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JamesTaitMorning all! :)10:33
karniMorning guys :)10:44
gatoxgood morning!11:04
mandelgatox, morning!11:09
gatoxmandel, how are you?? we have u1-cp fixed in jenkins! :D11:10
mandelgatox, hurray!11:11
mandelgatox, here everything ok, although I need some reviews from you for the fsevents daemon11:11
mandelgatox, if you can read c++ you can read objective-c :)11:11
gatoxmandel, ah yes.....  i'll do it right now11:12
mandelgatox, thx!11:13
mandelgatox, read the code and ask any question I'd like you to also be able to at least understand it11:13
gatoxmandel, ack!11:14
gatoxmandel, i'll fix the headers of the files, it says: //  Copyright (c) 2012 __MyCompanyName__. All rights reserved.11:45
mandelgatox, there is another branch for that with no code changes :)11:45
gatoxmandel, ahhhh ok jeje11:46
mandelgatox, i don't want to add noise to a code review11:46
gatoxof course11:46
gatoxmandel, the modified files looks fine for me..... i'm reviewing the new files now, i found a little typo at this moment: // assert that the correct metho type is received12:17
gatoxin: objc/FsEventsTests/FsEvents/FSEventsDispatcherTests.m12:17
mandelgatox, cool, can you add the error to the mp please?12:17
mandelgatox, I'm got a feeling you will find more than one12:18
gatoxmandel, it's silly..... but better to fix it now that the file is new, that see it appear mix with some code in the future12:18
mandelgatox, 100000 time agreed :)12:19
mandelok, lunch!12:34
gatoxmandel, message added to the MP12:44
gatoxmandel, i added a trace of the compilation failing too12:44
gatoxralsina, dobey hi13:06
alecumandel, https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntuone-fsevents-daemon/add-run-tests/+merge/10622713:09
ralsinamandel, alecu: do you guys remember why ussoc on windows doesn't die of timeout like on linux?13:14
ralsinamandel, alecu: I know we had a good reason, but can't remember it13:14
ralsinamandel, alecu: and it may be time to reconsider it13:14
alecuralsina, I think the reason was "we can make it behave properly later"13:15
ralsinaalecu: because it was doing things like starting twice, right?13:15
alecuralsina, can't recall. nessita is the one with the prodigal memory for this kind of things.13:16
* alecu can hardly recall what he ate yesterday.13:16
alecuoh, fish it was.13:16
* alecu smells t-shirt13:16
alecufish it was.13:17
* mandel back13:43
mandelgatox, i have not looked at the trace, but did you add OCMock to the path?13:44
mandelralsina, alecu, AFAIK the process will start, die and will never start again13:44
gatoxmandel, my bad..... forget to read the description of the change13:45
gatoxtrying that now13:45
mandelgatox,  :)13:45
mandelgatox, no worries, if I know the issue without looking it means that I expected that to happen hehehe13:45
mandelalecu, interesting the segfault, which revno is that?13:46
briancurtinelopio: on your machine that has this testability stuff, where is testability.dll and did it come with PyQt or did you install it separately?13:46
gatoxmandel, can you show me your path please..... so i can find it easier13:48
mandelgatox, with xcode 4 it should be in /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Library/Frameworks13:49
mandelgatox, or you can configure the env var :)13:49
gatoxmandel, thx13:50
alecumandel, I got the segfault with trunk + your branch merged in.13:50
mandelgatox, I placed it there for convenience13:50
mandelalecu, that probably means that the run shell got merged wrong, can you pastebin it?13:50
mandelalecu, I might need to fix the way it merges agains trunk13:50
ralsinabriancurtin: I don't know where it comes from but I know we will have trouble with it because it's a plugin13:51
ralsinabriancurtin: and plugins don't work well with py2exe13:51
alecumandel, bzr says that run-tests.sh was freshly created, not merged.13:51
mandelalecu, hm.. weird, let me check13:52
mandelalecu, oh, is the run-tests branch, I know what that happens it uses otest directly, give me 2 mins and is fixed :)13:53
alecuralsina, briancurtin: do we really want testability.dll in our installer? Though I suppose it might make sense for the nightlies.13:53
briancurtinif i can find out how to make it work, i'd only package it on a test build13:54
