grafthow do i achieve this?00:00
genii-aroundYou could probably just put the rvm command in the rc.local file00:00
grafterr... would that work? that seems a bit extreme anyway00:02
graftisn't this something upstart does?00:02
graftcan i put this in the upstart script for kdm?00:03
flespI've got a geforce gtx 580 card.  Now and again while using kubuntu, I get little corrupt blocks scattered randomly about the screen.  They disappear when I move the mouse.  I've got a dual boot system and I've never seen this when I run Win7.  How can I check the driver version and given the problems I had attempting to install the binary driver supplied by nvidia onto centos (which caused me to abandon that platform),00:03
flespshould I attempt to install the nvidia driver from the nvidia website, or stick with the driver that kubuntu has packaged?00:03
genii-aroundgraft: Conceivably00:04
graftlemme try this, brb00:06
genii-aroundflesp: Better to stick with packaged versions, they have been tweaked. You might want to try the driver from the xorg-edgers PPA00:06
flesptweaked?  How so?00:06
genii-aroundflesp: So that the driver automatically updates when you upgrade the kernel for instance, using DKMS00:07
flespfound that installed version is 295.40.  nvidia website has 295.5300:10
genii-aroundflesp: xorg-edgers version: 302.1100:11
graftokay that didn't work00:12
graftapparently kdm doesn't give kde its own environment... that seems daffy anyway00:13
flespSeems odd - maybe xorg-edgers uses a different versioning system than nvidia.  I'm on an x64 system, but the version numbers shouldn't be different.  the nvidia website always has the latest drivers available - 295.53 was released May 16th this year.00:13
graftdoes kde use .bash_profile?00:16
genii-aroundI think for konsole00:17
haysis there a way to use VNC such that it does more than just a straight desktop export? e.g., I could login from another machine in a native resolution to that machine, independent of whatever the user is actually doing?00:20
grafthmm, i guess i can put this in startkde, but then it'll just get overwritten00:23
spagettIs there a way to have KRunner not automatically paste any selected text into it's input box?00:26
grafthuh... does it do that?00:27
spagettfor me it does00:28
graftdo you have some weirdo plugin?00:28
spagettno, i just started using KRunner a few days ago00:28
cancerHi, any help for supybot?00:33
cancerneed a little information00:33
fenivazhola  español???00:50
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.00:51
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graftokay, i'm getting a handle on my issue, here: Xsession runs with /bin/sh and so does startkde01:14
graftso there is no way to make it source rvm, since /etc/profile.d/rvm.sh requires BASH_VERSION to be defined01:14
graftso how do i either make my xsession use bash, or how do i run bash stuff somewhere in the startup sequence before kde loads?01:15
graftah, /bin/sh goes to dash01:16
graftso maybe i can update-alternatives for /bin/sh?01:16
genii-aroundgraft: According to https://rvm.io/rvm/configuration/  you should only need to do something like edit ~.rvm/user01:18
graftargh. so basically, ubuntu policy is no bash scripts because bash is too slow to be the default... nice01:18
genii-around( path might be more like ~.rvm/config/ )01:19
graftno, problem is it's not running any rvm stuff because the whole rvm.sh file is wrapped in a bash requirement (and written in bash script)01:20
grafti suppose i could rewrite the rvm.sh file to be sh compatible, but seems like there must be an easier solution01:20
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Guest35678hi all02:07
rmzelnickHello guys, what package contains the libmysql?03:49
rufsketch1Hello everyone.05:10
rufsketch1My mic port doesn't appear to work. Can anyone help?05:10
rufsketch1alsa mixer indicates nothing is muted05:11
rufsketch1Hello everyone. My mic port doesn't seem to work. Can anyone help?05:12
rufsketch1alsamixer indicates nothing is muted05:13
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mangdoodMy USB scanner doesn't seem to be detected05:45
