CPU make/model/speed, RAM of a ubuntu machine?14:27
reisioPierreb: do you have mplayer? It's useful for debugging such things14:27
edlindeis there a command that gives me these details?14:27
reisioedlinde: lshw-gtk14:27
reisioedlinde: lshw14:27
reisioedlinde: or /proc/cpuinfo & free -m14:27
bazhangedlinde, dmidecode14:27
Pierrebreisio: ill check brb14:27
reisioor that, yup14:27
bobweaveranyone know where to find upto date pdf's on where to get help with Ubuntu ?   (ubuntu forums here ask ubuntu ect ) I am about to go give a store some live cds and wanted to get more docs to give them14:28
gudjonneed help with surround sound14:28
bobweaverI have all the ubuntu advantage stuff14:28
reisiogudjon: okay...14:28
gvohow do I get a terminal window up on 12.04?14:28
edlindePierreb, that command didn't work for me14:29
edlindeill check brb14:29
edlindewas it that?14:29
fugitivecoasthi i was wondering if anyone new how to configure compiz14:29
reisiobobweaver: wkhtmltopdf + website? :)14:29
reisiofugitivecoast: sure14:29
reisiogvo: same way AFAIK, CTRL+ALT+t14:29
reisiogvo: or hit the ubuntu logo at top left and type 'terminal'14:29
edlindereisio, I just ssh into this box14:30
edlindeto run experiments14:30
JonnyRoDo I have to use Unity with Ubuntu 12.04, or can I switch after it is installed?14:30
edlindethe lshw gave me a huge list14:30
gvoreisio well I never used C-A-t14:30
reisioedlinde: the simplest way is to run less /proc/cpuinfo, and free -m14:30
bazhang!notunity | JonnyRo14:30
ubottuJonnyRo: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic14:30
reisioedlinde: yeah it's comprehensive14:30
reisioJonnyRo: you can switch, but depending on what you want to switch to, it might make more sense to install from different media14:31
JonnyRowow, thats awesome14:31
Pierrebreisio: seems im missing codecs, downloading them14:31
gvoreisio thanks14:31
reisioPierreb: :D14:31
JonnyRoi like the idea of unity but i just cant get onboard with the way it acts around multiple screens14:31
Pierrebreisio: woho sound in mplayer atleast, trying xbmc now14:31
txomonhi, how can I create a link for an app?14:31
JonnyRosingle screen pc's its great14:31
reisioJonnyRo: mmm, will probably improve over time14:31
reisioPierreb: well mplayer probably has its own codecs, or are you saying it wasn't working, either?14:32
JonnyRoreisio, i agree. I wonder if there is a way to prevent it from putting the unity dock on both screens14:32
reisiotxomon: like on the desktop?14:32
edlindeI am seeing 8 entries14:32
JonnyRoor putting it on the right hand side on one14:32
edlindedoes this mean I have a 8-core machine?14:32
reisioedlinde: in cpuinfo? That means the system perceives 8 cores14:32
reisioedlinde: or four core with hyperthreading, yes14:32
txomonreisio, apt:app-packet type14:32
gudjonI use my computer as a media center and i need to have my sound enabled via the hdmi in addition haveing 5.1 surround system connected to computer with 3x 3.5mm jacks.. realtec motherboard14:32
reisiotxomon: hrmm?14:32
edlindewill paste it comeplace14:32
fugitivecoastreisio: is compiz the default window manager for 12.04?14:32
bazhangedlinde, paste.ubuntu.com14:33
reisiofugitivecoast: yes14:33
reisioassuming your hardware is up to snuff, anyways14:33
reisiodunno what's used for unaccelerated14:33
reisiomutter, presumably14:33
reisiocourse that might be accelerated only, too :p don't know much about it14:34
fugitivecoastwell, my computer is a dell xps17 so getting linux mint was a hassel so i figured why not try ubuntu14:34
edlindereisio, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1014861/14:34
edlindewondering if its got 4 cores14:34
reisiofugitivecoast: why a hassle?14:34
fugitivecoastthis install worked perfectly but I dont know if it is just using my Intel graphics or if it is using my Nvidia also14:34
reisiofugitivecoast: linux mint is based on ubuntu, they're likely going to be much the same14:35
reisiofugitivecoast: oh optimus?14:35
txomonthose types of link14:35
fugitivecoastreisio: yeah optimus, so i had to turn acpi off whenever i wanted to work on mint... here i have not had to do that so this seems a little easier14:35
reisiotxomon: oh apt uri14:35
edlindereisio, what do you think from the paste?14:36
Pierrebreisio: meh worked for mplayer but not so much for xbmc14:36
reisiourl* :p14:36
reisioPierreb: right mplayer has its own codecs14:36
reisioPierreb: if you observe mplayer's output it'll probably tell you what the audio format is14:36
edlindereisio, could it be that its with 8 cores and its a Intel Xeon(R) W356514:36
reisioPierreb: then you'll have a more specific thing to search for (+xbmc)14:36
reisioedlinde: 4, with hyperthreading = 8 http://ark.intel.com/products/39721/Intel-Xeon-Processor-W3565-%288M-Cache-3_20-GHz-4_80-GTs-Intel-QPI%2914:37
reisioedlinde: depending on how you view hyperthreading, that is :D14:37
reisiob4db1t: hiyo14:37
edlindereisio, ok14:37
edlindereisio, and is that 12 GB RAM?14:37
edlindeI was told the machine had 8 GB RAM on it though14:38
ironmhello. short info: for installations of MariaDB 5.3 or 5.5 on ubuntu-server 11.10 or 12.04 in off-line mode ... http://rsync.it-infrastrukturen.org/mariadb/ubuntu/mariadb-ubuntu-local-repo.pdf14:38
ironmthank you in advance for any feedback14:38
reisioedlinde: if free -m says something around 12000 (five chars), yes14:38
reisioprobably show up as 11xxx14:38
reisioironm: we have this thing called HTML nowadays14:39
fugitivecoastreisio: when i type compiz into the terminal I get the error: Screen 0 on display ":0" already has a window manager; try usign the --replace option to replace the current window manager14:39
reisiofugitivecoast: right, or 'nohup compiz-manager > /dev/null &'14:39
reisio(AKA 'compiz-manager', but somewhat nicer)14:39
edlindereisio, so you saying its 12 GB yeah?14:39
reisioassuming Ubuntu has that still :p14:39
reisioedlinde: I don't know, you didn't show me the output14:39
reisioedlinde: if it's 11xxx it's roughly 12GB, yes14:40
edlindereisio, its in the same paste.. if you scroll below14:40
ironmwhat do you mean? ... <reisio> ironm: we have this thing called HTML nowadays14:40
reisioedlinde: what paste?14:40
biebneed help with defining "JAVA_HOME"  I have added it to the end of the "Path" line in /etc/environment  (...:/use/games:JAVA_HOME=/usr/share/java")  and also tried it as its own line in environment (JAVA_HOME="/usr/share/java"   neither seem to work, the print payment program that needs java keeps telling me JAVA_HOME is not defined!14:40
edlindeMem:         12033      11962         70          0         10      1128914:40
reisioironm: ...so sad14:40
chrometigerreisio:  i was lost    will this site help me out if i follow it ?   http://superuser.com/questions/192121/how-to-install-intel-82852-855gm-driver-on-ubuntu-10-10-maverick-meerkat14:40
ironmreisio, are you on drugs or drunken ? *g*14:40
txomonreisio, so, any idea for those apt uris?14:41
reisiochrometiger: I doubt you'll need to go to such lengths14:41
reisiochrometiger: first I'd try simply mv'ing /etc/X11/xorg.conf elsewhere (you might want it later for the nvidia box), and making sure xserver-xorg-video-intel is installed14:42
reisiotxomon: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptURL14:42
chrometigerreisio:   k  how to i make sure of that ?14:42
reisioedlinde: yup, 12GB14:43
fizk_webmin.com is down14:43
reisiofizk_: good :p14:43
fizk_reisio, why is that good14:43
reisiochrometiger: try it and if it works you know and if it doesn't work you know14:43
bazhangfizk_, webmin is not supported here14:43
reisiofizk_: security hazard14:43
edlindereisio, thanks14:43
xyzzy_Is there a way of preventing a single, one-off command from getting stored in bash's history?14:44
fizk_what do you recommend14:44
gudjonhelp with surround sound:14:44
bazhang!webmin | fizk_14:44
ubottufizk_: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.14:44
gudjoni want to have:14:44
gudjonHDMI submitting sound as usual14:44
gudjon3x 3.5mm jacks on motherboard to submit sound to home theatre system.14:44
gudjonat the same time.?14:44
FloodBot1gudjon: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:44
edlindereisio, and for Ubuntu version : can I just say "uname -a"14:44
imbezolxyzzy_: unset HSTFILE14:44
chrometigerreisio:  my xorg.conf  just says default device    it doesn't even say  nvidia14:44
bazhangfizk_, zentyal14:44
reisioxyzzy_: you can just clear the history afterwards with history -c && echo '' > ~/.bash_history14:44
bazhang!ebox > fizk_14:44
ubottufizk_, please see my private message14:44
fizk_bazhang, ok, thanks14:44
xyzzy_reisio: I don't want to clear the whole history, just exlude a single command which will contain a password14:45
reisioedlinde: for a generic idea, yes14:45
reisioedlinde: cat /etc/*release* might be more specific14:45
* reisio shrugs14:45
reisioxyzzy_: ah, you shouldn't ever type a password in plain text (so it can be seen by eyes), history or not14:45
reisiochrometiger: not necessarily relevant :p14:45
reisiochrometiger: point is nvidia's driver (not nouveau) uses xorg.conf, but using intel you shouldn't need it (and probably further do not want it present)14:46
imbezolxyzzy_: TMPHIST="$HISTFILE" ; unset HISTFILE ; dosomething_you_want_unlogged ; export HISTFILE="$TMPHIST"14:46
gudjonneed help with surround-sound how to connect 5.1 with 3x jack plugs with out disable-ing sound on HMDI14:47
reisiogudjon: why would you have to disable sound on hdmi?14:47
gudjoni dont want to disable the sound on the HDMI14:48
chrometigerreisio:  ok i've moved it     now what,,   reboot,  and what do i do if it doesn't boot back ?14:48
reisiogudjon: so don't14:48
reisiochrometiger: it'll boot whether X works or not14:48
reisiochrometiger: did you make sure the package was installed?14:48
chrometigerhow ?14:48