briancurtinso add some type of flag, or change the SHOW_CMD option to TEST_BUILD and key it off that13:54
mandelalecu, fix pushed, you should not longer have that segfault13:55
ralsinaalecu: just for nightlies yes13:58
gatox_macmandel, i'm getting this:13:59
gatox_mac** BUILD SUCCEEDED **13:59
gatox_macRunning tests13:59
gatox_macxcodebuild: error: The project 'FsEvents' does not contain a scheme named 'FsEvents'.13:59
gatox_macany clues?13:59
mandelgatox_mac, uhm.. weird, there should be an fsevents scheme, can you please open the project in xcode?13:59
mandelgatox_mac, the scheme is that thing next to the stop button, can you let me know what it has?14:00
gatox_macmandel, wait… it's installing some components before continuing14:02
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mandelgatox_mac, hm.. interesting14:04
gatox_macmandel, so… i double click the .xcodeproj file Xcode opens and says: workspace integrity: couldn't load fsevens.xcodeproj14:07
mandelgatox, wtf?! that is new to me..14:08
mandelgatox_mac, does it offer any fixing?14:08
gatox_macmandel, i don't see anything to fix it14:09
gatox_macmandel, mmm it seems to be fix if i reopen14:09
gatox_macmandel, trying to run the tests again14:10
mandelgatox_mac, if that works, can you do a bzr diff and tell me what changed?14:10
gatox_macmandel, now: xcodebuild: error: Failed to build project FsEvents with scheme FsEvents.14:10
gatox_macReason: Scheme "FsEvents" is not testable.14:10
mandelgatox_mac, give me a sec, I'll test it using my test account14:11
gatox_macdobey, yes?14:11
dobeyplease don't set branches to "Approved" for merging into trunk for now. there is a problem with tarmac, which needs to be resolved first14:12
dobeyam trying to get it fixed14:12
gatox_macdobey, ack14:12
dobey"Lote de 100 fontes de chocolate a menos de metade do valor de mercado!"14:19
dobeycon churros!14:19
mandelgatox_mac, I managed to reproduce the issue, xcode is stupid..14:22
gatoxmandel, it seems that the rule is: "if you want to know if something really works.... it has to go through any of my machines" jeje14:22
mandelgatox,  is more of, IDE usually are stupid :)14:24
gatoxmandel, i have nothing to say jeje14:25
mandelgatox, I'm about to push the change.. only if people that wrote IDEs could make it simple to know which files are per user and which not..14:26
gatoxmandel, well... i know of an ide that is really cool and create only one file in the project folder and it's for the user jejeejej14:27
ralsinadobey: that's portuguese not spanish!14:28
mandelralsina, or spanish with a churro in your mouth hehehe14:28
gatoxmandel, jejejjee14:29
gatoxstupid bug!!14:29
* gatox gets angry14:29
mandelgatox, I fix the issue pushing now14:31
gatoxmandel, ok..... running the tests14:32
mandelgatox, revno 2514:32
mmccmorning folks!14:32
mandelgatox, turns out that you have to explicitly tell xcode that a scheme is shared or it will placed in the userdata14:33
mmccmy connection died 7 hours ago, so I'm already caught up!14:33
gatox_macmandel, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1014864/14:35
mandelmmcc, did you hear anything from the ocmock guys?14:35
mandelgatox_mac, revno?14:36
mmccmandel: just going thru email now14:36
dobeyoh, pylint. grmbl14:36
dobeymust get rid of that junk14:36
mandeldobey, yes14:36
gatoxwell..... maybe in half an hour after running ubuntuone-client tests i'll be able to propose the branch... :@14:38
mmccmandel, I did get a response from Erik, the OCMock guy:14:38
mmcche said: "let me state first that I am not a lawyer. That said, my intent and interpretation of this part of the license is that the attribution is required for the actual use of OCMock. I don't think your file sync client uses OCMock. I assume OCMock is only used during the development of the file sync client. Again, I am not a lawyer, but to me this sounds like attribution would only be required when you talk about the developmen14:38
mmccyour software."14:38
mandelgatox, so which revno is giving you that error?14:38
gatox_macmandel, 2514:39
mmccalso ralsina, see my ircspam above ^14:39
gatox_macis that ok?14:39
mandelgatox_mac, yes, can you open xcode, add edit the scheme14:39
gatox_macmandel, yes…14:39
