mighty_abobaailo: I will tell you about performance results of my e-mu 0404  usb card at Saturday or Sunday)07:40
ailomighty_aboba: Did you install jackd1 at some point by any chance?08:35
ailoI had no problems suspending PA starting jack from qjackctl08:35
aLeSDhi there09:12
aLeSDsomeone knows where I could fins a -realtime kernel for 12.04 ?09:13
mighty_abobaailo: No, I didn't install the jackd1 because all working fine. Not counting the notorious on-stop-problem, haha15:58
mighty_abobaall is working fine*16:00
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br4ndonHi there20:07
br4ndonI use Ubuntu studio on my amd64 to pley games. Is it bad (low latency kernel) ?20:08
len-dtbr4ndon, There should be no problem as ubuntustudio is ubuntu. If you have problems with the kernel, it is easy to install the generic kernel from synaptic and choose which you want on startup.20:15
len-dtI use my ubuntu studio computer for normal desktop use and have experienced no problems with the low latency kernel.20:17
br4ndonlen-dt: alright, thanks :)20:53
bzeushi there...22:21
bzeusanyone has tried to install the focusrite saffire pro 24 dsp?22:21
ailobzeus: I have a fosucrite pro 4022:29
ailobzeus: Are you having trouble using yours?22:29
acmeinc1does anyone know if downgrading to a 2.x lowlatency kernel wil cause problems in 12.04?  I am now finding out md is causing lots of problems for ubuntu users w/ 3.2.x kernels, just like those i am having22:53
ailoacmeinc1: lowlatency older than 2.6.37 might not perform well22:59
ailoAlso, 2.6.39 was the first to include support for using the rtirq script (if you need it)22:59
acmeinc1how about a 3.4 or higher 3.3?  those are suggested as fixes22:59
ailoNo problem. And if you need to build kernel modules, you'll need headers23:00
acmeinc1..do those exist?  im not home, but doing a lil research since the degraded problems are bugging me constantly23:00
ailoYou mean, do -lowlatency higher than 3.4 exist?23:01
ailoOnly if someone builds it23:01
ailoacmeinc1: What sort of problems do you have?23:02
acmeinc1in short https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/99091323:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 990913 in linux (Ubuntu) "RAID goes into degrade mode on every boot 12.04 LTS server" [Medium,Confirmed]23:03
acmeinc1that was fancy...but yea, it goes into degraded on just about every reboot, i even came really close to losing it completely once.23:03
acmeinc1this was suggested as a fix23:04
ailoOk, so pretty bad problem then23:05
ailoacmeinc1: You know how to build your own kernel?23:06
acmeinc1know, kinda, have done it, never23:06
acmeinc1i'd assume i'd grab the source and run ./configure and make install clean23:07
ailoIt's a little different23:07
acmeinc1right, figured23:08
ailoI found this. It's kxstudio lowlatency https://launchpad.net/~kxstudio-team/+archive/kernel?field.series_filter=natty23:08
ailoFor natty. 2.6.3823:08
ailoacmeinc1: If you look at package details https://launchpad.net/~kxstudio-team/+archive/kernel/+packages23:09
ailoYou'll need at least the linux-image-2.6.38-8-lowlatency*23:10
ailoI've never tried those kernels, but I assume they are alright23:10
ailoAlso, linux-headers-2.6.38-8-lowlatency_2.6.38* if you want to use things like nvidia drivers23:10
ailoI can't say for sure everything will work as expected23:11
acmeinc1yea, i'll have to try those out later, thx.  i'll have to look into compiling kernels someday, i was close before, but forgot about it23:11
ailoI've never tried an older kernel on an OS before, and don't know how much of the system relies on it23:11
acmeinc1yea, i'll let the list know when i try23:11
ailoacmeinc1: I should put up a howto on the community docs about that soon23:12
ailoMight be handy to have23:12

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