gudjoni want to have both i cant manage to output sound on multible jack plugs14:49
reisiochrometiger: sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel14:49
reisiogudjon: sounds like a situation for #pulseaudio14:49
chrometigerreisio:    ok newest version is installed14:49
gudjonreisio thanks i'll check it out :)14:50
reisiochrometiger: if X doesn't start use CTRL+ALT+F2 if necessary to drop to a console, you can use the package 'irssi' to IRC from outside of X, good luck14:50
dob1hi, there is a way while connecting to a public wifi network to configure ubuntu to disable all the share folders etc?14:52
fl1bbl3dob1: probably easier to raise shields (iptables)14:52
JonnyRofl1bbl3, I agree. I was originally going to propose stopping the samba service, but that could be a pain in the ass14:53
troulouliou_devhi what is the best tool to set up a planning in diagram and export it in  pdf and excell format14:53
JonnyRoat least to automate14:53
dob1fl1bbl3, welcome to user friendly, it's more simple to shutdown samba then14:53
JonnyRotroulouliou_dev, i'm a pretty big fan of inkscape14:53
troulouliou_dev+- the equivalent of microsoft project under  in windows14:53
JonnyRotroulouliou_dev, GNU project is pretty decent14:53
troulouliou_devJonnyRo, nice will take a look at it14:54
fl1bbl3dob1: well not really, and presupposed that only Samba is listening14:54
txomonty reisio14:54
Cajun_Lan_ManHello everyone.  Could someone help me figure out why 12.04 refuses to authenticate to my AD network shares? I've never had this problem with Ubuntu before.14:55
fl1bbl3dob1: you can just have a publicwifi script that automates flipping iptables to reject any inbound packet that isn't part of an existing connection14:55
reisiotroulouliou_dev: http://alternativeto.net/software/microsoft-project/?platform=linux14:55
reisiotroulouliou_dev: a lot of web-based stuff these days, too14:55
gvoHaving a problem with b43 driver.  Did apt-get install b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer but the "additional drivers" menu doesn't find it.  A modprobe of b43 unknown symbol in module, log says it doesn't like b43.blacklist14:55
fl1bbl3thats flipping as in switching over, not flipping as in fricking :)14:55
chrometigerreisio:  ok  still  I dont have the ability to use gnome shell     or Unity     keep getting reverted to  gnome classic14:56
gvohttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx I'm following these instructions but they don't seem to work for 12.0414:56
budddhadoes ANyone know anything about configuring samba?14:56
dob1fl1bbl3, i see your points, i can create an iptables script that reject incoming connections as you said, but it's bit a surprise that when you configure a connection on ubuntu theare are not options for this, in windows xp there are,  maybe they prefer to develop unity ....14:56
compdocbudddha, somewhat14:57
bazhangbudddha, whats the real question14:57
troulouliou_devreisio, nice , planner looks good for my needs14:57
reisiochrometiger: that's not necessarily abnormal, I believe it assesses your hardware and chooses which based on what you've got14:57
budddhai have 2 printers on the ubuntu machine that i want to access from a win xp machine14:57
reisiotroulouliou_dev: no nonsense? Got something against nonsense?! :p14:57
budddhai can see my computer when i do discovery but not my printers14:58
budddhahow do i do this properly?14:58
compdocI dont share printers, but dont you use cups for that?14:58
budddhacups didnt work for me14:59
budddhasamba was recommended14:59
OerHeksbudddha, i would acces the printers tru http://<hostname>:631/printers/<printername> >>> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingFromWinXP14:59
=== eid is now known as eid_
compdocIm not sure samba by itself shares printers15:00
chrometigerreisio: its like I have no drivers installed at all   even google earth says  unknown graphics card and closes15:00
troulouliou_devreisio, no pdf / excell export tough15:01
Pierrebhow do i get to "GUI" from console in ubuntu?15:01
budddhathanks guys.. will try these things and get back if i have probs15:02
gvoPierreb how did you get to console in the first place?15:02
Brustoski-FanAny idea's on how to enable rgba window transparency15:02
Pierrebgvo: it booted into it15:02
gvoPierreb What did you install from?15:03
gvoVersion/level, etc.15:03
Pierrebgvo: regular iso from ubuntu15:03
Pierrebcurrent lts15:03
gvoIt should have gone into the gui automatically.15:03
Pierrebi updated the graphic drivers...15:03
gvoDid you attempt the live cd first?15:03
gvoPierreb: did it work in gui mode before you updated the graphic drivers?15:04
Pierrebgvo: the installation booted into gui before but i updated the nvidia drivers and now it kinda wont boot into gui15:04
Pierrebjust cli15:04
gvoPierreb: edit the .xsession-errors file15:05
gvoPierreb: You may be able to see a meaningful error.15:05
gvoPierreb: also try dmesg | less and page through to see if there are any errors.15:06
Pierrebgvo: kk ill check that15:06
SKullB0xhi, what is the root directory of nginx for public access. /usr/share/nginx/www/ works find locally. but i have port farwarded for remote access n i get 404 status15:08
ikoniaSKullB0x: the directory doesn't change15:08
SKullB0xthe response headers show the nginx/1.0.5 as server15:08
Pierrebgvo: found it it says the kernel module have version 295.45 and im running 295.5315:09
Pierrebso it stopped15:09
ItalSpliffhttp://debbydasilvianygren.blogspot.se/ My blog, you Sexy girl!!!15:09
ItalSpliffhttp://debbydasilvianygren.blogspot.se/ My blog, you Sexy girl!!!15:09
SKullB0xikonia: but i can't access my website remotely :(.  it works locally thou15:09
gvoPierreb: Interesting.15:09
icerootItalSpliff: stop it15:09
ikoniaItalSpliff: please don't spam15:09
ikoniaSKullB0x: yes, that's most likley your port forwarding setup wrong, or your web server not set to listen on the right address15:09
DJonesklined already15:09
spillerei've installed ubuntu virtual machine on a ubuntu host. I have two IPs, i set the same ip configuration from the host on the guest, just changing the ip address, any idea on other things i have to change to make it work?15:09
RowleyHey guys and girls.  Anyone in here technically minded on Wifi problems?15:10
reisiospillere: mv /etc/udev/rules.d/*persistent* stuff15:10
ikoniaRowley: just ask your real question15:10
rasalhaguehello everyone15:10
SKullB0xikonia the server is listening. it says nginx/1.0.5 in the response headers but the status is 404!15:10
reisiospillere: unless it wasn't migrated, in which case don't :p15:10
Cajun_Lan_ManHello everyone.  Could someone help me figure out why 12.04 refuses to authenticate to my AD network shares? I've never had this problem with Ubuntu before.15:11
ikoniaSKullB0x: ok, so look at the nginx log see if it gets the hit and what the error is15:11
amelia_Hej -- on a machine running 11.10, do i want to do the update manager route to 12.04 or do a fresh install from LiveUSB? Pros/Cons of each?15:11
ikoniaSKullB0x: it's probably not set to listen on the public address, so when it gets headers from the public address doesn't know what to do with them15:12
ikoniaamelia_: totally your call15:12
RowleyOk looked through a tonne of info still no answer. I have a TP-Link 300 mbps wireless PCI adapter. It wold seem that it makes 12.04 freeze whenever it is turned on.  From study people say it needs Atheros drivers and it indeed picks up these in the install. Is there anyhting else I could try.15:12
OerHeksamelia_, download the iso, put it on usb and do release upgrade. if anything goes wrong, you have an usb to solve problems15:12
ikoniaRowley: it makes your whole machine physically lock up ?15:13
amelia_OerHeks: release upgrade? And do you mean just go the "Update Manager" route and have the USB just in case?15:13
RowleyYes it does15:13
spillerereisio; what you mean?15:13
OerHeksamelia_, yes, this is the safest way to do.15:13
ikoniaRowley: does the mouse still move ?15:13
reisiospillere: nothing, did you have a problem?15:13
amelia_Thought so, thanks - although I prefer the fresh install, I've heard upgrading can cause issues15:14
SKullB0xikonia: how do i make nginx serve public address like it would do locally15:14
RowleyYes I believe the mouse still moves.15:14
ikoniaSKullB0x: it depends on your set,15:14
ikoniaRowley: can you confirm ?15:14
spillerereisio i have 70-persistent-net.rules, do i move it where?15:14
Cajun_Lan_Manamelia_: Clean installs are always more likely to be problem free.  One thing you may want to consider is how much customization you've put into the system.  Upgrades will carry over a lot of that customatization, and save you the hassle of having to do it all over again.15:14
ikoniaSKullB0x: what do the logs say for the hits15:14
RowleyYes I can confirm that the mouse still moves.15:14
fizk_bazhang, I installed Zentyal, but I'm unable to add/remove local users15:14
ikoniaRowley: ok, so the machine isn't hard locking then, good15:14
reisiospillere: nowhere, though you had migrated the install to the guest system, but you did a fresh install didn't you15:15
ikoniaRowley: so what happenes if you click on an icon, say launch an application like a terminal15:15
spillerereisio: yes i have never user a VM on my server before15:15
spillereso it's the first time15:15
amelia_Cajun_Lan_Man: that was my thinking, thanks15:15
RowleyWell it does not usually let me get that far. I litrally have 10 to 30 seconds on connection time15:15
fizk_bazhang, I thought the Users and Groups module would have this feature, but it only has the ability to change the ldap user mode15:15
spillerereisio: do i need to change things on the host or the guest?15:15
RowleyWith Ethernet lead in however it is fine, also I updated fully using an Ethernet lead, tried a full re-install with wifi off also.15:16
