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k_szeWhat remote desktop solution shall I use with Xubuntu 12.04? freenx? neatx? x2go?01:40
k_sze(I want to access my Xubuntu desktop remotely, from Mac OS X and Windows machines).01:40
ruien1I recommend VNC personally.01:57
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ruienspecifically the "tightvncserver" package should work, and then there's TightVNC which works on linux and maybe Mac OS, as well as RealVNC on windows.02:00
ruienThe VNC protocol is decent compared to the X protocol, and it's more secure - but that's what I've heard. I've only actually used VNC, and not the others.02:00
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thauriswulfaHELP: how to set different wallpapers on different workspaces?02:34
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newb916I was wondering what the difference between the "desktop" and "alternate" downloads are, and which one I should get.03:43
newb916and.... I'm figuring this out on my own through google.03:45
newb916problem solved.03:46
kantoquadhello I just installed 12.04 and unlike 11.10 with compiz , I have no window dressing compizz --replace does not work and window dressing is checked in the compiz manager, any idea04:13
Sysikantoquad: install compiz-gnome (with --no-install-recommends)04:21
kantoquadwill try that thanks04:23
kantoquadnever heard of that but thanks Sysi04:24
Sysithen check that you have gtk-window-decorator set in compiz settings for providing window decorations04:24
kantoquadthat is done04:24
kantoquadthat did not work Sysi , obly chromw has minimize and maximize buttons04:31
kantoquadI did change the window decorator command based on a blog04:32
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kantoquadand that was the issue Sysi04:34
kantoquadThanks a lot04:34
tom12i have installed but cant nd it in menus to allow remote access ... what have i not done?04:47
tom12*desktop sharing04:48
tom12i have installed desktop sharing but cant find it in menus to allow remote access ... what have i not done?04:49
tom12anyone any ideas?04:51
lucky86hi all06:26
lucky86I just upgraded to xfce 8.10 now the system wont boot06:27
lucky86any advise on how to proceede would be appriciated06:27
astraljavalucky86: [4].10 isn't officially supported on any of the current stable releases. Try #ubuntu+1 for help.06:29
lucky86I kinda knew i was stepping in it when i started thanks06:30
xubuntu053Hi, I'm trying to install xubuntu on a spare Harddisk which is not formatted on a XP computer, Xubuntu install screen sees the sare harddisk and asks to partition a main and make a swap partition but could not finish07:49
xubuntu053The spare HD has been controlled and in working condition07:50
ruiendo you get any errors?07:58
xubuntu053the bar mentioning the spare is orange not green, it says no operating system is foound07:58
ruienthat seems odd; the partitioner should never care about that. Are you doing the advanced "partition it myself" option?07:59
ruienseems like all you need is one partition for / and another smaller one for swap and that's it07:59
xubuntu053yes I did partition 18 gb for / and 2 gb for swap08:00
xubuntu053which system should I choose? fat32 or ...08:00
xubuntu053tried ext4 also...08:01
xubuntu053any other setting should I make08:02
ruienin any case you only want ext3 or ext408:03
xubuntu053thanks, I'll try once more and if cannot finish, will come back for more advice from you guys, cheers.08:04
ruienyou can also use gparted08:04
ruieni.e. boot from the ubuntu disk / usb drive08:04
ruienthen use gparted if you want to partition stuff manually08:04
ruienI really like gparted, personally.08:04
xubuntu053I ll have a look at gparted... thanks08:05
ruiengood luck08:05
modembrrhello who can help?10:03
ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!10:04
baizon!hi | modembrr10:06
ubottumodembrr: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!10:06
modembrrhad difficulty using login and password, for example, I log on Xubuntu session, but when installing new software, I get to deal with the problem log. I recorded several times the same password and if you are lucky the 5 - or 10 times I can login.hello10:08
magnus_is there away to change the xfce terminal title, from the command line, rather than through the gui. Like when you ssh into a server, it changes to the remote host user@host?10:12
astraljavamagnus_: This one is for GNOME terminal, but it's a standard method. http://askubuntu.com/questions/22413/how-to-change-gnome-terminal-title10:14
