dholbachgood morning07:02
dpmgood morning07:11
ajmitchhi dpm07:25
ajmitch& dholbach :)07:25
ajmitchdpm: I suppose I should file a bug against qreator - close button didn't work when I was testing it :)07:25
dpmhi ajmitch, sure, and thanks for testing!07:30
ajmitchnp, once I figured out the double-click, it looks quite nice :)07:30
dpmajmitch, yeah, that's an annoyance of the default behaviour of Gtk.IconView. I don't like it, either. I've filed a bug and asked around, but there doesn't seem to be any way around it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/qreator/+bug/100663507:31
ajmitchyeah I saw that & the question on askubuntu07:32
dpmcan't reproduce the closing button not working here, but I'm on a newer version from the stable PPA07:33
ajmitchby the close button, I mean the one of the help screen07:34
dpmah, that one, I fixed that in the last version in the PPA, I just haven't released it as an ARB package07:36
dpmajmitch, https://bugs.launchpad.net/qreator/+bug/100175007:37
ajmitchah right, I missed that bug :)07:38
dpmajmitch, quick question, what happens exactly after an app has been voted and gets the go-ahead? Is the PPA copied from staging to the ARB ppa and then finally uploaded to extras?07:39
ajmitchnot copied, re-uploaded to the ARB PPA, and as far as I know, it's an automatic copy from there to extras.ubuntu.com07:40
dpmah, I see07:40
ajmitchassuming it's not the same thing covered up with a different virtualhost07:40
* dpm was wondering what the purpose of the ARB PPA was07:40
dpmnow I get it07:40
ajmitchlooks to be a different server, so I'll assume it's copied automatically07:42
dpmah, gotcha07:43
dpmbtw, I should have probably re-submitted qreator 12.05.6 (the staging PPA has 12.05.4), but I didn't want to disrupt the testing that had already been done. Furthermore, the idea of the app is to road-test the app developer process and blog about it, so I might as well test the 'submit an update' path after it's been published too :-)07:43
ajmitchok :)07:44
ajmitchodd, extras.ubuntu.com reports the apache2 version that's in hardy07:44
dpmIt's been fun so far, can't wait to get it in the SC, so thanks a lot for the review :)07:44
ajmitchI didn't think IS still had any hardy servers :)07:44
* ajmitch is hoping for more people to respond on the mailing list07:44
ajmitchI'm pretty sure it's majority vote, so it goes in once there are 4 +1s from ARB members07:45
dpmyeah, I'm just happy that it's up for vote already :)07:45
* ajmitch wouldn't mind changing that to 2 or 307:45
ajmitchmore that we don't want to block too much on waiting for votes, it's generally been 2 MOTU +1s to get a new package through REVU in the past07:46
* ajmitch also wishes that unity didn't need to be restarted for new lenses :)07:51
dpmand there goes another app up for voting \o/08:02
ajmitchdpm: yep, got 1 other to vote on also08:06
ajmitchtrying to get faster on them :)08:06
mhall119wendar: ping13:28
wendarmhall119: hi13:29
wendarajmitch: it's 3 +1 votes13:30
wendarajmitch: so, doesn't matter how large or small the group grows13:30
mhall119wendar: hi, I heard you already started on an ARB backend for pkgme, I was hoping I could ask you some questions about it13:31
wendarajmitch: that feels about right to me, since one of the votes is usually the person who did the fixup work, and a couple of extra sets of eyes on the work are nice13:31
wendarmhall119: sure13:31
mhall119wendar: I was told you were making kind of a wrapper around the other backends, is that right?13:31
wendarmhall119: it's just it's own backend13:31
mhall119is it calling scripts in other backends?13:32
wendarbut, most of the code is in pkgme itself13:32
wendarand it's using all that code the same13:32
wendarthe backends are quite simple13:32
mhall119oh, then how will it deal with differences between C apps and Python apps?13:32
mhall119or, those using different build systems13:33
wendarARB apps are *very* simple, they just leave dh to sort out the difference13:33
wendardh is very smart about choosing between running a makefile, versus setup.py, etc13:33
mhall119oh, so what does the ARB backend do then?13:34
wendarwrites a simple debian/rules file for dh, and lets dh do the work13:34
mhall119does it just set the install prefix to /opt/extras.ubuntu.com/<appname>?13:35
wendarthat's the main thing, yes13:35
mhall119or do anything with dependencies (build and runtime)/13:35
wendarwe don't need special values in the control file anymore13:36
wendarit doesn't do anything with dependencies, because doing that requires executing arbitrary code, which we can't do on the MyApps backend13:36
wendar(that's why we can't use the regular Python backend)13:37
mhall119it could still be done by the app author to create ARB-ready packages though, for uploading to their PPA13:38