mandelgatox_mac, in the name next to the stop, there is a context menu14:39
ralsinammcc: the number of people who is not a lawyer and writes licenses never ceases to amaze14:39
gatox_macmandel, yes14:40
ralsinammcc: short answer, I don't know14:40
mmccso it sounds like he is OK with how we want to use it, but I'm not sure if we're exactly on the same page14:40
gatox_macmandel, i'm in edit scheme14:40
ralsinammcc: longer answer, let's move on with it14:40
mandelgatox_mac, there in the test tab can you open it?14:40
ralsinammcc: you mentioned chrome used it? If it did and is gpl, then we are in good shape14:40
mmccralsina: move on with using OCMock?14:41
* ralsina assumes google has lawyers14:41
ralsinammcc: yes14:41
gatox_macmandel, yes… already there14:41
dobeychrome or chromium?14:41
mandelgatox_mac, in the panel of the right, is there a bundle called FsEventsTests?14:41
mmccralsina: chrome does use it but I need to check their license. and the commit comment thread I found discussing it had a lot of "uh, I'm not a lawyer but this seems fine"14:41
dobeychrome is not GPL14:42
mandelgatox_mac, or a screenshot please :)14:42
gatox_macmandel, yes14:42
gatox_macmandel, ok… screenshot14:42
dobeyand people probably misread the license14:42
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mmccchromium:  http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=2829114:42
dobeydoes chrome include a statement advertising that it's using OCMock created by whoever that guy is that created it?14:42
gatox_macmandel, do you know what would be awesome?? if u1 was working in mac, it would be easier to share the screenshots… jejejejejee recursion!14:43
ralsinachrome is BSD14:43
dobeychrome is proprietary14:44
dobeychromium is a lot of mess14:44
dobeyit's not all bsd14:44
ralsinadamn, chromium licensing is a collage14:44
mandelgatox_mac, while you upload the image, can you branch the code in a completely diff location and try to run the tests14:44
ralsinait has MPL/GPL/LGPL/MIT/Ms-PL/BSD licenses14:44
gatox_macmandel, http://ubuntuone.com/7MCq3uU9iVvdygM89LzWYj14:45
mandelgatox_mac, maybe you have a little mess in the xcode files14:45
dobeyit is a royal clusterfrack14:45
gatox_macmandel, ack14:45
ralsinammcc: there is no alternative to ocmock?14:45
ralsinammcc: I would rather spend a day looking for one than a week removing it14:45
mandelgatox, funny, because it seems ok, so if you do command+u it should run the tests inside xcode..14:45
mandelgatox_mac, ^14:45
dobeyi would avoid ocmock unless the license gets fixed14:45
gatox_macmandel, checking14:46
mmccralsina: I'm not aware of anything that nice, but we can keep looking. We could also probably add some patch-style features to something else if we needed to14:46
ralsinammcc: in parallel, we can ask our lawyer14:46
ralsinammcc: but I don't expect that to be useful because "use" is so fuzzy here14:47
mmccralsina: ok. I get the impression that this guy would be willing to let us use it how we want, I feel like we just talked past each other this first time around14:47
gatox_macmandel, finally!!!!!!! tests succeeded!!!!!14:48
gatox_mac47 tests executed14:48
gatox_macthe Xcode files were dirty!14:48
mmccI'll forward you the email I sent - I should've CCd you first14:48
gatox_macdirty files14:48
dobeymmcc: what was the conversation? did you ask him to remove the advertising clause and make it plain MIT/X licensed?14:48
mandelgatox_mac, ok, so a clean branch works, right?14:49
gatox_macmandel, yap!14:49
mandelgatox_mac, cool :)14:49
gatox_macmandel, so.. if you fix the typos. it's a +1 from me14:49
mandelgatox_mac, ok, on it right now before I forget!14:49
mmccdobey: check your email14:49
gatox_macmandel, cool! let me know14:49
gatox_macmandel, btw… great job!! :D14:50
mmccdobey, ralsina I didn't ask him to change the license, I asked him for a clarification14:50
mandelalecu, there was an issue with the xcode config files, please when testing add-run-tests do a clean branch and not a pull14:50
mandelgatox_mac, meh, just luck :)14:50
gatoxmandel, i mean about the branch :P14:50
alecumandel, ack14:50
mandelgatox, oh, hehe14:51
gatoxmandel, and your objective-c lessons14:51
* mmcc believes XCode developers do not share .xcodeproj files14:51
