odrinok, i don't know if the problem is my comp or some setting I have, but everytime I use the spacebar any website I'm on scrolls down00:18
windbuntugood evening lubuntu technicians.00:20
Unit193odrin: That's normal for browsers, goes to the next link or page down.00:21
odrinso i need to look for help in the uber newbie help areas... got it. sorry. Never had that problem on my old (newer) machine, thought it had to do with having just installed lubuntu00:22
Unit193It's what I've seen on the windows boxes too, unless I'm misunderstanding.00:24
odrinso thuirty seconds of research, and this is default behavior for all http compliant browsers, but it is supposed to disable when a text input or container is selected. For what ever reason, sometimes the browser picks up the spacebar anyways00:29
odrinwhat is frustrating is that (just checked) this machine oesn't have that issue when logged into ubuntu session. wish there was a way to fix it in lubuntu00:30
Bulletrulzhelp i need help00:35
Bulletrulzi messed up my panel and cant find it00:36
Bulletrulzhow to make another one through  a command line00:36
wxlBulletrulz: are you sure it's running?00:36
Bulletrulzwxl how to start it00:36
windbuntuyou could try that command, ,,,,,gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel00:37
wxlwell you need to find if you have it running00:38
wxlyou may have just accidentially hidden it00:39
brandon__im bulletrulz00:39
wxlhit alt-f200:39
brandon__how to undide it00:39
wxlthen hit lxtask00:39
wxldo you see lxpanel there?00:40
brandon__wxl yes00:41
wxlok then it's running00:41
wxlthat's good00:41
wxlnow alt-f2 again00:41
wxllxpanelctl restart00:41
wxlis it back?00:41
wxllxpanelctl config00:42
brandon__ty man00:42
wxlnp ;)00:42
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odrinis there a way to use a usb mouse with lubuntu?03:46
Unit193Plug it in?03:47
odrinok, but my machine isn't reckognizing its there03:47
odrinnevermind.. switched ports and now its working great...03:48
jthompson87I am not totally sure of the protocol here, so I apologize if this is the wrong place to put this.03:54
jthompson87Is anyone else experiencing a bug with network-manager when connecting to a WPA-secured network?03:54
Unit193You have any details? What "bug"?03:54
jthompson87Sorry.  It sees it as a WEP network, and thus only allows passkeys of 5 or 13 digits.03:55
Unit193http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1376621 Like that? Sounds like a card issue, what's the model?03:57
jthompson87I don't think it is a card or driver issue, but it is an Atheros, not sure of the exact model.03:58
jthompson87I was finally able to get wifi working by installing WICD, but I was hoping there was a way to get vanilla network-manager to work with it.03:58
jthompson87Do you have any ideas?  If not, I can just stick with WICD and live without the panel notifications.04:01
Unit193Not right now, WPA seemed to like me. :P04:02
jthompson87Ah, well.  I put in a recommendation on the 12.10 work items whiteboard because wicd does not contain any GNOME dependencies, and I think it might be a good replacement if I am not alone in my issue.04:03
ubottuDebian bug 458125 in network-manager "network-manager offers only WEP encryption, no WPA" [Normal,Open]04:07
jthompson87Yeah, I am aware that other people have the bug.  A forum post on another site (boardreader, it was, I believe) led me to install wicd and now I am getting wifi again.  If network-manager is simply not going to cooperate, then I will just not use it.04:10
jthompson87I am, however, interested in the reason that the default manager in the most popular Linux distro in the world seems to be plagued, and has been plagued for years, by this issue.  Is it because it has GNOME integration?04:13
Unit193Alright, well if that works and you're good with it.  I don't happen to know why it is, though it wouldn't be GNome exactly as Xubuntu (Xfce) and Lubuntu (LXDE) also use it, could just generally work better with those desktops though.04:15
jthompson87I know that GNOME integration is not important for L/Xubuntu users, and that is why I think changing to using wicd by default might be a good idea, as it does not have any GNOME dependencies.04:23
zydingxiaomeiplease ,where is lubuntu's internet cahce directory.04:26
jthompson87zydingxiaomei, you mean the cache for chromium?04:33
zydingxiaomeijthopson87:firefox and system cache04:35
zydingxiaomeilike /temp for windows04:36
ApocalyptikzThat's the Chromium browser cache.04:37
jthompson87working on it04:37