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forgeaushow do I fix grub 2 to rewrite stuff? managed to break it :( (deleted a partition I didn't need)06:29
forgeausI can still boot linux but its a pain having to use the grub rescue mode to do it06:30
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robotdevilhas anyone done the latest kubuntu 12.04 batch of updates without a hitch?07:43
robotdevil64 bit07:43
=== szal_ is now known as szal
amason__robotdevil: yeh i have. what issue are you running into ?07:55
robotdevilamason__: none, just scurred! System is working good now07:56
amason__you can enable security only updates if you wish07:57
amason__updates are usually pretty safe within a release07:57
robotdevilthink I might wait, I have many things installed, thanks for feedback thou07:59
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sky100how to add handbrake in kubuntu 12.0408:32
lordievadersky100: Haven't you done so yesterday?08:33
sky100lordievader,  yes ..but i wanna learn it08:34
sky100someone did it for me..08:34
lordievadersky100: Add the ppa that is posted here: https://launchpad.net/~stebbins/+archive/handbrake-releases08:34
lordievadersky100: And then run: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install handbrake08:35
sky100what is the add ppa command . lordievader08:35
lordievadersky100: sudo add-apt-repository <ppa>08:36
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ignerioushow to install desktop themes manually?10:20
ignerioushow to install desktop themes manually?10:24
BluesKajhey all10:27
WizardHi o/11:21
neweruser123du hello will da sommmbodie halp me11:32
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!11:33
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lordievader!german| neweruser12311:33
ubottuneweruser123: please see above11:33
neweruser123im not germen11:34
lordievaderneweruser123: My bad.11:34
BluesKajthen use proper english11:35
neweruser123I want to know how I can change my Grub wall paper11:35
neweruser123so something nicer11:35
BluesKajlordievader, my bad ? ..that's not proper english either11:35
lordievaderneweruser123: Give grub-customizer a try.11:35
neweruser123I installed it but i dont know how to use my jpg picture11:36
neweruser123as a background11:36
lordievaderneweruser123: The image needs to be 640x480 and in the tga format.11:36
neweruser123i chose the 1400x1050 resolution11:36
neweruser123where do i get TGA pictures11:37
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lordievaderneweruser123: It has been my experience that anything above 640 will not work. I used Gimp to produce a tga.11:37
neweruser123oh ok11:39
neweruser123OK i will install gimp can u tell me where I can find a site with linux games11:40
lordievaderneweruser123: Try google.11:40
neweruser123what if they're .exe ?11:41
lordievaderneweruser123: With that I mean, no I don't know any sites :(11:41
Husar200+ updates today?11:41
lordievaderneweruser123: You mean windows games? Some run with the help of wine.11:41
neweruser123is their any chance that some exe games will soon be linux11:42
neweruser123or no chance11:42
BluesKajneweruser123, http://www.online-utility.org/image_converter.jsp11:43
lordievaderneweruser123: I'm sorry, not sure what you mean. Do you mean that windows games will be ported over to linux? A rare few are being ported yes.11:43
neweruser123lordievader:  yes where can i find these ones being ported?!11:44
neweruser123and BluesKaj thanks that will save alot of time11:44
NoiseCounsellingneweruser123: I think steam is being ported at the moment. That doesn't mean anything that runs under windows with steam will run under linux, but I'm guessing Half Life and DotA2 will be available.11:45
neweruser123woohoo cant wait11:45
NoiseCounsellingand a whole lot of indiegames and such11:45
lordievaderneweruser123: No idea, like I said, use google.11:45
BluesKajneweruser123, I suggest installing imagemagick for help with converting images as well11:46
neweruser123where can i find it11:47
BluesKajin the package manager /repos neweruser12311:47
neweruser123I wrote in imagemagic in the software center its not there11:50