Cajun_Lan_Manamelia_: If you do try the upgrade, just make sure your data is backed up, and have the USB/CD to do a clean install if it goes wonky on you.15:17
ikoniaRowley: the connection being there/not there shouldn't change if you can open an application or not15:17
ikoniaRowley: what happens when you try to launch an application, such as a terminal15:17
amelia_yup, tack :)15:17
RowleyAs soon as wifi is turned on all I have functioning is the mouse so I cannot use terminal or any application, however with wifi off I can use Ubuntu completely fine with no problems what so ever.15:18
Molfarhi there. In /etc/rc.local I have put a command (cd /home/ubuntu/keybow && git pull) &>/home/ubuntu/git.log but after reboot I see empty file /home/ubuntu/git.log, but I expect it to have git's output. what is that?15:18
Molfargenerally, I need to update git repository at system startup15:19
OsakasaHi, i'm trying to install wine1.5 but get this error (2 lines) E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) and second line E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?15:19
ikoniaRowley: what happens when you try to launch an application such as a terminal15:19
MolfarOsakasa: try sudo15:19
Osakasayep, sudo apt-get install wine1.515:19
spillerereisio: do i need to add another SUBSYSTEM then on host?15:19
MolfarOsakasa: or close synaptic15:19
RowleyIt does nothing. It does not seem to register the fact I clicked on anything.15:20
reisiospillere: to accomplish what?15:20
fizk_ah, module wasn't enabled15:20
spillerereisio: on my VM guest, i can't access the internet15:20
Osakasaworked, thanks ☺15:20
reisiospillere: modprobe e100015:20
ikoniaRowley: ok, so when you click the icon to launch something, there is nothing to signify it's actually taken the click15:20
RowleyThat is correct15:20
spillerereisio: what does it do?15:21
reisiospillere: enables the network driver :p15:21
ikoniaRowley: as a test can you please open a terminal, make sure it has focus, then turn on wifi, when the machine starts being a problem, see if you can still type in the terminal15:21
reisiospillere: assuming the default, lspci | grep -i net would tell you for sure which is being provided15:21
Rowleyright ok will do15:21
spillerereisio: ifconfig give's me ip's and everuthing15:22
reisiospillere: check net settings in vbox, should be set to NAT by default15:22
spillereI set as bridge15:22
reisiospillere: why'd you do that15:23
spillerereisio: idk, VMs at my work are like this, let me try NAT15:23
Cerrdorwhich package has dig, host etc..?15:23
reisioCerrdor: apt-file could tell you15:24
imbezolCerrdor: try bind9utils15:24
DerpadongIsnt MATE like a clone of GNOME2 but more updated?15:25
imbezolCerrdor: host is bind9-host on my machine15:25
reisioDerpadong: it's a clone, anyways15:25
reisioDerpadong: and by clone I mean fork15:25
Cerrdorbut I need a dig15:25
reisioand by fork I mean they ran s/gnome/mate/15:25
DerpadongOh ok15:25
reisioCerrdor: ...15:26
spillerereisio: anyway as NAT it doesnt work, maybe the IP's i'm using arent right15:26
spillerehow to set DHCP back on?15:26
reisioshould probably talk to #vbox, then15:26
Cerrdorreisio, -bash: apt-file: command not found15:26
spillereill do15:26
reisiospillere: what's the guest going to be for, exactly?15:26
fizk_nice, I saved changes on Ebox and now my server is unresponsive15:26
reisioCerrdor: install it15:26
chrometigerreisio: ok   Unity works now  not well but works,   gnomeshell and google earth does not,  I still dont know whats going on ?15:26
spillerereisio: a python dev machine15:26
reisiofizk_: and that's why you don't use webUIs to administer servers15:26
imbezolreisio Cerrdor: you can just do dpkg -S /path/to/file15:27
fizk_reisio, are you kidding me, I've been using webmin just fine for a long time15:27
reisiochrometiger: I doubt googleearth is related15:27
reisiochrometiger: gnome shell I don't know, it might require accel15:27
* reisio shrugs15:27
reisiospillere: can't you do that on your Ubuntu... host?15:27
Cerrdorimbezol, the file isnt installed yet15:27
reisioimbezol: ^15:27
spillerereisio: yes but i want to set on a guest15:28
reisiofizk_: what does my kidding you or not have to do with you having used webmin for a long time15:28
spilleremaybe i install ubuntu graphic then15:28
reisiospillere: but why :p15:28
spillerereisio: coz i want to have a VM for some other things that i can screw up15:29
reisiokay :p15:29
reisiospillere: not sure why you need more than DHCP in that case15:29
spillerei didnt install DHCP15:29
spillerecoz i'm installling on a ded server, which dont have DHCP i guess15:30
reisiommm, unlikely, but15:30
* reisio shrugs15:30
spillereill reinatall and try to set it with DHCP then15:30
reisiospillere: you don't have to reinstall :/15:31
spillerehow do I set DHCP?15:31
spillereit's only terminal15:31
reisiojust undoing whatever you did in your attempt to use a static IP should suffice15:32
spillerei did static when istalling15:32
reisiosilly installers15:33
chrootreisio: i found that if i want to use mutt, i have to install postfix, but i don't want to install a mail server.15:34
reisioactually that's probably the wrong page15:34
reisiochroot: no you don't have to15:34
reisiospillere: reverse of this, probs :p http://www.ubuntugeek.com/change-ubuntu-system-from-dhcp-to-a-static-ip-address.html15:35
chrootreisio: i just want to use mutt instead of thunderbird, is it easy?15:35
reisiochroot: I'd say so, yes15:36
Ping-Winhello room.15:36
msmi added a freenode IRC account, and empathy is won't let me add an actual contact15:36
msmits greyed out15:36
msmwhat am I missing here?15:36
reisioPing-Win: hi15:37
reisiomsm: contact?15:37
Ping-Wini'm having an issue with software updates15:37
reisioand what issue is that?15:37
spillerereisio: ty15:37
msmreisio: the empathy add contact window comes up15:38
msmbut i can't add a contact15:38
msmits greyed out when I go to pick what account to add under15:38
msmthe freenode server is greyed out15:38
msmim acutally connected and people can talk to me15:38
reisiowhat do you mean a contact?15:38
MonkeyDust!enter| msm15:38
ubottumsm: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!15:38
reisioirc doesn't have contacts15:39
reisioit only has servers and channels15:39
vmiheerCan i use the makefile provided by deb package to build extention of the package?15:39
icerootis there a way to disable the menu in the top-panel and have it instead in the program itself again?15:39
msmreisio: hmm, ok15:39
reisioiceroot: yup15:39
MonkeyDusticeroot  disable or delete globalmenu15:39
Ping-Wini installed ubuntu 12.04 on a dell studio 1735. there are two updates under the distribution updates that just stay there forever15:39
CerrdorSo I have bind9utils and netutils installed and still no dig15:40
reisioCerrdor: did you use apt-file?15:40
Ping-Winone is a hangul engine for ibus15:40
ikoniaCerrdor: dig is not a bind9 util15:40
icerootreisio: MonkeyDust thx15:40
VoolooCerrdor: dnsutils15:40
icerootvmiheer: why not using dpkg to rebuild the package itself?15:40
icerootvmiheer: so you are using the souce-package to build a new deb-file15:40
Ping-Winthe other is a korean system monitor for ibus15:41
xentrepreneurwhere are the current sessions stored in the file system ?15:41
Ping-Winhow do i get rid of those?15:41
vmiheerironm: No actually llvm package has provided /usr/lib/llvm-2.9/build/ directory15:41
xentrepreneurhow can i reopen them?15:41
CerrdorVooloo, thats the one thanks so much15:42
iLogicalHow do I upgrade to the lastest stable release of Ubuntu from 10.04 LTS ?15:42
reisioCerrdor: would've had it ages ago if you'd only used apt-file15:42
vmiheerironm: I want to write the llvm pass ( actually a shared library using llvm)15:42
Cerrdorreisio, apt-file search returned about 9 kabillion results for dig15:42
icerootiLogical: from 10.04?15:42
Cerrdorit was including digital, *dig*15:42
reisioiLogical: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PreciseUpgrades15:43
xentrepreneurhello friends, I have a session running on a remote desktop15:43
vmiheerironm: I used llvm-config-2.9 --cxxflags --libs to build binaries15:43
icerootiLogical: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade to have the latest version for 10.0415:43
reisioCerrdor: 's'what less/grep are for15:43
xentrepreneurhow can i reopen that from my computer15:43
amh345is there an updated package for upgrading apache2 2.2 to apache 2.4?   i tried running apt-get upgrade apache2 but no dice.15:43
MonkeyDust!upgrade| iLogical15:43
ubottuiLogical: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade15:43
CerrdorOhhh you assumed I knew how to use those commands as well :P15:43
icerootiLogical: ah you want 12.04 and not the latest stable release of 10.0415:43
weetabeexhello all15:43
ackbahrHi! While installing Precise Pangolin I played around with the accessibility settings and now I 'm stuck with the huge mouse cursor for visually impaired users... Can someone walk me through getting it to be of normal size?15:43
reisioxentrepreneur: assuming you enabled VNC, by using vncviewer15:43
xentrepreneurreisio: i using xrdp15:44
reisioCerrdor: no, I assumed you might state a problem if you encountered one, as you already had at least once, instead of ignoring the problem and just repeating your question over and over like a parrot :p15:44
reisioxentrepreneur: then it'd be rdesktop or freerdp15:44
Cerrdorreisio, so what did we learn today?15:44
reisioCerrdor: I haven't learned anything all day15:45
Cerrdorreisio, man that stinks15:45
reisioyou learned that ignoring useful advice sometimes still gets you someone spoon feeding you a solution :p15:45
reisioVooloo: gj15:45
Cerrdorfor your info reisio I did not IGNORE it15:46
reisioor maybe you already knew that :p15:46
reisioCerrdor: course you did :p15:46
