len-dtailo, where is your list of USB devices known to work?00:35
len-dtBoth the ART devices seem to work as intended. They are both USB 1.1, so stereo, 44100/48000 at 16bit.00:37
len-dtailo, looking at the specs I would say all 4 of the ART USB IF would work, but I have only tried the ART USB Dual Tube PRE and the ART USB Dual Pre Project Series. SO I know they both work for sure. Plug and go.00:49
len-dtailo, I bought the dual tube and have found that even on my netbook, I can get good solid -p 64 service out of it with no xruns at all.00:50
len-dtScottL, I hope you read the logs :-) The blue print works for me ok.00:53
len-dtScott, the changing settings on the fly is done. The gui to set up what those changes are is not :-)00:54
len-dtailo, Scott, others,  I am thinking that turning off cron, anacron and atd in record/tweak/performance mode is the way to go.00:56
len-dtMy reasoning is this: even though, on any good(modern?) system it should not matter, because of it's intermittentcy, it would be very hard to track down. However, it can be turned on and off by installing/removing three files, so maybe it doesn't matter if it is configurable. In fact it may be easiest to just rename the files.01:00
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astraljavaOoh, blueprints!04:59
astraljavaSorry guys, I crashed last night. Hopefully it'll mean I'll have more efficient bug fixing hours ahead. :)05:00
ailolen-dt: I regard fully supported those that function within their specs. So, if they are specified to work at 96kHz/24bits, that is what you need to be able to get08:19
ailoAre you saying your ART tube is a usb 1.1 device only?08:19
len-dtailo, yes, the ART devices are USB 1.1, The USB is 16 bit and the spdif is 24 bit using two different ADCs13:35
len-dtThey do have some USB2 devices, but they are many more pennies.13:37
ailolen-dt: Then it is a fully supported usb 1.1 device, which most usb2 devices are able to operate at also13:49
ailoSo, for usb 1.1 operation, the list may be quite long13:50
ailoBut not for usb 213:50
len-dtailo, Ya. I am looking at the moe expecive ones manual just now.13:50
len-dtailo,  The voice channel has 24bit up to 192k USB and follows USB2 spec (no extra drivers for mac/win)13:55
len-dttheir USB mic, which is USB2, Calls itself Linux compatible. However ailo, it does not have much info on how.14:01
len-dtIt does bring to light one of the downfalls of USB mic. The package list says "3 meter USB cable ". It reminds me that is about the max length it should be.14:04
len-dt3 meters for a USB cable is already long.14:04
len-dtI'm off.14:06
knomethe "linux-compatible" part probably means that it works if you write the drivers yourself. :)14:07
len-dtknome, I think it means if you plug it into a linux system audio will get in... the question is will it be anything more than 16 bit at 44.1/48k14:09
len-dtThe unit is too many pennies for me to buy and try out..14:09
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* Len-nb is thinking out loud21:13
Len-nbailo, since I am using runlevels to determine modes of operation, there are some things that need to be taken care of.21:14
Len-nbThe first thing is that a user can from the boot command line have the system boot directly into "Audio mode" (or video mode should such a thing come into being)21:16
Len-nbAlso, a user while in "audio mode" may log out and back in without changing the mode.21:16
Len-nbThis can be either a feature or a bug. I would prefer to call it a feature.21:17
Len-nbI might even go so far as to try to have the system boot to whatever mode it was in at shutdown.21:18
Len-nbHowever that would take away the option for the user to determine a mode at boot time.21:21
Len-nbAnyway, that takes care of system side things (anything requiring root perm)21:22
ailoI've been working on the web site today21:23
Len-nbuserland things like pulse on or not would have to be set at login time depending on what the runlevel is.21:23
Len-nbailo, how has that gone?21:23
Len-nbis that wiki or US web site?21:23
ailoPretty well. I'm slimming it down, and trying to get it ready for publishing asap21:23
ailoubuntustudio.org, which is worked at https://staging.ubuntustudio.org21:24
Len-nbGood, that is the one thing really missing.21:24
ailoRight now I'm working on the feature tour21:24
Len-nbI have to run, kids to take to the dentist... so I am gone a few hours.21:25
ailook. I'll be going to sleep in a moment. Catch you later21:25
Len-nbI'll take a look when I get back21:25
ailoRight now it would just be nice to finish up the feature tour. Try to keep it simple, and attractive looking21:37
ailoAfter that, and making sure all the text is correct and up to date, it just needs to be published21:38
ailoA more thorough documentation, hosted at the main site can be published for next release21:38
len-dtailo, on https://staging.ubuntustudio.org/tour/ubuntu-studio/, you have "Ubuntu Studio is Linux-based" it should be "Ubuntu Studio is a Linux-based"23:32
len-dtailo, I'm assuming you want me to be picky ;-)23:32
len-dtOne paragraph down, second sentence "Ubuntu Studio free" should be "Ubuntu Studio is free"23:34
len-dtnext page: https://staging.ubuntustudio.org/tour/audio/, under Jack, "eve" should be "even"23:35
ailolen-dt: I haven't done any text editing on those pages yet23:36
len-dtDid you want comments on spelling then?23:37
ailoI'm not really finished with much yet23:37
ailoThe downloads page is mostly done23:37
ailoI've just started adding some pics to the feature tour thing23:38
ailoThat will take most time I think23:38
ailoThe links on the download page don't work yet. I'll fix that23:39
ailoFor next release, I'll want to move installation instructions to a doc page23:39
ailoFor now, I think it's fine as it is, given there isn't any strangeness with the wording etc23:39
ailoOk, I better go to sleep now. I estimate it will take me another couple of weeks to finish my efforts for the web site and the wiki, so testing will come after that for me. So, perhaps in two weeks time23:45

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