BluesKajneweruser123, 'imagemagick'11:51
neweruser123nope no imagemagick came up looks like il just make one in Gimp11:53
BluesKajneweruser123, don't use the software center , use muon package manager11:54
neweruser123oh no wonder11:54
BluesKajsoftware center doesn't show it for some reason ..I never use it anyway11:55
lordievaderStrange that it doesn't... you would think it should.11:57
BluesKajthere's too many package option apps , one is plenty if it works11:57
BluesKajconfusing for new users11:58
lordievaderIsn't the software center one of those things created for new users?11:59
lordievaderTo make things "easier"?11:59
neweruser123Ok I downloaded dukenukem-linux.tgz how do i install it ?11:59
BluesKajlordievader, yes I think so and it doesn't help when it doesn't work11:59
lordievaderThings can allways backfire.12:00
neweruser123anyone got any idea12:02
lordievaderneweruser123: Well first of all you need to extract it, .tgz is a compressed file.12:02
neweruser123oh ok12:02
neweruser123theirs no setup file12:03
lordievaderneweruser123: Is there a "configure" file?12:03
neweruser123im not sure can u help me on teamviewer12:04
neweruser123im trying to open two games12:04
neweruser123I have also realised my CPU meter widget isnt working12:04
neweruser123i want it show all 4 cores12:04
lordievaderneweruser123: No I cannot. But is there a "configure" file in the folder?12:05
neweruser123user.con  ?12:05
neweruser123game.con ?12:05
lordievaderneweruser123: Do you know how to use a terminal?12:05
neweruser123sort of12:05
lordievader!paste| neweruser12312:06
ubottuneweruser123: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:06
lordievaderneweruser123: Could you post the output of the command ls in that folder there?12:06
neweruser123ok what command should I type in?12:06
lordievaderneweruser123: ls12:07
neweruser123I dont get it12:09
neweruser123no idea12:09
neweruser123if you would just do remote view and install it for me would be easier12:10
lordievaderneweruser123: Open up konsole (menu -> applications -> system -> terminal)12:10
neweruser123its open12:10
neweruser123but I dont know how to use it12:11
BluesKajneweruser123, make the terminal is open within the folder , or type the path to the folder in the terminal12:11
BluesKajmake sure12:11
lordievaderneweruser123: Then type, cd <path-to-folder>12:11
lordievaderneweruser123: And finally type ls, and paste the output of the ls into pastebin.12:12
BluesKajpersonall I find it easiest just to right click within the folder,  choose 'actions'>open terminal here12:15
lordievaderBluesKaj: Never knew of that action, good to know, makes my life easier :)12:15
BluesKajlordievader, :)12:16
lordievaderneweruser123: As you can see, what BluesKaj said is also something you can do. Eliminates the whole cd <dir> command.12:17
neweruser123sorry for the late reply was checking some thing12:23
neweruser123ok terminal has opened the folder12:23
neweruser123what do i do know12:23
lordievaderneweruser123: In the terminal you run (if you are in the correct dir) ls, and paste that output in pastebin or something similair.12:24
neweruser123their is no output12:26
lordievaderneweruser123: Are you in the correct folder?12:26
lordievaderneweruser123: And the folder is not empty.12:26
neweruser123yeah the folder i extracted12:27
neweruser123i opened it with termical12:28
lordievaderneweruser123: You went inside the extracted folder, and in there you used the method BluesKaj told you?12:28
FlashDeluxehI! I got a question: i have a kubuntu 11.04 installed (in german) but the packages that i install via aptitude are provided in english language, how can i change it?12:32
neweruser123yeah the method blues said12:33
lordievaderneweruser123: If you run pwd you get the correct path?12:34
neweruser123yes home/tan/Downloads/eduke3212:34
lordievaderneweruser123: And ls doesn't return anything?12:35
BluesKajFlashDeluxe, first of all don't use aptitude , it's depracated , second change your locale in system settings then change your repository server in muon to the server in your country12:36