CerrdorI simply found it more wasteful than I needed atm15:46
reisioyou simply pressed the up arrow and enter instead15:46
reisioI Get it15:46
Cerrdoryou certainly do15:46
Cerrdoranything else I can help you with?15:46
reisioCerrdor: I had a sandwich but am still hungry :/15:47
imbezolCerrdor: dnsutils15:47
reisioCerrdor: dnsutils15:47
Cerrdorimbezol, yeah I got it installed15:47
=== gepatino_ is now known as gepatino
=== spillere is now known as spillere_out
iLogicalMy update manager show only to upgrade to 10.10, i want the lastest stable version 12.0415:49
chrootcan anoybody show me how to send and get mail in command line?15:50
iLogicaldo I have to upgrade to 10.10, in order to upgrade to 12.04?15:50
DJonesiLogical: 10.04 doesn't offer to update to 12.04 until the release of 12.04.1 which is due in june15:50
xentrepreneurreisio: it starts new session for the same user.15:51
DJonesiLogical: Its to give any issues time to be settled before people using the LTS version are upgraded to the next LTS version15:51
=== ray1claw_afk is now known as ray1claw
xentrepreneuri cant gte hold of the existing session15:51
jribiLogical: if you want to upgrade now, you must pass -d to update-manager (see 12.04 release notes)15:51
zanberdois there a way for me to initiate some form of chat session with a desktop user while ssh'd into their host?  I'm on the command line and they are in a gnome session and I want something like an IM session...15:51
iLogicaljrib, how?15:51
jribiLogical: i just said how15:52
gvochroot install mailutils15:52
jrib!notes | iLogical15:52
ubottuiLogical: Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) release notes can be found here http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/12.0415:52
gvochroot then man mail15:52
chrootok, thanks gvo15:53
iLogicaljrib, I started update-manager with -d  but it only show to upgrade to 10.10 avaiable15:53
jribiLogical: see the release notes for complete details on what steps you must take15:54
Ping-Winif anyone is available, can someone help out a linux newbie, and tell me how to delete software updates that appear in the update manager but will not install?15:55
jribPing-Win: be more specific15:55
Syllus75<Syllus75> I have setup a RAID 1 implementation using 2 active drives (sda & sdb) and 1 spare (sdc). To test it out, I have tried removing the sda. I get the grub menu and after that a black screen. I tried the same thing with removing sdb, I get the grub menu, and then it also stays on a black screen. Is this what I should be expecting?15:55
compdocPing-Win, which?15:55
xentrepreneursomebody look into my problem please15:55
Ping-Winthere are 2 distrubution updates for something called Ibus15:56
jrib!helpme | xentrepreneur15:56
ubottuxentrepreneur: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude15:56
iLogicaljrib, many thanks ;)15:56
Ping-Winthey stay in my update manager cnstantly and will not install15:56
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines15:56
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:57
icerootapt-get changelog lm-sensors is saying no changelog is avaibale i should try launchpad but "apt-get source lm-sensors" is showing me a changelog file. why is apt-get changelog not giving any results?15:57
kelvinellahi how come i dont have spell check in ff anymore?15:57
EbubekirKhi all15:57
jribiceroot: I don't know, but pretty sure that tool uses changelogs.ubuntu.com15:58
Cajun_Lan_ManHello everyone.  Could someone help me figure out why 12.04 refuses to authenticate to my AD network shares? I've never had this problem with Ubuntu before.15:58
icerootjrib: ah ok i thought its using the source-package directly and not another website15:58
compdocCajun_Lan_Man, are you logged in with the same username and password?15:58
portis0hey , is it possible for a boot sector virus that was installed via windows to allow access to ubuntu?15:59
icerootjrib: you are right15:59
L3topkelvinella: check edit/preferences/advanced/general "Check my spelling as I type"16:00
icerootjrib: Fehl Änderungsprotokoll für lm-sensors (http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/universe/l/lm-sensors/lm-sensors_3.3.1-2ubuntu1/changelog) 404  Not Found16:00
Cajun_Lan_Mancompdoc: regardless of how I'm logged in, it prompts me for a username, password, and domain. In previous versions, I just filled out the required info, told it to remember me until I log out, and everything was fine.  However now, in 12.04, it prompts me for the info, I enter it, but it just repeats the prompt, as if I had entered the incorrect information.16:00
L3topwhat is your issue xentrepreneur?16:01
icerootjrib: the bug is the version of the package, someone forgot 1_3.3.* they used 3.3.* without the 1_16:02
peterrooneyportis0: can't see why not.  ext3/4 filesystem drivers exist for windows.16:02
jribiceroot: ah16:02
icerootjrib: i will report a bug against lm_sensors so they can fix the changelog because there is the bug, that file is creating the package-version16:03
xentrepreneurL3top: i accesed my computer using xrdp remotely and now am back on my computer and want to get hold of the previous session which is still active16:03
xentrepreneurwhen i try to login, it opens a new session of same user16:03
imbezolxentrepreneur: can you use that new session to xrdp to the existing one again? close up your stuff, save what you need, and close it off?16:04
Ezimhi everyone. will ubuntu update libreoffice 3.4.5 under 12.04 should a user use ppa or download from there site?16:04
portis0peterrooney - so it is feasible that a dual booting linux/windows laptop with a virus on windows could allow access to the linux machine when booted? In this case linux was installed from windows.16:04
icerootxentrepreneur: then the session was killed16:04
xentrepreneuri can acces the session from the remote desktop16:04
icerootxentrepreneur: xrdp will always first look if there is another open session (not the session directly on the real screen because that session is different)16:04
L3topxentrepreneur: I do not know of a way to do that. Sorry.16:04
icerootxentrepreneur: the real session on the machine directly is something different then an xrdp session16:05
portis0peterrooney - i sort of assumed a virus that infected ubuntu and allowed remote trojan access was not out there really16:05
Thor^^Hi, I'm trying to set up OpenVPN with network bridging (following: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenVPN) question that I got now tho is, which net should I bridge? I got 2 nics, one internal and one external16:05
=== ray1claw is now known as ray1claw_afk
xentrepreneuriceroot: there's no workarpound to do that?16:05
lanceioI removed gnome from ubuntu, I use fluxbox now, I removed the sound, so to speak, I removed the alsa, I use oss now, but im irritaed with this oss thingy, so I want to go back to alsa, and I thought while i am at it, i'll get xubuntu too, can you tell me what are the packages i'll need? a list of them will be nice.16:05
icerootxentrepreneur: that is bot a bug, that is a feature16:06
icerootxentrepreneur: vnc is want to use the REAL session also from remote16:06
icerootis what you have to use16:06
xentrepreneurbut vnc is very slow for some reason,iceroot16:07
xentrepreneuratleast for me16:07
icerootxentrepreneur: yes16:07
icerootxentrepreneur: but there is no other way16:07
Vinnie_winhow do I access a Windows network share from Ubuntu running in a VirtualBox ?16:07
icerootxentrepreneur: vnc is rendering the session on the server and you see the image, rdp is rendering the image on the client and is very fast16:07
icerootxentrepreneur: you cant use a normal session with rdp16:07
shaneohey guys ive been using Ubuntu Acccomplishments system and when it syncs the .trophys they are auto moved to the trash bin is this normal or is there something wrong16:08
ironmHi. What do you mean? ... <vmiheer> ironm: No actually llvm package has provided /usr/lib/llvm-2.9/build/ directory16:08
xentrepreneuriceroot: if i rd from my computer to my own computer I should be able to access that session right? even then it opens a new session16:09
icerootxentrepreneur: ?16:09
iceroot!freenx | xentrepreneur16:09
ubottuxentrepreneur: FreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX16:09
beastyevening all16:09
icerootxentrepreneur: hav a look there what rdp is16:09
Vinnie_winhow do I access a Windows network share from Ubuntu running in a VirtualBox ?16:09
OerHeksxentrepreneur, what makes you think the old session is still running?16:09
beastysmall question ... i just updated to 12.04 and my mouse is only moving up and down ... anyone had this error ? (it's a logitech mx5500 set)16:10
imbezolbeasty: do any of the clickable buttons move it side to side?16:10
xentrepreneurOerHeks: I am not sure but if i rd from the same computer again, the session will still be there. I had tried this before16:11
Vinnie_winhow do I access a Windows network share from Ubuntu running in a VirtualBox ?16:11
=== nRy is now known as Guest17891
beastyimbezol: no16:12
icerootVinnie_win: is windows the vm-host?16:13
Vinnie_winiceroot: Yes16:13
icerootVinnie_win: then you can use the virtualbox share directory (its a feature from vbox) see #vbox16:14
Vinnie_winiceroot: Ah okay, that would be fine. Thanks16:14
Vinnie_winhttps://github.com/vinniefalco/LuaBridgeDemo/downloads Can you test my Linux demo and see if it works for you on Ubuntu?16:14
pausbhi all16:15
dagerikVinnie_win: Provide the source you donk.16:15
pausbis there a bug that ubuntu changes language to chinese?16:15
Vinnie_windagerik: Its there, of course - I want to see if the executable will work16:15
Vinnie_windagerik: Will my executable run on a variety of systems?16:16
icerootVinnie_win: that is offtopic here16:16
=== killer1 is now known as killer_
Vinnie_winiceroot: Where's a good place to ask?16:17