mmccI would bet money that XCode itself is built using makefiles and awk14:51
gatoxmmcc, they are really selfish! jeje14:52
alecumandel, all tests pass that way14:52
mandelmmcc, I'll move to make later, no a priority atm14:52
mandelalecu, superb!14:52
mmccI suspect they also build all their UI in code, and don't use Interface Builder. Or else only one developer ever touches those things...14:52
* dobey "fixes" the pylilnt problem14:52
alecumandel, I tried merging with trunk again, and I did not get the segfault either :P14:53
mmccmandel: no hurry on that :) I like to complain, but it does sort of work...14:53
mandelmmcc, is good to have someone complaining with good reasons14:53
mandelmmcc, I just did not know that schemes are not share by default on xcode, what a stupid feature14:54
* dobey really needs to do expenses14:54
mmccmandel: I didn't know that either. XCode has changed a lot in the last version or so.14:55
dobeybefore that deadline passes in a few days14:55
gatoxalecu, thisfred briancurtin mmcc ralsina dobey standup?15:00
ralsinaoh right15:01
dobeygatox: don't forget mandel15:02
gatoxmandel, sorry15:02
gatoxmandel, alecu ?15:03
ralsinaalecu is last, go gatox!15:03
gatoxReview an objective-c branch and fight with some xcode complications when running the tests. Fixed Bug #998079.15:04
gatoxBug #1006329 to close my unicode issues. Add my findings about macfsevents in the wiki, go back to fsevents and start looking how to add a wait condition to the watcher when a new folder is added so we don't lose events. 1-1 with ralsina.15:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 998079 in Ubuntu One Client "--publish-file doesn't end correctly for non-ascii paths" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99807915:04
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 1006329 could not be found15:04
gatoxbriancurtin, go15:04
briancurtinDONE: lazr removal (one more pending)15:04
briancurtinTODO: get testability built and included in the automated builds15:04
briancurtinBLOCKED: nope15:04
briancurtinNEXT: ralsina15:04
ralsinaDONE: mgmt call, some 1-1s, reviews, reading about dash development, trying to understand the mac universe and failing at it TODO: understand what I did not, more reviews BLOCKED: no, NEXT, thisfred15:04
thisfredDONE: bug #1004673 TODO: bug #1004673 , estimate the rest of the work for this phase of the u1db client BLOCKED: no NEXT: dobeyh15:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 1004673 in U1DB "Allow code to pass in document factories" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100467315:04
dobeyλ DONE: set up milestones, fix to tarmac config15:04
dobeyλ TODO: expenses, unblock tarmac, triage15:04
dobeyλ BLCK: none.15:04
mmccDONE: setup-mac.py, objc test frameworks15:04
mmccTODO: more -^--------^15:04
mmccBLCK: NO15:04
mmccNEXT: mandel15:04
mmccdobey: si15:04
mandelDONE: Worked in adding tests to the FSEvent class (I little stuck there).15:04
mandelTODO: More tests, add domain sockets server tests.15:04
mandelBLOCKED: no15:04
mandelalecu, please15:04
alecuDONE: learned about objective c blocks; reviews; following a SD bug that rye found15:04
alecuTODO: more deep SD debugging15:04
alecuBLOCKED: no15:04
mandelgatox, fixed (I removed the comment is was idiotic) and pushed15:05
gatoxalecu, question: did you fix the other unicode issue i had from the other day? because i don't see it in my queue15:05
gatoxmandel, ack!15:05
mmccralsina: which parts of the mac universe?15:05
ralsinammcc: where things go, how things install, basic stuff15:06
ralsinammcc: I have installed 6 or 7 things and some evenhave real installers after you click the dmg15:06
ralsinammcc: which I thought was a nono, but then again, they are crap like silverlight and flash15:07
mmccralsina: yeah, it's a bit of a mess. there's best practices, then there's other stuff15:07
ralsinammcc: haha, yeah, like everywhere else :-)15:07
mandelralsina, anything done by flash is usually wrong in any platform15:07
ralsinaOTOH, I am starting to understand xcode somewhat15:08
mmccralsina: yep. except the App Store enforces strict UX for installers (ie, no installers, period)15:08
ralsinammcc: should be a short guideline15:08
mmccralsina: what should?15:08