BluesKajFlashDeluxe, use apt-get in place of aptitude12:37
FlashDeluxeBluesKaj, ok thank you :)12:37
BluesKajFlashDeluxe, then do sudo-apt-get update to update the sources.list12:40
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neweruser123no return12:48
neweruser123on anything12:48
lordievaderneweruser123: And in dolphin you do see things in the folder?12:49
lordievaderneweruser123: You type the correct command?12:50
neweruser123i did the other meothd12:50
lordievaderneweruser123: Ok lets try it differently, copy "ls -la" without the "" into the terminal.12:51
lordievaderneweruser123: Read the readme file, is it a linux version of the game?12:53
neweruser123im sure it is linux12:55
neweruser123got it from a linux website12:56
lordievaderneweruser123: Then I guess running "./eduke32" will run the game. Anyhow I need to go. Good luck!12:56
neweruser123readme has no instructions12:56
neweruser123ok bye12:56
neweruser123i mightaswell go12:56
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patrissI search a interactive program for edit regular expression13:18
patrissinstead to use sed in command line of course…13:19
=== hadrian_ is now known as hadrian
patrissKRegExpEditor seems no more to exist13:20
neweruser123i need help13:34
NoiseCounsellorneweruser123: It might help if you wrote what you need help with13:38
neweruser123NoiseCounsellor:  i need help to install http://www.playdeb.net/software/VDrift13:44
NoiseCounsellorneweruser123: Sorry, I can't help you with that. But if you have a question, in IRC it's always best to simply type what you want to know instead of waiting for someone to respond to you. That way you'll more likely get people to respond who can help, instead of simply trying to get someone to pay attention, even if they have no idea. Like me for example. I can't find that package in the repos and the URL on the link you posted doesn't13:50
NoiseCounsellorwork for me, so I'd be stuck too.13:50
neweruser123so is their anyway i can get that game13:51
neweruser123Is it for ubunutu only13:51
neweruser123should i switch to unbuntu13:51
NoiseCounsellorif it is packaged for ubuntu I'd suspect it will run on kubuntu as well.13:53
neweruser123I found many games but they keep saying repos not found or something13:54
neweruser123"could not find package"13:54
neweruser123heres another game i ust downloaded http://www.eternal-lands.com/page/download.php13:56
neweruser123but i dont know how to install it theirs no setup file13:56
neweruser123its for linux as u can see13:56
NoiseCounsellorneweruser123: Did you read through http://wiki.vdrift.net/Installing#Installing_on_Linux  ? It seems the game doesn't come prepackaged and I'll have to admit, I don't know how to build from source myself. Maybe some of the other guys can help you with that13:59
neweruser123damn linux is soo hard14:03
neweruser123nothings ever straight forward14:03
neweruser123i might just go back to windows and  be a average joe14:04
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NoiseCounsellorneweruser123: I found that if you have absolutely no clue about computers, the current linux desktops are by far easier to use that any windows. If you are willing to take a few steps up the learning curve, you will see that it is truly straight forward and, most importantly, well documented, whereas windows basically leaves you little other to do than start from scratch if something doesn't work the way you planned14:06
NoiseCounsellorThen again, I will say that gaming on linux is not as comfortable as on windose. But I don't really care any more. I got Deus Ex running and if I ever feel like it, I'll get widelands or something, which are in the repos :)14:10
szalneweruser123: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EternalLands see "Or, for newer versions of Ubuntu that support add-apt-repository" <- doesn't get any more straightforward than that14:13
neweruser123ok imgoing to follow that ubuntu guide14:24
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neweruser123i cant even get past the first step!14:31
neweruser123it dont work14:31
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andahay all15:13
