ochosimorning everyone07:52
ochosibluesabre, bluesabre-laptop : should we maybe tweak the application-filter to only show binaries and .desktop files instead of archives and isos etc. as well?08:56
knomewoohoo! http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-quantal/group/topic-quantal-flavor-xubuntu.html works!15:37
knomelooks like we have more items this time!15:38
knomeor, we have just prepared better15:38
astraljavaDo we also have more assignees? ;)15:42
knome03:56  micahg: knome: in the blueprint for my assignment, please use [xubuntu-dev] (micahg)15:43
knomethat! ^15:43
knomewe don't want your US stuff :P15:43
astraljavaIt seems anyway that I'm going to be more active on Xubuntu than Studio this cycle.15:49
knomecrawlerz, any reason for two nicks?15:52
knomeastraljava, i'm really waiting for friday so we can get some QA stuff done!15:52
knomeunless we eat, drink and then are too tired to do anything else than play ps3 :D15:52
astraljavaIt might happen, but let's give it a try, still. :)15:57
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laiteone idea that came to mind: it would be really nice if 'appearance'-dialog showed when selected theme doesn't have gtk3-configs18:35
laiteperhaps with a link to 'why are some of my applications so ugly'-topic in wiki =)18:36
knomelaite, the wiki should be used for developer communication only, for user-communication the website is better18:51
laiteknome: yeah, I didn't really mean any specific wiki, just some page (perhaps ubuntu-wiki) that would explain that FAQ ^18:55
laitebut should these kind of things be done in upstream, not with xubuntu itself?18:56
laiteas in: how strictly xubuntu sticks to upstream with things like this18:56
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