zydingxiaomeiyes but i want to know firefox and system cache ;-)04:37
jthompson87type about:cache in the address bar.04:38
ApocalyptikzEh, try /var/cache04:38
zydingxiaomeithanks ,finded04:38
ApocalyptikzYou have both system and firefox caches?04:38
zydingxiaomeii have intalled lubuntu yesterday04:40
jthompson87How do you like it?04:40
zydingxiaomeii want o  learn the C language04:42
zydingxiaomeiin linux04:42
zydingxiaomeibest a small linux system,:-D04:43
zydingxiaomeimy english is not good.04:44
jthompson87That's OK, I can still understand.04:44
jthompson87Good luck to you.  I would also like to learn C eventually.04:45
zydingxiaomeitogether ,but you need help me ,because i learn this a soon04:47
zydingxiaomeican you tell me your email,and i can ask you ,about the C language.04:49
mi3I am using ubuntu, is there a way to remove unity completely and install lxde, and still receive LTS ?06:37
mi3any suggestions for that ? :D06:38
bioterroryou receive lts as core06:38
bioterrorbut not for the LXDE components06:38
mi3core means ?06:38
bioterrorkernel and other stuff06:38
mi3other stuff like what ?06:38
bioterrorlike some libs06:38
mi3even for unity ?>06:38
mi3bioterror, even for unity ?06:39
Unit193Open a terminal, and type  apt-cache show unity |grep Supported06:40
mi3it shows 5y06:41
mi3means 5 years06:41
mi3umm ok, got it....06:42
mi3thank you :D06:42
bioterror!purelxde | mi306:42
ubottumi3: If you want to remove all !KDE, !GNOME and !XFCE packages and have a default !Lubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde »06:42
bioterrormi3, sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop06:42
mi3ok, so 1st I install lubuntu desktop, login from there and then run the commands ?? :D06:44
bioterror!cookie | mi306:44
ubottumi3: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!06:44
mi3will sudo apt-get install lxde work fine or I need to use lubuntu-desktop ? :D06:44
bioterrorI would go with the lubuntu-desktop06:45
mi3!cookie | bioterror06:45
ubottubioterror: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!06:45
mi3I will do that !06:45
mi3but, it still is an LTS release, right ?06:45
mi3after doing all the stuff ?06:45
bioterrorkernel and glibc and other things are LTS :D06:45
bioterrorbut not the LXDE components06:46
mi3ok, sir06:46
mi3I will install lubuntu right away!!06:46
mi3I mean lxde06:46
mi3sir, can you explain why do we have so many packages to be install while doing sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop, and so less packages while doing sudo apt-get install lxde ? :D06:48
bioterrorjust plain LXDE is not enough06:48
mi3then ?06:48
mi3err bioterror ?06:51
bioterrorfor you and for us, it's easier for you to download all the needed dependencies for a complete desktop experience than just lxde06:52
mi3ok..got it, installing !!06:52
Apocalyptikzso lubuntu wants me to install these drivers for my graphics card but whenever i install them my entire os messes up :(07:38
ubottuPlease elaborate, your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)07:38
ApocalyptikzDoes lubuntu have issues with ati cards?07:49
mi3AND FAST!08:11
mi3AND GREAT!08:12
mi3!cookies | bioterror08:12
ubottubioterror: Cookies are delicious delicacies.08:12
mi3!cookies | Unit19308:12
ubottuUnit193: Cookies are delicious delicacies.08:12
mi3is anyone there ?08:12
Unit193Please don't do that.08:13
mi3do what ?08:13
mi3compliment ?08:13
mi3I just wanted to say that its AWESOME, thats all08:13
bioterrorUnit193 has a celiac08:13
mi3hi bioterror!08:14
mi3how can I add an sh file to startup ?09:18
ikoniais firefox part of the lubuntu defualt install ?09:29
Unit193ikonia: No.09:38
ikoniaperfec, that makes sense, thanks09:41
Unit193xxxterm would be a possibility, but it's a bit advanced for some users so Chromium-browser is still default.09:43
mi3err sorry09:44
mi3let me correct09:44
mi3I LOVE IT!09:44
Unit193That's great, but did you have a support question? This is the support channel.09:45
ApocalyptikzI don't know what controls the speed of my fan but it only spins up at 70C. Is there a way I can change that?09:46
Unit193There's the fan-control package, and sensors, not for sure that'd be what you're looking for.09:47
ApocalyptikzHow do I change the sensors settings?09:49
ubottuTo access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.09:49
ApocalyptikzI've read that already.09:50
ApocalyptikzThat doesn't help me change my settings - they appear to be elsewhere than that page suggests.09:50
Unit193Should be in the same package.09:53