Gevatter_Gaulgot a bug here16:15
ubottuKDE bug 300047 in DAV Resource "CardDav not syncing, no errors, while CalDav is ok for the same resource" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]16:15
Gevatter_Gauljust appeared with last update in my kubuntu16:15
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto16:39
Gevatter_Gaulanyone? or can i submit this bug somehow to the kubuntu team?16:58
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reisioany fancy goodies to keep an eye out for between 10.04 and 12.04?18:05
=== massimo is now known as Guest46358
reisioyes, well...18:38
lordievaderGood evening19:49
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sparr_LI am trying to track down why my new laptop refuses to suspend to disk ("hibernate"). When I suspend to RAM I can see that the scripts in /etc/pm/sleep.d/ are run with the parameter "suspend", and then again with "resume" when I wake it up. However, when I try to suspend to disk, those scripts are never run. What am I overlooking?20:03
lordievadersparr_L: Do you have a swap partition?20:04
sparr_Lyes, much larger than my RAM20:04
lordievadersparr_L: What happens when you run sudo pm-hibernate?20:05
sparr_Lwho just asked me about sudo pm-hibernate?20:09
lordievadersparr_L: I did.20:09
sparr_Lso, in order...20:09
sparr_Lscreen blanked, screen backlight turned off, screen backlight turned on and I saw a flashing underline cursor in the top left of an otherwise blank screen20:10
sparr_Lthis took about 2 seconds20:10
sparr_Li waited 30 seconds, then pressed ctrl+alt+f1 and got my tty1 login prompt. the computer was no longer responsive to any input after this and i had to hold down the power button to turn it off.20:11
lordievadersparr_L: Hmm, that ain't good...20:11
sparr_Lwhen I do K > Leave > Hibernate...20:11
sparr_Lthe screen blanks, then there is a too-fast-to-read popup in the bottom right corner that disappears, then it stays blanked until i move the mouse or press a key and i get the password prompt like a locked screen20:12
lordievadersparr_L: I had the same thing with the sleep mode through the menu, for me the workaround with pm-sleep worked, that was why I asked.20:13
lordievadersparr_L: Does the sleep mode work like it should?20:13
sparr_LK > Leave > Sleep used to behave the same as Hibernate, then I applied this fix: http://thecodecentral.com/2011/01/18/fix-ubuntu-10-10-suspendhibernate-not-working-bug20:14
sparr_Lnow K > Leave > Sleep (or Power Button > Turn Off > Suspend to RAM) works fine20:14
sparr_Lpossibly telling... I modified a script in /etc/pm/sleep.d to write to a log file. When I suspend to RAM, the log file gets two entries, one for Suspend and one later for Resume, as expected. When I try to suspend to disk, that script is apparently not run at all20:15
sparr_Lso, why that's not happening could be a good thing to figure out20:16
sparr_LI suspect `sudo pm-sleep` will work, but am loathe to try it until I'm ready to deal with another lockup just in case20:16
sparr_Lerr, i don't have pm-sleep20:17
lordievadersparr_L: Have you checked the /var/log/pm-suspend.log for any hints?20:17
sparr_Lbut pm-suspend works fine20:17
lordievadersparr_L: Oh sorry, yeas I mean pm-suspend.20:18
sparr_Lmy /var/log/pm-suspend.log has entries for all of my successful suspend/sleep/suspendtoram actions20:18
sparr_Lit has no entries related to my failed hibernate/suspendtodisk attempts20:18
lordievadersparr_L: If you try to hibernate nothing is being added to the log file?20:19
lordievadersparr_L: A nice way to find out is to run "tail -f /var/log/pm-suspend.log" and then try to hibernate.20:19
sparr_Lnor are the scripts in /etc/pm/sleep.d/ being run when i attempt to hibernate20:20
sparr_Lother than the popup in the lower right, which goes away too quickly to read, hibernate appears to behave identically to a simple screen lock20:21
sparr_Llet me see if i can identify that popup20:23
sparr_Lclearing all my notifications so i can see if a new one appears20:23
lordievadersparr_L: Have a look at #5, not sure if it is an answer to the original question... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=191416320:23