icerootVinnie_win: #ubuntu-offtopic16:19
Vinnie_winokies thanks16:19
* gepatino is away: out for lunch16:20
amh345my ssh connection is timing out after 5 mins of inactivity.  where can i configure that?16:20
icerootamh345: imo on the server in /etc/ssh/sshd_config16:20
amh345iceroot: i think it was configured somewhere else.  a profile or something16:21
Pumpkin-you can configure it in multiple places16:21
Pumpkin-look for keepalive stuff in "man ssh_config"16:22
=== Qalqi is now known as Guest4070
Pumpkin-you can set that either globally for all users in /etc/ssh/ssh_config, or for just you in .ssh/config or at a specific command line "-o STUFF".16:22
xentrepreneurOerHeks: system monitor is still running the programs that were initiated from rd16:22
designbybeckHave any of you used Remastersys!?16:23
feralhy all16:23
designbybeckI'm trying to create my own distro using remastersys, so far I have a usb the boots and I have all my software I want on there16:23
thauriswulfaHELP: There's no sound on my netbook, and as I am checking on pulse audio volume control there's no sound output device listed there except dummy outputit was all working before, I restarted too but no change need help16:24
stuenghi, which ubuntu do I need for this CPU - VIA C3™/ VIA Eden™ EBGA processor16:26
=== samkottler is now known as samkottler|afk
OerHeksstueng, ubuntu 32 bit16:27
oCean!afk > samkottler|afk16:27
ubottusamkottler|afk, please see my private message16:27
amh345bashrc is where it's set16:28
stuengoerheks I tried 32bit server CD and it told me during boot that I need to find the right version for my CPU16:28
dorsjust to clarify thauriswulfa, not that i could help much, but what 'before' means? before what? upgrade? then of what? give more data...16:29
ikoniastueng: don't use server16:30
stuengikonia: I dont want a gui... I cant boot the mini.iso either.. so now what?16:30
ikoniastueng: it's probably too old now to contain the full instruction set that the kernel wants16:30
ikoniastueng: remove the gui, just see if the CD will boot16:30
stuengbusy writing the alternate iso atm16:31
mbuckowhen i switch tty using ctrl+alt+F6 can i then load up the UI and have two users running it? if so how?16:31
stuengmbucko: startx -- :116:34
chuCool, so you can have two X server connections up?16:35
chu(or more)16:36
wawowechu: yes16:37
stuengikonia error says please use a kernel appropiate for your cpu... so I should get an old verstion of ubuntu ?16:37
chuVery cool.16:37
=== lub` is now known as lubmil
EclifeMy keyboard and touchpad are frozen on start up... can anyone help?16:38
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
ikoniastueng: depends what it wants16:38
ikoniastueng: it used to be a common issue with VM's booting the ubuntu CD's as they didn't emmulate a CPU with certain instructions/components16:38
=== samkottler|afk is now known as samkottler
ikoniastueng: that dependency has been in place for a good few years now, so you may be out of luck16:39
samkottleroCean: sorry about that :)16:39
stuengikonia: I would have thought linux would be better suited to run on an older CPU than any other os :(16:39
ikoniastueng: "linux is" a lot of distributions aren't16:39
=== hspencer is now known as hspencer[afk]
stuengeugh I dont wanna run another dist16:40
mbuckostueng, but you can only have 1 GUI at a time right?16:41
=== Owner__ is now known as Guest82143
Eclifehey guys... is this were I can get some help with Ubuntu?16:42
stuengmbuck, you mean desktop environment ?16:42
stuengeclife, yes16:42
Cajun_Lan_ManHello All. Could someone help me figure out why 12.04 wont authenticate to my AD network shares? I didn't have this problem before 12.04, and I can't figure out what changed, much less how to fix it.16:42
stuengcajun_lan_man: what errors do you get when you type mount -a ?16:43
EclifeStueng: my touchpad and keyboard are frozen every on start up16:43
wawoweEclife: i would disable the login manager16:44
stuengwithout a keyboard :P16:44
wawoweEclife: if you want to do that boot up the install cd or in single user mode16:44
stuengdoes desktop come with ssh server by default ?16:44
wawoweEclife: mount, chroot, and apt-get remove16:45
jribstueng: not installed16:45
wawowestueng: nope16:45
EclifeStueng: I've tried using automatic login to skip lightdm, but it doesn't work16:45
wawoweEclife: autologin still uses lightdm16:45
Cajun_Lan_Manstueng, Thanks for the help. First let me apologize for being Linux noob. Do you want me to literally type that in the terminal? The issue is happening when I browse to the share in the gui. It prompts me for username/password/domain. For some reason it reject what I type in, despite it being the correct information.16:45
Eclifewawowe: I'll try mount, chroot, and apt-get16:46
wawoweEclife: k, you'll need a root terminal16:47
Cajun_Lan_Manstueng, in older versions of Ubuntu, it would accept the credentials, and prompt me for how long I wanted to be authenticated for.16:47
Eclifewawowe: can you send me the script to do that... I'm not a pro using the terminal16:47
wawoweEclife: mount /dev/sda1 /mnt; mount -o bind /dev /mnt/dev; mount -t proc proc /mnt/proc16:47
wawoweEclife: chroot /mnt16:48
wawoweEclife: apt-get remove lightdm16:48
wawoweEclife: exit16:48
wawoweEclife: umount /mnt/{proc,dev}; umount /mnt16:48
Eclifewowowe: can I run just" apt-get remove lightdm?16:48
wawoweEclife: reboot16:48
wawoweEclife: no16:49
hsnmcki'm using using ubuntu 12.04, i'm not able to zoom in or out, is this because of unity?16:49
=== Pici is now known as Guest55530
wawoweEclife: run all those from mount to reboot and it'll work16:49
EclifeWowowe: thanks, ill try it16:50
=== ray1claw_afk is now known as ray1claw
blackcatnekonegrOk, I tried formating a usb flash drive, and I must have really broke it, cause all I get now when I plug it in is a "AX216 FLASH READER" mensage and that's it. Last time I buy one that's not from the two most popular brands.16:53
wawoweblackcatnekonegr: how did you format it?16:53
blackcatnekonegrwawowe, Gparted, but the device had been me giving error messages since day one, so I guess I will just have to buy one thats not from that brand.16:55
thauriswulfadors: not after upgrade I mean last time I played any audio-video media, now when I see16:55
wawoweblackcatnekonegr: make sure you put the filesystem on sda1 not sda16:56
duckxxhi everyone.. im starting up a skill share space in nyc and wanted to use some of the space time to be able to hold ubuntu  meetups to educated others in it.. if you want to support this endevour, check this out: http://www.luckyant.com/nyc/lower-east-side/index.html --- its not just classes i want to do but also open source meetups for other new technologies that doesnt see the light. if money is an issue, a simple facebook shout16:56
duckxxout would be appreciated. thx! sorry for the promo.16:56
FloodBot1duckxx: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:56
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shurikrulikhi, who had trouble with webcamera image fliping on notebook asus pls give the solv me ...16:57
dorsthats strange thauriswulfa, usually if sound is working it keeps so,  maybe check basic things, cables, plugs, sound volume, is it flagged as 'mute' somewhere, things like that16:58
escottshurikrulik, you need to LD_PRELOAD16:58
escottshurikrulik, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=92cd13b8bb99b72b7e6604817d957f0d&t=146079016:58
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blackcatnekonegrwawowe, ubuntu cannot read the device anymore besides the "AX216 FLASH READER" thing, so is a bit late for that, to sum up the device was broken from day one, usb flash drives have no guaranty, every kind of format has ended bad, I even did a low lever format then created a Master boot record, but is useless, not not even gparted sees the device anymore. Sometimes one gets faulty hardware I guess.17:01
mbuckowhere do programs get installed in linux? is it /bin or /usr?17:01
escottmbucko, depends on if it is needed for boot17:01
ceti331_Can linux do multiple remote desktop connections (x servers) out of the box17:01
ceti331_across a network17:01
wawoweblackcatnekonegr: try fdisk17:02
ceti331_just like shing into a linux box17:02
wawoweblackcatnekonegr: sudo fdisk /dev/sdb17:02
mbuckoescott, just a normal app17:02
blackcatnekonegrmbucko, usually bin, but linux programs use a lot of libraries so is hard to tell where all the files are, unless that distro uses a kind of "mac install"17:02
escottceti331_, yes, but you have the role of client and server reversed. the server is the one with the display17:02
escottmbucko, then it is probably in /usr/bin17:02
blackcatnekonegrblackcatnekonegr, isn't fdisk a windows program?17:02
mbuckoescott, what about application files?17:02
escottmbucko, /usr/share for many17:03
blackcatnekonegrwawowe, isn't fdisk a windows program?, and what if I end formatting one of my hard disks using that command?17:04
ceti331_so lets say i have big desktop machine, and laptop; i would open an x-server on the Laptop, then ssh into the desktop to ask it to connect to the laptop x-server ? .. then the laptop can run native desktop programs on the desktop machine ?17:04
escottceti331_, yes17:04
wawoweblackcatnekonegr: gnu has it's own fdisk17:04
mbuckoblackcatnekonegr, how does mac install differ?17:04
ceti331_Can you get such an x-server under OSX17:04
escottceti331_, yes17:04
ceti331_this is getting bette r17:05
wawoweblackcatnekonegr: you should be able to tell that your looking at the right drive by the size etc17:05
blackcatnekonegrceti331_, you want to use a kind of remote control or something like that?17:05
phraktal77flumotion package is broken on precise17:05
escottceti331_, i believe there is an x server for mac on the install cd17:05