Unit193?!info fancontrol09:53
Unit193!info fancontrol09:53
ubottufancontrol (source: lm-sensors): utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:3.3.1-2ubuntu1 (precise), package size 20 kB, installed size 111 kB09:53
Unit193http://askubuntu.com/questions/63588/how-do-i-get-fan-control-working   http://ubuntunewb.blogspot.com/2011/04/how-to-control-fan-speed-on-ubuntu.html    http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/oneiric/man8/pwmconfig.8.html   I need to sleep, it's very late/early/somewhere in the middle.09:56
mi3Apocalyptikz, you can control the fan speed, by installing the fancontrol package :D10:03
fasosbuongiono a tutto il canale11:22
fasosho installato Kmymoney ma in esecuzione la finestra non si adatta al monitor bensì sfora anche quando massimizzo11:23
fasosforse devo caricare il desktop in kde?11:23
manitouhi ! im press to magnet file open with browser ! how i can change to open with torrent ! i didnt get open with in drop menu !?11:26
bioterroroh yeah, xdg and magnet links11:26
manitoushould i look in /usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache11:27
manitouno help with this ?12:04
AmberJAnyone else had problems in installing virtualbox guest additions on Lubuntu 12.04 (64bit)?12:44
AmberJHost is Lubuntu 11.10 (32 bit). Guest is Lubuntu 12.04 (64 bit)12:44
SentynelAmberJ: I've got a lubuntu 12.04 guest with the guest additions working fine; how are you installing them?12:48
AmberJI use [Devices]->[Install GA] in vbox to mount GA.iso in vm.12:49
Sentynelit's easier to use the packaged version12:49
AmberJThen I change to directory when ISO is mounted. And, then I do: 'sudo ./autorun.sh'  ... I get this:12:50
AmberJ"Linux GA installer not found. -- try to install the manually"12:51
AmberJWhen I try to run manually (as root), the installer exits fine and recommends me to reboot/restartX. But when I reboot, GA are not installed12:52
Sentynelif you do sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-utils virtualbox-guest-x11 you should be okay12:52
AmberJAh, let me try this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ/Guides#Install_Virtualbox_Guest_Additions_onto_a_Lubuntu_Virtual_Machine12:52
Sentynelit's easier and more reliable to install the packaged versions imo, 'cos that (should) pull in dkms as well, which'll rebuild the modules automatically if necessary12:54
AmberJWell, someone mentioned on #vbox (few months ago) that with virtualbox adopting faster release cycle, GA in ubuntu/debian repos are usually outdated.12:58
AmberJNevermind. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ/Guides#Install_Virtualbox_Guest_Additions_onto_a_Lubuntu_Virtual_Machine got my GA working12:58
AmberJThanks Sentynel :)12:58
Sentynelwell, sure, but that goes for any software (including, presumably, the host machine's virtualbox); we still use the package manager for most of it12:59
AmberJI didn't do 'apt-get install make gcc' earlier due to which lead to it skipping building the modules12:59
SentynelI think they have their own .deb repo anyway if you do want quicker updates12:59
AmberJoh yes... sorry I forget to mention that I'm using Oracle's version of vbox (NOT virtualbox-ose from repos)13:00
Sentynelthe virtual-ose packages are transitional to virtualbox in 12.04.. I don't know what changed13:02
Sentynelhttps://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads ah yeah, they list their repos here if you do want to set that up to keep things up to date13:04
mi3which gtk version does lubuntu use ?14:01
holstein!info gtk14:18
ubottuPackage gtk does not exist in precise14:18
holsteinmi3: it'll be the same as normal ubuntu14:19
mi3ok, thanks holstein :D14:20
mi3holstein, I download a new theme, but I cant apply it14:21
mi3any suggestions ?14:21
holsteinid try some other themes.. depending on where you got them from, it could be the theme that is in error14:22
holsteini personally dont spend a lot of time "pretty-fying" LXDE14:22
mi3I went to preference>customize look and feel and then windows border, before doing that, I moved the theme to /usr/share/themes, but it should have appeared in the app, its not there14:22
holsteinin the past with gnome2, i found some themes didnt work14:22
holsteinmi3: do you have lxapperance?14:23
holsteinnot sure.. my suggestion is, dont assume its an LXDE/lubuntu issue just yet14:24
mi3I also changed the preferred browser to firefox, but it still opens chrome, even if I click on the IRC URL14:26
holsteini did get aroun that before, though i forget how.. i think i did it in the terminal14:26