sparr_Lahh, good find20:24
sparr_Lwill try that, requires a reboot20:24
lordievadersparr_L: The "Power Management" service is enabled right? (See Startup and Shutdown)20:24
sparr_Lenabled and running20:25
sparr_Lreboot time, brb20:26
sparr_Llordievader: that policy change appears to have worked20:34
sparr_Ljust hibernated and came back20:34
sparr_Lminor annoyance at the way the screen behaves during the process, but that's not important20:35
lordievadersparr_L: Ok, well glad that it works.20:39
sparr_Lthanks a lot20:39
lordievadersparr_L: No problem.20:40
jamil_1_ hi all20:41
jamil_1_what do htop and  top show different memory usage ?20:41
lordievaderjamil_1_: What are the values, and what should it display?20:44
jamil_1_htop: 1772/3922   top: 2709/401620:46
jamil_1_almost a difference of 1 gig20:46
lordievaderjamil_1_: Take a look at this: http://linuxtoolkit.blogspot.com/2010/02/understanding-memory-usage-from-top-and.html20:47
Galvatronjamil_1_: For the actual memory usage you may use some graphical tool, like GNOME/KDE system monitor, which shows only the physically used RAM, and ommits cache.20:49
jamil_1_ksysguard show 1.8 gig same as htop20:50
jamil_1_so should I take htop as correct ?20:50
jamil_1_I mean more usefull20:50
Galvatronjamil_1_: What does take so much RAM?20:51
jamil_1_+ chrome tabs20:51
jamil_1_in practice top's out is more usefull20:53
jamil_1_because when top show 3.5 gig memory usage system gets really slow20:54
jamil_1_even when htop is showing ~ 1 gig free ram20:54
lordievaderjamil_1_: Is in that situation a lot of swapping going on?20:54
jamil_1_hmm could be the case20:55
jamil_1_I have 2 gig of swap20:55
jamil_1_not sure if its enough20:55
lordievaderjamil_1_: How much ram do you have?20:55
lordievaderjamil_1_: I guess that is allright, though you cannot hibernate in this way.20:56
lordievaderjamil_1_: In htop do you see a lot of swap usage?20:58
lordievaderjamil_1_: Perhaps it is a good idea to check that info when your pc is running slow.20:58
Galvatronjamil_1_: If you''re using ~3-4GB, it would be most reasonable to double RAM.20:58
lordievaderGalvatron: Why? 2~4GB is fine for most tasks. Unless you run many things at once or do ram heavy things I wouldn't recommend an upgrade...21:00
jamil_1_nope, currently its only ~ 293 mb usage of swap21:00
lordievaderjamil_1_: Well if it happens a lot then a ram upgrade might indeed be a good idea. On my 2GB box I had it a lot until I upgraded it to 6GB.21:01
jamil_1_lordievader: yeah, when pc gets slow I have seen higher usage of swap21:01
GalvatronThat's quite obvious, since even SSD's are painfully slow compared to RAM21:02
GalvatronUnless you have some high-end pro solution, like Revo21:03
GalvatronIn Kubuntu 12.04 (KDE 4.8.3) the "Logging out..." window's appearance has not returned to normal after switching from Oxygen to QT-Curve21:38
GalvatronIn fact it's completely stuck and doesn't react to theme changes at all.21:41
ETHOXYLIs there any good software available for capturing screenshots during DVDs?21:58
ETHOXYLIs there any good software available for capturing screenshots during DVDs?22:02
ETHOXYLIs there any good software available for capturing screenshots during DVDs?22:02
NoiseCounsellorETHOXYL: VLC media player can screenshot and ksnapshot can capture either your whole screen or a single window22:04
ETHOXYLtyvm, I'll try those out22:05
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luz3rWHAT IS THIS?22:52
genii-aroundI guess they couldn't wait around to find out.22:53
* genii-around makes more coffee22:53
mydogsnameisrudydont need any help everything is fine ... thx23:43
BarkingFishMorning all.  Does anyone know how to completely kill, disable and utterly totally and permanently remove cron & anacron without having the system keep replacing one with the other please?23:49
BarkingFishi took cron off last night - my system replaced it with anacron.  I took anacron off tonight - my system replaced it with cron, and also deleted kubuntu-desktop at the same time23:49

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