phraktal77it starts, but once you start a worker, it bugs out17:05
escottceti331_, the mac install cd that is17:05
ceti331_this might get convoluted..17:05
bjorkintoshi just bought a new pair of usb headphones with a mic.17:06
ceti331_specifically, i would like to use multiple screens  on the desktop, but use the laptop as an additional screen and wireless keyboard & mouse17:06
bjorkintosh12.04 recognizes it, but there's no sound coming out of it at all.17:06
bjorkintoshyes, it's plugged in and turned on.17:06
ceti331_with synergy , plus xserver on the mac..17:06
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bjorkintoshthe sound's instead coming out of the laptop's speaker.17:06
escottceti331_, that wont work the applications on the laptop will be distinct from the desktop. they run in a different user session with a different window manager, and cannot be migrated from one to the other17:07
gentle_peacefuli have some problem with my ATI 6470.17:07
blackcatnekonegrwawowe, how I use this fdisk?17:07
bjorkintoshwhy isn't it sending sound through the usb?17:07
gentle_peacefulAnyone can help me17:07
wawowebjorkintosh: first type fdisk /dev/sdb, then it p17:07
blackcatnekonegrceti331_, there are programs on linux to do remote control17:07
ceti331_escott: have you seen "air-display"17:07
escottceti331_, no17:08
wawowebjorkintosh: should show you the partition layout and size of the disk17:08
ceti331_"air-display" from mac to iPad is the most solid experience along these lines i've seen17:08
ceti331_but i would like it in reverse17:08
bjorkintoshwawowe, for sound?17:08
bjorkintoshyou must be talking to blackcatnekonegr17:08
wawoweblackcatnekonegr: first type fdisk /dev/sdb, then it p17:08
wawoweblackcatnekonegr: should show you the partition layout and size of the disk17:08
wawowebjorkintosh: wrong one sry17:08
wawowebjorkintosh: check alsamixer to see if anything is muted17:09
ceti331_actually "AirDisplay" will do this from PC to Mac already17:09
ceti331_their is a Mac server for a PC client.17:09
ceti331_they've already said on their forums they wont do linux :(17:09
blackcatnekonegrwawowe, I used that command and only said ms dos mode is obsolete,17:10
wawoweblackcatnekonegr: didn't open the fdisk shell?17:10
ceti331_I've looked into other combinations - like using a small linux machine driving screen with a Synergy client, for additional screenspace form the Mac, but using Linux tools to edit content on the Mac.17:11
escottblackcatnekonegr, you can use the "parted" tool which understands gpt17:11
Piciwawowe: is blackcatnekonegr currently running linux?17:11
blackcatnekonegrwawowe, yes but is only text mode, and I see no info whatesoever of the hard disks17:11
blackcatnekonegrescott, gparted did not work17:11
wawoweblackcatnekonegr: type "p"17:11
Piciwawowe: nevermind17:11
escottceti331_, you can run an xnest server in the background and then run your actual displays off the xnest but thats slower and more complicated17:11
wawowePici: yes17:11
* gepatino is back (gone 00:51:54)17:11
bjorkintoshdidn't make a difference wawowe.17:12
ceti331_there's many dimensions to this17:12
blackcatnekonegrwawowe, ; I am not gonna format my hard disk by mistake for a stupid faulty usb flash drive17:12
wawoweblackcatnekonegr: you will get a good look at it before you change things. no accidents17:12
ceti331_I have.. a fast Window PC: core i7, but 2 screens; a slower Linux PC, but 4 screens; a mac, can only drive one screen; a 'spare' nettop PC, windows & linux17:13
donvito|2how to install open ssh ?17:13
blackcatnekonegrwawowe, right now fdisk could be accesing my hard disk it says nothing whatsoever of what drive is accessing17:13
wawowebjorkintosh: do you have multiple soundcards? run aplay -l to show them17:13
ceti331_perhaps i should just do one screen per device and synergy between them17:13
ceti331_and put my content on a NAS box17:13
bjorkintoshi think i do. the usb device is it's own card i think.17:13
blackcatnekonegrwawowe, so is the "p" command safe?17:13
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)17:13
wawoweblackcatnekonegr: type "p" and hit enter. it doesn't do anything by itself17:14
wawoweblackcatnekonegr: p = print17:14
blackcatnekonegrwawowe, ok17:14
bjorkintoshyes definitely.17:14
wawoweblackcatnekonegr: w is the one that changes stuff17:14
wawoweblackcatnekonegr: w = write17:14
blackcatnekonegrwawowe,, usb flash drive is dead, end of story17:14
wawoweblackcatnekonegr: k17:14
wawoweblackcatnekonegr: type q to quit17:14
blackcatnekonegrwawowe,, I only see my hard disks, I guess that usb flash drive really was junk17:15
wawoweblackcatnekonegr: you may have opened the wrong drive17:15
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schreberhow do you unmount a mounted drive? I've tried sudo umount /dev/blah1 but I get a 'device is busy' message when clearly it's not.17:15
wawoweschreber: lsof | grep /dev/blah117:16
wawoweschreber: or /mnt/blah117:16
wawoweschreber: kill the process that's using it17:16
blackcatnekonegrschreber, first close any program, window that may be using the device, if that fails, try right click, "unmount" use "Safe unmount" if available17:16
bjorkintoshwawowe, how do i redirect the sound to my new sound card?17:17
wawowebjorkintosh: pastebin the output of aplay -l and tell me which card you want to use17:18
schreberthe lsof | grep /dev/blah1 didn't return anything neither did the it's alternative /mnt/blah117:18
escottschreber, did you "cd" out of that folder17:18
bjorkintoshcard 1: Headset [HP Digital Stereo Headset], device 0: USB Audio [USB Audio]  Subdevices: 1/117:19
bjorkintoshthat's the card i want to use ^17:19
wawowebjorkintosh: k17:19
escottschreber, you can also issue a "dismount when possible" command which will prevent new processes from accessing the disk, but not fully unmounting17:19
iLogicalMy keyboard is a generic abnt 2 keyboard... I don't see my keyboard's brand anywhere in this list, what do I do:17:19
schreberhow do I issue that command?17:19
escottiLogical, select a generic 104 keyboard then17:19
blackcatnekonegrschreber, if that does not work, see if the device is being written (Usually the light is on) and wait until it ends. If nothing seems to work, just shut down the system (By using linux, not manually) if you see any error messages during the shut down, try to virus scan the hard disk /usb flash drive and also scan for errors.17:20
wawowebjorkintosh: put http://paste.ubuntu.com/1015105/ in ~/.asoundrc17:20
schreberit's an internal drive not external17:20
blackcatnekonegriLogical, pick generic keyboard and manually set the language, keyboard setting.17:20
iLogicalescott, thanks17:20
escottiLogical, umount -l, just be aware that doing so does not actually dismount the device so you cant unplug17:20
escottschreber, ^^ not iLogical17:21
wawowebjorkintosh: and echo "autospawn = no" ~/.pulse/client.conf; killall pulseaudio17:21
amelia_Hej.. I forget what the left-hand-side launcher is called in Unity.. but I've just upgraded from 11.10 to 12.04 and it no longer auto-hides.. how can I fix this?17:21
blackcatnekonegriLogical, or pick ibm, then pick the closest to your keyboard layout17:21
bjorkintoshokay wawowe.17:21
bjorkintoshthanks. i'll try that.17:21
EaglemanI'm having an issue with windows supporting characters in file names, i currently have this script and since windows isnt supporting : and linux isnt allowing me to replace the : with ; OUTPUTFILE="/media/usbbackupdisk/configbackups/configbackup_$(date +%m-%d-%Y_%I:%M).tar.gz"17:21
blackcatnekonegriLogical, some generic keyboards have problems with ubuntu, I had to switch mine17:22
Eaglemanthe : in _%I:%M17:22
escottEagleman, \;17:22
bootstrapHi, I'm having an external hd issue.  Only some of my folders are visible.  Anyone know why?  The folders are still there just not visible, ex: I can cd to /music in terminal17:22
escottEagleman, although I cannot understand what would compel you to put any of those characters in the filename17:22
iLogicalwith just worked very fine blackcatnekonegr17:22
Eagleman(date +%m-%d-%Y_%I/;%M) doesnt work17:23
blackcatnekonegrEagleman, tried massive renaming the files in windows? or if you want to rename files in linux, "Purrr" while old, works well.17:23
wawowebootstrap: may be corrupted17:23
PiciEagleman: it would be \; not /;17:23
wawowebootstrap: if it's fat16 or something like that17:24
bootstrapwawowe it's ntfs17:24
EaglemanThanks Pici it worked17:24
escottEagleman, for your own sanity I would strongly suggest %Y%m%d%I%M17:24
blackcatnekonegriLogical, did you fix your keyboard problem?17:24
EaglemanAnd why is that escott17:25
wawowebootstrap: don't know then, could try defragging it17:25
iLogicalblackcatnekonegr, it asked to configure it to upgrade17:25
EaglemanWhat i have now looks better and is easier to read on windows17:25
iLogicalit's working still17:25
escottEagleman, because special characters in filenames are bad (as you are discovering) and because your current format does not sort correctly, but %Y%m%d does17:25
iLogicalI guess we will see if it works after reboot ;) blackcatnekonegr17:25
bootstrapwawowe: yeah, I'm going to try now, just wanted to ask to see what others thought17:26
wawowebootstrap: either way you should think about backing up as much as you can17:26
EaglemanIt sorts well escott17:26
bootstrapwawowe: yeah thanks, I have it on dropbox and wuala already, so it isn't a huge deal17:26
blackcatnekonegrbootstrap, once you backup, try gparted, but be sure to know what are you doing, and whats linux version of the good old scandisk?17:28
blackcatnekonegrHey thats a good one, what is linux scandisk?17:28
escottblackcatnekonegr, fsck17:28
blackcatnekonegrSystem-config-lvm, might try it....17:29
blackcatnekonegrI am getting tired of the old backup, delete hard disk and format after all.17:30