holsteinmi3: LXDE is light.. by definition, i feel you trade certain things for speed14:27
mi3things like ?14:27
holsteinnot that you cant get it working exactly as you want, it might just take a while14:27
holsteinmi3: you name it14:27
mi3firefox ?14:27
holsteinthemes.. clicking on something and having it open in an application14:27
holsteini use openbox, and i dont "expect" those things from openbox14:28
holsteinBUT, you can get all of these issues working... its not an issue where there is a bug necessarily14:28
mi3err ok, I understand that :D14:28
holsteinmi3: this is what i used sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser14:31
holsteinthis would have been in 10.04, so your milage may vary14:31
mi3I opened the link you gave me earlier, and it opened directly in firefox !!14:32
holsteincool.. that should set it "system-wide"14:33
mi3holstein, I think lxde uses gtk 3, instead of 2 and the theme I downloaded is gtk2 based14:36
holsteinmi3: right... it'll be the same as main ubuntu14:37
mi3I see....14:37
mi3which lubuntu version do you use, holstein ??14:37
holsteinmi3: AFAIK, gtk2 *cant* be in with main ubuntu for some reason... otherwise, gnome2 would be available14:38
holsteinmi3: i would use 12.04..14:38
mi3me too!14:38
mi3so, have you tried gtk 3 themes ? do they work ?14:38
holsteinmi3: i dont theme LXDE14:40
mi3err ok14:40
holsteini go in to LXDE expecting a sort of "stock lightness"14:40
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mi3ok, I downloaded this gtk3 theme, will test drive it and tell you :D14:41
mi3looks like lxde uses .obt formats for installing themes!14:43
toschoi deleted ~/Desktop and now my desktop is filled with my home directory16:14
toschocan I safely delete these links or will it delete my home directory?16:15
holsteintoscho: i would say, you can safely move them, and test, and move them back or delete16:16
toschoah found the issue on ubuntuforums: edit config file defining the desktop directory16:18
toschowill try that instead first16:18
toschoediting .config/user-dirs.dirs worked16:21
toschoI also changed the other directories and now logging in is remarkably faster16:22
ilijai cannot change my cursor theme in lubuntu 12.04 i put theme folder in /usr/share/icons i rename it to "default" but it didnot work. i tried to put in /home/username/.icons but still donnot work. Where is problem17:40
wxlilija: need to logout and back in if you haven't already17:41
ilijayes i do it that, i restartd my PC after that17:42
ilijai know change cursor theme in 11.10 but it donnot work in 12.0417:43
wxlnot sure this is relevant but there doesn't seem to be a "default" listed in the customize look and feel app17:43
wxlbut there's a way to install through that app17:43
wxlhave you already tried that?17:43
wxlthat's lxappareance17:44
ilijayes i tried thourhg app17:45
ilijabut it crash17:45
twenzenThere a proxy client in lubuntu ?17:46
wxlwell that's strange, ilija. have you tried some other theme? i wonder if it's not just that one theme17:47
ilijai will now try some other theme17:49
ilijai will be back in minut to say repert17:49
wxltwenzen: for the browser?17:50
wxlall http?17:50
wxlall tcp?17:50
twenzenOn my Mac i have normal configuration and a tor onfiguration17:51
twenzenI can switch but in linux i don't know its possible17:52
wxlproxydriver maybe17:53
wxlUnit193: you know of any good lightweight proxy client?17:54
wxlmy guess is wicd handles proxies better than nm but i could be wrong17:55
twenzenI'm sorry if you understand my english i'm french17:55
wxli don't think i'm having any problems, twenzen ;)17:55
wxli'm just at a loss :(17:56
wxlit's pretty easy just for the web browser though17:57
twenzentomorrow a friends give a old laptop and  i want to install lubuntu17:57
twenzenAnd i don't the configuration of this laptop :p17:57
twenzenYou hate google who spy your private life when you search something ?18:01
theshadowI can't seem to get sound to work from flash, any ideas?18:03
holsteintheshadow: try chrome18:03
theshadowyea I installed google chrome from their .deb18:04
holsteinAFAIK, thats the newest version of flash for linux... are you sure sound is working?18:04
theshadowI watched a video on installed arandr to get extended desktop working..18:05
holsteintheshadow: cool.. is sound working?18:05
theshadowSorry, I thought it was implied. Yes there was audio.18:06
holsteini would just try restarting alsa.. or consider using pulse and/or pavucontrol18:07
holsteinor, just check for upgrades, and reboot18:07
