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bkerensaimbrandon: have your considered submitting some patches to OpenPhoto? :)06:45
jcastrohey jamespage, how's june 7th look on your calendar?13:25
jcastrowe have 2 webinars to do, but it's right around clint baby time13:26
jcastroand we can't move them13:26
jamespagejcastro, lol13:26
jamespagelemme take a look13:26
jamespagejcastro, I can work around 'bug triage'13:26
jamespageso I'm available13:26
jcastro1500 UTC and 1800UTC are the times, I take it the second one is out of hours for you?13:28
vilaI'm trying to update a charm that was started for oneiric (lp:~canonical-bazaar/charms/quantal/udd/trunk), but when I try to push at lp:~canonical-bazaar/charms/quantal/udd/trunk, I get: bzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "~canonical-bazaar/charms/quantal/udd/trunk/": : No such distribution series: 'quantal'.13:29
vilameh, first url is: lp:~canonical-bazaar/charms/oneiric/udd/trunk13:30
vilajcastro: ^ any idea ?13:31
mgzthey've moved.13:32
mgzjust delete the current branch and push up again.13:32
vilahey mgz :)13:32
vilathat was an initial push13:32
vilaand branching from lp:~canonical-bazaar/charms/oneiric/udd/trunk worked13:33
vilamgz: so what did move ?13:33
jamespagejcastro, its a bit late but I can time shift to accomodate if needed13:34
jcastroI'll see if negron or mims can do the 2nd one13:35
mgzvila: just push to a non-distro path for now13:35
mgzas you're just developing it, doesn't need a fancy path to work with the charm store13:36
mgzso just push lp:~canonical-bazaar/charms/udd13:36
vilatrue, I can work locally13:37
vilabzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "~canonical-bazaar/charms/udd/": : Project 'charms' does not exist.13:37
vilaforget it, I'll work locally13:37
jamespagejcastro, ta13:38
jamespagejcastro, assume we have some pre-canned stuff for the webinar?13:38
jcastroyeah, it's just some slides we can reuse13:38
jcastrowe'll have a call like, earlier that week13:38
jcastroand bash it out13:38
jamespagejcastro, ack13:38
jcastroit's easy, I set them up with the lies and promises, you tell them what it really does. :)13:39
jcastrothen you field live questions from the audience13:39
jcastroit's pretty fun actually13:39
mgzvila: confusing, that should work13:42
vilamgz: yeah, I'm confused too by the url scheme used here, which is why I asked the question in this channel13:43
mgzso, the old scheme was lp:~charmers/charms/SERIES/PROJECT/trunk13:45
mgzand quantal happens to not have been created yet13:45
mgzthe new scheme is lp:charms/PROJECT13:45
mgzwhat personal forks are meant to be now isn't clear, I don't see why lp:~USER/charms/PROJECT shouldn't work, but no one seems to be using that yet13:47
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cheez0rHey folks, I'm trying to stand up Maas+JuJu and I'm encountering something strange when running 'juju bootstrap'- the account has a ssh keypair, but when I run 'juju status' I get repeated errors that read "<DATE> ERROR SSH forwarding error: ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host" and nothing else, seemingly indefinitely.16:01
cheez0rIs this just a 'be more patient, it'll respond eventually' situation or a 'you're missing a step' situation?16:02
mgzcheez0r: can you just ssh to the host directly?16:02
cheez0rI don't know its IP address, MaaS doesn't give me that info16:02
mgzit may be that either it's borked in your known_hosts, or the ssh server isn't up yet16:02
mgzcheez0r: if you pass -v when doing status you'll get more info, including the host name16:04
cheez0rk thanks16:04
cheez0rhrm, it's specifying a hostname in the ssh connect, not an IP16:06
mgzcheez0r: right.16:07
cheez0rThis is strange, because I'm using the steps in the howto- the dns name doesn't resolve though16:08
cheez0ris there a DNS Server on the MaaS host that it's using?16:08
mgznot sure.16:12
marcoceppicheez0r: have you installed mass-dhcp?16:13
mgzamusingly, there's a comment in the juju code saying it really wants an ip, but txaws only exposes the host... which then spread to the design of all the other providers16:13
cheez0rmarcoceppi: yes, which apparently installs dnsmasq, so I'm adding a new dnsmasq.conf file now16:14
cheez0rI'm going to try defining the hostname it's looking for and see what it does16:14
marcoceppicheez0r: right, maas master does all sorts of dns fun times16:14
cheez0rmarcoceppi: right, so I added the nodes to MaaS and specified a hostname there, shouldn't it add entries for each of those hostnames so they resolve?16:16
marcoceppicheez0r: it should, if the machine was fully commissioned. You'll also have to make sure your machine is using the MaaS as it's DNS reslover16:16
cheez0rright- I'm following the howto at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/MAAS/Juju#MAAS:_getting_started_with_Juju16:17
cheez0rit has me install dnsmasq on the MaaS host and then commission the nodes16:18