mhall119is you backend code somewhere I can look at it?  I'm going to write one for Unity Lenses, but trying to figure out how to deal with them being written in different langauges13:39
wendarI haven't pushed the branch up yet13:44
wendarI leave for work in about an hour, but I'll try to get it presentable tonight13:45
wendarmhall119: it would be nice if the lenses backend used the ARB backend13:45
wendarthey're mostly the same13:46
mhall119wendar: I was told the ARB backend was calling other backends, so I was hoping to be able to chain them along13:46
wendar(unlike the other backends, which are quite different)13:46
wendarmhall119: all you really need for lenses is to check that a setup.py exists13:48
wendar(that's what the Python backend does)13:48
mhall119if it's a Python lens, yes13:48
mhall119but it can by C or Vala or some other language13:49
wendarthe Vala backend searches for files with a .vala extension13:50
wendarThe only place you have to worry about that in the pkgme templates is in the debian/rules file where you set the path to /opt13:50
wendarbecause each build system has a different way of setting /opt13:51
wendaryou can also do some limited setting of depends in debian/control13:51
wendar(i.e. python apps depend on Python)13:51
wendarotherwise, the generated templates will be the same for every app13:52
wendarmhall119: the ARB templates can be really simple, they don't need to deal with all the odd edge cases of complex packages13:53
wendar(in fact, we want them to be simple, we tend to reject complex packages)13:53
wendarmhall119: the way pkgme works, you don't share code by chaining backends13:56
wendarmhall119: you share it by adding "helpers" which can be called from any backend13:57
wendarmhall119: so if we find reusable pieces from other backends, we can generalize them as helpers13:57
mhall119ah, ok13:57
mhall119I hadn't seen anythign about "helper" yet13:58
wendarthey live in pkgme/helpers14:09
wendarsome of the other backends have scripts with just one line14:10
wendarlike backends/vala/package_name14:10
wendarthe one line is 'pkgme_autoconf_package_name'14:11
wendarwhich is a helper script14:11
wendarFYI, the way the ARB backend works, is that the 'want' script checks for a file called 'extras.json'14:12
wendarif that file exists, then the ARB backend is chosen14:12
mhall119and where does extras.json come from?14:37
mhall119wendar: is the arb backend going to provide apparmor profiles?15:30
wendarmhall119: it won't, but the lens one can. They're really predictable for lenses/scopes15:31
wendarmhall119: in fact, that'd be a good idea for a helper15:31
wendarmhall119: I imagine many backends could benefit from apparmor profiles15:31
wendarmhall119: There might be some way we could insert a default one into every app15:32
wendarmhall119: if we assume that the Exec path in the .desktop file is the only code that needs to run15:32
wendarmhall119: but, it's still tricky to figure out what to allow on top of the default15:32
wendarmhall119: btw, are you assuming the layout we decided on for ARB-managed lenses/scopes? That might make your job easier15:33
wendarmhall119: (lens files in a lens/ directory, scope files in a scopes/scopename/ directory)15:33
mhall119wendar: yeah, but now I'm thinking I can use the setup.py or equivilent to tell where to install those15:37
mhall119I'm beginning to think a lens backend doesn't even make sense15:37
wendarmhall119: it's true that I often set the install path in setup.py for lenses15:38
wendarmhall119: we might be able to handle lenses inside the regular ARB backend15:38
mhall119that's what I'm thinking15:38
wendarmhall119: just check if there's a lens/ or scopes/ directory if we need any custom packaging15:38
mhall119you'd probably look for .lens and .scopes files, they may not be in directories15:40
wendarmhall119: sure, that'd work16:03
wendarmhall119: just remember the directories they were found in16:04
wendar(if they're needed for anything)16:04
mhall119they're not, they should be copied to /usr/share/unity/ by debhelper16:05
mhall119either by specifying in setup.py or somewhere else16:05
wendarmhall119: I generally prefer to do it all in setup.py16:33
wendarmhall119: specify a fixed path for the parts that can be installed outside /opt16:34
wendarmhall119: and a variable path for the rest, so they respect --prefix in debian/rules16:34
wendarmhall119: the best example is http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~app-review-board/ubuntu-app-review-board/unity-scopes-music-extras-precise/view/head:/setup.py16:34
wendarmhall119: (fixed paths start with /, all other paths will be /usr by default, but added to /opt/extras.ubuntu.com/packagename when that's passed as the --prefix16:36
ajmitchstgraber: so I see you're on the 12.04.1 team for awhile? :)21:49
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