holsteinif sound is working, i can assure you that sound is working with chrome here in flash... maybe alsa has crashed for some reason?18:07
ilijahy me again i tried some other cursor theme but same thing it donot work. i discover some interesant thin example if i come with cursor on edge of window or text box or link in browser my theme apears18:18
theshadowfigured it out FYI, it was outputing the audio to the HDMI port... which was connected to my monitor. I fixed that and now everything works.19:05
Unit193Cool, did you have to get pulse for the HDMI?19:06
bioterrorUnit193, that's cheating!19:07
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veebullhow minimal of a system (in terms of processor power) should be workable with Lubuntu?19:56
holsteintry it live :) ...i would want a p3 or more with 512 ram19:56
Unit193Well, what do you have?19:57
holsteinyeah... thats a better way to do it :)19:57
veebullI've got an older mid-tower PC that I wanted to use as a home server, setting down in the basement shop with a gui for occasional log-in and web browsing.19:57
veebull2GB RAM, 3 500GB HD... Celeron 2.66GHz19:58
Unit193holstein: But then you'd also get stuck with "what do you plan to do?" ;P19:58
bioterrorthat's almost high-end what I've seen on here19:58
Unit193veebull: That'd be fine then.19:58
veebullwhich seems to be gagging on just about anything involving a gui19:58
holsteinveebull: its likely the graphics driver/support19:58
Unit193Could be the video card rather than the system.19:58
veebullat least by what I'm seeing in htop... system load over 10 when I try doing things, even logged out to just the DM19:58
veebullit started as an xfce alternate CD install, but was bogging down too much so I installed lubuntu-desktop using apt-get.20:00
Unit193Just now on a Celeron 500MHz, with 512ram: Load average: 0.36, 0.24, 0.2020:00
Unit193You could try removing other packages with !purelubuntu20:00
veebullwanted to be able to run some server stuff in the background, such as ssh-server, squid-deb-proxy, LAMP, maybe owncloud or openvpn20:00
holsteini would try safe graphics mode.. force the vesa driver20:00
veebullthe gui is running just fine... just system load goes nuts20:01
holsteinveebull: all of that will run great... the issue with the GUI is likely graphics driver related20:01
veebullright now I'm in the middle of exorcising all the xubuntu stuff using the commands copied from pyschocats.net...20:01
holsteini wouldnt bother... its likely not that much20:02
veebullone thing that was just killing it was the update-notifier script that ran any time I ran apt-get update, even when logged out of the gui and running from an ssh login.20:03
veebullIt'd run 6-8 threads, blocking everything else20:03
Unit193That one is annoying even if it isn't causing problems, I used killall. :(20:03
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE, !GNOME and !XFCE packages and have a default !Lubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde »20:04
cheryl_Hello? :)20:57
cheryl_Batman, you here??20:57
cheryl_Unit193, That's you Batman!20:58
Unit193Well, what be your question?20:58
cheryl_Oh hi, brains!21:00
cheryl_I want to run aMSN on Lubuntu....is it possible, it's available for version from Hardy upwards.....nothing specific for Lubuntu, can u shed any light?21:01
bioterrorcheryl_, I heard it was removed or something21:03
cheryl_oh no!!21:03
Unit193It has been removed, it's not secure and is rather bad. :P21:03
Unit193What's wrong with pidgin?21:03
cheryl_I'm not mad on pidgin21:03
cheryl_I got used to the sounds of amsn. And I could cam with other amsn users21:03
bioterrorUnit193, they released a new version last friday21:03
Unit193bioterror: Meh, I don't use it, I don't care enough to remember. :P  (Thanks)21:04
cheryl_oooh Unit193  you're quite moody tonight! lol21:04
bioterrorhe's getting older, haha21:04
cheryl_Anyone want a cuppa? :D21:04
cheryl_I'll brb to find somming else to pick your brain about.21:05
Unit193Pidgin supports audio, but not sure about video as I have no webcam.21:06
cheryl_it doesn't, well I've not checked lately. :)21:07
* cheryl_ passes hot beverages to all who look awake!21:08
cheryl_Can't say I've had any issues of late, all working smoothly. :)21:08
cheryl_So good day to you all :)21:08
veebullso... any particular reason Lubuntu doesn't have all the same repos as Ubuntu/Xubuntu21:17
veebullabout 4MB worth less d/l'ed during 'apt-get update'21:18
mohboyHi, I have an problem with Lubuntu21:18
