frankbanhi gmb how is it going? pipe nightmares?09:58
gmbfrankban, Actually, no, bzr is surprisingly sane. Getting our test runner to do what it does could be fun, but I'll know more in an hour or so - I'm going to play around with our zope testing fork + pipes now to see what happens.10:13
* gmb - > lunch11:11
bachola amarillos11:40
gary_posterbac benji frankban gmb, we have a school event this morning.  Karyn will be attending and I will be holding the fort.  Hopefully this just means that our baby, Julia, will be joining our call in 10 minutes.  If things don't go well, it will mean I have to not make the call or disappear in the middle of it.  I'll keep you apprised.12:00
bacjulia might have some valuable insights12:01
gary_posterI'm sure she will, but she still has a bit of trouble communicating them clearly12:01
gary_posterbac frankban gmb ^12:09
* gmb starts the slow painful process of joining...12:10
bacalternative blue squad mascot: https://d1ij7zv8zivhs3.cloudfront.net/assets/5207337/view_large/tobias-funke-blue-300x266.jpg?133107093812:40
bacgary_poster: i just shared a folder with you on ubuntu one.  it has test results from yesterday.  can you see it?12:51
benjibac and gmb: let me know when we're ready to convene13:12
gmbok; I should be free shortly.13:13
gary_posterbac, no13:15
gary_posterI can't see the folder13:15
gary_posterI see one shared by LaMont  Jones13:15
bacgary_poster: did you get a notice or anything?13:15
gary_posterah yes, bac, cool, thanks13:17
gary_postergot it13:17
bacoh nice13:21
bacso the folder 'testresults' has the three runs from y'day13:22
bacgary_poster: ^13:22
gary_posterbac, cool, yeah saw, thanks, good idea13:22
* bac wishes there was a link on buildbot to download one big tar ball13:23
gary_posterThat's a good idea.  We could make one.13:27
gary_posterfrankban, no rush but https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/22ab1b9ac6f45b7e9ac6e04968b6589925fd76e513:29
frankbangary_poster: joining13:30
gmbbac, benji: I'm ready whenever you are.13:36
bacgmb: ok, start a hangout?13:36
gmbWorking on it.13:36
gary_postergmb, no rush, but when you get a moment, we could do our one on one here: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/bed3f623b5cd4742f9d543fd54f01a9d9555d6ec14:37
* gary_poster goes to lunch16:40
gary_posterbenji, almost ready18:30
benjigary_poster: k18:30
gary_posterbenji, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/ae4ea919cb7330d75d820724366616d1a9109f3018:37
* bac applied for HP cloud access19:01
bacgary_poster: ping19:34
gary_posterhey bac, sorry.  was finishing up with benji. https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/ae4ea919cb7330d75d820724366616d1a9109f3019:34
bacbenji needs to be finished up19:34
bacgary_poster: i've dropped out19:48
gary_posterI noticed, was waiting19:48
gary_posterbac, bug 100711120:27
_mup_Bug #1007111: Tests of same id but run in multiple layers fail <paralleltest> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by bac> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1007111 >20:27
bacgary_poster: thanks20:29

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