zambawhat has happened to eggdrop in 12.04? it crashes now17:32
zambabig fat crash17:33
donvito2i installed open ssh server and client computer is connected and running but i cant connect from other pc via putty17:34
donvito2what im doing wrong?17:34
BWorldHi there, what is the best place to look for help when upgrading to ubuntu 12.0.4 failed from 10.0.4 LTS ? The ubuntu machine is running as VM inside a Xen server,,17:34
blackcatnekonegrzamba, try the olde "Synaptic reinstall packages trick", and try again17:34
BWorldproblem is that I cant even login to a root shell anymore17:35
CoJaBoOk, so this machine had a dead CD drive and wont boot off of USB... Any ideas?17:35
WarOfTheNerddonvito, are you sure you haven't got a firewall running?17:35
CoJaBoI'm starting to remember why I haven't yet updated it from Jaunty :/17:35
donvito2well i have installed ubuntu 12.04 desktop17:35
donvito2does it have firewall by himself?17:35
zambablackcatnekonegr: never heard about that trick?17:35
WarOfTheNerddonvito, on the openssh server is a firewall running?17:35
wawoweCoJaBo: what's your intention?17:35
blackcatnekonegrCoJaBo, can you plug in the hard disk to another machine?17:35
zambablackcatnekonegr: care to elaborate?17:35
dorswhat the other pc says it gone wrong donvito2?17:35
CoJaBowawowe: To install the latest version17:36
donvito2time out17:36
_sjsdoes anyone have any good guides for monitor calibration? I've got a samsung that looks great, but then I bought an Acer S230HL and the colors are WAY off. I've tried changing the monitor settings manually but it doesn't allow me to change RGB settings, so I'm trying to use the nvidia but I have no experience with hues/saturation/ brightness/contrast/etc so I have no idea what I'm doing17:36
WarOfTheNerddonvito, no it doesn't by default.  But your router might firewall between the two computers17:36
CoJaBoblackcatnekonegr: No, laptop drive, and my USB thing for that is busted17:36
wawoweCoJaBo: which version is jaunty17:36
blackcatnekonegrzamba, simply use Synaptic to reinstall the program you are having problems with17:36
wawoweCoJaBo: lsb_release -a17:36
CoJaBowawowe: 9.something17:36
zambablackcatnekonegr: already tried that17:36
dorscan you ping the server from the pc donvito2?17:36
blackcatnekonegrCoJaBo, can you boot any os in the laptop?17:37
wawoweCoJaBo: have you tried upgrading and failed?17:37
falemattei get this error when i launch webcamstudio http://pastebin.com/j0NtWbcX what can i do? Hellpp :D17:37
donvito2no i got request time out17:37
blackcatnekonegrCoJaBo, cause if you can boot windows, simply use an iso and daemon tools,17:37
dorsok, so your problem is not ssl17:37
CoJaBowawowe: The package manager is totally effed17:37
dorsbut other thing, prly infrastructure17:37
escott!ufw | donvito17:37
ubottudonvito: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.17:37
CoJaBoblackcatnekonegr: It has Jaunty on it now17:38
wawoweCoJaBo: how effed? what does apt-get -f install do?17:38
shaneoquantal dailys hate ubuntu tweak :(17:38
CoJaBowawowe: Fails with an error saying the database is broken17:38
blackcatnekonegr donvito, you could use Gufw, as it has a gui and is easy to use17:38
bjorkintoshdidn't work wawowe17:38
bjorkintoshstill no sound.17:38
wawoweCoJaBo: apt-get update17:39
blackcatnekonegr CoJaBo, install a program that can mount isos and try installing from the iso17:39
wawowebjorkintosh: apt-get install mplayer17:39
bjorkintoshi've got mplayer.17:39
wawowebjorkintosh: mplayer -ao alsa:device=hw=1.0 mp3.mp317:39
CoJaBowawowe: As I said, I've tried numerous times to get it to work. Thats actually the only reason I even need to upgrade, to fix that issue.17:39
SnowmanX11Hi there! Is there anybody here who made this soundcard work under 12.04? >>>  Audio device: Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 05)17:40
wawoweCoJaBo: apt-get update shows the same thing?17:40
CoJaBoblackcatnekonegr: I need to boot from it tho, not run from inside the existing17:40
wawoweCoJaBo: it should update the database17:40
bjorkintoshthat works. however, how do i make the browser use this device?17:40
CoJaBowawowe: Any attempt to do anything errors out.17:40
bjorkintosh'cause that sends the sound right to the speaker... defeating the purpose of my purchase.17:41
wawoweCoJaBo: pastebin both errors17:41
wawoweCoJaBo: from apt-get update and apt-get -f install17:41
blackcatnekonegrCoJaBo, ok usb and cd romdrive are busted, you cannot plug in the hard disk to another machine, I guess you don't have a floppy drive device?17:41
CoJaBowawowe: Even if I get it working, in the event it fails, I'd be back to square one, only with a totally broken machine...17:41
wawowebjorkintosh: restart your browser if you didn't before17:41
Bulletrulzim pissed off at people who are worshiping steve jobs17:42
Jordan_U!ot | Bulletrulz17:42
ubottuBulletrulz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:42
blackcatnekonegrI am pissed at people not remembering the other guy who died17:42
wawoweCoJaBo: it's up to you17:42
CoJaBoblackcatnekonegr: I don't suppose theres a way to get Grub to boot off either the USB CD drive or a thumbdrive if i can find one?17:42
wawoweCoJaBo: grub can boot both cd and usb17:43
adamkhanhello world :P17:43
t4nk024i need help17:43
weetabeexdon't we all...17:43
t4nk024with my admin password17:43
adamkhanshoot t4nk02417:43
adamkhanready :)17:43
CoJaBowawowe: How17:43
TheLordOfTime!root | t4nk02417:43
ubottut4nk024: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo17:43
t4nk024any one can help17:44
TheLordOfTimet4nk024: in case that's the admin password you were referencing17:44
TheLordOfTime!anyone | t4nk02417:44
Jordan_UCoJaBo: Does your BIOS support booting from USB?17:44
ubottut4nk024: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.17:44
CoJaBoJordan_U: Evidently not.17:44
blackcatnekonegrCoJaBo, try creating a small particion, install linux there, then boot from it, then format the bigger particion, install linux there and... wait, I am even making sence?17:44
Jordan_UCoJaBo: Do you have a reliable internet connection which you can access via ethernet?17:45
CoJaBoJordan_U: Yeh17:45
t4nk024i need to rest the password from the shal from the guest17:45
wawoweCoJaBo: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128860417:45
wawowet4nk024: explain17:46
CoJaBowawowe: This is Grub1 tho17:46
Jordan_UCoJaBo: Then I would recommend configuring your existing grub legacy install to boot the Ubuntu 12.04 netboot installer. It will run completely from RAM so it can install to the hard drive it was initially loaded from. If it fails during install you might be left with a completely unbootable system though.17:46
jfroebeanyone know of a way to install ubuntu 12.04 remotely?  I currently have remote access (via logmein) to a windows box that needs to be rebuilt to ubuntu 12.04 - I do not have physical access to the machine.  Win7 would be wiped from the box.17:46
blackcatnekonegrCoJaBo, do not even try it with wifi!17:46
t4nk024the usdo password was "password"17:46
t4nk024i change it17:47
t4nk024to some thing else17:47
CoJaBoJordan_U: Are there instructions for that?17:47
adamkhanu should ask the owner :P17:47
t4nk024i need to rest the admin password17:47
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!17:47
Jordan_UCoJaBo: Not that I know of, but it's pretty easy and I can explain it to you.17:47
CoJaBoJordan_U: Well, how?17:48
Penguincsct4nk024: is the admin user the same as yours?17:48
t4nk024i need to take to one man17:48
t4nk024so i understand17:48
wawoweCoJaBo: there's a way, don't remeber tho, fastest solution is get the kernel and initrd from tinycore and boot that17:48
Jordan_UCoJaBo: Is this a 32 bit only machine?17:48
Penguincsct4nk024: is the admin user the same as yours?17:49
Jordan_UCoJaBo: And if so, do you know if it supports PAE?17:49
wawowet4nk024: can you boot a livecd?17:49
Penguincsct4nk024: do you remember your password?17:49
CoJaBoIts 64bit17:49
wawowet4nk024: boot livecd and mount the partition17:49
Penguincsct4nk024: so it's easy - what Ubuntu version are you using?17:50
wawowet4nk024: edit /etc/shadow17:50
Penguincsct4nk024: clock your name at the top right and then click user Accounts at the bottom17:50
t4nk024what about my data17:51
monikamy flash in opera not firefox isn't working on the system ... any ideas why not, how to debug it?17:51
monikaI'm running ubuntu 10.1017:51
CoJaBoJordan_U: ?17:51
Penguincsct4nk024: if you only reset or change your password - nothing else changes17:51
t4nk024are they going to be erase17:51
monikaI tried reinstalling, aslo dowloading the .so from the adobe site directly, but none of the approaches work17:51
amh345is is apache2.2-common required to run apachectl 2.4?17:51
iLogicalI just upgraded to 12.04, can I have gnome back? :(17:51
monikaso obviously I need a debug of somekind17:52
escott!notunity | iLogical17:52
ubottuiLogical: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic17:52
t4nk024ok , i will thanks17:52
blackcatnekonegrmonika, tried to uninstall and then reinstall it?17:52
Penguincsct4nk024: this desn't change the file permissions17:52
monikablackcatnekonegr, yeah that was one of the first things I tried17:52
Penguincsct4nk024: you just click the stars on the Password line and change it17:52
wawowemonika: download the lib and put it in ~/.mozilla/plugins17:52
blackcatnekonegrmonika, what version of opera are you using?17:53
Jordan_UCoJaBo: The first thing you need to do is download the netboot kernel and initrd from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/netboot/precise/ but to know which to download you need to know if your computer has a 64 bit processor (just like you need to know with any OS installation).17:53
iLogicalescott, hmm gnome 3 seems so brand new and stuff, I want it :)17:53