ralsinammcc: the how to do installers guideline. "STOP"15:08
dobey"The road to hell is paved with good intentions."15:09
mmccralsina: heh, yeah. it's about that short.15:09
ralsinaanyway, everything is just a bit foreign so I am forcing myself to use it half a day until I understand it somewhat15:09
ralsinaand it's being unpleasant, but it's mostly my fault for never using a mac before, I guess15:09
mmccralsina: don't blame the user15:10
dobeymmcc: oh, you also e-mailed the wrong guy i guess?15:10
mmccdobey: huh?15:10
ralsinammcc: I am not a power user, I am a problem user15:10
dobeymmcc: how is "Erik Eoernenburg" related to "Mulle Kybernetik" ?15:11
mmccdobey: he's erikdoe on github, it's his project15:11
mmcchis face is the rightmost picture on http://www.mulle-kybernetik.com/en/index.html15:12
dobeyyeah i see that now15:12
dobeybut what exactly is mulle kybernetik15:12
mmccdobey: I'm not really sure about that. I think it's sort of a side-project software company that those three guys work on, or at least identify with15:15
mandeldobey, is a cybernetic mule in a funny lang?15:15
ralsinaKybernetyk is cybernetic in german15:16
mmccthey do have an about page... but it's not super enlightening15:16
ralsinaand mulle is "me" in estonian ;-)15:16
dobeymmcc: i'm not sure it's actually a company. i think it's just a "hey we're some guys that like some things"15:16
dobeymandel: given the logo, i suspect mulle is mole, not mule :P15:17
mmccdobey: yeah, I guess it's mainly just a website that they all contribute to, only mostly it's 'Nat!', who I can't find a real name for15:17
mandeldobey, do cybernetic moles dream about electric sheep?15:18
dobeyi think they dream about electrict dirt15:18
dobeymmcc: basically, that reply is not comforting at all. it basically says "i have no idea what my own license means exactly"15:19
dobeyand "oh, also, i am not a lawyer"15:19
mmccdobey: agreed. I couldn't figure out why he chose that license, if he's not really clear on what it means. I mean, he wrote the code, so ...?15:21
dobeymmcc: and presumably wrote the license15:21
dobeyit's not even a good advertising clause15:22
mmccdobey: exactly, since I've never seen that particular license anywhere else. Maybe one of the other guys wrote the license for M-K, and he just used it?15:22
dobeycertainly possible15:23
dobeyi could probably get them to change it15:23
* mandel imagines dobey chopping off a horse head and sending it via cheap post delivery to germany 15:24
dobeyok everyone15:32
dobeytrunk tarmac should be usable again now.15:32
mmccralsina dobey: so the 3-clause BSD is also a no-no for us? I'm looking at Kiwi again, which does let you stub parts of existing objects, basically the same as twisted's patch.15:38
dobeymmcc: right, bsd + advertising is not gpl compat either15:39
gatoxralsina, mandel can i have a really small review from you? https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-client/publish-file/+merge/10799615:40
elopiobriancurtin: sorry. testability.dll comes with the qtsdk. I found it at c:/QtSDK/Desktop/Qt/4.8.1/mingw/plugins/testability15:42
briancurtinelopio: cool, I'll see about getting it in15:42
elopiobriancurtin: and I didn't install pyqt.15:42
ralsinagatox: sure15:42
ralsinaelopio: if the SDK is built using mingw, that's yet another problem15:43
ralsinaelopio: because we are using a set of DLLs built using VS and it's not compatible15:43
elopioralsina: there's an sdk for vs.15:43
ralsinabriancurtin: here's some info about Qt plugins and py2exe http://www.py2exe.org/index.cgi/Py2exeAndPyQt15:44
ralsinaelopio: ok, we can try to get it from there and just copy it insto the installation folder, really15:44
ralsinaelopio: requires no code changes15:44
elopioI can try with it instead.15:44
elopioralsina: that sounds cool.15:44
dobeybriancurtin: ./ubuntu_sso/networkstate/tests/test_linux.py:58:42: E271 multiple spaces after keyword15:47
briancurtindobey: where is that from?15:47
dobeybriancurtin: in your remove-lazr-from-setup branch15:47
dobeybriancurtin: could be a new complaint from pep8 on quantal, as it has version 1.1 while precise has 0.6.115:48
mmccwell, http://oops.se/objcunit looks promising, but it's 10 years since the last release, and the link is broken. I sent an email... :\15:49