jcastroimbrandon: huats: ajmitch: koolhead17: AlanBell: MarkDude: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/juju/2012-May/001662.html16:23
jcastro^^ and other folks working on juju charms, hp has donated 3 months worth of instance time on HP Cloud. See the mail for more info.16:23
* koolhead17 clicks16:24
MarkDudeInm a minute, I just woke up to my name in an ITworld article http://www.itworld.com/it-managementstrategy/279368/oscon-nonprofit-pavilion-deals-limited-space16:24
cheez0rHP is doubling down on Juju/Ubuntu16:24
koolhead17marcoceppi, hola sir16:24
MarkDudeWay cool16:24
jcastroMarkDude: imbrandon: it'd be _awesome_ to use HP Cloud to build the first cut of the RPMS?16:24
MarkDudeThat sounds like a good idea16:25
* MarkDude is waiting for elections to be over 1st. I was concerend I would get involved folks that dont win their posts16:25
koolhead17jcastro, RPMS16:27
SpamapSjimbaker: hey, I was thinking more about an "unprovider" and I had an interesting thought16:35
SpamapShazmat: ^^16:36
jimbakerSpamapS, what's that?16:36
SpamapSWhat if we just added an 'add-machine' and 'remove-machine' command?16:36
SpamapSDoesn't most of the information about the machine come not from queries to the provider, but from the machine agent?16:36
jimbakerSpamapS, but such machines would not be managed by the provisioning agent?16:37
jimbakerSpamapS, it's registered in ZK, the PA doesn't sit in the path. so if the add-machine/remove-machine were to do the registration in ZK, that probably would work16:38
SpamapSsomething like 'juju add-machine --private-address --public-address'16:38
SpamapSjimbaker: right16:38
jimbakerSpamapS, we could probably play with this first in jitsu. seems like a good idea to me16:39
SpamapSyeah we could16:39
SpamapShave to think more about how the provider code will be utilized tho16:39
SpamapSIIRC, only the provisioning agent makes calls to the provider code16:39
jimbakerSpamapS, basically you would just to ensure that machine agent is running on the given machine, since that's what the provider/provisioning agent work in concert on16:40
SpamapShm, except the file storage bits16:40
SpamapSjimbaker: right16:40
jimbakerthe file storage bits are important, as is access to ZK. the provider stuff works in concert to ensure that this all just works. but assuming some security setup, it could be done. worth doing, just to try out the idea16:43
hazmatSpamapS, an unprovider?16:46
hazmatyou mean like a machine just registering itself?16:46
jimbakerbasically jitsu add-machine/remove-machine could enable some sort of hybrid approach. you could provision machines with chef/puppet/capistrano/blaster of choice. link them to a juju environment in ec2. then at some point rework that so ZK/file storage could also be setup like that16:46
hazmati've had a few feature requests for something similiar in private email16:46
hazmathowever the provisioning agent is queried for all info about a machine16:47
hazmatstatus, dns, etc16:47
jimbakerhazmat, not the provisioning agent. it's not in that path. machine/user agents set status/addr info in ZK. eg, the unit agent is responsible for running set_public_address16:54
hazmatjimbaker, for the unit16:55
hazmatjimbaker, not for the machine16:55
hazmatits not the provisioning agent per se, but the provider16:55
jimbakerhazmat, correct16:55
hazmatif the provisioning agent can't find a machine's instance_id, it will attempt to allocate one.. if one exists and its not  bogus, its just going to cause problems for the agent16:57
hazmater. it is bogus16:57
hazmatSpamapS, what's the goal?16:57
SpamapShazmat: allow juju to integrate into environmetns with an entrenched provisioning solution.16:58
SpamapShazmat: I'm suggesting that we have a provider whose backend is just user provided data about the machine resources available... like MaaS without the "install a fresh new server every time" :)17:01
hazmatSpamapS, sounds useful17:02
SpamapShazmat: yeah, and I was wondering if we can just fake it w/ jitsu.. but I think we'd need an actual provider for it actually17:02
jimbakerSpamapS, still a pretty minimal provider impl for the "unprovider"; the provider is necessary for juju admin access to ZK (it provides connect) and for such things as looking up an ip address from an instance id (see for example, juju.control.utils). it should not be much more than what the dummy provider does17:29
SpamapSjimbaker: Yeah just needs a source of truth17:30
SpamapSjimbaker: which could perhaps just be ZK. :)17:30
jimbakerSpamapS, indeed, sounds like an excellent source of truth :)17:31
jcastroimbrandon: marcoceppi: hey so as far as moving the bootstrap.20:57
jcastrois this something we should file a bug on?20:57
jcastro"don't let people do this."20:57
jcastroor were we cheating to being with? :)20:58
imbrandonyea, there is a bug21:02
imbrandonjcastro: ^21:02
jcastrook let's deal with that later21:02
imbrandonnp/win 2621:14
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