veebullno openssh-server, no squid-deb-proxy, no amahi-utils, etc.21:18
mohboyI have not sound :/21:19
Unit193veebull: It does, unless you enabled more on Ubuntu or Xubuntu.21:27
Unit193Copy your sources.list over, and diff /etc/apt/sources.list sources.list.ubuntu21:27
veebullUnit193, have a base install of Ubuntu 12.04 on my main desktop... clean install of Xubuntu 12.04 on laptop... clean install (as of about a half-hour ago) of Lubuntu 12.04 on my basement 'workstation'21:31
veebullUbuntu/Lubuntu = 19+ MB download, Lubuntu 15+ MB21:31
Unit193And it also depends on when you last checked, but the sources should be the same.21:32
veebull'apt-cache search openssh-server' returns nothing on fresh install of Lubuntu, which would indicate that they are not the same21:32
veebullapt-get install openssh-server tells me 'no installation candidate'21:32
Unit193And you did do a apt-get update? That's not normal in any way.21:33
Unit193Can you pastebin.com the sources.list?21:33
veebullI'll see what I can do... I'll try to paste one from my laptop (Xubuntu) and one from the workstation (Lubuntu)21:33
veebullwhats the simplest way to diff the two and see what the differences are?21:34
Unit193Using the diff command.21:34
veebullyah yah... looking it up now ;)21:34
Unit193I have upgraded this system, so it isn't Maverick, but here's mine: http://pastebin.com/9CDdBdMa21:34
Unit193(I had just done a diff, only changed line was the commented out deb cd line.)21:37
veebullwell, here's the link to the diff results... http://pastebin.com/tbds1Zy721:55
veebullsome are obvious (should have deleted the cdrom lines before starting, and the oracle virtualbox lines) but some are not what I'd expect21:56
veebullhere is a pastebin of the kind of error I'm getting, trying to do something as simple as install vim-gtk (gvim):  http://pastebin.com/BFSxhyK921:57
Unit193They are a line off is the basic idea.21:57
veebullso why the errors?21:59
Unit193http://askubuntu.com/questions/76766/how-do-i-overcome-these-package-dependency-problems Take a look here.21:59
veebulldon't think so.  not getting the same errors.  Nothing about 'impossible situation', but that there is 'no installation candidate'22:04
veebullwell nuts.  got all three sources.list files open in gvim, windows split vertically, all comment lines removed...22:11
veebullliterally identical files.22:11
veebullhard to swallow that the Oracle virtualbox repo is 4MB alone...22:12
Unit193Check /etc/apt/sources.list.d/22:12
veebullwhat am I looking for?22:13
Unit193Shouldn't be anything in there, but that's where extra repos go.22:13
veebullokay, main desktop PC has some stuff for Google Earth and up-to-date ppa info for recoll...22:14
veebullbut that doesn't explain why some packages aren't even available for install under Lubuntu?22:14
Unit193And you saw the apt-get install -f? I don't remember what that one fix is.22:15
veebullyep... that looks more like its for broken dependencies.  What I'm getting is flat telling me that certain packages don't even exist to install.22:16
Unit193Yeah, I noticed, I just don't remember that fix, bioterror?22:17
ThePendulumI installed Lubuntu on a Mac Mini G4. Is there any way I can disable the loud "BONGGG" during boot from within Ubuntu?22:17
ThePendulum*lubuntu, if it makes a difference at all22:18
wxlThePendulum: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=170153422:18
Unit193http://homepage.mac.com/geerlingguy/mac_support/mac_help/pages/0025-startup_sound.html This?22:19
ThePendulumwxl: Thanks, reading it now22:19
veebullUnit193, what I'm seeing is pretty well summed up by this post22:20
veebullbut I'm talkin' basic things like gvim or openssh-server, not a specialty item like munin-whatever22:21
ThePendulumwxl: Fixed it, thanks again!22:22
Unit193That's only happened to me when I forgot to run update in a VM, and with stuff like that shouldn't fail at all.22:23
Unit193wxl: You read up yet?22:23
wxloh which Unit19322:25
wxlthe startup thingy? cuz that's old hat, pal ;)22:26
wxl< ThePendulum:#lubuntu> wxl: Fixed it, thanks again!22:26
Unit193Yeah, I saw that one. :P22:26
wxlor do you need help with this no installation candidate business?22:27
Unit193Haven't seen it.22:28
wxlveebull's issue22:30
Unit193I'll restate, I haven't seen it without already fixed methods.  He's using 64bit.22:33
quickrotcan anyone help me with ecryptfs, specifically how I can mount an encrypted home directory when I already have an encrypted home directory (on a bootstick)?22:45

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