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ralsinagatox: +115:53
gatoxralsina, cool! thanks15:53
gatoxmmcc, could you take a look at this: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-client/publish-file/+merge/107996 ?15:53
mmccgatox: sure15:53
gatoxmmcc, thx, it's a really small branch15:54
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dobeyok, need to get lunch. bbiab15:58
gatoxalecu, ping15:59
gatoxok..... lunch for me too........ brb16:01
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alecugatox_lunch, pong16:04
alecuok, I'll get lunch too16:04
mandeland EOD for me, laters!16:07
gatox_lunchalecu, ping..... for when your lunch end :P16:45
alecugatox_lunch, my lunch got delayed...16:46
alecugatox_lunch, so, pong16:46
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gatoxalecu, quick question..... do you know if get_abspath in filesystem_manager (u1-client) should handle (returning) only bytes or unicode?16:47
alecugatox, no, I don't know.16:47
gatoxalecu, ok then! :P just wanted to know if it was one of those cases16:47
mmccgatox, your branch looks fine to me. I had some test failures that seem unrelated - dirty reactors in test_perspective_broker. I think my branches might be out of sync.16:48
gatoxmmcc, in windows/linux/mac?16:49
mmccgatox: linux16:49
briancurtingoogling failed me. anyone know of a way to branch just a subdirectory of a repository? i really just want scripts/devsetup out of ubuntuone-windows-installer16:49
gatoxmmcc, weird..... maybe you have sometihng out of date16:50
briancurtinoh, hmm, maybe bzr export will do it. checking16:50
gatoxmmcc, are you running the tests with: make check?16:50
mmccgatox: yes16:50
gatoxmmcc, and do you have clientdefs.py and logging.conf in the proper places?16:51
gatoxmaybe u1-dev-tools is out of date16:52
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mmccgatox: I do have those files, yes.16:57
gatoxmmcc, sudo apt-get upgrade?? to update u1-dev-tools maybe?16:58
mmccgatox: I ran 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sso-client' before running the tests, since my installe version of the sso client didn't have mandel's recent changes (missing get_activation_cmdline)17:00
gatoxmmcc, sudo apt-get install upgrade..... will upgrade all the system..... also, this might be failing in your machine because you don't have ubuntuone-dev-tools up to date17:01
mmccso I have recent nightlies, and 'apt-get build-dep ubuntuone-client' claims I have no updates to add17:01
dobeywhat is failing?17:01
gatoxdobey, mmcc is having some dirty reactor failures trying to run the tests from my branch17:01
dobeybriancurtin: i don't think you can branch/checkout only a subdir in bzr17:01
gatoxi think that he might  not have the last version of u1-dev-tools17:02
dobeymmcc: what version of ubuntuone-dev-tools do you have?17:02
mmccdobey: how do i check?17:03
dobeymmcc: dpkg -l ubuntuone-dev-tools17:04
dobeyyou don't have the latest version17:05
dobeybuild-dep doesn't upgrade already installed packages17:05
dobeydoes apt-get upgrade not want to upgrade stuff?17:05
briancurtindobey: yeah what i had to do was branch and then "bzr export dest my/branch/subdir" to get subdir as dest (i wanted C:\u1 to be ubuntuone-windows-installer/scripts/devsetup as the home of my dev folder)17:05
mmccdobey - it wants to upgrade a lot of stuff :) I will get in the habit of upgrading everything before tests, I guess17:06
mmccthanks dobey, gatox. re-running tests over lunch, I'll approve that branch when I get back17:07
dobeybriancurtin: you can do "bzr export -d lp:project dest subdir" to avoid pulling a local branch first17:07
gatoxmmcc, ack17:08
* mmcc lunches17:09
ralsinadobey: any strng feelings about not generating clientdefs.py.in with autotools?17:17
ralsinadobey: alternatively, I can do a script that does the same thing autotools does with it, so we can generate it on windows17:18
gatoxfraking unicode bug!17:19
dobeyralsina: i have plans to fix that17:24
ralsinadobey: ok, trust you with it then.17:25
gatoxralsina, oops....... 1-117:37
ralsinagatox: vamos17:37
dobeyi guess we need to copy the relevant pylint bits and such, to the stable/beta PPAs as well17:46