t4nk024Penguincsc can i have one window just with you17:53
t4nk024not to all the room17:53
Penguincsct4nk024: why?17:54
monikawawowe, I did that, the plugin is detected, but flash doesn't work on youtube17:54
monikablackcatnekonegr, 11.6217:54
=== Eagleman is now known as Andrew_Ryan
t4nk024too many line to skip untel17:54
Penguincsct4nk024: We are all helpful penguins around here ;-)17:54
t4nk024i find you17:54
wawowemonika: does it work one sites other than youtube?17:54
blackcatnekonegrmonika, does not work at all or you get errors?17:54
t4nk024its all about recognaise17:54
iLogical!unity shell17:55
Penguincscmonika: did you make sure all browser windows ()also other than opera) are closed?17:55
adamkhanmonika, even google chrome browser doesnt open fflash?17:55
Penguincscmonika: run htop in console17:55
monikablackcatnekonegr, wawowe the  black region where the video should be is showing (there's isn't an error that the flash is missing), but no video nor audio17:55
monikapenghuang, yeah of course :)17:55
monikawawowe, no it doesn't work anywheee17:55
Penguincsct4nk024: what other language do you speak?17:56
blackcatnekonegrmonika, it can be a missing package, a broken file or a problem with your video card, you said it works on firefox?17:56
adamkhanmonika, after debugging, have u logged out then logged in again??17:56
adamkhansometimes its that17:56
t4nk024my firt language is arabic17:56
monikablackcatnekonegr, it doesn't work anywhere17:56
t4nk024i need one chanal17:56
Jordan_UCoJaBo: Do you understand what I mean when I ask if the machine has a 64 bit CPU?17:57
Penguincscmonika: did it ever worked or did it break after an upgrade?17:57
monikait broke somehow17:57
monikahow to install an older version?17:57
monikahow to check the current version?17:57
wawowemonika: if you remove the lib from ~/.mozilla/plugins and restart opera is it still a black box?17:57
monikaand I'm in console only, so don't use synaptics17:57
blackcatnekonegrmonika, I bet is a problem with your video card, you will need to update your video card driver, had the same problem before, good luck, you will need it.17:57
CoJaBoJordan_U: It had a 64bit OS on it. Yeh, I'm pretty certain its 64bit17:57
bjorkintoshuse the X server, monika17:57
monikawawowe, no it's missing plugin - I know what I'm doing :)17:58
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OerHeksflash does not work in console17:58
t4nk024<Penguincsc> i need one chanal17:58
Penguincsct4nk024: answer me on the private msg17:58
wawowemonika: run ldd ~/.mozilla/plugins/*17:58
t4nk024how ???17:59
Jordan_UCoJaBo: Great. Then download these files: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/ubuntu-installer/amd64/linux http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/ubuntu-installer/amd64/initrd.gz17:59
wawowemonika: and look for missing library dependencies17:59
CoJaBoAnd do what with them17:59
blackcatnekonegrmonika, try searching topics about your video card driver on linux and check the wiki, if there is a know issue, it will probably have it, make no mistake is your video card. let me guess NVIDIA?17:59
Jordan_UCoJaBo: I'll get to that, please give me time to type :)17:59
monikablackcatnekonegr, no it's ATI18:00
blackcatnekonegrmonika, try updating your video card driver on linux, on some cards generics cause that flash problem.18:01
Jordan_UCoJaBo: Create a directory in /boot/ for them so that they don't get confused with other kernels/initrds with "sudo mkdir /boot/ubuntu-installer/" and copy the two files into that directory with "sudo cp ...".18:01
t4nk024""answer me on the private msg"" how ???18:01
Penguincsct4nk024: look around the chat window, you should see my nick name somewhere18:01
BhaveshI tried installing Additional Drivers - Graphics card driver [Recommended], then I did a restart and my entire screen was black. I clicked around and then came up my wallpaper, then the right click menu. I had to remove my graphics driver to get it to normal. In Ubuntu 12.0418:01
monikabtw: I have flashplugin-nonfree installed18:01
oCean!afk > ray1claw_afk18:02
ubotturay1claw_afk, please see my private message18:02
t4nk024i am using : http://webchat.freenode.net/?nick=t4nk...&channels=ubuntu&prompt=1#18:02
Penguincscmonika: try right-clicking the black window and removing the 3d acceleration on the settings18:02
CoJaBoJordan_U: If the install trashes /boot/, then, I'd be Totally Screwed.18:02
t4nk024there is no option there18:02
Penguincsct4nk024: install xchat then18:02
Penguincsct4nk024: it's easier18:02
iLogicalI runned a command with alt+f2 on unity to install gnome shell and I don't know if it's running18:02
t4nk024i cant i am guest18:02
wawowemonika: you don't need to have that installed since you put flash in ~/.mozilla/plugins18:02
t4nk024i cant i am guest18:03
Jordan_UCoJaBo: Correct. Once you've started the install there is no turning back, it either succeeds or you have an unbootable system (or there is a chance you'll have a somewhat bootable system which can be recovered from).18:03
t4nk024i have no sudo password18:03
BhaveshSo will I ever be able to use a graphics card drive on Ubuntu 12.04?18:03
blackcatnekonegrmonika, the best option is to use the proprietary driver ATI has for linux or ubuntu, if there is an ubuntu specific version use that one. I had  a similar problem with a different video card.18:03
Penguincsct4nk024: so you should look around the web interface and see how you open a private chat window18:04
CoJaBoJordan_U: Yeh, I can't do that then :/18:04
blackcatnekonegrCoJaBo, the best option is to take the laptop to a tech guy, make him install linux for you, they do have the right cables and devices to read a laptop hard disk.18:04
blackcatnekonegrCoJaBo, the bad thing is, it costs money.18:05
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BhaveshI guess compiz doesn't start or something like that18:05
t4nk024i have another account but it login and right a way logout why18:05
PenguincscCoJaBo: what are you trying to do?18:05
CoJaBoblackcatnekonegr: I could probably buy a new one for cheaper than paying someone to use one, its just that I only have today to do this :/18:05
CoJaBoPenguincsc: Install Precise on a machine with no CD drive18:06
t4nk024there is no password recwaired to login18:06
ha1dfohi all. What's the proper way to install sun-java-6 on ubuntu 1204?18:06
BhaveshSo is the recommended driver for Ubuntu 12.04 bugged...?18:06
PenguincscCoJaBo: do you have a USB pendrive?18:07
escottBhavesh, oracle no longer allows ubuntu to distributed sun java18:07
CoJaBoPenguincsc: Nope18:07
Bhaveshescott: I guess ha1dfo asked the question about sun java18:07
Jordan_UCoJaBo: Since you only have one hard drive there is pretty much nothing you can do to install Ubuntu which won't involve some risk of making that drive unbootable. Even creating a new partition on the same drive and bootstrapping from there carries some risk. I think my solution is the least risk because it's the simplest, it's a standard installation using the netboot installer with nothing fancy to make it less reliable.18:08
PenguincscCoJaBo: can you get one?18:08
CoJaBoPenguincsc: I have a USB CD drive and SD card; it boots from neither of these.18:08
PenguincscCoJaBo: All you need is at least 2GB18:08
t4nk024thanks and bye18:08
ha1dfoescott, so basically if i need that I have to download sun's binary one?18:08
PenguincscCoJaBo: what's the laptop model?18:08
donvito2is it possible to install teamviewer in ubuntu via terminal?18:08
ha1dfothanks Bhav :)18:09
blackcatnekonegrBhavesh, there is not such a thing as the perfect generic driver, if you have a proprietary video card use the proprietary video card driver unless card is a generic.18:09
CoJaBoPenguincsc: Not sure if it will even boot from it- I've never seen a machine that boots from neither a USB CD drive nor SD18:09
svm_invictvsYou're going to laugh at me for asking this...18:09
mcb_1donvito2: Yes, but you have to download de .deb and install it with dpkg.18:09
CoJaBoPenguincsc: Inspiron 152118:10
escottBhavesh, sorry, ha1dfo, yes18:10
svm_invictvsI downloaded a binary from the web, trying to run it.  I get bash: ./foo.bin: No such file or directory18:10
svm_invictvsThis is despite the fact that file is right there18:10
PenguincscCoJaBo: I used an SD card to install Ubuntu on my cd-less netbook18:10
blackcatnekonegrBhavesh, both ATi and NVIDIA are know to have problems with ubuntu generic drivers18:10
PenguincscCoJaBo: try this: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows18:10
Rud_svm_invictvs: chmod a+x foo.bin18:10
svm_invictvspatrick@ubuntu:~$ ./server924_linux32.bin18:10
svm_invictvs-bash: ./server924_linux32.bin: No such file or directory18:10
CoJaBoPenguincsc: Yeh, I've done that on my netbook before I got my CD drive. Neither work on this machine tho.18:10
PenguincscCoJaBo: You can use the SD card with a special adapter18:11
Jordan_Usvm_invictvs: The file which isn't found is the standard 32 bit C library that the binary depends on but which you haven't installed yet on your primarily 64 bit system.18:11
Bhaveshblackcatnekonegr: So what am I supposed to do if I want a video card driver?18:11
CoJaBoPenguincsc: It has an internal SD18:11
Bhaveshblackcatnekonegr: Well I have a Nvidia GeForce video card. It was supported earlier on Ubuntu 11.10 but not now.18:11
svm_invictvsJordan_U: AH18:11
PenguincscCoJaBo: You mean SSD?18:11
svm_invictvs-rwxrwxr-x 1 patrick patrick 433777820 May 30 11:07 server924_linux32.bin18:11
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blackcatnekonegrBhavesh, install the proprietary one  that the company has for linux18:11
AndroUserHey I need help too18:11
svm_invictvsJesus fucking christ, why doesn't it tell me that?18:11
CoJaBoPenguincsc: Built-in reader18:11
Bhaveshblackcatnekonegr: ok ty