* magnus_ looks 10:15
xubuntu214hello! i just switched from Ubuntu 11.04 to Xubuntu 12.04. So far everything was great, but any/all USB drives don't stay mounted. they are automounted, and when i browse them, they shortly-thereafter disappear10:36
xubuntu214nor does it seem Xubuntu comes with a graphical disk utlity.10:37
xubuntu214...any ideas?10:38
baizonxubuntu214: check dmesg10:38
laitexubuntu214: you can install gnome-disk-utility from software center/synaptic10:38
baizonyou can use the ubuntu disk utility10:38
xubuntu214everytime it happens, i've done a full shutdown (to turn off the USB drive). i'm afraid if i keep doing it, i'll lose 200gb+ worth of data on the drive10:39
xubuntu214i'm not sure what i'm looking for in dmesg10:40
baizonxubuntu214: usb messages10:40
baizonthat indicates for problems10:41
xubuntu214how far back does dmesg go?10:44
xubuntu214just from the most recent boot?10:44
xubuntu214i haven't connected it this time around (i was ssearching dmesg for previous bootups)10:44
xubuntu214but there's a lot in there10:44
laitexubuntu214: command 'dmesg | greb i- usb' shows only lines which mention word 'usb' (or 'USB')10:48
xubuntu214alright, ive just connected it, and run dmesg10:48
laitesorry, 'dmesg | grep -i usb'10:48
laitetypos :/10:49
xubuntu214so far so good10:49
xubuntu214no worries10:49
xubuntu214it says its connected10:49
xubuntu214can i copy/paste info in here, or is that too much?10:49
laiteyou should propably use pastebin10:50
laitesorry, I gotta go, be back later10:50
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xubuntu214okay, error seems to occur @ line 31: http://pastebin.com/ppA4rTHZ10:56
xubuntu214any ideas GREATLY appreciated10:57
xubuntu214(to be sure, all usb drives worked--flawlessly--when i used ubuntu 11.04)10:57
martinphonedo I lose quality if I format a m2ts file 4gb to a mkv one 3.7gb?11:17
xubuntu214fyi: i think this is my solution: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1188289211:18
xubuntu214thx all!11:18
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BelseruskWhy is Xubuntu so low in distrowatch ranking? Xfce is an excellent DE.12:55
aquixdistrowatch ranking is not dogma and not important. If you happy with a distro, your happy13:07
erik32533i have question on xubuntu install13:12
BelseruskWhy is Xubuntu so low in distrowatch ranking? Xfce is an excellent DE.13:12
magnus_Belserusk: agreed13:14
Belseruskmagnus_, Why do you think is low in the ranking? Currently #2713:15
magnus_main stream like bells and whistles13:15
astraljavaBelserusk: What has this to do with support? Please take this elsewhere, like -offtopic or something.13:18
ochosiask! | erik3253313:18
ochosi!ask | erik3253313:18
ubottuerik32533: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:18
erik32533xubuntu 11.10 i use live cd get to desktop13:19
erik32533it wont get past preparing to install13:19
erik32533any idea?13:22
BelseruskDoes Xfce have a reload feature such as Cinnamon's Alt-F2 then typing 'r'  ?13:43
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w30What's the program that lets Thunar resolve network:///    ?18:44
w30I want to put it on another box but I forgot what the app is? It gives you a Network folder in the left menu bar too.18:46
w30in Thunar18:47
Unit193gvfs-backends, iirc.18:54
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w30What's the program that lets Thunar resolve network:///    ?19:59
w30I want to put it on another box but I forgot what the app is? It gives you a Network folder in the left menu bar too.20:00
w30in Thunar20:00
pleia2w30: did you try Unit193's answer?20:00
pleia2he suggested gvfs-backends20:00
w30pleia2, nope, net went down for a sec and did not get reply20:00
w30pleia2, yeah, thats it thanks20:01
pleia2welcome :)20:01
AL_Kernellhello all20:10
AL_Kernellanybody here also had problems with mouse acceleration ?20:11
AL_KernellI managed to kill completly my Razer DeathAdder accelleration,   but now I would like to decrease the speed...20:11
AL_Kernellcan't find a solution to this..20:12
AL_Kernellmust be very simple,   "speed" only...20:12
AL_Kernellall the dummy awnsers I got is by changing accell properties... (with I have just killed)20:12
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n2diyWhere'd they hide mozilla, firefox, and bookmarks? I just upgraded from 10.10, and they aren't where they used to be. Locate left me confused?21:37
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