briancurtinquick MP if anyone has a minute, just bumps pep8 version in buildout - https://code.launchpad.net/~brian.curtin/ubuntuone-windows-installer/pep8-version-bump/+merge/10802417:50
ryemandel: ralsina anybody knows how to build some script to archive the ubuntuone logs on windows? bat/cscript/powershell ?17:50
ralsinarye: if you do it with python we can make it an exe17:51
briancurtinrye: you mean to have a client run it to grab what you need?17:52
ralsinarye: as a plus, python has its own zip implementation, so you don't require crap17:52
briancurtinmy last company had a similar script (little C# app) that you just double click and it zips the right directory and drops it on the desktop (easiest way)17:54
* dobey wonders what to do about this SRU stuff18:05
gatoxok..... this is not reproducible18:10
ryebriancurtin: that's what I am after too.18:15
briancurtinrye: i can write you up a pretty simple python script that'd do this, but having to ship a zip file of everything py2exe/python needs to run would be a bit heavy. could just write a little C# app for you that'll do it and just distribute the EXE18:16
ralsinadobey: I am worried about it. The requirements are hard to meet without just making stuff up.18:16
ralsinabriancurtin: if you do a python script we can ship it with the software18:17
ralsinaalthough of course we can ship exes too18:17
ryebriancurtin: yep. I was thinking about employing other python compiled thing to be later included into u1 and which compresses everything in a little tiny exe18:17
dobeyralsina: as it turns out, making shit up is my forte18:17
ryeif these exist these days18:17
briancurtinralsina, rye: true. something like ubuntuone-diagnostic.exe18:17
ralsinadobey: haha18:19
* dobey mails the tech board18:38
briancurtinelopio: how did you get this testability stuff to work in the first place? its not included in the SDK i downloaded, and i cant compile it because the repository is empty...so im not really sure where to go from here18:39
briancurtini'll be back in a bit. going to spend my lunch time waiting in line to send a package. fun times.18:41
gatoxbriancurtin, been there18:42
elopiobriancurtin: I followed this18:46
elopioand then found the missing parts here:18:47
elopioit was not funny, btw.18:47
* alecu is wasted, and will take the evening off.18:54
alecuplease send me an sms or a gtalk to reach me.18:54
dobeyralsina: well, just mailed tech board to request micro release exception for u1 :)18:56
ralsinadobey: awesome18:59
dobeyi hope my new t-shirt arrives this week19:16
* dobey wonders how long it takes for a t-shirt to get here, from Paris19:16
ralsina10 days19:16
* ralsina is practicing estimates19:17
dobeypostal planning poker19:17
gatoxalecu, not now..... but when you have some time, you can take a look at the wiki with the macfsevents section updated with the results i get19:18
ralsinagatox: alecu is out for the day19:19
dobeyhrmm, maybe i should make a new ppa19:19
gatoxralsina, yes, i know..... just leaving the log here for him to see it later :P19:19
dobeywhich has only things which we don't maintain ourselves, but which we need to run tests and such19:19
dobeyfor the tarmac instances to use19:20
gatoxok..... going back to mac fsevents now!19:20
* dobey wonders what all changes are needed exactly, for us to be able to switch to pyflakes for everything19:20
gatoxdobey, one of the problems with pyflakes is that you don't have a way to ignore part of the code as we do with pylint19:22
dobeygatox: i don't think that's a problem really19:22
dobeygatox: at least, it's not a problem in all the places where we currently use pyflakes :)19:23
gatoxdobey, no..... but in some situations we need to write (for u1-client) not really pretty code, just to force pyflakes to pass..... don't get me wrong..... i prefer pyflakes.... i forked it and added some functionality to pyflakes and fixed some stuff for personal use.... i should propose that19:24
dobeygatox: there is only one situation where that is the case, and it's because of a bug in pylint which needs to be fixed. the solution for that isn't to add # ignore comments everywhere19:25
dobeyalso, i think it was said that flake8 has a way to do inline ignores19:25
gatoxthat would be nice....... i REALLY prefer pyflakes... just wasn't sure about those weird cases19:28
