dgeary2at https://launchpad.net/ltsp i press 'report a bug' and it takes me to a blank screen with only a button which says 'continue' titled 'OpenID transaction in progress'. what does this mean?02:21
wgrantdgeary2: That's redirecting you to the login page. Do you have JavaScript and cookies enabled?02:29
dgeary2wgrant, no and no02:35
wgrantdgeary2: You need at least cookies enabled for login to work basically anywhere on the web. It should work without JavaScript if you click continue, however.02:36
dgeary2wgrant, thanks02:38
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ugocI was asking about getting a private subscription to launchpad yesterday, and I got an email telling me to come and discuss more in details here. Is there someone with whom I can discuss this?06:06
huwshimiugoc: Hi, the person you need to speak to might not be around at the moment. Let me find out.06:08
ugochuwshimi: ok thanks06:08
wgrantugoc: Hi.06:09
wgrantugoc: What do you need to discuss?06:09
ugocwgrant: Hi06:10
ugocwgrant: I'm still not sure whether we'd need to pay once and then be able to create multiple projects / repo, or if we need to pay each time we want a new repo.06:10
ugocwgrant: In the software we write, we typically need 5-10 different small repos per "project" (not branches)06:11
wgrantugoc: A subscription covers a single private project. You can have as many branches of that project as you want.06:11
ugocwgrant: ok, so we'd need to pay each time we want to create a new private project :S06:12
ugocwgrant: Is there some kind of subscription plan for unlimited projects?06:12
ugocwgrant: or at least an interesting price if we have to have more than one private project?06:13
wgrantugoc: I don't know of anything like that, but I don't deal with this stuff normally. Can you email commercial@launchpad.net to get in contact with the normal commercial subscription people?06:13
ugocwgrant: already did and they pointed me toward the IRC channel to get more info :S06:14
wgrantugoc: Do you have a ticket number?06:14
wgrantAh, found it.06:15
ugocwgrant: [Launchpad Enquires #16245]06:15
wgrantugoc: Ah, so czajkowski thought you just meant multiple branches. Can you clarify in the ticket?06:15
ugocwgrant: Sure. Is this ticket on a webpage? Or do I just reply to the message06:16
wgrantugoc: Just reply to the email.06:17
ugocwgrant: ok. Thanks a lot for your answers.06:17
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wgrantppa.launchpad.net will shortly be offline for a few minutes.08:58
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wgrantAnd it's back up.09:03
jonathanjwhy would a branch that has been proposed for merging and merged still show up on code.launchpad.net/project_name?10:18
jonathanjoh, looks like the branch status was still "Development" as opposed to "Merged"10:21
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skynet-2000whos Matt Darcy15:36
skynet-2000trying to troll me15:36
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aquariusIf I'm in a team, and that team is subscribed to a trunk branch for a project, I get mails about all the merges into that trunk branch. Can I stop getting those mails without unsubscribing from the team? My subscriptions page just lists the team's own mailing list16:20
czajkowskiaquarius: I dont think so no16:54
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cmars232it would be cool if there was a "Report a bug" link on the milestone page. current milestone page is my typical "dashboard" page.18:19
jjohansenhow do I register a branch in lp?  The old method of https://code.launchpad.net/~jjohansen/+addbranch18:22
jjohansenis dumping me into the lost something error page18:22
jjohansenbut the online docs still reference using that method18:23
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lifelessjjohansen: that method never worked reliably and was removed. What docs do you see referring to it?18:36
lifelessjjohansen: the correct method is to just push the branch18:37
jjohansenlifeless give /me a sec to find the page again18:37
lifelessjjohansen: or setup an import of it if its not going to be hosted in LP18:37
jjohansenlifeless: that isn't working either18:37
jjohansenthe branch is being dropped into the development trunk18:38
jjohansenlifeless: both these pages refer to/link to registering a branch18:39
lifelessjjohansen: what do you mean 'dropped into the development trunk'18:42
lifelessjjohansen: what is the exact command you are using that is not working ?18:42
jjohansenlifeless I mean I pushed to one address (the branch I am trying to create) and it showed up in the original branch that I am branching from18:42
lifelessok, and the command you used ?18:43
jjohansenlifeless: okay I am just not getting this. If I push a new branch the commit shows up in the original, the configure series branch screen lists a completely different branch that is neither the original nor the one I pushed but changing the branch name affects the branch linked in the series18:55
* jjohansen thinks this occuring because we are trying to branch a series off but ...18:55
lifelessjjohansen: please show me the commands you are running18:56
jjohansenlifeless: bzr push bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/apparmor/2.8/18:56
sbeattielifeless: bzr branch lp:apparmor apparmor-2.8 ; cd apparmor-2.8 ; bzr push --remember lp:apparmor/2.818:57
jjohansenbut this is showing up in apparmor/master18:57
lifelessthe series branches are aliases18:57
lifelessthey are not true branches18:57
lifelessto make a new branch you must push to a real branch like lp:~apparmour-maintainers/apparmor/2.818:58
lifeless(excuse the typo)18:58
sbeattiehunh, okay.18:58
lifelesshave a look at code.launchpad.net/apparmor/2.818:59
lifelesssee where it says p:apparmor/2.8 - Steve Beattie19:00
lifelessmouse over the branch there19:00
sbeattieright, the series was originally pointing at trunk, I cleared that and then pushed to that.19:00
lifelessnote that it shows a link to https://code.launchpad.net/~sbeattie/apparmor/trunk19:00
lifelesssbeattie: you need to a) push a new branch. b) set the pointer.19:01
lifelessNot the other way around :)19:01
* sbeattie is about to adjust that.19:01
sbeattielifeless: more clearly, I needed to push a new branch *not using the pointer*19:02
sbeattie... and then reset the pointer.19:02
lifelesssbeattie: thats redunant19:02
lifelessyou cannot push a new branch using the pointer19:02
lifelessthe pointer can only ever point at a branch19:02
lifelessand it is not itself a branch19:02
lifelessbut, if it helps you, great :)19:03
sbeattielifeless: right, it had previously pointed to trunk, which was why when we pushed to lp:apparmor/2.8 it went to lp:~apparmor-dev/apparmor/master19:03
sbeattie(we had created the series earlier to have milestones that we could target bugs to)19:04
lifelessyes (in fact that means it still was pointing to trunk, for some reason)19:04
lifelessjelmer: hey; is  https://help.launchpad.net/Code/MirroredBranches at all relevant still? If not, perhaps you could update the wiki to describe what is relevant now you've hacked everything around :)19:16
lifelessjelmer: I've updated https://help.launchpad.net/Code/PersonalBranches#preview to drop references to registerbranch19:16

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