dobeygatox: the only weird case i know aobut is the "try: import foo except ImportError: import bar as foo" case where it complains about overwriting an undefined variable19:29
dobeyor undeclared, whatever19:29
gatoxdobey, yep..... that and one you import something that you don't use, but in some cases we do that, because we want that inside that namespace19:30
gatoxthose are the only thing that come to my mind19:30
gatoxdobey, but yes..... in favor to change to pyflakes jejeje i wasn't arguing, just saying that there are some things that we have to keep in mind19:31
dobeygatox: that latter case we're probably doing wrong anyway, if pyflakes complains about it. the right solution for that case i think, is to use __all__, which we have generally failed at doing19:31
dobeygatox: yes. i just want an exhaustive list, so we can get them all fixed, and switch19:31
dobeyalso, pyflakes supports python3 i think. while pylint is insanely complex and tedious19:32
gatoxdobey, pyflakes support python3?? i would need to check that.... because i was having some problems between pyflakes and python3 code19:33
dobeyi think so, but could be wrong19:33
dobeyah no, i am wrong19:34
dobeybut it shouldn't be hard to port it to py319:35
gatoxdobey, no..... i'm starting to do that btw....19:38
* mmcc was wondering why we weren't using __all__19:38
gatoxnot now..... but it's in my after-work tasks :P19:38
mmccseriously, is there a tradeoff wrt. using __all__ that I don't know about? I was going to ask back when we were doing that platform refactoring but forgot to19:43
dobeymmcc: well if __all__ breaks imports for things that aren't in __all__, then __all__ makes it hard to import those other things for tests or internal usage, no? :)19:44
mmccdobey: tests! that makes sense.19:46
dobeyor maybe i just don't fully understand how it works19:47
ralsinadobey: tests should not import the things that the module doesn't export, because then you are testing the implementation details19:50
ralsinadobey: but that's mostly a theoretical argument I am not going to argue very hard ;-)19:50
ralsinaplus it's trivial to disable __all__ for testing19:50
mmcchrm, it seems __all__ only affects "from foo import *" ?19:51
dobeyyeah, i don't think __all__ works quite right anyway19:51
ralsinammcc: heh, you are right. So it only matters when you do it wrong.19:51
mmccand you can manipulate __path__ to point to platform-specific implementations19:52
mmccthat is, in __init__.py, you can manipulate __path__ to point to a platform-specific implementation in a submodule19:52
mmccthis is from an old doc, that the 2.7 docs say is still mostly up to date, but I don't know how py3 changes this, esp. wrt pep 420 (right number? the no-__init__ implicit module thing?)19:53
dobeyi just can't take pep 420 seriously19:55
mmccthat might be a nice way to get rid of all those "import darwin as source, func1 = source.func1, func2 = source.func2, etc etc" things19:55
mmccdobey: because they should've reserved the number for an april fools joke pep?19:55
dobeyor something19:56
dobeyit just has the wrong number to be a serious pep19:56
mmcc not that anything called "pep" sounds that serious to begin with19:57
dobeyand on that particular example, it doesn't help that i've been rewatching the complete series of Daria19:58
dobeythough all this SRU stuff is putting me in the mood to watch Brazil20:00
gatoxsaying: pep8 in spanish is really funny :P20:01
dobeypep ocho?20:02
gatoxyes..... but it's sounds like "precioso" but talking weird20:02
gatoxlike a baby or sometihng like that20:03
dobeygatox: tomar el churro la boca.20:03
gatoxok..... eod for me people!! enjoy and see you tomorrow!20:07
mmccbye gatox20:07
ralsinabye gatox20:07
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
ralsinaEOD for me, will do reviews & stuff at night, so mail me if anyone needs anything20:29
mmccbye ralsina20:30
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
dobeylater all21:52
mmccok, I'm heading out. feels like I'm getting closer to a working app with py2app now. up next: some issues with not seeing the Qt image plugins at packaging time22:44
* mmcc leaves22:45

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